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Recorded: 2012-12-19 22:50:24

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Ray Narvaez Jr.




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the Rick Steve podcast spark you buy the original Machinima Prime series Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome watches and William Adama find himself assigned of the newest Battlestar in the colonial Fleet and take some the style on that you can watch the entire Series right now at youtube.com slash machinimaprime how did everybody Bad cast welcome to Russia podcast Bros Rooster Teeth to 197 Knight on the road the Arbors Jack clearly you are burning as well they have to cancel Ray and Jack Jack forward here to of the podcast Awards with Jordan domination 4 you have to you have to listen I've got the list right here cuz I'm prepared I'm running when I'm ready to cash it we're going bad application to be a guardian RT X next you are now open the dark X of it.com / Guardian you can fill out a form and maybe you'll be selected to beer do we have an idea of how many year do a lot more than that I have no experience someone who's really good you know someone Rick up this brand Michigan microbrew up up there and I thought that was ridiculous I mean I've got like for December 1st ah no that means go to the mattresses 440 hand thing you did cuz I was a chump and never was like hey you should do this is 2 miles what enemy continue and complete but I didn't even finish one actually where the freezer is open and I'm not down with my hands in the ice cuz I guess but you can still kind of woman room temperature it was the bathroom slightly touched down and ice it illegal to wreck beer chimichangas up your legs Sunny really like to get them back up explain it it was just it sorry said that in return all he wanted was a shout-out from Ray those are okay if you don't drink it all never sorry dude a water bottle Homebrew of water you did good it was okay it was like to think that was everything how did and it was a beer or something 5 liters to mail this a book that was like so how to brew at home and put in like $50 gift card to some like online site Rick and buy all the stuff to do it now getting something to eat homemade beer rage on your decision today and typically I don't remember much about them or make them that's year that the first year they made them but you didn't shift into 3rd year black and white TV show Breaking Bad Homeland Louie Game of Thrones Esther Louis CK stand it was it was really interesting this morning 2000 broad observation I was like okay so when you like apple up servation like the cars are much much faster than people what can you take like on 84 Honda Civic the same bolt falling out of chairs laughing I was like okay babies are much younger than old people slap bands like dumb joke that he told he told it like that it comes out like test the waters ah well guess what x 20 minutes Esther for I like seeing people in real life just having a good to be able to say that but I actually saw the light bouncing off him in the first row it was like we can just write down it was kind of cool Mass core darn I wish I didn't a girlfriend Jordan well I might change because originally I didn't live music 1 says before a comedian came out and I still Rick Astley football Never Going To Give You Up and I was my own experience with the lifestyle you're done at that point which was amazing live TV Show Breaking Bad Homeland Louie Game of Thrones Walking Dead Always Sunny Philadelphia and Key & Peele alright so what are you saying I was saying I think you can come down this week too okay I think I'm coming down between Game of Thrones and breaking bad because those are those are my two favorite on that those are both really really incredible and the reason is you how can you say that's why that's how you say it reset everything and everyone that this was a little slower but building for the next half the season because going to be awesome in the end of the first half was just like oh my God I can't wait to the next one Dexter come up on the screen sound world and no rush there's a whole different music mass building on Ice music wreck room look like weird Japanese girl day going to hospital mask bounce around and dancing with some weird music festival no I don't I don't think we can stream that you can search for him but I just don't think we have you on the panel never admit you don't know about something it's kind of different Breaking Bad If I had a choice to watch Homeland Louie to watch Louie I can look at every other show on this list and I probably won't see them before Homeland Peele won't do as well or even like it's always funny because it's not like this order or Thrones breaking bad as well hard to pick up if you miss it you in Breaking Bad always everything what episodes are like an alternate future in those kind of do stuff like that was like this could have happened and it really doesn't have a lot to do with me River sounds like there's somebody from passing and taking some kind of cool I like Scooby-Doo Game of Thrones going to win going to win the RT Podcast on Blu-ray and DVD the universe and the cat to get away from it for a while actually stop Without You Up 2 giant dragon giant Dustin Looper Hobbit Silver Linings Playbook Hobbit it was really good key and 48th St 3D Knight 24 frames and I don't remember 3 years ago it's Spark Notes project buy like a little pamphlet that a 30 or 40 pages long with some Rises DLC are in bitch in 48 frames thing tonight so I'm curious to see how that goes I like I don't know I'm going and prejudice against it but we'll see going to give it a shot so you don't like the TV 120 hertz never it has been adding frames between normal and you know dealing with that I always turn it off immediately and I know this is supposed to look like 2024 I'm happy but I'm going to of those movies and I didn't think of it you really want to be Looper somebody 1 not 2 day. Rises one Avengers revenge of the Looper Avengers Avengers it was really good it was how many years Louie it could have come out really really bad and I think I mean Justin is amazing that he was able to Wrangle all of those you know all of those egos together and put together something awesome law and my people paper rock scissors I'm into 3 ah well congratulations Looper the only way I could have into going well and that other guy was his name okay let's do for WiiU best game with you best downloadable game content that includes arcade games yes then I'll even tell you the specific ones that include okay thank you so we had Halo 4 Spartan Ops Borderlands 2 shift codes trial and that in com play Trials Evolution Evolution as well as the DLC version of The Walking Dead Minecraft 360 journey and Day Z Minecraft trials Evolution and origin pain Walking Dead The Walking Dead as well have you play Walking Dead not play until we needed it last week I thought you know I really actually honestly really didn't seem like a really good game on it you probably cry call the Thunder game score right so 100 + 100 500 download Walking Dead it has like the first one the first Final Fantasy 10 really it was just the way you like the Blitzball bad football the only Final Fantasy the completionist never into it up until 10:10 walking it would have been Minecraft if Minecraft was Christmas right now a profile was corrupted once we move it to another one which enemy released up walking off after today you will have 5 or 6 maybe now we can have seven copies of the team is staying around the office and on different memory card I can put in computer memory stick Ray bad live alone for core daddy train recorded a really good episode that up this week for one of those give me a part of internet video Gangnam Style drunk guy sings Bohemian Rhapsody Kate Upton Cat Daddy Diablo 3 hardcore mode for the guy loses his character train simulator bitch but the Brazilian elevator prank the Chinese guy stabbing the tire hula hoop video from Burning Man live prude girls interview Bob Odenkirk the heavy metal cat video game Highschool and Forward Unto Dawn well I don't know anyone with the to jumping on the ice drunk if I mean if you're picking video of the year the one that's the most significant video of of this year you got to go Gangnam Style unfortunately I don't like it I love it it's like where I'm at Rick Astley still alive Rick and respected everyone how many views does it have I'm looking it up right now and 980 million views into 80028551 how many video is three times more views than all over 320 320 2000 1390 you guys aren't friends but you know I wish burning it talk about it a little more we were really huge felt like that's what it was on the air fish and helpful isn't that right yes I'm a big person and I was like I was like I couldn't The Thing released you know who you are and I was like a prequel for the TV show don't notes on Netflix that show that I've been like it's been in my wanting to see Jack Thrones watch the web series never we're going to do community walk will have to talk about it style German you really don't on the back and you can see when people drop off and then people actually rewind together I wonder if the moment I hit the Ice is like a piece like this because I really like you Jordan Clarkson ah Battlestar is on Netflix thank you thank you internet we didn't put them there but I don't want to watch it when it was David Tennant he was the head it was one of the it was because he grew up which was cool to me role statement in the fucking going to shut up no you going to do with all the people that you love you and hate you Orlando grey with you don't need to do that if you want to just watch the one with the Weeping Angels statues that is the first time they do that is this like one of those really good TV best internet Halo 4 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 order 2 Far Cry 3 and new Super Mario Brothers to run off the bat I'm going to say we're all super best of luck Halo 4 clearly Halo 4 a Cod game like we played it once we've finished playing the 4 let's play we keep going we just keep Spartan but I think the reason I would agree with you but it's because I love that one mass and ODST so much which one the first one actually very play in that it's love you game hoop 3 that has a team that Landing 4 Minecraft for you can play Team Fortress 2 in side of Minecraft someone created an app that allows you to play Team Fortress 2 in Minecraft with the created the system for you can spawn as different classes and they recreated maps from Team Fortress 2 what is it in Minecraft engine Minecraft up here for a special category Halo 4 because we loved it so much that we should have a category for best game that is Halo 4 I will I will have it in the link. Then we'll talk about it Mass Effect 3 Black Ops 2 Borderlands 2 Far Cry 3 and new Super Mario Brothers on the Wii U I would probably take Borderlands 2 like I didn't play Borderlands 1 but I got hooked into Borderlands 2 and had a great time with it was a great game Assassins 3 is awesome but I will say it's not as good as Revelations which is my favorite realization with his of my life I don't know if I can I don't know what I could pick a lot in the ending the people bitch about the information 3 I was okay with it and I like Mass Effect 3 I love XCOM so what you like if they made a game specifically for me even Far Cry 3 that just came out it was amazing 3 a dream about an ex after a while or whatever we'll go to the room activate always work home I just need to I will Kara cry to have for a long time with my bad I forgot you went in there and she level anything I'm taking home from work and continue to play so it's a lot of fun I like to do that mission to kill the man eater shark with a bow and arrow that's one it was Kate you level Mass Effect 3 XCOM Borderlands 2 Far Cry 3 I can pick bitch because those for my 3rd I'll go with Borderlands 2 gearbox a text message New River the original look for the referral Borderlands 2 trailer that was looking at rage the trailer movie Pathfinder the Halo 2 did that I just wasn't on that one sings like you could black hair you could get in the warthog even if his teammate wasn't driving I really really like a red team person could be driving and I could get in as well oh no I'm sorry that's what I meant at all like he wouldn't drop it and it was driving you're going to take the fact that you couldn't even get in the car with you have split screen reason you think that is because back then like the the particles were so busy I think of the polygons so everything's like more like behind a tree the light with Peele around of Halo Battlestar and I was like so many different people doing different things you just know what I would like I would run around to Jack somebody like into let's play with it I got somebody and I got on my feet so much fun I mean like you should be I mean like it like in Bad Company I'm bad at shooting but I can heal people I can key people and I love that now there's like ways you can do that in a while of games are supporting that was like you know if you're not good at one thing maybe you can try this and you know what the classes and like in all the different specializations going to Halo 4 now it's like they're really kind of focusing on that kind of love that I love that we're getting into more of an option level 59 60 in order to get the benefit level Futaba think around 30 I don't really need to get released was crying I was laughing so hard NFL I got hit by the same card twice and then get up and in Ray gets eaten by dogs dogs Ray there's a the first dog attack me in that hole a couple Jack beer it goes like this right and it gets me and my Rachel things I was still laughing from getting run over in the grey give download dogs dogs eating Ray space I'm just watching and laughing because it was like I still crying laughing dot to me but other dogs I don't know why dogs love Ray but it was pretty incredible in the world you really looked at each other and blood what time is the bear and the always the birthing was it called you remember to go to work I would be like like in the base behind the building I shoot it and run away like not do anything different let dogs dogs run around in the camp than anybody in the world that kind of makes sense a bear the Bears like Dawn the worst was after the dogs come at me never get the word out there but I super like them all together like everything over there have a good weekend everyone 4 is almost the opposite of Knight 1:09 p.m. jumps it and I'm almost right but that's only for that one day more than slap for the weekend 16 hour metal like 2 or 3 every night like Monday through for whatever I just have to wake up early so you can wake up before 1 then wake up at 9 and I catch up on the sleep I missed crazy nothing better than Saturday going to bed I'm just going to sleep until I decide to shut up it was no I made sure they weren't there how to build a really uncomfortable the Pixies 58-49 please open your mouth we will try to get a very good company. Order right now I told me that I had a really drunk weekend Barbara Spartan understanding with her Your Love of ah Gavin's mom shift up or not that's cool too whatever sorry we had up here for people to come to defend themselves on camera never 20 lights on this one metric pointed at nothing then I know the reason I know is I sure know what I mean no rush thank you Dorian verhagen for me know what's wrong with it out alright people tweeting the Borderlands 2 bitch difference but what are you doing yeah I remember when my parents turned 30 live never be like my parents are old now that's funny that is what my mom had me when she was 30 you have the bitch I did came out came out with beer Jack Tatum it there's a chance metal so when you going to be I might be coming up pretty soon like Christmas and stuff I'm going to see family and I no no like if you Christmas and then shut off Ops cry I don't know it's like I don't know where to stop I don't know how to end it but up I can't turn it off ice or a video of you without that beer you had to go to you the time you look at the man that you are now what man take photo are there any photos on Ice a shower I shampoo it I can do simple on their of course I should get some head and shoulders here all right you should totally go but not me without any papers Islands the fuck am I doing what I need to do this get out of the shower or anything I was like I don't even take some extra time if I didn't I mean every day then weird turtle look like that a month significance is the significance to it exactly it is getting pretty long hair down here a good for 5 inches specialize in beer it was called but can you go to live like this does my haircut in my black going to be out this long Thrones give me a train up for a little bit but I'm kind of known for crazy it okay to shave the whole thing off it was right now okay if you start a little like from like my up to my chin in the middle man tweets about my eyelashes you should see rage Islands a long you got some long ones right parently it's our people without eyebrows how much how much how long how much do how much would you request probably couple never give you an amount of money no that's okay keep me to bring something bring it up right now with your beer year next week Christmas falls on a Tuesday and roosters is closed on that day for some reason so we're going to pre-record the podcast and we will broadcast it on tape delay next Tuesday at normal time so we'll be broadcasting a live or Z to be recorded recorded ahead of time and I will broadcast at the same time Tuesday evening of the 25th and order the same thing on New Year's Day again so we still will have video 3 guys to watch but it will be on tape delay so you won't even notice it never going to talk to you on Twitter a world Upton play COD Christmas 2 come out on the couch England with my family around that I'm going to come out on Wednesday the 26th December 26th walking is there Christmas WiiU what did Ice Cream when I trust you so I'm fine play England pretty much just the day what are we got your Christmas Day and then see how to dancing and come back always and only for one day yeah it's going to be a Christmas it cost me $2,000 day space a man with a beard fetish don't shave it right always been there wow going out very quickly I think you just don't want to get rid of your thing the Lincoln right now it takes awhile to get out this long but you also you know what you know I will be on it tonight my nephew my little 1 year old nephew he loves my beer and I just don't know what does it Halo my beer in Philadelphia theater care about people don't give a kid a kid stroller Esther no I think people always overestimate how much other people care about their baby the kids I've never met it is just a tiny little human man of children like babies it's not even like my cousin had kids are they going to hold her and I'm cool but then like when my sister got pregnant it was like something completely different like when she called me she's like I'm pregnant it's like I was super excited on my contacts of the family because you just deal with it grey stone with your name on it original original grey GS3 or anything which is a family name like your middle name is that my grandfather has multiple multiple last name style role sorola in like in Puerto Rico you then if people ask for your full name you have to put your mother's maiden name before your real last name love you like to stop over a little Medina sorola that's cool I'm just Ray Narvaez jr. live it up to them I want one as I can remember but I can't speak Spanish bands like human brains and less stuff is that is like I did 5 years and I should not speak job information on computer the hard drive is not like that information what is the information stored as a memory bands that remind me of something a handful of in like 15 years ago or something what's your middle name Gavin David that was the team under slap antivirus 12 without spending any money or putting in the ass but get something for you like I told you this it didn't do anything you can for everybody if you want to do the cry slap you know when your play yes I'm going to the demonstrations coming down and now never use to say this but the bag doesn't inflate the bad one in play if he doesn't pressure what's the far is Oxford it if there's no pressure or a total loss of cabin pressure than the blood the bag and play but if there's pressure it keeps the bad compressor Imagine David saying this because it's some point unless pressure in the live down and everyone was panicking that bad wasn't playing that flight was expecting the bad for her and also helps out you're coming down here in a plane crash into walking in an earthquake for never would be the play of the other talking about a plane crash or something and I went back to airdisaster.com up you do realize that they haven't updated 2 years now but like when I went there I saw a cry never heard of before but that was on and there's like upside down noodles it was a Hail Mary full of grace you know loud crass loud banging noise pilot what was that did we hit it that's like a grunting noise like running transcribing a plane crash breaking news loud explosion I guess it's something big passenger plane landing on water but whenever I can whenever I picture play landing on what you think it's like it comes in and it's just like one big splash never gets out everything play it was like how did Wahlburgers Hingham in the Hudson up it is so incredibly Landing a plane on a river and it's like everyone everyone survived every single person survive blood you like knowing that the other guy in there trying to get you wow that looks good that is not because every seat in a plane hand eject button 250 people to kill it to come down there new play man I'm still I have no fear getting on the plane that day I guess like I'm pretty com and turbulent but he said it's something to do and it's like it's like someone just threw that on the way back from England you show me help with I mean like a chola it brings everyone to Alexandria German don't know how you 3 times but screen and everything about roller coasters which made me think about when I went to Minecon never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld that's what I've been doing over there that's really cool that you get on it and then right away you like in a tunnel in the pitch-black 45 seconds a minute and I was like when you come out you realize that you've gone under Lake and you come up on an island in the middle of a lake where the roller coaster is Islands chapter to and that's what's really call Jules Verne things actually and and that space not supposed to be has a loop in it really but it was actually that was the second inverted roller coaster Disney and I the first one was actually The Rockin roller coaster at Disney MGM Studios without Disney Hollywood Studios indoors in Looper 3 time when I was there and chrome it you just do that just flips upside down just like live on the back of a roller coaster is really like role of the kid that I had to do was 1 this one could still in England where you just figure there's no it to 80 miles an hour and 2 seconds I feel like Adventure in Orlando roller coaster going backwards video blood pressure that's how you make space for all of this stuff the left there's a Ferrari coaster in I want to say like in Dubai or somewhere like that are there and get them like crazy Ferrari World the Formula Rossa okay okay and it it goes to 240 kilometres an hour which is 150 miles an hour is 5 - 1.4 miles into a straight line up a hill and into the hoop and it goes back over and then comes back down there done that 100 hundred that's definitely one of the world's fastest roller coaster speed key photos of the coasters ah that's one of my things I have of a collection of of dumb photos roller coasters take it like a man a photo from a world the shadow of the man working on the 152nd it was the weekend another it has like you mean you shouldn't have a shower and then come tell me or you just see if I don't know I just it was walk into the room boom came back it was like ouch the couch I said I'm worried about every far now is not careful about at least you guys have like a leather couch right so that at least into the couch still in for the game so Jordan was one of our into Halo come through today and we were talking like they're asking I like job like what he had to do and like what should I study in college I realized that of the stick achievement hunter is here in the office only two of us went to college myself and running with it cause I'm pretty sure you said when you finish college how important my friend so I train myself we both finished College Gavin never when I did apply metal Linn County or RT 72 best of side into Hogwarts 1 ice dead dot job did that instead haha it's funny cuz you went to college thank you a joke is Eddie Murphy on Arsenio Hall there looking for her I did not did you go to for the education and his family wanted me to have a major and at the end of the message I don't know what that means between remember my social security number internet Mario job application in so much money for textbooks and then the only thing I mean I'd like to know I would like my textbooks never Cod never spend more than $200.01 I got paid to go to school and I got money for the money job help there's 2 people one one person who doesn't fit to my flight year into my new you for example if you like somebody without a college degree and doesn't know you will not get a job but somebody who knows you and has no college education like I think you need to know buddy it's who you know not what you have to have one or the other If you experience produced up email job what kind of company is a major in school you should worry about to do something look at the sky turn in an hour of in a resume and also turned in a real I don't like a real is so good like you never see people they're like always I hear everything on paper I graduate with this degree that's like show me something Thrones where is the square live something that you said that is kind of the same with me to my study this on Twitter it was a podcast it was episode 10 of the drunk tank and Jeff was talking about you and Jeff were talking about a video I made like a Wolfenstein video and was talking about it and it's going to look up Podcast and then like that's forward I think it's 3 years it's like Brown gas coming from and everything so crazy we don't have a typical intern program quality spit it out immediately I think you have to push past the barrier of like this is gross but I want to do that I just drink something never hotels near Beach hotels spark in the ocean and I just saw water foot on the moon on the phone, just wish I going to be Ray J for in that was filmed in the to the white dot sings dawn of Justice I think there was going to be true who is good and who knows how to do it in Z rage it look like new Landing actually only 20 seconds of actual suspension I guess I'm looking at a time article here from 2008 Virgin Galactic turn down an offer of a million dollars from core producer to shoot with your driving X Change name I thought there was but I can't imagine there was an article on Deadspin recently a few months ago I felt like there was a porn film that USC's football stadium like to call it whatever whatever it's a lot more than a couple of of the UTEP football stadium you guys are having fun hand job game in the big hill next to the stadium when students go up there and spend like they're pretty close together and I like her Mike Mike Lowrey just tweeted something notes a forward look at that simulator clear New Milford and so we need to for interns to be like all right and apparently doing part time now I take back my stuck in horrific congratulations never make it happen he's awesome I will look for work to do and also Daddy what's the weirdest play Bros so you try try to but it was too small of a planetarium we talking about a filter with my wife okay and we're walking out the part in in Wilmington and that was it a bus for school children and it's like millions of years ago without doctor's note look like chairs like dining room chairs in the middle of this giant room for like kind of weird like I walk with a textbook Cabela's Regina the story of the polka you change the main point of the story you like we want to take a nap in a planetarium when is to tell the truth 2015 doesn't doesn't care she is laid-back man a little bit right now I'll be home soon yeah but I'm willing to wager that you find somewhere right now we didn't it was like the problem was it was and it was so boring and really having a for sale you up for that until I was like I saw something and it was like damn like for interns and they all had a Viagra on the watch the day 4 never popped a boner first like a loser yesterday 4 let's play Joel for the play The Wiz come up with ideas which one the other day that we should all try and get the mile high club at CVS I don't have a you had to do it just let independent 1 hour and then after that I should be at 1 we can just go home honey I love to see the kids but David hostage through it the next time so so much like if I make it all the way to the back and up the stairs up to the door and if I'd like to do that how much is for the for example I get to the hostage and then I get to the room before I'll do it enough times and I'll just forget how to play and then for like 10 minutes I'll be like right the first guy keeps killing me over and over again as usual stop in the wreck today right up your wreck Tennant Cod it will feel like Knight released RT to a point where I need to apologize burning fights me on this I know you got it the answer to answer when the last time recent for recent 2 days last month Christmas party last Friday during it anyway she's always the same text message pretty hairy pussy she was like to take me of the next Mordor she's like Texas Gavin left Knight no she text me saying sorry about last text and I was like but then I just screwed up anything chaotic we had to keep Kate going to happen what happened was allowed in the park you can spell Mississippi queretaro queretaro shout it from the other room Gavin you are still me like hey Spell Mississippi I think we can I'm not video it was it was awesome and so we went with him when was kind of like wait Pizza Hut Alton cat crazy people eating x 200 I've no idea where we're going world full of the homeless people it was a school bus pulled up and I got in trouble what would you up man firefight it was one out there by the way oh my God I totally bands probably Kinko's printing like my first answer the phone umm I'll let you know what's up I can help you with and about the third time you called me what and what are you COD Black a mechanic to get my 3 you know there's no I was just Kara 3 me how do you dark law click like if it is at Dave's in you click on a cell phone it was it wasn't on YouTube never iTunes key without iTunes you to have the the rewind and now they have but they changed it to the best of and that there best of 2012 and 4 podcast they didn't list the best gaming podcast play all the list it was editors choice comedy and like one of the category that they're not even in there Louie best we would like a number 3 with download role order the Points bad the last time we weren't in the top 10 2 years ago I mean they're and Jenna Marbles and always man treat me the same thing is that on the opening titles about home 12 MLK story just what you want anyway so people can in there it was already in there sorry about that but if you look at it it's probably pulled in like probably I don't know where that's from the purpose of the internet video online of course for the built-in who is the head coach somewhere Z video today can you up no core why does everyone my grey still to LA to Hollywood to make it you know why haven't people fully embrace the fact you can be anywhere in the world it doesn't matter cry collaboration you can't 1 beer correct but for everything else they're doing they don't have to be out there was a video that was up on wreck today it was a it was a 2012 year in review and Without Partners bank you just video from YouTube videos and it was actually really good as opposed to team partners was kind of like this is more representative to me of what I what I think of when I think of the internet and YouTube stuff and I'll send you a link for that emotional and sad to happy a little bit then coming home and their daughters always correct New England Farmers have black a shot then that's about it and nobody really gets gun never going to realize that it's all in the you can if you don't have a license tank loaded question ah yeah that's right I think it's time to talk about that the cat's right there give me in Spanish RT talking about in 4 years day but still be streamed at the normal time so we'll still be bothering you with entertainment I'll check them out X Box right next to your head I was really happy with just wood 1 x polar on an Xbox Jack it I meant to read Xbox Jack it again well alright alright