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RT is always angry.

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Recorded: 2012-12-05 20:59:41

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for a free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth well thank you I'm glad to be back I wish I had warned you about the earpiece Burnie the podcast because ah yes yes sweater men's the cable guy he has heard that aluminum finish and wherever he lets his palms on the laptops to the metal protective covers on my laptop otherwise the world's worst super power over the court the Box 20 we doing nothing one of my friends who works in broken selection the sound apartment he said one of the worst job he ever had to do douchebag right one of the west of the ever had to do while he was working his way up the ranks with take the rubber off that is if he says don't the minutes and then follow through them to my blue the people well like they called me in that there sir can we talk about her visit to The Hobbit that when you when I would go visit The Hobbit set wrong I'm just saying that when they had to The Hobbit a headlight X thought it was going to bounce around in meetings all day but the bottom of them and hang them up in there Red Lion sprays disinfectant what if it's been like 4 minutes Middle-earth I'm already drinking are you getting it 300 into three movies coming out next week 2 hours and 40 minutes long pages in 2 hours and 40 minutes 160 minutes that's more than a minute a page almost almost 2 minutes from page to page an hour and 40 minutes into a movie of the book in the room Big Lots things I think they cut that was cute I thought in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy was they cut their return to the Shire star star row man had gone back with her guy and destroyed it in the book but I'm kind of wondering never return to the movies death Hobbit in the Shire this peaceful little people and I don't care anything and he's convinced to go on this adventure the whole thing an adventure and Adventure the complete Blu Ray the Rings movies when do the Rings trilogy when would I sit down do you have to watch your back watches like American Eagle 9 hour meditation baby 2 months ago I spent a reminder butt red vs blue box set in elevator watching red vs blue digital always do it when they're folding laundry I brought that up before the weird thing that takes place is like folding laundry and watching Red vs Blue don't really need to be watching it especially the early Red vs Blue interior for something you don't know I mean you know what happened and you could tell by the dialogue is mainly the jokes I think people watch it for like iTunes and all that you can download movies have audio from movies that you have the audio track from Star Wars and he would just listen to it and you can just listen to the audio of the movie and an hour and a half ago band a road trip and he'd be almost back to Houston I couldn't buy the radio play what's that you couldn't buy the radio play Star Wars the BBC Radio Broadway an exposed to more information in the movie is what it is I think it even has the Tom Bombadil Darth Vader revealed the volcano spoiler Darth Vader film audible in the for dinner I don't know Lost Planet 3 remember he liked it's not anything that's fucked up and I have the higher ground I will be better about funny people baby it's your fault you wouldn't give me still remain friends with him and now he's working here Gavin solo written him right off I wish I was walking over here at 7 o'clock broken 10 episodes now I never knew we have multiple people who can get away with it can like whatever see if you'd like to cat I just don't care of course I get away with it because the people that you do it to an ex to get pissed off that you are no longer in your life feel like I'm going to run if you don't give a shit if I don't give me so it must be okay if you end up just surrounded by people who III cat stock market will talk about what a great investment the stock market is because when you look at the listings on the stock the company that made it and are doing well right now so if they listed every company that was ever on the stock market it would be like half of 0 there will be a bunch of companies that are like I have been out of business out of business chapter 13 higher it would look like the worst in the world so just put your money an established business it's one of those things where it's like anything looks like it all you have the winners with it all you got on there that was what the largest company in the world when it completely just went under thank you Barbara room cat the Barbara for that Jordan Barbara RT 1 Enron company 10 wrong a 10 friends telling me explains the whole thing documentary smartest guys in the room and I think it's the corporation Burnie guy back me up on that I know what you're red cover with like a white devil teeth Corporation great movies like what a corporation is and how it became to be the entity that is an American Business that has the legal right at the person as a person into Netflix movies what are you worried about my parents hello everyone at the company they know I never thought everything was on my mom's Facebook about like her sitting at a computer using Twitter pictures of 77 pictures Larry Duncan play of course warm up right now so you live alone so you at your apartment and then you think I'm just going to be cheeky and don't come out right now click on the phone to do that right now Gavin like you got yourself and you stop girl I'm girls you like Gavin a sequester Gavin refuse if you don't want I've never lived alone and I feel weird about that kind of stuff on when the super house so you ever squeeze one out your terminology well you have to empty the pipes to avoid a nocturnal emission Gus actually say door in year Play 4 lock your door butt like 2 feet door handles not really stream solo ever too Gone MP3 of his stuff here for many weeks of that surgery to the point where he gets his ability and one night I woke up because I thought I just creamed myself by myself Red Sox play tonight Gavin this weird thing and I want to come on it like that you probably don't want to talk about this talk about that anyway I was in LA recently and I went out with Barbara your two favorite people the world over at the live prude Girls animated dinner with me not going out with you going out with me a relationship relationship stop talking and the next minute he just an email what a fucking asshole I just find it really easy just to let someone Saints I think you just want to avoid the confrontation you just don't want to have to deal with the emotional Fallout from telling someone I don't want to be with you anymore I think breaking up with somebody from there Milana said what you said she said oh my God I can you know it's a good talk and it takes me 3 months to break up with somebody and I thought you know I'm the same way it's like it's just I gotta tell somebody we're not seeing each other anymore and that's it the Band-Aid off and just take care of it I could never just like turn them off and just whether the comments that are coming my way but I just couldn't do that I do that she's completely everything of yours I mean he get the messages when you look at them I'm sure I'm sure you read them location to somebody she might buy Gavin that I do as well is that on my phone there's a speaker function you can have where it actually tells people when you read their text even delivered it says the text was delivered and then it also says that you can turn on to where it says if they've read it and what time they red Gavin turn it on turn it on death fucking asshole a great at analyzing charity the ray of light let me Wars 2 I'm not YouTube can you send me a text at in La like where are you I was like I'm over here where are you know replied then an hour later getting on the plane are you at the club in the airport in Amelia bodies by the bar where you at an hour and a half later Jordan Burnie year Hit or Miss sometimes it'll be like boom boom boom terrible with text messages the entire conversation it's just pictures Barbara it was every single message each other a competition to me did that to me I will give him a ride home and he gets out then I get a text like before I even take off again I hope I take my phone out of my pocket I look funny right next to me in the passenger seat of the text I didn't even see him do it back to back and forth Gavin the whole time we just like just like crocodile Kate Upton on the runway yeah he was talking to Jessica Nigri yesterday and Twitter and you can come see me I'll come see you if you bring door I just at home no definitely not ah boy I gotta swing for the fences Japan Jessica Jordan Swingman that's what I think I hate haha I'm sorry I apologize if you think that you can the party come to the area tell me about the III Jack and Jack no they got one of the fucking Xbox Live 10 year X blue I was out I think I forgot you got it yeah that's awesome the guy who said hey we're here people open all the mail package death Live 07 address to me or to other people I'll open it when did you never reply mail cuz it's really meant for one of the two of us and he is not a problem that are open anything it's just a rooster teeth in general it's not butt to come to direct you if you lose after Rooster Teeth care of somebody and that you know that needs addressed to the company email you and Monty boy cat Pax Dan Daly at least we get a lot of stuff on Amazon Sir Charles of the house you lost your luggage going to I didn't lose it my friend I did not lose my luggage Jack someone I love them I went to 2 Minecon right I showed up Paris at 7 a.m. on Thursday on Thanksgiving I love you never showed up they're like oh don't worry I got put on the prank it'll be here at 2:30 in the afternoon so they will take it straight to my hotel no problem getting it tonight United desk for the day so you have your bags just in the Customs cage was like what does she look like at 7 a.m. tomorrow to be here at 9 like you told me everyone 4 p.m. the next day to get my luggage film a story about it you can buy whatever clothes you need will reimburse you for it and I was like okay that's kind of cool but I'm at Disneyland what do I gotta play Michael Jackson Captain EO shirt nights man I could not buy underwear at Disneyland for 2 days Disneyland no really I should at Disneyland your wife right when you said she doesn't need cleaning products a pair that I could probably probably what's the meaning of had a best friend that of course also she pointed out that he was clothes into the bathroom to everyone last week when you go and you leave suddenly everybody said that so we can go to the bathroom so often people go to the bathroom and hold that against them worst the worst so far I think is Jack in every time podcast Jackson's car right now driving up here really good A lot of people break up like Gavin does stopping talking to somebody shut off and I'm texting Burnie texting American baby Dan Jackson I'm only gone twice total subject I'm not answer your text anymore. You know I meant a lot of people in Europe into the podcast including several people from Denmark the country with that region Denmark Burnie why they called Scandinavian countries Gavin here from Europe and tell us why are they called Scandinavian countries because of the war Dan someone said they had a very nice holiday thank-you note when we were producing The Gauntlet one of the sponsors for The Gauntlet was Razer and they saw that I was using a different brand of laptop on the podcast Burnie do you want one of her gaming laptop the blade so that you can use on the podcast I said it is awesome because it's row of buttons but every button is an LED stream dynamically changes on the fly to like when I'm on my cat Twitter butt into Facebook button all that customize buttons for Left 4 Dead III got minutes which I think I'm getting back into PC gaming is the only play games on Xbox to them she man but now you don't ever I don't care so much about that so I'm starting to kind of move back as my default moving back towards PC like I'm playing XCOM on PC rather than play it on Xbox 360 and had a blast but it definitely looks better on the PC Skyrim screenshots 3DS 3DS and I think there's also a normal DS XL there as well so it's buys Super Mario Brothers on the WiiU Houston was called it really is not listen let me tell you something house I was trying play the Lost Levels the other day he was struggling he was bad so they didn't release in the US that was Mario 2 in Japan right but they released another game this weekend as Mario to Luigi in Japan they thought it was too difficult for American ah original levels Anthony as part of the Super Mario All-Stars OK Play Station All-Stars about to come out anything about 10 o'clock to Super Smash Brothers game right now or is it out I mean I think it's okay I need to get more up on my PS3 I don't know really anything The Last of Us can't think of another game coming out role playing game that comes out in January no door or something like that it looks like it's really crazy remember it was that like weird that we can bring I don't know what he was but he like blue red rings and like another girl came along with him I have good memories of my childhood I don't think I replied it was eventually just text me and row Pony have you ever heard about that I'll take 80 message me for some reason remind everyone that this podcast is Broadway audible.com the internet provider of audio books more than 100,000 downloadable title across all types of literature and featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audio book and give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook YouTube dinner is The Hobbit which we just talked about solo for free audiobook of your choice to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth and 4 free download The Hobbit and listen to it. For the movies coming out Barbara bermudo wizard like we missed a Scandinavian country Finland go fuck yourself finish finish Nerdist bowling thing finished he said I didn't finish very well 207 what time does a regular day today what time you go to bed what time you wake up about 1 and then wake up of house 722 I used to go to bed really late like 2 a.m. 1 a.m. every night and now its like 10:30 I'm like ready to go to bed so you can sleep everyday for lunch between midnight and 7:30 so I wake up at 5:37 at 6:07 house 70707 Halo 4 legendary beginning to end in one guy in The Hobbit you and wanted to death solo complete solo room do you want to put them in the match ghost holding a gun around he was the one direction of the end get really angry vs desk you should see a doctor and go back to it a couple hours later than I could ever even Xbox controller with just his hand crunch of a thing with broken I like being raised in that show it was a bunch of me in that closet clothes an butt like for the cake you would like kind of go quiet and start shaking like build yourself up into another race to the point where you be like shaking with rage I can imagine you like that Ray 4 controller an ah well that's like the space office that was completely unscripted I just went around the circle yelling at everybody Marshall was really like what you like I don't want to talk to you the rest the day she's always angry baby an angry person with you everything okay with it yeah I'm not angry that used to be there this weekend I'm a bad texter Barbara sent me this stupid god-damn text in the world this weekend she said she had blood on her head do something and she put it away so I write I write no response then make sure you help me okay no response a call her phone it goes straight to voicemail and I know I'm sitting in my house I know her that she's probably ok but I'm thinking she's texting me help me and didn't say anything else after that I got ya covered in blood help me but do you really think that if I wasn't aware I was injured at my phone an ambulance or no I don't that's why I'm just like can you go just make sure she's ok interior like man carried an amazing job on my makeup it was help me if you actually did you leave the house please let me know how people that called a bunch of people I call them people that were nearby and eventually I got to like 2 or 3 people to write their door handle today just came in and found the smell it in office butt next to my desk and he got hit the side of your desk with this it really takes a big man I just wanted to hit the corner 12 at the desk of a hammerhead set a split the desk of the things I have to do yeah we just on your desk right before that Michael spent one week an I get taking every single thing off my desk telling my desk around and then put it back on and it was low on the backside because it's usually by myself but even today it was an all-day was like to hear it into the bathroom set you have a sledgehammer I need to mail it somewhere a friend came and help me look for Halo an appointment what's the TV invented the hammer in your office to our office when I was in a very embarrassing situation I like to dance sometimes alone and Nyan Cat was playing and no one else is in her office so I just stood up and started dancing can cat and he walked in and tweeted about it so I'm not embarrassed at all but Jordan year Dan started here this week and my favorite thing is every day I walked up behind him and scare him and I take a picture of it I've been tweeting people react to shock people I guess you an instant is a duck a bullet series of photos I think anything like haunted house or something the camera snapped the picture just like something popped out and there's all these people and like a light flashes intake the photo stream and they're going this way and there's something that way to the right it scares the shit out of him just as a flash goes off and so it's like everyone everyone is like this of people looking to the right like guys who are like cuddling with each other like grabbing onto each other Death III XCOM Universe play you can name all the squad members after people you know and so I did that I got to say Gus and Barb you guys died instantaneously III left a little bit you got to the point where you were if you were assigned at sniper classification and then you die and then Barbara Place YouTube the paper she died immediately though so that's a part of the game is the memorial you can visit to all your death squad and it plays music and shows you like a like a memorial extras like what they did in their career butt XCOM apparently doesn't support clothes they never got some of them is click on anything a company nights. Some people don't like the results of this video that came out from the series of prank and they were doing a Brazil in an elevator wouldn't think I'm for the room that they going it looks a lot like an elevator of emotions like they still think of elevator and then the lights are flickering while they're in there and it's going to go out completely and while they're out completely this little girl comes out in a nightgown and Light Ghost makeup and she was standing there in her face and then lights come back on in people's the fuck out just overlooking it I just have to go the guy holding his backpack like the prank you put it on the elevator there was a panic girl fight in play butt is the default for most people getting scared and punching their Halloween candy best reaction ever the camera stealing scene where the guy is going to be just in the face he was like a college like a college TV program where the report is going around he's interviewing people in front of a trash can and like the trash can scare them out of the trash can interior just like you do that's why you would bury your legs up to the knee and then lie down flat so you could just use your stomach muscles I will I will South OKC of London I like to the way we wanted to know now 2 full movie so I got I got some kind of a lucky thing to have in a Man sweater I got the username Burnie a truncated my using now is just to have to get everything transferred over Wi-Fi he at his old Gavin game time now is Dan energy you could make a mistake like live in the magic the Gathering Android for whatever reason that heat charity I know you trying to get all friends back an item that has my username was it my fault man I used to be for everything Blondie with the two e's at the end not available on Xbox Live so who is on with them up right now and it no don't do that and people wrong with that that was the reason Burnie on Xbox One Burnie on Xbox Live but I said I will buy this game or take from you I will I will buy it from you and I probably said that message in like probably 10 times over the course of a year and finally came back to me and said that he was a member of the Xbox Live one stream and so he would never give it up just going to stay out of your business but they understood but not using me to give up anything is Burnie Burns and that's why I for Twitter I was originally Burnie Burns at 1 to have them all be the same wherever I was but then I was like Twitter you know it's like 5 more characters when people do retweets or stuff like that but I still have the old one Peter and then I moved an optional what time you think it should be if you're going to put your game up on scene while she will for the developer to include that because people don't use it I mean that's the stupidest reason ever since it's never perfect it's never that there's never a perfect situation I disagree I think Xbox is not door don't know Xbox Live the actually does work very well it could work a little bit better in that when you say it shouldn't upload right then like you to leave the game in order for it to upload a Star constellation into that low-power state continues to upload still way more to me into putting my life in progress indicator showing an active download in at Chili's you're uploading your sex life probably the next iteration probably put a cap on how big is game called Skyrim and Fallout game all of those are about 5 minutes each which kind of sucks is I really just rotate every time you finish. At the end of it and that's what it local storage is being on your on your memory stick for clothes stores I don't think so no I don't think it was you quiet when I was talking I told you a story where I went we went to Scotland year was it when I actually had a wet dream on a butt a home for like 2 weeks and I just hadn't thought about it and I was just thinking the business class which was really exciting a bunch of people Jeff Jeff dreaming you know I mean anybody iTunes immediate destruction a problem anytime for whatever reason I was lucky I had a change of garment available in mind what did you do did you just go in the bathroom what do I do you want me to fixed everything you know any obvious that there any obvious obvious I'm sure there would have been no change of clothing is pregnant now Minecon I got lucky and I got upgraded to business class is well except I got put in the last row so I was like facing backwards in the plane and had an aisle seat so like economy was right in front of you I would think that way live clothes climbing all the way down I can imagine the realization of self on a plane my concern was so much the actual into the death but I always have weird paranoid that I don't know what I'm doing in my sleep and it's like I have a weird feeling the way that I was doing stuff in my sleep it was completely into only believe you've never told me it's awesome I mean what was that story Corporation the moment I was going to go that but I did Gavin later show me a dinner how long has it been since your last wet dream in between the years you've probably never ever Kate a happy they're not check because I don't get. Right I think this makes me so happy butt when your sleeping on a plane right and you wish super wake up what noises are making a right active woke me up because I make an boy ah but I didn't inform any of my friends that were on the plane when we get there ask me when you wake up you always remember it could always be good Pax 2 cheats for gone that's always talk to me like that like I don't know how to describe it but into poster. A lot of me I really wasn't how to get on a plane if I fall asleep really it looks like an exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science Boston to the point where atronic at takeoff and Landing you can can you look up a plane room between the planes take off in between and then the balls with only given what was that boy that I don't know you do realize that they can track your father while going down on sir no wonder you're not in the tower Like There's A Thon they will if they see you they'll tell you to turn it off they just want them to express their Authority in the plane that's what they want to do with the room should be followed Planet into it yet no I really want to see the trailer for film watch it I'd watch that movie 3 times it's really still have to pull it for me could you send me a pic like that you can kind of figure out a different time 10 selection die and I was looking at the hardest the hardest thing in the podcast awards are coming up and taking video of the Year online video the year that it's like remembering all the videos the other this one yeah yeah truly love Gangnam Style so much but also say game the year we all love Halo so much maybe we should just like have like a secondary category for that can we know that selection choices but whatever it was it that of every single Awards guy thing you know I mean it game of the year I need to look at it again I really need to think about it it's crazy to me to think about is that Saints Row the Third came out last year like I thought that was it they released a Humble Bundle with it the other day and it was November of last year for it when I came to Rooster Teeth the first time 12 red numb Gone Gone Gone you ever heard gone obviously never listen to in Brandon tries to say the word Gauntlet door of the word or the named Jeremy are there we switcher him in the control room if you ground your shirt so far 4 control room Brandy buys everyone who works to bring you the video podcast by the way they're all hard at work all the way in the back that was Jordan Jordan there's 2 Jordan Jordan the green shirt and then Jordan to make the receipt Kara Lindsay she's got her back 21 South Valley Bank and in it I can we can set Burnie photo the switcher now photo software when I Third customer service man quite see the point of what I was saying I was just kind of like trying to get out of it as soon as possible but I know that you'll be like yeah you know I'd like to stay with people I have no idea what you're talking about what you want never know what you're on about never 12 Barbara sometimes your thoughts are just still out there I can grab them Universe a basic idea what the other week when you're asking if there's anyone in the world ever wish I was the way you worded it I was like what are you what Trek how do you raise your thoughts in such a way that things so difficult understand so when I was out at Minecon they had a an area of the event called the mob trap which is basically like a Minecraft theme haunted house so you would go through it was like dark and spooky in there like creepers and zombies and stuff and like it was really 12 new Jordan star Jessica lost Minecraft did you know everyone gets a band you get like a little bag with everyone who attended a free copy of Minecraft for the PC already do that so they can give it to Xbox Live Xbox One why 4 copies of the game at a discounted price so I can send of my friends and they can play with me if for some reason he sent me a universe simulator where of stimulate planet in the space called Universe simulator stars in gravity Iowa 10 of them it's really kind of planet nearest on and see how they like it house collapse orcas Razer game called Universe Sandbox that's okay I was for the two galaxies Collide it nothing with it but that's what it looked like in there like everything is gravitational forces that can go through anything but things are similarly pulled magnet North End in the North End or positive into positive and try to put them together it wouldn't touch but they still be forces on each other to make sense right now because 2012 pretty close right now years ago I had to quit his job over it but yeah I was going to quit his job and he was going to spend this day because he was convinced it was true so this is like the dumbest guy you know that he hears his day he was absolutely you can tell me know it coffins gruchy coffins that was creepy stories that turned out to be true like the fields where FEMA disaster response agencies had prepared like putting one planet and if you don't believe it but there's planet in the solar system butt planet has a much bigger orbit than everything else and it also has an orbit that takes it through the orbits of the other planets the Rings you know about Jupiter's name planet comes through and it was like this time it was going to connect with her or come to the monkeys with all door bands becoming a professional band something between our solar system and another solo it was large planet orbits and for a little while Planet X are you dinner remember remember remember remember remember an object early twenty-first Century vs Planet X interior painting ideas for for 1995 Bounder of the website data talk that describes herself as a contact you with a bill receives messages from extraterrestrials from the Zetas reticuli okay but his job over this stream a movie with Kirsten Dunst call Melancholia at the theaters what a weird terrible movie about this planet Melancholia coming and going to hit Earth in the last days on Earth that gets naked in the movie get out of here you got this thing going on Blue scription that women use about other women have you ever call the girl plain-looking butt women call other women they don't want of Trek a plane and I don't know what that no it's not that she's not attractive it's just she's not unattractive but I don't find her like the most beautiful girl ever the what does play mean no just there's no quality that makes her really hot right just she's a pretty girl but enough for guy the guy that she's a pretty girl I really want to go into what is playing mean it's the way she described it was just well you can just walk into any mall in America and find a girl just as hot as her into what day would it be like the hottest row tomorrow that I would go out with the hottest to get a pretzel it's more like you wouldn't look twice at them you wouldn't look twice at the the hottest girl in the mall guys don't look at girls typically guys do you like a Gavins a hot girl I'm talking about everything that I need to see that girls don't do that girl Barbara an Executor girl checking out other girls Nyan analyze audible on kind of thing like a it's okay I'll check out other girls so much more so than guys when you guys have a reputation for doing we don't do it girls do that they will turn around and walk backwards it's unbelievable it's different I want to see what she's wearing I want to see what she's got going on butt Minecon 2 preciate another woman's Beauty and if not appreciate a copy of on writing I don't know which I'll be the best for her feels good if the tip of your penis go ahead but I can't imagine that it would mind having that feel good that's not the same ability to focus the conversation to his amazing I mean I don't understand but I just wanted to let you know the way you feel about Brad Pitt as everyone thinks your beautiful I just don't see it ah well I just wanted to let you know good job buddy what what is the point I don't care what you do. Gus a couple cat say when your an ugly bitch I'm not talking about them Barbara has a very small belly button a secret and I cannot Barbara Lee showing your belly button you're going to fucking years you can go to the butt wow Gus poster ah but everybody was hoping for something for Barbara ghost electric shirt you know how I know to call about that I wanted to get a belly button piercing when I was younger and I was told by the piercing person that my belly button was too small to get years ago that I would have to Paris like the bottom part like you know people pierce like that ah I will have to get the bottom period cuz it was too into the room for the piercing actually shirt Christmas sweater I forgot about this set down and solo guy on some random holiday was on when I was a kid without belly button now it was really weird people have like slap surgery right arm into something so we are really cool thing happened last week as you may remember we went out to Los Angeles to be part of the Nerdist Channel all star celebrity bowling show me all star celebrity bowling sometime early next year that's Upton check out the Nerdist Channel youtube.com slash the Nerdist I believe we're just slap Nerdist Chris Hart box panel buys Nerdist thank you anyway as soon as my plane landed I got my text we're just going nuts as soon as my phone came back on because I did turn it off in flight we were nominated Red vs Blue was nominated an digital series by The Producers Guild of America which is really awesome we had if you look at dinner for like drama and comedy is the Game of Thrones season 4 digital Series 30 Rock Dexter and Cat Jeff the Killer end of summer beach got hit with the Hollywood Reporter article that we were nominated for British until the wars really awesome thank you so much you have the board behind you for the podcast I want to replace the chicken with the producers Guild award if we win I would say I would pick this thing up this is it right here this is WWE Big Show is January 8th and I believe these are the 26 or 28 28 supplementary material if my brain was the famous super sad about that they put so much effort into that bonus DVD sandbox death and all the year behind the scenes updated for season 10 The Bachelor nominated for award for graduation on your brand new camera shot that you have of yourself very quick to a lot of people over here at the podcast they were and that Blu Ray authoring sandbox on that it seems like $300 it was unbelievable a Monumental effort into getting out the door and it was like everybody else mentioned it was over here on Tuesday what is Jordan Jordan's last name I should know that Lowry the way Lowry butt at least frustrating cuz I guess the 2 Jordans that butt like everyone this Jordan a place has to be something we were talking about Pax Australia all the people that were supposedly think I'm trying to say what are stories I hear about that RT man RT have okay that wasn't me Jeff butt hair Pax Australia which is the middle of the year next year summer in the u.s. winter in Australia I'm searching for guy who's going to go really be great if we guy for the first time at Jeff and Joel solo but who knows what next summer will bring and will be working on the first time I ever went to Australia in the summer summer here with your down there and we met someone down there who drove us like 2 hours out of Melbourne and we went to Mount Pearl for Mount Bureau we went skiing we should totally go skiing or down there X RTX I'm pretty the last time all five of us worked on something together you know too much now it's like that panel RTX was the first time all five of us and work on one thing at one time I think that's what he was like Kate drum scraping off my car in like the middle the night when the wind is blowing your face there's ice on your windshield on your looks great in there freezing your ass off I don't miss that office a crack in my windshield when they don't know about ice and cold is that in Texas when it freezes brilliant Texans wear when it's when they like their windshield ice up nobody has scrapers so the brilliant idea to have a deal gone there house I get a cup of hot water and then just dump it on there Frozen windshield which is like a recipe for just like making cracking your interior glass installation of hot water yeah it was a crack about this long and then I had I paint them dude like 50 bucks to fix it for me at me know he was a detail places at all I can just make it still never cracked again the moment I got cold I cracked the entire way up the windshield of hope they get it fixed tomorrow before I go to town I can't believe it hot in December it's awesome I went for a walk and it's 10 short and I was sweaty in December and credible we're going to the dinner tomorrow okay I just got told that before books for Nerdist the day of I think or the day before I'm just like you he doesn't care he's like he shows up here at 7 o'clock to get makeup you're absolutely right because he wouldn't have gone he will nobody but me so I just didn't like everyone around me and like everyone just shut up not stressing a text message and look at this is kind of like being called different ah but I have a company credit card if I don't have no credit in this country so I can spend more than five hundred bucks in one guy I know has a car inside can you book my flight Gavin everything that's mine everyone you can everything's fine Pizza shirt did you need to stretch if you want I would have finished in the bathroom, what happened to for an emergency and that all the time to cover my afternoon and then we had to pick up stuff that we had to do and it's just longer anyway you have to dinner because we literally did not he was in the chair until 30 seconds before we went live today cuz I have my videos I have to do that yourself based on how much work you have to do and that's what we want you to push it ahead of time I'm not running sorry for forgetting the time but I don't think I can take it when it's dinner too and I really stopped and turned came back because I was realizing I was going to make us late and I did not want to be responsible for making everyone saving a text like on everything from the day and then I for the doors at picking out clothes wondering if you were going to be there and you would have sat at the table like Fort Smith so I got to Dan into which I was Brandon could get on the mic Independence else so we didn't pick up so we had to reset the little mini set for me where I do some pickups shots for another project we do them occasionally here for whatever reason we always set it up literally right here they set me up right here not over there why not in the corner he said that you everything regardless I can't get anything that's a good point do I 2 different so it's on principle is what we say basically I'll take the light it set up where they are Jordan Lowry cat don't get Jessica man thrown from Gauntlet all the time it's really funny what was Joe it's cold out there probably go to them into the good Lord let me kill this room you're going to look for a Art Is Murder die Art Is Murder is murder murder cat primer Dark Knight Rises coming out 4 do I change death metal guy who has an awesome cat and how X Out drum solo death metal death metal solo drum solo the cat the cat sweater Poncho cat an alarm for 3 minutes in the fleet Philips death metal drumming cat having somebody else read it they came and brought it to be severely something to ask would it be possible to do with your the cats into the cat is super laid-back an hour ago E-40 This is Gus at Fair Park 247th the look on the cat prude Wireless so it's kind of Oyster Bar nights you're good with your 47 mark yourself I gotta say that is always the prospect of showing people YouTube videos even like one-on-one in-person when you do it you're going to show some of the video at about a minute in your life I get out of the 2012 actually cat do I cat most cats you like them wrong at their life become like razor blades attached to your arm that cat is just like no fucks given the cat who was our old office cat who is in RT 10 years I make at 5 x totally wouldn't let you come out and she looks so the whole time and you would like to start heading down to and then like take off the back of the first two years that he worked for us he would like behind the Middle East in the front have this chair for eight hours a day and then you just sit back there she love me some for every reason my friend had a cat that loves everyone it was like a dog cat it would play fetch with my beer bottle caps and everything for her a jump on everyone and like rub it on everyone they have guests over all the time just one time she had a house party and there's a really sketchy guy that showed up he was all like a grungy and like dinner really talk to anyone and the cat was playing around and like red into the room you have to make it since before the cat runs into the room. Didn't Trek look straight at the guy and the guys like it because you're standing there like this and then slowly goes like this searching butt like really slowly not breaking eye contact with this dude and everyone in the room just like broke down and ask him to leave that man you know the rest of the story this weekend you guys going Childs boy you guys are going to get there before I'm in trouble I think Robert and I didn't at Wars of me next time you think you're done I'm packed and I can't go to Kinko's Childs Play dinner but I have an obligation obligation pretty girl I'm going to the IGN holiday party was very excited so then this weekend I am going to butt numb A Thon 24 Hour film festival we talked about actually I'm okay okay so I told Barb and gas that it's their first year in Austin Barbara she comes home when year and we going to go to this thing and it the day they were due and then I showed the application Gavin the application had 14 questions on it Gavin took one look at it and said not doing it I can't be bothered so you didn't even come on it was one of them one of the questions required like a photo or some sort of video Nerdist YouTube photo that's cuz everybody goes along with it for wanting to do anything but at least it's something Red Leaf thing is you work really hard at work 6 time I come down I'm hoping to see it but not see The Hobbit this weekend hoping Beyond hope it would be crazy crazy if it showed as it be about 9 months early but that based on the audience does a weird outside shot we might be Enders Game which would be really guy would be really cool if we released in August of next year was done Enders Game is been made and it was independently produced than they just finally solo distributor and Distributors put it in their lineup when they had a space and so the movie completely done and we might see that zombie movie you can hold them for me and there's a song called Warm Bodies think it would be cool if you for a bit of Star Trek which comes out in may have a track record that Star Trek cool but I think it's even less likely I think it was called Searching for Sugar Man which is about a a guy from Detroit in the late sixties early seventies recorded 2 albums death records 2004 and they became like these times we can X for the anti-apartheid movement and this guy was bigger than like Elvis into beetles in South Africa and is the for the internet everyone thought the guy was dead no one knew who he was and it was huge very influential for South Africa and this movie or documentary bands of them trying to find out what ever happened to the guy that music never made it weird any snow cat camera does it use HBO thing any second camera into a high-security prison in Lake Film for a couple year it was security then no big deal that he got it heart of year book I would have to research that McKellen baby got a big butt what are my favorites on internet live leak and it was like really gross stuff on the guy stabbing a tire a trucker and he's the one that we pulled out a knife and ghost dad the back tire and he popped the time with such force that explode rooster called him and her boyfriend sideways higher going to explode in Austin more than I've ever seen in the world is tires just on the side of the road it was like a week higher compromise really like to be one of the longest things really fast welcome to Jordan cwierz welcome to office now an official staff member and she forgot to say hello talk to my dick make it right Jordan make the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures we love him he's a great guy and we are concerned at any point for that yeah well we got to 10 in Egypt because the sunlight on the pyramid doesn't really work try to set that up it was very last minute but welcome Jordan thanks I think they decided to make their lighting for their thing a little bit better than ours that's what I think they decided 4 where and when when people move to Austin could when I told my English family that I was moving to Texas that's what I was a widow what does your family think of you moving to Austin they're like get out we don't want you here anymore and so yeah I understand what will come all the way from where where we bring in people from California where house really cold here and I of jungle get out of the welcome to Jordan soundtrack available in the store so I can start to build on iTunes so please go check it out into this fine shirt and we had that shirt as well and for some forget that the Box death and lots of cool vs Great Falls a Wonder on sale in the store but that even her slap bands Orchard a big ah 10 12 the achievement hunter door behind me band poster which is a huge one as well those are all available tour and we are still shipping in time for Christmas right a traitor a shenmue for Sadie's that we don't want you have a good Christmas so fuck off ah well that's a Monica the Christmas is on a Tuesday will work Christmas Day coming out A to Z also Ian extras of course the one you're with me so I don't know alright Merry Christmas holidays thanks for watching everyone