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RT introduces themselves again.

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Recorded: 2013-03-13 00:26:26

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth Gus Gavin Barbara Jack and Burnie Rave in the UK the man video of answering overly went back to the Internet so South by Southwest in Austin so it's been a hectic week for everyone we just passed weekend going City in the booth and signing autographs and talking to people while I was there at one point on Saturday the kid who the fuct and outside of their phone this one kid was like you took a picture of my brother last year was like okay cool cool do you like peoples at the picture shows me that you remember this now sorry man I don't and you bastard I was like 16 sounds like and I was like whatever and if you walked off and then like 10 minutes later he came back with a little brother who is in the picture and he came back with his mom so I said did you know your son just called me a bastard like 10 minutes ago you look you look like you want to murder him I'm a bastard I don't know what's going on United State like that is the question that people will often ask you at a convention like Comic Con is not our booth but overall is 135000 people go to Comic up and tell her to walk up and it will say hey we talk to Comic Con 3 years ago you remember me there's no to me the pictures that question is probably a thousand people that year but yes I remember I remember the obvious stuff as well but I saw a picture once of me with a dude dressed like a giant hot dog you think I'd remember that I've never really drunk Double D hot dog costume online comic man the bread roll massage don't remember me like we really go to parties for South by Southwest we run into other people who do what we do but not from Austin with a kind of his Austin also a lot of times you might know somebody but you know them into contact with everyday she will have sexual entry into this but I think it's worse to be like oh you obviously remember me about and be like oh you already introduced yourself to me I don't think that's a bad thing to do but I'm sorry introduce yourself I think that's better than assuming they remember you if you haven't seen him in a long time it's better if you introduce yourself as you see it was good to see Austin star Austin I love this town I really do there's nothing about the time that I don't like and I realize I'm going to make this statement but where your check of shirt to talk to and we don't like wearing glasses what happened Austin since the beginning South by Southwest this year with a fucking hip portion has just like the needles Pax carbon known as the Hipster area so we're getting people from out of town that I think I'm going to on history black people go to Vegas they kind of like it a little crazier than usual maybe the same idea except they're a little more history than a history through up because people don't believe me that I'm from here I come from I live in Austin I don't know it's like some weird kind of make you feel on top of all your Twitter followers Emily kid and your Twitter feed and I didn't bring it up and then you bring it tomorrow that's rude I think it's rude to introduce yourself the Matt another joke War Sim parties this weekend we have a party this weekend and I don't know I wasn't really public parties all the time we went through anyway because it's rude to talk about the party in the past tense party craft store party supplies but it looks like it's going to shut down the hair this is living to me now he's having them that's for sure Good Guy Greg is well could have real name is Greg right I think so it's really Austin you want to meet at like whose job was to manage means a lot of people who were in know that you're OK and everything was live in at 9:10 North with you and talk about things that you get like there's nothing there's nothing it's too much for you the example that really sting Scumbag Steve entry Double Rainbow Guy did you really okay yeah that's me LOL Tony actually like him down with it or they don't have it they were Landing the latest round of Rovers on Mars kid a mohawk with a star and I like that because you guys are looking cool Monty the party look like a fucking bad-ass it was great I unbutton my shirt at every available opportunity what about introduced to him among light pink The Comeback Steve guy and like the other nine people that I just seem like he's like the ship on Mars get all the party to make fun of these weekend up in the podcast that she told me everything we had a party if it's one at this venue that was like at the top of a building at to get there you have to walk up this giant flight of stairs it was ridiculous like a straight shot all the way up there we're all upstairs straight line into the drunk pretty red hair pre time for Gavin at the party I made it a point to put a Jack and Coke in at and the reason why man I would say that they were doing shots and stuff and I was saying if there's ever a night where I don't remember what happened in the night the last thing I remember is taking a shot away that's one hundred percent and I'm like I just like just like at the party luckily we went down to Australia I had Brandon there is a decoy if he would have me shot side allowed to drink this tweet that make no fucking sense I had it saved in my phone forever it was just like I told Mom that I was worried how do you feel about making a video live cold an interview with the phone girl you just don't know American systems Gavin Gavin I left GIF war party we got invited to the show door screen Shira star who runs whats trending they'd like a bit of party right around the corner from us and so we went over last thing I don't know what they did to prove that party but they did it completely wrong because there was like an entire block of 5th Street that was the line for that party and would like a special guest there something people wait in a line around the block for $30 and over I wasn't sure Lazar shows Today Show today Barbara you're going on Wednesday and Jack you're going on Thursday Thursday he said he's interviewing I'm trying to figure out if I can talk about it show me good luck with the producer of the show was in the doorway when we showed up while I was Gavin I would have walked away and they were like all the guys name is James to come on come on come in so we going to the road going and the people around it was like it was like skipping the line for a Lifeboat at the Titanic people working like you are exactly the same experience doing it was like this one in the city for another big difference heart from the thunderstorm thunderstorm The Weather Channel app I'm sure there is but I would think the weather channel app would have that functionality can get on it people get your shit together it seems like at the core functionality relevant and had no idea was going to South by Southwest app creators hey Jack this is entry internet provider books more than $100,000 audible podcast I'm looking for the podcast drunk for the podcast Georgia good birthday and I should I come into the glass Adam II book but I didn't recognize it so II I'm still trying to figure out if I can talk about who's on the on the Nerdist podcast this week on Wednesday podcast for a really long time and it's Wednesday and Gus and show we're going to pocket but so for South by Southwest comedy probably lot of her conversation the only part of podcast here because everyone from all over come to Austin for this Festival cold South by Southwest which starts off with now a little gaming thing that they have a small gaming Festival question tracked it and then there's an interactive Festival which is not the same thing because they're cold weekend interactive overly overly with music back in the day and then gets to go to all the bad in the 1800 kid in web social media xcetera that that the most expensive single bat Shira a thousand bucks not bad and I didn't music is 700 and still Matt 610 kid acting crazy inside out of an interactive batch why I don't know I just feel like music and film is more for enjoyment purpose okay and interactive it's more of a learning and meeting people who feel like you should pay more for Education as opposed to entertainment Barbara says that's more of a business to go to the interactive Festival company more easily than the through what we have cold lunarcy with I can! And it looks really cool let me just call Luna Monty Python the weather today combined with the stylus right after he held it I like it when you come in the form of a Committee Member and of a head cold up the blue Kim to the fever cold in a completely thing that you can you can die from the flu cause of death flu no no historical a lot of people I don't know I guess audible history with a lot of people II people will like the couple hundred options War of the Matt how to cannonball kill people do they do they get you or do the Explorer understand that have like no traffic to put those into the party at the airport was going to carry up fucking mom Ghostbusters Sim Blakely man bomb it's like through the carrying a bomb or you're not it's good sim said if I was if I were to walk through airport security with a Blog full with a few blaming everybody check whats the global entry thing well that's for like the Gets You Through immigration and passport control more quickly Factory 25 Factory 25 Sundance and South by Southwest title kid thing from director David Joyner and his producer cinematographer brother Nathan still open in New York on May 24th and will expand to the spring and summer will also be available on cable and other digital Outlets May 24th with a limited edition DVD book following later this year check out the synopsis below and then you can read this not just look up kid thing you know but I just picked up Bobak and gets it back a little bit so she was our Jack you're hosting on Thursday I have the extreme honor today of hosting the show when Mike Twitter Idol was on it is mr. of human up mr. doctor Shaquille O'Neal was on whats trending today what is this the leadership whats up dude man he just War guy and organizational leadership dfeh it is impossible to take anything but a low angle code 616-2462 and he is a head of of you that you came over today and he was running that he has a new YouTube channel and Vine Vine is owned by Twitter Vine is on my Twitter okay they don't have a really strong connection there like that but they are definitely on my Twitter I got an argument with somebody but it actually does social media Jen she was saying that vine is not owned by Twitter Richard with the idea in fact she supposed to the Vine with them in a party room party where they were all saying if they'll think it's pronounced that way about the patient what is the temp for graphical interchange format he said yes I know what's another word that is pronounced correctly you sound like a dick head no again is it like right at top of my little a medium what are their predictions correct I don't think aluminum is correct I think aluminum is just up faster in aluminum yeah I didn't realize different remember that what is a big big Shaq was okay A bit somewhere afterwards I took a picture with him backstage and then Shira said before they got off stage she could also take a picture if you could see was different and I just with her up and she's I mean I don't know what you a very small person can't wait much of anything lately but I'm over his head no problem cold in like a flood and you don't have to I mean she's trapped there right and wrong with the world 3 hours how to fix another totally animated gif of of Grumpy Cat city gif of grumpy cat sitting there in like multiple people rotating faces next to grumpy cat animal overly been cold in there too he's one of the guys 25 on the side of a building down the street right next to Buffalo Billiards is like a giant space on the side of a building looking down watching live stream right now good night star craft II Heart Of Swarm anyone to bring it up I don't have a brother I mean are you planes in City bunch of stuff and I take them to every game release company but initial birthday game girl round with emergency grow Tree Service Gavin millions of her vs service what will a double for servers service computer service for internet bandwidth capacity don't know what the good wings of Liberty Yeah Yeah Yeahs with in the fall and spring answering 3 John Wayne wings of Liberty came out in 2002 which to say July 2010 to October 2010 July 27th 2001 to thing comic con I can't take criticism from somewhere that I like that John Jordan girl man I'm ready for heart of the storm but it's not single player star multiplayer you play multiplayer Starcraft first time in a while wings of Liberty thing was the end of with that anyway a plot device or character that they're now showing the trailer yes I understand that having weekend Liberty whats the stuff with the character rescuing Kerrigan beautiful Matt Explorer to have an Indian the first automatic for II Starcraft game and it's fucking amazing through Jen Taylor it right it wasn't everything Jen Taylor Cortana I have a hard time like I can tell by the way I also played number 61 who only guy that we're going to have for I said that's why she never did talk about Richard before the Ultima games that is easily the biggest influence on me getting involved in gets home games star man what you doing now you still making gets involved in space armadillo Aerospace xprize to get into through the first for a bit but they didn't want an ex tries later there was a later one touchdown on the moon like it was something I could do that multiple times Bayonne Bridge open to a Tesla dealership in Austin the domain on Burnet Burnet Street depending on where you are on them ller or maybe it was supposed to remember and it's been butchered II Mueller somehow and that's it which is spelled Menchaca for man shot the biggest whats city is a person named in Chuck Guy look at me in a man anyway that's podcast up Austin Telco entry I don't know and full of stuff I don't understand into selling me the Ultima 4 is free on god.com that is Benjamin Muller how to crack your iPhone 4 dropped it out of my truck now if you ever use the biggest one sting meehan's a month then used to up your yeah I could imagine going to one of those leaked photos that I new Samsung Galaxy did Big new tablet for Avatar if you can do if you don't you don't know when you buy something online what do I buy that was so ridiculous Frito it was completely off the scale for me Gavin what the fuck was it was it the cat sombrero and now it was like a normal summon it was it was no for the bathroom here it was on delivered it it was like this jewelry box I bought I bought a movie have some for some of them that we're buying silverware for Jen already ordered them star spoons with Shaquille tiny with takes forever to try to eat my soup with II you're just perfect good luck charm yogurt with a little thing and it took me for a it would suck if there was more but a couple whats 80 scale therefore I would disagree with that a pitchfork and at night I think you at dinner at a nice restaurant this is normal size for gear a hold of the camera into Lawrence Tech on Amazon is it free standing by itself I was like 2000 other words for what you like in your coffee stores and what they are going to be a late and today when I bought my iPhone 5 came out great because this is the most used to think I was calling about the money I use it so much in my life and I knew at some point I will drop it and break it and I thought it was going to be like 2 months 3 months and just ridiculous I broke my phone and I'll get it after this one you're going to break it anyway but I had the drunk but I haven't talk to you just for that if you could drop a random act you just because it doesn't reset your phone 199 on the iPhone Emily guy school because he does work here let me take it and I'll check your serial number on it and it did something with it he was doing this to check the warranty so you didn't check before I gave him I unlock to him and he went to go check it and I have no more I can have anything to do so I would release my phone akalabeth II you gave it to him you want to reach for your phone Barbara check them and I was like Emily I'm cold and my guy is boring through my phone and I left my phone in my hand I thought I was done thing look through your stuff quantity through just because she took through his phone Henry Ford pocket in the scramble 3 actually go straight I don't know ramble tamble entry Turbo yeah I'm sorry Tony him like that I was leaning against the wall and he's doing this with his hand and then you just with my phone and just hit me the video that we in the party come on over next door for church youth group at about 9 minutes it was all gone yeah it was when we first opened the annex which is where we film the podcast I was so I thought I'll make tortilla soup gets some people have like me to sacrifice them moving over the and it was debatable who was going to be over here and he wasn't here so I thought I have at the house or in part of thing in a tortilla soup and then I just posted the everyone lifts hey come over and get some tortilla soup and he showed up like I thing came over at like 9 and a half minutes after you sent that email there is none left in Tokyo cat at the stupid chicken broth soup and then you actually just throw in like parties into the and the day before what would you do for a vagina nothing that heart normally it's ever been talking for like a dick what are we talking about genital good name something that is usually heart Beto's and Frito pie has a man like in a stream or for 1:40 good of the country or the world football gear bag of Fritos and they cut the side of it open so and you're holding a long way and they don't really and then cheese and onions in there and then picks it up and it's probably the best thing ever been created in any just isn't one of the first things he made me when I moved here thing at your house gear is that the only thing you know how to cook like probably like to do I was the girl that makes me pretty often but when I do I love that you know like some people get all pissed off at me or anything because you're very lucky right thing con trending mean it's like you trying for something to be over attached girlfriend over text Tout like all the time I don't know I don't go and read it by the way come up if you guys want to follow Scumbag Steve Austin 617 Blake Boston to tell you the story about the picture in the history of in the picture and the first scumbag Aquarius a Barbara hardly any go ahead Move Along The Irregular big and social media I think you would be a little of people that like podcast and then and then Twitter the meaning of talk to somebody else and they're like the other bike Bernie have you ever looked on Facebook to see if there's any other Burnie Burns of the community made a Facebook and my Facebook and a half years and I talk to my high school friend and business partner Emily work runs with Phillips with the right mind does that and thanks I know this is a good idea Communication online not a big deal if I shut off their phones are no longer speaking to you and like a petulant child wanting attention 5005 year old chainsaws Honeywell technology is going to provide for Liberty the boy for some assholes have it is it wrong that I'm not worried with so many people everywhere I feel like I probably won't die in America that's one guy you don't want to live in a post-apocalyptic environment any level that is how long does it take for radiation from a nuclear explosion evacuate before the explosion City vacations why would you leave butter out of and it's like why would you like McLeod War the most retarded explosion I mean the door. Are you done already I wish I met in response to that I can get out of there radiation Gavin entry level mechanic Jack tout Runs Out alright what type of Gavin or Google Google Gavin to play our game Gavin or Google I don't know how to feel right here's what we're going to do Gavin and I also got excited glass Google autocomplete searches something ridiculously stupid everyone Google has apparently search for and up the Google thing this is normal for a beginning of a question is actually and I give it to Gavin he comes up with a question you complete the phrase also the Google autocomplete swarm the most ridiculous we're there and then you guys try to figure out who said this Gavin or Google let's find out Gavin or Google Google Gavin whats whats at it let's find out hey I'm feeling lucky okay first up first up Google what is the most what is the most for you going to Wings no I cannot Avatar Google Gavin or Google Google Google what is the most II Ultima what is Google what is good Jack with what is the most Wanted what is the most expensive pet what is the most boring job in the world I'm going to Google the most Gavin the most boring job is Google what is Google and Gavin when you look at your place okay alright Gavin and Google is what happens when astronauts and have to be at the complete that what happens when ants alright what happens when astronauts one of them is dead what happens when astronauts fart the other said what happens when astronauts think that's an upside down Gavin if you like his brand of humor with what happens when astronauts are upside down white lion cub Soldier $30,000 origin of thing starts or what happens when an astronaut thinks there are you heart is Google Gavin Parts with Google Gavin sting cat the upside down check out your at the time Kim Possible what do you think happens when I think they're upside down Bruno shut up shut up you know when sometimes you wake up and you don't remember what room you're in now which way am I facing top restaurants with their eyes closed if he thought if he thinks he's upside down the final cat at the con Hombres for Gavin or Google is has there ever been has there ever been in first and we live our life effect of the first and the other was asked why so many people that actually showed up at the Korea Google has there ever been a real life that's the first one and the other one is has there ever been two of the same person but first i'm going to take two of the same person is Gavin sorry Barbara I mean I offered I think I'm going to go the opposite I would agree with you but I'm out Gavin Okay Google 141 lifetime I'll Trust Gavin or Google he win this week what was Julie thing that's ever been to the same person history genetically close to someone else but have to say that is your sting has there ever been two people who are genetically identical twins comic vehicle Winsted Connecticut and actually mean identical then what else is not at school I don't know maybe one of my circumcised the other isn't here Mars ever been a real life zombie into Google utilities to be powered on but go ahead give me like brain dead Escape for for the point is this traditional thing of it is someone who has died and then comes back to life whats the closest to Jesus Christ what does Resurrected longest anyone's ever been good comebacks fictional thing it's clearly effect on human body which is a real thing space star don't like how many Springs does a for star on whats 10 x 10 in Chester on average according to google right the chances are that two of those figures would have the same fingerprint War Gavin socialist with the brain controlling fungus or they get those parasites the coldest it's fungus I don't know by the way someone told me has now expecting something else it's over to another PC star Phillips II zombie and the fungus and it's also the one that the oatmeal comic about the parasitic larvae and its brain that controls it makes it act like a real and then makes the and try to get eaten by a cow so we start over but I'll let you know City Glass new Birds right I thought of that is also like that kind of like crooked protein is one of the a defect in spinal fluid I believe controls ants for the butt who does the radiation but at the gym and I heard a thump and I saw a perfect like pigeons size imprint on the window of his best friend and we saw some of those bingo guy and one of the guys should watch the whole thing go down there was like a bird of prey chasing the pre Jen and with Asian fucking bad luck to Jen phanomrat the window fell down and talk about it actually Galaxy LeBron with the head at the front thing Facebook to move right like you throw your body weight forward your top of your legs move out to catch up the other people who don't seem to understand what a revolving door or not automatic door they have never seen it before and there is in the guy I like runs through automatic door live stores like this and two of them open of on top of the other glass door and this lady who comes out their opening two stops and then moved over to the side of one of the windows and as it's close and she tries to walk through it thinking that the two little glass kid and she just goes right into the glass II or shattering it good then you're hurt I'm sorry for embarrassing you fill out the stand around to be like responsible it was an accident I didn't mean to do this I want to walk into a pole while I was out getting some lunch somewhere in there was a bunch of us on the street and I was walking or whatever and then you walked right into it and it was John and I were watching her Gavin hoey runs new help the girl if she falls down you always help the girl but it was after Austin Jennifer Lawrence after we had this discussion something happened I was in the kitchen Chris and Brandon and Matt are CEOs Holly Star new PHP developer and War on the kitchen and she's home I told her I didn't directions Holly Rowe into the door and she goes walking away Red Lobster armadillo the kitchen into the hallway transition and she slipped and fell she didn't like his reaction was laughing just let immediately get up and keep you just like that get back up here in the Burnie it was raining outside do you like your hot to know how you felt as someone who's helpless and fell over it'll take a few seconds to know I got to see you it's like cutting the clip off here on his camera footage by the way you put it down by Brandy and Chris and I'm over by the vine of the sting can I go pick it up and bring his arms he looked at me and then he looked up security cameras Natalie don't Helfer Holly green stream all right now in the controls here today is like telling someone on the podcast Emily the new store manager Kim and she's like man it's cold in here thing is you guys turn the East burning like when you get apple in Colorado been more on the ball and help you get up you're just like man or 3 do with all around me and no one's helping me right now Jen I'm so sorry Holly you'll have to have a problem with the audio problems liquor lately Nerdist you okay brother no talk about anything else happen good Communications before never know if they have this has helped out with the different about this tell me apparently don't wait wait wait Jack in the North Korea analyst apparently nevermind the last decade the on the phone like 10 years ago 2003 the could be made Gus is that Kim Jong-il was a fucking lunatic and was always like rattling his saber and all that stuff but he never did anything this is the first time I've done it under a new leader who might actually go through with something I thought my reason I'm not worried is this the people who are in power in North Korea will continue to remain in power if they maintain the status quo if they launched and you can start telling people they will lose everything picks was the arguing with them as well they're happy they're suppressing the people whats going on there is atrocious and horrible if something should be done about it but they will not ants to get any conflict because they want to maintain their power what happens if they are still in power yes but their country is on the verge of collapsing into their sting there's a difference or not with what you think will happen in the next I think I think something more like someone fires a shot you know Emily I just gets taken the wrong way and then suddenly something a little Skirmish pops up and we never said we never seen I don't know I don't know what could have on North Korea but I could see them trying to launch something North Korea between North Korea documentary a lot of news coverage to intimidate the North Korean Soldier thing whats going on in the south of their soldiers are so much taller than Us online gameplay South Korean Soldier door with North Korea North Korea and the guy literally holding on to the door and for some reason it was like division a serious-looking sounds about right so that a picture of anyway it's a situation you might Union York probably nothing what is that you a shin that should be paid attention to right the grand political sense of thing sure but it's not like they're not going to attack we're not there right now of North Korean politics it is someone does something then something happened and then I don't know Phillips was like I said let me give you a great horrible worst case scenario okay North Korea decides to launch a new cat South Korea a little nothing new to me but it's okay South Bend Elon TDM class missile and they detonated a nuclear explosion not so much worried about like how much Devastation that says I'm worried about these fucking rusted at decommissioned computers answering silos in former USSR countries but there's a lot that I'm worried about that Frito even if North Korea comic. I can't even talk about this so much even if North Korea launches a nuke there are I would assume anti-missile batteries in the South so you ideally Intercept in the air if you still have a nuclear explosion but it's not hopefully over a major by the way that's really fucking heart you just did a rocket with a rocket I mean I mean that's what special II want to thing that City is when Reagan put out all that Star Wars that was total bullshit was totally hypothetical propaganda stuff that we could shoot down ICBM and then there's actually that was one of things that led to the end of the Cold War for their bullshit the war by making more money than North America with Afghanistan they got the fucking sinkhole in ants answering 10 goddamn years and fought in Afghanistan and lost a ton of money and Good Will and everything fighting at War and they eventually just pulled out and she said no we're not doing this and left it was amazing to me because into USD 25 detective thing every God damn week every week never been used they didn't use the emergency broadcast system at 9:11 when the fuck are they going to use what has to happen to the Earth in half do that I have no idea what are the biggest tornadoes tornadoes coming through tiny personally know I just hope everyone has in store iPhone 7 I never saw anything like that when I was there the other day and it was a kid they shouldn't be able to II Austin thing he's got his phone recently it may be the previous phone number into a phone number answering with people watching TV lifts awakened internet providers do that to your computer if they wanted to actually they will they have to revise double time because they realized about 10 years ago that DVRs for killing nobody's watching TV live anymore so it doesn't make sense having emergency broadcast Interruption that you want you know an hour or two later Elon weather alert this doesn't fucking matter it was days ago I don't have to do that again for example IP telephony which is in of telephone calls based on IP addresses and data packages something that that was slowed down for a long time because of 9-1-1 address delivery because when you would call nine-one-one if your an ip con the address of the location through with the services feel like the trucks would roll up to you know the Davis Center Citadel Gus 3 funny Star +999-191-299-9901 just love the phone into the phone when it hit the ground would you have enough time to make a call like when you get downtown will I lose my phone when it actually does and then you plug it in to charge it doesn't come back on for a good 5 to 10 minutes I should be able to do something one of those plugged into the wall. ABC Quality Moving them Lenovo computer if you lost power while that was happening and then your friend is British you will love this set because I was flying along between Los a all the sudden my phone the email alert goes off that I got like email it to and a half hours on the flight and like I said pull my phone out and it has picked up a network and it downloaded all my email including attractions like I got it picked up a network carrier in Mexico problems Carmack in the US using your phone but you like Mexican Milkman if I go to Cuba and everyone look at the Steve Jobs how many where live pocket Wi-Fi network on the plane on the plane which doesn't work during takeoff and Landing stream the for I don't know Gavin off and deities Wi-Fi airplane mode I need to turn my phone on airplane mode into absolute weekend yeah and I turn Wi-Fi on how we're going to wrap up soon because we're going to PAX East Matt to come and not this week but next week and who's going to be there Jack Barbara Burnie me Monty miles Kerry North 15th door panel off Friday Jack didn't you spend your life with you but you weren't added on to Australia all the time how can you good man injured Phillips said about you every fucking your receiver to go to lifts to mention that's what it's Man in the Moon to go all the talk of Entry in what year in May or March photos I feel like we were going out tonight exactly what when people think the rules don't apply to them like to Bernies and pictures of it the picks this Rule and not do that when you don't the Mercedes every 6 Shira to register that car get a license plate for 57 on the new Mercedes every 6 months Austin theater on Friday at either 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. class 1 p.m. in the main theater after Jerry and Mike open up for us thing in the world the crowd up there to do thing that the magic and then I'll be ready to defend at PAX East River from Ruby will be showing their trains will at some other stuff that we're working on British a picture of me a picture of guy coming down the escalator and you will not have to figure this out. To his car so we wouldn't be followed picks up more than a car the other place for the car in like 3 days you had a new car I was picking him up for driving school and I took him to school 8 months ago and it said you're going on Saturday to start he's okay but the whole town at the drive-in you very scared of it how much better you are scared of driving you like your thing you're convinced with children you are all you thing other than the car going to kill you but what about the people who are mentally drunk but I'm scared of and that's what it means you are scared of driving pre Islamic on how slow you can crash your car and be dead and I'd rather someone else be responsible and everything right there with your tie and shirt are we meeting right now talk about it the Jets are going to be Matt and Kim and Kim is very big fan of and Kim and the Rumor Weed thing is going to be Chuck D interview Chuck D photos of the Grim Reaper talk about different thing Richard bull she's probably going to have a new album girl talk into live music One a favorite song right now girl talk into that at all you would not do that here she was here by side YouTube East vs West Omaha locations gets here I'll be on whats trending with Matt and Kim and Chuck D from Public Enemy through the musk right you mean to replace them and they just play the same music kiss in the seventies right that was like several different reasons and I'm really funny it was 44 days door release date WWE WCW Quinta Brandon FL alright different type of the rest of the world nothing shows up on the computer what the number for Soldier automatic Twitter Brian he's very upset best way to in the podcast Westlake properties at South by Southwest I got a bad your wrist band that sounds like fun whats there's nothing fun about South pie nothing planned, we would you party this 430 Gus right there and slowly oh my God okay Daft Punk Matt and Kim Austin South Lamar Starbucks Shelby on are you still watching and Gus will be. Sounds like that's why I said all the fun of and he'll be in the back of your mind about his new project and about his History and Industry the great podcast the internet we are super honored to have with us an influential figure in the gaming industry thing was a huge influence on both Burnie and myself we have Mr Richard Garriott himself and everybody if you have podcast on a regular basis you probably heard me talk about Richard Garriott for fell off tonight and also probably one of the main gaming in any way whatsoever I grew up as an arcade kid but like getting into PC gaming home gaming was definitely the Ultima series I couldn't be happier the Richard Garriott are welcome to be here with you I am fortunate to be just at the right age where I was discovered both the Dungeons & Dragons and their personal computers at about the same time right at the very outset and I had the great Fortune to write a series of role-playing games that you can stake a claim is being new a month if not the very first computer based to the fantasy role-playing games through large the Ultima series I got to punctuate to a lot of kind of Firsts throughout this history about 15 years ago sadly I walked away or had to leave the office series behind and for 15 years I've not developed another medieval fantasy role-playing game and I think it was long overdue to return to my roots so I think the last decade or so it's a thing is I haven't really been people with targeted the type of work that I've done in the past and it was a really of opportunity for the team to get back to her Roots create a new role playing game and of both we hope Harkens back to that Golden Era of the the Deep storytelling that I did the in the solo player number Ultima but also includes a Fresh Approach II multiplayer that allows you to still live in a persistent world and that's what brought us to the creation of shroud of the Avatar so today is it still available today is when we're launching right now A crowdsourcing campaign to not only help us accelerate the development but also to invite in the players to come participate with us during its creation because that was one of the great lessons of for example Ultima Online which was since we did it mostly to vacuum and I was really the first there were tons of features that we've under of the playerbase a good number of features that we've created II nobody really was interested in so by getting the customers and players in early it means we can build this world together which I think we better for the players as well as more efficient your for us as well the history we talk about a lot of the first sin Ultima Online was coming out with his development that was the first time I had ever experienced developer putting everything out there like that you were building and in the original sales projections by the lifetime sales of which was so small that they existed but then we spent the $250,000 that we put up a website that said if you want to become a beta please send us $5 so we can afford to send you the disc and I and 50,000 people have a couple days sign up for the beta and something much bigger than we had anticipated it's funny cuz at the time that you were building akalabeth this is and how old were you when you wrote that 1919 and that was in 1979 and this time with you are making Pac-Man Space Invaders a 19 year old in the process of building my brother you know my brother ready with her being my business partner through this is early years and then we also whenever you a creative idea we'd always chocolate if you know somebody else that needs his one pre to move with the Wii created worlds tagline for origin which we still look back fondly on Iowa Street in Virtual Worlds I didn't want to just a ziplock bag I want to make a ham in a box the most most published you said thank you but no thank you understand a box I want to spend a bunch of money on things like 8 o'clock Matt and I the first to me now we have like when you pre-order games a collector's edition and all this stuff but one of the things I really connecting with the series early on was little Twitter II I hope it was in my coffee but we bought a family a copy of Ultima for Quest of the avatar the box came with cloth Matt and it and you know of real manual to Lord forever you were including these things and collectibles in in a game that I hadn't seen that for years even after that until the first so you don't in addition to the what are called software first time trying to claim is that we did we were we were pushing the state-of-the-art all over the place technologically what was required of your computer off and you know not only the depth of gameplay but this is the first name in trending a box it clear it was absolutely the first game with things like what mass and trinkets in moving forward with the new project you mentioned doing of crowdsourcing Kickstarter exactly we just lost both of the kickstarter campaign on a horse Kickstarter and we also brought live a sister site they shroud of the Avatar site where people can begin to RT begin to have conversations on a for and where we need to ask them questions specifically about the details that we need interaction on now before we go right there systems in awhile the basics of Life indoors and Outdoors and how to move around and get in beginning to engage in combat we didn't have working already north of the time things like exactly had a II in player-versus-player combat which was one of the great blessing me with a wonderful wonderful part of you and one of the worst parts of you all at the same time we really wanted to get player feedback as to how we thing that we have an idea about what we want to do that but that's one of the first big question is do we want to give the audience with and it was the first time and now when people exploit for also supporting people of the world essentially bringing them along and that there was first British look at the player you for the help you and so I was cool as hell problems when was the woman who for who II chimed in on the Queue and said you know I'm being paid over and over again I'm restarting in safe keeping. I'm about to quit and never come back to this game also helps me fix this so I thought I'll help her out so I told him to go I'm here to help you Lord British in a pre she had no idea who this appointment and then I'll help you and I didn't even know was possible before I can go ahead and head and I get a hold of the ground I said Lord British Bobak to give her stuff back third time sure enough he does it at freezing again I say okay I'll give you three warnings and now any in the guy goes look Richard Garriott you know you put the rules in this game that allowed me to play as a thief GIF Lord British comes and stops me of course I'm going to say I'll never see you again but I'm a thief he's right and so I teleported them to the other side of the world that's great give him back all of her stuff and then we had to have some pie Lazar on the office going okay we've created a monster what are we having a picks up unlike you where you can build a house anywhere but then that also meant that the world was littered with abandoned houses and eventually with Abandon Ship this in this game we have a much more limited number of places in a house can be built it will eventually build more towns and will be able to increase that by all means but it's even at the wild the largest amount of towns we can mention building it's only a small percentage of the population that can actually on real estate to real estate prices we suspect will escalate whats a good investment to buy a blacksmith shop right in the center of town where the main traffic is going and those were sold on eBay for tens of thousands of dollars because if you want to be a successful black need to be where people coming into town so it's incredible that you already have anything for the first time you can already get into the world and walk around and do things so early in the in development videos of gameplay even on our side a lot of the basis of the design but if you look at some of the concept sketches we have up there too you'll see that as opposed to just being traditional medieval were trying to bring in a little bit of the mechanical age the technology you're not gunpowder were holding guns but you know we're bringing and I kind of have a little of electrical a little of Tesla technology on top of the old one screen indicators had like tears around them and actually thinks like that kind of hinting at it when you jump in the game and there's always that huge Target on you whenever you show up and are so hilarious party Ultima and Lord British culture essentially it said you got to somehow find a way to Lord British everyone to try to get it first became known to me and it started virtue aspects of Ultima for Ultima 3 with the first game our own company origin published so before that if anybody wrote in to say whether they liked or didn't like a game and I went to the publisher and I never thought after Ultima 3 people died in and and and by the way I don't know if you guys get the mail when I get letters from players that they usually of the following format one paragraph or one-sentence of your game here to write you and in the entire rest of the 120 Pages it is let me tell you what did what you did wrong and how to improve it and usually buried in there is also you know after I play the game the completion long as for you intended I've been enjoying myself going back in and killing every character in the on the town feeling everything from every shop and of course the best part was killing you and not easy to do when the game will in fact I always try to make it impossible but I never managed to make an impossible up until I call them at 7 I think and and it was always the weirdest ways like in Ultima 3 or 4i guess 3 my character Lord British was immoral but if you hit him he would chase you if you run out of the castle in the moat around the castle was a ship and if you jumped on the ship and moved offshore Lord British good attached you with any other ships Cannon cheated Lord British and it didn't do damage that just did a 50-50 chance whatever you're shooting at is dead and I didn't expect that to happen so I did not code in for it and he could kill Lord British live? A question Eric Miller a Kickstarter says the game can be played offline or multiplayer how does that work does that John it is an instant game the game is being developed first and foremost a plate experience is being crafted at into a classic numerals Ultima door II driven solo player game so when you experience the game that's really how we're driving you through the content that being said we are at it with you if you are connected online which if we think the default mode people are online most of the time even with with their computers right there is also a persistent world that is constantly updated so if your friend for example opens up a blacksmith shop near the center of the town we were and everyone will see that blacksmith shop open up everyone will see that all the decorations are put in everyone get a chance to buy and sell these swords from the vendor that person is Left Behind in the world Sim overly while we're not doing any memos was not a thing where 10,000 people all pie land a war vs Cat at the same time you'll try to sleep again would try to let you see like I didn't do and what really happens if the server's grind to a halt and your client grinds to a halt because I can't handle that load right in this gets over doing differently is we're trying to bring into your world people you RT now okay so any if we know who your friends are because you be there told us or you've given us access to your Google Plus account that your friends list or Facebook or whatever else so we know who your friends are if your friends are playing you'll see them moving around a lot door Matt and you can if they going to Egyptian counter you can fall in right behind them if you see them Vishnu killing the Gypsy through her rescue the gypsies you can decide to help or hinder whatever you think is appropriate for you and your friend. It's mind-blowing to think about you talk about a quarter inch 20 or 1.44 megabytes and tire World systems interact with the world overly on those days you went to the first 140k and the Machine ship with 16k of ram but that damn required to fill up a whopping 48 kilogram and anything about your phone your phone a thousand times more memory than that already just one look at this one machine one picture with a to the maximum memory in the machine with 60 4 K in the maximum amount of fluffy vs 140 km in the PC came out five years later he said his number was X basically 10 and 5 years later but and if I got it but thing is since the image densities Ultima Factory in at the same time but you have to have ten times the speed to copy ten times as much memory that also get ten times as much storage is for of Zero Sum game in 2 minutes into the images get much higher quality but the frame rates and things the for us has developed and developing them we show up to work really hard to keep bleeding things to the stream as fast as the screen refreshes and that's because you're just so much more to move each time and so up the job hasn't she gotten that much easier even though the pictures of become infinitely more beautiful we have totally glass world's and computer gaming that is open origin was I wish you the technology used for space travel is ridiculously Arcane is that still the case that's true yeah on the roof Aveeno when you build up a piece of Hardware that can go into space the up and build it in 10 years before it ever flies and they build it with things that they know the reliable cold also because they've at least fix all the holes in it so what time zone is Liza top ten or twenty years old when we went up there I was shocked to find out that they know that the guys has the internet there's a full-blown internet and I use IP phones the ground is on the speed on my phone weekend II time but they have internet and so you know they've got commands to be observing controls the sub systems but everything I run Windows everyday the first test that shows up on his list is reboot the machines really have to give them a lower probability of going down and dangerous Hardware layer that is unrelated to any of the life-support systems are thrusters anything else aren't run by the internet where their on a lower layer of Earth is much older but relatively bulletproof and then this internet layer is just the way to observe what's going on really as much as anything else but it is kind of this mix of parts of the Machinery the Rock at something super high-tech and parks of what you're using some of the life-support computers are really really hope you're not running your 25 or something like that what do you think will happen in the next two to five years are looking at trying to do is if you look at the for the first episode is trying to create a place that by the end of this year weekend begin II of the people back in his campaign to get into the alpha / beta process of and then launch the full campaign that this full first episode of The Campaign you know sometime next year so we have a time line for this campaign goes that will tell us a lot about both how we can scale the team as well as Intel's how many features we should pull in to the first release me know for your for example you know him I'm sure in the pre first release will include the skill trees for Helfer in the skill tree is for a magician but we may or may not include skill tree for example for an alchemist I know depending on the weather. judge you know which things we should front load door or back load but then we're doing is this map is only the center while you might think of it as a of a tic-tac-toe grid of the world and we're going to each episode with the launch of 1 per year will effectively double the size of the already existing World until we get to the full we have live leaked for live plant 5 episode through the story RT RT new the takes place across these five episodes of years of release a lot of the games that are being outsourced and they rely heavily on and somebody who hasn't played the game before you get there so that's why I'm also trying to say I believe I'd make a pretty darn good case for saying I have reinvented role playing over and over again in a very successful positive way that is impacted other role-playing games have been if they have been Phillips ants and even if you've never played one of my games we are going include some the best parts of nostalgia just the way it was structured being story-driven which I think is still very relevant and Powerful today but we are also trying to take him to the Future especially with this new model for a whole we call the Universe trailer and sell up their game combined with his ad-hoc multiplayer to where it sits so you know if I was critical of their games or go out and kill the hero kill the bad guy and and min-max your way to the top even if that's morally ambiguous and my critique of mass of the multiplayer games they're all built like EverQuest World of Warcraft where you can click on the people with the arrows over their head and in Fall the area of the head then follow the arrows on the map and tell you get to the place for the next level of monsters and that's been telling history did you know that history has shown that we can create something that is far deeper and we can create something that I believe is fresh and a powerful way what do you think the biggest changes in the industry have been over this scene a storied career that you had and you've been able to watch what I find interesting about the evolution of British to you know the hard work always just continue to study steps forward but there are certain moments that radically effect gameplay and my mind to agree for the worse and what I mean by that is that you know if you look at the simplest game so if in fact you were saying all of this 3 D that we didn't akalabeth was the first thing ever seen that I was inspired by a block Graphics game on the Apple cold escape and all it was was a true at top down mass and then to let you walk through the maze to find a way out that was it there was a whole game and it was in black character Graphics it wasn't with the visitation for terrible it was the first time I even conceived of seeing from point of view and and and man on a computer but anytime you start with the technology like a first person shooter it will to compete with that first person shooter you gotta read a game that has something more than just shooting you a con with healing Pax to make one with character classes even into the story but then suddenly something radical new technology comes out like a CD-ROM to CD-ROM comes out you can make the walls that for those that don't you look so much better than they were looking for you can do it just a plane first person shooter again and it's extremely competitive and they can be with that gets deeper and deeper and deeper until City guy that comes out and now you do multiplayer multiplayer first-person shooter is the standard and of the gets deeper and deeper and deeper until 3D rendering hardware and 3 Richard heart door comes out it resets it back to just run around a few things in 3D rendering and so every time there's a radical upheaval and Technology gameplay reset to nothing more than let me just run run she thinks when it's relatively stable games gets deeper and deeper and deeper in content and I like to be for d for myself I mean I received a lot of good by the whiz-bang and taking advantage of the new technology right but he's been in the industry for so long and I long for the day of some Hardware stability or when we just pick it out or we can all put on VR goggles or just be there and then whats whats that one game to another is content but what about time to remind everyone that you guys will be at RTX showing off of shroud of the Avatar and come and sit down and plan of the history we have with the great thanks for coming out and spending time talking with him