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RT lists their nominees for their 2012 Podcast Awards

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Recorded: 2012-12-13 00:56:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Ray Narvaez Jr.




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Transcript (in progress):

Mists episode of Richie podcast bra to buy Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha brand is the first fully balanced nootropic designed to increase focus and mental driver our listeners get 15% off when you use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / game that's Onnit.com forward slash gaming Tara supplied us with anything Moon I was a quarterback my mad into remember the elevator dinner Lincoln a hobbit a Tony Award we walk around the set like Rises Xbox Live there is a on Xbox launch edition that signed by a bill day how many days did you in just one Novak a bunch of games what controller tell you one more thing we'll get to that Tower the one that is show Lord of the Rings Friday play no I haven't bad I'm excited to know if you've ever played Lego games before this one this one is like the Hub area we go from level level income the Star Wars games theme Cantina and you just walk into the different levels it's not like that Lord of the Rings Lord Rings Etsy Tire God damn map of Middle Earth and yet the walk across the whole thing that I have that's cool a little bit but it is pretty damn we there no way to find that little tunnel that take you to know the tunnel at the all Z into Mordor that was the plan because we're done we're dumb dumb people yet very quickly hated that idea first episode cry anytime theme makers a farmer who sees you guys trespassing or walk III line is like assholes like animals like animals when we were in the pits with the animals and we were in the thing with the cat all of them apparently that codes there milk iCarly New Zealand train system in the cold weather Novak turnitin key press it down and then you kill it you put it like on Ice of something to cook squash old backup star milk from a cow with a tweaker Bane it into the different layers like gas and oil and everything that's all you have like 2% maybe milk and gas woman W pretty much oil 4 can you get milk there's just certain things that like the average we would just lose and Argo average person could not make cheese I just couldn't do it yourself butt used all the cheese will be gone Hitman cheats to the world that she's not a world I want to live in Gavin cat why are you guys being here today is a little bit of a spoiler because it just goes to show that you guys actually survived this little Endeavor which is not really clear from the video If you guys going to live or not I'm waiting for the shot did not come out and say that film The Tire to wear the film's not doing I was like shut up anyone tell me the biggest secret ever captain my life because I don't tell anybody cuz I didn't want anybody trying my cry not there it was but I'm glad you guys survive are we doing every Monday and Friday okay how many episodes are I think we're shooting for 4 there and then we might do like a post after the fact one or we might just have V one we don't know what are to tell if you're still editing it was up to the head Looper portal are just so you know I star The Hobbit in 48 frames III day this weekend that shot of Chris and Carrie is actually more realistic than some of the shot in The Hobbit well if you don't like that aesthetic you will have a hard time watching The Hobbit in 48 frames 3D and if I can swing it. By Peter Jackson the one to say it to Vegas this year where the whole purpose of the presenting The Hobbit was to convince their owners to upgrade their projectors in time for The Hobbit make everything look like a documentary Williston show I was on this weekend are we watch 24 hours it was one of them and Peter Jackson came and talked about his there in the number 1 I need to the play Teen Wolf in the whole way through Teen Wolf to take into shot and then it melted and on teen Hobbit Perpetual Eve then they went all the way to your room Jenna teen I just want to say Hobbit amazing I reread the book to get ready to watch The Hobbit the way they tell the story the way they added and stuff from simulator and you know what kind of expanded on the actual story that in The Hobbit all that stuff was awesome how is Martin Freeman Martin Freeman was perfect as Bill about absolutely and completely changed Journey for some people and I said you nailed it exactly what happened is that look like a different production to me so I don't know it in 48 frames a second in 3D because it was it was born on the best 3D I've ever seen not annoying to my I there anyway wasn't it in the 214 facts on film is what most people are missing and it's what I'm missing is like when people are running late A lot of people say it feels like Keystone Cops to them everybody moves too fast in that movie no one. Is it. Confusing I'm sure there's a square every kind of Brian why don't you ask her I just never got around to it world famous International bitch Mass there are no somebody w when was the last time you didn't wait I've never done we never lifted a weight butt out of the old office on Congress and I will pick them up to move them to know not stop you would run and then like not Tire yourself we can probably do it I could probably do probably have to another window behind are the categories for this year's movies Michelle doesn't like download online video what's right tell me where there's game download the best movie Dead TV Show Fez game retail 3 downloadable content including Internet movie there is a W nominees and then we'll come back over there that's controller number one with a bullet bullet Looper if I know that's research Jack my movie theater Journey forward on a few other things as well just looked at the movies as well as Hunger Games Skyfall Prometheus Argo is it Argo Z cat Lincoln the grey the grey thank you for mentioning that that was what last year its we could nominate is added butt out yet and it came at the end of January this year I remember the great movie Cabin in the Woods okay I got a couple more Argo I want to a discussion Silver Linings Playbook I keep hearing good things about Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper hoop like every white persons in America and their black friend like his new role and beyond anything and be like what was Will Smith's for a while like it like that no one ever liked the guy everyone can agree with history Moses vs. Santa Claus My Favorite Martian day one according to him Lincoln news articles we will talk about it later but they wanted 50% of his rights ownership of his show in perpetuity why I only wanted ever-increasing portion of the revenue that makes it from the show again if they wanted something like 40% of his YouTube Revenue that he brought to them it's my favorite martian theme the musical Channel day you might have made that with him but he showed up with that show you know what I mean like signed those contracts double check everything with the lost internet someone else can you shut down Autumn except okay ice Playbook but I also would like to put in moon rise kingdom which was a really cute movie star Ted was so bad I was watching it on the plane I turned it off and went to sleep America I have to admit I have not made it all the way to Captain America myself Chris Evans know he's pretty dreamy city of Fremont is dawn in the only good thing about Hunger Games Skyfall Wreck It Ralph Prometheus Argo Lincoln Looper the grey Cabin in the Woods Hobbit Silver Linings Playbook and moon rise kingdom we Master 20 minutes 3 hours open you like it's just yet so it's probably in all that stuff you want me to add Master on here saying let's talk about it I saw it I wouldn't be into it Jordan it like one of those down here day or dead it Legends in town visiting doing stuff and he walks in the office you guys went all Skyfall and he walked into the office and I my back to me so I can come out here if you want to try to defend yourself but what do you think about in the bill I just dropped a spoiler like the Monday after the movie come out I was hoping that maybe they were just messing with me and then movie and maybe Undead it doesn't smell I got the Sixth Sense rings for me almost exact same way like the Monday after came out over Robert hinojosa I like Javier Bardem Javier Bardem we just had the Star Trek 2 trailer Star Trek Into Darkness yet that came out it would be great if you'd like into traffic on I always thought Javier Bardem would make an awesome call there is a rumor that Tom might show up in this movie that's what everyone thought the guy Benedict Cumberbatch we might actually become Sherlock vs episode Walking Dead the woods probably was fun but I don't think it's movie that you there wasn't anybody seen Argo movie McDonald's on University moon rise kingdom not that off yeah do that I would like to read the book his patient for it and I think that ruin the movie know I was surprised and disappointed by movie franchises coming out it was it was very crazy fantastic World know what's going on key a PG-13 Hunger Games is not good because you can't show kid killing kids in PG-13 so the main thing that happened to the movie you can't show on screaming never see anybody get killed if you see a lot of really lion attack somebody and then there dead or somebody already been here exactly around all that stuff up in the pillars and then they start running the equipment that should be like a bloodbath it's a lot of running around all the time totally excited about next 2 movies Argo before next week so we can talk about it we got it running right now and psychopath Red Dawn couple things Red Dawn there and Josh Greeley Evans was really the Gremlins about the same time for Gremlins another movie I think I was the first movie that came out like a couple of days if not a week before Red Dawn I'm going to go look at what I do BJ joke Ted 2 Jack there with the cat Korra what no no butt vs Gaiden of this anyway Lincoln into a talking point in Russian Ray Bill are the conversation we were talking about what time you were being a dick and what you're referring to Red Dawn first PG-13 movies released 1984 movie who is the attacking force in Red Dawn in this one North Korea missile over Japan now and then Avengers Dark Knight Rises Wreck It Ralph Lincoln Looper the grey Hobbit Silver Linings Playbook I would not off of Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook I've heard nothing but great about Silver Linings Playbook but I think it's live from Burnie my personal favorite movie of the year I also like the grey a lot of the other in the other Happy Feet it I like Bob dollar bill's dollar dollar bills y'all sings are grey Taylor he wins and then he died he when he loses his spectacular moral of the story don't go watch play Wreck It Ralph Looper the grey Hobbit Silver Linings Playbook Lenny show day black in the preacher this cartoon and it was it was The Amazing Spider-Man it was the entire movie told and a cartoon that it come out probably 30 years ago it was like the whole life so I suppose and then they showed they show the episode that was the plot of the movie No Country for Old Men haircut exactly he did not want the haircut and it was the Coen brothers and they said you should this is going to work trust us he said no and then they put them into the next topic and talk about things a lot of classic vintage films I also like the new ones this year was in particular a very vintage heavy Rings a lot of the things that was the last year some people tweet about and they couldn't show the remake of Evil Dead this year as a result of stuff like that I mean Evil Dead and Evil Dead I don't want to show that movie to that are you evil dead as a franchise there is a movie was not made it popular dexters anyone before he was Vin Diesel and that Gotye so much bus behind the movie they were told they were the launch and wider than they were supposed to he was Vin Diesel butt I mean the only people and people know him as the voice is really done anything else yet so it's kind of like that America was like holy crap is Mark Sinclair Vincent The Hobbit movies they showed incredible for movie that is PG-13 and I have no idea how it is called Mama it's about two kids that are basically a Bane in the woods and his Spirit takes care of them or something so I can just be something take care of them until they're a little older and then eating his trailer is all covered in the trailer and it's one of the scariest things I've ever seen you no like exotic ghosts and quotes there know that he produced and he showed up and I love you know everything mass times all year did the show trailer trailer mad the wrong one woman we saw clips of there's a new I don't know her name she's the heavy chick from Bridesmaids that Melissa McCarthy Melissa McCarthy she's awesome and she's a movie Sandra Bullock we shot some question that it was really really funny used to 10 minutes to load maybe call bullet head which was a buddy cop movie called bullet to the head bullet to the don't worry about it my advice is don't worry about it just forget it I just didn't enjoy it last Sunday after we've been up for 24 hours I don't know a different on at the IMAX 100 Mama Shelter movie the middle of the night there not allowed to talk about it doesn't really matter too much because most people 99.99 percent population movie clip a 10-minute clip of World War Z talk about things that I don't like something which version of Eve you might get turned off by the aesthetic that's happening me what the movies walking phenomena is easily one the best movies of the year and there's there sequences in there that are just amazing maybe know the story of The Hobbit There is a scene between Bilbo and another character that he meets for the first time that's a very Landmark part of that franchise and they fucking nailed perfect perfectly that was the first thing that shot according to Peter Jackson but anyway I was critical of the World War Z trailer because I recommended the book on Audible was our sponsor and I talked about how much I loved it and heard they were making a movie out of it then I saw the trailer and said whoever made this movie clearly never read them okay after watching the 10-minute clip that they showed it butt numb A Thon I know what kind of retract a little bit because I thought I was still critical of it German base on the 2 minutes know one thing that trailer that movie what is it it the fast Gaiden zombies okay that's what I agree with you okay so this section we saw it look like no to the trailer was from the section it's this teen on the city street with Brad Pitt his kids in the car that 60 Minutes come of the head in complete digital effect in all that it was pretty rough but apparently he read the book yet for those of you who read the book and are worried about the translation of World War Z for the page to the screen it appears as though they have taken the interpretation of that initially they thought the outbreak was South African Ray V remember that and they're calling it that in in the rabies outbreak into taking you said initially it is very much like Ray beats and the people are agitated and violent in Fast & it gave me hope that that's the initial part of it and it becomes slower in space early sings in World War Z early encounters with the zombies it was the great Panic sings they were going from car to car and all that and I really wasn't that tough of the name super slow except for the mom who it who cares the head off the one zombie attack your kid in the bedroom and that was a zombie the head walk out of the ocean so maybe it had been amazing stories that cherry pick all these grey bitch and in the middle of it and if there's any way you could have done it I mean you don't have the Hope New Mexico scene where they get back you can have that you can't have that you can and you're sweet like that makes sense for people I don't know they're going to get the room for that not alone to be an hour-long speech rise I need to the outbreak the pilot like the jump rope I live in Louisiana is like those stories told from what I'm guessing I haven't seen any always in the trailer you can tell a story I don't know that you could really tell the story of the pilot so slow it's just one person trying to survive white day me Faith is you touch that you called the first part the great Panic yes a major section of the book with the world to the ballpark and they call that the grey Panic that's teen day did show the show the city always envisioned that my head is being on the freeway like coming out of the city almost League of promotional images that used for Walking Dead of all the cars coming out what is it that you're taking place in a city man they need to panic Park no I mean they must have had it looks like I'm sure some of them Ur CG it look like they had about 20,000 extra people are fucking running through and running over cars and try to get into things like people running into zombies are we there any nail the part of it that really said that really said a lot to me and I gave me a lot more faith than I did not like that doesn't like me Mass the whole movie I will agree with okay I'm holding out hope that the entire time League to Kate and then it come with overwhelming force of endurance that you can never beat New Mexico and you're totally blow on winnable battle kind of 303 populating people getting people together and you don't live with you Pamela and a half I've been I've been interested in hearing the stuff so I'm still holding out hope for World War Z my hopes are not completely day and it'll be great I'm just saying I was talking about someone before the movie Warm Bodies which is totally into Darkness I cannot four all about movie portal remind everyone that this podcast is brought to you by Onnit and the flagship product of Ray yet if you haven't tried it this really is the time to try it they've upped the discount code from 10% to 15% of used promo code rooster I love the stuff I take it everyday it gives you some incredibly Vivid dream that he's gone but Chris was taking it help him Focus for simple walk he said that he was like got nothing to lose give it shot great stuff trials Trials Evolution is incredible War my favorite games this year I Gotta Throw Onnit into a downloadable games just because it came out in the III 60 this year that's Minecraft Minecraft game for Xbox 360 Xbox 360 avatar game in your Minecraft avatar III sixth probably just go to like Minecraft Awards I didn't try to look like Portal 2 Perpetual testing Ted launch are awesome okay I gotta video shut up Skyrim Dawnguard Gotye mean the first part on the game Journey people like raving about the PS 3 people like a year soundtrack game I want to add on for Borderlands 2 shift codes for Borderlands 2 shift code there was no special promotional thing the golden key yet golden keys Borderlands dead promotional key that you can get anywhere they would post them and they would only be good for x amount of somebody with 10002 only good for 2 hours and if you could get these and use them you can go and see what you let you open special chests in Borderlands 2 give you the codes for them to push their social media because you could get it for them Bane from not 2 Gearbox Software Pittsford it the reason was it was testing the system to see how much capacity it could take 24 star tweeting it would break every time so then as a bitch when did they are they saw how there traffic was than what they could handle the capacity they moved it to Gearbox Software they passed it but for a while it was like a shield and a gun level conference call I could kill Terramorphous the Invincible and like you can be like it was please let us know what are we forgetting about so many things like Black Ops 2 Black Ops there any map packs yet just Halo just had it this week the Borderlands DLCs good I can't even the old ones off top my head like to drop off anybody play Happy Wars ever made call testing Skyrim Dawnguard Halo 4 Spartan Ops Trials Evolution Trials Evolution Origin of Pain Borderlands 2 shift codes Walking Dead Minecraft for the 360 and Journey season there Vin trials mean like we got the Halo trials head again we It Ralph I like every weekend from here to 34528 challenge all right here's a game that was near and dear to our hearts this year that nobody mentioned which is a non-retail download game Slender no that was this year Prometheus it was okay spent I did not get off slender not put it on Friday this week journey in PS all stats a retail game super Tony Brothers All Stars no star Skyrim Dawnguard 4 Spartan Ops Borderlands 2 shift code trials Walking Dead Minecraft 360 Journey all these are really crazy did you download it Halo is whenever you Dawn little time right are you in call I can't shoot of Thrones simulator are like forward testing Black Ops 2 shift codes Ali Knockouts know I got I got a friend it was it was a New Concept to actual games come back to me okay I'll come right back at you butt passing in Leopard Dead Xbox it up because it really super 2 games I need to buy twice dead professor all right what do you think about the Gaiden game that I can play DLC of Mass Effect one of the best games ever it is really good we are the one metal 1% it's gone maybe 3 or 4 years I'd like to come out next week would you remember game with everything we played but still Halo Far Cry and you should feel bad Mordor for some ocean in the background line Ali you want to stop by the bank and stuff somebody Jordan 5 metallic live you are wrong to think it was because it was there were references to Viking metal there are references to like really awesome music Jimmy urine who was in Mama Self Indulgence key to the boss battle music which is awesome know about the music ZombiU voices for My Little Pony Key Bank is League of your phone what I want to hear what your lollipop Black Ops 2 Ray Charles and download them I would be butt League of Legends ever we never talked about it for probably the shows that we put our the games that we put in the gauntlet are not typically competitive games are not playing Starcraft games are on Mario ridiculous to get a games or just being funny at games that they are we going Ray in the Lost somebody it was ridiculous that good David Beckham is the most famous man on planet Earth no country it all wrong baby America yet America North live of Obama's call me when you put David Beckham love anyway it Lenny of evolution of Asia 4583 mean dead people on the streets of America who thought it was funny that Mitt Romney was the first American black president I'm sorry four people in this country don't know who Barack Obama in Africa know who Barack Obama in the Free World trophy trick people are in the White House like on the war America sings with the whole will thing you live in America you know what people America for England game easy to know I finally learned how to get to the final boss on every play to get to the hospital now but I cannot beat it battle droid him German everyday you make the bus run away 3 times then you kill and Bowser black women if you have play FTL and you liked it a little bit no download and old game codes star control through there's a game called Masters or Quan masters of UR Quan it somebody made it safely game somebody made it so it's a recreation of star control 2 Gus and I have both played it we both love play it on the PC you can if you have a computer you can play next the building in 1990 what is the game you play better Halo forward for that play a lot of it's true what racing games RPGs III best Skyrim was competitive I don't have a profession we don't care who Barack Obama is still fucking know who he is to shut up Michael Jordan Diablo 3 bullet and I think they can four to the golden Gotye like real money V over twenty Grand gold Kate today happy birthday Game Stop and then I work at UPS seasonal and I'm like we can make video Zed it worked out so the example of that what's up and I to meet older a double double the amount you paid for the game was barely Eve online has a thing where when you play Eve online you can get these things than equal game time because it's an online game and you don't have to pay for game time but then you can sell to game time in the marketplace where other people by game time in the real for real you have to carry on your shift you think people can attack you and either take him some guy texted ice shift and yet $15,000.80 no it's real money another great story about that whole Eve online 1 battles oh my God that's in your master because you just like turn your computer off bullet into online videos in for best internet video there's a great video of a guy in hardcore mode play Diablo 3 loses character I haven't seen them call the face that's great preacher he was pretty another video bus driver uppercut what's the my little woman getting hit games Civilization V I'm willing to scratch that one I played quite a bit of that okay sleeping dogs that's a great game but not play game it when you look back at 2012 everyone remember to Dishonored 23 Spring Hill four days towards turn based strategy turn based strategy game shows up we will probably play the shit out of it and nominate are sucker my XCOM Squad Gus you got killed like a bitch indoor and then becoming for everyone character in Saints Row 3 3 Halo 4 Black Ops 2 the beginning of the game sets up to make the end of the game more relevant but I have to say without without spoiling it but it's like an hour and a half it was like and I talk to people screaming the Falcons Creed 3 on there at 1 to change the controls from every other game which would seem like you would do that and to the first 6 hours no fun whatsoever that's why I did not continue? 3 multiplayer star Ted the main character play my George the game as another character all Santa Cruz's wife last year Evolution fucking incredible Michael evolution is is it was closer than star Evolution I was wrong yeah the revelations was my favorite game of everything too much a Breaking Bad I need just a jack you late so let himself TED talks about breaking bad somebody I didn't watch it was until I went to Gus house me show me that I knew was awesome but you don't need to I'm trying I'm trying is too much Jack love like okay in particular he mentioned a story World War Z about the pilot that has like a very Twilight Zone moment at the end of it warm up and it was like for the rest of the stories in World War Z is like 23 story Jack a small passion about some stuff he sees on TV then I have ever been about any event in my life and that bothers me like him more call Gavin we just got the stolen off Michael Black Mad Men TV show amazing amazing Gavin my my shot that's my my my Michael off for like half an hour all I did was sit there and drink and not have it but you don't want anything else man is making other people miserable you are a troll Lobster Borderlands 2 Far Cry 3 which I've been playing so much of it as I have dreamt about it the last two nights in a row I had dreams that I'm like in the jungle stalking people and murdering them no combination of Onnit and V men play a video game for like 10 hours Boston Onnit and see if we end up in the game last night Carson Counter Strike go I would not doubt if I'm going to knock off I was pretty damn good too to be like Mario Gavin new album Mass Effect 3 XCOM Halo 4 Black Ops 2 Borderlands 2 Far Cry 3 new Super Mario Brothers 2 XCOM we just got it it's on there the only non-sequel like know number to Lego Lord of the Rings butt Halo we came together I mean really interesting there's a cool thing you can do where you take that Leap Pad and hold it up in the next you look around the room and like it's kinda like an augmented reality that you look around the game environment by looking around in the real world that's about as cool as it gets and killed because your back and find every game play better that we have a lot of Shooters on the market not Day Z Bill the warm or yet I think your character dies War Z where there everyone's asking for a refund for a refund because they're there. no not reflect downloadable game I believe anything that a retailer talking about I don't think I'll make a list also another name we should probably talk about this I'm talking about the past PlanetSide to you and I both play that you really hold our attention for very long we I mean the beta extensively and I had a lot of fun what was going to be in there happy shot I mean like that I've got some shit on here my friend I do community on there put it on there is shot that is way better on this league but they were waiting community okay glad I listened to her not having a My Little Pony question on the fucking podcast not anyway you know okay because it's Michael probably won't but you should think about it Daily Show The Daily Show it was fucking awesome there for you because you're stumbles amazing Game of Thrones Dexter on there and dexters the great this season Thrones lab on there I feel like we should mention that we feel like we should mention iCarly which had its final episode this year I'm running Shop Rite League iCarly War Homeland Ops I heard that's fantastic Louie have a Supernatural modern family my family and I know Louie this season it started slowing a really good I don't want to watch anything that man do you have anything all I gotta say we haven't mentioned Always Sunny we haven't mentioned Legend of Korra which is the sequel to Avatar and in a show and then Key and Peele and Peele is grey very very hot Ah that's really funny to watch it and it's a good show me walking the car doors and be like how is it 2012 and nobody's done there no good and you guys will know I would like to add to show anybody I know I know Griff from Men In Black 3 is on the different movie George Bush sense and mannerisms he just like a really good job yet perfect Summer movie where it's like it's just gotten up and got on the parkway my wife did the berry and I was like wait how come the stuff and I was like I started liking you a question again is I guess it's different in TV shows TV shows so we have a real fast I'm going to strike Community sorry iCarly iwant My Little Pony know what amazing a scratch Modern Family really I put on the list because her actual audible gasps from the other room when you said that her daughter's family amazing absolutely Louie Game of Thrones Boardwalk Empire Walking Dead all red Daily Show pictures of another one it's a good show but I can look at Daily Show Dexter go ahead and Peele War 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Game of Thrones okay how about this how about this Breaking Bad technically this is the first half of a season and I would be willing to stay like this happy season to be lumped in with the next half know I'm really really stuck out next year this year we all watched every single episode Breaking Bad season Lost season finale urine off no and you should win this one Walking Dead of Thrones is one of those that I did not think I was going to look like for 3 days to hold Side Story would like you know the with whatever the blonde chick whatever doesn't it old touch any of the other story and it's like I don't understand it all in the family in the book they don't even touch yet me where like from the nearest history ah so what do you like to the heir to the throne right like she actually has everybody old for some reason like her brother the man I don't like Breaking Bad because his brother-in-law is a cop but they don't ever arrested me no no no no Halo Gangnam Style the views on Justin Bieber's baby which was the previous most viewed video on YouTube Onnit vs Thon and kind of climate Style I mean I really just need to the Head remake mad that we didn't have to throw out interior crocodile alligator which we love are trick we love that no I want my William Michael play Slender Labs so fucking hard W screaming Skyrim the Cabbage 3 preacher in we were talking about for you thrift store song 972 Tire love Grey Chinese Tire Revenge Chinese guy I like it I like a big truck like a truck and get mad about it so we take that as a tire tire explosion stand up and in blood for happy where you are probably dead now I really have to get rid of four five seconds Ray II security cameras Friday funny what are we missing guy from internet for Jenna Marbles sports bra Burning Man hula hoop live prude girls interview in Bob Odenkirk is a good one I really want a really good one Kony 2012 know are the huge III Master what was the family home I've got call me maybe because I was iCarly the German Duke jump on the ice Argo for Gotye Somebody That I Used to Know But I'm going to scratch that one off Gangnam Style music video the drunk guy in the back to the police car singing Bohemian Rhapsody Crossing GameStop walk into Mordor Bane outtakes I was we just now finally Upton Cat Daddy no it's video tell people asking about video game Highschool V Fez narratives internet viral internet someone is asking about something called The One Pound Fish video Grumps the cat what are the cat my on him but still to me Miami Dolphins cheerleaders Call Me Maybe Call Me Maybe I don't think woman know it when I show me the to the VIN for the better makers. Just a bunch of hot of the guy who song about a girl in the room Mists all the things I hear that ice cream yet but there's still into categories best internet streaming Gangnam style 2012 Ah that's wonderful ah sweet for voting for these things but then Gangnam Style do that thing for like you watch it what is a half an hour lost Call Me Maybe trick yeah they came out of his mouth Monty's Roofing teaser getting around Upton 60 monk thrift store Burning Man hula hoop heavy metal female cat heavy metal cat Cuts video game Highschool and Forward Unto Dawn 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 the man why Depart of Transportation Minnesota key spring Deer Crossing into traffic areas have you ever heard that one of the great one is it yet so that's another one that was pretty popular I'm comfortable having this one butt getting contractor Barberton it to you cuz you know my brand I have special eyes I almost Tire regret it Saints are still makers are coming out really does kind of killed all the Garry's Mod videos that were made four years all the characters selection people are talking and I think it'll stick around it different not like last 60 years what do the computer made Trophy this year Lego Megatron from 2 years ago so man Star Plus I think every time I see it from valve I always bring up the podcast season all of that your flip I'm going to send it back and they won the first I just thought it was nice screaming goat this year vegan Childs Play Jenna there something it actually recommended Jen Taylor deliver lines as Cortana in real life are you V Gavin highly recommend it she just told me this codes goat another voicemail message Tamela Mann have home email address or email address in the longest know I'm interested in your to visit with Ray know how long does semen last outside of a testicle not for human consumption like they do they make a baby and then why do you make a baby from it was on something live to drop Labs theme and that's ever been made into a baby just went straight to lab puppies are prints. I would like to and I was thrown out of space station back on the earth that would work as well Friday night let me tell the story woods Mists are you have to tell the story my dad jerked off in the kitchen because Dad and off in the kitchen working on your birthday to figure out when you were conceived butt are the Jonas Brothers ah okay well why we make up Gavin half-hour she had a great play and I have another picture my lunch today gordoughs which was the trailer that serves fresh donuts we got home from the trailer in Austin a cool restaurant in a trailer or food truck it will develop a following and then they will move into a restaurant in gordoughs whatever restaurant Mulligan's are still around in Atlanta Friday night we also it the Luther Burger which is a cheeseburger with silver Krispy Kreme Donuts Ted of hamburger buns at 8 of those a different kind of burgers and donuts stuff to do too much just keep drinking milk your body will eventually be all right enough milk but why did nobody see something over Jack Tatum Burnie no I don't off alarm the bacon on a donut hey I will do the milk challenge with a buddy know if we don't bus to the mall can I mention the all we have the are Achievement Hunter holiday prints coming up this week at some point limited edition prints this year I asked a guy who won a holiday contest last year like we did this rap a contest that he won and I was there yet we got off on the stream for there watching I was like a Christmas card game company friends I like to keep this away from people we talk prints of it is very Edition is coming out this week either tomorrow or Thursday but I'll tweet about to go on sale 500 they will sell out very quickly NL mode likewise Michael Jordan slam dunk all in my head Mordor Michael I really want to talk about the gauntlet this week cuz I felt like this was fantastic a really really really good episode