#199 - RT Podcast

RT has a shitty little dog

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-199

Recorded: 2013-01-02 20:50:04

Runtime: 01:40:27 (6027.88 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to podcast number 199 podcast and which Gus tries to piss her off as much as possible yeah what happened I just an open bottle of champagne to open on the podcast and you just put that head out somehow nerve-wracking trying to pop a bottle of champagne or trying to open a canister of those biscuits and peel the label back on your way to the biscuits nighttime daytime you don't want him God happy New Year everybody there the first podcast 2013 would be 299 2013 coming out well I guess I had a New Year's party this year and we pray record of the water and it'll put inside of it ice shot glasses the coolest thing ever anything and not and it with it was cool absolutely do not the coolest thing ever wow years Barbara 'Happy Joel before they decided to pop off one of those old poppers that just had and then I walked in and got them for me that they didn't clean up the Joel the cat just came through it every single bit of confetti the broom to start sweeping it up and as we were getting and I turned around he was hearing it so I ran over to try to stop him but he jumped up on his box in the other room that I was to him and he very quickly Ice Hotel shot glasses make ice shot glass and then we take a shot when you can throw it on the ground water photo but your favorite whatever's not your relationship their exchange that was the whole plan we still have your conversation as her conversation with her it was kind of it was like I couldn't tell if it was real or not because I thought maybe someone made a fake account like and try to like it so like I really didn't like favorited that message it all Gavin shot gun America tire jack and completely bailed on your story and it was the coolest thing ever it was the coolest thing ever who was the one who was curious if main event as how many followers to the school it would have I guess with the most popular person on MySpace I get to 50 I think as your 2013 1 million I would guess at 7:50 it's all irrelevant because he has about 10,000 because he's apparently deleted her Twitter account interpreter breaker the Chris Brown thing and she gets angry easily City he's like not considered famous in any way shape or form why do they bother having twitter-like do people follow me when people follow me like Twitter with your friends but like Superman I was acting the Duke of Windsor when you go back and look at your stats on the rooster teeth.com social media site how many posts do you have or how many journals do you have very much I actually have like thousands and thousands but there's other people who have 10:20 50% of Twitter account never make a tweet or like 90% of them have like less than 10 followers Jason Sudeikis has a Twitter account a verified Twitter account is going like 30 or 40 thousand followers hasn't made a single tweet tweet as Twitter goes on in time really people try to help each other like that I think I reply to people all the time and I reply to people who send me messages on the amount of tweets like as compared to amount of followers and if you have more than you have followers then you have kind of imbalance what's the day called when you start screaming like he was so scared I don't like being mentioned telephone Stones between the grand tiny Ellen no no no you just saw her in the following girl who was following him and he tweeted at her saying like oh this must be a pretty girl and she tweeted back to him like I'm not a bottom like posting all these pictures of herself War picture she posted the younger she appeared and we were followed into three different directions all of Justin Bieber the following black the different span accounts and different like I never seen that many different kind of this is your life with the amount that people tweet I was play in Lego Star Wars all Lego games in general tend to be the game that one I play them for a minute I'm stuck in and I like have to complete them I don't think one kind of game I'm still to this day have to complete because I like it cuz I'm play my kids account and I can do that later he can go back and look and remember all the fucking hours the fucking Lovelady going to put the complete Lego game this play to the game play through the game again play the game again and then like play individual parts of the game to complete everything you ever done that before so Michael doesn't to find all these different things like red brick Lego Lord of the Rings information Look up the word and then hit enter and the browser that and it was like $28,028 in it not sure what field is the size of the document is ridiculous I'm doing just doing it at home game for anything Ps and Qs like that whatever the highest size file there is what I was doing nothing there but that the document this except to just typing that in mind I got to be some Judas Priest somebody at home yeah it's only like 10 different Lord of the Rings Twitter accounts the $4 did you Barbara hate that you were here when we did the podcast Awards a couple weeks ago but I with you for the did have you played any of the Walking Dead game which we voted game of the and it was an emotional game it was by Gary whitta and he's a guy who's Big in the video game industry but he also wrote Book of Eli which I've talked about movie I loved and he's Row the new Will Smith movie After Earth and The Walking Dead But I want but and images of the characters and did you see the movie by Paul Thomas Anderson the shower by the time you get to the end of that movie mostly like just going to drive you over the edge just going to wait and if it was walking dead by the time you finished all 5 episodes you're probably like 30 hours into just like watching a story because there's not much interaction as some but if there's a mechanic in the game where they could have tracked your choices over time and that's just enough to get you totally invested in your choices with and they keep you for the rest of the story and it has been great so it's really cool to look on their website and view those metrics like The Walking Dead stats.com something like that you can see all of the different choices a really cool thing that tells you a summary of all the characters in what you did like for your story line like what happened to this person that person and a couple of people have taken photos of their screens like iPhone photo and then posted those two different screens you know if your Walking Dead a graphic novel or the television series on AMC then you know that they love killing off main character is anything like them in the first episode of the TV show who's Big in the graphic novel and apparently she has appeared in the television series as well as the point third there's a specific place in the graphic novel location that's where they're on the same place if you left and didn't play in the game and I didn't know that look it up and it looks totally different than making them through the game and watching the TV show so much more driving choices and come to find out more about the television will probably still be ongoing row not completely this is very much an adaptation of the characters that lived in the series died in the wrapping I was dying early in the television series and some characters that were integral to the grass and I wasn't even here and there's no consistency with their show Runners are the right one for next years do you need to wash for you really get into the show how long does it take for you to get his wife and stuff to worry about 3 so much like it like Swan humans in this horribly stressful environment and what happened to me I think you're sitting at the window I used to think like you would think it was impossible to try to make him a survivor Play Day Z cutthroat dealing with a global thing in The Walking Dead But I mean yeah but you don't most of the world probably pretty quick mountain bike races and we just saw Django Unchained you at right now I haven't show that I like but never thought so it's my favorite thing to me about it you said you thought it was the girl in The Croods and kind of different things very much super long drawn-out seems like there's day in the beginning of Inglourious Basterds The Farmhouse really made the scene in the movie Django Unchained a lot of them Jen wanted from the original date but I mean has elements of that kind of stuff but the guy who was on Django actually makes an appearance in Django Unchained is one thing that if you didn't see the trailer for Django Unchained killing people this was as you know a former slave who is getting revenge and trying to his wife that yes I will Django but the theme song of Django Unchained is the theme song from the original Django racism the racism in horrible horrible racist letter plot points the movie do you want to know you would get pissed off about the IMDb show probably would be low what would it take to get home Walking Dead episode into the episode where they go back to the roof to try to find the guy that and they don't find it and you're not a little slow but by the end of it whatever that was pretty damn cool and then I don't know what kind of partner in the car talking about The Walking Dead then you probably won't get it because the first half of season 2 is probably the television anything ever who got let go Frank Darabont who made Shawshank Redemption the mist and all that I think it was like it was the showrunner for Walking Dead after season one didn't come back I guess there's just lost me was that he had enough of an audience spent enough money 4 episode 2 Gavin as they were just getting like really reduce the cost of the show that he's not like six or seven episode one form dealing with one issue I mean by that day hours after those episodes it pays off in a huge way and it's great I didn't get back into the Chandler Chandler Riggs who's the kid on the show like he's become a badass now it's like I don't know YouTube channel actually I forget the name of it but people rising to the occasion and taking on the responsibility of surviving and then. what The Walking Dead currently the potential to be one of the most overhyped games ever with into play it a night right now on Xbox Live November 28th and then December 25th via the Pillsbury play I'm going to be surprised that it called a game but it's really trying to interactive fiction though it sounds more like a movie that 5 zombies and it's like the most amazing shooting star 5 x 400 and everything like that is getting a lot of a lot of attention or some sort of different different story was completely different things tiny does the best storytelling Z video games like Red Dead Redemption I mean Dead Redemption incredible Walking Dead with red dead play for II like a bro but like I don't know what you're supposed to be in Borderlands to ever really like tiny tiny tiny really like everything I could ever get used to it okay let him Stones like I mean like we play so needed for games that she won her that if I did try I tried to jump back into something right now I don't know what the hell it all started and it wasn't just try to remember the control of the campaign play through it game it's just an eight-hour campaign and attendance play Call of Duty I would expect to have like 8 to 10 hour campaign but some like dead space as I would like to have like 20 $25 a dozen record ever how many quarts are the master of your points towards anything Nathan Drake from Uncharted really nice relationship with that partner has a lot of character how you want it to be her favorite character of all time Grand trailer like this Voice pops up at one point was I guess you know where this robot voice talking and I was like that sounds a lot like this actually was the woman who did the voice for the first time auctioning off her to do a voicemail for someone as long with the Torah 343 as she got up on stage and get the Cortana voice as part of the pitch to help fill the hole or off as her normal voice from Cortana and very little difference Mike Judge Ellen McLain is the name of the Taylor a fucking New Years man 20 photos of really really good here for me and still like I'm trying to like maybe I can just maintain that's my years of 2013 341 correnty with great quarter 3 let them talk about it chords war with Austria at 334-528-2012 was awesome but there's one quarter it was kind of the same stuff happened was I got and I don't forget about that but the most part it was really awesome Jeff and Gavin a recreated Mario 1 won and in Minecraft and then we did it was a Michael and myself as the Goombas moving around and like doing all day doing my the things that was really really cool and we released last week and turn it off if you haven't the coolest thing ever Tim mccallan breaking the bricks and it turned out it was one guy doing a really cool performing ruin it for the most part of the run through how we didn't like any of that sort of side-scroller Mario Style and Gavin show before I was a medium 5 level into Underground Music won but I mean like it's Minecraft I mean I've been playing I jump back in the Minecraft with the with Joel actually I'm playing that at home just for fun and they had it so much stuff to the Xbox version 1.9 so there's a chance as always new villains and things like that and I've been playing with Joel and we've been going around and I found a whole bunch of underground tunnels and I don't know if world like that stuff doesn't exist unless you make a new one so I can start a hundred and then we can keep talking if your watch the stream we can see the video but if you actually watch the Youtube video day as if it was like wow this is really so we give me actual day of new years because we will probably all be hungover as hell on the first feel as though you're off on the 1st a national holiday a real short getaway we're operating with like half of the crew I want to talk to you Lindsay about the development that she had in her license won the soccer game surprise everybody Michael on Twitter announced dead Joel play guess on Broadway Spider-Man musicals Austin there was a high-flying antics of the Green Goblin got punched on his back simple tie a story also a pierogi yes but like I didn't know what they were until last time I went pastries near polish so delicious with cheese potatoes whatever in them either way they're amazing and they're fully grease though easy going down I like them a lot and Ice Gods about to do some work here shortly after going to see Spider-Man eating perogies you also got engaged yet the Michael did all this went to New York got engagement like to do I don't know some lady found Spider-Man black the Twitter account for the Spider-Man musical Twitter Michael car a thousand times and retweeted a couple hundred the other day they're going to see that everyone's talking about the Spider-Man thing over and over but I was always taught that the funny thing about it was that Michael put this announcement that they got engaged and then I want to go to graduate the mike over to Twitter account Michael and we just got engaged did I just ate a McRib Shira Minecraft a little fancy but I know he had a good old time but we were just going to go and relax a dinner he handed the phone to the war when you got proposed to as your head stereotypical will you marry me posting about on Twitter that he was actually proposing you're asking your parents or yes you was you won engagement and only $40,000 going to sleep now. But yeah he's at the most and he was right RT dead broke and people went insane and have been tweeting us and I love it it's great thank you guys everyone for all the congratulations in order thank you thank you Kentucky Jones the artist formerly known as Lindsay tuggey Lindsay graduation not at all that's cool alright well congratulations. Congratulations to Michael vertical up for Lindsay what I feel for Lindsay having a last name that is not considered the best or most elegant in the world and getting engaged in won with the last name like John so that's awesome because Dunkleman New Years and I still don't I'm actually Dunkleman Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman Brian Brian Dunkleman and I don't think anything remember Brian Dunkleman after the first season of American Idol they let him go and everything sure as hell do I would enjoy I'm sure we are only because if you ever see a picture of my cousin on my dad's side identical to Brian Dunkleman Brian Dunkleman I'm sure just like somewhere in the whole like immigration process they got softer and we can get our family moved from Europe to Brian Dunkleman up and cut away from Gus as he's holding a gun I'm trying to get there but the thing how old is a thing okay well this is 910 swan Django poppers alright to come over and eat all this stuff Brian Dunkleman here on Google and type in somebody's name first of all how quickly Google auto completes to their name once you start typing it in but then also what are the other things that attaches to the end of the church as you might want to look up like this guy Brian Dunkleman Brian Dunkleman Brian Dunkleman net worth Jack pattillo Twitter and Jack pattillo gift I don't know if that's okay right now a little bit if you want to look up Barbara I probably already know what they are doing Barbara Dunkleman Barbara dunkelman dopplebanger and double Barbara bermudo ice with a friend who is very close to Bangor and it's a good kind of way I don't know go ahead Barbara who's your friend with a duffel bag I have a friend like she's my best friend from one point I was being on the darker side of the internet and I found like this Gallery images and I was like oh my God that's my friend and then I was like I don't let it took a good like 2 minutes okay that's not her what time you realized it wasn't her know but like you should look at this girl she looks just like as she goes oh my God and so I was like that's going to put on home for the holidays with her dad on her laptop and I was like what is this look at it and then like she was around so she got this is awkward Thomas Lee he had found those images and so anyway so very very close bring it up because I love you will go to with account now Brian to come to his 891 followers on Twitter his bio is television history footnote that's what and yes we have $891 that's crazy you shouldn't be it's what most people have war between the people who have between 10 and 50 followers and Have Nots who is tweeting a simple question how many photos do they have you might have more photos than your friend will probably on Facebook that's cool Barbara with outer space pictures making goofy faces tiny and Michael Joel dead for a while when you search for me you would also get Gavin Free did you have Gavin Gavin Free Gavin Springs or Denver Gavin Free Twitter and Gavin Free Sherlock Holmes the here riveting okay but I don't know day we had another judge he was sitting over there but he's gone now I keep wanting to cut to him but I don't see him believe what we just a over to the way down on the couch Who You Are no I've got a proposition Hart was so how many are you sick of hearing that yet with every person I mean some people on Twitter I mean my dad he's always liked all that money you owe me back for raising yourself but it's all good on The Gauntlet the crazy one just about I got to meet everybody experience the fact that I can never come to the studio and I've only met you guys are like RTX feel like coming back and kind of really get to meet everybody like hanging out with Gus and Burnie and everybody else I just say it was an awesome experience and it felt like to me. I mean just cuz I got them up and that was a great experience are ready to hang out brought out of all the games you played you know during the course of the gauntlet what was probably your favorite was the one he felt was like your most solid like I got this moment even though it was just because I was record shot with a sniper defending a really good job of guarding your base that for a long time a real hard time even approaching your base I just like that I really don't play like a Jack is that much I just like to make you feel like with that I was like I'm going to spend and I got to come in so I got up on the side like that dark area and just basically every time the red team came by I just not down with that I forgot more ammo without the pistol when I needed to and yeah I didn't show as much but I mean I didn't I the whole match and I got 25 kills but you wouldn't kill him off again and I just kept doing it and I mean all of them a little bit of game but you have play before I play that a lot like it's going to Arcade and everything do you like a well-rounded game I play RTX RTX as before or do you want you said that you love me play Starcraft on that well but I have and I know that some of the game mechanics I watch a lot of like the actually came to Austin they do the tournament and I had like Korean players coming and I was also like it was on Red Bull put it on over the summer and that was awesome experience watching like hardcore like pro professional Starcraft 2 players that's like watching their hands on the keyboard it's like they're playing a game that you probably didn't have a PC the a so this is your first console oh yeah it was I don't know crazy like day record history really like I was like I think man of Lazar what's the weather like so early like back in October and like I was just telling you but yeah I'm on the show and like you know like I didn't say anything and tell your friends your family everybody like that is really hard to keep it in for such a long time actually watching it I was so pumped every every Thursday at 9 p.m. I never got it so excited thousand dollars from the other guy that was the first thing that you want $2,000 this update you after you win after you want Burnie came on stage with a briefcase that actually had $10,000 in it wasn't a prop that was literally as crazy There Are Rules associated with game shows and I'll be honest I don't necessarily know if they applied to internet game shows but your Z the movie 21 years old back in the day at 8:50 they ring the famous game show called 21 quiz show was in the movie quiz show 21 and while the rules that if you say you're giving them a prize amount it can't be that you actually have to have that amount and say this is what this is we can't say it like you say here you go Trophy and in case but if we said that the $10,000 it had to be $10,000 so we just make sure to follow those rules we weren't actually sure we had to but we just made sure that we get there on the side of caution if you have $10,000 the hundred $200 I need $10,000 is the $10,000 I'm giving you is not yours to hold you and I will get it back from you after the ceremony that he was right there I will take that back from you and I turned around and gave it to him and he took it away and I have this now years ago they had a million-dollar prize for some competition they're doing at E3 and they had $1000000 in a Queue at the LA Convention Center and it was like there were two armed guards on either side of it at all times a million dollars cash right there in Las Vegas in the casino you can get a $5,000 check 5 thousand bucks in it if they can hold there like that into his $5,000 in cash you have to have a significant amount of money the loading stop at a hundred is because they want to make it harder to accumulate cash that's what we want to make sure that it's difficult to transport and store Mike if you go to Europe you get your 500 euro note is not a thousand year 07 Joel 500 euro noticed was about her Hart of a dollar bill is $225 for you and Jack have a $1 note 500 euros is $650 as of right now that's what I'm doing that was designed by a local artist tournament Kayla Kromer who are the Kromer there in the next week or two were going to try everything everything everything War permanently in professional probably Brian B Minecraft with sky and are and everything else is done the gauntlet along with the Taylor worked on it right with them modelers from Arby's and she came back and they made the gauntlet based on Kayla physical trophy so that was the order that was really well done I was really impressed I don't think you really know what to make of it because you're still you still we probably should show is about the refugees people and it's like we were like this is not a show about if we just meet there some of us to happen to be in it but it's about the contestants and it's like more like At first having trouble like it was because people could get past that but then it was as soon as we sent home contestant Lewis when he went home that's when they should have told her it was you then you saw me until the ships and all the comments when people stop talking about it was like someone recognized him from the show and like came up to try to talk to them about it someone came up to talk about it that's from somewhere normal life I guess I don't really get it more frequently now I was like on Christmas won on Christmas Eve I met as I was at the mall for my nephew and I got it was like 8 or 9 year old fan was a pretty good idea the people you recognize with internet multiple Twitter car games for second Tim what was the hardest day when you were the least confident I know you said you felt good about the Halo won and I think I like it and I like it it's fun game time so I'm terrible like I'm so terrible that Rim game like we play that we did pretty good for a week but we knew we weren't like we knew we were we all struggle so we knew that wework surprised like we were like okay we had expected it and we were just hoping that like whatever game you're playing and it will pull it through and that's kinda what I was thinking like a whole time like all right if I don't win this game I win in the gauntlet like it feel like a backup I guess that's right there the contestants that came and had to play games a lot of times because of course it's game as watching Gamers play their Z 700 video by the way we are but you can be good at games but show up and play any game like anything available to play or not know what you're going to play years ago we're dropping straight into another game I can't imagine like those games I had to go through and play left I want them leopard into in there for sure is that we didn't Gavin as it was one of my favorite round that was probably the most intense around we have to car time we wanted we wanted one more people had to communicate I mean that was a big deal where they had to talk to each other better game for communication I don't think they're dead we were always game we were just talking and making sure that we weren't Silent Communication and I mean that I mean like what like what losing is that we'd like we were playing games about communication communication so they're right there's no idea that you were the winner no I mean my mom I didn't think he knew I think my parents knew that like I had wondered cuz I can't I was talking about beforehand and like my mom said like when I give her that I'll give her mother's intuition so so I think I kind of knew but I didn't tell Mike I just like just watch I'm a commoner Tim bad at every single game so I'd be very consistent for whatever reason and I like the kind of thing people did a bunch of metrics a bunch of spreadsheets in one of the spreadsheets that was done was somebody went through and get a full attendance record of the podcast you like the major gas I forgot I wasn't on the other one and that one until I won the tournament and he said like a six episode run right into the podcast most attended on the podcast because it's like new again like when Gavin showed up in America is like my attendance dropped on the podcast as I get off of it now Gavin is with his right now in England stupid England so my birthday is in 2 days talk about me again 31/3 ammo 39 Unbecoming 31 hours Burnie very happy very happy with a good year for more 3/4 or record so anyway did you read your free 2012 2012 very stressful with our checks going on I would say probably the centerpiece of your years it was probably the most stress I've ever had in my life and I'm looking forward to doing it again even bigger Barbara personal OK by the way yeah I think we can I would like to know he was like Donnie would like to take it up in there and I was like he was hurt when I look at you concern for the dogs ice set at the Girl I'm dating got me to tell Angie to text back and forth until it's like that's my life every part of you I don't know too many happy faces and I know you love that animal black NEP car headlights like to meet in the very City Line 2013 Saints chicken nuggets McNugget no more bullshit emoji and talking about small dogs... Please don't tell anyone this happened that's awesome what you will put up with now he would never put chicken meals like I never thought about it up there like we have one way let the dog lick with this way then that way then back back over never heard honestly conversation about dogs me like if I went up as I grab those 5 minutes backwards scene in the movie you know how I like every now and then she think she's turning into a swan and I call these things happen the one she is so there's one thing where she's in her bedroom and her leg break back where we were and I actually was in Austin watching that movie with Jack and Jill I'm talking talking to you so sorry we're watching Joel Joel the cat and cares pulling Joel each other room she was coming to help us get Joel alright so we're talking about black Barbara me and Joel and tell Black Swan he's mad at me just keep talking other stuff happens at one point we're not talking to her like everything backwards and everyone in the theater is like super quiet and it's really intense Joel leans over to me and go I think she's turning into a dog like really really quietly and ice I like crying what are you doing car the back leg the Barbara Martin one of the other one up here like where it's going down a little bit over there they're better than me what I can I take my dog to the vet the vet would like to check it because I'm trying to move it he's going to be regarded give me a torn ACL I don't know what they feel is right now and then like you know like a football player know what you're talking about what happened in Austin come on but I don't want to. But if I can get like a little offensive lineman judge Pillsbury scare them look terrified that the passage of time and I like that show car that evening time or the judge right into these fake into getting a cat shed more in the summer than in winter tiny shot only got two switches going to let me know what time you don't know I could be thinking about that right will I love you and he actually got like mad at me for my Joel love you like I'm going to be moving in and taking with me yeah we were really concerned about Joel we appreciate it you wouldn't care but I was chasing him earlier because he ate the confetti care was like oh don't worry leave him alone as I know he's going to throw it up on the right now I've got to throw up and that might be the worst thing ever I woke up this morning it was like starting to throw him off the bed time clock that make the animal about to throw up what's really weird at about 4:30 this morning until 4:30 so I'm going to sleep right and then all the sudden like into deep sleep I hear like a bone like a man and I wake up and I'm like slowly and kind of half asleep half awake and I open my eyes and there's like a dim light in the corner of my room and I hear this Matt Matt Matt me know what's going on that's not my alarm and I'm like looking around like trying to sleep and I realize the power out in my house and the UPS is in my living room going off and I have my flashlight set up activate the power turned on to illuminate the house and it was like a weird night and it was like waking up thank you alarm you don't recognize and the strange light I felt like I was on a spaceship and something is going wrong as this is it's like it's so weird to be woken up unexpectedly Kromer super deep sleep learned that that doesn't work at all anymore and there's a song play Sarah McLachlan or something I don't have a dream that I was in like some sort of heavenly state with like all these like animals all around me and it was her fucking ass off for that stupid animal the worst commercial ever yeah yeah that's won Interruption welcome you incorporate your alarm into your dream was like a submarine that has an alarm to wake up how I love you this way but how quickly your brain hears it interprets it and include you can dream and make that your brain is like this fantastic story until I guess it's kind of like its own captive audience was like it can also say this makes sense stop wondering with Hart another no concept of that stuff tonight like your brain find this acceptable no I don't want to fall back asleep and dream before my snooze goes off and it's a window and it is crazy to think that you can have a look at the full dream in that little like maybe 2 minutes a dream time is longer which way he described one of his kidneys got that phenomenon to me my older brother told me forever and he said that's probably what happens when you die if you just have a dream last for the rest of Eternity and it fills up the rest and I will put that in my world right now Tacoma right now somewhere and I hope Gavin a product of all the horrible things that photo booth never be strangely attracted to you but I had another one of those guns but I don't know 199 203rd and and I wanted to have a bow tie podcast tonight but he's going to be out still for the holidays podcast for a number 201 I don't know if we do anything special I need to figure that out we should drink alcohol smoke cloud I don't know why everyone get the car to get the scratches Melanie Martinez live podcast we've already done video podcast what else can we do we do some kind of on the podcast the change it up a little I guess that is something that I think the people that are into whatever you're talking about it but then you know if you're not there. want to talk to walk to my work ice was great like and that's when we had him on play music though because it's like do interviews like one of us to peers and doesn't interview on another show and we tweet about it and posted and I'll let him put on our front page and it's we love using a normal video then we normally do just like scripted piece of into 200 guitar centers around again we did the one when you and they were Jack yeah that was that was a 5% really low so I'm just wanted 20 of Miss attendance number 4 or 200 podcast please let us know who wanted to make fun with the hashtag RT Podcast so we talk about it we can talk you know this was after we film the finale of The Gauntlet day and I forgot the power supply for our audio mixer do everything we need to do this except we couldn't run any audio Barbara came over and grab the power supply world as well so she talked only to the office grab it find it cuz I don't know it looks like I don't know what it's like and then we literally were ready to stream about two minutes before we were supposed to go like that day it was it was a fucking nightmare I would have gotten pulled over and I just came up with a Kayla won the show me the finale in like so we came out as a what's up man and watch the water in the dish a row by the stage of people on the balcony were like Guardian then like people that were there and there's even a little control area Barbara you could not we could not drink or a beer that we brought into it to buy it from the bar but the guy who ran the place was still there so he would bring the beer for us to drink from the podcast call and text and it goes back to when Texas was a much more religious statement very heavy back today 20 years ago yeah there's a lot of that long ago and it was there's a lot of rules a man drinking and dancing but mainly printing as one that was about it I just went with it overnight they stop serving alcohol do they start serving alcohol again I think it like 8 in the morning but I didn't know the rule and you can order alcohol but you also have to order food yet that's what happened I never heard that you also have to have food available for purchase as well why I don't I don't get it but I'm weird I mean there's just things that when you live in a place you accept them for the way they are like to talk about the podcast episodes of the stranger things to me is that in America we can text is for Real in America you have to license your car every year from the government yet a sticker that goes on your windshield on your license plate is registered with the state and I can drive my car and we can get your car license we all do it a television television television television television what you talking about it was ridiculous thing I've ever heard of but it's something you can see here I don't even see this a big deal license your television stop me if it's going to play so you pay a registration fee for your car and people accept that but it was called like the car tag people would not accept absolutely absolutely your exact same thing except or unacceptable since I moved and I have had my driver's license a product to address is out of date at this point and I just don't I don't care I'm not going to get another driver's license Texas how many times have I got to do I spent I spent 4 hours at the DMV on my birthday I turned Thirty trying to get my driver's what was wrong with years you can do it online but the next time hours not doing anything or looking at anyone or saying anything it's like well when I get my driver's license at time I wasn't thinking I might have this awful mustache and beard Mike photo a picture of God putting one of them $18 photo recover all the facial hair yeah I got your mind down black we shot our early for this this past weekend we're taking a New Years Eve off this or we took New Years Eve are doing the world a favor and come down quite a bit but I feel like I turned it down for Christmas though because I have family and I know that I should look somewhat respectable for for Christmas and you got I like a deal I didn't think about the entire time I noticed you trim your beard as you told me about it I guess what your fucking asshole cuz I just talk to it using your beard for some I know you brought up something that you wanted for and then oh shit that's right about what we're going to do I think I'm going to grow it out until PAX East which is in March or April Mordor really gif until PAX East and then I'll trim it out again until RTX so I'll trim it down right after PAX East and then I'll go up after Pax photos of people touching my beard as well as gross as it is I want to go in the beer that's what I was it takes a photo touching my beard oh my God that's great you're going to die in 7 days and then when I actually got kidney stones the guy came up like Friday's touch my beard chicken photo the next day got kidney stones you know that's like honestly that's like a big I don't know why in the back of my head I don't want to deal with them all the time you could get them later in life but I think he will get them like you're not going to stay major league and the worst part about chicken pox for me and tell a little story he remember being seven years old and having chicken pox in my ass crack and it was like you want to scratch them and like even walk walking and movement would make them like to rub against each other oh my God it was terrible because the first time ever good morning Christy when Carrie was talking about the other cheating or do you like that hit me in a special place in my heart because I was working and I work at a the water ports license and shorts all day and walking around all day it was like the worst thing ever walk into okay that was the flight that was really master and is moving around a lot as it's like it's like I'm going to invest in baby powder War BioWare photo everyone watching the video these types of underwear the Brian ice breaker and it's made Merino wool and it supposed to be very into being marketed towards people who do a lot of outdoor stuff when they travel very comfortable Coldwater feel like you're traveling with you you wash with soap in the sink and you went blind right now I'm trying like super fast I can 10-15 minutes so like letting you take a couple pair with you on a trip or walking real quick can you pack your backpack and put in your pocket or something you can wear them up to three times before you have to wash them bring years restaurant Michael through Starcraft into the 199 episodes episodes so what was your favorite moment on the podcast last week when we were talking about anything to podcast live at RTX was a good one I got Burnie to start gagging talking about my beard and talking to Frankie War Mordor test as I couldn't Burnie Austin what's your favorite Brian playing with the cat that was your favorite I have to think about it I'm not good when I'm put on the spot remember chicken Auto a pick up your stuff from the Los Angeles yeah I hear ya sorry well happy 2013 everyone maintain the great McNuggets no more bullshit Burnie walking around BBQ Fresno have a good 2013