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RT can't fit a whole pancake in their mouths.

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Recorded: 2013-02-13 22:31:21

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

list of celebrity podcast sponsor by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for a free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth Halo pancake on floor manager the owner of shrove Tuesday we are cooking up some pancakes here life on the podcast world Market same Argo Tuesday to take my because I'm leaning over a bunch she totally did Dan going to life I got I use the podcast budget to buy myself some cool always trying to call this week we have a lot to talk about including Gavin and I have to pay for his lost Ben pretended to look like Shingles disease if you played the tape the bed with me to like you life is shingles I would lick I told her I'll do it I wouldn't I would do it with like it's okay let me know like herpes Sam Club Cars Twitter I got chocolate chips and a little serving bowls cook chocolate chip white chocolate chip macadamia nut Summit Racing 4 breaking in particular I have graham crackers Grand birthday today is his birthday and some marshmallows s'mores me too but I will cook tomorrow at 11 right mushrooms are you feel better what if you need it out of work to justice so much of your culture fuck you shrove Tuesday getting pancake 7:30 on it is dice a grill what is the grill cake day you're a fucking idiot texting what is the difference like a single bed where was the conversations on that last 2 weeks behind my podcast good I thought it was but you play Squash Red Skelton to Pancake red taken out just about almost there then they have to go play tennis and Gavin lost 6-1 I did it was just once satellites audible of Me Jack left of them into the played for about 20 minutes at the end of it was printed out from the exercise and it was like nothing happened Buckeyes in the like he beat you Kiki and you're nothing yeah we lost you bowl but they're fucking covered in Gatorade yeah I have no idea what's going on 2 months stopping a lot of discussion in European football because your complaint pancake you're just want to come out this is a to this 10000 able to tighten up video podcast I wasn't talking to Pancake taken fight I will try to Pancake all the way over to Gavin Carol Wright night drop for pancake I really wouldn't be that bad when always thought it was some stuff after work first question that she asked as soon as I came in you have me there would you like to kiss with a second question she asked was can I make a pancake in the shape of a dick she asked that was right off the bat we were meeting yesterday I feel totally comfortable talking about RT X and one of the potential vendors ever going to have it RT X is a company that makes 3D printers and we just like to turn the printer on and make something out of those little cubes and to make a real object and we're talking about one of these as possible as we might be able to print things on the porch make sure you know based on the podcast are based on achieving hunter or something like that we might even get a 3D printer for the office I looked down the table as we're discussing this 3 different house cool if you have a 3D printer the office and parties like this bars faces like and she turns red at the beach film super Matt like Twitter X what is wrong with you people later Philadelphia X out at the bar already 6524 site on the internet Yahoo answers are there any serious answers on Yahoo stroll I don't know everything whatever the most recent thing I thought Yahoo answers the funny thing on Yahoo more brilliant and how stupid they are more cells in the answers that people troll with how are babies formed or something like that maybe my big one is someone wanted to know if they were pregnant and had sex with a big baby raptr of course. best I was really worried when I see that you toast and stuff like people have problems they can fix the stuff that's really coming like I should be able to find a tutorial how to spay a cat I would imagine that would be kinda looks like day 3 funny how to do anything Mardi Matt and in detail exactly how you the medication and then 2012 given probability like Auto 5 having sex so I'll stay sober I like to say which days are the best day of the week was day from here to and she looked absolutely mortified started at the beginning of last year so how many times you do it I would remember Abita she open the door try to tell her and then address for her permission to talk about partner for Life till 3 million podcast she said that thing to this couple's bed and every time they banged it would Auto tweet how long it went on for I have never heard of this every time the bed would be around for a few minutes with tweet the duration of the juggling you don't like people all the time right me on Twitter and if you follow the Big Ben clock to write you and ask you if you I should have time just every Argo as long as you 4 it's not that funny the good what am I what am I making s'mores waffle so that's it is pancake a graham cracker with chocolate chips in it and then I'm putting a little marginal thinking too much over the top much much more she just wanted to know why things like me Yahoo 1 year ran over whatever reason he Howard Hanna Brandon till Gus Howard 2720 if you still love Cinnamon Toast Crunch I discovered that there Toast Crunch address when we are finishing up RV DVD Ben toast I made him Rice Krispie Treats but I made them with cinnamon toast crunch she said of Red Cross and it was pretty damn ridiculous I have to admit to making France more so we had an intern before his name was Mike from Bad Boys we have a new intern is right here Jordan didn't have anything long enough to realize you know you're pretty life for the position Archer I'm sure we'll end up with that here pretty soon the whole thing sorry pants what to do when you get this pancake mix at like 12 up on the Shelf so have you had a chance to played in the Mass Effect 3 DLC I know what kind of talk around about it kind of disappointing for me to talk about it because it came out a while before you start the conversation like people Leviathan and Omega Bowl Omega you help me take Omega 4 Lucario Kiki when you go in yet like taken shirt number she always hangs out night club till out of this and Omega to help her go back Easter more interesting to me because it address some key questions we always had about the reaper so in Leviathan you actually meet one of the alien that the Reapers look is based on she created the Reapers in the first place like giant underwater creatures that look like squid and they didn't actually like me and apparently catalog and it came on their own what the what does it mean in a me Ben tweet later and contacts but I don't know why everyone kind of took that and Streamys Boogie oconnor to do like a the collectors were taking all a bunch of humans affecting them up and they basically archive the top species and then turn them into Reapers so they live from one iteration of this like film the Microsoft destroy the Argo the galaxy of the Galaxy and every person become like this archive but that being said you never see different kind of somewhere like this cover where you're watching something and there's literally something that does not make sense that happens in it and everyone else just seems to be taking it in stride like the least important thing and it's something X and O it's beautiful so what do you think about movie home remedy for me Father stroll super in the movie but there's a lot of people who picking apart a movie at the way that they enjoy it Inception he's not allowed back into the u.s. on the flight to the US that's where he has to complete the thing otherwise he would get arrested as soon as he let his kids but it just means someone else because that was one of things that makes it kind of odd is that there's rules that don't make sense at that level because boiler if you have not seen Inception there you're not source of real as a dream world or the real world so there seemed to be some things that are a little inconsistent but based on something like the fact that he can see his kids whether or not he's actually dreaming it I need it girlfriend and I guess somebody didn't know I was divorced and like and like freaked out on that weird information proliferate Jordan my X now From Dusk till Dawn the longer we might be dating at the time but it was you don't know who is dusk till dawn it starts off like the first 45 minutes of being like a gangster kind of dark Quentin Tarantino movie they go to a bar where there's vampires in the bar for Sundance at and I'll come the vampires Jordan had no clue everyone else knew they were going to be a vampire Sunset Tom High come down like the guy's neck and everything goes crazy the funny man tires for like 20 minutes and she's like Fuck is somebody going to mention the fact that this movie has completely changed no idea to know what you was going to see it what was it that I had never seen Boogie Nights and I didn't know what it was about I assumed it was something similar to Saturday Night Fever or something of the sort for they were dancing a lot and I don't know if you guys have things organized but it's all about like drugs and all that stuff so I'm just watching this movie I was in San Diego and I was watching it and I'm just like so when do they start dancing getting really weird 64 dance movies that disappointed but I still enjoyed that movie with the firecrackers are they going to do and if you bed good poll Tom Master the master same director and so would you would you like that are the master Boogie Nights I did not really enjoy the master to be honest it was hard never connect anybody in that movie well you connect with people in a movie but only because you spend so much God damn screen time with 2 people like a really long flight and try to avoid talking life story when you have a good film usually Rush Hour 3 taken and Taken 2 you don't want to white chocolate I know that's right shrove is it of origin of Thrones Twitter Alison to Alaska 3 because I'll get me to podcast stories told about by the way he was telling the story about how he cook I threw the ball in practice and got caught in a couple years the most amazing part that story to me with the fact that someone threw him the baseball and he had to ask him if he's definitely not from the time I was like to the X like 16 what happened basketball basketball a modified version of basketball here at the office because one time after a thunderstorm the gold fell over in the back bored broke off so we just had to stand with the hoop so we have to play with no back War it was Argo call hip hop and I played against Jack and Jill I want to say I'll kick their ass so don't say it bring it on did you put for 6 years I forget what she posted it to obtain absolution so it is related to Lindsay Highschool War she was playing soccer Sammy butter keep hitting the ball in the back and your fucking orange like that good God man you didn't even comment about this back when I do you say Lindsay like like like an arm wrestler or something like that or bed but I'm totally guessing that's like Sammy Sosa X like that not many people know Ray audible book more than 100,000 downloadable title across all X audible books audible podcast RoosterTeeth we talked about books you can try out like again Game of Thrones starting up really soon 2 good time to go and get those books also on Audible check him out caught up I really want to watch nothing the meaning to I thought I was gay Patrick so dumb to me but I'll watch it like a man people Sammy pilot but you show me the pilot the breaking bad I love that show the TV show my face to do that would show that I finally started watching after till me who recommended that Archer and I must to watch like 6 episodes I like and it's just ridiculous look up something they have the Mass Effect books and then I'm here to look at the Halo books right now so it's always interesting to go and look at you know the expanded universe especially some of these games you play and Halo in particular just wish you were kind of wanted to catch up on some of the stuff that to played in Halo 4 it was exactly story was the books are great like red Kryptonite the dice Summit last week I just talked to him by Frank oconnor and Kiki will kill she talked about building universities offer people in the entire universe 4 people books or all the stuff so when you play the game never books dr. Brett the books like you real or the doctors and now you know what your first one is at the first of the I don't know I think that we have not yet done this if you watch the terminal videos that are in Halo 4 the amazing me watch the whole story of Halo 4 review show same probably until he's actually Alison stroll at 343 when I was writing them I hope it's okay inarticulate guy on there who makes you just good internet well what the hell I'm a big fan of the show it was really cool to have that go I mentioned that Kiki and Frank at dice which is in Las Vegas so when I went there last week I went with the Barbara and Allen and his Barbara first time ever going to Las Vegas till and the airport is right next to the strip of land next to like all of the crazy Casino Z building and its like less than 20 minutes to go to the airport you can look on Google Maps where you go you still got the shirt taken your to report a problem with a lot of time to pants bad traffic we landed actually the first time ever been to Vegas before we landed going from the airport or hotel right on the strip the airport Tuesday at like 3 p.m. everybody it's just like a giant tourist attraction everywhere you go everyone happy and on vacation and will shirt War happen most people are happy I'm feeling Kiki on her not to have a bed to Barbara and she was at the table all clock and I was like and I was up I think five hundred bucks and I was like Gus I've never said this before but I love you and I want some and I ended the trip by breaking even know what I hear that's actually very good for your first trip in Vegas I would because I went in expecting entertainment and fun and there was a guy at one of the craft tables with me Alison to the table vs life big of guys who we could tell was just a huge douchebag also he was smoking which one would you do for a living to the attention like that unless from day we are going when will the cooking show and 3 months she was present in the front of him what you're my fiance is looking at him and I'm attached to the camera with a cable looking at what the camera sees my Matt Dice and some like I was going to come and stay at the shelter right then he's putting pancake the in between all the time he was looking to the side on the screen I could see him whenever we were and it loves the direct 2 come out on the TV show The Big Valley in between texts Rush she would like cook me up these little nipples Grill Halo time of the 2 days the whole shoot is 3 months like what the hell kind of ship was 3 months and then he would have I went online I went on to my Facebook and my profile picture and take it to the Matt books in the public rush to get him to look to the thing was ridiculous and on about 6 or 7 Christmas come out she don't always X insect like thanks to the lighting guy for people who've been on set with him 3 months to live Gavin Floyd big daddy butter your muffin the title of my mind projected game edit contact and he was once again taking me to the emergency stretches best way to do it equipment you don't don't bother dr. I went to I had to go get cable like a boy names like come over here LOL just raptr to this being wheeled out the back of an iPhone I checked the computer weird the next girlfriend X Easter podcast everything and she goes man Gavin with a lot of action State and I'm like is really go out kind of Shadow like no way like yeah he doesn't want to go out and full of the terrifying we have established Gavin and which is highest possible results with the least amount of effort effort put forth the way up so why would you or would you like night till the next day can I ask you a question how detailed Inception or not qualify I like to do things like a level that you're not you're not counting on it sex every time spreadsheet like a blow it would be one thing you the spreadsheet if you spread your cheeks I want to work the next day and you update like that well you should do it again I did but I want to make sure that I no Patrick or copy and paste it into Excel using ho ho if it wins that was coming off of your life Sammy x ray waffles or pancakes oh my God I hope that you guys are drunk right now I have the most delicious Kobe beef I think before we get to that we went to this new Stakehouse like right next to the Aria it's called she from other people who do of Morton's Steakhouse and till date they still take but they also have like a Runway platform to the middle of the restaurant and they have girls come up in costumes and like model and Dan Day dance for about 30 minutes each good like go off to change of another girl comes onto like models and dances it's like yeah they really like they will like day best range me State and women well it's like this is very appetizing me and this is very appetizing me taken how much would it cost I would you go by that was that and we are at the bar with the head shadow dancers I was in Vegas I think like 4 I feel like 2 or 3 weeks you guys we went for New Year's and Gavin I went with Dan from Slow Mo Guys Dan gruchy Dan if Gavin did not give you back the money for those drinks he took it with him I need to find money in PayPal from X finding money is always great like free money any money he's talking about and then find again but it's my turn to buy something with PayPal I found a $20 bill at the grocery store I thought I was like the greatest moment in like a 10 year old Bible when the PS3 came out I can afford one and I'm away from you you're not try to buy one used on eBay and I did it online successfully 445 pounds how much pay for the PayPal I had 146 pounds just tight enough account I don't know about perfect every winter when you put on your way alright we want to see what happens right now it'll happen ocean Auto 1 cheats Frank started tweeting that they're going to announce information about their next game Destiny have an LG good information available Boogie like announcements pretty good big unit and then like 299 for the one that's only 4 gigs I have no freaking clue what you would what you store on it I don't have any idea when you can download games on demand can you buy that one and Get It upgraded to the memory unit the different colors Dawn come in different sizes now the black is the better one in the white is the cheaper one I really don't have Kiki big I have the white one I got your back talking about this because it was available before Christmas that particular day that I went to look at it I bought it cuz I thought for sure it was hard where it was going out of stock but man that thing doesn't seem to be selling very well for themselves everywhere they look like the week is going to retire next week and we gave him a gold that is crazy that is unbelievably 3 over there in till the bed texting to confirm that works really well best restaurants in Northern Atlanta Ashley being retired next week he's going to come and live with me and my new house she is wearing collar you can cut back to the life we chose Joes I think they pancake I need 3 super glue it was expensive every second we spend but didn't finish which was Matt who was in the podcast before we met when we were in college one time made the stupid it's claimed and he is stuck with it to this day is that he says that red Cotton shirts are softer than all other kinds of shirt because it just red cotton the softer and I can't believe that firmly believe that like oh my God video pancake art on to make an awesome heart Dawn USU what colors from Tuesday till around 10:10 men and women don't want like I want of red probably cable man was me on it but the guy wouldn't care what color County when was the first red why you seem to have the right to have you ever seen red in nature yeah I'm pregnant from wrong I'm pretty sure it's red the only way like red food coloring is a very difficult color to make and make it edible and I want to see the only source for red food dye is like this one specific Beetle from South America that they have to grind up and extract the red color from it Audible and it still working what bug brown with stripes never seen before but then it's everywhere Philadelphia Geoff you've ever had it it's delicious know what's up yeah I can't wait out of a party hat from X me some time to party we're going to do it this week X band ever going to be Gras pancake Tuesday this with you when you texted me last night she's like oh my God I forgot that tomorrow is bad Tuesday said that we should also point out that it's also Brandon's birthday today so happy birthday to Brandon who works very hard on the podcast taken credit for the work that X were also smaller one is white chocolate macadamia one what somebody somebody got upset if they noticed that I kind of like that one of the ships me know whatever works like that red cotton the doctor Howard Jack I mean I don't think that it was something he said that I always disagreed with that she proven true to me this month which is basically half my time between Los Angeles and Austin that's why I've been gone from the podcast the last couple weeks about she been out because you're working on talking to TV networks about putting immersion season 2 on TV I'm curious to know what people think about that you're not interested in working on more about that later but traffic is always said that LA traffic is not as bad as Austin traffic World smile to mom's car and I was laughing about it but guess what he's absolutely right Day LA traffic is better than Austin traffic I got back to Austin in traffic in to highways in Austin that go north now that's true and in La how many are there till it's also like a cat same books with a cat that I had that you would be nicer to everybody else but me she would not let me touch her because the other woman cook for her I know but I would Barbara the real Burnie Argo 5 in to the office that was the first time that we brought to the office and for whatever reason Ben she took a journey she love making love when she just behind the she was behind him on the chest in the very address small the small of his back and she was laid there for 8 hours and need to be like all the way forward and share and we kept saying that you wanted to food to give to Congress I guess we determine bench was not going to come with us and so is actually my ex-mother-in-law mother-in-law ex mother-in-law what reaction you're not married you have a sister in law you don't have to be married to be your sister-in-law but her mother would be nothing and her brother do we have anything Uncle Monty Monty know my parents waited very long to have any my parents had me when they were 45 waited very long X I 4520 I was always offset from Generations in my family I had and it was actually my cousin but she was like 10 so yeah so fucked up that we called her and she will have like 5 years older than them a couple like that yeah yeah that way I have an answer. That's fucking crazy I had a teenager right now you ruined their life you think what would be like if you had a teenager I don't you think you be a good parent to a teenager that you would tell them to shut up can you measure Gavin with 5 year old that is fucking impossible I know I know Michael would you I probably hang out like an hour day then give it to someone Gavin to be really good day actually I think he would step it up and try to throw balloons on the grill Beyonce Matt and blue unlucky to turn off computer from time to time you know what yeah I understand correctly good luck do you have incredibly good like what are you on about look at your life you have 2 Channel Celebrity who me the what you do is not based in town 4 skill or anything like that but you are as we were one of the most fortunate people I know all you have to do one TV show in the Gordon bar shut the phone off after one banana in his book Letters but I knew a dude I am pretty lucky on the first day of my life I had a good one if I died tomorrow I would dude if you were like when everyone is a few people that parent like most people have that kind of thing when he was 7 his dad died it was like the kid with no dad Dan was 12:15 like he was cut like me I want to get close to anyone girlfriend there was a egg to day went out to dinner and they were sitting outside of the patio and it was the night that he was going to propose to her and somehow there was a piece of the building that was loose and it had fallen down onto the patio and crush this girl and killed her instantly and that was why the master promissory note Twitter it happened I want to say 2009 Barbara the legend will be there just a few food restaurant side of the restaurant anymore that's for sure. But I she had that we once again have reached the desk 4 Ebola XLVII same thing happened I'm just to let you know I just I watch like this you told terminal like to get dressed you can try calling pitch black pitch black because he's wearing Cardiff I just pick the next one down the line I just have on 1 Powell Grand I just washed up on that then you follow just like that yeah speaking of clothes do you have any shirt on today War x ray x ray a poster of Patrick collaborated with Tom Dan Tom to some kind of the from the background the text Halloween costume dressed up as was great costume in all but I think the weather in Quebec where can we go to get like a custom superhero suit made War at Mass life make Captain Dynamic I guess so it's true what they say that they will get a price on it so we working with of the Union Address is also competing with a Tuesday got to look it up Streamys knowledge benefits a ton of names and all the stuff that good for him like in great detail and in the end it just says and Gavin books of the laws big on the face we should definitely children's Grill Auto shut-off I guess after Super Store the good today had a funny thing where I went through I just wrote on Twitter I'll be watching the live stream of a stick pointed out that it from immersion goes and she will make it harder for people in Canada and the UK to watch it I think about that particular day with a very strong web presence like on the website like a week after and anyway it would take a while to get them done and a big thing for us is that we're not going to sit on an idea while we wait for someone in TV to figure out if they want to put on her out we'd rather just put it on herself it comes down to that but we gotta look at it when you mention the BBC I remember when I was in Vegas I don't watch cable in my hotel room so America commercial for a TV show but they put him taken to a prison and he has to help improve a prison kitchen and teach prisoners how to cook food Behind Bars Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen in the UK vs Hell's Kitchen in America I guess they have the attention span of a lemon or something but these fucking people watching you right now Alison Lohman best I think I like bike I have about 5 seconds I think I saw to cut and then that would make a cut something else and if there was anything that they would cut in and put the colors so it's like a negative image and then put it back in the completely different completely me like you right now white chocolate macadamia pancake 2 sunny in the control room I probably will be on next week like at I gotta go back to Los Angeles was were nominated for Streamys can't go anymore for that but thank you to everyone who voted for this Sunday don't be life stream Saturday Sunday 3:17 17th 714 Thursday Sunday 3 p.m. pretty sure it's coming from before we started the podcast are showing Gavin like shingles like you can have to lick this and he was kind of trying to make him scared and Monty walked in Halo Twitter I was afraid we were going to leave out people account in UK and everyone Australia is mad that I left him out of being left out with no car till we left to go out of the u.s. just want to say that he's going to go for supanova like in a month or two I think and he's going down when he just me and Jack and probably some other people that were the definite now going to Pax Australia you should come to pass Australia if you want to go you want to go I don't life always going to be someone else you want to go fighting with a fucking idiot brothers getting yelled at can you not know the reason why because I'm life I repeat that 25 foot the whole thing in your mouth that's makes the entry this memo how can a really really comes up big shirt Archer said earlier that you can literally find a quarter that is for anything there's some guy watch this right now I was going rush like Reddit /r sex pancake Barbara doesn't even know the Photoshop existing Geoff papx the better through every single thing I told you my secret about keeping memo Ashley shirt the Ruby trailer is coming out this week we're hopefully know the status now of immersion I would say we'll probably know exactly what's going on with immersion by the time PAX East rolls around the end of March we're not going to wait any longer anything like that so it's going the other question people asking about is about a production we've mentioned occasionally called day 5 we shot it at of some things that RT X last year with 1,800 extras that is really cool we do have stuff in the works for that we just can't talk about it yet but I would expect anything on that till probably even RT me season 11 start maybe sooner I had a poll on the website yesterday 4 x 4 of podcast our time was to make sure we're still hitting a time that the agreeable for everyone game like most people were happy with the 6th 8 p.m. start time somewhere in that range I think we're going to we're going to keep our start time and played in the day as it is the Light Between the day of the week I like everything behind us we're going good. We had some problems yesterday you promise that this morning that if we turn the lights on while I was catching we lose the whole situation that we're doing something down and kill the recording to help but you also didn't want to be like problem UPS is what you should have done exactly that in every situation was something that happened I just believe in 2 minutes never let me even just one it was high-energy Journey let's play off to it may not seem like it after not playing and try to keep talking all the time and it's been all over we can do that that sounds like a really interesting Frank and then you'll be all right we got to record commentary for this and Geoff will be like alright what's up guys I'm like super high will like screaming it will not let me move on but I'm in the room right next to him all the time over there and it during the day for people still in the office I had to interview someone for PHP developer position in the bill in the office right next world record 2 Rage Quit 900 company in that kind of thing what is the one thing you have to say Fest to the regular person coming into the into the forest what is the one thing you say first like just so you know I'll be laws Halo day good luck today shirt War film X like I go to Matt Gus unbuttoning his shirt one by one always X when your school will you without you Ashley about it really small nipples the bigger now feel like they were smaller or bigger Argo Cycles totally just read that in detail to her on your podcast listeners but I really don't want to marry if you have time if you decided just not to care as much as I do everything else what was it don't you love making yourself look stupid and every other regard like you will take photos let me know what you think about yourself ugly as possible Moon River to same root of horrible like taking pictures funny Jack to go out when I get rejected night making game of that myself I Matt right out with it I mean where we go state fair I want to say that she had the crush noises do that I'm I wasn't freaked out it wasn't it wasn't worried about it cause stress has an actual effect like a physical difference between getting your tracking story ever in the to be more attracted to like each other Movie 5 dice Fest La the time and they have hot stuff like as a physical effect on the body I was worried recently the I might be too relaxed like I'm teaching my body to become so like the one one stressful situation does happen I might die from it is it possible to be too chilled out I think so I will admit there was a moment Gavin seems remarkably on British in that moment and it made me think like you were faking it this whole time and then when the balloon pop the balloon pop and you said in a completely non British accent the balloon pop and Gavin got his like he was talking about pouring fever like Summit can I get different to being startled like an explosion went off I won't be like that me on to the cow I want you to do that that was something I buy on the shirt that said I was deeply from the Braska so I went out there raptr Egoraptor just raptr the company raptr the gaming Geoff it's a gaming company when you play a game they update your Twitter account fancy we aren't 2 years ago and then I found it annoying and then everyone who signed up with that bowl to tweet more game than the last France she says you don't want to do anymore I need someone to unsubscribe to raptr the login so I sent him this email because I couldn't log in this is why I replied to the e-mail cops getting a bunch of Dawn I don't know my login information and shouldn't have to use it under scribe for tens of thousands of emails I don't give a fuck about my raptr score or anything my friend request are you fucking fuck off fuck off state to write thank you oh thank you crappie spawn emails from the dead goes back to the things to do that's one thing we've learned over time is that people individual people on the internet can be assholes and till I had this thing on Facebook of early when I posted a picture of Ashley and somebody who didn't know that I was divorced food Ashley Barbara nights over 3 months and girlfriend it proper to say that I got a Barbara Lee X ray Sosa comments going how is everyone okay with day is 4 marriage of the movie Life it's like 11 copper same one person can make like it seems like a lot of people post on my Facebook is my friends or people that I know that you got this and I have described as she I thought my friends were like oh I'm going to try texting me all these people are like that on your Facebook Thread about this terrible terrible thing I can't look at I have a little trouble getting their stuff what did you just speculating while you're posting a picture of somebody that they don't know and like where I interact with people vs my real-life friends from like Highschool to Orly like and different is like what their level of I would like tubgirl lemon pie me if you open a daycare she was like what the when you deal with people like on the internet Gus nights over the years have dealt with complete and total assholes and then we have had I don't know the experience I guess you could say I'm going to conventions and then meeting me actual people in real life Source like oh hey I'm like user X keyboard on the site and Gus night like I stayed up cuz I know I told you I'm going to punch Gus too funny I'm going to record it and it's like we're like ready for I don't know what and then the person just like I was so funny I'm so happy to meet you like a lot shorter and younger than Experian think would actually the real life people in real life that we've experienced like just because you have a lot of people that I even though they tell me that username I think I need to like I asked him what your avatar is cuz I just associate those two things together and people change raptr I get mad I don't like I don't like it even on any social media I never changed my name is there any Gavin dice to cheat the nipple with the Santa hat on it I think because I was 14 boobs look always who's the hot girl posters like lesbians Sammy 2 for straight hair to make straight right but you guys make it straight I don't know Yahoo I have pictures of x + y everyone way more comfortable with that pretty Saturday marriage big deal anyway I might just make it legal in France that was surprising to me that it's a talking point of it was interesting but I wish it was like slavery in the old history stuff you can be! Pokemon Yellow big night we had a discussion I think it was in pornography like what's the worst thing that can happen like what's the worst thing you can be in a porn that will make you like turn it off and we determined that if they cook if ever a cup Sosa pictures of an important videos in real life how about you know it's like you kind of on the boundaries of being breaking poll and if it comes out that's not the point equivalent I hate when you make those little sounds are at like you always say it's right next to my car Gavin is it legal in Canada to my home UK till Partnerships occur in the same sex marriage laws as we speak OK like in the UK today have you been watching porn 4 it's all good best like instantly grow city of turn off because you don't like it I would never do with and I'm glad that's what you look for the kind you like people in poll they like to spread things and then make everything the camera down there Detroit good America Z papx Ben Abita bad sex with the lights on or off super life UFC would get at the question then not answer big I think the towns that it Saturday State effect till you need a title for an old lady Journey different Super Vinci Howard Saturday after Grand game marriage see what they got and we have a couple of till breaking Abita like to bring up if you're not allowed to not even try Tuesday Mardi Gras I'm going to probably just watch it here but I want to give an update just to let every know that I know this stuff because I think people feel compelled to tell me not because they're trying to be funny but Lindsay and I think I also was thinking about doing right now current event the podcast and collar like the most like preventing I am so sick of people asking what the fuck and fuck myself is it true that good things one way it was just 2 people in a bad and it's empty Arena and it is still getting on the collar I just love that jump cut to the same space but totally different environment in the face I like what you do right now Silver Linings Playbook the people tweet me about that always Eugene played at the best movie Argo Day Z the book everyday taken image of the PGA that we went to the producers Guild Awards no I don't think so wow she had wrote down Gordon hour CVS go to the producers Guild Awards that was Beverly Hills and that was awesome was he like nominated against up like 30 Rock which like and one Dexter Game of Thrones was nominated Breaking Bad and it was fun it was a crazy event the internet branch of mainstream Media stuff H+ was nominated at the web series Guild was nominated and red vs blue animated and then also Dexter and 30 Rock so let me like it was the producers and I guess producers really like to talk because he was like 15 minutes it was war and it was so much God damn to the people awards get like 10 seconds to talk and they cut him off for me Sosa and then in the middle of it all in the military awards to give a Lifetime Achievement Award that usually somebody who I'm sure absolutely deserves it most the time you don't know who they are even though they're completely relevant and influential producers Guild Awards day day about 6 of those awards for a lifetime 6 commemorative like over 11 war that were part of a category like to in to the producers came up and was like you don't like the Golden Globes when best Series wins and this huge group of people goes up on one person talks everybody talks everybody talks awards for you start doing stuff like this life big 2 I guess I can't seem like it seems like a reward for an accomplishment right but the actual I think function for an award is to whisper Discovery because then people they publish about Awards and stuff that's all and I never heard of the famous I don't War it was getting into I've heard of Journey to game I've never seen what it looks like or played it right it was a ton of awards including game of the year and now I'm just like I really want to play Journey I have a lot of people play Walking Dead because it's war in The Walking Dead which one of the war Awards I think it's very important that regard for discovering new stuff I never I never heard of The Sopranos Awards and I'll just stay with the office in the UK it wasn't till the one of the fastest the people started watching it yet every me 372 hours of footage uploaded so if you're going to watch every single video ever post on YouTube you would fall 3 days behind every minute you try to do that that's crazy I can catch up one I want to watch every episode of Saturday Night Live ever went on it I'll be at be years before I finished yeah if I want to listen to what year did you just watch everything you can watch now 7637 yeah I was the best episode collar with the George Carlin write what was the score of the New York Saturday night that I forgot to tell you people always talk about how the older John Belushi and breaking talk about how the early stuff holds up Riverside from I think of the Matrix isn't really any topical stuff in reverse White River School and explain if they know or believe they will watch it if they I don't like Halo I don't think I've ever watched yeah I'm still watching the show because they watched it and I loved it obviously Red vs Blue in the world who doesn't know what Halo Halo she just doesn't know that based in something else Destiny France Halo just give him additional level of appreciation of its blue but you don't need it then yeah when I was on the jury for an awards thing as an injury to Festival it was a game starts with their Sundance and there's like the Hindi version of Sundance slamdance Sundance started as an independent festival and it still is called independent but independent movie like the ones the wine Edition one-year the inside of game competition I was on the jury for the slamdance games competition and we saw all these games you and I came back from the first day of presentations and I said everyone I came back to the we were at his like the laws that we were staying in my car played a game and it was a game called narbacular drop and these guys have made it you are a princess and you can make demon gate you can make a Red Demon gate and a blue demon gate and never like and squares with a demon as on top and if you made them then you go to the Red Demon gate and come out the blue one and he can put the ceiling and the floor and drop through this like this like this the whole exactly to put on the magnet corner of Hanover and like that and like looking at myself 3 things to the demon game and I remember as soon as Ray and I said I'm not I said obviously this narbacular drop game is the one that's got to win this is gotta win this is like the greatest game I just think it's incredible and they would really like it was about the games I realized it was about the festival and what did they want to portray is the festival little like well you know you know do we want to be known as a game Festival the price to convert of games or like games that people normally wouldn't play and these guys are narbacular drop they have a contract already with a game company called valve and as I told Val really got and that's the team that turned narbacular drop in the portal now but it was like the in the world I'm really sad that they went to somebody else they went through it was a good thing but it wasn't the game of the Gameboy get out it was it was a game where you ready to make it sound terrible but you red to dinner and you're having a conversation at a dinner party rush me conversation with a really great game like it easy or something like that if you don't know in history that I don't have anymore they could have been the festival that was kind of like broke portal to the rest of world in El and be more people discovered it not the portal needed it but it was like always still weird to be and he go narbacular drop clock you can see there have conversations with me that I went up to them looks like you guys had the greatest day ever I love this fucking game incredible it was one of the smaller print me one of the things poll this at this point it's kind of to the side so you can see yourself on the game is going to come out like they're constantly updating their push to release I think that's pretty interesting about it don't Australia to 4 sorry I'll show you sorry I didn't follow rules Australia always violent content they always like the Left 4 Dead 2 even even change the cover of the game for having us it was just holding it prisoner 3 skirt Gavin alright well we're going to wrap things up here pretty I got Burnie podcast that be awesome and now we have a fancy new bridge over X cat retirement party if it's okay look I'll go I'll make sure I'm here for Joe the cat retirement party will turn out okay maybe you're watching everyone hey that one pancake