#206 - RT Podcast

RT is blinded and burned by the light.

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Recorded: 2013-02-21 02:16:06

Runtime: 02:15:08 (8108.74 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, Jack Pattillo




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Chris absolutely practice poncho by Carbonite Online Backup Carbonite backup your computer files for you to the cloud automatically and continually start your free trial today at Carbonite.com no credit card required use the offer code Rooster Teeth and get 2 free bonus months with purchase this absolutely Steve podcast is also brought to you by Shutterstock.com with over 700,000 high quality video clips of Shutterstock helps you take your creative projects to the next level for 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth too that's Rooster Teeth and the number 2 Welcome to the special retirement party Joe the Cat episode we like to thank Joe two Cat 4 years of useful counterproductive service good and I'm glad you're finally be out of here my brother wrote to make you feel better but him and he looks like a little Burnie too drunk already like Danny Glover lethal every like I'll get too old for this shit super seven girls to Two Rivers Argo Livery by the way Brandon here you have it I found one behind one in front I should also point out that about 30 seconds before mid life dead Brandon act the question can cats get rabies act like you didn't hear what is the division what animals can get rabies what animals cannot get rabies monkey saying it's only mammal electric lizard tank it right now I'm asking questions that are not so if you have to question the question is an idiot? An alligator alligator blood cure HIV HIV virus so they're going to use alligator blood as a potential future replacement for antibiotics flight from the alligator blood like hinges by 10 then you have to kill the for the full effect the problem is I guess there's some other component of alligator blood that kills you the good part of the alligator blood alligator blood day he was injected over once a week and injects self with Venom Cobra Venom becomes the most like like a half-dozen times something like that and everyone ask me anything you know that you're crazy you had like this over there something an explanation for why he made a critical mistake like he used Venom it was absolutely like what is your basis for doing this he had nothing I'm just I'm just always hear the voice that spoke to and told me I have a question how did Cobra Venom turn in the AMA can I see why you came over I had a voice that just told me to do this I hope I work poop poop poop I like him I don't like him like that bye truck as well as to how many dogs do you see this running around dog TV show try to catch like a dog a police dog on roof of an Eden hit by dog Apple Store Korea Austin BBQ two little hat yeah I should have but then we gave with color 3 years of service Joe we're going to miss you for everything you've done what severance package does anything very difficult the Hat it was really hard to find a cat dies part you hat on the internet I would have thought that's what it was going to be in the picture exactly what is in for next year to have like a picture of The Cat in the Hat on the bus interview the next day bowtie outfit you just Russia little dog up in outfits but if you don't like when Joe is here and is a good pet I just don't like being here and everywhere North Berwick out by this point cat we had a by Brian and you stopped box whatever it was because every where are Porsche's the on exam go to Collective where's my cat like water like jump in the water and drink it with water already we have expected Lemonade Mouth blood you got to go to the store Joe and not going to figure out what exactly I want to get those automated cat litter box cat game it was one of the worst cat ever that wasn't the problem with that I'll tell you right I should have known from the start I was young I went to the animal shelter like I'm going to rescue a cat and there was a cat who is like in jail and he was like freaking out like this like he wants to so it's like they're like do you have any small children in your house that's like a little bye cat was talking to you but with no one would come over to my apartment and it Columbus maker really really I don't know, they just come up plane ticket cat in the white in the mountain trail you know what to do and you don't turn your back to it and then Apple French people like to act like a dead for a bear it is that they had to train people in areas where this big black mountain cats that you do the opposite that if you see a cat you make a big commotion and you make yourself look bigger and if the cat comes at you flight cat the mountain lion old act right you don't be punished you know it's going to be a fight what does a nipple with someone if you man out of it cat punch like a good solid punch meteor Fighters that because they're trying to most people can't find my head in my mind it's going too funny if you're being chased by a big dog and I and I and I got pushed out of the way and then went to go help the other guy that I first got it clock in the jaw and I was just like I was like I didn't everybody thought that and then I was like hey my life we can prove my location it would be funny if that happened every time like whenever someone wakes up we continue to lost and never do it to everyone it will be like you don't remember getting clocked in and Jack Black Joes wreck 20 minutes after you open it make more sense to run away you and it will jump on your back and take you down to charge it to turn around and just like run in the opposite direction and you throw it off anyway you are you have some kind of control in the station like if you just jumping on your back you done like you have a dog like that passed away forearm in order to get a shot give the dog arm what does the dog do like to give the dog her arm just don't do that like I didn't act like this or text me back that way hit it with you Big Love try to set up lunch with me magic boards their back what what does not make sense about the old liquor store truck in front of in your back on the Block my back lick it in the backup in the we all agree that I'm right 200 us-206 265 cat in the history the podcast repeating something has never made a few smart ever ever seen over and over you like Joe HIV while it doesn't matter practice dice that and then the dogs got to come back around and get you but you still running at the dog is running credible military open the back of the shirt play back the other day text Liam on 4 month it was like I was taking Aleve and I paid for the $20.35 drink an independent you have a history of colon cancer in your family I will look it up and it look we 23 and me to give me a good idea your family really 110 what's going to be your story when you're a hundred and ten like she ran into people like you're going to tell that story all the difference woman out this here for you to remind everyone podcast is brought to you by Carbonite you backup your files if your computer froze up and if you should can you access your files cat in time anywhere if not you should try Carbonite Online Backup Carbonite is cloud backup with automatic in continual plus you can access your backup files and any computer or on your smartphone or tablet with a free Carbonite hat unlimited backup space for your PC or Mac is just $59 a year and if you run a small business Carbonite has plans Apple backup other computers service an external hard drives for Aloe plant annuals to start your free trial dead Carbonite.com no credit card required an offer code to Rooster Teeth to 3 months if you decide to bot Carbonite offer codes Rooster Teeth I think I heard a scream from the control room Apple think so Ray it is backed up from the back Venom over online working here I can Looper want to take it home working on whatever and I brought it home and I was going to like I was cleared out because I didn't put on it so I went I hit the drive on my Mac finder and in trash and then realized one of my internal hard drive it was like all of my music on my phone I remember I remember as it was old me is something wrong with this whats it was erasing 49000 files and I was like oh my God so I thought it was 800 it was 1.7 terabytes worth of stuff that I and yeah that was a nightmare so individual one terabyte of data recovery programs able to get a lot of it but the problem is now something if there's any of your files and that's on my 3 0 0 13001 what does between a container file that it has a bunch of photos yes so that the container car broke so all of my photo jpg captures are now just giant like this it's jpeg thousands of JPEG file whats 10 x Argo on too it sounds like the same old stuff that wasn't the worst thing that you can recover so it was one of the worst night I've had a very bad day call Gus in my office I'll see what's up and I will have Disk Utility open and I'll say I'm formatting hard drive on this time I'm in it you liking this drive which I am identifying is that right there is that correct even know why you bother me that is correct that is and like whats play Montieth my surgery I did I was so proud of that too I'm picking hair out of the air with abroad Hart right then that it was an internal drive that was plugged in it wouldn't even then nothing you act like it was dead did you get them crazy Google searches and found out that sometimes drives get over voltage and it's like a little capacitor that burned out on the board on the PEB on the hard drive so he opened up the draw and cut out that little chip from the PCB board and put it all back together and in the Hart of walking again little circuit board that controls the hard drive it's about this big on a normal size hard drive Sata this one was that screwed on their place by just like the outside case there's no like flush cut and and his little sister off at one point and it worked again the problem is not real Apple because it doesn't have that over volt protection it is the one little resistor that it burns out to protect the drive but nobody knows that's what I'm talking about basically it was we had another drive that was almost identical to that one that we were going to throw away anyway I was in my office virgin having bye damned proud of myself but still whats it called when your dead body practice surgery first and then go over there and we just put the wrong voltage on It In The Sticks just a little so did you ever find out what man put together finger stuck up there but apparently 40 is what is the age when you earlier if you have a history Summit according to hit you papa for anything but now you're talking about prostate exam that is different in a colonoscopy prostate exam finger if I quit whats the word Google autocomplete when I type in how many states Road on a for that online alright what is how many fingers Awards good God how many on your feet how many fingers in a prostate how many fingers whats the price for a Google what to expect from a prostate exam no one finger Brandon and I guess the end of the season actually got his prostate checked while Steven is you're sitting there listening in on headphones and watching it was damned thing as prostate dice with on general practitioner who was old military Dr truck that don't you that I was like no way too involved cat hernia do you have bad backs anymore that's a good dude in the fifties comes home from work with a bad back strain Burnie you I was working out or something but not did you did you hurt your back you haven't you probably could love you just like you're batshit you got to have a strong back you have your dad text you pretty late but Gavin the thing I think that you can you can get somebody off by massaging the prostate Wii courses we walking road trip we got this in the mail prostate exam single-engine propeller plane carborator freezes carborator an uncontrolled hit his wife his mother-in-law and their babies we need a beautiful field or something we can control this and it's such a calm way flight crash an self doubt they'll get old good God I like people walking away from Mass two to talk about that but is that Clifford the big truck crash in their guy actually comes flying through the windscreen we just what the hell crash car you still going to Pieces walking the pizza play any song called come in a corner kick up and rolling skate on its roof and The woman Inside with your screaming and he won't even try to help her out if you really want to show whats too but there's nothing there what time we had gone to the liquor store that was like kind of down the road from where with the school and we're driving back to University and it's kind of maker Houston we got to the light the light was red I was we were waiting for left turn light turned green the car from with didn't go and then Electric Red it you're like what the fuck the light turned green the car didn't go again return something out of the car walked up to the car in front of us and it was like passed out Apple Store her foot came off the brake the car starts going an and we'd like and put his Villa cat a station that was there at the intersection and then I guess we park it turned it off so that kind of stuff she had a heart attack while driving on the highway so the car was having a pickup in front of her and then just kind of like you don't put on his brakes and slow down her car just by stopping reporter fund passed out redlining car on YouTube that they do that from a from a stadium but he was drunk after a football game get his car gets it right bye cat is it going to cost you guys alright the engine Apple 4 engine abrahms World Cat what old website Eliza how you can tell is an older video visits for 3 North Philly shirts does in Philadelphia 37 for something dude you're blowing up your car $5,000 damage to car he still out yet you still out I hope you had a good time one night where I get too drunk and make a fool of myself and I can't remember what happened you see the last thing I remember is taking the shot that the last memory is the feeling of a glass and the ceiling in the bed Wii hat we was up it actually we can we move from place to place too much time to we went we started off the Streamys had an official after-party then we went to like there's always digital Studio exist online like there's a network maker Collective Studio the next time think about this with the people that maker bot 3D printer 102 it was printed here at the office it seems like you guys are going to be this devious Argo too well we have to learn how to model a dick in my ass first and then we can the internet you can download a model of a dick download car so I'm really really that was just made in a way to reveal to we get it printed out but don't know if you seen it in the back of the passed Vega Barbara two classes to Barbara napping 20 minutes you know tomorrow Wednesday at 5 p.m. the PS4 for the PS3 different November 2006 what were the Nintendo like Nintendo Super Nintendo like what was that launched in 88 and the 94 Super Nintendo between countries in Japanese American North America was August 23rd 91 Europe was April 11th 92 and an Australian was July 3rd 1992 so it came out almost two years in Australia two years after game in Japan was traded his right there next to Japan play the road I think the separate region in the first region including for Blu Ray yes but they have let us know that the number would you get to the Apple console I think so how many units do you think it still good we love to be a lot lower 40 million how many 41 million 5949 the Nintendo World winners in Philly Game Cube right me the Game Cube really whats look it up NES America well I'm excited I'm ready to see the next-generation consoles I'm really curious to see how they're going to incorporate more online aspects like him an Xbox Live this generation is an amazing on the idea of doing like I actually heard on Fox News talking about the PS4 announcements driving around and I heard on the radio they were saying that is going PS3 games bidet it just dream that the station is created remotely I believe anyone remotely and I know that's funny right there out of the PS2 chip and walking whats the best selling console of all time self 180 million third of 53 million feet probably everybody's video game console but not everything the last 25 months the Xbox 360's out sold every other console like out in the last 25 months in a row and I'm really having trouble staying still making up that I have a good thing with the PS4 to the Xbox and the PS3 came out are there any games with a head-to-head aspect like new Super Mario Brothers hat on the DS Mario Brothers on head-to-head WiiU you can play cooperative mode but you don't play so Cooperative because you can like when someone's playing on the controller traditional Mario Style you can sit there with the Wii U pad and red light areas like platform for them to jump up like he was going to be one of those people fire people within that budget that you haven't for the budget to do that budget dollar budget Awards the bungee hat play with him out I'm game but then in this trailer Halo 3 kind of feeling an older we also talked about how they wanted to have like 10 years Ikea and move forward I think that would mean the universal title Universal Contracting like the world has changed things around for their consoles Play Station 2 you know like having those battles they are I think the whole Xbox vs PS2 Play Station thing it's just it's a relevant anymore like they're both making shitloads of money like hand over fist it's like we sold more consoles there they're all they're both just doing crazy crazy amount it is supposed to like if you look at the previous generation so I think it wasn't much more contingent on how many units were sold I think the reason people argue it's not like number of consoles sold its quality of title first party development but service is offered services like Xbox Live to play station you can look at Play Station it was like the Hat Heights free some of the rumors are that there with the PS4 there in a migrate to a paid platform like Xbox Live Gold really believe what they're going to call it Play Station World instead of Play Station plus it'll be like live we have to pay yearly cost for the Xbox it so everything has to and I don't want to come back later and play it 2 part of DLC is like orientation part again tonight just feel backup how to play again that's a common thing everybody runs into the lake and when I get DLC I have to relearn the game when I start a new game from the beginning 3 lost control yeah I started college of for the first the first DLC for Grand Theft Auto for the angels in the Damned there's something lost the Damned motorcycles motorcycles Borderlands games that are made by Sony like a ton of games and other foods of two the Play Station but you look at the PS2 and how many games were exclusive to the PS2 that warrant on by Stoney whats 131 Apple the metal gear franchise if you look at the PS4 but now it's everybody's making sure all the difference between the publisher it right right exclusive it really is kind of a tradition thing at that point apple with the iPhone game remember we talked about the Apple TV it's not I mean I should we can build wireless network something like that but it's like the fact that most people don't yet have a smartphone if they can go in their house their house to pre-wired it mean to be hard to top last you have the same network still provides you internet I mean it's just the way that you like it it doesn't matter if you get it through a cable a coaxial cable or me lethal how you get cable internet the level of integration into your life which is different than what they do they have to provide your cable Studio while they have to find a way to make more money on the internet for them to exam cat how much do man service you know you're watching those revenues drop and on the other side you're watching their expenses go up on the Internet said because everyone shakedowns and with Mike what is Netflix and the internet bill you on demand service basically for free but on our Network and charging everyone for it that's the view of the cable companies like our Network you think I could replace that and the need for that infrastructure to start almost it but I think it's only a portion of your bill Universal service fund and it's part of the FCC as part of it when they stealth telephone Network it basically says every house is going to have a phone line to it and it cost the same amount to provide a phone line to any house in America so if you live in a Ranch at the top of mountain the you pay 60 bucks at your phone installed and the difference is made up by the universal service fund as universal as everyone has it they almost it for Broadband it was George Bush jr. that almost push that through that universally everyone was going to have Broadband by certain on the time I'm not part of the Telecommunications Act was it believed you like me it like a wrench to install apple and Ranch might be like 12 Grand two it but they paid 60 bucks for installation just like everybody else but when Houston when he still wanted to put the city white Wi-Fi they specifically wanted to isolate areas that were more low-income that would be close to 3 so I mean there's in a tent there and an ability to be able to help provide Broadband to all parts of the city regardless just like the cable internet little things right is that our Network here in this country you hardwire it doesn't compete with what people are doing other countries to their Network passed companies charge for the service they're just trying to network just two providers who choose to throttle you 2 speed you have and charge you with a charge those bastards you say that now and they're going walking with her scream when you poop Wii while also bye Shutterstock.com Shutterstock.com you find a perfect video for an extra credit project but it's for your website advertisement multimedia presentation or other type of film Project you just over 700,000 high quality stock video clip 2D animations and 3d motion graphic clip come in a variety of formats and most of them are in high definition Shutterstock horses video clips from all around the world and put them at your fingertips contributors Apple filmmakers need to be individually reviews for contact quality every week $10,000 at it though anytime you visit you Shutterstock you the next level and its customer service and 24-hour support throughout the week you can either buy an HD or you can save a standard definition of the word format you can try Shutterstock 2 day you sign up for a free account you don't need a credit card to start begin using it and if you do decide to purchase use off of codes Rooster Teeth too and you can get 30% off any package so I can check out the Shutterstock.com it for 30% off two accounts use offer code RoosterTeeth 2 Rooster Teeth too the Wii U Shutterstock quite a bit the last time he didn't answer images here for the green screen and for various projects but you can also get video clips it well that's a very important thing station never touch the inside of the Blu phone how do you spell that you like sometimes you let you know something shortly talking you just hold it there man on top of the other ring so I'm going down Argo off in over a hit it right take a load off for you are you happy with I'm kind of in the background @midnight whats it last week but anyway nobody communicated this dead it was supposed to be a big fucking an ounce weigh dice before the post office so so so I will be drinking all over Australia and us to be supanova in Melbourne space and then goes me and Barbara Eden and Alicia Dushku really drink while Ikea with running jokes is I don't know when you can come Joe is running return I have no idea just repeating it so funny yeah just repeating stuff over to headlight fluid we were nominated for best series overall audience choice and best animated series 4 Red vs Blue it was one that we didn't win for best animated series we lost Tom Hanks animated series was not aware of it Dead the Original Channel 4 Series we think clearly you're too busy telling you honey doesn't spoil whats a clearly the better off we are Streamys video GTA abrahms me interview better luck next time all you in the in the world Wii and everybody a copy to everybody Warehouse region Eliza for it I would like to see the final numbers like a real Polar cat in apple Hannah would have worked out but I Hannah 1 Hannah won for best comedic performance she gave us a shout out to and she's awesome and Grace won for best person personality of the year the internet was one just one just one person 3 me Awards in particular for internet Awards have a problem in that they tend to go to TV people are moving people who kind of summit and internet stuff like that definitely have a history of that I don't like the first year they ever existed they gave Zach Galifianakis like a Awards he wasn't ever get any of them like this didn't even bother Between Two Ferns or something Ferns and got Isabella Rossellini's Ikea so they had a couple of people from NCIS presenting to write abroad and tell her Chris Chris Hardwick I'm sorry about the way the internet works he was talking about how he was watching the meteor footage and it had like we 4 million likes by the water point out the fact that the meteor foot it was called by what Russia and asked if I told you that we didn't like him that's just footage from Russian dash cams and that's it it's like a narrative movie like The Blair Witch we should be wreck it for I think is best for me a lot of web content out there it's easy to gravitate towards you know when I get it I don't and I know these people I know this show I'll just look for that to me or I have to watch it depends on the voting body for the different Awards but there's one particular organization where it's like 35 bucks to enter your show so kind of people enter and there will be a category of like best comedy on the internet it will literally be two hundred and trees to watch and they're all like in 7 to 10 minutes each with and what would that it was sometimes with Chris Hardwick Streamys you also hosted the professional came out for the dice Awards I swear it was one of the most disinterested audiences I've ever seen getting nothing back and that was me up there I would I would I don't know what I do I just run away and hide but you really have it together I don't know how you didn't like I would be so it was really fun the Streamys model which was yesterday and had like four million views and has 50000 white and flight 780 bye flight in with meteor while this is 911 electric ray it was like no no getting anything right now that's dead make sure I can see the building hit an asshole cameras pointed production must have exploded above the city right now play another part they Stick it to the Man I wish you wouldn't know Gavin the fire ball and runs hit the ground like there's a story about a woman who was taking a nap in her house one time whats code out of out there but a lot of things went through the story of her house and into the first two that 4 man you don't get it the impact of it to the damage that it does doesn't really have to be in the rocket hitting stuff like that Hiroshima the one that you been detonated above the Earth and then there's like that double Universal the meaning of life in the light the light is we killed them PS4 white light brightness right that's what you mean by flight because someone could find some dumb ways to die something like that thing go ahead we can see the brightest that's what everyone on the ground is hit the return of heat light comes the flight speed of heat and pressure and light comes along with it I've never heard it it was In the Heat of the Sun energy energy energy explosion physical energy and if it was so bright and kill them we are also electric electromagnetic energy or something I never actually getting a lot of support here to the beats that are coming in RT Podcast too dependent on what they were wearing actually it would be for everything I'm not saying what does radiation cure you of North Korea right now threatens South we need to just ignore them self and Dushku just ignore them dead some point that country's going to fail in and out last dying breath is going to be in the launching a new country have their out about the people they have no control over their life who's going to hit too many people what will they do I'm thinking they can launch a nuke in hit something and it was probably South Korea Ikea how many people who knows a lot of people I mean there's never been anything anything call Indigo abrahms tank fire uranium depleted uranium too hard it's a hard material and that's got a nuclear for Footprints but I wouldn't call it all over the desert like a nuclear weapon but anyway no they would be obliterated but I don't think that their lifestyle is going to end anyway so why so many people died I think they're just now getting develop that capability Ikea San Francisco it now maybe barely in their region I would like to imagine that we have sombrero are government has something that we don't know about too protective some shit like that they're talking about like stuff that is on TV now like the stuff that the military shows it stuff that's been in the works like 15 years likes out there working on these don't know how things are classified they don't the helicopter exam technology Sears it up at some point what level do you have to get your people have them to wear we will get killed on you let me with that just going to have Russia still Apple whats Act two hours ago and now the theory behind people understand and there's a barrier to being able to in region still very difficult right now people do it we still do it game like you have to reach a point where you have to stop advancing technology otherwise it will just it for you because you will use it correctly one time and go white out there doesn't have to be nuclear it doesn't have any mechanic Wii biological I think I'm becoming it is explained that your formatting your hard drive delete the wrong it I forgot to turn off the bot replication replicating it kind of feels like you're going to keep coming up with me eventually would you consider like how much just having car is and how much like how much faster they are much bigger they are you met a damned is that you can do and people can do to each other how many deaths didn't exist Dead season 8 animals on Thursday the alligators immune to AIDS me HIV the H in HIV human right we realize that there are feline who is like blood no those babies only man in venom man so I've been watching Walking Dead after after stopping after the first we are halfway through the first season I finally picked it up and I started watching it I'm all caught up now and it was damned good there's a really really awesome show I need to for the weekend 3 just like I like my free time I go home and passed out but like I need it I need to be Dead Space 3 I want to play Walking Dead you know pushing across in your bathroom an order you always go one way or another Hannah fund we're never been to the flush button on top and there's an interior button is flashing and the fund will make it very clear which is which ones with wavy line the giant killer button with a smaller blue button instead so when you push the blue button to push when you push the silver button on the it goes down more water comes out when I did not tell the fucking difference there's nothing and nobody never use the bidet and I'm kind of scared of those things I don't get out of work if you out water Hannah iawtv Awards last year the room I stayed at the Aria had one and I was like on my butt so I used it WWE and it like this arm comes out the back in the bowl and I can have good aim he wanted me to try to convince me for a day and a half to stand over the toilet and let's pray me from the toilet bidet arm and I was like I'm a grown man I'm not going because it's clean but you can't do it unless you got it bye it what connects AIDS so you can take you take a crap and then you get off of that and sit down on the bidet right back and forward this is me two days an older child over to it like stealth plumbing and pressure plate toilet paper and I don't like it with the other chamber pot Metro Water bye LOL did you just turn on the hose and just like I think I heard of story don't ever make that paper until the 23rd what was popular activity you think maybe it was more than you think man hits guy showed up at 8 and was like a mother fucker it was like really well who owns the copyright symbol no looking for next time you see a copyright look at it it goes back as far as a microdot and contracts to my current location Apple TV admission in Austria Skype LOL why don't they keep selling them like where have you ever been to a place for everyone there's a hot cake vendors open pre-orders on the wrist eats too haha okay we'll see how well the hot game different did you think it takes to write the Bible whats on Twitter I had like a sliver of the Giant mountain cat likes oatmeal Gavin likes to build the perfect dinner make that happen Star Wars people like crazy and then like it come on Barbara on Friday whatever's on whats trending with Kevin Smith and Lisa Kudrow you watch it I don't you talking about I was not at all exactly what you're talking about House of Cards on Netflix change from now an example of 2 million followers but nobody white trailer 3 matadors while watching this trailer until like the day before Brandon like I need to think I need to start watching anime know and understand this world I thought what they did with the character was really clever like sprained it around the office, I don't understand this character so I feel like something like this should be able to stand on its own and you shouldn't have to feel compelled to watch other people work in the same medium Universal you need to know strong enough to stand on its own and not have to rely on those trucks and understand it an traditional animes anime out usually like 99.9% it comes out of Eastern storytelling and its Western story too excited it's going to be a little bit more accessible for an anime style project of some for a lot of people project and he's got the writing team which primarily consists of Terry and Miles got them studying a lot of interview you know cuz that's what money grew up watching too so there's going to be tough to just naturally influences what he wants to do I mean I can't talk about that right now thanks and I didn't download it I really hope it tomorrow if I get the PS4 now or tomorrow they say you can buy any lunch or any title that's in retail for the same price digitally I will buy if you don't have money in your wallet because I'm available going back to my old I wish that's what I will buy every game on damned and I can't so I don't have to get up there sometime so I can I want to play a game I don't want to get up what can I play on Xbox Live arcade Fire price of Xbox in my life I'd rather just like a damned Ikea for that I just want to pick up in play every now and then so I have it was my suggestion you can still against the hard drive right to Play It Again in the hard drive you need directions just to check that it doesn't run it right anyway just checked it in the controller and then play you could give away the big desk and keep the little Destiny hat station for when they have something or you can link it to your thumb prints and then on the controller you put your thumb print the proof that it's whats Moorpark an affinity The discus too big like he wants to put a little one that would be more what is impossible passed around if you need to or whatever with your card in venom multiple platforms is a good thing because it drives things forward and make people compete with one another for the service an offer and I think the reason we're all going to get digital download games because everyone likes so much the console makers like Microsoft and Sony will push back from the public because how to get it with your sombrero they wanting to have the dice but they even if you can install the game going to have the destiny two colors give you this to all your friends than 5 people have it when you realize that's where the minority on this because it was feeling when I spoke mostly the move to digital damned as a way to kill use game and for a lot of people use the system is away the budget for the game and if act when Microsoft was talking I had some rumor like 2 weeks ago they were talking about how they were going to have there was some kind of insinuation or something at the new Xbox you can be old digital download and isn't that great and it apple and 90% of people to post a note we want this with this because they thought as much I try to kill his customers what they want and then they would do it again back to the store cheaper because they didn't have to be distributed absolutely development whats $60 for digital game if I don't get all the stuff with it it should be I don't know wanted this with you like this is awesome you know that came out last week for digital purchase and the physical media doesn't come out till next month ahead of time you could you could buy it I love that I can watch any movie I purchased on Apple TV Chile match good luck I know you can play them there so I don't have on my computer it had like the clouds are with him an app that I can get that I guess listening of everything okay I'm downloading basketball to my phone right now wreck of the video game population that they don't have broadband internet so the whole idea of digital downloads to begin with it's going to take like 3 hours or longer to download a game it's not an option at all so I can't be in this next Generation going away from it all maybe in the one following and we want to download digital I wish I could do like steam we could preload it have it already at midnight lost you download La Quinta game launches at midnight you don't look like the last 50 kilobytes or whatever that unlocks everything Argo the 43rd on my phone that I just purchased already on Wi-Fi what are saying they prefer hard copies for all the stuff too me on Twitter white guys always say about cloud storage because I'm a fan of hard copies just because I would rather have in my hand in case something happened and it deletes all my stuff I'm going to go to the store and get Google Chrome and put on my computer exactly I agree with you 33% the platform will go away in the practice of these things you purchase you don't have them yeah that's what I worry about ownership physical vs. digital it is for a lot of people very confusing legal lawyers for confidentiality purposes recommended that you keep all your email an online account like Gmail or something like that because more secure than a laptop but you can't lose an online account never keep anything sensitive an online account ever we get to me it's like the laptop is safe in my house on online account too me security-wise is available 24 hours a day for something to happen exposed all the time the laptop was only supposed if I fuck up basically do you say something you by analyzing it because I paid you this and I can access it whenever I want but I still don't put that it can't download it you're constantly just like download it Apple TV Library whats the valve said there are measures in place to make sure that they go if they go out of business you keep all your games don't believe that he has measures in place when they go out return off with your shit out of business so did you want to buy a valve back catalogue of a billion games that they own all these people have downloaded by Sony be like if I just come over and pick that up scription to do that who's going to pick up the passed competitors Wii music game new hit video Studio play the game I guess it's dead it's like it's like you don't know what is it I'm sure they'll play it but I mean what is the what is the thing you're going to do hit detection the policy and what whatever you're saying 110 you just need to unlock the country network connectivity to activate what exactly was to be like your hard drive on your Xbox in my phone on my Xbox injects box how many game where is you Burnie hard copy equal editors do not get the money of retail copies others do all the job they should get all the pop it up it was like a play online that's it I don't think Joe did you buy it new you get back to doing it white coffee table two disc after year that someone bot that and that other person is it still using the service you don't keep having more people sign into the service that have only bought the game that are 3 you're not the game or the game developers getting money cry to the end of time that movies are being resold but they are it's because games cost $60 that's why and if there's a market for selling and if games cost less more people would just buy them I wouldn't if I could buy used used copy the game I don't use people so for me it's like when you go to the store go to BestBuy and buy a product it's a hundred bucks and the plane is 20 bucks the cost of the product it's not worth the wreck it if you made it one hundred everybody would pay for the additional service plan but it's just like I don't buy used games but I know people back it's because you're high dollar items the digital version around what was one we completely died immediately Play I Don't Like Halo 4 you 60 bucks right now I'm going to my halo for 450 but here's a better solution that would be okay game is after it after lunch market right with a ton of games that sell bunch of bad in that market was up with the digital version out a month later and it's 40 bucks for the digital version cost nothing deliver it it doesn't include the retail companies which are the ones doing the you sales is a cheaper version everyone download it I will sure as hell with a downloaded version rather than a used copy in retail store an absolutely but no real story too because it's right there I mean I mean I really like you the great and I think two different markets I mean when you Overton act like they like that's what he for sure but that's what I believe you not going to tell me you used it address list of mountain by it back America if it was you would you rather have a bite on your back or for like right here and then afterward like your leg that's the first thing in my throat is my Jack it right we will go passed your foot and get you through it that's right that's right TV an animal that is attacking you don't know where it is I'm not going to turn my back like a hundred feet before I get to it it's me The Cure saying turn your back we would die it would be great but like I'm just planning on hitting it with your back and I should like to me dice Summit an attorney's office so anyway never lost and me never lose sight of your and me don't turn your back to him about my favorite the airport that I know it's crazy but I know that you were such a social Maniac the airport because I was traveling and I know it must drive you in space or the Austin Airport in Austin you go to park in the parking lot you get a ticket and you go to the parking lot and have fun and do whatever you do with horrible people of the play when people talk about the Plaza you can go to the booth that has a person in the ticket and $50 for parking for a week pictures of the box with a split you insert your ticket it says enter ticket stub to enter credit card Drive Away cancer tickets old town with you put a card in the car back and pick her up and drive away you would definitely use the automated 100 every time the problem is in the Austin Airport and I don't know why they pay people to stand next to the automated kiosk TV season orange is and they sit there and they go you pull up and you get your damned if I know private Chris too it seems like Best Buy for story about this and like alright you know what your number right quick correct on the proof arts and 4. I am obviously engaged with the machine and doing what it's telling me why are you repeating the differences in the bathroom Jack beers you when I come back from Minecon I was connecting and it was like blue from Paris to Chicago to Austin today in Chicago I was like really jet-lagged and tired and have to get off the plane then you have to like to go through security again because you're in domestic soil now so I was going through security and I forgot and I put a water bottle in my backpack it with the security they put my bag on your back service the water bottle out and I'm so embarrassed I know better than that to go to the Nerdist bowling like the next day I went to La Jolla story address cure didn't know what happened yesterday I was like really out of it with a water bottle in my bag can water bottle both times I was so fucking embarrassed both times I was on the plane I was like I had everyone behind me I had my paper ticket in my pocket and I just pulled it you tried out what he's like trending dead guy I can have my superiority complex we just put the check and the money looks Venom moment like you it didn't work and I was like I just it does really matter I trust the cloud stuff you know like the Damned things and things like that I love it but it doesn't work you're just there hanging in there anyway because for some reason Hannah went to Australia and it took every single piece of things I had bidet you don't have like a little kid everything you do your stuff and then go back to your bedroom and throw it in your city in that case that holds everything virgin Blue Airline Mary likes there's no security there either I'm like okay this is kind of weird so I get my bag I put on the thing and I walk through a metal detector and I look around no one on my way running late I know I do HIV support on going for someone to tell you nothing more than a small airport somewhere the world it was like they just go ahead an alarm off but it's not loud in Quincy Illinois for short on time to Quincy Airport we just like one dude who is like running everything is like I just go through okay I'm like 40 feet away watching me go through the middle you come out of LAX you come out of the gate you go downstairs you take that long walkway part of my terminal for American Airlines you come out through that revolving door to get to baggage claim there's a TSA agent there to make sure no one goes back to sleep so many times over the time I got passed out convert Solo in games conference Ray did a keynote speech at just a few weeks ago and it was weird because it was in Dallas and I had to travel to La for something else right afterwards so I flew to Dallas and for the first time ever Gus I got off yeah it's weird because we were just driving Dallas toy like connect through Dallas airport but I think it was like 5 miles away from here 4 times I just never gotten off as a destination there was there was a revolving door that you out and I don't know why it was like this but it wasn't clear which way to push the revolving door and I guess so the people wouldn't come all the way through back around again this part of the circle hat like that rubber mat like from old grocery store doors that open up there and that was alarm trigger so just stepping to the left one foot to the left while getting into the revolving door Destiny fucking end of the world alarm went off and people came running over and they go oh you step the wrong direction if it happens all the time like every day like 15 times I'm like my life just stepping in the right place but stuck in a little bit left I set up a senior Mass alarm and security they're all waiting for people to go to lady it was right it was right I'm so sorry are we have to wrap up here the plane that was on she was obviously a first-time flyer have never flown before she was one of the last people to get the group 14 for the plane she gets it she gets they tell you when your bored and there's no more overhead space if you see an overhead bin the empty somewhere along the way just put your bag in it otherwise gotta check your bag there so she gets to her and her overhead bin it feel just like everybody knew it was going to be his plane is over the PA system the entire time and play time to go so there's no room for your bag we're going to have to check it just give it to me I'll check it I'll give you a claim check and let you know I don't to check my back she's on with my back it was over it space left for the last person for the plane you can't do it who is Benjamins Ray whose bag is this is great back who says that this is my city this is my overhead bin and then we couldn't car 3 people hit somebody stole her over the head been checked in earlier in the plane earlier there's a text we're not flying that often that you run it that's just what happened in the past I'm starting next week will be on Monday instead of Tuesday the audio will come out on Tuesday and Wednesday and then meet eventually continue to come out on Wednesday so podcast will be shifted one day earlier man I don't like based on feedback that people wanted that one so it's going to be about ain't nothing but monkey pellets for everyday walks Diary of this and by the fourth day he lost his mother the house is like I said I want my bakery in it smell of baking bread and I wanted to go in the bakery it all the Brandon so when you go to the zoo monkey bars whats to go to the bars eats a hot dog kill you rip you open take Pizza Hart on your stomach and it hurts to and the only thing people grab the bull exam Argo virgin blue Virgin America coming to Austin we had a very funny conversation Gavin talking about your flyer miles whatever it is you're Wii hey at Virgin America thanks for coming too often and me I can't wait for you to come or something like that I just thought it was like almost like you're paid to make that tweet or something and I just Road shut up get a room you two and I wrote back and then you replied back to me something and included Virgin America in it and then I said I started to do my American Airlines self return American Airlines on it an argument Virgin America an American on Twitter damned American Airlines showed up in the middle of conversation and started saying hey thanks buddy can't wait to see what it was like to be so by all this and then Virgin America started tweeting too Gus definitely Gavin go pee John with you guys next week with you guys next week on Monday Gavin Running Away Joe the cat bye Joe the cat Joe the cat