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Recorded: 2009-08-26 22:36:12

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman




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Transcript (in progress):

navigate World staff Will Rain response Gates Sports of podcast and he always was a friend II Burnie try to keep the group on track and II just give star is the drunk tank I think we set at least notes in a song that has the phrase close to my heart when people first listen to say like number 20 is the first podcast they listen to and hear that they're going to listen to you can if you don't like it you can buy it and if it's good enough for you these are all we had last week was pretty good it was good too but it was good it was good 3 Suboxone high and low and just leave it at that okay it's it's it's an extreme one way or another on this computer over here cuz I don't want to make too much noise what are you trying to say buddy Gavin let's go home and he said okay and just stands out like meat and cheese tray stands up and walked out monitors on all the Xbox is there on all the monitors for the Xbox so I can appreciate the time it takes for him to get packed up and leave the been Time in Forever see my Mac if I feel like 10 Things I think I can just press shut down and walk away I gotta wait for to go through everything we like all this is kind of the shutdown so is this I just fuck it 45 minute procedure to have everything power down and I guess since my font on Gavin Free who are you Jennifer Garner what are 13 going to look really good for this long will you turn down my beard is coming in anymore not interested she was incredibly attractive what's your name upcoming Halo 3 ODST Halo 3 ODST by night was awesome all the firefight one that just came out really Sergeant Johnson talking into the can Halo 3 ODST GameStop commercial but I enjoy it quite a bit I saw that also maybe not so many props to whoever you're talking about effects have been talked about so you just don't want to cross the line forget it I'd rather talk about the bag of Trail Mix FAQ someone brought Light Rail middle of the store speak of the trail mix I was us if you were to sit down with a full bag 4 pound bag of Trail Mix if you sit down to eat that entire bag of Trail Mix would you gain 4 pounds would you get more than 4 pounds that's a really good question does your body convert into fat if you gain more weight or happy even when she was endlessly fascinating to think about that been exist other processes by the way has to come from somewhere converting converting it from unit form to form on your body in the case of our office it would be if you went through a bag of Trail Mix and pick up all the Eminem's and only those would you gain the weight of enemy because that's pretty much what's happening the trooper been picking up anything the reasons I don't know anyone I'm pretty sure 3 weeks just sitting there it's in there kitty litter it's terrible is Matt Matt Matt won't throw anything away he has in some kind of weird guilty conscience complex about this so what he does instead of throwing stuff away is bring it to the office and that's how he gets rid of it and I say take his trail mix or take these four dozen cookies and just throwing away just because it's wasteful for us to eat all this garbage that's the difference I don't know inform us of our younger sisters were younger you know you go through a choir Stuff Choirs of scars of the visual you hit you get to a point especially dudes be like why do I have all this crap and you're going to point Wars like I need to get rid of stuff and that's it from that point on you're just going to try to get rid of stuff I was talking with Griffin the other day about the level of Maintenance that the average American life takes now just because you have like my parents probably had a phone bill and electric bill and the water bill the Prairie what they had didn't have cable you know if they did have internet they didn't have Netflix you know they do have all of their subscriptions things that go along with it maybe a magazine you know if they had that but not everyone did it is like it's ridiculous I was actually watching a documentary the other day streaming on Netflix I think it was called God forgot about us it's about these 14 Weatherby video or audio he knows what I mean so I was watching this documentary short it's about these kids in Africa who are running away from Civil War and eventually a couple of them are allowed to immigrate to the United States and it's become the United States in 2004 the first year 3 or 4 years in the United States and Victoria documentary talking to one of the guys and he's paying a bill and he looks at the cameras look I have $200 in my hand right now when I came to America if I had $200 I was rich I had so much money and now it's all bills I can pay my phone bill I have to pay my utility bill I just went down to II is $200 it's already gone until I get married you know I have said what I did for my wife to reach recession level spending what's the recession started to hit the mess cartoon of yeah I bought my wife we had to renew our checks like it when you order check to get my until my wife says we need more checks one check or two checks since the last time we ordered checks you for 248 check is that possible and so in order to curtail spending my life goes like his little boutiques we know that have stupid names world she was like a pair of jeans that somebody already only get the increased in value so much that I actually appreciate in value so I order checks with old English font for a name an address and then you can get like an affinity water mark and I chose the truck driving one of those big tractor trailer on it so my wife will not use soap where is your wife writing checks anytime kill groceries every time I have a checkbook at the grocery store I'm convinced that they're not checked and they're stealing all the groceries take me to car babysitter take a credit card for not telling my wife have ready access to cash as opposed to at least it was funny at first but now it's like I feel so embarrassed by them I can't use them anywhere except for I need to use them wow us awful awful we living in that crappy extended stay motels no internet up in Cedar Park but we're hoping to move into our kitchen Friday moving your kitchen yeah I'll be sleeping on an inflatable mattress in my kitchen you can be like a frozen turkey by Friday hopefully the kitchen the bathroom will be ready it will be living in that house until now are you going to have a house warming party for q1 2010 we'll listen I just want to say this if you need to play this goes on longer than you thought if you absolutely positively need a place to stay I can ask around for you shorten phone I didn't pick it up and they left a voicemail saying hello mr. star we see you're staying with us for nine days or file on using complete we're calling to see what your company name is and what your business here is please call us back that's what the fuck is that I didn't call him back let's get to business play Metallica shop in our living I think I don't know I don't know if they're dead I don't know why they don't want me live extra percentage memory do in a by unit throwing room on extra child of the Extended Stay family we on your last night there we have a party and it was embarrassing what you wrote what you got to do that I work at the sandwich shop and sub shop in Olympia of us have you yeah I work at the Blimpie in that he worked there with me and we would do it behind you know that you are a leader you do it jackass now I think it was on it was on the radio on fire and then the whole car on fire where jackass came from it came from that CKY grew up and then what was the grew up on the west coast the Big Brother skate magazine or so I don't know that Jeff should be here talking about this with a jackass was like two groups on the east coast in the west coast they came together to make stuff and they call it I'm glad you don't have coffee this week and got to the trail mix in here because I am so sick of trying to edit you slurping out of a coffee cup or eating trail mix out of the pot has been there 3D iTunes there is no food for coming over and a podcast ever again I had to sit there and fucking disgusting noises because I'm sure you guys will be in the living room watching TV rationalist nothing yeah well I don't have any trash but been let's not talk about that after looking at where been his been sitting I told the Philly by and it's like I made a comment once I walked by the desk and I saw just like piles of garbage or whatever it is live the way from the garbage on the desk and ask when she's not using it right there if you want to use it and then today or yesterday I noticed that the full under the desk now so no one else can have access to the trash can by him that one came in with me and he stopped behind me on this couch and the next day it was like you can see the couch he got through about 5 times and like a ton of Eminem with his headphones it would be like the Moon that are chocolate brown actually that's a great idea steak slick II so delicious steak sounds like the most likely slacker hair on a cartoon steak never see it is a nice ring is perfect that's all Bulldogs steak how old is 17 years old on Sunday night the 16th is it I think it's I think the earlier versions or even before that too far back actually I believe your brother actually saw Tom and Jerry cartoon like a day ago that's the kind of stuff we saw on TV and I remember being you know I have to spend my Saturdays watching The Andy Griffith Show the fifties and the city 100 days watch those shows on TV anymore the monsters look at Andy Griffith Show or something like that you're mine you're watching it like a document or like I think about of museum for entertainment it's for something else like wow this is what life was like a million years ago young Stooges Three Stooges those are old like short films that used to be before movies in the thirties and forties and I watch to kill time in the summer but it was weird video became a prominent technology and stuff converted from film to video or TV video looks like he'll like when you want when I watch old football games at the most is when you watch the Jets Bills game from 1981 like to come up the graphics uncut could do something ten times better than that so there's a lot of stuff that between 1965 to 1911 to 2000 it doesn't stand up it doesn't look like a real person that was shot on film like Little Rascals and Three Stooges that might still bring that was because it had a graphics uncut film to video when video looks a terrible man who did that was effective yeah yeah yeah we shot a film in college man I the film that Matt and I met to make an Joel you were in that that was that was it like a stressful time because you know we don't have money and we're shooting it on film that was that man that was a limited amount so it's wow that was it man you're burning money I am I went with high-speed cameras but my boss used to it with high-speed film cameras and he has to load up like a super slow motion camera at speed I need to put like a thousand foot roll of film the camera in 7 Seconds how much would that cost 2:35 II am doing this on film there's no way they would just live in a big pile and then like what you did was cry like cleaning cuz I opened it and like that be like dust and she is still moving at speeds just meant something to somebody else in the US watch where I'm standing Texas the crazy everything that you worked on which was a commercial project was the throwing tiny pies at flies the millimeters not said anything about that flying through the air I said cartoon God pies right II mean I'm just saying this is why cartoon but the others are typically starving us sliced tomatoes it's like Burnie will not eat sliced tomatoes that I had that I had to like figure out why why won't Burnie eat sliced tomato side so I can ask him ask him questions about it now I don't want any ties to me and I don't like tomatoes no thanks that's sun-dried flavor gets all over everything I know what that is photons Sultana enemy Sebastian food and groceries or like Sultana what we can do ourselves as cartoon eating cartoon food to satisfy that money getting that straight away I think of me as just the waist down II like in the cartoons like I'm just my thing trouble for racism it was always like that black lady who us and there's a couple of cartoon Centaur live for been the other day it's funny you say that Jeff had Millie here in the office and she was just watching like Looney Tunes and I can do it on YouTube and then I walked by the desk where she was and she was like halfway through like a forbidden ever to be watched again Looney Tunes characters from 1940 to 1958 South wow it even earlier so I thought I'd like a library or for those cartoon shorts getting smaller and smaller just because what species changes are acceptable it was removed from Fantasia I need a love educational lecture if you watch the real yeah yeah yeah right whatever combining like live action with animation which is almost never works you Framed Roger Rabbit was it you're right that was intense that was an excellent movie dragon Peach Dragon Pete's Dragon now remember everybody always made a big deal about who frame Roger Rabbit been the first mix of live action and cartoon of not at all I just remember Pete's Dragon it was it was done really well when is strong with this looks great now but what was that movie made 9690 inspiration and it's not a hundred Clips just goes over some the best visual effects stuff in the last hundred years and their stuff from very very early on that's really cool like this one from The Great Train Robbery that was just as amazing as you walk across the street with cars all around them wow that was a weird situation when I first saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit on TV and they'd cut out the scary stuff would like Christopher Lloyd when his mask is coming off of his eyes are popping out police entered except for which is funny cuz I was like a camera on every city block from that corner on that day it's like it's a robbery II wow headbutt in America today Star Wars that's the only event in the UK version and the US version is Obi-Wan Kenobi headbutt some at bugs Jango Fett in the American version and he doesn't in the UK send me your tricks and I said that's like double handed slap on his face that I'm sure that even like Japango yeah that drink at 10 different guy dressed as an orange will come up someone in slacker II feel like a lot of sex stuff so if you had a choice would you rather with that attitude of like let's protect the kids from sex stuff and show them all the violence clearly but I understand I don't agree with it but I understand the logic must be like this yes and it's like you show sex scenes like we might like it will go out and screw somebody and get pregnant whenever my kids are sleep with the kids on the street than they are to become a serial killer headbutt someone but still there's something fundamentally wrong with favoring violence over normal sexual behavior you know why would you send your stuff that's all we say at work probably all the same probably this room feels like we should send her anything super violence but generally you know generally probably more live world of what is the term for censoring what is I don't think that I would have to watch everything my parents when I was a kid they saw that I clearly love this movie Star Wars 2000 old enough to see it and it looks like Star Wars alien censored certain pictures on the site you know where it's like some idiot was like up some guy that shot his own head or whatever yeah that exists probably probably a little more text of people want to seek out and find another that's normal thing where people are essentially kind of public place where they shouldn't be just exposed to things without any kind of forewarning you know what's funny is there the try to flip everybody off they got the Black Box around my finger and I move my fingers down the whole time I'm thinking every time I move my hand the 3 hours from at Nathan's yeah it was like action at that scene in The Simpsons that was the first time with a black at the 3D rendered individual I feel like this is a very different and you have to make it look like it's the camera moves on camera District 9 I was I was disappointed I was expecting more if I had it I had it built up too much I mean visual II I thought the story was a little of the effects of the camera was pointed out the gun you were telling me about this but he was kind of excited to see that it's just so different from everything else back of the guy so he's like walking with you in a commercial by the way I've learned nothing on the gun and you just like it happen how the camera was attached again which I thought was great camera I hate you splitting from the whatever that's part of it how many I enjoyed the show and then after those like look good because you can see how the time which I can totally the movie Tom Cruise about a minute later something like that all day you're crazy stuff about him watch a stupid interview with him go to a movie two minutes and he's broken example fight fight fight fight I mean I just like to spend it with the trailer and it was like the first half of the Avatar trailer was like this is great and it hurt and it's are going downhill fast in the blue alien is awesome model of us is not easy and it just like there's a snapping at CG and I hate I hate it when you can see the sudden jump between live and CGI in The Matrix the in The Matrix in the belly but you can see why there's all these guys being Smith and can see they're old and they're like hurt I think it's like this commercial it was so much hype because people thought at Comic-Con tonight and you identify with your District 9 problem is that I got so much hype about Avatar and when I finally saw it it was supposed to be this new kind of filmmaking and all I saw when I watch that trailer was I think that James Cameron has taken that babe that's so many directors have taken that she looks just like real life that is also realistic and I've been taking them for like 15 years the wow skis took it with the Matrix the first right and then also said she's photo-realistic we can get away with anything if you put it on the screen it was perfect and even before I saw the trailer and I talked to several people who seem like 25 minutes Avatar and independently of each other they all said the same thing it's just like FernGully live person black indigenous animals in the rainforest protect the rainforest like encroaching civilization had the first person in space let me know how the Jurassic Park hold up better than the visual effects and Avatar in the movie haven't seen yet yeah something yes I'm trying to long after bar the human beings even tired I've seen that story again and again and again and again and again stop it stop it I have an idea how about a movie where these aliens luck today for your mother text messages if you know you know where is Syfy movie about environmentalism has every possible story been told yes as in yes it was coming every Hollywood formulaic Story has been told and that's unit District 9 II B 9 essentially being a remake of alienation which I could see people's points in saying that but it's another year where most of the summer watching his II their adaptations from a book that was very popular a sequel to a movie that's already done well TV show or a remake of another movie that's already been made before the TV show or something at the internet does very live but there's a lottery reporting of stuff and a lot of rewarding and regurgitation of of one guy makes something and they will be another tier below that guy like a New York Times 320 bloggers will take the same story and just report it and people read the blog because they don't want to read the original Creator stuff the creative driving force and Hollywood entertainment business just like battles you would see in it and actually interact and it's it's cool it's not it's not no big explosions and people jumping around II mean I don't want to spoil too much potential but there's a sniper battle with her literally sitting there looking down the barrel of a gun for 8 hours and trying to stay hydrated years II Enemy at the gates was asked if it was like that everything else will by the movie and II movie about Jude Law and Ed Harris in diapers the Soviet sniper and it Harris is a Nazi sniper and it's just them trying to like get angles on each other that's all you're watching is different you know Hey Man. II Matt Damon in action here's proof that those aren't ya throwing it by the gross addictive talking about you but yesterday I found this camera I guess that food he makes that is a point and shoot camera that allows you to take 3D images the 3D photos and record 3D movies the life and apparently the way it works it has two lenses to the point she was like a rectangle there's one lives in the upper left corner and one lives in the upper right corner so whenever you take of you can't you can enable 3D mode so you take a picture or record a movie it's got these two opposite angles was looking at everything so I can know where to focus the lenses into each other on the same point IMVU I know but it's got to be effects .6 Point shoot you know it's you can move the lens I don't know if there's like some menu controller 3D camera the same time and it's already do it with two side-by-side camera need to set an appoint with everything behind where they crossed we'll just go too crazy so you really need like a camera and a mirror so that both looking down the exact same line and then slightly offset but it is a simple way to do 3D with two side-by-side lenses I don't know I'm really curious about this camera it sounds like it Framingham do you make a 3D paper how to describe someone hasn't seen 3D like to have to see it like this camera is taking pictures like that you have to show someone and pushing for the face and say look at this in 3D who's it's like Jeff thinks that 3D is the future of Cinema Memphis the birth now this is terrible I hate it you really think our line no I don't like wearing glasses over my glasses is not really 3D I mean it's it's a representation of 3D were still watching a 2D image right and it's a big one it's really 3D when it's holographic and you don't have to put sunglasses on I haven't seen a 3D movie like a very long time II want to watch a movie like that the whole time I was concerned about the weight on my face and live little big II try to fit them fucking glasses sunglasses accessories play the game you know I don't want to put anything else on my keyboard my us that's all one time I had to wear contacts over contacts II yeah usually I would been colored over the sea about movie production Hollywood and that is actors fucking lie to get jobs okay and I meant Joel was Act passed do you wear contacts cuz you're going to have to wear a prosthetic contact with the partner contacts absolutely no typing skills old of the hell they need to do you know I put the cash in her the story is old sword it's like Catherine Rd Creekside been ready to start BuzzFeed let's be honest at Patrick's not real athletes grew your knees over I'd rather enemy I want to complain about Gus is accessory thinking before we get off for one minute that we spend on Sports been on for 2 the podcast how about fucking unassisted triple play and kill them it was awesome we're 18th in history that's awesome. no it's just hit out of the building don't hit into unassisted triple A I was just thinking I don't want to deal with accessories either I don't like that at all kind of is that's coming out for the 360 has me hopeful and a little worried because it seems like they removed all accessories yet it is itself is an accessory right and it's what is always just saying that you have to look behind the couch so far so far this is going to be the Legacy at the week we know you can't just play a game every game has like an add-on or like they've added is 121 controller knob that goes on the back and the nunchuck I want to go play Wii Sports Resort the other day and I had to unplug stuff to go from one medium to the next is a beat down it's a total beatdown uncut the nunchuck to play one game and then plug it back in play a game on the Wii where it likes to take you longer to prep for the when you turn on your weed we seem so simple you have to press like the button 18 times before you actually get to a game like they're simple games and we sports like bowling but look at them yesterday morning another warning II don't swing your controller I got it now hit it Beastie controller and now we have this thing with the 121 so we set it down on a flat surface and that's how it syncs the distractor self and set down your thing then pick it back up then hit a then pick your profile then hit I thank you for that you're right-handed still feel like you have to change dexterity changed then you hit start and then that's awful from starting up the thing to getting into it and it's such a weird name of the show that like you 3 words like the board of Wright Wright gameplay of that seems so appealing to me but yeah if it works it works but I do not want to spend a half an hour calibrating and blah blah blah destroy steak OK Nintendo patents football controller looks like a football so are we both fit inside of the football team we can make extra money on whatever game you know I mean play Punch Out board the Wii Fit remote remote and then you have the nunchuck at don't make a controller the shape of a football because that thing's going through the front of my TV screen but it's got four different parts of the diagram so there's four different controllers in this one controller one game talking about putting my the controller to my TV made me think about this real hurt about the problem at the Cowboys new stadium now know what hurt about this who do the giant TV effects from Lexapro hit the TV and like what the fuck yes I came down from the center 20 yard line do the wow that's crazy words like a big bar and one of the big glass wall and on the other side it was like where the players have to go to do the interview that would be him so us like cattle 3.8 point be the best version of that is a couple years ago I saw the White Sox play at Comiskey at his call US Cellular now there's a bar out there where the away team's Bullpen is glass wall at Lake the urinals images Halo that's right you don't think I'm probably the only one here who's excited about it but the World of Warcraft next expansion supposed to come out next year I was here to talk about it with me to talk about it they're taking the original continent which I consider to be based II world of the two main continents and they are destroying them and changing them outright and making them entirely new spaces yes will you ever be able to access the original no I don't like that there's a lot of people like that every since the first expansion of World of Warcraft is been a big group of people who have asked blizzard repeatedly for just the vanilla wow server it's just original while untouched this new expansion trouble almost like a reboot of the first 60 levels its intended so if you play through the game a million times it's holding you in a little experience museums you everything that seems like if it ain't broke don't fix it I mean they just at all they could they could keep adding on like well I can't I always felt recently in the US expected to come out like that as rock itself had fallen behind technology-wise and if we didn't mesh with the rest of everything else they were doing I'm glad to see them retrofitting it and bring it up there and tired game to the same playing field which school are countless hours I'm sick of seeing it over and over I'm glad to see a change and I guess you could say that there will always be people who have the community will keep a historical record of it it's just kind of frustrating the wonderful space have over the real world as they don't change and I was watching slacker day and that's from 1991 was filmed us and it was kinda depressing to see how much Austin have changed in less than 20 years you can go back you can just you know that's part of the benefit of being a long time that you'll be able to say that because it was the other day had a gallery gallery places to go before the expansion it's like these things because they were not going to be the same anymore screenshots of everything and talked about where they were there's no Comas Associated really with like the internet or something first been forever are you with ex GameStop it'll be a long time before if it does it could be a long time before it does it's just funny you're right they had the tenure thing where it says how long you've been a member of Xbox Live and I know there's a marketing partner that works like will it keep you going you been here for 7 years one up before 4:30 but I'm about to hit 7 cuz I was a beta tester for Xbox Live and you know II mean wow I really wonder why what are they hoping to Foster with a pretty interesting to see how long people been around you don't have that particular account it's like no one ever look at someone account was only been on here Xbox Live 4:30 emu I mean that's that's one of the coolest things that I could see using Avatar and stuff like that kind of but I don't care about them for people on my friends list but I think it just needs to be around me like the NFL it wasn't but it's like the NFL hasn't changed a thing about how many viewers were there for Super Bowl II vs. now right enemy say I was at the first Super Bowl original they gave me a special edition orange memory card for the original Xbox Burnie God in the beta like 2 weeks before I did I forgot the fucking memory card into the Beta but you'll be ready 6 is on my friends list orange Memory Care I don't know what it's like technology news always better the new subsidies better you know it wow there is there are like something's in wow that you can't get anymore and the star available to you and you only have if you played a long time or if you played back in the day like for example of people who play Twilight old PVP ranks like you don't want some of my characters I can probably like senior Sergeant or whatever I get those anymore only only people who played like 3 years ago have the ability to have vehicle titles can you return items that you can only get if you played that preciate it provide more customization 3D but why it's not cool it's like what am I level 7 how do I disagree does it say anywhere how many hours of while you're playing your life you can log into individual characters and type of command to see how long you play that character don't do that I could probably add up all of my character to do that I played 4500 games of Halo 2 + 3000 Gates of Halo 3 and at some point but he added up how trouble II how long I've been playing it so that it was depressing how long was it 128 days 3 100 what days you would have to explain it it's like I think years days months weeks hours that but what if you find out that you 4% of your life Play It Again making Oreo thing that's wrong with video games which the whole culture needs to get over it and you're falling prey to it right now Joel is that anyone who's worse than get a game is a shitty lose when they suck at the game and I'm also anyone who's better than me at the game is a fucking loser it's like the only way to respect other people at your level that you just Beat It image if everyone just knows better gaming and he is so forgiving as possible I could be completely wrong tired but it will take time but the fact that anybody can pick up the controller and sort of compete with you at any point in time and I just don't I just don't know anything wow for the seven-year-old could realistically a point you know I'm just not going to be cool I think and I recognize the pitching is not some skill I think it goes and 13 year old on the planet that's true most people can say that their own head star sport I'll pick them all up or selling Nikes in business driving it is that I'm sure when people are playing baseball all day I'm sure a lot of parents are like who cares that you can hit a baseball I don't care I will probably feel you know in the Bible where people watch it and has millions of dollars Back II Stevens and he was like you know if this is not realistic blah blah blah but there's other stuff that II athletic Talent like I just pulled some out of my head your headbutt archery if someone has horrible doesn't like okay that's cool great good for you you know been all your life in the archery range professional archers six three-pointers in a row I'm like 06 players but it's funny it's like basically definition word like it has to have a big bankroll of money in our society if it doesn't have the marketing dollars behind it think about it Joel series and we have it could have trophies that came out of the game and you can put on your avatar more tangible like even though I know that's not an actual clothing item but I like either an in-game representation of it or like some other kind of reward rather than you know a website I have to go to the check with something on it because it's the first thing you see I wish there was a feature that way you could pick like 10 achievement that you've gotten put on the front and everything so you're proud of metals because I'm sorry probably a lot like 70 survival tired I couldn't go McDouble something that's super accessible for everyone to like immediately recognized want to have sex Xbox.com look up my username hit me like it's just like Halo where now we're all based on the number of achievement points you have your certain level and like in other words if you have 10000 points your level one for 20,000 points your level to level 3 minutes the clear accessible everyone immediately understand that I knocked my I'm so passionate with 50 cal Ricochet of that would become your avatar perfect anytime you make something like that people figure out a way to gain it and then it invalidates for everything is about whenever you see someone and you view their profile on your Xbox you'll see a game of skill you'll see the star rating none of that means anything like I don't have any games or does it mean that could have play games well as easy to get gamerscore if if you just saw the top 10 achievement they got you like you look at the thing with us and who is his cousin I have 46 completed games 4600 % thanks that's awesome I have for you play Live arcade games old arcade game the harbor Centaur taking II just as much effort into the front lot of retail games achievement play like they do some really easy and it's still only 12 achievement ballon baby completed name of the Hitman blood Money Oblivion was one but that good deal see you later I love you Fallout 4 Oblivion by you calling me Jeff Jeff has Avatar unit for minutes because it's the cup generally speaking generally speaking it's something that was harder or easier than that it's like you just have to commit some of the stuff heavy weapon that I have done and that's a game you just like if I trouble shooting kind of Steel are well you have to go to the first 11 levels without carry any water by ice cream where is just as hot but it's becoming more more the case with some possible retail games are ones that I've done it there's no possible achievement in arcade game I don't even give it any help I really don't like dude you do that like 2 days live yeah I mean that's pretty I haven't gotten all the ones in Halo 3 I'm not terrible Halo 3 Castle Crashers then talk to me we had everyone pretty much everyone I know when Halo 3 came out with the race 2000 points you did it I know you like trying to get the last of the kill and he's cheating iTunes the DL Halo 3 large by Bill Gates and drink and US Open if it's if it's a launch party it's not cheating because the game is lunch Howard II hours why can't humans they said at the time from Lake is us a Burnie Burnie Us Xbox One 3 and it's a thousand total gamerscore still never got it for you that's great I like to feel that I've been the Jericho will play the role at least an hour long survive when its defend that spot for now of the of the achievement you had my game episode list County 100 how do you feel about getting a hundred percent in the game and then the game releases DLC unit takes that didn't want to hear that you no longer under sentence tennis shoe is 24.5 extra DLCs that might put them or they might not never said no but we'll see I said no but II like it when I when I get a hundred percent on Oblivion I was like I said after that I didn't know what is play again but now I've got a partially completed 70% of them Bioshock endless extra achievement without DLC they put out that I shouldn't go down this path but I don't know it's so obvious yeah I mean Bioshock is bad because it's on the hardest level 700100 points without any DLC it's like they just forgot something so we're going to do these at the store and then to throwing up for no reason extra Tina said it's true in Lancaster it's one of the places that I'm upset about it and it's nothing like that when I start a game and then I get to an achievement that it's very clearly unattainable you know or I'm not going to attain it and it's a broken achievement of Central II was it and it puts your plan us the game yeah it's like and I know I'm not going to get 10,000 kills in Gears of War I would easily any day rather have like 47 of 50 achievement been like 20 something I'd still go all the way even if I need of us some I can get really I don't even get the damn achievement world like you there's one in Superman Returns where you to fly 10000 miles I completed the whole game at 2500 and the way most people get that achievement is by putting rubber bands on their controller and a circle and I can do that either do you have that achievement for cheating why can't I consume a bunch of time for no reason exactly and I didn't have that was play Viva did you have everything else except that I did that I got all achievement in less than 50 hours that in itself is like I said I'm just going to let the game Run to get the last human what I get is better than that but it's more impressive that I have everything hurt really bad where is the head of us in the back last night removal for the first time by ones that make you like those ones I completed in under 30 hours is that right and I was going to do this again I didn't know I could have easily like this but it ruined the game episode 1 what you do it within one block off a door it's still fun when you do that it doesn't ruin the game it's like you they had a lot of great achievement the one we had to carry them all the way through at one point I dropped off a ledge that I don't like of my head and I left like 2 hours alright well if we end up with about it with the podcast so I can listen to