#2 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth refuses to die! The crew talks about what happened in the 4 months between podcasts

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-2

Recorded: 2009-04-10 18:00:00

Runtime: 00:25:22 (1522 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey






Transcript (in progress):

what you want using the Demon Hunter song to intro your podcast podcast and if it makes it will be this week you're finished now get in Gus what's new with you what have you been up to this quarter oh not much playing games are you playing right now World of Warcraft like always in Godfather 2 hey let's talk about something you and I both like Godfather to a lot right I'm actually about 2 hours of it and then you did all this achievement videos are fantastic by the way and are tearing up the internet and we're at the Gamespot review who we usually look at as being like a litmus test of one of the game you're going to do they usually put it on and they gave them a 4.5 unbelievable absolute yeah absolutely I can't believe the Kimberly game score so look I'd like to look and see what other games are 4.5 just for reference that dude that reviewed it must hate the movies I don't think he must be a huge fan of the movie was disappointed that the game didn't follow the movie too closely storylines that's retarded I don't know I'm here I Rejoice with you today they said it was pretty good they claim that their summarization was that it's like waking up on December 25th and remembering it's Christmas it's a pretty good way to look at it was a very pleasant surprise right now video game talking about in Japan that has the United States apparently the name has already caught your would have difficulty getting a trademark on the phrase so they decided to go with probably pretty School Bus oh man it's definitely definitely a Resident Evil game I haven't played a Resident Evil game since he's a sound and know that in Resident Evil Code Veronica probably never played a little bit Joel and recorded a bunch of likes looks and sounds awesome beard now the word that that you need next gen graphics for motorcycles and they burned them for fuel a long time but I had forgotten about the obnoxious gameplay mechanics in Resident Evil like for instance you know you're Chris Redfield total badass what special forces time do it right until it's time to stab somebody with a knife and it feel like I can't wait for the come to me and then stabbed him and I got like 6 in the military can't shoot this is the point in every podcast that we never publish we start talking and then I will say that it's been secretly playing in the office they called heading in and out of it in the office the last 3 days and he told me he was on the team it was just saying that I ever remember to meet level three times that's a good one cover the entire Eastern Kingdom map somehow in those 15 minutes in the process of not giving you shit I wish you could just accept the fact that he is a while player and loves the game I mean dude I play well a lot not as much as you for sure and I'm taking breaks just like he has because I want to stop playing because I love the game just because other shit gets in the way and always making me work on stuff 4344 summer on their defense for level 30 character you make it that you have to level 55 characters like instantly I should do that my location Geoff get phone calls Burnie good product endorsements so while you were gone Godfather to discuss the bullshit Gamespot review of Godfather II and we discussed your secret obsession with a loud and how you pretend not to be playing it but you totally playing it we talked about that where they have set up every world where you can't just find a straight line and run you will always run into something it's like the real world I can get on the road and clear the mountains and stuff Gavin came down and directed a mini series called Red vs Blue relocated right smash success for our first live-action thing which was Captain Dynamic also incredibly number through the roof and that's pretty much it I think it was about 40 pounds business tax awful stuff that has to take place and there was a huge dose of it this year if they were real Healthcare well that's exciting to talk about my tax trans fat Geoff and that doesn't work I have really bad luck at picking like gaming partners because I have a guy who's like in Northwest Canada and has the worst internet connection ever or guess who's not 7 hours ahead of us so when it's 6 p.m. here and I'm leaving work its 1 a.m. his time was 7 hours ahead of us daylight savings when we hit we were Athleta giving it a lot of really weird terrible food we did we were all over that like raw hamburger meat with pepper the worst kind of thing you can eat raw ground beef we ate it in Europe to territory Amsterdam's specialty has Burnie said if two waiters betting that they could that serve Seafood made up food to the jack off all over your food colleges worst things that she couldn't get a seat for 5 year old Dodge special Dutch dish with spices and it's called it's called he also gave us another delicacy for free which was the red peppers soaked in like a swimming pool full of oil with some groceries in the middle and Burnie was the first to try it and he put on the peppers in his mouth and bit into it and 3 gallons of oil came out of his mouth and landed all of her stuff it was pretty funny to watch the game no I didn't but I didn't Gavin did not have it was too scared he is such a wimp that was in Amsterdam lean over and talk into the mic to talk if you don't pick up 8 great leaders bikes everywhere and it's fun place to go Geoff wheeler to the Anne Frank Museum ever done in my life that was good where was the city of porn and drugs and we hit there and went straight to the Anne Frank Museum that was and then I missed that stuff and then go to the red light district which was pretty fucking crazy I wasnt ever been to New Orleans it's like a much cooler version of New Orleans or Vegas with canals everywhere and ya titties you'd like this for you Gus this affect your bladder is about to tell him everything about the city there construction there the stairs are so narrow and so steep it's a joke but I can't figure out the stairs in the latter but you're literally stepping up on each side of stairs but because of them like that they don't have to move stuff in and out of the houses every house on the front of it has a hook at the top of the roof so they can set up a pulley and yang stuff up the side of the house to put in the windows and one day Gavin and Burnie were taking a nap in the hotel room with somebody told me and I couldn't hang with whatever Hemorrhage and stuff was happening there so I just went for a walk I was going for a walk I saw a pair with some dude died on the third floor of one of those houses and they couldn't bring him down the stairs because you can't say what do you put people on their dying for coffee Burnie yet you can't fit those things so they have to bring a fire truck in that has a ladder with like you know the bucket on it with a bucket has like a swivel with a gurney like permanently placed on it and they have to like open up three stories push the gurney into the door for the dead on them it was I don't know where do I buy tickets for this painful I slept the entire way yeah we watched it was on The Day the Earth Stood Still terrible and it was knowing which is like the opposite of The Day the Earth Stood Still what you knowing it's about basically the Earth is going to be destroyed so aliens come to help us and The Day the Earth Stood Still is about weirdest thing as aliens going to kill us and the same but they are very different places both horrible movie Descent movie Point Break 2 days ago holds up extremely well Joel I had never seen it and we watched it the other night and that is The Fast and the Furious making $17 Fast and Furious fast, fast, fast and Furious Fast and Furious yes then they went fast and furious 2 that computer that was three times faster and more Furious Tokyo Drift and then now Fast Furious Fast Furious Fast and Furious Fast and Furious in Tokyo Drift made in his whole run I just remember yeah same here I'm not in The Chronicles of Riddick perfect have a great opening which is correct no WhatsApp KFC spices for Vin Diesel Vin Diesel got kicked off of reindeer games because he wouldn't show his biceps because he saves that for Vin Diesel movies Pastor that was at the top of the food chain find nearest movie The Summer that have been incredible if you can have you seen the trailer for extract new Mike Judge film with Ben Affleck in it looks really good funny Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck Mila Kunis hottest chick on the planet although she was not very good looking in Max Payne which I also watched on that ill-fated fight fight fight back from the American way magazine that we travel and she came to America from the Ukraine or Russia or somewhere when she was 12 and she didn't speak English and got her 70 show by the time she was like 16 you know what is Wilmer Valderrama Central America and he came over as a teenager to America and didn't speak English and had to learn it was really fast I heard getting a lot of girls done a lot of semen continues to come out around 1 they should do like the equivalent chart when your kids get older they should they should have like a face age chart please watch how he gets out quickly I think the worst thing in the world even if you have become president do it from like 35 to 95 in 8 years pretty healthy do to keep the superhero what happens people drink beer that's like people drink beer or something to come in and we have tournaments will be well that would depend people will be able to make their own tournaments like we're going to roll this out right after course March Madness because she know it's not completely dead so also we're going to update all of our journals are just like Twitter where you can only stay five characters so you can't post anything fucking interesting Joel of the world know that the exchange there too and oh and on track to a perfect season pictures of her but how about if I pick up there but Time Warner is about to start charging us by the gigabyte for a man with yep that means no one in the office will be using Time Warner anymore Time Warner facility we should we definitely should Red vs Blue and we know that any one of these companies that has a lot of customers they are totally fine with losing their top 10% people should all move on their behalf to get rid of the top users don't give a fuck they want to make more users who use like 5 days a month that's what they would love to capacity and those two other services and destroy their profitability all the way through gamers in general probably depends on how much the usual 3.1 patch that's a hundred megabytes of my daily limit with that my mother limited to percent of my monthly data transfer you can play it over a modem so you know it's a second time the first I Love Lucy okay I know Joel for a long time I was picturing Midway games like 9041 19th plane shooting that's what I was thinking too. You suck by the way there's way too many of those games all the same it was good when I was 11 years old playing at the Pizza Hut gaming any more window dressing I get the gaming industry we need to get as big as the oil industry for that to happen guys we really need a new character said he's only selling the theme song theme song theme song