#202 - RT Podcast

RT hides dead bodies.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-202

Recorded: 2013-01-24 00:15:22

Runtime: 01:51:38 (6698.99 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Michael Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

Mists of Settlers Pond tractor sponsored by Carbonite Online Backup Carbonite backup your computer files for you to the cloud automatically continually start your free trial today Carbonite.com no credit card required using off request your teeth and get II free bonus months with purchase this podcast is also brought you bad audible.com the ending its leading provider of audible books more than a hundred thousand downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction nonfiction and periodicals for free audio book of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth everyone welcome to the podcast its feels fucking awesome to be back on the set live again for the back after we had a bit of a break for the holidays and we're supposed to be back last week and we had the power outage backup the electrician come out and redo a lot of the wiring in this building born back where you belong and I'll drink to that drink long day tired I had a long day why did you wear a suit and tie we weren't sure if you were going to make it on today you should just close and white stripes Punk with you I just wish it you made it home I don't think so San Lee buried okay that's and streaming company Jordan Witch Shop in La Fair what Jordan out of an old-timey movie like he's supposed to be waiting like cowboy hat and white cowboy I like to spend my whole life I don't think of him as being Cowboy Barbara Hill newspaper from like the forties and fifties when I ask miles to come on the on the podcast tonight you tried of course II without of it he's like oh I don't know I got all this right here got to do for Ruby so busy and Kerry II partner what are we to do now that I feel a little bit I'll be back this afternoon and take off anyway Genesis with 80 games on it comes with like 30 games that were on the Sega Genesis and in 50 games are just some random bullshit that they through on there like Solitaire and chest what is really awesome the only thing that's weird about is all the music on it is about an octave lower but it's cool I wish I was playing and then he told me can't talk too much about it but making progress today seems like you're in a good mood yesterday Kerry and Monty talking about anime and like the Nerds are you make a full recovery if you watch anime are you so much I don't want any conversation we both didn't care for that much like the whole thing I see I watch the TV show its super apologetic response to the through really fucked up stuff so like the animation quality of the last couple episodes of a really bad its like great great. We really like the ending sucked but it still like usually influential and there was some really cool things about it just kind of the anything anything are there going are they going for like years and years and bleach 504 still going to try to watch Naruto but it was like you would go like 10 episodes and one thing would happen it would be like this Cowboy favorite avatar The Last Airbender good life because a lot of people its transition because it's like cartoon its its all its in America in America television show Harry Potter in the end of the first book main characters and Sokka and Katara the follow them on their journey in there like the book Debbie stories and give me some like-minded people to give it to the antagonist you see what the show is really cool because if you're not really Jack Huston God I want to go to O through the Japanese television show where it was like live action Sailor Moon dead its like crap and I don't like feeling like they talk to cat no it was worse than it was to the store and buy that animal and everything sounds like giant like Warehouse or something it was like completely crap and it's like he's actually seen pretty much everything over and over are you really going to get into anime until College I watch Bebop Ein I love that full II cool II and started Samurai Champloo and the never finished it but then yeah I've been watching Soul Eater trying to finish my Champloo and didn't really care for it but didn't really get the hell out is there anyone put pressure on you to make it okay Twitter Oliver social media that was me on Twitter so obviously you the blue moon today and give me the keys I told her to give me whatever and I didn't care until I didn't get the blood moon bleach Archer cat version of Hill Country Fair Witch Is Awesome we took it next exit door last week you want to go get it right now I like I went from everybody like you have to pee go no don't get up during the podcast like I really need to keep track I need to have a list to indicate son of a bitch because we ran out of water from the you have to go to the bathroom really bad at the end of one of our podcast no 4 we start talking about Battlestar Galactica you're like trying to wrap it up no matter what the water and before that the last one was one would bring with him the story about the writing on the football field right and and you were like alright so I me so I got it want to go again a second time so I was way out there he can bring it up but was like making that we right now sword you get this someone actually gave it to me and I'll cut man on the website so shut up there was some actual game is there dried blood on it I wish there was there so much fighting in hockey no other sport where fighting and you get in a fight its like ghost in the timeouts for a minute Canadian through him that we want to see it so it's like and courage only one way the only way they can express their anger and rage at the crowd of people everybody thank you thank you no but like I don't understand it really does baffle me why funny II don't know a lot of people who are hockey fans say that it's part of the sport and cycle don't understand that it's like it's against the rules but it's really not hit there really cracking down on it born its only find them in the more like it special attack left right so I know you and Adam are both really excited that hockey is back you up in like clamoring you signed up for that NHL streaming thing you're like the other day why atoms computer and he had like four hockey game streaming all at the same time as last year just recently like 2 years ago there's no hockey slender love everyone pretty much she's a very devastating time and Canada and you moved part of the reason you saw it coming you like I can't be here no I moved in here anymore so are there any other sports that are really popular Canada ice hockey football but there's also like Canadian football Witch of people like it I don't like major league baseball teams there curling actually funny sounds very dirty little are going are the people who are doing the sweeping are they on ice skater just like Slender you that question wanted to work repetitive hand motions Awards watch probably bowling for me its not like everybody just wait for one person and they always do that at least that's what he said and the reason I know that is because rvbto which is one of our fans and we had a mini sticks tournament and he was watching it and you could tell he was really because they don't know what's going on Mini sticks mini sticks hockey with less people and with less people and no fighting Lake redstone pot smoking take the sticks cut them in half about that right that'll work see this you drink a quarter of the size love mini sticks Canadian beaches they have for senior citizens that like pick you up Hill II item motorized chair leg above them that they could just slap it away basketball the its like San game of basketball they win 12 to 8 best of incredible college basketball college basketball is way worse than professional basketball Fu No Superstar March Madness and the place and I don't fucking care bad March Madness you promoted I play basketball I was a kid and I think it was only because my dad realize that I wasn't all that was and I really had was the most awkward kid out on the field on the court the first time I replaced for it I was my mom signed me up for like Pee-Wee soccer and I we all went out on the field all the kids doing a little cleaning Everett hit a soccer ball and at the first thing that my coach didn't like college age girls like kids and Ray come out Comic Con for the easy route and way to be friends and I went out there and I guess the only sport I never seen before was basketball I went out there and she told me to dribble the ball so I started dribbling the ball with my hands in a circle and everybody in the stands was laughing and looking all the other kids with and your parents are still embarrassing that was my very first experience with the Country Store man athletic full of air like to a point where it's bound to be some talk about for a little bit softer but he still at the balls were bound to find it hard to believe a soccer ball do it still hurt never wanted like there's a high-five guy who's just like fu at 1 remind everyone that this podcast you buy audible.com the internet provider for audio books of more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and future audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is are you there vodka its me Chelsea if I Chelsea Handler for free audiobook of your choice to audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth Ali Baker for recommending that book that people for their recommendations and I love vodka and I like Chelsea Handler thought it was a natural fit absolutely what II sticks that come are we going to talk to the people so we went downtown just last weekend and it's like Barbara Jordan was there too and we're 11 o'clock or so we're walking from one bar to another and some guys in the crowd on the shoulder walking down the street hey man come on can I watch you go down the street and fucking high five every single fucking person on the planet no just a fucking drunk assholes people anymore because one time I was at I think I was Comic Con and walking directions and recognized hit get out no wait a minute mini Hereford Association no I don't remember that I don't remember arm wrestling you know it through what's wrong with you the first time I met Michael in person, but to be fair o the thing that sucks about that show but you're Comic Con was that there's really no hotels within quick walking distance of the Javits Center for everything if are fucking walks up every morning hungover you have to walk like a model I got there you were hungover and more than one like a long day here too like oh my God for way back poem I don't know you left before us because you were going to dinner with Slender and it was like Chris Barbara myself waiting at the booth and wait for him to leave because it and it was driving behind like crazy we were there like 45 minutes past closing time to leave II ran back to get them on the way to get back my glasses got fucking lost me completely lost are Lee get out I'll get the God damn mean its not there right now I'm like to see the front entrance of the convention center is here like like when I'm fucking live across the street and like a block away when I got outside and had to walk to man its back to the for the convention center to meet them so apparently I came out through the fucking underground bunker you clearly went down the escalator and elevator door waiting the bottom man been gone for like 15 minutes and they're letting it outside it must have been 45 minutes go ahead call it out but I see that you haven't tweeted something and what are you doing the ass he is hit he tweeted this he said I'm her longtime listener I have a question for Michael are you such a little talk pot and now everyone's fucking retweeting and I can't read another goddamn fucking ruining bad for everyone dope Lady Gaga was born before she said you wake up Lady Gaga here we go I think that was Kerry Canada Lady Gaga like her steak o its for the punchline stats o you don't like pun Anonymous so I can't help it I just do it really pun bearable are you going to go to the Henry pun off this year I don't know I'm not going to say that jokingly like professional pun what the hell is like a professional pun do it like that crushed gold round in the professional in the qualifiers internet it would be very embarrassing right so you making art you laugh out of it make plans in front of like an audience or something like that we were embarrassed foolish I know I would never want to do anything embarrassing on camera so I don't know if anybody else cares or nobody else off but the Elder Scrolls Online opens up sign ups for there beta today Jack of Elk Grove games but MMO so I didn't know that for a long time you've been development for like I think like 6 or 7 years and they're finally ready to start showing it to people I know something 2770 shirt came out there was the Elder Scrolls Online teaser and then I think was it today that the Starcraft 2 Carbonite Ray Lewis opens are really cool Samurai trailer on the cyberpunk trailer all the comments are all this would be the best thing ever I can't wait for his me fantastic Elder Scrolls trailer everything how do you feel about the trailer I think the mood of a game but people may become disillusioned if they don't know anything else about the game I haven't even screenshot II people about the Elder Scrolls online with the game looks like at work on the other Scrolls nervous about it no problem I'm really tired I've never played it but I've never played in MMO ever I would leave you anymore online the awesome anime and now I want I'd like to play some sword fantasy MMO fantasy hockey like high fantasy like dragons and castles hit like that something like that Ray Allen played the latest going to have loved all the warcraft trailer I thought I could take the time to Panda Jack Black you can at least get started I think that whole storyline like the Panda Kung Fu Panda in World of Warcraft art as April Fool's joke years ago really I think before the game even launched the at the pen the panda says like a playable race this one of your jokes and then it became way there now love Kerry Kerry does this thing where he will try and like quote like memorable quotes I need to put his its like shit for my favorite of hit no no my favorite of his was no there's no there's there's no rules in the love War battlefield he was trying to say it's all fair in Love and War but we got there's no rules in the love War battlefield I like you so much straight its like him holding the rocket launcher II was one of the pictures Brian 644 RT shirt are awesome t-shirts what is the ray achieve I really like it I love the rice not understand not as good as the king Gus shirt that was also the Priestly shirt Jack beard shirt that says achieve but now it's Ray with a rose that says achieve that you looks like it if you would come there backup doesn't get you your usual you know what I'm doing alright just told me that's why I'll clean up your trash thank you still been walking around walking around showing people pictures of that thing I pulled out of my ear the doctor to let him into the doctor Q-tip Q-tips University at backup II have those little like they're almost like the guns you use for like taking your temperature you know how you put it in your hands like putting your in Michael informercial think about that it's like clean its a guy like cleaning and cleaning as yours but with a Q-tip she's like exit are the leading cause of death in America vac I'm sure that was the for the Neti Pot put it in one off on the water careful with those and use distilled or purified water good there some people don't think you should tap water have an amoeba in their body what temperature will rise up like this I was on a date with a girl are you wearing curling my dad was driving somewhere I think I didn't have a car yet and we passed in Texas this coming year were Bluebonnet on Blossom everywhere this beautiful flower there all along the sides of the highway and stuff like that generally a lot of family. And will take a picture of the kids in the in the Bluebonnet feels more like Christmas card so we pulled over on the side of the highway and take a picture in the bluebonnets really doesn't say much really StarCraft I'm sorry I just remembered a funny Saturday Night Live skits you don't 95% of people die of whatever and then the character looks in the camera here crazy person you're staying you scored driving a truck so I can look at the end of the day it's just a ride are you going to Mexican food restaurant in a really small town out on the The texas-mexico Border time it sucked it was it was it was alright to this day my parents will apologize to me there it was so small and it was like so close to Mexico people don't believe me when I say this but I didn't really know any white people until I went to college it was like people I've seen them on TV it was such a bizarre experience right up there when I got there when I got there like small towns that when you when you go to UT they have a weekend of orientation where you go and you get like little pimples but should you need to know map to the campus and then they make you go to II like it's almost like they put on a play they literally put on a play more like a few basic things like don't leave your laptop on and it's really weird people at this campus don't be a dick to the others and then afterwards they would make you go and your orientation advisors wouldn't have thought the message was really weird I think just like I got a question no she was like I only hang out together I didn't realize there was a weird man Dracula for this part of Texas especially in in just a couple miles south of San Antonio sick you just bad of population we like you like that doesn't necessarily exist in Austin I don't know why that is no Asian people either unless you can there is a breakdown I think we off today showing like the New York Times website it was a breakdown of that data wouldn't are you way I sent the track showing racial density age and like all kinds of different demographics in you could like I just always feel like people have moved in and out and how it's changed over the last between 2000-2010 was really really interesting 30 minutes homes occupied by a single person but I feel like that's interesting I care about what I'm looking at some stats that are completely worthless to me I will look at forever there's a really funny Twitter accounts Canada that are just completely fake death its like 86% of Canadians own a moon that's what I'm talking about Gus of like what's that okay Barbara kill her Michael Akira no more like there's another chair underneath this are you hit a button Lego back in like a new person just sitting here like during the Cutaway through pretty sweet really like getting ready I'm going to whip somebody's for nothing plan no safety don't stop talking you're ruining your house look con the weekend call back Jaden you were there for the podcast that you were all day are you still there actually racist Andre you have to shut down own a suit what do you wear for like Lee shirt rent a tux or something like that I went one time a few years ago I went and I tried to buy II II outdoor gear in at like in your arms are too long II long you are in a ray I'm never going to be right laughing and pointing at Soul more than you know I hate people anyway that's what I thought 7 years ago a little bigger in the middle blood make you II 4 curling short no more welfare 54000 Rowland II off when I went to get a student ID I hadn't had one in this is like maybe 4 years ago I got one its 1 I still haven't no ears or Macy's or something like that and I didn't go to and it was like 3 days before the wedding I walked in and was like that working in that department she measured me literally pull things off the shell stats of Slender Man Lego Slender Man Slender Man Man story yeah he takes children in the woods right yeah I don't even hang out and stuff but you made it weird to put your brain into it how many people told you the day that you look like granny WhatsApp rice student you did it wrong I got so much traffic when I went home when I got jeans but I might be serious he went home late so wait wait wait wait let me interrupt that's how much free time you had today about probably 5:15 a.m. Airbender you say about how much time you have time does double shift I can prove that because I was there and I saw you playing with the god you both were there and it wasn't even 5 yet I am it was earlier than 5 Archer miles on the list but I want to talk about it he's like really I see if I can come we can do it if I can get out of it cuz I'm really swamped here and I was like man we're really worried is writing two episodes a week which is better fucking hard everyday is like tomorrow right you made it 4 action figures it was at that couch from upstairs Kerry has that one or what animates from Kerry has that one leg witch on his desk and no later its like someone on their knees like stick in there ass yet no there's no there's no off you just take a nap so it drives me crazy Kerry of animated bad name and it's an amazing action and like dead Collectibles not action figures I apologize to all of the people who collect Collectibles and not actually going to hurt someone open the door in there over there giving for Kerry Soul you backup your computer can you access your files anytime anywhere Carbonite Online Backup Carbonite its backup its automatic and continual plus you can access your backup files on any computer or on your smartphone or tablet with three Carbonite app unlimited backup space for your PC or Mac is just $59 a year and if you run a small business Carbonite plan that will backup all their computers servers and external hard drive for a low flat annual fee Sailor Street Rowlett Carbonite.com no credit card required you could use offer code Rooster Teeth and get 2 free bonus month if you decide to buy that the Carbonite.com offer code Rooster Teeth so I was thinking about carbonite okay I had to work last night I was like I was laying in bed I know it's a II witch I hate her give me okay Blair I have a great me right now. So here's are you hooked into stuff at you every day so here's the pot I feel like I'm showing off I'm going to turn around and its right there boys and girls its like I just can't Dead characters like this because they're going to put her over here next to the Senators pun are there no that's great drink like that because I keep it the whole thing and there's a character in Gurren Lagann Witch is March and Kerry like favorite anime witch its supposed to be some sort of I don't know what I want to say parody but it supposed to comment on like a bunch of other animes there actually they have one of the main characters is just they created the camera angle for her you heard of the over-the-shoulder shot if I have an over the side boob shop live in between and I know there's a good character are you working a lot of the studio right now substations of people start working on stuff and I was back there earlier he had some things that Taylor was working on and I move like the scoreboard and it's like out of the way and I looked at the other side I was like yeah I was like you guys have been working on it every time every time we got an email from Eileen Kerry please contact us at this point she does a lot of character design along with Monty so I can red white black and yellow I won't say names with red white black and yellow moth II came up with he's really good he's really good with the great sketch for the character outfits and Eileen who is incredible she's 21 years old and already has published books children's books I'm only Ein Lee at least I stopped every time it's Christmas time and we've got we have we have a cat Kerry con into for Ruby is ridiculous it was it was weird after the first trailer we were really worried about how the this character trailer only showed the action II side of of Ruby and really it's going to be we don't we're not its not just to be a Slaughter Fest and also I'm not going to write I will not comment on the shell it's great with a little fun that's the real question miles are applying drink a beer no nothing like that full frontal male nudity postal mail me good sailor do people watch episode one we do but we don't want a cool guy characters that I'm really excited about Ruby white trailer coming soon yeah I'll let you do the honors if you are head of RTX sword me Mists the internet go ahead but episode 1 of Ruby is going to Premiere at RTX II Avatar Premiere at the premiere of chapter 1 overview of everything are the day after rtaa the happiest I've seen got in like 6 months you just and then you are planning for the first meeting of 2013 in August 354 days ago he was here now I understand he's right we have a tweet that said dear God please turn around that action figure Blair is Minecraft PG-13 that would probably fit right no Elder Studio in the Shell eater taking a bath and cat is weird thing like a girlfriend to an anime girlfriend you ever watched The Last Airbender watch it do it no don't do that that's II I'm just continuing the conversation trying to keep a live Lee Bernie purpose left you to give electricity lab chairs this laughing I said we can talk about Kerry last you care to meet me no Kuni finally came out for the PS3 the trailer high five you next week to wake up tomorrow full screen for me Barbara Teamwork Makes the DreamWork hit it just hit it live of Z 3 trailer from last year 2012 through its like a Japanese RPG but it's co-developed I believe with Studio Ghibli baby doll the animation you know they do like Totoro anime I didn't like the games but I love the way they look you know the look at the game I bought it so it's still in my car all day are you busy what is O Elder o house Moving Castle Buckeye Mononoke movies Henry Spirited Away thank you for saving my ass at way to look at it so good why the fuck my dreams I wake up with a smile on my face so I bought that then I also bought the Blu-ray version of Searching for Sugar Man finally came out what is a documentary I talked about previously on the podcast and it's a documentary about this finger from Detroit in the early seventies who was the name of Rodriguez and he really II outside terrible like that all 1 of us but his music become super popular and influential in South Africa and was like a rallying cry for that type art eye movement and she's bigger than the Beatles and Elvis in South Africa II huge deal but before the internet people didn't know what happened to him back in the United States to try to find him there 4 Dead 2 Kerry rice documentary Academy Award Slender the gift shop for through the gift shop I think he was sucking on the podcast couple years ago it's really good one with the artist love documentary watch love them if you want Searching for Sugar Man I think con the the trip to Michael and I went to my con dope sick love sick love documentary that follows two couples that are heroin addicts of New York Pleasant stats and beautiful go to you like one there like really hooked on drugs and essentially homeless like one of the couples you know it was this woman she would pretend to be a prostitute and then when people wouldn't Johnson come and pick her up there like go to an ally to do the deed she had like a little fake police badge that was pulled out black off your bus did not take you to jail because our partners are all around us right now you can get out of this give me a hundred bucks donate to the women's shelter in every building in this neighborhood will let you off the hook MSU dope with the money smart and go to trash can and they find liquor stores in the area and go to the store and pulled the merchandise off the Shell with the receipt and go to the return counter be like one to return the stuff she was really helpful I never liked them. This is a needle that he cleans with toilet water in public restroom in the toilet what is the art of your life but like you are cleaning a needle to shoot heroin in a toilet Nissan Xterra Lee got all pissed on myself at those interesting documentary to watch crime documentaries mother fucker I watch more TV but my mother always watch like real documentaries like like like surgery shows and stuff like that like open heart surgeries and stuff like that and then like murder not murder mysteries but like II no murder documentaries on Forensic Files and Supply cat and someone gave me shit that I was watching it so I've been watching him since I was like 7 years old are doubts for the longest time that even me being 15 16 I'd like to hear anybody only because like when a soul is like some like you would like a crackhead or whatever and then of breaking into his neighbor's house and like talking to Rob them whenever but ended up killing two people and leaving before we went in he don't want to leave fingerprints so we took his socks off and put them on his hands so they caught him with his footprints that he left all over the floor so I can so I can get your ni so he did but I have like 7 years I feel like I don't fucken take my socks off whatever you feel like doing and why wouldn't you like trash pick-up comes the garbage truck coming down the street right now so we can put the blood in the in the bag in the garbage can to the people do they wipe it off and put it back in there find the blood in the head the Avatar child opens Breaking Bad has taught everyone how to Brandon and carrying a bunch of us went out for drinks and then in the middle I try to do it and thought about it Kerry Kerry said Kerry said that he would start Kerry he said the body get rid of the will to chop up a body I think you Hill the of body and then he goes in a residential area right what do residential areas have pools in Winter pool cover witch you do if you go over to a covered pool and you dump the body part in the pool because no one's going to push it and then I'm going out for the for the little stuff but there's no evidence for Michael and sometimes traffic's really bad on 35 sometimes I end up going east towards the airport like Michael State Park and everything way out there and I think it's going to be there a long time destroy the evidence but also if you dig a grave you got to do a legitimate rape don't think it's really great because in and was going to pull it up but it will never bite the dust for fingerprints on the battery Lego when you load a bullet in your fingerprints can be on the bullet I'm playing so when you Farms I can find them in your prayers I'm up very long but I need your help to get rid of this body knows of any high this body I said good luck I'm not going to tell anybody but you need to get out of here you look at me like Aaron you dump him King crazy person I just killed somebody you should get as far away from you as possible that is that not that not sail this only comes with a body for my wife live kill again that's what it's about II love I hate all of there and I hope you and damn it I hate all this I got your back girl thanks glad to know you if you want if you really want to help the first war there just got to do one or the other Debbie Sobel you don't stop until you're done we just totally broke him Laurel Center this week Michael Jones Better Boy love you baby. Please don't tell anybody I don't have to do that going to kill somebody over the dead body live when I get home physical me a puddle of blood is you can be standing there with her hands on her hips like so what are you going to do I don't think I'm worried about that you found oh my God let you know that they need to hit when you told me that it had a name I was like oh you're fucked adorable creature it was like two dimes on top of each other my ear dead King and wax bean Hill together so you think you had a mouse in my room one day he was up late I just think it's going to cost her room and we've been gone that weekend and we came home and he's like hey guys I'm pretty sure we don't have and we should get something at what time they come home they kick in the door like we're going to catch up but now they've drawn up a plan I'll show you the picture that you put on a piece of paper it was mousetrap even if I was there what mousetrap plan there was a box of them outside opens eater plan was they look online you get A5 gallon jug and then you know like a ruler or something like that you attach that to the list of the of the bucket and then you drill 2 holes in the bucket take clothes hanger this left us this a soda can you hold of that you put the soda can you take clothes hanger you put the clothes into the system then you put the two ends of the clothes hanger through the holes in the bucket that I you have this cylinder just floating in the middle of it over the phone with peanut butter how it supposed to work is mousetrap the ruler of peanut butter tries to cross the the clothes hanger gets the peanut butter at Sam's on the cylinder of the cocaine opens and iPhones the bucket that fucking Contraption was in my living room for about a week and a half my roommate Mike came home one night and fell into it my other remote ghost of a huge black Square moving box thing so he likes to eat like Michael Miles into it and then 5 minutes after we put it up started licking the peanut butter on my roommate that was in my living room for like a week and a half and it didn't work but got it was a fucking stripper One Night War comes home he's having a beer or something and I think stories across the living room and do are in the closet and my room asleep girlfriend wearing headphones play Minecraft my other me to sleep he's just looking at the at the closet he's like a cornered March searching. Open the closet doesn't see it you grab the stuff out of the closet like nobody's coming so he reaches with its way down the hall and banging on our door like she comes outside miles in there pulling everything out it probably comes down to one shoe box is in the back corner of it but it sure enough Henry the Love Runs Out stabbing the ground with a Swiffer they finally captured they thought in the Box bleach anything of jumping like crazy running around shooting itself and then like Brown freckles all over the thing I finally calmed down I might finally we got it and then Aaron goes we should give it a name through how about Henry me on the keyboard at no you got to get rid fucking mousetrap you would have known she was going to be killed everybody bombarded probably that Henry probably much worse than if you just killed it with him tonight or rotting in some sugar released at night she's like what Akira what is it the chef like in Ratatouille Ratatouille that's not real also called fucking Ratatouille one time at my house that night and I could hear like in the wall I can feel like something chewing Milwaukee overnight shirt like Chrome I'm like I don't know what to do cuz it sounds in the wall o ship it worked out I don't want to run outside when I look in my room and there's like a pipe right they're coming out it was like one of those Gas Pipe and like sitting on top of it is the giant its just like a hunched over like a rock dope over to your neighbors alcoholic my neighbor's text message to how do I build a good we heard you outside we heard you outside of this morning we found this in our yard Lee said me a picture of a dead rat in there what are the fuck up o my God is great so then the next day it was like obviously animal can get in my house for that paper that is like well I'll go up there and take a look at it I'm a handyman and I have a metal roof and I put my hand on it live are going to get club lacrosse there and sure enough that's a fucking pipe that's like uncovered you can see if I can straighten o matic fucking assholes that's why I go to Home Depot and like that year and a half and I don't know what I'm talking about it's like this like this like this thing I'm sorry its memory into the house call Pest Control there were there all day date go into our bathroom and they're like they're talking about what's going on and tell my parents my parents they're going okay with this guy and he got it like a big hammer thing is going in my bathroom and I was banging on the wall okay now I'm being a score to the way what's going on why are they taking me out of here and I just see that they took out the wall and like the entire behind the drywall was this like a wall of bees and insects that are terrible like there was an enormous like that one it's sitting inside my house it was something I don't know gilded there I barely remember I don't remember it very well but I just remember like Buck for buying amounts of insects remind me of Lego electrician going through attic and crawl spaces and stuff A lot of times you finally dead squirrels and raccoons usually Andre we found them cuz there's like 5 so we were doing the lighting job but somehow it's just putting in some recessed lights and in the in the ceiling my boss would always like whatever he found something you like I'll check this out what's up and throw it at me whatever II feat why do whatever you like checking back in my direction are an asshole when you do feel like we were really feeling and he found like a dead squirrel or something like that and he propped it up right please remove the dead animal whatever it is because like I mean it was already the head the head skeleton of a squirrel carrying down out of an empty hole in the ceiling it was like it was like so I would just be quiet but it was like a game of like II they were out of the room or when my boss gets II me but they couldn't didn't fucking as hard as you can like humble adoration hit like ghost in the living room and I could see my boss like in the kitchen but then the customer was around the corner curling you can let me know Michael they're all out I don't like someone like somebody San Crystal hair and I like that it you remember I might walk straight to the communications building there was a squirrel that died and I passed it everyday like of its grosses that's where it was there for like a month I pass it everyday I don't like Archer at least we could cat. I remember I remember because I thought I had told me during the summer there middle school and high school age kids like video production stuff like that and I remember one of the project that we did was like you had to take interesting still shot and then do something with the music video I don't remember my group of like middle school kids like let's get a shot of that was in the Dead Sea born to be weird man one time and I went to college down at rice in Houston and have a job there part-time job I got to wake up on Saturday morning go to work Saturday and you can look up in the trees over the house like the squirrel jumps from one to another behind the wall I hear the song didn't you thought everything but the last II II never thought against and for II like maybe we'll come back over the wall you really just be there audible creator squirrel horse farm Ein you had a bad run here at the off cute cuz of light there fucking around we have here over the holidays we're one day are things like right after Christmas I pulled up and parked as I go left or right here in front of the office so we have to call the pest control come and take it away when they came its way out of here then the next day I'm driving up there Spartacus poison like me at like no we got spray Lego okay I guess I was like how much is it for the poison Bell Biv DeVoe poison listen I've got a really strong case for that so whatever and I decided that poison was the song of the year for 2013 its are jam for this year 1991 decide on something to do it RTX are really working Gangnam Style and then we're going back for there in for there to play Evolution of Dance of the Macarena and then poison never trust a big butt and a smile are used to have a good poison cassette tape when I was a little kid I'm going to I don't like 1990 or 91 right so I have a promotional cassette tape poison and my sister one time I seen you I liked it she was talking she grabbed it and she just took all of it about every slide Chrome at all what the fuck did you do when I was a little kid I went to the Astros baseball game Houston Astros baseball game and comic and I'm at practice II think I really love to the kids and I like I kept it like in a plastic box it was like on my desk and I loved it one day I came home and there was like a pen scribbled all over it Jordan 5 how much do you want siblings are like stories on siblings and I did something that's my older brother is a bitch I was too young to really realize but I was too and my brother was 4 and we were in Florida and I had a stroller that my parents are pushing me around and and for some reason they took me out to like show me something or hold me for a minute and my older brother sat in my shoulder cause he love to just piss me off all the time and I got so angry that I leaned down and I just got him right across the face slender here he had a star for that entire trip and he still has to this day me as a two-year-old gave my old employer are under physical stress you shouldn't quad off by moving I had I think was Lego Aquanauts at or something like that it was a giant underwater like Yellow base with the biggest Lego Thing I Never Had I spent ages trying to build it making it perfect I can get a Stingray stingray make a Little Submarine stuff like that I was so excited I was going to my parents when I did the finishing touches on it through it and it's almost my entire last month of progress was just destroyed I know we got a long you hide the body exit are you still talking to my sister too so I can't wait to leave the house I lived in had a pretty big backyard and over the back yard with some power like they were pretty high up there we really have no idea backup football are trying to kick the football over the power lines on one side a on the other for my friend hit my sister came out of the back door running around like an idiot and hit her head you can plan to do that what does trying to get there I'm going to try that I used to try to trick her that dog biscuits were totally fine to eat and then people could eat them but they were so delicious that our parents and wants to eat then II thought I would never get them I would like them all the time to make sure you were real ni not great tomorrow. Did you run out of food strong two days before she would eat june bugs and what does pot look like you couldn't I had to make sure there weren't any around the house cuz if they're working with them would you and your parents hey brother I had to either I grew and grew Panda Inn bed bugs are good for you I just like how it's like to protect your eyes from the sister the pill box cat there in the dirt right Lee pick up a rock and there they are living shit everywhere I never really thought of my brothers are older than my oldest brother is 9 years older than me so my oldest brother moved out with the college when I was nine so it's like I barely remember living with him but my middle brother 6 years older than me and I very vividly remember living with him but even when I was younger not like I was like a left fuk with Michael thing but my oldest brother David was in the backyard and him and his friend who are probably like I was probably seven or eight at the time so he's 1516 this my father had some sort of like PVC pipe on the side of the house that was broken and he had to like laying there for like to pick it up and throwing it in the backyard for there like oh you're fucking pole vaulting weird or like or like words with there go out there and see where it landed fucking time I walk out there fucking goes up and live right in the fucking face like 1 inch above my eye and my right I remember like this and like blood washing over my face so I didn't through my brain I didn't have the tape Liberty walk out there like every time he comes up it always pisses me off is like my mother I'll tell and be like hey there you are watching your children and their parents video you can find of this Kerry Javelin competition someone throws a javelin and it hit the official exit in the leg Park Square witch Monroeville Mall its and I got a card sorry I scared you keep your spirits High Soul Eater okay well we're going for a while I wrap things up here no but you guys really should start watching it so much a great idea I don't think you really thought girls with o how many seasons are there in two and the third one starts out trying to finish the first two because the 3rd was going to Premiere this Friday I'm going to and then there's like another . II then the prequel and then season 3 eater and breakfast dope mini Donuts the most are sick of everything anyone was Jack when he saw Andre 3000 at San Diego Comic Con Prime last year when you saw the guy who does the voice of Louis Louis from Left 4 Dead no really he gave me his business card you can e-mail him and if you pay him like ten bucks to record like custom here I'll do it okay let's talk about it with everyone and we'll see you next Tuesday at 7:30