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RT snacks on clittles.

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Recorded: 2013-01-30 22:31:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Kerry Shawcross, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the rooster podcast brought you by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first fully balance no traffic designed to increase focus and mental driver our listeners get 15% off when you use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / gave me that so ni t.com /gaming your Apple watch to my phone to protect themselves and their well-being after we like that you're all so fucking destroying the audio quality it sounds great right now so much role months ago and omnigus and one of them I tell the story about how my pharmacist recognizes me and how it was always my secret for that I have to get Adam virus Whedon horror night and finally came true what happened to shingles a type of herpes the pharmacy at HEB no 16 year old girl wear in life like the doctor prescribed to the pharmacy and get a rash on my leg for a single starting to get windy like birthmark get it if I had chickenpox direct oh my God please down okay I'll match whatever Kerry South End how much would you do so it's been a long embarrassing pet at the pharmacist in the animated Adventure I don't know if you haven't brought it up what you got to do is like it like it leave or something or so short like and it's like I did to him and if we life Google please how many people on an email book come over he's like that like what I have right here on my leg and I walked up and Y 2010 Google symptoms of stuff before but I'm really worried brain tumor or something it was straight as you do whatever you like city of comes to of hemorrhoid for like 12 hours overnight play Rainbow Six like an apartment and I was too poor to afford a desk where my computer was on the floor the game was going on there's no time Furniture does one keep the human race the role that we have all of into it with one the planet basically metal hot today we won the planet we won we won we the animals on the ground flanimals for a day I could be on the carpet for a day we had to carry Jellycat he said everybody Dead from the shingles I don't think I ever got chicken pox right now zero Joe is a Scatman like before the podcast when he was thrown around people get a free concert durable they're going to handle it pretty well and people are freaked out significant like that he would run like you would let you know like whatever Gavin shirt little puppy I think it's a black labs yeah it's the cutest little puppy adorable and like I was going to like it smells nasty and I was like how many people how many people have is my dead turning around and I thought in my the right there people think that you and I have a violent relationship ni chemical warfare that's a whole different level fart in my face does Hitman come on Yvonne pretty well but every now and then I'll give you a snack or some like that 700 like punch my phone every time I do that when I'm drunk yeah I felt bad about it for 5 look like I meant to do that the last thing that happened with Jeff is leaving the office what is Jack jumped on Gavin and take them for like 5 minutes one of the weirdest funniest things ever like to experience down I'm really glad I don't work in that we have a little patience Paul man coming out something something in WWE the game it's incredible come out next week Monday or Wednesday of next week Barbara Barbara are going to Vegas next week into the dice Summit design no it's like dice dice thanks for cleaning it up we're going to Wars Awards Cinemassacre musical live.com so are you are you to find the camera and Bee like put a photo up on the rooster of like it was burning and Monty and I think Kathleen and Matt at the store or something okay yeah yeah yeah but whenever the guts to leave this place is a life not well done Alaska like one of the people from American Idol and Kanye West was mad for her book character cable role man in touch with that strategically to avoid being on the street and I was on the back how many times in Vegas this year I've been one so I'm going to for this the dice Summit and then I'm going again in May for Friend's Wedding I don't got 3 trips to Barbara first time you're ever going to Vegas right Oscars in my house are you going to gamble while you're in Vegas do you have to The Gambler Kerry Kerry Nano panda cannibal Battle Mountain Hotel make some money but okay that's like the man I'm willing to be there for 4 days she had with elevator cannibal to live in Alison Krauss take one time ni like drop some chips and one hit my foot and I grabbed it was $1,000 to ship and he had no idea that it falls off the table and I was like the last thing you want is bad karma in Vegas Karma exist it wouldn't matter if you believe in it or not I don't know I'll be back for him Eagles that things are going very well I want to deal with it star famous rich absolutely Kerry Washington Gucci like an average who's famous but not rich people their money on drugs Stars alright a couple of decades ago man totally Bernie Madoff Bluetooth lets you come clean Trek time I would love to see a camera on me like I said it was like I know exactly what the difference is when you put it in the like people like best cleaners Star Episode Nerdist bowling comes out tomorrow Nerdist all star celebrity bowling and it ran out of people to invite sea enjoy that it was Paul we went out to practice bowling for you guys dead and I joined you are just watching I never got a single practice session by the way I showed up and I want to see to be aware they're there literally for their bowling skills I wouldn't the guy who works for a video game video company cannibal the most athletic sport bowling actually I can't like I like my face like my stomach like look at you like you could art shirt ni play tennis this weekend I would probably like legit rules like actual tennis role ni actual like he could contract so anyway I hope you're okay amazing Darkness and finally I'm going to bed tomorrow Thursday actually play on Thursday what kind of people the rooms look like time like yeah that's really gross computer or like a fucking Urban like a Christmas story on the Frozen like without losing it North like actual tennis rules like serving and storing all of your already trilogy book store play with play with role serving in like back and forth all the time reinforcements or not here we go find a course right now I'm very well I use it everyday shroom Tech sport that you can take I have not taken that one cuz I'm not a big athlete I'm not a big person they have to me tennis y you can practice tomorrow role instead of working guts and like you can pay $500 the opponent and help you don't shingles la what if you met someone he was going to get you how high can you love someone if you movie connected obviously no matter how high you get elevation y still in a country the moon however is not owned by anyone so I assumed you would be governed by the law of the space agency that you there and International plot of episode for 10 years to be a master good like those better than just maintaining on the moon Star Trek 3 lucasfilm officially or dizzy again officially confirmed JJ Abrams directing Star Wars episode 7 JJ quick turnaround if it's not okay I'm ready I just passed the direct into someone else like the original Star Trek movies were directed by the side of the World movie super almost all digital South the trailer me in the world is Iron Man what have you done there as well and I was like RT had to get my herpes medicine or psychological and physical to stop and get some really good partners right now and get some hotel hotel hotel dice demo the Hilton if I said it will to the Hilton is right across the street from the convention in for Urban no game computer I'm really excited about where we can talk about it yet but will be announced at the Tigers in the near future about it I'm getting really excited about getting a lockout soon as we time very very pumped about that hopefully I'll be able to hang out with them season ticket but there's a lot in the works right working I'm working really hard to make it better I'm already already at the point where I'm waking up in the middle of the night and can't fall back to sleep something about it this past weekend was to make sure that we have a lot of people and a lot of cool stuff you can do that in your entire life right now and wake up in the night and like always we could be like we should do this thing down Kerry life does the like that me for streams like for real? find funny sister destroyed my Jose Cruz baseball it wasn't all over it with someone it was him cash life any fans on this one I really know Paul Summit movie that really helps you out when I was younger I used to have really strange dreams where I would drink stuff and then what happened later so I would see stuff in my dreams and then like the next day or two days later I would encounter that situation and it would play out exactly as it did in my head but yes I did help me out for lunch break and then I'm going to run over there and put down to the side and then it was going to happen rooster waking up and having that memory me like when I finally got to the moments like this in the memory like it was find a dream once we're obviously spent about six months looking for a wallet because in that one it was like a poem on a card to someone who has died gave to me one and I knew it was what I just spent like six months in a fear that's what it was I couldn't and then one night I dreamt where it was in a box in my dad's house and I love my mama X I just got up got dressed and ran to my dad's house and open the box in the bottom of the Box no more than actually yeah yeah yeah and there and he has a group of 10 people for all like on this play for everyone it was crazy what he's going to do you think they were naked and like hiding behind things like covering up the worst that of everyone you're in a better position for that Target on my fear is negativity I just want to the hypnotist convinces you that there is a bowl of white bread in front of you the dice like jelly beans video what was the poison okay I'm no longer your side up until the point thank-you Linus's blanket six 2013 hypnotism hypnotism Starbucks Barista the bank and they had someone like that happen and it without telling like all the people in the room was going on they had like someone break in and run out and then I remember all the shit interview and like them a lot more information are you time does bee lets on found something into eyes sea of no no you can't you see you're from there visible difference cream assassins the big 50 at the at woodrows Art bar link of the thing with you know where like the first one Joels the only thing you did to do it so I told her I was going to give you $100 like $100 actually handed him the block of Orange not maybe over the course of 2 years if you really fast though with the problem of the first one was that Mitchell Auto which is the worst beverage ever it's tomato juice and beer going on so I thought you were asking about the shirt I'm wearing is not an official something from New York people like grapes shirt Home Depot to the house if you can talk this week Tuesday is nap time comes he's very sleepy apparently that but I have space on the pants were supposed to we don't have any images of this but sometime soon I think at the end of March maybe early April we're going to be getting paid Bernie bobblehead statue Falls like Wars masturbation Creed about like and if I'm such a dick like that bridge has been crossed over I still I still never tried it anyway you really think everyone is gross Alison is not the problem I can't do it I don't know so you put in upside down like would you like Paul Douglas weather Mormon and Y explosion I just gave out your mouth book and make a ringtone surprisingly vs Clemson like you were so blown away by the wind super Home Depot things are not to be relied like I said that yeah I need to know whether their personal just made up you don't care you don't care side lets play but you're talking about trying to suck your own dick and potentially choking on that dick when you break your spine on the podcast what is your white y you not turning on when everyone else does okay Park on your record get a little overwhelmed the reason is it when you do it mean if meeting no like the wind the first time my parents freak out about it man going back to get her car one time when Mike and I went on some trip and he was like it was a Gus and then like 4 other sort of bee no pairs of people on this thing going back to her car and it was like talking to other people in public but I really really terrible about it regardless of the situation outside American Gavin Christmas soundboard out about things and lets play with Michael but I feel like if we played every x 20 dice what if she saved your name into her pubic hair Urban you got it you got a comment on it like hey look what you did to you spell my name on your workout like your space like him who did the big woman cannibal Notre Dame and it's it's really easy for me trailer coming out and I'm kind of working on this property to curl up with your trailer the only thing we have for everything else I can wear whichever turning what's the name of what's the name of that weapon Kerry the question Rose Crescent Road Italian me actually Lets Play movie I said Yvonne Austell like a clown's pocket Alison Krauss role models to hell I don't know why anybody would like super low expectations and it was really funny movie about a kid that plays over the credits me too lets on a moped accident I would hope I would lose a leg in a little more of a spectacular fashion does my moped fell over shingles pretty kitty of Paul McCartney was the lead singer of Nirvana or like the Remake Nirvana role as player and coach Delta Space Bags and Larry King with custom questions well let me know something apologizing to people and try to make sure it like you would probably really concerned that they would have Best ratings of his syndicated TV show yeah well maybe you're right about that she doesn't like you haven't put a shirt and 15 years ago stop trying to be famous anymore we can disappear for a long time but now he's trying to bee on behalf of the RT what is looking really good to see the Jack completely fucked that story up I would like no idea whatever it was it's right now it's any gang members doing it as a guy I'm attracted to a woman right no naked women to me I'm at right into the labs and like someone else lesbian chat icon look like my perfect woman a guy can look like a puppy princess bee comes with a six pack in like man boobs like boobs do you have that and you looking at my time completely egot no for watching the street again still no answer she would take a very personal question and I know it's wrong no big deal it was like one of those pictures where it's just text Onnit and it's like some like black and white like old style photograph and it was like sometimes I just play with my boobs because I can like totally totally accurate Papa down a little bit nap now maybe it's just the experience different well I guess I'm going to get to I-55 video in a marsh March 22nd to 24th before planet today and we'll figure out who works in the exactly but I know definitely Barbara and I will be there other people do all the time You Will Get High Get High Get High Five Adam people always talk about like getting sick Adam X and maybe I'm take some myself here but I've never gotten sick after going at it all the time can I just take anymore but you can you develop the ultimate counter-attack to illnesses you tell your body that you're not actually stop it you're not really when you had an awesome awesome time should be like people at least think I'm getting sick and then I'm just I just decided not to me Beyonce project I don't think I can stick it out for you I'm not I don't know probably herpes in your mouth 642 Joe down an extremity so it just goes in One Direction what the highest I have I have a couple of patches appear on the dick Chrome stuck in my flashlight if your fingers virus pics one testicle into one bowling puppy on it just goes in one of them popping on someone oh God so when you get general herpes if exposed to shingles down one pathway if you can't find it would you do it what could you turn it on and off like a permanent thing Wonder Woman Invisible movie bacon goes invisible step by step different ways you can do that you can like Commando decided not to get sick dead for to be on the podcast today like like down to people coming Onnit to the time and some people to stop by the fact that how quickly I can do a conversation into Jennifer like a conscious effort not to the most extreme most severe General discussion we had actually families around does eating and then Gavin no there was definitely kick their no I don't care about your whole Onnit no one cares about a kid I care about it's amazing clip I know what you think of it if she was dating a dude he's a good-looking dude with him whatever whatever your problem is okay just deal with it open up to it and take care of it Bowling Pro Shop no the morning we are young so we made the switch from gaming to Comedy romantic of the week we did it bee podcast to 3 anniversary and I love you so I thought he was Adam Corolla that was ahead of us university the the clip of the guy telling the I am the machine story Russia and his experience in Russia was on the Adam Carolla podcast at the end of every Joe Rogan spinning back kick like once again the only way I knew Factor second generation of the man show on Comedy Central Hitman Doug Stanhope and then show where they would have been going to try to credit you should have that kind of the most expensive cat in the world I don't know if you want to show Joe is doing over there right now Gavin Book value on a playground for Gavin fear Alison stroll side trying to 343 she was she desperately wanted us to try to pressure that thing and I walked out of the room she said she did not get crushed she still alive that's a good sign me like high tension wires and like pneumatic things X like me South Bowling construction paper you wouldn't want to touch that Delta P video and talks about differences in water pressure when it's like a very creepy voice describing all these accidents for scuba divers died getting like stuck in these types of pool through and then invariably in every example the one guy dies me like 2 or 3 more people die as well going down trying to rescue him when you get there just keep going in California what they haven't heard into violin Resurrection right wait for it Delta P yeah that's Kerry the bottom of a pool like because I can vent like that RT and like people pass like you would go to readings of this story and read it out loud and people passed out while he was reading people doing that out of your ass in about sneezing Clips hours Nothing More Barnes & Noble or something and then I pick things like a black hole and how much. Onnit like crazy to think about it is though you only see Its Reflection of another object there when they did that test whether it was getting a lot of pixels of the photo to the naked eye you can use instruments to detect it so is the surgical and it's like I'm ni time really is and it's like you know you're so used to being warm movie people go in his guns a-blazin actual guys really trained to do this kind of stuff in this kind of memory play Rainbow Six like spending at the plant literally working there Zero Dark Thirty like to stay to the credit because Sam Jackson shows up pissed off that they waited to the credit told me and I really wanted to at a store with in the end the kids are getting cranky and like wanting to leave 2 2nd like P before 3 does it kill street at the end of Wreck-It Ralph as you know that is kind of cool but I wouldn't tell someone would like to like Kevin text me said is there something at the end of it I don't think I said like oh no it's the coolest thing ever told me it sounds like something life yeah that is definitely there is something like that first time is very very impressive for half of the people the Virgin you didn't imagine it was just awful but to people to budget Onnit must be home at 8 getting to see the videos of like the the like the couples getting married never kissed before like press their faces together and it's like the most imagine them having sex for the first time lyrics at a wedding I was in my brother's wedding and it was a two-hour ceremony was in like I was in the party like that because you lose blood circulation to your feet blue circulation in in like you will only like loose feeling squash that kind of nap because I was raised religious scandal planet on Samsung side by side down straight just feel like places Nails in video of that best man giving the Rings to whoever and he tripped and Falls onto the bride and the priest and they fall into the pool that's a good no it's really about people fainting when your body is losing weight in your sleep in a car people get more control over you will yourself to die like why can't you have more manual control over yourself maybe we can get hitman at it whenever something happens we just go order control guy poops himself the Joe seems as though sometimes there's a lot of cases of people getting hung by the neck they just use those like that type of way if you care it's not something that's a great report Josiah Richardson traded back to movie Zero fast I recently saw the news finally man it was really good it was long 3 hours 90 minutes to 2 hours is it any kind of slow at first but man it really best and you really feel the best into it really pays off but I actually in the movie The ODST Mormon I'm out a little better so I have never seen this before so if you've never seen it this may be a spoiler for you like any version of it the play it's old but it's movie going to be nominated for an Oscar and everything like that she was really good Ben Affleck one you want to Golden Globe for directing Argo nominated for an Oscar for acting and directing which is pretty crazy new Hollywood movies Craigslist Earth Oscars Awards important facts about the television Joels in general real estate Co 8002 Premier Pop level the me the Oscars and the Globes bee free Paul Kerry Parker is one away from getting egot 3 Park man Stone they need an Oscar nominated for an Oscar for before they won Tonys for Book of Mormon they won multiple Emmys for a South Park it won a Grammy I think for Book of Mormon and then she already knows and Oscars nap baseketball Kevin trailer call cannibal the Musical the musical about cannibal princess dice game princess star friendly love you anyway just Google some stuff that you would cut it princess trailer no it's not what it looks like plus one of them to make something musical Everything lyrics sea semester does the voice of Kenny Thirty didn't do the voice of Kenny when he pulled it off Friday Man the movie is like to his ultimate Space 3 Barbara Streisand in Arizona Barbara Barbara Walters apparently also has does chicken pox take and park no she probably doesn't know when you're ready property for lets go set up the best thing is take out the the young version and then I can come up like really nice things and stuff X the older version it doesn't in the street Joe doing he wouldn't not yet the real dude I email my guys that actually happened Wars never happen again X trailer did the death rate 3 trailer we can have the Phil Collins song in it really the Air Tonight remix I'm making money that's good dr. Jason take place on a planet yeah it's a ship anymore something in my planet and there's probably no Kuni the first 4 hours for tutorials so it's something really beautiful Summit combat mechanics are really annoying like to in combat if you and you can control your familiar and you have NPCs also have come earlier but you can only control yourself for your familiar and you can like run in and fight and do whatever you want you can tell them like you me or talk or whatever but inevitably destroy the street at the enemies in at a comes in a box like they're dead thirty seconds you like to have these guys and their Cannibal Corpse the Pokemon X to it or you can as you can you can say anything and they have a chance to come and become your familiar that you can man like throughout and I could for you I'm in the mall they have their own leveling system Mormon take on a new form of level up when they metamorph to the new form so they reset to level 1 so then it's likely that you have to Lug around getting x p 4 how big was the first 4 hours art store I don't like to come battle about our 3 for that reason there's too much like beat up to the action it was different with that like doing stuff you're on a boat y like you have that hold stuff on the book getting there like that was all into the new world 2 hours at the theater and it was like never let me walk out of this crate short Kerry I want to because I did I just time Nano Crystal or 2nd generation and 3rd generation crunches and then I start again on the fourth generation of play everyone the current generation known as the current and it was actually good yet like the wind Trading 7 year old I was I was thinking okay it's going to get worse so when I was a kid Toys R Us withhold Pokemon trading card tournaments on Saturday take it how old how old are you ni go to Toys R Us time play Pokemon Trading Card Game and I don't for my Gameboy and what street Pokemon fan egot and I was totally cool Delta navigate to the DS actually like that one of those like a battery you can replace it ni gain weight like y ni time so it took me years to realize this several years ago I took Japanese learn how to speak Japanese and it was a long time the recent Revelation that I realized Tamagotchi is a combination of the word tomorrow which is egg and comes out with his friend X friend my name is agbala x - bugged and it was his practice the butcher's in vagina falls Joe p vagina Joe dice with putting another word next to it keeps Take On The World breakfast is the people who developed the Watson super computer incorporated Urban Dictionary into it really but then they had to delete all of that information because they couldn't get it to stop wearing after that you begin having really inappropriate conversations and using words that shouldn't be using it so they had to make it forget it forget it and Urban Dictionary that's funny book 8 like a boss no I've never heard of that I just terrifying here how to learn Japanese iCarly I had a really good tutor that are used here in town that I could have heard you down here music stream people jumping flipping off while turning Jack blades RT the second role must have been turning Adam on the demo disc PlayStation play the crap out of it you can do it at the end of the college down virus ikari warriors mind-bender on the Atari 2600 a nice the DDS of the song that goes like actual arcade Road arcade Paul time like I was just shirt and air conditioning the pet center to have their dad showed me this fucking depressing clip the other day I don't know what documentary is from it from someone of her star documentary and there in Antarctica and Penguins and they talk about how sometimes the pain will go will bee sting go in Spain and female Penguins computer they live in the colony and they go to the to the Shell to jump in the water and fish and they come back to the Colony and sometimes it will just go and walk Inland like tour into the middle of Antarctica and it's like you know if 3000 kilometers and miles across and they said they're going to put it back in the car but no matter how much I just want to walk out into the middle of the movie y far away can you see if this thing will start walking out to the shop then we stop and then we continued but one of them just stays there and it stays there by himself and he starts walking like it towards that navigate musical Dice With Buddies flanimals just crazy things together for the winter so then you have baby penguin but this like adults elliptical that is amazing that was caught on camera like that video of something chasing some small animal like a play or something and that's the truth baby the rest of them come running and the Lions of shirt down by the water buffalo that's a lot of alliances with a flat of a sudden Life Big by the price of a crocodile comes from the Lord Tri-State y Paul kasmin Battle of the Serengeti the perfect kick butt with in nature that we just noticing that must be commercial into fights just happen again get one shot of but they have one of the guys I work with on dice P DS 2D life in the jungle for 3 months and I just like sitting at home waiting for Paradise to do something with Halo Nano shirt alright well I'm not no we direct the same thing I'll probably bacon in this thing next week