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this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audiobook sold more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com slash RoosterTeeth this absolutely Steve podcast is also brought to you by Shutterstock.com with over 700,000 high quality video clips of Shutterstock helps you take your creative projects to the next level for 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth 3 that's Rooster Teeth and the number 3 hey everyone welcome Burnie time sold retires for the evening today Gus Gavin Joel Burnie MD Joel care what anyone be happy about that I don't know hopefully it was for me but it was valuable learning process of learning is better to lose money now when you're heading a little mouth Minecraft on a regular basis just like crap before I really put that much the last time I was with all these guys were in elementary school but the last time I was in Vegas and Los to the table is that mad at me dollar and looked up at me and said we don't quit home World up on you if you get a license to run a casino it's a licence to print money thing about why the casino always wins is that you can go up and down all day is dog to the office are we going to the board now it's up on the board now but you can't ever get the house 2081 a house get you a deer and got no money left your. Also if we have like totally cat home and what was the meaning of the cat was the most expensive cat in the history of $100 best everywhere you look at what's behind blasters a jug of of just hit that right behind Gus Johnson to be a good idea what today brew beer you brew beer in the goddamn podcast 101 sweetheart this is like three layers of crap in the three layers of deliciousness good up there it's all get a permit in three weeks or to be enjoying it usually happen College you know where everybody had that but he's like Vegas cover about brewing beer and you get the death process like the podcast is about that old for your college work and then it wasn't but we realize that it actually would take a long time it would probably take longer than 3 weeks metal surface becomes part of the cat and you said you were dying because you tasted some of it earlier no I did not think that it didn't break it did not smell good Pilkington something like that I think things over at Burger King Whoppers fucking terrible it was Twitter questions were tweeting on cloud RT Podcast they're asking a couple questions ask you die your hair darker are you not really right now this week's t-shirt Tuesday someone about child Cliff for style is wearing a flip for style shirt don't know what I would show a little better front today on ah we want to show that and I landed upside down on my neck is painful you pick the camera hard enough to move it but not hard enough to knock it is perfection and I think that's pretty much the only ever used for people moving around head like an NBA Reddit the shirt if you can read my fortune Apple I'm watching like the patent office and Apple has filed a patent with the patent office Hoover a new iWatch and iWatch and it's supposed to look like a slap bracelet a fuel band key. So you can see it better it's able to 33590 Fuel band lighting LED and it goes to the difference is that I don't understand what the point of this odometer and that kind of technology is still high level of douche isn't it let me take me where is it functional but I'm a theoretical you can just put your pot you didn't even have a thing and it would work is fine hello everyone you like the other day I'm going to dinner with someone and someone was like who did that what is your goal good goal who did good I'm proud of you no I wasn't time we went Bluetooth earpiece no haven't become not do she know you have things are just things are absolutely Bluetooth in my car that can I get the microphone somewhere in my in my truck and so I can just like take all over my car speakers and I always think I look like I'm talking to myself like a maniac I just like talking to me about nothing and I miss you. Right now your microphone in the car if you can have control by the way record over cameras on laptops for as long as they consisted not like looking in a die secret free games like watching TV it's not because I'm concerned about their mental health because I can't see the looks on their faces when they were Amazing World of Gumball well it has great voice actors for kids are awesome Verizon found of child predator who was storing child pornography images in the cloud on their service and they contacted the police and what they saw child porn stored in the cloud on someone's phone so they contacted the police and turned in the sky really yeah Amazon Motorola at like I didn't the checkbox with strangers can look into my thing or again it doesn't matter this system is going to the thing if somebody can explain I'm glad ah okay look not endorsement any in any way but the idea that it's okay to do something some other people all the time because you catch one person bad doing something does not justify the cameras on the corners in the UK everywhere it's fun public place you shouldn't be man off in a public place MIT in public a monkey with a star in your house Tony to next year the area but your mom can off with a storm up here after all these years we finally have a good reason to know Key West what could they see you doing it was worse than that Alan I don't know I guess child born in the class would be up there I really don't know what would be worse I mean what have you done in public what do you want to know what were you doing Burnie the outside you still outside the street now everybody's band 1820 Jai on Friday in the highway Gavin in public that every time I see pictures of people getting as you say do they have in Amsterdam know what you want I know I didn't new when your with Jason and Gus you're not 40 minutes because there's trains and they're drunk and life you can take you 40 minutes to get back to me I remember you guys being like this die are you that close like that you're right I knew it was going to be between like not selling weed to anyone is not the same for Style ultimate quite frankly if you go to the Dutch prison isn't that better than like a lot of the hotel so that's what we'll probably do is just let me know you know like go to the checklist but that's probably you probably have into something they're not imagine that weekend the point where I have no money left and I have no and stay with and I have to live in the street I feel like I'm good that you can connect to the internet I can't believe it you never do that my living room but you also cover your laptop camera with a sticker cause you don't want that you know you're in there in their defense when I was working on the script about a killer the tapped into people's cameras watch them then went to their house and murder them so much it was really true that people can watch them women there just go on Google and you can search by a court which is associated with unsecured webcams and webcams that are broadcasting for taking everyone's driver's license Verizon Game of Thrones right now can't wait Bay the big die sold yet baby look like flying I'm not coming to get the trailer how do I keep in season two is better than one of those to someone I think it was better to build a lot more than one you're not the cat loose Life episode 10 or whatever other devices constructive that's what we're going to have a special livestream this Friday at 10 a.m. and I would be sitting down and can you off art Southwest game experience here so if you're available at 10 o'clock on Friday morning and on our website and it will be open to the public he won't be sponsoring cliff jumping 43 CT of the moon so if you're in town for South by Emily goat a movie I'm out of pain on Friday with rt at 5 p.m. what's the best thing about it was moving like being successful on YouTube how to actually monetize right now Joel is trapped in his jacket we got out so this morning and brought over a smoker death more duct tape smoker about it during the the smoke and I'm turning it in the thing was like it was like a college refrigerator with the door hanging off of it with a fire inside a strange smell great with the ah podcast to thank you life in hard currency hello so we got to work so I move my microphone to talk like this on 10 a.m. Friday what did you get whatever you the other day for my favorite thing is when we have a community playdates and Community Day we're going to be playing Halo 4 grifball free play this Thursday at 8 p.m. and what's the first thing people respond with what we're playing Halo 4 on Xbox 50% responsible because I don't have an Xbox I don't have Halo 4 of the people going to be right there music but it was really funny because the other day Gavin rolls man to we have a company-wide mailing list if you mail to it it goes to everyone in the company and you ask us the thing where you said I'm having a problem in Final Cut I said Has anyone used in the Final Cut is so excited to use it anyway you can to everyone every single person the cat sorry Artistry life doing on the Myspace no no stay drunk ohare on there all the time WhatsApp World Honda rotates and I can you make sure if that's cool I mean with every time and he's one of the man you once where you have to remove the seat down in the world what is where it says that anymore every time I put that thing down I'm like I'm Ready the things that singers wear in the and I turn around and I was like to sit down if it's brown flush it the thing and then as I said it will go down the toilet and end up sitting on the DOT relatively clean soap right there no problem no problem to get those looks but think I was there cameras in the covers but then I don't know something happened recently when I'm like I don't want my bare ass pushing bases Brower man on Twitter I think I'm staying your last name right never a dull at times about the motorized seats that are controversial new general contractor installed recently at O'Hare Airport are not very hygienic after all as the plastic wrapping rotate overseas to try to the liquid from the rim of the trouble and leaves drop of those liquids on top of it that's what I was thinking the whole fucken time and we pay for this there is one of the reasons for this some nails for the for the video on that 30 twisted willow I bet it does and you're doing this one day one day of sting vs. Universe 6 Minds up anywhere and everywhere the more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers List new audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service when audiobook to consider is Game of Thrones or whatever up for for your choice good audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth that's audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth so in anticipation of season 3 of Game of Thrones I finally bought the books on Audible somebody was asking and I'm going to listen to them I mean are you doing this to me if you like I'm still getting the same information and San Francisco we did a Google Maps said that you would give me 7 hours after driving for 5 hour trip yeah yeah that's what I'm the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life best at your old ones in the back of a truck the next 8 hours for to Pismo Beach that's what you were moving slower than the thing when we sold them what thing what you said it took seven hours but then and now in the for an hour and a Google calculation for Gavin Burnie please kiss MIT algorithms a difference in color in one pixel on someone's face and they can actually time for this five a hundred times to this point and you're seeing that pulse through that again why do we need that because it's a waste of money too baby so we can take a life people how much are there still stupid don't know how this is going to let me know this is going to boil down to gas figuring out a way that like chicks are attracted to him if you like I can cameras and machines to tell if your baby turtle life like man who was going to be an empty head like a five signs of death chicken is ready at 4 we have to death maybe we do need a machine to monitor whether or not did you get that crazy shit just like every to figure out a way to grab all to tadpole penis watching Gavin Google you like with those guys and you can see that from very star color changes in the skin and it also amplifies logic right Tony move it the contest is over there that's fucking crazy gas but it's a way of like they can use this to take life even more effectively than what was that a pulse is and how do you detect that you put your number into any social movement is Amplified and how does that benefit life can you use amazing technology you tell the baby is alive you could get a ride Georges electromagnet When You See It Go easy going person who you like what up what are you doing buddy is doing something Noble loose like a diving your pulse in your for it so I'm kinda thought a girl in public and you see her and you think she likes you so you can do what good video possible house when you can talk to a girl but your of toilet a video on your and then putting her through posting ads but we understand because you don't want to talk to her either put something scientific and point that at them I'll be ready free likes five a Porsche a cloud shaped like a picture of your dick anyway my point is it's so weird to me that you can see someone's post through the face so I can tell this the real video where there's bullshit it was cat video no I don't know I didn't the fucking alright let's everybody just calm down we're just talking about the same. loose change for the for the bill slash in the bottom of the building before the time hiragana free MIT compensating know it was off the plane as the explosion come out what do you think that maybe there's a propane tank or natural gas line or something down there right well I found a lot of buildings get demolished they always go down exactly like those tires did but then there's this other video where they showed a ton of other buildings skyscrapers the past 24 hours and they still Style a fire in an explosion also like the temperature of the time of the explosion the Titanic Vegas you guys probably already know about it through this week and it's going to be already hey this is this is this is going to run the computer should be even more flat screen TV the right time fucking internet company day when he was out would you let me top 10 cleaning video top ten I can't I can't see the screen up top 10 screaming goat if you haven't seen this this is the greatest thing ever video Rebel be happy This One Direction video how goat it's like all my God everybody looking here we go with it I bought a Taylor Swift song Just because the fucking yeah I mean I think sold these songs on iTunes give it up it's over will be alright so you think you by viral marketing campaign it could be that goat with amazing Taylor Swift I Knew You Were Trouble video you'll ever see what is the plan are we still bad if I didn't hear Taylor Swift goat the one you know it RT what are down so this is me on the tram in Vegas playing this on my iPhone new trouble goat milk what people have been good alright Joel cover this game that we do something Google autocomplete then my other favorite thing is when Gavin comes up with a ridiculously stupid question so Gus to play game right now Gavin or Google and here's what I did I took three words and I gave them to Gavin and he had to come up with a question and then I type the same three words into Google and got the most ridiculous autocomplete Google okay the first one is what happens if that's the phrase that I gave to Gavin able to tell me which ones which what happens if you accidentally eat all the marijuana already got one okay Google when is Google reading one of gas you are correct the first one can you see can you you can you see stars while you're in space can you see oxygen which one is Gavin alai why did you say one with a slight English accent Joe the oxygen is Gavin how many buttons do you have to the universe how many buttons do you have to button on a 2 button how many buttons does it take to launch to space gravity which one by this is a little bit for me because there was some crosstalk going on before the podcast so I'm not sure if this is at 32 little bit art you repeat I was just how are Lego Space Shuttle criminal gas on Google grow my God please please send me where is 303 you three or four World War II start the search with Joel. We should definitely makes it up have like some why are you and things like that as well cover something and it was like you entered something like you and I just know if you would how many tons how many tons is 3.10 die probably Wednesday that would be too complex for someone like someone who and when is it going to three point turn is Google Google how many days are there in Star day remember change in the back when the internet was first getting off the ground before Google existed but did you ever using it it's my favorite I was thinking about was a web crawler and their logo used to be a little lighter a little cartoon spider ah no sir visit free day to get a tattoo of that web crawler lycos excite Altavista High style or the one where you could like I will give you randomly giving money to someone everyday give you a bonus prize by using the session like a lot of money to one person everyday Joe remember that you can buy 1 pics of the guy who had a website that was like a million pics Bill totals like an area that he would fill each of the pixels for a dollar and you look like look like million dollar home free clean up when I was at 3.2 of the top war shirt is worth how many turns in a new star that is exactly what I would think that would look like Drive million it said hey I'll give you Dollar Tree shirt that's exact structured it is through each one of those is the link I really at least 10 years that is crazy what year did The Million Dollar Homepage come out 2005 no no no the million dollar home page of the website conceived in 2005 Alan from Wiltshire England Wiltshire England to raise money for his university education home page consisted of a million pixels are in 1000 by 1080 image base plates on it or sold for us $1 per pixel in 10 by 10 block let me ask you this to in pounds at an impound home page that's exactly Vegas I know if I can find out if I can make some money but I can't even hear ya $400 hotel to go to the war a book of everything with everything with to the roof which quarterback tonight we're sending like 7 people so the math on that is ridiculously high for what is it called when people that work there money to the house I loved it I remember it was a real world house that we rented Vegas terrible because I was like it's not ridiculous it's like nine hundred bucks tonight but you have no privacy weather for Bernie's life has privacy issues but now he's renting houses from 1 to being in the house together or what's going on either one of these to stay there for their own rooms how man adult greatest looking for these guys it's a greatest thing ever I mean when I was 20 but I was fucking 20 I've been having you don't know what if you do not want to be around you don't for a cab in the cabin goat man if you've never just take a good look at a gift shop by a blackjack card at sold great and went to bed or not to bed just put on the table for you can have to deal and everybody is a God damn mother fucking everything with the count of the absolutely a face card or you can make it of 1 you gotta focus on the cat sitting next to you can tell because you're like that digg was -18 and he got up and left and I was suspecting he was counting and it's like I use that opportunity was like what's -18 good time to go to the bathroom something people do it but I wasn't dollar World in 2 minutes only because it was just like $500 and it didn't work in the end there in the text at like 4:44 and I have to leave the table because you run out run out of money and it's like I'm going to walk away from the table of these assholes who don't do anything with my credit card on the table behind me and I'm like let me guess you want some money so I can get money like the players Karl for me up there Star card and no because I don't want to know what's been going on with me I don't want them to keep count of what I've done to keep count of everything that you do if your to the table and what about your money they know you come back and keep winning money they know it's like I don't keep track of my days I want to like not only keep that distance but I mean because if they find out you're doing it you know we don't you we got and I don't ever want to go anywhere with me anymore because I know the dealer way down and then Joe the day they understand that we have to die get it like you and I got harassed by the players they switch dealers every 15 minutes something like that and it's like first on the rental video Hawaiian dude we were in the New York New York having a great time with the two of us in there Taylor Swift Burnie did not win another hand with New York a man hold his money just to let you know a burning fire in the bathroom all the time now you don't get the paper dollar game like four conversations over and over and over and over again just like people commonly blaming the dealer is like after a while after hearing that 400 times he does let me know if I can remember that's why he was Joel sold change as you're 21 and everytime I bend over it was on the table Joel Joel at like 4 five hands more and then we'll just go take a shower okay thank you for coming to the MGM please don't return it we were like yeah you know what I'm old enough to know you're not going to take me to the back room beat me up how to beat a million dollar pixel die shirt no one can take it back with me you of anyone up shirt all right but now that Disney controls everything so when to take a the back of MIT is going to beat the crap out of you Predator Tank MGM new company everything is like MGM bankrupt and metro-goldwyn-mayer by someone else Tony Metro bill and I don't know if I don't remember it because it was supposed to Stephen prices Google Gavin is Google flight and I can't wait to have Gavin in the Moon pills and Jim calling on his MGM of those Mexican player material on visit and it says it's the name of the company that and then used the names bill because it is still well now would you UIC MIT on to say how much is the most you've ever won in one day the trip that he was on that start with $300 and 305000 feet and that's what I first started flying at them like there might be something to this get out there at like 3 or so much that he's working and he went got the other people taking my Blackjack at the table it doesn't matter it still right you can do everything right and it's still not 1% for the first time man put on red and then visit in the bull Patinkin RT life take all of your money and that is what it what if it doubles as a what is the here's the problem with that okay Google Loose sucks balls all right you win deposit up star planet on the phone number to Green numbers on them so you can put on your body when you get some sort of natural high and then you go away and you be like I remember the best moment of my life was when I put all my money on red yeah you will lose weight when you lose it all you lose it all but there was one time where I didn't have any money that you make money have a job in that please don't do it Gavin at one point maybe you just put a gun to your head become alive in the other reality yeah I mean if you believe in God a moment you would be really life baby Barbara the barber was going to Vegas for the first time and yeah we're going to MIT Barbara was a a female and be in Vegas for the first time I almost gave her all my money and told her about it cuz that is like a recipe for winning it's going on it you know how you do it up big time for a while and then I left at like one night I was tired I would like to go to sleep next life I will have you crossed over the a crossed over the 24-hour period you are no longer a newcomer I have a question about bubbles art right now does oxygen in the Bible right this time let's up some carbon dioxide and nitrogen shirt and answer questions use oxygen when you breathe into a bucket the war in the bucket yep you still at the course the water level down and breathing it also has to be in the pressure where does the pressure come from inside you and feeling your love is up in the bucket you're right this place is the water like in the in the part of compressed air in the underwater definitely trying to but you're not getting oxygen in the air that we breathe is what our body can pull oxygen out of and lower the amount of oxygen in the air that you cannot survive his your body fishing up Depoe the oxygen out of that low level of an oxygen still be blowing bubbles but I won't be a next time you're making out with a girl take a deep breath inhale inhale it to her then have her text it back into you and prove it then do it again the best way to commit suicide loose each other Smokey Joe the terminology for this when you don't nice looking woman and you be like you know you need you don't know have a great idea can we please and roll Gavin in the Boy Scouts life skills MIT attorney winter man finally he could probably kill off a couple kids I think somebody and 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We love your service we use it all the time here on the podcast Gus right you told me this recently they have eggs in them when they're born if you were born you actually in your grand parent one in my grandparents because your grandmother gave was pregnant with your mother and your mother had an egg that you came from is that really true is a woman really born with all the eggs 12 year for 30 years digg of change I think in the future people will have the X Games which will be the most genetically perfect sexing a baby like they can do they can Diving Egg but I'm sure we can determine and make it so you have a boyfriend you know they can do that they can do it enter the camper defects right we just were the luckiest guys let me have an infant it's been so lucky I just don't feel lucky I man I was trying to go to a different level but but so you kind of got away from what you were starting with so you were you're saying that we were all inside our grandmothers at one point explain it to me up in at a great time you look at it was and your $0.50 is in my man so you think that when my mom was in her mother's womb he had over a dozen waiting on her eggplant save text Emily what's a uterus with the baby thing and learning only leads to life Alan Jackson everything Ah that's right now kids Halo Jai Nike Gus and Gavin just DNA hear something very simple mathematical Trend but Bill is amazing to me Joel do you have any sisters I do not. You're always your family okay so your mom had all boys like it all but your mom has a mother because her mother who had to have a mother who has a mother who has a mother who has mother your mom by having all boys broke a line of women erect Adventure women that goes all the way back and literally the being of time to me that's a weird interesting biological what you're saying is it I am the Antichrist the same way that's why I sound interesting but it isn't well I mean it is when you when you wouldn't route 7/2 egg has a 50% chance of having a boy so she did that she had how many kills family but she had multiple kids and she had almost everything to do with a straight line of women all the way down time and Joel's mom and my mom said that she and of all things that kids you break that change everything is one Origins putting in so many directions and you live a long time and this generation you at the beginning of the weather right now I'm depressed I have no idea how that makes it more interesting or less interesting I do not try to take this one and the other people have applied that's what the computer back to the beginning of time Joe hisaishi Gavin is staying hear hear entire lineage Through Time basically what you're saying what you're saying is this happens all the time you have a bill that I have been sold time that's what makes it amazing literally everybody was in their grandmother's room everything up why does my dick have to be in this thing and your thing just have to be satisfied with a free story about the story about picking eggs is it everyone should have more sex sold the problem we will go there because I came in I wasn't really try to be someone I dropped it out of my truck and it fell face-down by tonight because I knew that was gonna fucking drop my phone sometime in next couple months and if I bought an iPhone 5 off of reason and shatter my iPhone 5 but you're not you're happy you're happy with your to get an iPhone 5 when it's already a few months late alright would you star in in 64 what if you expose front stay with in 64 that makes by the the thing is I drop items I break my iPhone I know that it wasn't me but when you break glass broken probably I've had 3 of them that's too bad I mean experience of most people fucking yeah I understand I've never lost my key to my car I don't remember giving you prices we pay for that is like you and I like we have medical problems we're working on it was like a whole time I'm going to manage every moment we spend a lot of energy focusing on not breaking the ice tile floors clean my phone out of my pocket and it slipped out of my hand was falling over the child and it was my idea to reach in time Brooks and life on the road and I'm glad I woke you up but I wanted to I had a glass in my hand I woke up to my freezer I open the freezer and Ice Cube fell out a hacky sack the Ice Cube it was up and over behind me and I took my foot out and help me check it again it came back up over my head and later there's no one and now this is why you said camera never fucking do that stuff but I don't know I don't know what I don't know what the point of that was just time for Mark delayed because like my phone and now I can do it on your life the amount of stuff I've done has been amazing and on this Cliff cliff in the cliff it was really frustrating the whole it was it was incredible I pay good money just to have that money Mandy shirt women Barber say no the whole cooler Fort Wayne in the home the way start walking all the way from the child goes in the hole and in your life but she said he has it working out with your new sold Burnie you know I think people just I think I just need to turn Jailbreak in one the same on the internet that's it I mean I can't imagine what he was thinking right next to me or not it's okay I'll day Reddit a child too many people are live tweeting people are tweeting is it we're just going to read out we're going to read at 1 to eat where time this week you know what happens if we break it die new trending and then when you drive in this country had that you conscious of how much money you spend on gas I am I moved farther away from the office I never thought of it I didn't drive so I'm never taking this information prices you have to receive the answer about driving question only to tell the story don't give a fuck about the information being given to you so they don't go through that stuff just start talking go ahead go ahead right right what was I talking about I don't know so I can tell you your time New River death I heard a story when you drive on off and give her with a time and gas you spend on the truck because I don't drive in a car when is it expected that we really say shirt in in the u.s. what was the first 360 for the prices of things like gas or beer death goat gas by 3:50 and I was just there yesterday 157 Perlita toilet transfer that $2 was like $2 something I didn't how many liters are in a gallon 3.758 Gus you know that we had like 20 sure I'm going to it was because it was the equivalent if you can but I am out $2 and then x 3.75 it was like $8.90. It's not a drive is 3.785 off 300 anger we need to have like way more than that the MIT 3.74 time Joe Jonas gallon is there a drive front button Imperial at 15 right now the wires are dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups in what no I know right I mean like liquid has no spaces between a good to do OK and then the imperial gallon is 4.5 inches die Gavin when Vegas converted into American you have to use the American gallon conversion compared to American prices Brentwood podcast always break Scandal a unit of measurement units of measurement easy way to the outside of the dollar Universe up 120 a big difference with money a really stupid thing you don't know about in the US when you buy gallon of gas when we say 3:19 actually 3:19 and 9 tenths of a cent if 3.99 was 9 years ago image ah here they are the top one double down up down in there free combination of living is Meaningful to me best if you didn't worry about Investments and money in that I would not be me good I stayed up all night long like watching financially I think something's wrong with 98 Reddit ah Mimi one fucking had fun that's all that bill to stop talking sold at the fucking time since I treated it September but Joe is going to share your 20 I said but surely once you have enough money to be comfortable and not worry about it of money because you have enough money to not have to really worry about it there I know what's going on in the financial world and there's an event that's going to happen at some point in the future I'm not going to last until I man have fun ah boy here we go like how can you be to gamble all your money on red in best thing is just to go through it I can go and double my money in a second go ahead now but but but I hate you You Know cover the stock market in particular really seem to work shortly the Dow Jones index change companies for on and off at all the time so it's like you're looking at a family company they're doing well they're doing great if the stock market. And it included every company that ever existed ever listed in the stock exchange and all the ones are no longer here where is z wrote it would look like the worst that in the world could it be like 50% of the company will work because I mean even the common dude has some truth in what I think it's like you can kind of generally look it's like okay if I invest in Google probably not going out of business next year probably not where is like okay here's a cover have never heard of before I'm sure a lot of people Penny stop people life Fortunes in penny stocks Enron was what the third most valuable company with that I mean I can't read that generally does not trying to hurt you I mean Enron using using years establishing itself as people who records behind 2013 making money at some point in the future by a list of telephone Kickstarter what is Nantucket apartments amazing the bill but my life still breathable at what age can you breed up here and I sure as fuck cat pick up the world Gavin have you lived this close I mean that is a mathematical anomaly that you're alive we were you need the Boy Scouts Reddit enroll him in the Boy Scouts but you went really deep really deep the point where you can swim up on my breath okay bucket bag ohare the blood in your body how does it make it less life your whole unit that's going to be a big bucket from the air is from my life right and you blew it out and you're all being connected it's all the same here looks like I'll be happy if you put more buildings on it exactly moonrock and build a skyscraper out of order really I didn't realize I know Dad we start the oxygen bucket company and you make a miscalculation between imperial gallon and US gallon said he would have really gotten the money back to US gallon what's free diving Swift a SCUBA tank or anything you're feeling tender War listen listen to survival Instinct with you is strong we have the rest of your body is saying hey Gavin I'm on a boat and I'm going to pretend you trust it never climb a tree I'll call you okay even though you can follow the train die and that's been involved with trees and I both did you do with the water I didn't of conversation Best Buy, talking about you Joe Nike for when you can. I guess you don't really don't want to tell you can don't have the same survival instincts for climbing to you you still cold I just wonder why I don't try to breathe man looking for and a half I mean to do despite all the pressure that you're getting right now I don't think I want I don't think I could do it and then I go into water at whole day just let him that is true true video is English over two decades never sold my medication I hate taking medication even hospitalized for surgery and never thought of pills have you felt that way you feel that way it's only when I was younger I was like if I had a headache over ohare mit ban know what I mean when you the other day did you have like if you have like a headache when you're younger you life was going to fight this and I can take him after I never had I never had if you get dehydrated headache what happens when your first headache if you like this is it this is what everyone is talking about shirt a pressure or anything before the age of 24 that way just leaving the college like maybe had some sort of level of slight discomfort we're like oh maybe this is what the hell you talking about I don't ever remember having Hagins Imperial College and I had a hangover and you're like oh my God pain on my head from that but I don't ever having a headache like an expensive like there's pain in my head what is the pain come from cause your brain the brain doesn't have any feeling he brings make attention that your brain and try to relieve tension what do game of the Bible with read out of the Bible Sonic done gave you an immersion with like Marble Madness for Whoppers it was cool when your in the John Bill run with the wind took one off cliff everyone he's got a giant Bowl good a little while skydiver where something goes wrong of a heart attack in for the hit the ground and the guy who Zorb and did that guy have a heart attack it was like everything and I just like a fucking organic material washing machine repair you think of Zorb for the freezer give it to you later oh my God like you die tomorrow day tomorrow what do you want done with your body Burnie and put me in the dump they don't care what happens to your body after you die we're going to make out of your body weather station like I'm telling you right now you're die we're going to take your body and just sort of like stretch it out in the background are you cool with that I want to give myself and my family I don't know man I can watch a video but it didn't take the Zorb video down because we talked about it now I tried it yet and I'm not login because I don't fucking login to Google or YouTube when I'm on there another thing I don't know why people do that I don't want your body if life aliens come back until like really is we have tons of Technology we can reanimate your dad and we Burns you you're done give me a call I can read his eyes weren't listening again I'm going to make the leap yes we should in fact I was never no good for you Verizon stock price to the contact and people this is like 2006 or something people a part of the program where we take it to off and we get your DNA home and put it on the ship and it was Stephen Colbert on to kill yourself for all the things we hold of your I don't look better no I guess what I don't know I don't know how I'm attached to my DNA I don't know I don't understand on a metaphysical level time attached to my being a combination I don't understand that maybe some other civilizations in a way that I can't fathom the cat Okay the point I'm making is it satisfactory to aliens and they put it together whatever and there's like another that's not me you don't know that a chemical that is not going to have all the fucking pills smallest portion of you that you like him squishy liquid in my head when you're headed somewhere your arm if you cut your arm off and you're on the Gavin still see right there that's what my head absolute I never thought of that story the other day about how if I didn't know you didn't Brew Gus of what you just said his identity as male identical twins marry male and female identical twins and they each have kids the kids are legally cousins but genetically brother siblings on your fingers so this is my mother's will stop that stop that stop it don't do that would you when I think about being in the gentlemen's agreement was not agree nothing about being in each other's mom said that's bullshit I didn't get this because pong and stuff before I was born how did you get it that way picture crustacean here makes no sense immortality Drive in a large memory device which was taken to the International Space Station and it still use spacecraft on October 12th 2008 the immortality Drive contains digitized DNA sequences it with the life group human Stephen Hawking comedian Steven Colbert Playboy model Joe Garcia game designer Richard Garriott the authors actually Tracy Hickman pro wrestler Matt Morgan and athlete Lance Armstrong extra big to surrender tattoo immersion off his copy of Georges secret Georges secret key the universe of children's book author by Stephen Hawking and his daughter loose to put the secret of the universe in Space the 10th of the immortality Drive is to preserve human DNA in a time capsule in case some Global cataclysm should occur on Earth of favor sold the world is destroyed they cannot remake me thank you world is destroyed don't worry we have backup copies it's no big deal Personalities in Pokemon a buck an island or whatever it is to be a professional wrestler and Stephen Hawking an alien sci-fi Apocalypse movies find our DNA is made new friends new to sold about 20 you're talking about human if you touch human need to Stephen Hawking your legs back to your not stop it if you touch human it's a Wikipedia I seen the picture the picture of a block from there it's a huge honor to be the bad up here in the Thrones of Joe Leonardo da Vinci sketch I'm warning you now so get your shit out of the way what's that mean time Wikipedia in a Google you just couldn't type it in the address bar da comrade director. Org to human quick on and they are the most important people don't know they're here they have never use Wikipedia loose like to see you couldn't do it I'll just look like when they when they looked like the background material just be on the shirt home Alan Rolling Green have been there during the two days especially the wineries wineries in particular I've never been to one country we should take a trip sometime we can get together hello Google who is the best team in and it's art of in search for it was Lance Armstrong Michael Jordan who is the best human being in the world all right with the day Penelope like the first return life will tell you it is the best human being human human down to the last search visit goat time do die up here it looks like George Costanza death the best person in the world that modern Seinfeld is one of my favorite Twitter good I'm glad it wasn't them it was can't break up with girlfriend because she has know them too well grow the right no no no no Myspace you're the best man in the world that's our anniversary and that's life I guess Bill the Butcher pictures on the internet don't reflect reality on her Myspace profile visit best man in the world and that analysis donati's Myspace I don't know how to do it was once the most popular website on the internet Nike minds work like that sold by Fox News what's the name of the company newscorp and million properties 190 million dollars they had a deal on the table supposedly with Google to be purchased for 100 then they messed up and then they send us Tony for I think I'm million dollars total but like a big sale with $500,000 by 2004 the brand loose last year that sold for $500,000 that was like 3 different 1990 million to 5000 which is worse fat or to be the guy to own Reddit and sold it for like 6 to million bucks and now it's worth 300 million dollars which is worse is worse than have them the top and watch it fall down or still something and then watch it Skyrocket a few sold it which is the question right there yeah you know like you said newscorp shirt a bunch of us including Game Spy and one up and I remember when one up started in a long time war in 2002 or 2003 and it was towards the end of the drunk Gamers day to remember I'm starting over really depressing at the time we were still doing drug game we're trying to do with independent and dependent on the internet and social media bad company coming in and getting your throwing money at it how can you compete with that it was really like them 2 billion areas diving in cover two billion dollars not Facebook at work at 12:20 I think Yahoo even offered them to bill you didn't think later they did Justin Timberlake have to do with Myspace now the primary investor companies Myspace Myspace I was just like you know what we're just going to acknowledge it it's just going to be like hey everyone let's have a good Kickback day where we all go back up Myspace for one day and see what the fuck what they turned off the social aspect and there's a music promotion on the internet life the brand is well-known Myspace a well-known brand like people know that people like it better to by the people know or just start over web browser ever include Netscape really what is the best brand never came back best friend ever came up on the internet? What Automotive companies cover digital grand ever recovered like that you look at them Microsoft stepped into goat will loan you the money but they were free Monopoly cover by the Monopoly it was like it's in our interest to keep this other company at life just so we can act like we have his back reply to talk, that he would follow a conversation through it's really deep and have replies like really interested in them and get it Reddit is there a good way to read and and I want it done but is there a nice to pretend like we're just waiting on the person to the other parent if you're available Friday morning at 10 a.m. just trying to make sure