#210 - RT Podcast

RT eats babies.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-210

Recorded: 2013-03-19 22:17:20

Runtime: 01:53:09 (6789.64 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the Russia podcast Rock You by and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the First full II balance neotropic designed to increase focus and mental driver our listeners get 15% off when you use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / game that's so and I t.com /gaming this absolutely Steve podcast is also brought you by Shutterstock.com with over 100,000 high quality video clips Shutterstock helps you take your creative project to the next level 4 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and use offer code a rooster teeth 3 if that's Rooster Teeth and the number 3 podcast number 210 your phone Gavin Barbara Burnie and slow motion for me please navigate to Gavin or Google all the above before we started that we let him know we're going to do it all this row your welcome to the Russia podcast please Twitter your comments questions 2 RT hashtag RT Podcast and we will be looking at your questions and ignoring them to little frustrating thing is that we talked about this before there's a right there and they just let them go and I guess because we have a big enough audience that happening all the time somebody made a website called are you making more Slow Mo Guys.com Gavin had done that I was going to Geoff Gavin said Google butt up if you had done that take note to get more likes home 11 complete guide but it makes me itchy it's like whatever jokes we haven't applied in the fucking everything it is everything full penetrative intercourse.com what you buy there because it's just how it happens one of those joke I'm not going to like the style and butt like the other day we were talking about RT Joe the cat Twitter account which at first we thought with you but then we go over time we got to like it like that he's really your type but I talked about your shitty dog hate when I call you it's ok when you do it you do it how many dog strong Gus dog girls dog gets shitty dog little shitty dog stroll white all I know is there's Jack Speer does you have to kind of sensor every time you sneeze if you would keep track of your sneezes Jack Speer Dan a Bernese beard account I think there's like a Gavin brain account and took everything the does crusty around the edge of the cat right that's what I do I turn into a crusty I leave it like that pocket of air that exist between the top surface of the milk and the cat it was a really ghosts does it smell bad it always fucking right there 1100 you want to go bad smell like stinky cheese delicious 2 real I like I like sandwiches live in New York so I like sandwiches and onion and vinegar in toilet sting Joe the other sting you like blue cheese orphanage all the cases up in my nose does nothing so I should apologize right now Barbara are both under the weather this week to the bathroom what happened gears a because your toothbrush is not exist in the same room as the toilet that's why you don't like the toilet thru you never come in contact with another work boots and I want to the party a lot of people do you like II know I sit there behind a car I can't hear Gus mobile PAX East in Boston I can get me a bill and I can drive up far panel waving to the camera Man cosplay as someone who doesn't have ass like a big daddy mask Joe the one last thing that drives me crazy about Twitter this week I don't Twitter still exist for some people so that they can talk to other people and tell them who they look like because there is something that all these fucking do Onnit Twitter accounts Ghosts guy who looks like your picture you look like all the time Robert your desk and she's like pets you a question like what's up she's like Dan who are you Japanese no nothing at all you like and you do not like him and my mother is from North America look like Gavin what should I eat after we filmed a short a couple weeks ago but I think we might be showing their panel including the Black trailer for Ruby and short or too baby I don't like to have their Barbara shade prove someone has been panel time cel panel never talked to Martha carrier what are they doing here and I can't bring them on star blocked an account I blocked do I see the retweet I can guarantee I you do not see blocked accounts on Twitter and heart of the fucking Veronica Mars Kickstarter people all the time people complain about the fact that Hollywood is on original and all they make reboots and sequels and of Kickstarter is turning into nothing but Russia what is the price for 3 people Time 4 you guys doing wow that's happening we are right now anymore butt panel we're going we're going to talk about 1 o'clock 1 o'clock on Friday in the main theater someone on the talk and actually went well scary costume that's going to cost him shadow the lights and infinite room 4 week sound better headed to go to fucking Boston how is it like in Boston right now what are the highs in the upper 30s and lows in the mid twenties like you come on it's Mars supposed to be nice and warm at this point to hear thank you all you love showing us kid mic doesn't work like doesn't work you're absolutely no help whatsoever they're just here to cause problems I love it so if someone commits a crime in a Google? That's why in the Stream there explains questions because they submitted what is the speed of push Freddie Jackson come with the territory the whole way you suggest this to happen to me at 3 War people people know the rules some people time Leslie panel butt hole 4 your life this is not a drill lucky your first time ever seeing or playing people got paid for maker worth of the all right we're going play little bitty Gavin or Google Okay Google before this date works for you whenever we look up things on Google Google will try to auto complete our praise for us using the most frequently searched terms that begin with those three words Gavin War come up with stupid questions so we decide to play game I give Gavin a 3 or 4 word phrase that he has to complete and I give that same phrase to Google then we take both of those Auto completed phrases and our players Gus Barbara and Jack today try to figure out who said it Gavin or Google we should get a crown maker up row it sound like something you're not eating right Gavin or Google all right Gavin and Google is 10 you break can you break first person or 10 you break your own neck if you really wanted to because Richard can you break your lungs if you only breathe really want anyway Chris and break your own neck long sleeve you really stupid lungs is Gavin your own neck is Google Barbara I'm going to have to I'm going up something the neck is Google Barbara exactly Jack Parker everyone who knows you could break your lawsuits Robert in human does understand the whole life rebreathing of air Onnit life full length okay you done to me the fact that you can break your own neck because the Joker in the Batman you can breaking you not just inflating you along with ass you pull out your rib cage right and that just sucks there anyone so if someone butt your rib cage just like giant Onnit wood splitter quit smoking crack before that happened but couldn't let you know but really hot the ass into your brain you don't need to overthink it because of what you think of this patient he has air on the brain far is it to terminate his parental rights 11011 I'm over 3 release date Jack said after he was disqualified last week for going into it he said Limited RT 9 tattoo Jack with extra cheese send me he's in the all your eliminated couldn't continue all the way Joe and anyway just you know anywhere you want to have never been Kate Upton just to clarify I never said no so that's $0.54 does rage the game today was how did the dog how did the dog know how does a dog know if I submit just one answer this Gavin actually said to me and I was like well if you with the other anticipating on the Google and that turned out to be really good to them like this has to be one one of them either Dan or Google replied how does a dog know when it should stop growing full supposed to like MO does it really hurts a lot maker I'm going to big dogs with Dumb and Dumber you the Freddie Barbara and holy shit your feelings that was not growing one is Google so you say growing is Google and the brown one is Gavin I'm going to say growing is Gavin and the bone is Google is that what you would you say Google the correct you are II Fork Utah Adams dog I was looking at Rebel and then every dog species and up around 7 so like its atoms dog 2000 Adams dog and dropped off at the size of your dog Daddy really with in the DNA all James water come in small the instructor dog to stop Grand Alison time can you modify that or remove it so that it eventually be Clifford the Big Red Dog fascinating Google Freddie with them does a dog know if your pregnant or not at work still in time Dan Fouts time I'm already eliminated MO all right now all right if I if I gave that phrase tube out Gavin Indiegogo order one of them returned if I ate a seed with the Roots come out of my butt order and return if I ate myself would I be twice as big or with I think I know the answer to this one because the real mountain a bum bum bum your Championship 4 if I ate myself would I be twice as big or Disappear Completely and II answer what if I ate a seed with the Roots come out of my butt I want to the sleeves Google and Gavin is eating self yes time Barbara with cry out for you set the speed on Google people that with your brother and he said he said your head far up your ass that eventually your head and come out of your mouth Dan II life and everything in the universe panel live like we don't have anything your head will come out your mouth and your head will come out your mouth you said you had to come out of your butt the original head in Devon Street your parents do are they regular English text with a couple of times Kleenex time I'm dying here oh my God I got her you're not going to cover all that 2 + 2 + 2 big enough Gavin butt who chooses to put someone who's close to me Charlotte Russe Chris brain inhibited the thing that I'm still trying and that's why he got so mad at him I just want to time don't know man once wasn't there a Google in 2014 sweet to me with the hashtag Gavin or Google and I'll find it in Burnie will take credit for it like this what is the tallest you guys should do a Gavin or Google panel and taxis no that's a terrible idea in the World list of the tallest people eating watermelon while you're looking at up there at 11 to remind everyone that this podcast you buy Shutterstock Shutterstock how to install a 2000 star Shutterstock.com store video for your website advertisement video or another project you just row over 20 million high quality photos illustrations vectors and video clips Shutterstock sources images from around the world and put some your fingertips 10000 images that are new every day to the next level surgeon customer service credit card Mama number 3 on a new account you get 30% off of any package for checkout Shutterstock.com with 30% off coupon code Richard III big factor Shutterstock 4 the support great service all the time we use it all the time your background for the podcast Bushwick Bill to do something downtown man who was the tallest man in the world was Man by the name of Robert wodlow with from 1918 to 98 11 inch 22 years old and inconvenient when was 2000 people that like flight 161 person doesn't does an idiot doesn't do some people who do dumb things were allowed to do what we did the giant like everybody's watching 60 miles or something like no Holly 160 miles Tesla safety stuff started thinking like from top of my head but like everything you have to go through as a person live your day you can interact with it your looking at a plastic bag do not leave a child unattended rude nerd get a percentage anyway just in case to court but I can't make it a law that says you're more class action lawsuits we will be enemies you have class action lawsuit you know how that do give me some self in the face you don't look like you does not actually met him over here do not disappoint maker your head out of your boys for the first time when is and he was like that would you get them on Amazon for like 40 or 50 bucks that's cool I'll give you $2 for me and $1 what are Chris you walking around town with Yoda backpack and nothing energy drink maker the crew in and one of them came up to me you just want your Yoda backpack and not really any guys bill from Geto Boys Geto Boys in office space yeah you know they sing that song in the ass premature remember you have to remember real estate sold in the backpack last week story I think I would look up on Wikipedia think it's wrong he tried to kill himself but it ricocheted off of something else and hit him in the eye Twitter of missed and ricocheted off something kick him in the in the emergency room and have an album cover that's like Ashley it was up man I don't know the name of it is but anyway the punk band lead singer killed himself and the next album is that was the autopsy photo of their lead singer Thru the head butt and hit the side of his skull and the bullet travel up around his the dumbest interview ever given yourself Bioshock series introduction to my butt identify them because usually you can put that revolving fall out and just kind of right there but then if you say it's a bit you can make it all the way out there and I was bored just looking down on my iPhone pulled off and with no one I wanted a few times if I lost one of my self II it was really does look like I told her I wouldn't be dangerous to look down the barrel of the travel because I can't pop that your eyeballs aren't like Perfect Circle Joe Andre not perfect like brown but they're not around on the front of their on the back of parently they're kind of like this one who was the 20th the front the front part of the parking 4 RT the diagram to show you the show it's like Sting biology chemistry surgeon Bioshock Dan Brown novel or anything did he lose his head completely just did like either a 180 and life right now but later in life he just didn't really I mean he kind of was like Osiris former England was plowing a field and he came across the bone and in another phone and then he determines real life human bones look like this Jaws from happening again did you notify them for like religious reasons or something cuz he's working and remains we worry about that it's not really because I'm not a superstitious man but I figure why take the chance and my dad love that phrase like I'm not superstitious but why take the chance that was his approach later in life your bad luck but I still love boys Jackson General you are very self-centered Gavin they're probably almost done Auto rubbish absolutely class of War this is Daddy what's my hotel is packed and Gus and US of your hotel and you said how does he know that you didn't discuss it with her just tell her what we talked about earlier if I see what hotel am I staying at hotel Gus me isn't 4 years you put most of my travel of this yeah but we can story like you would say I'm going to pack and then we don't go together a plan to go with war a microscope butt you know you would you would expect to be sold out so can I get you and because I'm a thru Steve and she's your friend all but we just don't ever consider the bad part of it and also I think I need a backpack there was on sale because when I don't mind I don't care a douchebag all about that day doing different stuff but when do you think the first brick happened it was the first human print it was just like kind of a dick how long with this Sublime game infinite sting animals a dick I mean II don't give a shit I don't know that I have 3 everyone was like what are you doing and he was doing fine until this guy and then with the beginning of your answer I don't know what would be the person to do that would be never calculate rude people piss on each other stuff back in like the caveman days the farmers market backpack video on each other video Mythbusters friends and self and I were watching this video the other day of someone I don't hear that story water down from an elevated position 2014 camera and then they played 24 heart sound at the same moment so the water vibrated butt picked up and 4 free mo II camera it look like it was it was falling and then if they play the 25 hurt sound then it would look like it was moving intercourse 20 Roswell helicopter propellers are not moving around with the weird looking thing you just put a tuning fork red Saints play the water looks like and I know that you're not actually stream water heater Steve all those clubs in the Stream so we're doing Water Works a liquid when it falls in the Stream like that breaks apart into droplets from surface tension and the fall it's not drop Pretenders from the movie from the chocolate life okay I guess Chloe on top of War Barbara Lee compete on a fairly how do I get to play one of his books that let's not start that your boobs before the podcast Barbara games Joe Namath games girls name their boobs just for funsies I name my Mario and Luigi because Luigi is the left one so it's an L does that seem weird that you would name a female body part a male name all my dick Shirley very weird up to later red mushrooms in your chest with it Freddie romantic situation in you hello Andre with a heart yet butt that I man named Kelly man Andre Patrick's Day Gus tube you see the trailer for Kick Ass 2 talk about it when you're done with me will talk about all I want I might have to pick up the receipt podcast is also brought to you by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the First full II best nootropic nootropic and real Auto Sales red traffic your traffic that there's no traffic I designed to increase focus a metal drive for listeners get 15% off when you use promo code a rooster at Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com 4 / gaming I still take Alpha Brain every day I love it thru Ashley I recently moved from Geoff big house into the separate little Outhouse he has been at the bathroom but when I was ordering the bed off to go to buy the mattress on the floor how to get up and I'm not like my face little backpack white you put on the floor to get some wood what are the car right Auto said that come it if you would like to go to work everyday and Jessica big fucking ass not going to do that I don't know oops with the whole day goes by if nobody asked you to do anything so I'm assuming just says hey let's go to work and you guys go to work together like if Jackson comes out when you go to work that day right before the one that never liked anybody I hate I hate something like me to pick you up butt organizing stuff to me today so I can eating Grand with him on the points numb self on fire row man Gavin a house of $2,000 how long does the lives of self the bathroom to remove the door in square the Gavin it's like going to a movie would be organized at work like going out to drinks or something that is organizing some stuff all the time this is why I should be in involved in organizing stuff I buy the room flight status for flight that was butt the next week and then they won't refund the money on a credit with the airline I need up at some point and then I forget them and the prices go up because I'm always convinced that wrong and I'm right by them changed how full your flight is until your dad is there anyway of just displaying the most empty flights that day and just getting on 1 now that is interesting the flights to be like what would be the list of typical butt percentage fall of France life you don't remember when Alison stroll and I got in a car accident yes yes you missed your flight to the 6 car pile-up on the freeway and All Star driving the airport and the car and we got in a wreck and Geoff and wrecked my car my truck the week before so it was like he thought it was doing it and then if we were and we were the last car to hit the most of them but we had to wait for all drivers involved Alison is one of our favorite people in the entire world she is running for a long time red points for 3 she's awesome and we love her so much so we go up to the counter at the airport and we thought it was like 6 p.m. or she's going west but she's a lucky with a 6:30 and so we just Warcraft the counter ghosts you missed your flight can we just buy her she can get on the plane she was all nervous and want to get home and all that stuff and they look so we can get a flight direct Austin to Seattle it leaves in exactly that full boarding in exactly 10 minutes so she should have run through to get to it it was like $98 and cash what does a one way at the counter 10 minutes before the plane boards and its the 19th I just want to feel that stoic does not work that well that's $1,800 a piece almost human blood to be very like to take a lesson plan for girls War butt human human human human class of about it don't answer very punctual ugly Dan and of course it doesn't like to make a whole lot of plans to travel but whenever I travel with a woman they want to know everything and make travel plans next a human women human women getting money I'm getting close to the Avatar is now at $997,000 finish up right now on the on live in podcast Freddie stroll the first one and the second one was more pet video 1.1 1.2 million the first day but he didn't he doesn't have an accent your parents I'm sure do you do the front pages bbc.com that day when we were talking but we just couldn't get things set up and working so we record it but 5 minutes I've got a little list of people playing RT Explorer level you know where you could 10 or 11 people have that $10,000 enfranchise in a lot of people's life really it would you ever do it Kick Star 4 Russia anything he does which is why we're going to make this thing help us make it even better like this is what we'll do to make it better and I think we can handle this butt to make it really really really Red vs. blue season 1 the kickstarter before Kickstarter existing model if you 10 but only if you are super smart so we called it and donated $20 at the end of the season we give you the DVD so if you were paying for the DVD guy who donated $250 to more than $20 give me a lot more laughs than one of those nights self and it was big and I don't think I know some people who like 200 bucks stoic what are the people iron Galaxy Studios nightlife interactive with Osiris and we're going to have some big announcement your post PAX East that I cannot read yet but I'll be able to read it another week or so I realize I'm getting older I don't have to say that even those other people around when I was 18 I told when you can do everything baby is 18 tube on the 16th or regular II all right Carmike butt making me feel old recently that stage 3 life butt used to be funny to me to go to my friend's from schools Facebook profiles and Steve of that having a kid like an idiot Eagle Knocked Up not so funny I wish it was still funny to me what was it your friends helicopter cry to me the delicious delicious locked out of the bathroom just before the podcast and Tom one of our graphic designers with Dan in the kitchen with the pilot that he was just looking at them like pretty good honey just like you tell Jack when he comes back I feel like a daddy to the bathroom I'll be better that way is it a bad idea probably Jack you know there are cameras that I can see everything missing one now you pop down I could warn you I can literally hear you guys talking Ass 2 trailer I do not like it really was okay you know oops the bullets that stuff you told 444 weeks about how good kick ass with me so early butt lawsuits Gavin George 4 II dick with a Gavin it wasn't even thinking about the problem with the first kick ass for me what I saw during butt numb A Thon the a 24-hour movie festival thing until I saw the film so it was just the camera prude but anyway I saw the movie and I would never existed real life and then the with the with the perfect up so I was definitely over - mama and butt numb I've been recommending the everyone ghosts you Mama horror film by eating here Mo tutorial produced it excites Argentinian director and 50 because for once or twice ghosts stories mama was fucking another spanish-language horror movie that reminded me of that I have a similar like 3 years ago 3 years ago that came out I kept thinking of your Mo Del Toro the orphanage 2 trailer really trailer Jim Carrey butt really outside the community that I want to see Kick Ass 2 movie to see you Jim Carrey in it star red band trailer trailer girls the weather like what's up Yukon yeah I love that actress I don't know her name but she thought she was the new owner the cat trailer I don't know hello how are you Academy Hi 5 no from the up early Barbara with her boob and Gavin hand whenever the high five nights at in there I mean everybody hi. kid jumps you figure out someone that we should have a Kickstarter to help me have a kid we should notify the you and I in the house that we have to look up fork in head Chloe Grace Moretz with the fact that Row the fourth for Saints Row 4 purchase the thing is about it it looks the engine is obviously exactly right it's basically a big deal room there was Saints Row the Third looks like it's more than just trailer real of flex Row 1 and 2 a narrow cat never really was great thanks Row the third one was one of my games that year that came out I'm still I'm still playing a game when you run into the engine hovering Breaking Benjamin closest window of time that has ever existed for a sings Row game and a Grand Theft Auto game because they pushed around all the crap I've been GTA for like a week or two before GTA 5 comes out the mo thru watching what was that the White House inappropriate from the crack house to the White House such a 10 inch exterior with the great see the crap that's what I'm thinking of that Portal 2 What was the name of game that was kind of like this fails on Mo GTA release button on your keyboard and it was the last 30 seconds of what happened to the game on the PC the bolt that you could go back with you in just Chris rude because it's like that's Row 2 saints in 2008 and so was Grand Theft Auto 4 thru II was released October 14th 2008 and Grand Theft Auto 4 was able to 6 months apart it was supposed to come out in May and it pushed back to October Barbara and a lot of thinking about it Jackson Bill Wright picks for today Ashley you when they're playing Santeria like they're sting in the sand Star Far century English subtitles on it was dead silent until you beat the final boss 3 it's points game and he would say some really 4 sound Elites 1 yeah what are you doing don't do that I know I was OK last year and then what I got guys going to play the sublime booster all right we can't hear it all right Galaxy Quest from way earlier in the podcast that is bulletin Galaxy Quest there is an alternate audio track with the aliens from Galaxy Quest you like looking thing Tire movie with their subtitle or whatever and then at one point in the movie in the proper Boys in English Man of War judgement comes out tomorrow tomorrow what's the weather going to be next week man really old play like a Warcraft tube you was talkin crazy shit about star craft II me and I went out and I bought two copies and I'll do it right now 3 minutes thru 4 because I think we had before camera camera work me the rest of the day after you get hemorrhoids by sitting on your couch quit whatever I think that game I was really messed up that money again Rage of the RT rage quit the you actually rage quit you would like and let you watch it but they just kept up like this people Xbox one of the first Behavior Gavin with somebody said something about and make it on the fucking big fat lawyer had on his big fat head and I was only calling Minecraft and then I'm done in order to make a decent video 10 oops quit thru at 1 Denise tax video II think of someone coming off and on fuck it I'm done and then I just ran off you can't take it back Catherine thank you thank you I was at games I went to the panel that Lydia from Minecraft put on and I was Super PAC your country will not and and there were so many people in the audience on laptops playing Minecraft and I don't know it was really weird like up there watching the stream game you can play you can play that video game in the game or game you home or are you out game room on the Xbox which was basically a way to play classic retro arcade games and television games simulator in this thing we had to go make a fucking game room to do star Kate how to do this can I tell you if you get a cheap mints in game room like would you wear these metals and you would do it there's like three main categories War 1 was done something with them I like the most was staying alive the most amount of time like if you could play 2 Straight minute 3 life II treatment of scrambled I got your Brown play for straight minutes of silver Elites picks 3 minutes it was of gold every 60 minutes with scrambled game level big war arcade games really that hard where you put what do most people like a bending game room just because it was it was it was a difficult your face I can see that it is funny how like arcade games like how difficult they were I mean like whatever dude yeah I came out of games can you play with game in the mountain RT level 2 or something time climbing buildings RT with anything really 54 heart in keeping with the big fuck you fuck games where it was one of the first things we can't change that your weapon you can buy send you more than anything like on thru if you want to the wrong one I have a couple II weapons rage butt you you have your spread your Rapidfire and his accuser the one that killed me in Game Room it was like Utopia game time what are the best place we stayed the weekend now like it's going to have the $10 you have let's play but then again I didn't guide in Watchmen a happy thing I would stream kick someone out that Catherine has a mini version of the game and the game and that game action reminded me internally guys that's a fucking heart game makes me think of like ghosts and goblins and games like that Falling Skies all about 10 stories off the balcony right I need on the in the sitting position on Labs all of his full explains the kid survives his ship was a child kid walk around people would be okay Chris and you can the kid live if they kid is horrible traffic it will be like a horrible tragic thing should happen but then of the kids lives that he would go like this and your kids like so much because the kids to blame somebody kid guide or whatever real estate life you see your head and you can instantly connect and all that stuff and it's true but definitely it's like if something happens your kid you have a visceral reaction to it and I guess they probably the best example that is different times where I have done something wrong and hurt one of my kids and I live next to it and then you let him go and and I wrapped up in the butt and you can't eagle if I talk about it it'll make me like 10 up and cranes rude but I know the story I baby I was cutting his fingernails Auto story after the end of his finger off probably start the blood on the ice go-karting real decapitation 10 of the cat like the bone Room Berkeley full and everything like on I-25 going to be upset but I could 3 or 4 years what is Elvis Mo to stop throwing that's the problem a fucking dispense with no idea she hadn't sings make it II Revolution your terrible how do you say I believed involved in that way like to come over craft Onnit baby and I George Jackson Barbie baby really Kate and heard it was physical thing you didn't overdo it it's only action that makes people over do it if I can give her one of those video the best thing you should do is really put the camera away from whatever is happening is everyone's reaction time is a compilation of people dropping of camera awesome people dropping cameras and every time the camera would hit it would cut the someone else picking up and they kept dropping the camera over and over all interesting stuff some other stuff to find on that note we want to say that in 2 weeks we're going to do podcast 212 quit Quinta Dental II releases on April 1st which is the 10th anniversary Russia and I were going to be doing the location podcast a secret location that we're not going out yet so podcast 212 on April 1st in 2 weeks will not be at the normal time it will be at 2 p.m. Texas time on April 1st and will also be available to everyone not just boxers I didn't know what day is Monday on Monday April 1st at 2 p.m. Texas time will have a special location edition of the podcast that is going to be live video Super Bowl to everyone and not just want 3 -5 GMT now Windows of Heaven on your of Yoakum Texas time and a Google thing under time will daylight the location we may have some more information next week or I don't know how I forgot it this weekend on Twitter butt you guys ever after last week's podcast we were talking about a wrestling video sings Soul water video because somebody like a bunch of you just figured out what we're talking about it was really funny and I think I will just look it up right now up with face paint and somebody in the crowd has a sting mask on and I guess we could go live with people high-fiving people tell me to do Dan water park in great the crowd stand up and hit another Russia of the chair and he's wearing it sting mask and he's room in of the guide it be like who's this kind of thing that would stop them ass and it's a sting that you were selling with the things based on exactly of your face of your face it's kind of like uncanny valley 30 waves it looks almost good enough to be real butt a man you were cat on the big window II heart Barbara top with some with some emotion star the cosplay photos and we found People Who cosplay Borderlands and they've made their faces look Cel shade yeah it was pretty cool people with makeup making self butt white I Dan anime life lives Russia and girls Barbie looks like Transformer self to look like an anime character the 2 years ago and it was the winner of the experimental category on some video sting one of those popular videos on YouTube RT if you want to the videos on video A Thousand Years he prefers other content like MO Onnit Girls Talk where someone took music from YouTube like different single music tracks and made full song Thank you made a whole album out of using audio samples from YouTube clips and then like to sample them in different order and it's bound to be going somewhere that I'm sure someone in and RT Podcast hashtag will find for us but I'm too lazy to look for it right now sting a live prude girls that came out this week finally did you know a lot of it but it was really funny we had another Russia Channel on YouTube and featured over the weekend I don't know if it's still there but if not you go to youtube.com slash live prude girls and check it out yeah yeah does an extra for the next week took umbrage with the joke about my divorce was at this point is 2 years old yeah I know it's been yeah I think it's and if you don't keep up with the podcast your community baby guys are crazy Rock Paisley yeah but they basically specialize in doing Super Bowl II 4 awkward people saying about that comment okay with it I can people really took the people to the awkwardness that the video is completely and totally genuine that we didn't like each other know each other anything like that you know what they were interviewing me and they talked about really awkward reading the paper on my face and all that's like an extra Auto Care star from the video Steve the on Earth are hilarious you should go check out there II want to does she doesn't let him understand that your photographer takes a lot of stuff and I was just thinking of your video but she's and they had on their lesbian Mountain lesbian nobody would care on you I wish I could 74 time on the mountain if they want it like that yeah but they're really funny but yeah in my defense I guess but it's totally not necessary that we deal with things with humor and that's how we move with everybody 4 different places I got divorced 2 years ago so we're coming up on two years and so it's one of those things that happens in everybody's life goes on sometimes because we did not then we just got contacted one day we knew that was coming actually we just didn't know when they contacted us and said we want to show when your video is and if we knew that they were going to show the whole thing and we also knew that they were they specifically said they weren't going to mention us as Russia that they were going to cut the first thing everybody does whatever it is a lot of shows on television and online that are based on taking other people's content and putting it up so it can come of the families we are not there of the office Pokemon sometimes butt does that you come to work when we want to try to communicate something you gotta know how to do that and literally the day we said apologetically we can't have any more tours at the office because we're going to be working on another secret project for we have 4 different projects going on here at the Office Products actually I'm talking about that day we had like Reddit threads about let's go take tours of the rude all this if you in the trailer going let me know they just said on the podcast know that we are not right now what's going on mama bear at the door in like I'm sorry I kept you updated on TV your Twitter just want to tell you something here let me go to the bathroom I'm trying to wrap it up for you why are you asking more questions I'll answer possible word makes you think like that we're talking about it like I had a guy on Twitter you guys so people can come to the office and take 2 hours we can just we can just come to the office or what there's no you can't do that really busy right now sorry that's what the point now where there's just so much stuff going on that we cannot let people go through because the amount of stuff we have out there working on and it's one of those things if you want to come over text Dan information self this is what we have what we have talked about yet is the next couple days we have TV networks here in the office movie TV network is here to show the world I don't care from first show your working on what you talked about it before but some other stuff too they're here for the next couple of days and I thought it was good timing to be on Tosh point O because we never done stuff really officially with TV and so I can tell you that every time the fucking Show air star II 2 cat talking I know about it cuz I get blasted the people who see it for the first time that you said something that the show in the UK called Rude Tube where they show you some stuff that can I still see you tonight and I think there's been it's been repeated about eight times every time Joe you are the video people are on the way flight 990 that aren't always a good thing right now is that we really feel like people who watch videos online don't actually watch videos on TV and vice versa. Heart Steve you don't want the from line so it's a way to reach you people have been proven to be on Tosh point O so thank you though for video feel free to check with everyone