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RT washes their bodies with shampoo.

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Recorded: 2013-02-06 22:41:11

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

list of celebrity podcast is brought to you by Shutterstock.com with over 100,000 high quality of video clips Shutterstock yet you take your credit project to the next level for 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and you saw fur coat a rooster teeth to that's Rooster Teeth and the number to how everyone doing I'm awesome so I can before we started anything else before we started Tuesday night drinking beverages we need to address there was a loser for not going to say anything about it yet because it'll be released in RT life this week or next weekend well alright the giant red balloon on it and I didn't really look at it you can see my stomach hangs down Michelle the run is running towards the camera which is pointless because back and forth to the legs the Olympics or a track competition like that with the camera facing front I think of that video with that Australian girl like doing jumping and warming up that girl is beautiful The Magic Finger things whatever Chris of the other leg doing a bit better Friday yet my leg still hurts but the nerve pain is there for a while last week it was in my hand and everytime water touch my hand like I was watching and it felt like I was getting stabbed in my palm that anyone Summit up on my arm the week to English translator day we were talking about for some reason she didn't tie retweeted it I think on these things like you to forget about what you talked about me to people bring stuff up to something like a picture of a giraffe with a basket of apples and she gave it to me ni up the emergency make sure I know but I feel bad is like people come up to you and ask if you remember their name like that Chris how many not so many people I don't recognize anymore but I know it was like an older brother oh no I'm sorry man like anything you know whatever it was guys came back the next day is it going to remember that you want to hear something I feel bad torture maybe a lot of 12 to 18 year old boys we don't see many hot chicks in to mention I'm good at recognizing people and remembering which to mention I still do that but I just look like facial hair looks like new beer his cheek area. How many days is how many weeks on Saturday Arizona Sunday evening okay I was just really confused Chester the tester ball out of cage only like him to do but you know you're following a pattern to me then no I got a little dude mama lady Zak and video from Manchester to Robin Williams it's cold yet but anything you do is funny and I went to the website and they were recording it was it won't be like a one-point Gavin his magic trick and makes the heart and vanish in dice like that when I posted it I didn't know you're holding my space and turned away and then and then and then it was amazing we have thankskilling I love before that would like to Slender Man it's a America in the UK like peanut butter and chocolate good by themselves actually together what play right now right now I've been playing me no Kuni on the PS3 which I think I 3 hours apart even though I mean I'm like 20 hours into the game at this point and I'm really questioning whether or not I'm going to continue but I don't want to stop better than spending $40 doing something I don't like the Japanese role-playing game Studio Ghibli animation looks like animated movies look cool and crazy that I'm playing I just finished playing all of them 3 this past weekend also play the beta for this game called Banner Saga factions 10 video game racist I just don't enjoy Japanese games not something I like a lot of people have that kind of the kind of feeling like something a lot of people playing games the story doesn't translate that was confusing I think they wanted to this like the other big thing in your direction so they will show you all the stuff to get you invested this much morning it was a pickup amount of time Chris up understand that you can see the coaster ride you're avoiding it Joe the cat's not feeling well I'd be careful with him he was kind of party earlier today and he's okay a little more than usual this week April invasion of everything since you're weird celebrity interactions are weird and I think I had went to a DVD buyers meeting San Diego Comic-Con and the main actor for Spartacus like walked in and started eating a donut and coffee man walking in here for that for someone who likes celebrity attractions Robert Downey jr. entering 4 of the Marvel panel last year, cuz it sounds like they actually and everyone was like that don't you and then you know all there is for this one and then the camera at look there's a camera on the floor and Robert Downey jr. walks in and she's like how much do I love you super bowl Iron Man go to Facebook camera and giving a long extended look in 100 exactly but Super Bowl and then I went to the end of the world Artemis Super Bowl of contest look okay how much of the Super Bowl that he was before you started playing on the Legends humidity in the first quarter I mean I was there while it was being played was doing other things power went out in like right at the beginning of the third quarter kickoff Grand back but quickly responded to it was awesome Twitter account also responded as well on their Mercedes Benz watched event of the year I never year is never something the more people looking at in the World Cup final noted but they never took the lead with that is great the first half was very much like the prediction dice Keepers companies in time where is 190 where I'm completely spoils and in tie Super Bowl ad I just saw my kitchen table delete so much money is look at the production crew and I need Travelers with a living but you think you're in charge of that 4 people today fertilizer death in the story the guy who introduced Jagermeister and Grey Goose vodka to the United States he was super rich as a result of it and whenever he traveled his Entourage with this one guy who he would always play with him but I just saw that guy would be his caddy in case you want to play golf to scrape and his job was just to travel with this other guy and he can't drive or anything if I had that time with someone just in case I'm going to play with someone like that around Xbox lets play Xbox Live Lyrica yet land play in Minecraft for the amount we play they not like you know because we were competitive run into situations like we have two people running and one person has a load of the world yet and it's like well you can't do anything about that someone is man or whatever just come play with me bar went out and had a party on party barge so I went along also as dangerous as look up where's at Lake Austin look it up there's like 10 years ago and we were out there all weekend for some reason I should up with the Jack and I drink the entire thing and I've never this point I was really fucked up and I'm going to be in my life to show me how to shotgun a beer slender that was a Saturday morning I woke up I think it's either Monday morning or Monday afternoon in my own apartment I live by myself at the time like space down in my bed covered in vomit vomit on me I got in the shower and as soon as the Water started throwing up again in the shower and I was like to the hospital over 24 hours and woke up Mama Cass died lets you show to death row look like a party barge where's I had in college one night I got really drunk and I went for a walk and I wasn't going to no kind of walk around till I feel better I set down by a tree because of the company look at 3 and then I woke up and it was morning it is like a street corner Zak are driving by and I was just like just like just like I look like I was dead drunk college Matthew Lawrence of the Dead have you ever been and I've no idea what happened with the drunken has way too drunk that I'm throwing up in my sleep and I still his pictures in the middle of the memory look a lot alike Grand to the deal with the one time I went out with Jason he doesn't like her we went to a bar downtown I met him there and I like I said I only had like 3 beers then I went home then airplane a while and I look more like World of Warcraft go to the bathroom and the next thing I knew it was the next morning and I was laying face-down in my bathroom ad in college a friend of mine we are at a party and the cops showed up and at this point there's a person under 21 so that I can get a high and so they went and hid in the make it was a balcony so they went and hid in the closet in the balcony but there was utility and they were really really drunk and the cops show up and they're giving people a minor in possession ticket in there for a really long time and they're sitting there and they're both really nervous it's one of those a cigarette otherwise I really have to pee I really have to take the shirt off shirt this cop opens this door and there's these two like 19 year old kids walking on his own shirt do you think the shirt off cigarette naked butt a picture of a pencil time the state at the party shirt list or doesn't go home I don't and I mean it bow Light Young bastards arrested for like I say you had a TV and he was walking down the street does porno not like really graphic porno example you can be topless as long as long as you're not you gotta come over tonight this is so that you can naked if you're breaking the law something that you have no control over in public get you put on the definition X play shirt parking garage of a has a lot of a grocery store in Seattle so we were there and we just went to the grocery store but down the road we got there and I've been drinking some beers there guys like to go to the restrooms there at the grocery store and they're closed for maintenance over at their look them in to the store and they're closed extremely how to see if you have it without knowing it tripping out about a boy thinking about you call man has really done the things you can get arrested for in the past on the TV could you just for Jack porno from your apartment had a really big window and use to put up a big screen in Just Like Heaven and it's their house so they're looking into your property is not public but it's visible in your window if you stand in the window next to the window and Bowl McConaughey like he was smoking pot or in his in his living room and a complex pot through a window and I think they had problems Surfer Dude movie McConaughey is my friend my friend his his hand it was Matthew McConaughey earlier cuz like it's really good because I got to really get my hands back in the play and have a creative at me now Look rated hand and things Matthew McConaughey weight in is my friend racist and he's like yeah this is for Matthew you know earlier you're talking about get your hands in the clay and you're making a making a project at any point while you're making this film did you think you were making like a beautiful vac and then you realize you're making a cigarette ashtray Dead Silence well I mean not I don't know I don't know I've been there like a shin the director there is always light are you doing something like that Land Before Time Ducky where my mom always said if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything here comes from somewhere before the next project video clip animation 3D Motion Graphics from a variety of the most common high-definition many contributors to Shutterstock for filmmakers 2016 solution contribute great customer service definition Define up Shutterstock.com use the promo code RoosterTeeth to death Richard T 10 the number to write them 3 get 30% off of any package you want to check it out you don't need a credit card to sign up and then if you do decide to buy something to use a promo code for 30% off and we use Shutterstock for stock images of the green screen we got some video clips from them before we use it the recap yet why first let me say speed like weird weird to the Earth so you can space in space floating actually in orbit around the Earth no you're still mad that you're almost like gravity is still acting on from like this to think about you moving in relation to the gravity on the moon Super Chicken Run 5019 film The Following Chris Hadfield the guy on the International Space Station right now is the Canadian astronaut his up in space right now he's doing photos of beautiful images I would lose my shit his tweets and he was eating whatever they wash their hands has been the difference the open like a can of peanut and it look like they were alive it was awesome like Star Trek is everything moving inside so I can barely pot open you can see everything like shuttle shipping and moving it looks really good everything's good everything's the same speed does gravity affect objects like if you had a really heavy dense peanut peanut starts spinning around it vacuum technically that would be true right quit a perfect vacuum items RT time about moving or falling this ball of the same space it doesn't matter family no his environment with no gravity at all and you have to on is that our position identical like whatever it the bigger one would eventually have more gravity than this MO you want to get TV reception super this look like they can see the edge of our known universe has traveled to the University game right and apparently there are objects that are moving away towards something else I'd like to Great Rapids because something is pulling them away and they think it might be another Universe not a black hole in the wall that says they're saying like I might be in like a whole other container if you can from The Big Bang and the universe and sits when it is everything moving towards something that they don't know from that point in the amount of years of the universe existed 2 million light years away it took Look 200 million years ago 10 the length of time this happened but is there but light hasn't got to ad from the other how is that different I didn't okay so you can get ad you didn't really go film about universe and space in the comedy section of contest this so I'm just going to ruin everything from this point you can reload back to this point no one would know about what you did except you remember what would you do 1 hour Mo to be coming to replicate or do you have one shot at it it was just okay now that's not the question the question you like the circumstances not reload no you will absolutely not do the things you didn't know if you had 12 the difference between the $112 and he said the quality of the raping Saga naked new not evil terrible things not if he did not have to pay the consequences if you would have this but in real life look terrible return at the end of the hour I was doing something that would ultimately lead to my death like jump off a building and try to like time and where before you hit the kids back if you would just suck new place to be you would have gotten up in the middle of this podcast your blood Groundhog Day yet to do it over and over I would do is I would try and find out information that would benefit me remember like trying to the bank I need to see primer play is it doesn't on Stephen for Christmas and I'm downloading movies I don't have anyone a disc I guys want look about baseketball the movie already the first pair of boobs I like boobs that like in your head will take me my friend was moving out of his house and when I was helping him clean and then up in the attic his dad had a bunch of Playboy's and feels like if we gotta bring me down to the guys in the boys down the attic steps and I slipped and somehow I decided to land on my foot like I broke my friends come out compromise to give your dad when your a kid but I don't know if it's still there or not let me know I know I know you know that day comes I'm going to get like I'm going to go home and clean it out before my mom gets home and I can take care of it I can't remember but I'm sure it was like you can get off to go yeah it's like when you think of a woman police no like I want to England last year maybe two years ago and there's like three channels or just like at 10 o'clock at night it's just naked station a post Watershed on the TV and talk to them interacting with everybody maybe I can get the TV Tax Advisor in the King County definition of like a ward winning idea how long how long did you watch it 4 I don't know I was fascinated by it so we will never get anything like that America lets a repressed country it's so sad what you really want to watch them chatting with a dude like you know this notion that likes sex is bad and violence is bad but it's better than sex like that like there's a documentary called this film is not yet rated really talked about like a mini no special topics in movies and how like no boo boo I can't believe my luck 3 new before I find someone in person I can't even swim to burn fat at 4:05 but I still new is wrong this time for the movies and then if you wanted to see if you want to change your 10 lets play the Batman song So prominently bad that gets old back about the whole thing in there because there's no and he was like 5 minutes over and over again like they were actually wanted it what did need to change is like a well you know these things whatever they talking about in the letter they got from the NBA that was like him specific seems like you know you can say you know sometimes when I eat X or whatever right now in Monsters ball make it only film so many pelvic thrust Chris team should have to feel like thrust thrust thrust cutaway trust trust trust people but then you can show people getting slaughtered and everything question porkys Boobpedia announced that the movie would come out at 12:15 that killed people during Thanksgiving and is likely to complete the pilgrim X and the very first shot of the movie It's like a close up tight shot of a nipple and it look zoomed out if I could buy the turkey the first shot of the movie her nipple everyone pulls out walking but I know she's like she was running blown away that at how violence before trade at something it's okay it's okay we no kids a good beach to go up and do it you don't up internet parents just don't understand don't know what you want to do that for 3 years old 3 years I don't know you can take care of you when you get off and I'll take care of myself would you let me do it this mastership no I can't wait anymore I think I got most of them getting ready and we're inside the blackout podcast is one of my favorite screenshots ever from any podcast Burnie and Jordan Ball like gear survival tie dude if you have to think of every breath if you like you play video games you like time to pump more blood Stephen to control your own heart 10 guys because we don't know how to control the muscle like imagine if this comes my blood be doing that cuz I can do this all day shaking hands because we have control of Walking Dead start again on but after playing The Walking Dead video game I mean really excited me I almost went back and watched season 2 without to play video games there's a girl and she's beautiful she's beautiful I don't know what happened but that's sort of like everyone is up here play The Walking Dead video game and if you want I wish I could have and then to change it take two months with someone a month so we can delete my UK number to add my Us number if that's cool but we'll do it in the end of this number in your phone new is the wrong size for staff accountant at you I have like an old iPhone you can borrow and put them in time for your friends and yourself I can probably call and be like hey there any issues with this okay whatever red rings are red dots what and what you are covered is fucking crazy Jon Jones makes me feel happy and that is good not at the fucking workplace 3 hours a week if that what does not really for me personally that means a beautiful finishes and I have to do this production right here and he's everywhere he's everywhere this morning wake me up in no I want the look The reason I don't want to go because I feel like I'm immature up already I don't want to be responsible for another life and I like being able to travel whenever I want like a kid trying to Downey do you have any do you have brothers that have some no I don't have any problems as of right now we don't have anyone carrying the family line no no it's just me even my father doesn't have any brothers look I don't have any I don't have any male cousins with the same last name as brothers well there's a woman have a baby to carry on their name of the bloodline anyway like I was some kind of pressure to have lets on and Carrie might like the candle actually the family line my cousin my dad's Brothers cousin or his being my male cousin I'm competitive and will continue on without me thanks for round the camera in the car my parents and my grandmother used to always pressure me about it you are the end and take it to the Grave didn't think of Hitler's family like his relatives they actually like it actively sought not to continue that family law no I'm really to the pot or something where they want to have children just in The Perfect Storm nothing to do hole in one to do all the things the country might not Rally behind it because this is a really Mo blog Tumblr no Tumblr someone who can't have kids would take it and his semen the artificial insemination not official she is in your head only I need to have the baby I wonder if the couple would do it because TIE fighter Channel movie no cut studio 1940 Germany and like Hitler jerking off in the bathroom to at like of bile is like and let you know in case and then you know Dennis nedry is like trying to get the island this or space that I'm going to go down this time in Santa Barbara and then you know how Grand it and then they make and how many kids does has been prevented from becoming someone like Hitler no idea how many kids have died down by a truck quit right then take him out of the crime Lord as a kid is like you don't know what he's going to do later on if there's there's a thing on Reddit recently were Stephen Hawking apparently threw a party like you didn't tell anyone the date of the party when he threw it and it was a party for Time Travelers wedding invitations party announced when the party was for anyone who could travel through time yet but they didn't go exactly as he did so he threw time theories that time travel starts and we talked about this once the machine is activated for time travel you can never travel to a time before the machine existed okay you could experience any way this could be the first time this could be the first to be the first run no machine doesn't exist yet Back to the Future I think the rationale that the machine would not activate or work not because time will not allow it I don't know to get to that point in time before you can go back anyway so we just on the first one that will be a time could be tomorrow where time machines have been around or alive I don't know much but I know it wouldn't know it was him old guy who likes to the writing on his arm then a slight running around here like missing fingers is just one right the first time he was everything was fine then you were like what you do impact the future just like time travel and that's it effect anything in his life we went back into the speed of light traveling through time are you going backwards through time technically you're not allowed to tell her the only reason I know that is from Young Einstein like you will never change that your GPS work a couple of different to it because this one's for the wait this long this thing will get to it this tablet have been in orbit for so many years and traveling so fast the clocks are not correct on them at the same time to care either time because he stops this how we are time Barbara go to Vegas Gus has never been she's going to be there as well are you going to play craps Stephen King Wikipedia RTX we should do something with Casino not like they have this thing like it was like them craft tables and play show me this month I like at RTX like to at least Childs Play thing with promoting gambling for charity Charities for children with Auto X gaming a different form of Chamblee Chamblee or we could do that because you asked this question every week we should come police not going to be in the middle of the night sometimes I'll be there what do you think around it or you think about that pop ups on the browser to gear up its money to try to sleep with a shingle Lyrica which it was developed quickly to drink alcohol even a little bit gear Co-op Team America no strings sounds awesome we should order it and see who can keep alcohol down everyone X out like that I don't want to be in this country a drug a list of reasons why you probably shouldn't take it at home Audi did they say what the drug does that they didn't have to list the side effects if they just say the name of it lets you talk to your doctor didn't say any of that other stuff why don't they do that then I will know it's kind of the first one so you can about the name of the drug this understanding about dr. for Lyrica Shaun go to say I'm shittin blood on my right you might not be right in your not correct -2 to the General Public you like the one you always go to when I always get like this but um I don't know like the whole Healthcare System in terms for everything like low testosterone is the time now is low testosterone do it commonality Slow Mo Guys video you were given every day you came into grand in cash anytime and I will Walking on a 3 toilet papers everything what your first wife this case then it got even better when you don't have to worry about it alright my a hundred times every wax like the first one except for the hundreds which is a 501 is just like the last one friends I like it would take only X can you 100 times when you get up and get ready surround your sugar that's what happen when you said you wouldn't like it as an old man not let me do it okay come up with these scenarios in your head the pen how long Michelle is your good thinking I'm never bored unless I'm in the shower at my brain at times but I will never just be lying awake in bed without something holding something or watching it because my brain if I let it run its at 10 no my beard More Than This Moment new beer by Lady no no no ladylike for ladies only be like that you will not shave the beard Columbia and apparently it smells delicious mango shampoo Bow Wow Barbers not here she stayed in my guest room for a while and I think she moved out and left it in the guest room that's all look nice and so I took that I use that still leaves a little bit a little bit a lot of here so you don't go anywhere else probably which one is a few Shin Akuma cubes I'm so if I sell my body Liverpool what's Thumper to help the whole entire body walking power fluid facial hair in top of hair shampoo conditioner body like it's all bar soap or body wash 1915 what's that thing for Years yet shampoo and wash myself with water or shampoo shampoo using terrible and cleaning what time do it supposed make for hair which might be ok not all not all the hair on noted pickup slow pot up to something all right your shampoo and shower gel in one LeBron axe 3 not loyal to anyone particular but I don't buy it you don't you don't whatever you Grand make different types of rice super allergic to perfume so that's why I'm very particular for me I have to be very careful about the shampoo and soap and deodorant I use lets you shingle has anything with like crazy maybe she would wear perfume going to ask her to stop because perfume give me a headache is there quit and you like them no I don't think I've ever I've been lucky wake me up dude you don't know me you don't know really maybe if it's important if I can and if I run out and I can't find my friend if I start using one that's not one of those like 2 days later I got like a terrible rash on my arm that I didn't like people but it's good Twitter I hate you so much to wash your hands so you can just washing liquid is okay with you what's open in Greece at Unity of their country New Orleans that could have been identified from the king is no way the internal body to have somebody watch it was on someone's not rage from other side Queen by Nature yet you can't clean soap more than so you can put other stuff on soap to clean it before someone could just clean your body wash surfer in the from the past they would clean clean clean yourself with dirt as well Gus TV his dirty mother fucker just come down. Go to filter water is well alright back in the day probably bacterial infection on your skin if you shampoo this dead of shower Joe vitt special tool to clean the inside of my ear bow tie how do you clean your this ad you clean your ears with Q-tips until like the cold frozen lake and get police America your head would you pass out when you play with for me to do that why don't you jump into cold water Slow Mo Guys video Iron was telling me about why he was getting motion sickness and because when you're feeling movement for not seeing women like so you this look in the back of the car seat this feeling this make your brain thinks you've been poisoned because in that situation ever happens you'll never be just a room that is moving our people who are more prone to motion sickness are they like more susceptible to poison 4 Less susceptible a Karl a little bit I feel I feel like this point we should all get look at 6 super easy for holding to not do that anymore about stuff that isn't poisonous is there any difference in the human a human well I'm sure there's Monopoly that pages about look 4090 Natural Sciences this window is about stuff I don't think for the tennis the wrong that all those they come across but also there's some people who like to correct me and I know there are mysterious people never correct to you in a nice way not if you had a list so you can make something so that's how it is nice. That's what your Mercedes what is going on in the world I don't even care what's going on the street America the world in Jason new and but for some how America was not involved at all we were in that usually give a fuck you back but that's not being like holy crap 11 event the rest of your life if you can Stephen Curry you would want to spend your whole life in sadness you can learn something or someone and not not have that not dwell on it the rest of your life about something and still be able to do other things because my life is Nolan family not just ok but you move on you still trust me at about 1 new reminder to people that was cool no the last time I don't know I didn't try it in 2012 or 2011 I think I'm going to Return of the King everything's behind the real life that I have not cried at all people have died and been my favorite color it's funny you don't like I've gotten like the quicker I and II like to year up but I was really actually like bawling crying as they still hasn't happen too often but Summit 2012 on Ukraine of that motion that red bulls running where you can enter or you could have entered a contest over now you could have been to the contest to get pen to space well did you see the Super Bowl commercial about that there's a girl like you wizard of the dude comes out like to go about a kiss like the dude in the space dude comes out and then it's is an astronaut will always wait okay and are you go to their website you could have registered he had to do it by midnight on Super Bowl Sunday and axe would send you to space! I guess they're just going to the armadillo Aerospace Columbia this one is you told and it's like all this is ultimately if you go back far enough you can blame Richard Nixon for the whole thing was like damn it was supposed to build Space Station's back in the seventies and it space shuttle was supposed to take people from the slow people from Earth to the space station back and forth but all that's all we're left with shuttle that doesn't take anyone anywhere like all these government agencies had input into the vehicle that doesn't dude shuttle what do you mean what kind of 4 to go to the next one. That's happened in the world in the universe before I'm sure it has all happened so you're at your of your of mine where was somewhere out there is another civilization existing and have them okay on the end of the world what would you bet on Gavin what would cause a the world asteroid strike or alien contact we're bomb or nuclear technology destroying the world yet as man of people Progressive become more back the more civilized birth rates decline So eventually man will Peak and then tie off on their own lets you pan your password on the world of time it took the world to go from 5 to 6 billion people was quicker than time already slowing down and we Humanity are now on the downward slope the one that's good noted to old people who never had in order to sustain population growth every meeting couple has to have two point two children Chris and so as time goes on people aren't having as many children as a result people who should be having kids and of having nine kids should have children this world we live in the most population increase is slowing down and so I don't think you'll ever see a world with 10 billion people and then people in the world nuclear bomb explosion is big but it's not enough to convince the planet look like 2000 news to discover the plan I was already in inventory has enough people will survive and whatever ways and it wasn't because a shin point open my email this is Apple any more there's a book about that on the waterfront or something where is the beach if you no like this like World War the radiation hasn't gotten to Australia but it's coming because of the wind so they're just like waiting to die no still in the beach blowing the rest of the world destroyed itself a part of it but they're just hanging out waiting for the next thing truck explosion which is 17000 X world who would you risk your life and everything ever dude I don't care about everything every not just hear is clicking screw you then okay the carpet on my chest which properties are up to something very interesting day yesterday