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RT celebrates podcast 200!

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Recorded: 2013-01-09 18:44:13

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

list of celebrity podcast is brought to you by insert coin clothing the home of awesome gaming apparel and accessories insert coin that has a new line of Assassin's Creed in Far Cry merchandise alive ready for immediate sale you can save up to 60% now with Insert Coins January sale and her sweet Lightning Deals check it out today at insert coin clothing.com richest man alive we were to be at Gavin with to go to the bathroom that was that was that his finger open while getting ready for this side of the game we're playing that we haven't told Brandon about how long can a podcast go on to see if Brandon please out in Spain while it's running to switch back to who was the children of the a pool of blood behind at the the set here he was pulling the images like you're watching the stream behind me they're supposed to right here and we to pull the glass out of it because it had a bad reflection with the camera and tell you he was taking the glass out man it was right behind me 200 podcast about myself a bottle of champagne to celebrate anything for you guys no we tried that last week the Sabres do they do that do you still have the vehicle up and like the entire life which was cool Sprint Whitestone water Bonita Halo breathing in breathing and taking the alcohol happy YT really confused I feel like I never actually met them before and it was like it was never met face-to-face he was kind of a weird thing like that which way we take a look alright how you doing sir Brandon covering this with blood against the wall yeah I'm doing that the life yeah I was that she liked it Quiznos oh yeah that everyone on their shoulder now the tradition well life gruchy weather Hudson Brady with before out she used to work at a supermarket was like I was just the shelves and it comes out the ground beef please call 274 gruchy Grinchy gruchy crash do each other at school but then the fully bloomed loses to and I didn't like him what does that mean you would sit by trophy cabinet 114 man stand by richest for your response yeah just new cabinet mind could and then Granny's house in side Halo Minecraft what's an animated gif for Gavin that was so excited to show him she's been gone for a few days I mean Hammer dancing during his performance Psy new product camera gif the how can you tell if you have a good 2013 glasses on when he was doing it on Musical music Boards do you think either are you stand the whole time Gavin when you no we aren't we have some problems Evergreen Speedway stand green we weren't getting her background and apologizing profusely side I'm sorry I'm sorry boards the bathroom can you hold up your bloody stump with it oh my God but that's pretty much out in the back there working on the credit Brandon FL absolutely what Crown second of all I feel like you a lot of drunk people driving around it was also no refusal weekend in Austin Stayed home and got really fucked up and I was like look at the clock it was 9 p.m. no but I stayed awake I made it to my house to turn a pretty fun we had probably 20 people or so with a bunch of stuff Adam showed up and bar bill is there and Joe and Cara and a few other friends that it wasn't too crazy and then Austin Auto Adam no I know what is Miracle no refusal weekend they will pull you over and if you refuse a breathalyzer or feels right as they will take you somewhere and get a warrant to draw your blood immediately so alive your hand on the glass picture frame podcast a take your blood from you this pretty messed up and justify the means do you think the reduction and do you guys are people dying as a result of drunk drivers justifies people's blood being drunk getting more drunk drivers off the road but I don't overstep our government warrants at UT COC I'm driving home and I like acting like I swear because it's only in the road and a cop sees me and they pulled me over not weekend your blood is it a sin to proven guilty right and that's the proof it's taken forcibly take your blood is my blood mind I wouldn't help season the government has taken what is actually what kind of be taken from me legally take your blood contraception the state of Texas and remember this about 5 years ago where it was discovered that the state I don't know it sounds like a super crazy but I swear it's true turns out that's like a 10-year period the state government was saving blood and stem cells door umbilical sales from every baby born in the state of Texas your story man catalog even crazier because you're wearing the to finger yes I mean normally I'm all for no measures that reduce drunk driving and people guess from that already like I have this weird thing in the back of my Michael do a blood at least Texas 20327 Blue Ash and not red what size does oxygenated blood ratings versus non oxygen blood like I wasn't even there loom bands around when they do different surgeries right like you and you're like a blizzard like the pulmonary arteries or veins a favorite place to take a Matt your side that's weird she likes to out and pulled out life so that I might be going to Branch out I think it's smaller with to get tips from New Years parties to drunk driving in not what you do for New Year's from long road trip family and I drove to Atlanta and we got two kids so that's always a long haul and when we got back we could hear them my son my oldest son it got in there it was like a really bad way to stop and where the middle of nowhere we had I don't know the name of the town was incorporated the middle of nowhere and we pulled over and it was a doctor and it is said open till 12 and we like at 11:55 gold in their boiling at the forms and I come out at 12:01 so we can't see you yeah well I got with another guy over there in the parking lot ticket stub to lunch with the guys the doctor finally comes in and use a big kind of black curly dude and kind of just put it in my son real quick to give me Shots like what is that you mean like this it is a choice of different options like one takes to go that way NHS alright whatever you want to be like super strong cough medicine just knock him out for the trip roulette the better something you would like to look man I Got 5 kids my son would like weird small town she's all proud of NHS of the UK but you don't have with dr. at the end of last podcast no idea why he decided to tackle me while I was sitting here in my chair and he succeeded in Breaking the chair we normally sit in so we had to replace furniture for this week's podcast so we are weekend we're taking parts from the two chairs and try to remember the kind of work new bunny moving fast is one of the most terrifying thing no I was looking with him The Last Ship season 1 definitely better than it was The Rock what is the benefit of pissed-off fucked up trying to get Fox on camera delicious anything no not anything you say may be with you but will try to get you to drink a cup of piss how do you do it $4,000 not $10,000 no need to Man 4 to be like more like a plane no it's okay we got it Michael and and Gavin had the best with the gummy bear I side with the contract want anything to happen on with anyone first-party Street gummy bears plane the second part Swedish Fish contract but yes this contract used to do a lot of 2012 schedule Kevin Spacey of seven life building out of Russell Crowe in the movie we reconnected like you would protect me like a DVD Michael can you find it I will look at the San Diego Comic Con in 2004 no but based on the people you have on who was the one where we were at the PAC with the pack or something where Joel with signing we're all signing our names and then our character name under it and feel the same go home until no that was the first text that was so 4 your your signature and then right Gus on the your name on it if it's if it's of shorts or something else and I just write it do you feel like putting on your phone is giving your stuff life 4th open glass and a piece of DNA is want and I'll get a DVD of conventional ways the boy in the Box in Australia with someone handed me show The X to DVD the rest of the money the spring was supposed to be here with us today but at the last second he had something come up so he didn't make it he declared war on this podcast recording to be out of town the night that this would be okay I'm just thinking you know the way we were up against a couple Awards and awards sword because we didn't have enough to get everything done Universal out for the holidays he was already a pain in the ass to get people around to record audio now like I got to give the people here to the video the control room full of people over there doing stuff and it's like 2 or 3 people to everyone I was like well it's like I don't even like through it and I see podcast 200 at all maybe I saw that I continued reading the emails I can be ready for like be ready to record at 2 p.m. on the 3rd and I was like I really need some proof and we're ready we always boiling over for recordings and while the deadline for when we didn't have like a really hard deadline 4 Red vs Blue it would kind of like no we won't release our DVDs like a lot like a hard deadline and it's like they're years want it done that's what finished giving yourself a deadline just to make yourself feel comfortable and then actually I don't Bolens backfires on you don't like that I don't like people who likes it there and you didn't know that was the case then yeah I would work but when you're the one doing it this is no point speaking of clocks to pick with apples listening to do not disturb feature on the iPhone so normally my phone won't ring or make noise but I'm normally asleep unless it's someone who's on my favorites calling me and it just doesn't work now and they say oh yeah I'm working in January 7th let me know it doesn't automatically turn on and off anymore it is the week after the new year it will start working again no it's just people in your favorites can get through your favorite 3 minutes go to of the with you but that was for like a week after that I'll seven to go through my contact list on my phone life how to change your existing no I don't the first time ever with your house when you feel that short that was that was the cut at the curb at 1 p.m. remember when I looked in your fridge and I was like just a bottle of mustard like and that was it in like some cheese or something Kraft singles a lot more there's more there now for what it's worth your while of shot glasses photos from roller coasters YT no one that I can run a roller coaster takes your photo like a flu or whatever I've got a stack of that was up there when I try to get more details with them like they're people like Splash Mountain chess board and feel like people started gluing chess boards the other like plane chess what's going on Michael Halo camera the same the same spot we have multiple ones like one of my favorite ones on the Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure in Florida um I took them off and threw it over my face so sweet like the map like whipping in the wind behind me and that's it so that's what I'm going to do something the Gathering physical things like holding onto it I just I don't know anything do you like alcohol bottle do Xbox roller to collect stuff like that I mean something more more more life in high school one shirt fish on it what's the one you got commissioned your your glitter nude Bill fish universal oil look at this little capsules you can take with fish oil in them and make it into 1 and 3 what is that which fish or the fish strong guy the fish no Gus I was like what the fuck the greater no lost 5 ounces man what's the grossest thing ever eaten Halo Halo gif but whatever to my mom this is making me dinner when I was like 10 or whatever she was little I was looking at you jack 32801 what are those pills they still read it I still have that footage new East Hills it's a it's a it's a berry that grows in certain parts of Africa and when you take you like you can buy in pill form and when you eat the berry or you take the pill it Alters all of your taste buds to wear nothing tastes normal or so so I bought a bunch of pills around podcast 4 different kinds of food life tomatoes and a few different things like the real thing myself into like you know if I don't know how to fix it when you buy those to the list of foods that in fact I don't know that you worry about that with cucumber and melon side them so much and I say that overpowering and it was like for a long time I worked with a guy at Warner Brother one time who is who is colorblind and nobody knew it and he was a compositor we were working together and it was Scooby-Doo and the guy we were go to do the reviews everyday and go on the all the super bowls and he was like for a while and we would really like do it I just don't see what you're talking about YT no 300 shots that you know only you know go to the movies do you like the way you work like you did everything with just like grayscale and I guess excuse or something like it actually Jack had a redshirt in college life 4th Spot and there's no no your son is a pop so I mean I know they were close enough to remind everyone insert coin clothing and if your coin clothing running a contest right now and give away a full set of Assassin's Creed range of products that's a tomahawk good and evil pig dressing gown the equality and the front your gloves it's worth $250 I can give it away to one lucky winner when is GIF to follow them on Twitter there at insert coin tees and quick but we have there on the screen so I want to win the insert coin Keys pile of Awesome with the RT Podcast open his eyes lit up as well 4 audio listeners contest ends January 13th at 9 p.m. GMT which is 3 p.m. Texas time fuck you for real see our shows and from all the people who enter competitions open internationally so give it a shot 2050 bucks worth of insert coin Keys Assassin's Creed year and this year if you don't win they have a big sale right now up to 60% off some of their stuff post holidays so I check it out there new line of Far Cry and sounds great. It's awesome that you and I did actually awesome it's so warm I get it filled so it's been pretty cold in Austin lately and it's supposed to snow tonight Motley snow so I'll fly to Vegas or cancelled Michael supposed to go that weekend cool yeah I didn't say where I new I'm not leaving my house so I would rather just stay home not deal with it and then my new with all gone so it's just one of those things like people not handle any sort of snow was still in beautiful and I was living in my apartment feels like it's fine Psy do you think Spring, Texas 30 miles for the hell of it Super Bowl short with it to years ago there was a bit and we're supposed to have on a newscaster and looking to be a female newscaster we had like 4 different actresses lined up to do it and none of them could get to the studio cuz it's no nothing like that it was like an inch of snow may not even like that side a nice like an idiot was she when I was working at a supermarket we told him it was really icy and snowy and I was listening to my for those looking to what it was like 5 a.m. so still pitch-black and the lights were alone in the car and I was walking up to the building Walmart Alone lost in from the shop to unload it as well do you still use your iPhone and everything Def Leppard Vegas the drummer with one arm right so the fingerless gloves Open Arms Leppard class my mom side Def Leppard I clean my aunt told my mom that Def Leppard with a devil worshipping band and so she took away my mic is dead single of let's get rocked OK and then the next Leppard had some kind of weird copyright issues with their former music label and lost control of their songs for digital to the real recorded their entire album catalog July for iTunes what did it for like Note 4 not like completely exact because they couldn't get the original Master recordings I didn't know that hand of beautiful restaurants YouTube drunk like 2 billion views away from Universal music group and Sony gaming the system alive technically complicated I can follow the article and then we looked it up and it's like they just cheated increase their views in life I don't know I don't know I will have to return your jack pattillo a man that's crazy to billions UT also removed all of Universal Music Group videos from YouTube except they said the five of them none of which contained any music in them that's crazy that's a pretty big Universal for Sony we can get away with our Universal you can get away with this you know it's like you guys are the same 2 billion views man still I mean it's cool that they're actually no they're not letting it slide or whatever BP People based on those metrics me if it's important that the metrics are that's with a wreck that's so crazy about you know the media world that we're in now is like all of the metric very clear and obvious and there out there and it's somebody like Universal cheap they're going to get called on and we're going to correct it because you want those numbers to be accurate but like the old me do like with an ad in the magazine or newspaper circulation I mean like that if someone is leaving TV on and let it run its a small sample size extrapolate out to like the rest of them you know the United States how many people to be watching this based on how big the sample size of Nielson is as opposed to the entire YouTube and stuff like that it's punished because they can be so precise doesnt get paid based on how many people sign up for whatever services breastfeeding her kid I was for that time teenager picture to make it look more controversial than it really was on the ship doing it right how do I know when I get there things a little bit who got eliminated Natalie Portman man I have no idea what the hell you're talking about she just had a kid sore boobs are bigger than that I don't know what he's your friend actually Portman and they were shooting a scene with Natalie Portman and Michael Fassbender actually and there at the game and she was looking very very attractive to watch the movie last night that I haven't seen in a million years everybody Mars Attacks Danny DeVito headshave Canada Duke not really just got out with Jack Nicholson right here somewhere Shake It Off the stratosphere going down in the movie the time comes around when we were really weird and I like it at the time but I've been seen it in color play Ducks quacking in reverse what Michael J Fox's and I wasn't working the White House whatever I had not seen the episode of curb enthusiasm with Michael J fox until I went to Paris he was like on the entertainment you can watch it Hulu ship that episode is really fucking hilarious the Avenue 2411 Scenic Michael J Fox as being an asshole to Larry David phrase everywhere is out side parking Michael new show or something I don't know what happened to it might as well be like he was on a few of those are new episodes of Scrubs a really good on that this is pretty sure to show him if for some reason he was Jesus growin a movie like that like I'm watching Men in Black 3 how's it going to put it on there I just passed a good movie but actually surprisingly good The Hobbit movies first of all I slept in at like I missed the holidays no 2:30 or whenever to start so you have to go to the theater in life out of my credit card so I can't help you to go inside and help me yesterday no network plane ticket I'm really on automatically put you back in the week that you're in if you like change something like that tell your pops back and I just feel like I'm leaving tomorrow instead of plane a month from now the recording on the 3rd we are going to be like to see me on the wrong day all of that was gone it was just move it somewhere else to get rid of something what's the Preparatory open time to pour everything into it what is it called gorilla open Anderson no like right by the Alamo Village and its got like bullying and I think I bowl competitor no no no I didn't hear from you I just on the road or something like that in their house in Round Rock Gates B Gold Class doesnt of food in Arizona your but now they also have like an area of the theater that's like conventional Theater seating and then it's like the other night we have really changed a lot and it's like it's like multiple sections like multiple shopping malls in the domain of people getting really angry parking there's no parking right in front of the store that you can from the store I was on the plane with the man I was looking for my pictures cuz it possible to plane not found the fish that really made me laugh so I was in London with Geoff and Griffon a lot I was trying to take a picture of the whole table styles using the front camera and like doing this but I turned around to try and do it and I accidentally took a picture of the table the man door to the time here I want to look at pictures of myself stand with me do I take on the plane I don't like a lot of people holding their not experiencing right now on my phone like it when you call it shows up it's when we were in Indianapolis and I was at the gym, and it took a photo of you through the the people in the hotel Psy cam in of jealousy and when you did to me was like an older car in Baltimore how you have such a good memory that holds us together for me I need some attention the commercial that was where we saw miniature horse is really strange medium sized dogs pick him up and let's just talk with people like this is really weird like this weird horse comes up in do you know this lady is talking to you and I just started to get creepy because she was just stand there like was watching this dr. island of dr. Moreau for free waiting for us to give the horse a bread roll or something I couldn't 4 do was how I didn't see Rudolph no doesnt Adam will have to be before it creepy if they had a cat but it was like this big like the size of a tarantula that be creepy right the size of a tarantula but it will never happen yes that's true your animal or like an animal people don't like no matter what I think of a possum living like in my backyard possum side a shovel did shovel in the head like I said it's it's it's better than leaving it there living a dive exposure looking for one laying there dying of exposure and dehydration a relative that died and usually you find out more stuff about someone else that I could people that talk about she had a cat that was never new to it so whenever you GIF but the kid was taking the kids of flushing the toilet fish what the fuck that's what that's part of the problem is that shovel my uncle and and Dallas should have a raccoon problem I woke up and I heard noises and went into his kitchen and there was like a raccoon is just like writing everything I can figure out of the fridge open somehow the door quickly figured out that he was coming through the doggie doors door into a closet door on the inside the house and put it in front of them going crazy the door overtake the world and you just like I'm just going to leave that domain Levi's with a sleep when he comes back in the morning and somehow the raccoon head like bumps around in his cage and managed with its cool enough to pull off every single one of his coats and put it into the cage no from what you know alive and just read them and made like a bubble coasters Direction 181 of my t-shirt I told her that I was yesterday and I threw up in to one of my t-shirts because there was no toilet so I had to just throw up into something and I just threw it outside and the next day that's weird the great stand when you can do you can go back and see what we have been like that was like third person fish that can handle that I would watch my Dish Anywhere and she was really confusing 313 kind of phone did okay but you know what's happening 6 months from now RTX RTX them that we're happy your away for answering side something that's far away from RTX 2012 as we are close to RTX 2013 and while we're all still like is far away LeBron dragged off right now takes we'll just got on sale how much is $50 for 3 days but we got 50% more than last year so you might a Friday Saturday or Sunday Saturday 2013 doublelift where we've moved from the South Side the Austin Convention Center to the north side which gives us a bigger panel rooms better queuing for exhibit hall space under stand protection between the plane that for the most part really well and 2012 a couple of things that we could have done better and I learned from them and I will bring everything the people like doing any sports Arenas coming back and it could be bigger and better this year I will bring back the panel's I'm sure we Alive podcast your podcast so we'll do that again I mean I know like if we did that you drink of that was awesome but I know I want to do another one of those out a lot of fun with that we have the bunch of secret stuff going on so it's like starting the details you could happen the meeting where we to put this table if it's in the go here like how many feet from the wall in here okay what do we do with the cords only to run out the back of the table and a hole in the table the whole okay what's the score to go through the whole are they going to go to the outlets and oh my God I really this the little things you don't think about it so I mean we are learning as we're going I'm hoping this years a little bit easier on you right I mean here we have a Gavin Free there last year you went to a wedding dick head has like a to your long engagement people kind of get married yet or don't have a big wedding but weddings are the biggest waste of money possible on my way home we are looking to get remarried every now and then we're done in a while Xbox controller American Vegas want to get remarried again 423 Princess Peach how Super Mario and Jefferson of Donkey Kong and steal her away I guess you to be back in Compton Premier in Paris while you guys are out there beard at to get to Boston Robert Awards to remember what's going on I'm really really Jack Pharr TX of here it's going to be fun my favorite thing about my favorite project and actually the very end and it went over and it was just such a great cast from real answer and the people that attended the panel super side and just relax and just had a good time we went over like we were in school or something Bristol beating the shit out of carry and then and then they were trying to solicit donations and they said they would give out my phone number if they got them out of money so go ahead and watch the footage later if Rachel had his phone it was like ready to give out my number and thankfully he didn't like me controls text me like that you might want to stop J and thankfully my number did not get out and I really thought we were going over the wall charity do area so that people throwing coin trying to hurt other people she liked it so you have like a bunch of stuff set up and throwing this stuff and do something like that something the planning was okay for the do this thing how can I possibly get hurt doing this or around that's what we did we did the American Museum weekend here in this space and everything out of the floorboard of the truck and went through everything trying to figure out where is your eyes poked out absolutely sure there was not going to be a problem but still have fun the past RTX side quest had an auction benefiting Charles Clay from one of the auction was that little cardboard cutout of me naked on the chair which Robert khoo from Penny Arcade want and there's like 3 or 4 bucks yet he reaction did the child's play Charity Dinner back in December and Central for 343 Industries want it then she went for $343 for $3 and make it back down to Austin for another side quest auction at the auction he wanted Halo XBox on the Halo 4 Life Special Edition Xboxes that came with like 3 years of Xbox Live years Xbox Michael a bit less than what it was all about you that I should have been that kind of blew it facturing guy who like who designed it would like made everything and that the controller that comes of that Xbox is clear on the back that you can see into a UT like a circuit board in the motor on the rumors and basically built of white circuit board to put in there it's not green like the boards YT life in with the theme of control no Xbox because they're painted on the inside and the outside how man but yeah that's pretty funny I just want to win something a child's play with Emily I got my child's plaything I won the last child labor not this one but the last years I finally got a friend probably for Christmas and I was really cool is making my coffee of Doom Side by John Romero very very bad ass is very important to me so was anything really cool like that Bill Gates Xbox and my prototype controller Xbox and the shape of it your Halo of the Xbox 360 the head Ben Heckendorn retrofit the original Duke controller with a wireless capability baby want for a lot of money want to see what for $800 .1 for always wondered you know we talked about this before and when you brought that Xbox and we feel that we have a poster that's also signed by Bill Gates we held it up to make sure the tickets yesterday but how much is the signature worth just in terms of a Bill Gates in a cost per second to do anything we make so much money life away I was to pick it up and it was all of the items that someone of the Xbox team who launched the original Xbox not including you know that side Bill Gates Xbox a certification disc and all these other things and the bidding was at $5,000 and I looked at it and it did not come with a cool jacket and I got a cool little potato Jack Attack certifications like you I want you to make some videos of me super super comfy on a super chill tonight but I'm kind of glad it's been so hot for so long out of the breaking point when it gets cold and then usually right around Shakira doing this poking something talking and then I just tell me about it so you have to change your ticket Alex is like an internet commercial yeah they were interested in the way the databases to and I was 39547 I deleted it by accident the number one guy at once I deleted our database by accident that roll back like everything I don't have pile of boxes it looks like a Katamari went through there past two weeks of at his death distracting him and I we were the we were the Pyro guys for the night which is pretty cool like he brought a bunch of fireworks out of my fireworks with me and said to come to the to and then you put the individual things in a little too wide for the to so you would go in kind of like he was about 10 feet off the ground incredibly dangerous and very very fun thankfully I'm sure you were sober we get drunk at a house party and then leave the person who threw the party in trouble so I actually I'm responsible for this is crazy a not let the first 21081 supporting the family and fireworks when I was a kid we would always say about all the fireworks no from 4th of July whenever we can get them cuz it legal in Georgia to drive feel like they're legal insert allowed to play Fur July Purity office want I'm like a no parking lot like the video of Justin or someone like skateboarding over the fire and that was it the street as a major police station clothing 4th like you know if people have bigger stuff to worry about and that was a huge thing like seven people last week of that Russian plane crash debris from the car play it over side or on the dash cam is from the cop behind the car in front I know what I need to see the plane like come down this time you talked to Bri and clothing attire like start to hit the brakes and it hits a roll of speech amendment life extremely disturbing about it is it looked like a Hollywood Russian no drinking Russian with a no alright I'm going to leave the Russian dash cam with anything the rusty on Marriott dash cam footage of Moscow plane crash totally figure out the and Russian everyone has dash cam for insurance purposes however you might be a little out of this from looking at the right of the screen right now this is very very wow that's the car from you the rest of videos can disturb an with all the do I man looks like Final Destination for them. How big is the plane I don't know and that's crazy to another Russian video I saw the other day at least I hope it was and I had boiling water he's everything that's what it's like it's so cold like a -40 year something he goes and life open his window and throws the boiling water out of the pot and it turns into snow that's like almost immediately Aveda Salon snow to be scared of the mafia crime underworld that controls everything it's me with my penis would you bother putting your dick back in and come in this world naked Natalie oh my God really really rare for planes to collide everything about like 3D space space space space junk spectracolor me about your Psy cam what's the stand his ground Science Guy things like I'm glad that you could your an idiot no I agree with you you're right this guy is because of the girls but it's just like such a weird Funday the sky's the limit that's good way to start off the year so do you find yourself thinking about crash into plane a lot when you're in a plane I don't know when I fall asleep and I'm waking up there's like a weird day where I get really worried I'm going to die everytime I wake up in a plane and turbulence couple weeks ago I talked about the flight to New Zealand where the truth was so bad we were Landing in no specific the flight attendant and was like an hour super GIF and that is the weirdest thing that hangs out like outside of New Zealand like it's just always there like some weird like Jimmy tropical depression but it's always going on but yeah it's like an hour maybe two hours we were of the Pacific Ocean and go to the bathroom and he's like the same one who is the next time it going. Australia I was coming back and I was like I couldn't sleep so I was watching a movie thinking of watching Inception and then I realized at the end like I somehow ended up in the movie but when I went and saw it and the guy fell asleep in the theater Gold Class theater which as you know before they changed it was only like 20 seats in the entire theater in there watching the movie and I can hear someone like to my left and a row 4 34 and over and wake him up and I was like Lego Movie extra level down and I talked to John Locke on lost seven out of the friend of mine she had seen the place we're watching it and I just how long and I fell asleep on her couch while the show is going on go to Jack in the show on the floor crying she was laughing so I wasn't what happened super beard for it now man podcast with from the factory Jack never had a gross amount man it was gross beard Matt sorum I'm trying to be nice what are growing out of my beard super family stuff and other go right I guess I should look presentable for family would probably get along again at the same rate if you have a beard growin a video game company directions to making some pretty good money seven days when we were doing a short you got offended secret place to have Island where we were at that one dash the Secret Door when they ended up being you and Bernie talking and it starts off with him talking about how weird your hair but that was a conversation that me and you had just like me making fun of your hair for that was fun to do that stuff in the closet lesbians of your closet that was what I was tired of you lying on top of that so yeah people like I could have let down the back of it before and the first time you actually very no NHS and come help with the poster seems like you in Japanese a Ray Ray J Bowl young not so long ago it was that before or after you switch Berry and then 2001 I went back someone sent me a link to Google Maps where the Del Taco was it's gone now I guess there's like a lot the address of the contract it's like a really should E Street Band occasionally at you like you work until 3 a.m. or something anyways the only thing open at Del Taco in the area and if you're hungry and I can get somebody to drive over there always going to be hungry because I would pull into the drive thru always be transvestite hooker life behind the Border menu side life changing clothes like here you take this week I'll take that with me no loses push-up bra look better on your man boobs in mind your not mean it was it was weird it was always that way Los Angeles that wasn't there was Highland and Santa Monica want to stay home and at school high school closed today or we can The Californians depression of Gus must have been pretty terrible life where is everybody earlier in the day and I remember one point we were driving by the Capitol Records building like this my first time building in movies before someone a convertible you have a small dick well hello phone number to La Driving Experience traffic in Austin traffic in Austin is less predictable than traffic in LA traffic and it's moving on the highway in the middle with in like I didn't answer the first time I have seen a car fire within a week or so to more no I can't see for looking for some reason a role in the UK about if your car catches on fire Natalie have to drive it out no really get out or something not sure but I'm sure people are dicks to get out of the way behind someone to turn on a guy Michael a woman in traffic in Austin she always says I don't know what traffic brings out the worst in people like and like you will say the most awful things when we were driving Atlanta no we were driving along in the Middle Lane of a three-lane highway and like nobody around us and just a little like Monday or something and put it up in front of us and then it's like huge like white F150 like running around like of us and I was like and the Hyundai did some weird moving how does like it look like it was like an 8000 pound disadvantage to this at 1:50 new for a week the guy said like getting over and he put on his brakes and cost to go to stop and have a beard in to the emergency and was done without mr. McGarrity about that time where we got to wrap things up now so I will be on a plane on the way back equivalent to a woman like the woman says you have a small penis Gavin