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RT doesn't help people up.

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Recorded: 2013-02-26 22:48:53

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Miles Luna




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Transcript (in progress):

its absurdity Park Castle Rock You by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain the brain is the first fully balanced nootropic designed to increase focus and mental driver our listeners get 15% off when you use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / game that's Onnit.com /gaming this podcast is also brought you about audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth middle they were watching us and we were watching that 2 different rooms of people look at each other waiting for someone to do never never now live stream Monday it'll be really helpful to podcast on Monday just for the sake of editing a podcast for the way it works is we would stay late on Tuesday after a full day of work we would shoot the podcast and then primarily Lindsay dead 95% the heavy lifting and I'm missing I don't know where she would edit the podcast all day everyday in the morning to make sure that everyone helped out a lot so what is it we're going 2 coming out you think audio comes out on Tuesday what time whenever its always over there now you're just trying to twist off a non Twist Off know we are missing Joe the cat this week actually you have fifty Joe its way because you do have to tell you about them like you just don't like the cat in hat how much should hair shed Michael Joe dead Thrones characters I have dressed up a dog or anything like that you just one that you met somebody who dressed up their dog in clothes you been like what the fuck is wrong with awesome dog Garden dressing up your dog in clothes and started hanging out with Jordan all the type at the same time like what's going on it's like your life is like Kristen Plumbing at anymore for the values and town Jordan Beacon Thalia is Jordan constant companion but I don't know what else to write Fred 4 Animated Adventures for crossing your legs like a film don't let don't get bullied by the enemy can we make steak town you make a really quick announcement and actually put it always does help I'll be inside know I'm so good about asking for your help and appreciate your feedback on a regular basis that's a lie I don't appreciate it but I need help with something what's going on today in particular things in Austin today first is that for whatever reason we have gale force winds all over town like knocking out power and causing traffic on the freeway slow down I mean people already flips off and the door in the cat and everyone paid .5 entering a route but the other thing that happened today in particular 2 Monday for recording this is that for whatever reason we had like what five different groups come by for tours at the office today the wind blew all over and I think I think we came from as far away as Maine today when we do have a the door that says we have a lot of different Productions that are in production right now Ruby is one that you probably know about we also have red vs blue it's going in production we have some other things we haven't talked about announced that they're going into production and everyone there probably can't walk because when people show up and they come over man you know what we end up doing is everyone production comes to the lobby to say hello who did that 4 different times today and it live it up probably about an hour of our day just greeting people and saying hello so I will let you know that when you come to the office if you come to the office and just stop by for a tour probably until about June probably all the way to RTX for not going to be able to accommodate people just dropping by for 2 hours okay and the one thing that I kind of wanted to ask the audience to help us with is to get that information out in whatever formats where people talk about Richard you like we don't keep up with my life Tumblr and there's a lot of them so it's like Whitley's Ben pressure you like country like how to get information out to people like when we were when I made the joke about the Streamys last week about how we didn't win the audience Choice Award and I said good job out against drop and the terrible out of your Spears better made a joke about you too sweetie I didn't know about it how come you guys didn't mention it until the day that floating closed its like we talked about that asshole telling people to go vote already satellite view of your Xmen on the cat Twitter for the podcast give me the website for announcements and stuff like that but I'm on Twitter right now its Ryan Twitter tell us the ways in which you interface with Russia the grey do you get receipt information what's the best way for a slow now stuff like that alright thank you I appreciate it thank you thank you so I would at Best Buy this past weekend God damn it first thing every Dan Twitter is saying after June can I get at 02 or July Burnie ultimate Stewart at RTX time when everyone around them and I didn't know that Game of Thrones DVD season 2 DVDs came out last week I did not know until I walked into the store probably you like I get off all my stuff on my team that's how I watch most of my stuff and I watch Game of Thrones already I have always season 2 and it's already come back Thrones spoiler cat which probably what we could do like We the People Daenerys Targaryen pretty fit sings Pretty Fly know there's lots of sex there's a midget and bald and everybody hates him blond kid that's all I know about him and here's the best thing about Game of Thrones mile every 5 minutes somebody is getting killed March 31st 24 meters know me we can do we'll talk about anything you want on the 25th I would love to know what is the longest stretch of time Game of Thrones stream time somebody or getting killed on the podcast Spartacus go to the party but I watch season 1 of Spartacus and if you want to see you like violence and nudity Spartacus live its like I don't know of Thrones more in your face and crazy Spartacus its always that Twitter just wrote Spartacus at all costs Carlotta cocktail Destiny guys I'm sorry but you guys aren't explain what exactly is Game of Thrones the answer is shut up the books that are not popular Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Dead film off like it was just a magical ring that's all it was and then later like white back in like was going to make the sequel to The Hobbit and try to look at what he had and then came up with this story line based on this Rings a really cool I think but a lot of people would get this guy who wrote story for 20 years didn't have everything planned out and he didn't change any of the Rings you went back and change stuff I might be talking to my Uncle George Lucas now I think we're going to now Sonoma Ranch in Attack of the Oscars now we have we're going to live action shoot last week all trailer George RR Martin is going to be a geek on March 22nd at 24th and college station now that for him I know if you want to meet somebody great in a really terrible twins convention everyone here lives in Austin University of Texas at survival school go wherever you're from your school's off demand that other cities school that you hate the outside pretty much all day and I like 20 years Argo attack Rome silver know I think it was the one that was my wife's like Monday or something what's wrong with yourself. you passed out you lose Consciousness vs I'm going to go to sleep of course this was forced upon you it wasn't about Hunter's Choice I was ready to accept it what did you do to get you you're you're you're skirting around the important part of the story in cat I can see that Okay Google on the wood because UV rays don't don't penetrate glass you can get a tan through glass copy special class when you hear about like it has a Solarium you need a special kind of glass that allows UV rays to pass through sings Ready or Not you everyone Corrections 4 star all so fucking stupid and brought you into my office and had you read one that somebody sent me remember what it was that was just stupid I'll go back and look at Twitter only goes back seven days now I really don't know there's like a request Twitter and give you a check ghost drop go out with Ashley to see if she took a photo of Joe the cat in the Garment you have a girlfriend so she was in Austin this weekend and she took a photo of Joe the cat at the house at 4 retirement you posted on Instagram but I don't think so she said it'd be funny if you posted or you made a Twitter account for Joe and then I could like a demand I said there's an account for Joe and she look it up the cat its and she said ok she tweeted it and it was like and don't like yeah that's going to show like the value of that site fifty thousand Twitter followers were fucking stupid cat White Castle Twitter account today $18,000 Joe has more Twitter the blood biggest non-human Vegas cat Twitter about Japan everyone Twitter the Bobby Moynihan he had to check the 8700 flips off happens cat food labs Halo the future it's a great its ultra violet contest remind everyone that this audible.com the internet provider of audio books $100,000 across all types of literature and York Times Best Sellers audible books for free about it okay ultimate live person Thru the glass in winter get a tattoo can you get in at 8 can you get pregnant on your period can you get pregnant in a hot tub twice out of my you can you can you you can you can you run it can you get pregnant when your on your. Yourself you you are and then they were right behind you get the flu twice sunglass the autocomplete people are thinking about some old-school yellow background orange window all the Eurasian bald about the most dangerous wavelength of UV Class 350 to 400 meter ultraviolet of it in a different way camera you can I was wondering what is going to know what's on your about me its not a filter its going to be here for you cat just because you can add that to a camera hidden we could do it as well I see that happens anyway and you are talking about a reason why they didn't remove the camera Peter problems and I got my AV setup all grey and I have this thing set up where I got my TV hanging on the wall that I think you would like it and I have all of my every single bit of my AV components my Nintendo Wii my Xbox 360 my DVR everything is a cabinet that's behind the wall so there's nothing for me to be hanging out and then I have to load the TV I have a little IR repeater than go to the longer piece the signal inside the cat everything else here is there a problem running Time Warner came and set up my DVR okay and I have a universal remote I have never run into this problem ever before so if I say watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I was doing the other day and I could play from the list I'm playing Always Sunny Philadelphia to quiet I've been go to turn it up it turns up the TV to Sony TV it turns up the volume but while and holding down you up on the volume then it also starts feeling in 00 on the remote for the DVR code for on the volume of the TV is the same as zero on the DVR change channels and I get away from what I'm playing an alternate code that works for your TV multiple codes for the same manufacture there might be another one that works without having the cross over cross original original remote I can look it up grey Netbook what is the glass they use in Solarium would you let thru it in neutral class Monday through class but I think that's what I class as usual what's the clock as well be thru plastic go to concrete RT Joe the cat Twitter attack and we don't do it just fucking go after that Japanese Maru Justin Twitter war between the two cat that would be the best thing in my life I can't do that because he would do it wrong fat cats and one of the protest they would call themselves like cats okay but I don't know if any of you guys I think you might have played some of banner Saga factions know game you can play on today game of Legends you talk to me about the multiplayer and single-player versions coming later in the year games on Windows 8 interactive Stewart Dear Esther you just walk around an empty Island know we praise you explore a very eerie desolate Island but I like it Joe the run but my trying not to be a game you want you to like look at this listen to what this narrator is telling you think what does that mean you are truly trying to be its not trying to be like man stream demand any game that's a cool short story I just want to run on demand games and all that and the PS4 was revealed last week which was really cool and I can look up the actual list of titles but Xbox announced they're doing an enormous games on demand sale did you respond to sale Tina runbutton Jason who plays Tucker he pointed out with back when Netflix was an on streaming service 4 discs to your house what kind of town of antiquated that was not that long ago so you get like 3 discs in my and everybody had one disc of a movie that they never watched but they kept for like 8 months because I feel guilty about like not watching it doesn't look like any sexual movie but I could never get on there watching it with you want to turn it back into and it was Hotel Rwanda Amy figured out just and rental fees like a monthly fee / 3 he's spent like 18 bucks and a movie and never watch this over 2 years Goodfellas for me the longest movie I've held onto his Bridge Over the River Kwai 10 month thru old important movie that I want to catch up on that I've never seen and I was one of them into a lot of them but that was 25% off code Veronica New Vegas grey Halo 3 and Halo Wars always put on your plate and I never got into it I would eventually like to have all the achievements all the Halo games everyone you had a cup with Halo Wars 2 the game where they just kind of lost Everybody's Records General three-quarters of the way there and was like you were here all the game hotline tweets Gavin how you doing 4 thru 6 Red Dead Redemption grey tank over Dear Esther and revolution Man of the Year in the video 100 60807 white and back you can probably slow playing girl you can and you just drop out of the game on the dead people look up and the people in the church I love that picture I was you always call when I'm done there I will tell you you look like fun I wanted to post that video that was back when we did the Rave Modern Warfare mile high club I'd love to get them from you because I can't find my family Journal when I talk about it but all the links are broken for them and they were custom sprayz I did which would like talk Bubbles and thought bubbles so you can spray over dead body dead body first thinking Gavin on sale next week Orange Box get it and get all the achievements in its 93 of and I couldn't do it literally fifty feet in that direction good enough the game today its 1 and he's like to thru to pull buddy but after portal to portal its usual probably a lot more basic now I would think you just have to do 20 minutes after opening how old are you have you not been drinking beer for fucking years now Joe class tweets on the podcast was like talking about some other point when I was on that jury its slamdance and I saw narbacular drop he was going to try phone cup Gavin does this thing where he is every now and then we'll just he'll be drinking his beer till 7 on the table not hard or anything but all the time just comes up like that every time I got at the office Silver Hill ter about him at PAX Prime on September and West Exchange Dan fall through the floor Argo Wiki once the hard question I think my problem was I never felt like I was like low on supplies unlimited 2 left at 2 like in the first one to three chapters just in case we can swing by or something terrified over 101 Kentucky and I got damn Jackie I can never get them back I don't know what the story is with that jockeys impossible to hit ice what is he doing I'm sure if I had a tiny little thing on me I wouldn't go in the direction of your hair hold your head to one direction would you go in that direction I would stumble that direction maybe for a couple of steps then you know what I'm saying is why don't they just fall over and the friends Left 4 Dead the DLC you try to survive as long as you can and we couldn't survive in 5 minutes fucking for Oscars Mo town but you never want to use them over to you know as soon as you can tell everything is going downhill abandoning people internet every now then you surprise me you're great somebody suggested an episode of immersion will be a midget and live on Gavin you cannot afford Peter Dinklage Jimmy the guy who plays that he was very cool I told him because I was I tried to be like really really didn't give a fuck he is basically on camera and it was really cool thank you very much and she actually had and I'm pregnant now what is really cool really cool dude Left 4 Dead Charger note for note in the charger and it looks like the most amazing Castle tweets about half an hour everyone you know contributing and typing stuff and you can look at the post I didn't even you didn't like the choices you can never fully get rid of some of my favorite thing ever it was and he would wander around and he would run and hide he was called I think it's cream yeah cool friends you could just start shooting for whatever reason like to do something a little more given the left you can know somebody all you throw your voice Halo autobuses to play alone for as long as possible it's a crucial moment like you're waiting for the elevator or something someone sale Spears ivivva like it if it if it game controller the voice to the to the to the affected person like Hugh mile you cup or what is this what is what it what it did was it is like classic horror movie style and cut the guys like and then you made a duplicate of the guy like there's 2 Louis Vuitton Hotel 2 chapters the go you took my pill you like games where you have to treat your friends definitely like it is being played the hidden it wasn't the hidden the truth Jim everyone All Star hashtag broken tweets are trending somewhere or something like that give me about it. Kristen is a nootropic and I take it everyday it has two different options that can increase mental acuity and help you into Lord lucid dream state and really really good product you should if you haven't tried it you are talking about Onnit.com / promo code rooster the other products that they may be sponsoring them in your future that I'm taking now I'll talk to you guys later date about but I would definitely check it out gallons of milk you like Fall River Thrones in the big freezer containers I really don't like people like that ice cream cone the grab it because ice cream its always like back in the day oh my God I don't know where they are where they have a driver about her just drive up to the drive thru and then for appointments with people so bad to drink or whatever puts in the cup holder thru drive thru at like 2 because it's so weird like that and really really sad to think I was employed I cannot believe what's the Oscars last night and I did I watched a lot of it on fast forward to be honest with you but Jennifer Lawrence is 22 what about it really was like 28 somebody maybe some of us could have done the same in the full-size ones like George Bush Fred Rogers children anyway there's a there's a famous photo of him like you don't like that which you can okay for someone else taking off when you get your photo taken don't puts off the camera you look like a fucking jackass I still think that's funny you know he's doing he's going to a nursery rhyme of this finger that finger this finger and its own and they they they show that thing like he's flipping somebody off and it totally and not the video just doing the international Jimmy another stream National Treasure hero and he was knighted he was so Jimmy Savile Onnit its ATP guide and all free guide it came out that over fifty years. He had molested over 300 children Jimmy know Nico you let me do this for you not for you guys to put on the Toy Story about how people at the time and when they had Jimmy Savile was coming to the hospital the nurses you like to pretend you're asleep whenever the pretenders don't look at me I can see what you and the kids to be alone and this pillow Bob Mr Rogers all right now you're not associate with our national treasure over here on this side Jimmy 1 people what I think and it makes you feel something or MO Thalia Whispering maybe it's typing on the keyboard doesn't like it different rubber hidden give you Goosebumps like a weird tingling a physical feeling from something that's not physical like watching somebody to watch people do things like what people describe a model that there's all sorts of videos on YouTube of it was very quiet room you can hear everything like town for everybody you talk about the differences in video game controller silver know this is really know know Sanders really relaxing I think it makes me sleepy I'm just like really into it let me reads sensory Meridian response blogs and online video Tom Stafford a professor at the University of Sheffield says it will be really difficult to research videos all the time everything to be that way right this all of you you should about buying and you instinctively go but this you jump in your for you turn your revenge of and I don't know why is evolution why do they have so much trouble with your door open wild Leaf wine opener doesn't close right the last time the front door blew open and the wind blew Monte in Japanese Armani in the winter I like to win because I think I look good when fall in my category of things that are invisible that can affect me and I don't like invisible thing on electricity its initial utility in the black light Argo Bridge portrait weather looking at you intently and drawing you and the feeling of being scrutinized or something we can almost feel that you don't have that either at that know I have a lot of things but I don't have that you don't have any human connection to everyone you in the head you just get a few centimetres like no one has ever gotten close Carol with the high five invented you have someone slowly work their way up here on your all to look at it but you have to tell them when their finger is reads the dead middle right but you always think it is that before they get there what is shipping have you ever heard of this the difference you pay when you buy something like people have a grip and Simmons ship or the ship grim and Griffin its like a relationship but I had no reason to show me that Tumblr is really active the receipt I was really active reading that of every episode and shipping is apparently when you when you take care of that would probably never be together and you make them together when you'd like me to drop pictures with them together or you guys don't know flash yeah its like porn characters that are just not sex hidden where one of the characters is like in school and she writes the erotic Friend Fiction its like you write the expression about her friend is it though Tina the time like she used to shipping 210 year old kid card from cup but Mo poop all my brain to be able to visualize something if I don't want to poop I don't want to think about the graphic what up Google tweets and 4 what is it from poop back and forth forever at me when everyone you know what will be here when you get back I think he was just showing you that club you oh my God Thalia Seth MacFarlane hosting the mother fucker 17 minute monologue dude that's too goddamn long Gilbert at 11 p.m. Duke 17-minute opening monologue know your people and their speeches cut off your head 17 minutes at the top of your Awards left go Hugh Savile fucking letter saying you know I thought you would like to ghost finger woman she was way over the top trailer Wizard101 Argo know Tina told that woman last night was she black all the things I couldn't you know hidden for so many years parallels between Adele and Amy Winehouse because I wasn't Amy Winehouse going to sing a Bond theme song know what you like a great choice to me you know to me I love Amy Winehouse know you don't Gavin because I didn't like it when I Beat It by Michael Jackson Solarium signed finger but it Dan it was weird because we're drawing parallels between Adele and Amy Winehouse and I couldn't honestly I gotta say I could help drop parallels between Amy Winehouse and seeing Kristen Stewart last night what the fuck was up with Kristen Stewart she was bruised and limping like she was literally like nobody has that ability kind of results you can surround yourself with people who tell you everything is fine fucking weird at.. I love that picture of her bald with your umbrella hosts of the talk in the car with umbrella fucked up it was like its did you work with the Charlize Theron she was hot in that movie hosts Halo Castle how is about to come here and I was listening to the old pocket so I didn't tell the same story again about representing Christ Academy Awards Oscars over fall and I thought when I first saw it it was a hit right out of the gate I didn't know I didn't help Daenerys gentleman about the weird thing about that was like from the TV Django you can see if you Jackman going to help her there's a reverse angle from the states respectively or Bradley Cooper's right next to Hugh Jackman also going to help her but you can't seem at all in the TV broadcast always under the impression that when I go you shouldn't help her already I felt like a turtle Barber Grey you the only one that's like you're trying not to cry in a public space I would not go to that person that are you okay and then I'll tell you if I need help or whatever you want to do is sit there with her are you okay are you sure you're okay are you okay are you okay that drive me insane Cup on their head if she tripped she can get up she's going to be like she's fine she's a human woman who can stand up against dresses different girl in the world Paradise you question don't care if you were in that position and you fell down would you want help getting up know know what she did do was after she felt she was like I'm just going to hold the position she didn't get right back up she left she sat there first I can compose yourself and got backed up but then everyone gave her a standing ovation she goes stop it I know you're just doing that because I felt you Jackman is an app to help Ryan orange I feel like she's an independent lady demand to help her up on the way over here really 1 is it regardless of what Gavin says if you're a guy and you're around ladies and Ben pretty dresses be ready to help out like you can walk up steps off of your arm help with that process its common decent time and despite what she says is the floating woman Jennifer Lawrence because she got up what you Jackman didn't make it all the way to her right she got up and got up there there's the other lesson to learn from this process is that if you're a woman and you fall down and Hugh Jackman rushing to help you stay now you stick around come out Jennifer information Jennifer Lawrence on Google and see what it auto completes always thru Saga complete for Jennifer Lawrence fucking ridiculous Jennifer Lawrence fall Jennifer Lawrence Oscars and Jennifer Lawrence weight really that's of people looking up and the trip so she's feeling like you look up someone's picture of them you have an idea of what they look like what does a specific number convey that pictures and videos you look like her and think she hasn't so what does she look like her Adele its all song titles guide fall baby for everything Hotel know I know right all right but Argo Argo of Argo original production I don't know controller original console Burnie go to start the discussion got it prediction Mr 2010 public prediction that I made a whole pot cat and how they've come true I also predicted that we would see a major world event recorded on Russian dash-cam and that happened last month with a meteor then somebody pointed out to me that I was talking about Archer about a year-and-a-half ago and saying people keep telling me to watch charger I'm sure I'll watch it a year and a half from now or two years now and it's our time everyone else is go to this you have to like I told you this the public 28/24 Oscars called the Oscars because apparently in 1937 31 executive director Academy Margaret Herrick look at the Statue and commented that resembles my uncle Oscar know that's the entire reason that's called Empire you should be able to stream your game play video directly to the internet and shouldn't make clips and share them yet built in Via Hardware API instead of like you're talking about Modern Warfare has just announced they have her in a theater Mo Hardware the mr. McMahon the Clone or the starfish know the devil clock that will be one of cup Mr Cup this year hidden at the price point didn't show the console but it showed the controller and it showed some game play so it was interesting revealed what does which is now your miles just left to go do something miles dear anymore know the past we did once where we responded by that tequila at her and we will go back up on tequila and my crew is live Mile and you like a couple of milk on the castle white District you like trying to in the show is like so let's talk about gun control right now is like you have a hole in my desk live it over to you today I guess when you have and it blew out like it's like a bullet entry hole was much smaller than the unexploded and the camera stupid piece of shit River nearest Burnie Rome Ramirez Gavin was telling me that he was thinking about turning his desk around to get rid of the whole yeah that's a good idea Gavin you already had a giant hole in the other side as well you just can't see it over there I really do that golf club and Hammer holes in it and removed a really expensive desk white desk Destiny still working out of your old bedroom we're working on something something at the original Xbox controller and it's half and half you said it wasn't that it was the boat anchor the original Xbox controller you angry at me but I just between and reconstruction it was the tables around and I didn't put it you like the chick that I met him at all the weird one production environment for probably 5 years and it was just would like it was one set of Xbox of their all hooked up because we mainly working River slow it was now that everybody's dead everyone has one but it was the One Direction environment every time I would go to shoot and we can back me up on this every time I go to shoot at a time and it was always been your interview love you and I want to see how we did it go to set up a disconnected and it was trying something controller computer and everything he had a completely empty that's when he came and I said I just was trying stuff yourself good luck Stewart a little bit the same way first time yeah when you're like that right now he's getting really angry 5 years ago when of one of my for the first time at this place and the people here I'm still out your tax information over the next and then came back out it was like talk to you at all what's the weather look like where is my shadow around and then Michael know town the conference room on his chair and I was like Jimmy the same thing that came in and there was one of the chairs has nothing to do with the closest thing to grab that was missing it was like over there in the dungeon over here but I know which one is which 2000 70 people with there anyone above you or you just at always the owner of the company look up for class Dead or Alive 2 or just go back to February 22nd of last year to talk about how you met people the only reason I applied for that job at the time my roommate wanted to apply for the tech support job but he didn't have a car to drive down there and the next morning I was like I was back the next day and it's a fucking nightmare he goes know I was up all night playing Rainbow Six and I don't have a chair in my room so I didn't for Android all sexy go. I got to know if you you for the request line camera and I can't sit down it hurts at 6:27 you were the one that gave him opportunities I was 19 years old when I started working there are great opportunities and I and I Rose to be president company is like a great time if it was nothing that was the only place I moved to Austin I try to get food service know I got called back to work there's a call center and it would be a different place you so much can you deliver to people's homes is what I'm thinking about Amy Dear John game and the like and really well identically then we just kind of like Mr that between the three of us like everybody exchange for like promising to talk about this stuff and he wouldn't write about the stuff that and then two weeks after nothing else people would anybody use the term web series before we put out River and blue in the first video we called it series of the popular web series you first one point I was going to call and tell him to call River City Blue agent.com live and up until part of the education of Red vs Blue is saying this is a video and there's going to be another one next week remember how much would a drill that hotel you can come back on this day and there will be something there will be another one it's going to be a continuation of the story its not video it was really nothing we can even homestarrunner which was really big at the time they were just individual cartoon even the bigger Longer cartoon characters doing that we had doing it because computer gaming computer the cover of the magazine they wanted to put the off switch on the cover of the magazine and then I went back to Gus that will clean out junk in vs dead you wanna do this you said he branded as sweet as red vs blue the river and there was 8 in the magazine April Edition which is white red vs blue started on April 1st which anniversary is the fact that you could change the end episode 1 back and forth I love you decided to film it and you like and then I can feel like this video now though it was like like within 3 months when he got here he has and probably about two dozen Copy Cat shows that were all of a sudden people making Halo Showdown the internet everyone it wasn't vs expensive as hell back then before I was kind of a real big fan and I was always some how to do everything like everything and then let's just get together next Google image search of rooster and chattering teeth together weather vane rooster and like I said we were going to hire people in our community to do stuff because I'm and I found a guys think it's Ben McSweeney Go music but I saw that was him of himself logo because for a company like this because it probably t-shirts and other stuff down there for a long time live box driver logo hundreds of thousands of times he drew our logo and every time every time Louis electrical off center beginning of every video before that the Nico music which I think was around episode 6 or 7 which is what I thought it would just be the fate of those Google images and it would be its 70% but it would be Red vs Blue on Twitter the original logo for Red vs Blue and I just retweeted it for my Twitter account but that's it Unchained of funny and it was really you and then there was the time when will season 5 off of that you might the book cat with a bonus disc and I had you guys coming to me because you didn't have some of the videos that I still had so I sent you back the videos I downloaded from you in a long time because I kept everything there's somebody was on that DVD which is my copy of the schedule and your schedule and then destiny Burnie Mr dresses after I left a class and I was working at another place he messaged me and was like hey you can come down we're going to shoot something else like go to the store and buy a blue light bulb white light blue the warehouse and then we went to the hall that used to be across the Moors to be right there and I was like will Empire Jennifer games just holding them original intros on the bonus disc original I want to kill my you don't want to kill my 2 know there's cat hair everywhere I forgot Monday was a bad idea sup how you doing how old is light radiation dear I don't know how many podcast it was a go but it's something about like showing stuff on screen that people don't want to see right I didn't do 2 its like shit and pretend like you already go into that so if you don't want to turn it off its like you're finger floating over the button before you you shall decide you don't want to remember Benjamin know this is your flashlights or some sort of something Gus was talking about Gus was talking about the dude who if we showed a video of ice cream of like him eating shit out of cup what was you alright I'm done Fest appearance everyone call Best Wok on error 97 we gotta we gotta wrap up do you want a beer or some white bread and weather okay we we were like at the 2 hour mark guys about everything on my list Miami Destiny let's talk about Destiny did you guys take a look at what the PS4 revealed we talked about that we talked about before the PS4 do you think I don't know anybody Twitter fire fire information the onion tweeted about the little girl from that was up for best actress the nine-year-old what's your name but remember like I don't know it's hard to pronounce but let's say her name is like I don't even in the 2013 Oscars the problem so the onion Tweets in the middle of her name is Sarah and I hate talking about it at the Oscars but we all agree that there is a real people starting black Drive you were the onion exactly what is the most and I don't know what Obama was running for president Dan the paper edition of The Onion which in some cities in Austin is one of those cities in for the new stand for the onion Obama's running for president and they have a huge picture of Obama on the front of the onion in this news Dan and the headline is black guy asks Nation for change and I thought one of the other kind of questions like the week after September 11th know how to cope with hurt feelings RT Podcast of hashtags are trending and now all of a sudden it's just like filled with garbage of life in these all these factors are you looking at that's fine that's not your garbage 2 years old obviously year old whatever I don't think she tweets I don't think she does Gavin do it directly but you still like you got the public eye but I think the worst thing that happened to her honestly that night was the fact that she didn't win an Oscar that's a hard thing for 9 year old Amy and put her on the global stage and there's like a problem that can be Nico onion bleed or not they deleted the tweet and then they issued an apology About a Boy that makes original at the president where they they can retract Rings Infinity its very journalistic thing to make a retraction how do you retract a joke it's a joke you can't say you didn't make the Joe the grey grey I did not realize that that guy was a comedian I had heard of him until I came and I see him on the roast and stuff but from a lot its way to him station Timber 11th Joe clock 2 weeks after December 11th 6:31 to live with the tweets weather know what the joke was at the Les you wanted to fly to New York but he couldn't catch a connecting flight from Empire State Building that in his voice he Dan the on people stream the voice and ask when I'm the only person I think that exists of his actual voices from the Howard Stern Show where I guess Jerry was calling in to make sure you come on time and they recorded the interaction with the public all right let's wrap up for over 2 hours now for me I only care if I don't know if they're okay with it my dog my dog has the best alright well anyway we can pick it up then they do it you know how it is all right everyone