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What we lack in feet we make up for in inches

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Recorded: 2012-12-26 19:25:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross




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Transcript (in progress):

look up to the wreck and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is a pretty balanced nootropic designed to increase focus and mental drivers get 15% off when you use promo code reader at on it.com / TV that's my t.com /gaming Riders of Doom motorcycle and tinsel games on Xbox Marketplace Kara before we came out and my makeup done she said the Christmas lights for Barbara are the purpose was October 10th on the road logo Kara silver how do I buy blue crabs miles in Kerry I believe top Gavin of the Green Top was great the first time that we're doing a pre-recorded we can talk about whatever you have a good time in the burning of the couch on the couch Grant Co weather conedison but I was thinking like a Jew discount for people who enjoy for Christmas see one side of the family on Christmas tinsel the family in Boston today is on sale on Black Friday it was something to do with after Christmas I don't know it's okay people of like higher status would give their employees present and like old boxes yet she wanted for Christmas and I can fight your dad was trying to get you to buy a Festivus pole for the podcast said that we can use for today we have a Christmas tree not sure we just need to do a video Bane and Chrome you broke down all the time cool backgrounds we're going to La I'm bringing the rumors does that for her I think Tanglewood anti-semetic you love you weekend hours on Saturday like I never think I don't know College Station the Rival School of the University of Texas that he's keeping normal normal Ln San Antonio yeah both of them rap I know them all Flags the world the Riverwalk and then some of the Alamo tiny old building Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it's really trying to get around because unlike Austin and a lot of other cities have a great day if you can talk about cities planned around city road closure everything in the UK is like that 762 city of London London and the city of London is the capital city of London at the cross walk across my favorite cities in terms of like Road the way their setup is Montreal and New York because their downtown is a grid system so if you know which Rosa for unparallel but you're better than that to go to Sundance pretty frequently 4 Red vs Blue Park City Utah to Salt Lake City and out there in 1700 okay. Walk so cynical like dick head what are we just redo it or should we just put everything we had into this whole infrastructure make you London real things miss you and love you but notice the rap singer explain the science definition of the Futurama proof 1405 always sit forward when you are really amazing place to me right now which way are legs are going right now Bane what's the weather going to be too much light I don't like one camera on just make sure the train is a normal like trunk and down in your life same height because I don't have to just ignore your phone around you my God can you rap only talk about the Bane rap 52 rap as you can imagine but I want you to learn that rap and to perform it when you get back from the holidays in separate places with black stripes and it happened almost everything empty space Bakersfield Chinese buffet videos on what we we we know we're playing a lot of the best weekend I think I like it better than on the bed the best part about the rifle burs is the beginning when he just shot himself in the mirror when he shooting his shotgun they have to put like a sensor bar on there whatever they were I don't talk to nobody they put like a big black sensor bar and they just put after effects of gunshot going off everywhere it? Doom simple which people and not to the Metal Gear Solid I'm trying to do it within 30 seconds and then when the new console comes out next Xbox I might just buy it for you and then play with the games I wanted to play on this device pushing you to cut your losses simple video games to play Festivus comes with the codes for all the different DLC Xbox One protect them from predators so you can still call the people who pay the bankruptcy can you pay them in the bankruptcy court determined based on how much money each creditor get to do it very often delicious Temptations Kerry Connolly Spanish homework did you have to leave your car 10th Avenue I'm sure I don't have the very first I wasn't given as a baby you have your parents to get you one and then they're responsible for holding simple week after we go to the place you have to wait for it what is a solar for the DMV where you go and everyone should sleep until after I got married to change your last name so I had to go with her to get a new social security card and that place walk in when I was a junior in college I had my car towed and I was really pissed off obviously I went to the parking lot where they keep all the vehicles and I was the entire time I was really rushing to the reason I came into town I'll borrow my parking permit so he could park somewhere I just forgot to put it was like I could have avoided this if I wasn't I'll take me to we get there and all my anger went away as soon as I saw the lady working there working in a cage line with bulletproof glass so that her customers would not have told her her anger like I told you the first time I went downtown Austin the park as I come back after night of drinking my car but I can't find parking when I was a child in this country. Never seen in my home country and that isn't on the side of the road with a sign like raving about he wasn't right Flame Propane Rich Forever I think another reason they do that is when you're trying to be someone Aldo we were going to be the new got new glasses that look exactly like mine which class no limit reached for the projection of The Big E with water and in Toronto giving up on you living in the world call Josh 320 / 2015 but I charge the letter and you acted like I know it for donations for Hurricane Sandy and he's going to have like a picture of whatever like Devastation occurred in this place I never hit so hard in the wallet for this specific donation box was just like a lamb pool that has been posted top of the ground it was slightly tilted Donuts what city was brought to you by Charles evolution in the new DLC Riders of Doom which came out last week 120 newton Supercross track by Brenda tournament motorcycle scorpion EXO 400 but I never heard of the game but I don't know what is playing when you can the one I would like a head injury Jordan and and a cracker talk to him but I need a reason I think it was I want to stay with and you can enter but I don't know I don't remember but there was one other person on my friends list that for generations and I'm a big fan and I have enjoyed for a long time and I really really do it's not really good about something in public that was really impressive and then just been really casual about it too much look like without looking anything like what I'm going to try to walk away and be mean to her the best Red vs Blue DVD we were there late one night and we just looking at right now we train a dog to have sex with big dick I don't think you put up a bit and bumps without looking at each other I need you and there was silence holy shit did you know it was me Trans-Bridge be posted to put something together then I won't like I meant to do it Alpha my friend and he's like I need the Army doing it to attention meant to be like straight face tinsel freddiew Redbox the two Heavies never changed you miles is it all the time t-shirts and jeans right it was funny the first time Twitter top top rated doctor in Great Falls with all the video that we did a couple weeks ago at the beginning of the video you're on a skateboard miles is your sunglasses everyone thinks you're funny I don't know Xbox jacket I was walking from the studio here to the annex and then you guys 4 really the person you really are Husqvarna 430 North in the back jacket looks like a bane jacket Bane Barbara graphic what kind of what of this train I don't know I think maybe the one after that won't be too much over the computer HP computer every city we go to like the 2550 what you want to buy a higher-resolution like things are really falling behind in that respect it's like we have to work on our return we need to know tons of pixels really like really good fine detail right at any time they wanted it was bigger than that 20 by 1080 was like 800 bucks Eddie Brock Allen jr. using the camera was something I really wanted to go in on it said it was used in an air traffic control environment well yes we need enough people to predict you everything is like it's already started should be there in 20 of diminishing returns for you can't tell anyone what can I do to relieve it Flame the closest Holiday walk how much was a big TV in my bedroom is 16 TV wallet case Note 3 equipment it's finally time lasting brain proof I would have been fine as well well you gotta protect yourself from people who are dangerous you can treat Electronics Place rap and they will still be fine so he's like to make an extra Appletree make a smart cover for it take it off every time about how you're playing Xbox me to my office and then bring it in and ask you want to go bowling we just left but you were in the middle of playing Halo by your computer controller down and apparently Michael is still there you just joining matches and just like nothing was happening getting killed over and over again I'm on idle a lot however what happened antibiotics for the way he told me was that he can say I was going to release it to me and he said hey while you were gone don't broke your monitor and I thought it was me yeah with me before the podcast brain impression Brittany Woods I was reading to brain that we've acquired dr. electrician work coupons at some point we should have that you should have to buy like a $5,000 Pizza Celica with me with the cameras on the track and like doing like 10 meters a second on this track but the cables long enough to let go and stuff so I just blew through that would come in range of my receipt when I feel like it watching TV and talking to Erin Hills in the fucking I was very very busy today probably my favorite thing that we've done in a long time mad simple walk will help wreck I was like you me and Chris were doing here training a few weeks Kerry home with you sometime if you don't mind so I wasn't in direct communication with you guys and one day I was checking in PR news on my phone so I thought you know whatever in New Zealand hey there love how are you are you going to like everything but do you want thinking of coming off of it and was like no that's okay how many boys can help set up a good for a couple days why would I say that I know that's what I really like your face every time we were there we go a lot slower ShopRite didn't have to because I was like there's no way we could make it because I was like it was like the most evil expected lifespan and whatever it was just like the Gaza Strip let me go get it I thought it was on YouTube I like to play with you like in good shape then like gear and it will never go more than a day tinsel hey if you want to be rude you didn't use it I mean yeah kind of understand what the big deal is yeah I want to I'm going to do it before Labor Michael said he was going to make a Christmas present so upset like we and I just I had a feeling you're going to turn into like some type of like he was going to make a video for me for Christmas and put it on the internet I was like no I didn't but I told him that he liked remember wanted to date a girl you don't remember the things you said and then like me gear vaseline on your genitals I was literally watching this Kara I like of that could be the case but they would like to take a bath with me you like this stupid talking thing and it didn't let me know that I really would want to do that doing a lot you've got to be a conversation about what you do what you want to like I'm still walk out Ranch and I always thought tonight to set up a wooden box with a hole in it on the ground you were literally back-to-back and some space between the butt Barbara and had to drive over to Pam what was the morning we had to get done before to drop a load out of there and we just look to my left and there's a beautiful view of the mountains are there some Boy Scout camps have that's not all did you have to do the race with what you're talking about you had to know I don't think you have to go look at a hundred yard dash or whatever right I just talked to two different ways to run the race give me the Kerry cow shit in your hand before you cash it in your mouth YouTube dry mouth like put it on for me like I can do that what township running Warehouse top 50 Christmas miracle, Kerry the drive from is remarkably like a kid what it's like 4K and and um the reason you do that is because you're like out in the middle of nowhere and once you're done you can wash your hands inside out one time we went camping in the Boy Scouts and we did that thing where you don't take any food right train to Nowhere for the campfire Lake and if you want it you have to go fishing and have to catch the problem was the problem was we didn't know how to cook it look like you have a campfire and you have the fish that you caught you like how do you turn this into a fire fishing Colorado rap throwing a campfire open because I'm going to get that you can help you with your gag reflex watch Bear Grylls every other episode in hotel open the northern African chickpea clematis blood I want to do about someone that came to the exact same thing College Brad Pitt's right ones lemonade how much would it how much how much would I have to pay to drink and pick up that payment because you let me off early that one day we would wait until we had a good day top hat experiment making money back the what is the weather in Blended it up so if we get away from anyone in the history of the world ever gotten laid from being asked out because I was in the scouts you requested I wear the uniform is this girl you're currently in Aaron coming back we'll see but I'm sure she will be back at your room who talking about Eric coming back there just like there and come back or did it because every ever Barbara so and then I'm like yeah probably me alone how you can get away with stuff that we don't do it yeah really love it take it everyday helps you focus and helps you enter a heightened dream-state texting pretty cool and get 15% off promo code rooster at on it.com / gaming and I don't miles to try to be that day and we were having a really long day what does of every like every day has been like I'll be working on it was going on I was for the people and nobody said anything top doesn't like I have an extremely long I can't even imagine being something and being the strings occasionally or like it's a Wednesday night and I'm at home I didn't work eidolon of RT extra train blood have a lot going to be a lot more this year I already had one this year that I didn't like it at all we have this check clears for RG exia that we do for planning and it's actually planned out like 9 months in advance like all these Milestones you have to hit already into it where is the check down there about 6 months away yep exactly six months before the event how to get to know if I can get out shopping so you had a game where you can shoot in your mouth or hand we were level and we weren't I'm doing okay great we had Gavin call in artillery in the box of matches one another and what can you put in your lap you take out one match and would balance it on top of the on top of the match with a little strike strip walk it wreck it and then you don't do it 918 pants caught on fire I ran around with flame paint and roll around on the ground put them out my dick great thank you for asking I never wear anything else when I get on a plane and it will melt into your skin I feel like I'm talking during the war College I had recently broken up with a pretty long time girlfriend and we're trying work is not the girl she invited me to her to her 21st birthday and I was like an ass I'm not sure yet I didn't want to go without her new boyfriend's house I did not want to go I don't like parties in the first place yes thank you I'm with a few friends I'm a miserable time but over time you know she's with him to have enough time that's beautiful she was winning I didn't realize made homemade paper is really beautiful she was all happy and I'm in the parking lot from the whole thing I finally found a time where I felt like I've been here for the first time I can leave that anybody giving me shit okay with my friend Adam and I had to drive a bunch of Ultron friends one of them was one of them the last guy that we had to get home was my old roommate and she loved parties have a great time the party is and it's fun to watch because we're going to grab something I'll be right back in the car I'm really really angry she comes running out of the house types of cakes for 21st birthday cake made for her and I've had in a long time invention Kens donuts and all the sudden like passed out sugar we need to go to Donuts that I can buy donuts with his cake well you know like how many donuts do you think we can get with and 32nd contemplate simple words I would say approximately 6002 weeks in for happy birthday cake for old Indian guy stripper girlfriend COC I have sweet you so sweet I think we know you're not here for the rest of the night Mrs Johnsons is better than Kens Donuts on Airport Johnsons way better and way cheaper 4 years old eventually he says that he's for anything and I'm holding the wreck in bunch of Kens like and I put my arm around the of the thing on the top of the Big Dipper Budget Rental and park right in the middle because I'm standing in the back with what is every direction Dupont Circle for the cost of a red light don't think so hard he crashed his car with me in it was just on the other side of the road whatever went in the store I just punched 1901 and try to make some money over the summer so he and I were helping one of his family friends like paint their house and all the stuff for one day he wasn't able to make it so I had to drive myself I got locked up at 8:20 trying to read the road signs in this is why okay normally when you come to an overpass does the light of his behind it in my experience at the time at the first light turn green the second was unlikely time to turn green like every time I've experienced that that was the case so I was like I was trying to redesign the first light turns green on my screen I go to the first light I go under the overpass on coming is going to be green still trying to read the sign it was red I ran a red light like ran a red light and got T-boned by a truck coming off the highway I was driving my mom's and maybe another time a picture for the building on the right side and it's of an upside down 4 and getting on the roof of the car and it Donuts I'm getting in the car to tell if a traffic light pole and it was scary because I remember bits and pieces of it Riders I'm hearing a park looking to my right thinking there's no way this is about to happen and then being upside down and feeling the room getting closer to my head because it was slowly you know? top and I don't remember hanging and thinking like in all the movies that explode I gave you everything is a supercell stock everything you need without ringing with Bane the release button on the on the on the safety belt on the car and I kind of got me out the window and then I ran to the window hoping that they were they were they got out of the car they weren't completely one-hundred-percent uninjured and the whole time I had my hand on my head thinking I'm going to like it the last minute like when he knew he was going to hit the color in his eyes when everything was already set for 8 cuz I guess you'll brain take power to put coloring stuff okay cuz you're nice because your brain is in the color of your eyes take a signal of life electronic 4 door pickup truck and his truck Top Gear with bankruptcy train Kara tinsel people currently 70 and the train to put things in the front all the way through the rushes what's the command for the front of the car the back and wouldn't nobody anywhere not call list best time to learn something let me check with you aquatalia NFL Will Smith singles 214 Dayton Barbara I've tried it doesn't work something like fine motor control I think I must have been the dominant hand is so much better now I think my left hand has special needs I think it's like I think it's what I didn't do anything I think I've ever use my left hand with you I don't feel like being alone sometimes I try to make them and then going Flame the work of the stranger what happens like something the first thing you know top restaurants top 4 light Chrome we have great conversations a lot you're too modest convince you to several people polka like I'm short for the rest of the day which makeup makeup 4K Gus Auto Repair I put up with all the toilet humor these was a white woman and the cameras Top Gear hands are busy you grew up with Brothers brothers and then all of their friends that are all doom Brothers used to have a conversation like I'm not I don't know how to communicate with girls I'm just like because I'm just like yeah I'm getting all the emails I was really good you could have talked about a lot of things and I could do that I couldn't I couldn't 4 like the most of my life it was like that Family Guy Timber by never do whatever I give up on me like I can never do it like and I was like of my handlebars and landed on my hand in my face what time the brakes pretty frequently something what happened to the cable and put it back in the for coming to my house so I walk outside turn to the left when I'm watching people try to turn real fast so fast that just too much velocity does it take to turn to wife and she hits like the name of the bottom of the hill past this like brick mailbox I was on the road throwing for bikes to all the people that the council is one of the people on a mountain bike Futurama parking lot for the for the campsite it was night time I was holding my flashlight in my right hand and it came to a point where I had to I had to slow down I wasn't right rear tire break but the flashlight was in between the handle and the handle bar and the smart thing to do would have been to drop the flashlight and then I was like it was quick automatic and paralyzed people that right there and it will never ever be that cool in my life ever my brother died in a bike and I was playing football well talk to you guys when we were coming down there 3D I need enough to roll over his body flattened out on the bike to meters take off okay Google my little brother and I have a really good relationship for years apart and a lot of people that we are 4 years and one day apart where we go to hospital for like my brother is going to bring something and my dad are we going to do your brother got you a birthday present for president if your mom is giving birth to it and like in time we were staying at the top of the stairs I don't know why he did what he told me something I don't know what it was like and I'm going to get in trouble doesn't work you told them but I remember 50 / trouble we're both already been punished for what we did A Walk to Remember Charlie Chrome of the Motor City my old house back in Montreal we had these really steep stairs that went down to the basement and we always put like a gate there because me and my older brother were really young I think I would maybe like just under 1 year old at that point and my dad was watching me for the day off work or something I forget what and he had forgotten to put the gate up and he had fallen asleep on the couch I'm sorry I'm telling the story that you're a great father I promise and we'll see me and my like 11 or 10 months old it was just like you know walk around the floor and stuff and I have some to wander over to the staircase and I just woke up as I was falling into place Festivus Kara tomorrow so that's why I'm the way I am today one of my and that was pretty when I was 9 or 10 and then probably go back down feel better Charlie Brown progression of Nod I don't think brain damage my mother said something about it which was a and we're at a picnic table near me like a river and we're trying to come up brother and rescue meeting like 980 Camilla Avenue do we are going to bed at what time in the afternoon Chrome sponsored it and it was really entertaining to watch though we talked about it a little bit American University I have both of my brothers watch the entire series all the way through so I heard where is like Style on and like names like a, and all those things so watching out slightly familiar with blood and his people wear but I didn't proof it was really look like for dinner. I really put a lot of trailer 88 episode finale you just don't understand after watching The Blood and Chrome why was the Archer on destroyed you know the first Battlestar there's a rendezvous with what they talk about Bane dad was sitting right next to me how to destroy thoughts on this island was destroyed by it was like a plan to do in the mission what you look like when he was a pilot but this is like being a pilot is really cool actually computer whatever flame Chrome Arizona kind of generic sci-fi Starfighter but then one day really really Kens like a typical thing would have been to die Miranda Sings and she was she was going to play the Battlestar Galactica board game it was never seen any of this. It was like a lot of terminology I did not understand but it is cool Chrome internet you don't have to like tuna TV you don't have to the Boston Tribune Review YouTube you can watch it at work or whenever you got time en Upland Chrome was when they shoot the One Pilots Galactica and feel pain did you know why do humans feel pain inputs without having to feel bad because I should be doing the Neutron Dance yes in between for Mike the person that showed like a pretend to like them out there with them on the mouth yeah but I never got into Catholic of the first time I saw Galactica for about Galactica and believe me with the whole thing came out for the TV available TV like TV weigh TV in 2 months already on the internet and watch it even have like a 1080p on YouTube simple extensively was on the air in the old days director isn't rap tickets are the best ones anyway I'm glad you're what's your name so cute right now Marriott Bridgewater I want to suck you Papa John's awesome TV