#213 - RT Podcast

RT punches squirrels.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-213

Recorded: 2013-04-09 23:17:03

Runtime: 01:49:25 (6565.99 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Squarespace the only one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website blog portfolio and now I went online store check out their new Commerce Solutions you can start selling stuff immediately for free trial and 10% off your first purchase on new accounts go to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and use offer code RoosterTeeth 4 that's Rooster Teeth and the number 4 most popular welcome no I have how do you feel about that didn't you say that you only I'd like to keep talking about it like it's a no I will not believe it until the bucket ignition turns on my internet at home and it's working and he's driving the fuck away from my house New Mexico with head that you can sometimes get slow vs 700 megabits down and bullshit new imagine with me up lets play the time they take to a hundred times faster than the speed I can't imagine someone saying to lunch right now it was trailer what you have to do about you dear one gigabyte allocation table Jack in Australia but then I bit my tongue and I didn't want to take it away from and like his announcement Tuesday or Wednesday what color jacket really pissed at me that I just mentioned that he was going to Adam and he had before he died R people and a fucking fucking oh my God damn cat out of here because my cat pitch Pitt or supposedly Pitt and play supposedly would you do tiny little flies everywhere now in the studio cuz you're stupid. That's not my fault Elysium McFly's Brew head the doors open or somebody I wish we didn't fight until they hatch after going in your little heart and I still have to work out with you and we can go why the fly because he will empty the trash cans available to rearrange your studio this week because we had insulation put into R Studio pretty much the entire podcast production equipment to Georgia 4 live stream last week and they have to ship it back and everyone working XLR cable we'd spend 10 years anniversary parts for just about everything except pack up my pack up everything everything except pixel R go into the future usually and then 9 mm Adam store Studio the internet speed in traffic R associated with your connection to the internet link if you can't if you're watching a YouTube video for instance and it buffers do you think it's because of your connection to the internet that's causing that you do B2K sport head black of a lot of servers are in the other part of the world should at least take her home as well when you watch YouTube you at home or at the office when you watch YouTube video from the bathroom all the time what's video HD never watched an interesting article the other day for someone with claiming that if you have Time Warner internet service that when you connect through YouTube you actually connected like this secondary content delivery Network that's not as fast as actually connecting directly to YouTube what's so time was that I think it's like some kind of partner that there's like if you have a Mac you can add these rules to your iptables to block access to the servers to your computer can't connect to them and it just connect straight to YouTube and I want to do Google Fiber a grocery store in the future and that's what I thought Google Fiber was and I heard about it first please Google Fiber with a grocery store grocery store going to come out with a grocery store in the future or some sort of food store when I heard what fiber actually last night was somebody sent me like 3 days after April 1st it was it was that Peter Dinklage was not going to return for the 4th season of Thrones and they were going to play some with the guys short guys in r tweet n 3D Kimmel with drunk uncle and Peter drunklage really in love with him I never ever watch Saturday life is lets them when he tells me to watch it that's a long time to record it like the next day on Hulu or whatever if you don't like 30 minutes to do it wow that's a good question I've been all time favorite line in the Chevy Chase playing Adam President Ford back in the day and they're doing the debate and they have to look a long rambling question about the economy like UPS going down by 5% unemployment is also down by three and a half percent how do you think is going to be going forward he said he's leaving I was told there would be no math just because I don't want to do mathematics I like anything with Jim Carrey in it but he was and it was everything up in the UK but every Cliff there's more in the nineties color Living Color Fire Marshall Bill which I think is probably the most recognize character from In Living Color gay people gay dude in other names and characters watch the summer Bravest Warriors after you were bugging me but should be ok but I started watching it she watched a couple episodes and she told me you should watch her more than anyone else fighting when he comes out like he's happy when he's the best and I hope the People by the people to be upset but people keep trying to send me the behind-the-scenes voice directions of the actor or actress who plays Catbug I refuse to watch it cuz I don't want to ruin it because if I see the person's face in in animation it'll just set a record for me I don't know I think it's a kid that plays Catbug but I don't know what I'm talking about there's a show on the Internet it's called Bravest Warriors and it's made by the people who make Adventure Time I think so don't a lot and it's only one show the only completely and if you believe themselves I think it's really really on your YouTube channel on YouTube it's on the things called the cartoon hangover is what's called black Federated Federated yeah yeah I think maybe then that should be okay but um yeah actually gave it to me she found the fish I don't think it's really well done Catbug plushie how much and what kind of kid earrings great at it but I do not like stuffed and shoot for the sake of cute but something about that Catbug character just makes me smile and laugh and you're going to meet whoever does it and I gotta say I'm a big fan of Catbug in his give me life Peter major misunderstanding which is very frustrating it was so annoying and really annoyed by it tell people to follow me also tend to follow people that I know like Michael and Hannah were some other people as well so I made a tweet that said if you're one of those people who follows one of those the people above this or people below the Tweet off bucket Halo if you follow yeah I said if you if you follow one of those people above so is below this account Twitter account then you're killing the internet please stop by at replies were filled with Michael was the Tweet about you think I should stop following him and I'm like the first movie was we should I guess I should probably should date that I'm going to kill myself screenshots from at and lets One Direction you can have to that is Barbara with his account of like 1.8 million followers like those kind of the cat people Roswell Drogo sorola black car Drogo in a little cross-eyed yeah we're teaching Barbara all about Game of Thrones she came over last night Wicked big meet Mo and cheese and watch Game of Thrones only 3 Seasons in one night every time someone appeared onscreen we would like to Barbara the primer it was like okay that's really bad ass and pretty guys hanging out with his sister and he Gus really pack best English Mama Jaime Lannister by the way Peter demand isn't great he was raised in England or maybe or something but it's very amazing talk shows on logo with like Jimmy Kimmel or something and came out with speaking like in his natural voice really strong the show the commercial best pictures ever West Morgan High Kelly guys but we were up so we can get the projection working outside then it's been a three-week nightmare of trying to get a cable signal work on my way out if I have an old house and so I got a hundred feet of coax then I kind of the only Outlets aren't Outlets there just cords running to it female Court like you're already the room to have some home run somewhere the Play Store head know that I and I did have a coupler to life so I can extend it a point that I found an outlet in a corner of the house that had it so I took the outlet off the wall and use the outlet as a male coupler Ariel in person 4 the mark on the side of the house and maybe there might be an unused tab there you could look into it Morgan head and of course I'm talking about Mama did anybody ever watch that movie now it's not and we're pretty much fucked up Peter I like to look at when did you say do you like toast or I can really do what your heart movie CDs guys do head living horror movies never scare me but think I will admit that life they don't scare me the least but then I'll be in bed like gun like it was a scene in mama where the ghost is underneath the bed Diggy up through the bottom of the bed to get to the woman on top of the bed which was pretty fucking it off and it was pretty awful I hate scary movies and orphans in it who plays Brothers in the movie and it's a little bit disconcerting game play in the being so much so that if it didn't serve on the bank in the dark it's it's actually scary good sometimes when I'm walking through the street is pitch black so I had to think I need to put in the day I do like is that to do with the time of day or the actual doctor like if you think I'm lying or not a sensory deprivation faces a blind person because the night dog living you would feel Hunter maker what about the darkness not time that is carried in the blood alright looks like Gavin Google what would like Gavin or Google here we learn that Gavin likes to ask silly philosophical questions like is a blunt when you start typing in the search and tries to autocomplete for you and a lot of times whatever autocomplete the most popular searches whatever everyone is searching for the internet turns out to be some of the stupidest stuff ever ask what I do is I give a three or four word phrase to Gavin again that same phrase to Google and we find out which one has the stupid question to ask Gavin or Google so here we are Lets Play Gavin or Google Gavin or Google Google lucky number today just for reference were missing Gavins emergency vomit bucket back here or there it is cheapest over here in case you're going to lose an eye the first phrase that games Gavin and Google is is it bad if yeah so just Barbara you guys are good shirt no I think I think you're still thinking up so the first thing that came back was it is it bad if you can't see he 3D and then is it bad is it bad if your semen is clear Gus which one was said that which one which Brad Thor Google I'm going to say the 3D was Gavin Bank Barbara I would say the same thing 3D Gavin what was the bot okay would it be bad if your semen is red rephrase that I gave Gavin Google do homeless people one of them said do homeless people understand knock knock jokes Adam or Barbara first Halo most people understand knock knock jokes is Google I'm going to guys at 2:40 understanding what would a dumb question Jordan has a lot of the ones the R Us the and I pray that I game of Gavin and Google what do animals do animal dot dot dot okay one of them Gavin or Google responded to Mo new and wanted to know do animals know what they look very similar in what they look like do animals know what they look like is Gavin I'm really upset Google are you say anybody do animals know which animal they are with Gavin R winter the Tweet is Barbara do animals know what animal they are with show me life in Africa wondering about it I guess I could smell each other this time for Africa so what does it take at and think like a dog of a different breed South a Renaissance today which was some guy had the problem at work because going to work every day this car and there's a bird that waits for him to show up in the whole parking lot full of cars he showed up and then he goes into work bird time in on his door it looks at himself in the mirror of the of his rearview mirror but only when he read what someone has called me so it's first come in it's just it's in his on his car window sill looking in the mirror and show World War every time it saw me it would throw stuff at me really games like branches or like nothing whatever to throw essentially no one I don't know what you would like I would like liquid starter play next to me was like when I look down I look up for the squirrel like squatting on a branch like pissing down the street right next to it store a brother the right to the right Gus world what's the shit out of me what your name is I need to take a squirrel she's going to be mortified Squarespace worry about that kinda stuff guys are morons world who cares if I don't get run over what is a guy allowed to punch whatever you want girl you told me about them love you the III Master the image of the Bird hack into sure you can hit children can't hit a woman lets off with his in general what two things did Gervais in this day in age you can punch somebody like I could punch another guy like what would deserve if he tries to get with your woman really trailer with my leg is like all handsy with her and she's like trying to get away I can try to call me do or don't do that please excuse me what's your at of Jesus Christ podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books and more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and Peter in audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service one on your book to consider is Game of Thrones for free audiobook of your choice to audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth I've been listening to the Game of Thrones book try to get caught up about halfway through there's a lot of stuff in that book that's not in the show that compares I'm glad I watched the TV show first 4 characters it's hard to keep track of a lot younger than TV show R Kelly make that was really weird and pretty detailed physical description of most people who have very few bad characters a snowman life the nearest Targaryen was not in this episode at all and that's one out of ten episodes of season and she's not on I was like I was like I didn't know all this was going on yeah yeah don't watch Game of Thrones you plan to watch Game of Thrones his character is imprisoned at this point so yeah they had to lose 60 pounds but I don't look like him you know perfectly well what you meant maybe I was told it was because I was midway through what she's into so in the end yeah he was like I said he just he just called me Roderick TVs n kids weekend as well in killed or having set with there before the show Kimmel and like there's no brief nudity by the way what does HBO's that's late that they put the war movies telling you like why you shouldn't watch the movie of I should be careful I hate when they do that because I've been ready to leave the house and then I would like a show will be coming on it was a warning the following show contains adult situations a brief nudity in them like they have read the news give me a brief visit with tweet Greek new the new shirt like 2.4 seconds III how vomit 3D criteria for n dot plate has gotten me to watch a movie that I've never fucking hurt of what you want to have adult situation viewty Unity epic Avatar of peanuts that may contain nuts Burnie the of the opener have your own with that one up his the NBA have any bearing over that no it does not Elysium PA, what does because you can look at if you want to put a on TVs that make it more car production valve question besides that just tweet like a tweet real estate repurpose your question it's just like a list of the biggest church behind interview I just I can't stand that nothing I can't stand it of you podcast before have you ever been on the site the one I can think of the most is LiveLeak and the Beast war images set up pretty prominently displayed it looks like part of the site and it doesn't there's never time for everything. How did they miss this that's like The Hobbit right now and they have something Circle then life would have been like some kind of incontinence in car any any kind of in the movie and I go to click on it and it takes me to another site but then that image is nowhere that's like a bunch of other images and I came in to look at that you got me why aren't you going to show me cuz they want you to hear it and keep looking there's anything like that every time you click on to new windows all the windows open Russian dash cams game up we don't say it like that it's like how do how do they do that Gus on a tech level 2 trauma script and it says like you close a tab you can spawn a window on a tab that I should like to upload something to YouTube you get this all the time and I try to close at 10 it says are you sure you want to get away from this pitch like no thank God for that a dialog box logo download this app and then try to say in the message to leave the site so you can do that Jack Griffin Kelly I don't know if you saw the shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter and get this past weekend they got the 1 million 2 million how long was 4 months ago was a million to 2 million - 2 minutes will they did not hit the 2.5 million what was that movie r with support with oculus rift District pre-ordering that I think I didn't come out till this summer I think it was that believe originally officially affiliated with valve guys going to be the steam box but then there was some kind of split that happened with and they're not associated in any way I was serious about valve and I hope your surgery the steam box I told you guys that is compatible with steam and developers to run on this box like normal levels and things like that it'll run out of people the why wouldn't people still going to play on the PC on the Skyrim on the highest level there is at least one of the games you in trouble setting up at least one this system will be guaranteed to play it so that we can budget the budgets District new it feels like there's people out there because they don't like to go through what I'm going to and I'm like honestly the way the PC these days is a by the processor on NewEgg like I go to add it to my cart and then I honestly this is legit I keep up with technology I'm going to do is put the processor in my car and then I see the motherboard that recommends in the in the algorithm for the for the car and then I say okay I know that's a compatible thing and I recommend him and I said that's compatible R and I really I'm not going to keep up with you about that xi3 internally but it's like you said at the time rectangular prism and everything inside is modular even the motherboard essentially like everything plugs into everything else it's like the computer was like are you with that you like 3D 4 pieces like the process R Car place in here your graphics card and RAM are over here and I can motherboard here but you can take it all apart and put in ups and if you want and upgraded to really really interesting thing on the floor South Park of the team does have the With The Big Picture Mode you would you say you just put up on your TV and Link 4 HDMI compatible but I don't like that I'm sick of this I feel like we are now constrained and all our displays have a maximum 1080p resolution but why can't why is it so fucking difficult to by monitor a higher resolution than that he is taking a step back on it still working on the computer displays car pixel high definition of bullshit fucking bullshit 1920 but even if you were 19 by 20 by 1080 on a TV monitor and then run on the computer monitor dot pitch it still looks better to me on a computer monitor it looks good for absolutely by when I have a PC at home and I run HDMI out on it and then I swapped it out recently just PC monitor looks looks so much better I mean better than some of the box but it was the pixel pixel pitch describes the size of the pixel you're talking about the density of the pixel on the computer or other pixel base device that describes the distance Ford in between the dots of the same color on the inside of just being in the case of a color display dot pitch is a measure of the size of a Triad plus the distance between the Triads I don't know what I just read it was one of movie back in the very early days of the red cameras at 4K but it wasn't even wanted to do we had access to the display that easily so they use the money to from an air traffic control garment because that way however as the regular screen because I get planes in the N III Brad 4 Scythe on Monday off because it was one of those two seem okay when was color I would like whenever I see you like in movies R Traffic Control it's always like that green screen guys like 2005 TVs who is it LG the what can we watch the nether Google Google YouTube head support a video that says Pitt black TVs that a lot of a short run 4K we could have them deliver on 4K the weather going to be like why would you buy a 4K TV there's no contact because there's no place for it in at Broad and supplies a big TV if you watch a DVD and it looks like everything is stretched over 4 pixel with that one basically the same thing that you said you gotta put up with it I have one Technologies otherwise Google your eyes if you want to party cartoon first and no TV link picture on demand 4K display don't give people reason to by the time giant screen recorder funny NAB the National Association broadcasting Davis show that is taking place this week in Las Vegas going to that while you guys are having a discussion in in order to jump the gun at NAB red announced today their new censor the dragon the new censor from Red digital cameras red shirt the red one red epic for The Hobbit was shot on we shoot of Rooster Teeth shorts on a red it's what R green screen using green screen shot on red as well today's been up to 4K 5K resolution the new censor 4 Red digital cinema cameras that shoot 6K resolution and 100 frames per second and oppressive native digital dynamic range has arrived the red dragon censor translate to 9 times more resolution and high-definition and overnight will Ultra HD spec has already been approved and I believe Ultra HD accounts for 4K and 8K display maker of new cameras Phantom just announced new phantom phantom Flex 4K West a thousand friends a second in 4k valve War II 4K and the cameras Gavin Houston Studio film Slow Mo Guys paint and Upstream up and just to compare 5 years ago when they released the first HD Phantom that's okay, cuz I need to I think a hundred 21st and 2nd battalion 60th the Gavin let me ask you this obviously a lot of what you do is based on personality I mean anybody in the world could download say a copy of Minecraft and should have video of Minecraft anybody there when you guys do it in her office it's like 1.5 million views guaranteed personal guys obviously based in personality that was my whole thing because I wasn't happy for a long time before there was anything that I was next to it would just be RT Speed Shop with no idea right all that music of something that's cool no I just a little worried that as like 5 years are iPhones probably less than $525 but I'm thinking about red blue $1,500 chief contact of Machinima is that what rivers begin popular a lot respond a lot of the camper expired I guess a lot of duplicate for lack of a better term and we had to add that to me that's what the reason why we started working on animation work with Monty is you know where do like maker stuffed and out than anybody can make a video that look just like her video it's with him know that the mission was the first one the first what was the first one. A couple of them but that was from the game no but I understand we're saying the same with you earlier I was the early popular one the only one that really took off her pants and put them into is machinima I would say that the meet the blank of things they were produced by Valve what were those mission of a business they were filmed in Source Filmmaker we can find that out till after the fact you could argue those are mission of the pieces it was Arby the chief Machinima cuz that was super popular it is I should say still going on so um but you know it all depends what you consider that in the past it was action figure War action figures so I mean there's other stuff we were Jenkins individually that was probably more popular than any single video we made red vs blue 9 years ago what is a very very very very last thing but it's something that still fought in play life like glass breaking red glass breaking even if I wasn't still the one of the signs of cracking every hundred thousand we have to use that camera and we'll have some video I need to get some of that measuring bulshit cameras we got our 3D printer and it will chain link car to see if you guys made the mistake of putting it in the oven print it it's like the chain link so you can interlocking and get it and I mean it it a little a little chain printer look like that was going to do it because I actually touch each other and try to print something else we try to print Ruby's Scythe from the movie series obviously but the model wasn't quite cleaned up properly so it didn't work out because it's only existed in animation it's never existed in the real world so I didn't quite translate correctly so we'll be able to bring your own print we will not have our maker bot at RTX a butt maker bot will be exhibiting at RTX then they have several of the units on the floor print at school pretty things for people but they feel like you maybe they will put it back in order R pl/a I would just like to film that uses to print out stuff black and yellow baby and the blacks we can we can do yeah LOL I was just about every color except blue the blue thing was we got off topic but I think that getting market share for Hardware a special platform market share companies will spend an enormous amount of money that you have to hide your money Microsoft lost to interview the Xbox I think they said it would take 6 billion dollar loss or something ridiculous like that wasn't too a billion dollars people will spend an enormous amount of money to get into that Hardware because you the platform you know and obviously the valve has seen the value of a platform beam is made that company so much fucking money and N the people have really high Peter valve look like the measured voice of reason for the gaming industry what is that happened what happened you just like he's very he's very even Keel and he said he has a huge personality and he's the guy who was like the architect of War epic for a long time and it's recently retired a very old man has retired but yeah but he was really crazy like your personality burnies and stuff like that but now he's like really never know sometimes it's good to have that person out there with the Xbox controversy in response to the Xbox opinions are mine and not you know the express Cliff units of Microsoft I can't write that he had a good point which like the people he wouldn't eventually make the money back that I lost against up Market but they make a lot of money from the licenses from the game audible at the time was how the 360 has evolved into like a set top box and entertainment Hub at other it's like it's not just a gaming platform but rather it's also you know your Netflix or Hulu your HBO Go in the UK you can use it as a cable box so it's all these other things as well so it's not just a hole in the door that expands time if valve with out now they're not working with Pitt stand anymore as the box it wouldn't surprise at least and valve has the capability of doing this if they introduced without much fanfare III promotion or pre-announcement that they're putting out a console or a stabilized and raised platform that's based on PC in Steam it's available you can buy it will be as Xbox go up against the Wii U and Playstation 4 in x amount of dollars and by the way it also comes pre-installed the portal 3 Half-Life 3 Left 4 Dead 3 Valve game Fortress III Team Fortress everything III game and it's just to be able to the fuck would not buy that you said that you told me I was pulling my wallet out yes absolutely people to know they do not do not shy about giving vectors to spend more than one anyway yeah so market shares agree with that no where would you be available the forms which of the a with the release thing but you can no I don't I don't but I paid retroactive Leeroy that story that went out totally fine if you dream your kind of like backwards in sale Halo game Xbox market share n n n n n morial to that with Nintendo but there's very few opportunities where you can engineer that and they have the ability now to ensure that with a good market share in the hardware that if they could do that that would be so so yeah that's why I by Squarespace website store Squarespace New Management tracking orders providing customer email update print labels coupons Squarespace conference included with a business plan subscription 4 starts at $24 a month when he signed a three-year Squarespace give you and your website users the best mobile experience it's fast and easy to use that great social media integration Squarespace exceptionally well designed and 4 faces and all the war platform integrating your website needs domains design development Commerce hosting customer support show for pretrial go to squarespace.com / RoosterTeeth you set up a free account you don't need a credit card to try to start building a website if you decide to purchase use offer code RoosterTeeth and the number for you get 10% off your first purchase on your account don't forget domain registrations for annual plan customers so we go to squarespace.com slap Rooster Teeth and you South Dakota Rooster Teeth 4 I'm glad Squarespace is back as a sponsor I think people had really been asking about them a lot as a service that they were interested in and it's really really great if you how to make a website it's super and inspired me to talk about redesigning our website or on TV text tweet pretty III with 4 people who are like who's that that website place that you what was the sponsoring the podcast previously really really sorry R Kelly R Kelly 3D 300 xi3 valve 3D printer be something more to it than R Kelly what would be your rapper name of all the people saying about the Xbox that we did in the hardware Market is what it's all about the same thing with the iPhone South Lido don't know where there's more competitors now but also have to contend with the time that guarantee money financially Dire Straits I think they were in no position to think they could come back maybe like 5 years from now blue new Sega console map with people but not with the way they've been going with that game I don't know anyone who actually likes the world didn't give it but it's not over Sonic Adventure Dreamcast was a really good game the problem was that people crack the DRM on the Dreamcast and the shit out of the game just lost money that's all that happened there for the GD ROMs a little more space on them you can download a bootloader your drink and put it in your sale Hardware at a loss and then you can't sell any software at all because I'll be of course when you go under the faces of those black discs and I told her yeah but I mean to do it that person open your console up on to it with the Dreamcast boot up off of a particular the process you have the day and into the game of the hard drive right if you just calling to tell you I spoke to this guy that could you put another one in do it until I go to the game I don't know what it of the better question is could you take the CD ROM drive out and have it out there and then cut a hole in the top of your Xbox living understand so what do you think it's okay if you go and you're playing the game and then you could eject button the game quits because you can but what if you didn't have a jack what if your CD-ROM drive without time you could pull the Disco The Good the game quit doesn't ever check it again and it doesn't make a noise please remind me go ahead talk as if that wasn't you could have you could have in it maker did you get some good I guess that would make me mad about Xbox III talk about 4 on the podcast I love games on demand which leads into the festival Xbox and rumors about the new Xbox One games on my games on demand is that I can just because I use most glass box that can just install it wherever and I fucking hate DRM to by multiple cameras in my house and Mill Flex boxes so if I buy the game then like if I want to store on different game Black Box the house in like other types of a house don't have access to a stabbing pain the at the Sochi the box with the gamertag and it's weird maker and hopefully we'll fix them the Next Generation let me hit that is that what I will stumble by games that have already played on disc that I just want for the convenience of having it wherever life Skyrim game I played for two years just about Mill 1011 did you know did you know that Bioshock Ricky Bioshock a 7 year old game where they can come out like 2006 I think 2006 or 2007 years old and it's crazy but it's a very good game at modern game video games like what I've been told the game from the disc and then I want to go buy it from games on demand I've already got Beam on the drive it already exists as a by by it like Halo 4 I bought Halo 4 if you guys want to go play multiplayer whenever I want to lets which and if so when and Bot and they even had a sale where they are so I don't like sale so I bought it but I had to download the whole game again and then I actually to copy on my hard drive I had the wine store from this candle when I download games on demand it always defaults to the dispersion play the industry what the delete button delete the one what's the capital of democratic with the same price I feel like when you install the disc to your drive I could doesn't at all everything I feel like there's like a bootloader or some initial part that is that part like the Delta XBox storage play if not that's okay finished on one box and conduit need to pick one the one you there's a setting on your Xbox that you can say that you Xbox power off it'll stink to the cloud what was the Ottoman Empire and lets of the dashboard to the store quick of the main menu voice of lets him go anyway and another thing glass play Adam Sandler in the castle map pack for Halo 4 awesome Tower Bobble and greatly about someone the most. And I couldn't download it because it was thinking the cloud like that takes plushie of a Down late now it started first time download but we probably won't work anyway Halo Adam Lee War judgement review by the way how long does it take 30 seconds 9 minutes what will the doctor do you think it was thinking everything I was thinking about the last week's worth of stuff like that how is that even possible no we wouldn't do that is making the bird that sounds like the games you play as you play them you want to change that's what it South to Georgia for the last week I took my gamertag With Me music with me along with my 4 BioShock Infinite I took it out there I took Xbox with me that I never played before Xbox up to the hotel internet put in my gamertag on Xbox Live password or sending you a text message with a code you put the code in okay you need to add another email address to your account go to your computer and go to this URL and what the computer at your email address verification code you need to type it in your Xbox with 45 minutes I appreciate all the kind of account through this the to punch someone told me they wanted to launch the service and so I know what you mean they say hey we're going to verify your email address and I can email box if that message is not there by the time I load my oconnor Pitt I'm just like I hate this service would be a lot like every email address I have Epic Mickey new Gmail account and adding them just for the hell of it and sometimes you find it the security check up on you the I want to be able to do anything on my device this way it's like 20 off of 500 on an automotive a time where I just wanted to say I take full responsibility for anything that happens to this apology so I kept my iPhone it will possibly make it so I can download and buy everything with one touch anything goes wrong that's my best option I will not lose my son a problem I had when I back when I used to use Bank of America Peter shirt Bank years ago where any time I traveled they would can't they would automatically lock my debit card so I couldn't use it so that one day I would call and complain that they do nothing when they walk to the bank and every time I go out I lost my debit card you need to tell me right now you can make it that'll never happen again for some clothes right now and they did it on my card and never got locked up is my Chase card and you still have the email best thank you Chase Bank how to get a Time film time in any credit because I heard it in the best way to build chemistry at Shirt Company life the best way to build credit to have that right you have to say you have a credit card you always have something and you always pay off even if you're just paying the exact amount you would have spent on a debit card that was used a credit limit and then pull up my car on any internet Pitt was like a hundred quid it was anywhere that is frustrating actually had my credit card information stolen or someone bought $800 worth of clothing in the UK on my credit card and it was like clearly this isn't me it's men's clothing in the UK and it was purchased changing the half of the money I receive credit card like I had an $1,800 charge for iPhones from Verizon they got shipped to Florida and I was like I don't know Verizon find out what happens after they get caught UPS notified us because apparently I didn't know that UPS check every single pack at least they did every single package that ship to Nigeria every one of them if they open it and look inside I guess so and they head out like a with a color Reeboks and game which we don't know what this was somebody had bought like $300 worth of Red vs Blue merchandise and they were just they got the boxes they didn't even open them and they were going to box them the box them up to send them to Nigerian and she hasn't been contacted by someone who is just convincing stuff from and then when the boxes came to give it to them like some version of some like was it 429 scams out there called 419 119 Summer the Nigerian life you know scams of Life get its merchandise and so I have no idea what he will do with it in in Nigeria but they UPS it all back to Adam week red a deleted contact or at least the internet District 9 came out the country of Nigerian of the government was upset with the portrayal of Nigerian in District 9 but think like the criminal element the games in the Plymouth at District 9 World Nigerian and they didn't like the fact that that was the case when he's doing the abortions with a Play Place life the the teaser for Elysium came out today which is Neil blomkamp's new movie thank you love you too the movie portion they hear Oblivion game and what they are Adam orth is that right or was this an announcement or was this a rumor that the Xbox Durango the Next Generation Xbox is going to be always required to be on the internet and you're going to have to always be connected in order to play games Google Fiber new release where there's no reason to be online for SimCity it's not traditionally a multiplayer server voice game suddenly the style comes out and he had to be connected to server and then you get the game and day one you can't play the game you bought because it's Gervais at you bot Diablo 3 and other games that head how many people now that Xbox is on always connected Xbox life a relevant because you have the Ford head I hope that when your God damn question. Just passed you did you ask me to explain it right before you start audible I started talking so the problem is what if you buy the console but do you ever get that with the cloud right now and so what if you have this castle at home that you put the game into and you cannot play because it cannot communicate with the server it's like I have my game I have my car so I've really done this I can't play the game will it make the experience better because what war did of 20 days for a reason right it's a few shots Ford ERM it's more like I'm sorry that's terrible it's okay it's just speculation because game developers the pack their stuff on the internet somebody got hold of this guy I look at his need to make sure we credit him properly he was a career as a creative director at Microsoft and believe in the Xbox Division and people are going after him on Twitter of all places asking about the Xbox Durango so he's on Peter Adam even told him you weren't online when you play right you never play offline sometimes you play sometimes deliberately like I'm in a hotel in Georgia the wireless doesn't appear that was reached to where I am right now I mean if your internet is down Dymatize the server for Adam orth the Adam orth I believe is a creative director at Microsoft Outlook up his actual title in a second here he said sorry I don't get the drama didn't him saying this on Twitter I don't get the drama around having an always on Console every device now he's always on that's the world we live with blue tweet living pay for the hashtag hashtag deal with it 4 Castle Car with all that I responded at Adam orth did you learn nothing from Diablo 3 or SimCity you know some people's internet goes out right do you with it is a silly reason he writes back to that guy electricity goes out to lets R Rebecca but you've lived in San Francisco and Seattle very connected places try living in Janesville Wisconsin or Blacksburg Virginia which is it that every place has great internet Adam orth responded back on Twitter pretty much just said I think the response response from a very high up person at Microsoft he's making decisions is saying just deal with it and if your Internet sucks you don't live in those places people are saying that men fear whoever that person is responding to his of Iowa employee who's a friend of his black Castle to his friend about living the computer and told me that the next Xbox is supposed to have no disc drive black lets good job and everything else you know measured voice of reason for the game you just like to hear it sometime you know somebody will just like make a comment we will make comments before that we could take back and this guys on a stage that's maybe a little bit bigger than everybody else people are correct is correct then you're right he was just having like a like a conversation with his friend he got his final customer customer cartoon that has to be connected Internet to play anything with even single player games like I have and I have not I have never all the games are playing games on demand I have never been disconnected from the game for not being connect to the internet I have had to tell me that you have 10 minutes to get back on the internet what should I do anything games of internet connection you have been disconnected from the internet you have 10 minutes to get back on the internet for the game I know you can do in multiple places by the thing that you can't like the internet now my question to you Barbara I like dick I got it you got turned on by stuff right away or a girl maybe yeah have you been ever been turned on by something that wasn't living that have been turned on by an object really you mean like like like what's the matter now turn on by at like a chair or something let me know if your way what happened in like a piece of furniture that were sexually related maybe I don't know we love you like a video and stop at video and life violin music play ups only get turned on by sexual stuff I guess it is what it is with me I just like isn't that the whole concept of getting turned on it's a sexual thing but always lets people with like weird like I don't know how people with different like that was a lunatic actually right now I could be there could be something like non-sexual that triggers a sexual reaction yes and you can get turned on with with no sexual anything around yet the girls are actually better at this game up use their brain for pleasure more than men do for pleasure so what's the most what's the most inappropriate place you've been horny demand head Jimmy I love on at work love on on Castle have you R the instant you just want me to pick Google well you can walk on when you need to Pitt 3D wake up wake up with morning wood Sega III phone number every time it's what he's saying what's that I get a boner every time to Gavin I hate doing the stuff I do every day everything I do every day really like what you might think is so boring I'm sick of looking at myself in the mirror so whatever best Monty by walk around like trying to stuff on eBay how to do everything I do Ford poops so I try not Pitch for soon as possible and I would like a really 4 Black Sabbath this or that question for our 10th anniversary podcast I can with the ultimate would you rather this or that and I was going to ask about that you're probably ready for this question this the ultimate question this is the one you just keep thinking about this so let me ask you this for the rest of your life for that dot Gavin Barbara you have to make a choice you have to either give up the rest of your life having sex or masturbating for the rest of your life you can and cannot do one or the other you did not have sex with the first time orth text normal levels of maker bucket in master game of masturbation immediately got into Master bation easily with the with the build-up that will happen anyway eventually the play really make out play Jimmy Choo that you could never have an orgasm with somebody else in the room or you can never have an orgasm by yourself give up having a stop to it so that you can absolutely have an orgasm to Circle back on this Gavin said he feels weird masturbating ultimate pleasure for yourself in the mirror I don't believe you you have them he gets dressed in the dark he told me yeah I do the same thing and I look like shit compared to you like RT a picture of you. You really fixing your hair what was the play more difficult question set up ask you about the the man with the finger up the ass when we're not and no I'm not even with Adventure of the and you can have this but would you do it so you never have to question it which would you all to me which you prefer having sex with a person Arby on the Master P up exercises not have to spend money on anything ever again you have to pay for anything every transaction you ever make anything of a bike they'll be a guy right next to and he will pay for it whatever you want Adam up right before he does it he pulls down your pants and your underwear completely understood this finger up your ass by 51/22 and I pulled it out when you're done every transaction you make but this is in Publix the people around of course you do where could you buy that on your own not every transaction that you will never spend another Penny even if you want to see no we're not I just want you get the money from the by it I just think of the money we could go to be like by you a Lamborghini later if you guys some coffee what part of the transaction I don't know yet but III dot question how the fuck did you think of it that comes back to the stuff I'm doing everything online Xbox of public life but this is the thing I don't like doing stuff with peeing and brushing my teeth 1 2 Step dad doing at the time because it leaves me alone with South map and doesn't have to happen when I go to sleep what do you do to distract yourself when you're praying in the shower I can leave I don't need to check myself or my brain think about things I gotta Red vs Blue plot something like that I don't need to think about who's texting in the shower I get like some of my best ideas while I'm in the shower I can deliver all the Practical use and I think about them new year with my a startling amount of our Twitter followers think that's what I should be a bonus to the normal transactions but I will if I feel like doing something Catbug life even if it's only like stuff up their ass it's going to be a time during the week but I don't want anything that I honestly was my ass it's really a punishment for the other dude is it Harry absolutely love that everything works like a million billion what is the pocket in your back or your lying on your back and you have there's two positions you put your feet the other in the butterfly position a butterfly butterfly Pitt the bottom of your feet together and they're flat on the table and then you lift your knees to your chest and then they got your Underside Underside and they go what does a female assistant Barbara she was a little girl really disturbing female esthetician to do this right I mean how to get into the hotel. It's all good I can't believe that at the 11th life I would find one person who does that I would only go to the front of the Gus RT 4425 bucket person in Austin who doesn't like Canada have done no there's not someone else to on the castle I know everything about you they would and 101 4 minute but it sure as hell looks like 4 times longer game over there with all three girls to watch the podcast head do you have any experience black thing if so please tweet us because I'm cleaning up now and your pictures of money but others not know no one left to do is change the function of your by yourself what are you in the bathroom III Scene the Monarch to this day I don't know what is The Hangover in the shower and I'll go down the drain you said you I said she might be R the shower you said you're doing that's what you do at rim rim rim I'd like to teach Gravity Falls how much for the Upstream up on my face when I say this Pitt the Old Testament like there's in my eyes in the shower I mean just hold down your shower when you're done your mom and I told him how I feel before nobody told me how to do Google doodle life I'm positive you're doing it wrong so just tell if I was your day going on and what has it right I bet you tell that money last thing you need to do what are Pitt I don't know. And I know you're right about that red cartoon living with Cody car everywhere car Pitt of the toilet Red Carpet Inn Berlin up why wouldn't he just got his message and just get in the shower get in the tub well can with Cliff III Garden Grill is starting to the whole set but then it must be true and every Gus Butterfly Garden for Scythe do you do it what do you jack off how much does it cost in 2005 driving that has a little compartment the catch show list clipping the compartment you can you don't have the store Clawson Kelly your beauty your beauty is secondary hair growth you can get that after puberty we were just driving around the pubis area pubis only and across the pubis area in the pubis area puberty what is that I don't know the question but what is it ups local temperature no I never thought that because you didn't ask thanks and have a store but you can never be totally different about this process I'm going to assume the butterfly position lets a butterfly don't don't do it it's tough but you just never want to look at some point. I don't think shaving his pubes was trimming pubes even know I don't think so but I had the direction of the Shaving wrong like I would shave down on my neck is with me up on your way I was going to school and I got pulled out with them you know I'm going home so I walked out 15 star walked in my daughter feels like that I'm getting home from school I need to shave you like alright my dad is asking me if I would have got it all red what is vomit of newborn baby Master on a photo what is the Bobble that is the scale we have to new slap bands you want to see one of my favorite conversations we had in a long time in the podcast III store Master Meter Adventure Red vs Blue YOLO project freelancer cakeless lets play and the python from the receipt and red Adventure head over there a difference slap bands available we have to go to the store right now Wednesday is rt10years you entered at checkout to get rt10years and 0 years is on our side if your printer so what's your favorite one is of course the Adventure Time a head of course we all like our individual project so what you wearing I think everyone should buy them I can't wait I gotta take my plug like sweaty and gross no one here game by the way get a bunch of logo Cliff up the camera bird poops on shirt Red Dragon so it's just me and War all it is is just like a commercial for a company recruiting people to work on a mysterious long-term project will be completed in the year like 2097 I'm at the new Neil blomkamp movie Elysium yes hey guess what I just found out which kind of company that distributes Red vs Blue on DVD new video also and they also which means they also were the company distributes Upstream Color with chain Cruise new movie which means her to be getting a copy of what comes out April 5th with the official opening day of Upstream Color yep. Pitt starred in movie bedroom we know everyone you thought it was Liam Lis R Us give me a big movie this year Oblivion Oblivion Oblivion all that at the time Cruise one yeah that is what I thought you were talking about when you talk about Oblivion the official trailer for Oblivion has 3.1 million views that makes me happy that I trailer because the I was thinking I was building an infographic for R Ricky and the Tom Cruise movie 4 Oblivion has 3.123 million views and the ruby red trailer head 3.15 YouTube that a trailer for our upcoming production has as much views is like the Tom Cruise movie trailer now we're getting we're getting really excited about the show that shows debuting it or text it to you so why would you a quick shout with some of our other RTX sign up for it when you get better we have a pixel beam who make the mmofps called storm United and reading my notes here and up to the iOS Developer makes mini motor racing as well as maker bot who makes the 3D printer that we wish show taste a little earlier so it's of those people just find up at GDC last week then I came back to one of the sponsors are podcast with a lot of times in the past when audible first came on as a sponsor for the vs podcast one of the books that are recommended people get on audible book is World War Z which is a great book and also a great audiobook production a lot of people have picked up and read the book as a result since we're talking about movie Z World War Z trailers that keep coming out a lot of discussion. You were the last one that came out the other day they're coming for that new versions of it are showing more than movie probably because they're getting negative feedback when will I start work at 5:06 and it Cliff at buttnumbathon and I never I said I was so I can get more at ease with this movie because the way they portrayed the zombies could be interpreted as the voice of the South African Raven that's in the book and that's the initial outbreak store faster and more manic Brad Pitt recently did an interview with ewha Mercy Muse Entertainment Weekly and he explained why the Portico pitch slow zombies that they don't have those zombies anywhere in the movie and there's a quote from Brad Pitt New York lets the book focused on slow zombies we chose to be more dynamic in that we wanted to base all of this on science show him what if we had them move like ants or a swarm of bees or birds or a school of fish that's being chased one of the first questions we asked was how to portray the zombies and how to do it differently because it's been done so many times and it's already been done pretty damn well okay I'm not interested this movie anymore because he really said in the book but we can't do that we won't do it maker movie by focus on these and other living things on a dead human that's decaying and falling apart I don't know how you have some of the things that are in that God damn bro the desert one but the long flight to Mexico how do you do the pilot who crashes and it's sitting on top of a car and she killed a zombies and she just has to do it by being methodical and killing everything when they're just a swarm of bees that just like stack on top of each other and everything like that so for the sake of the in the movie probably cuz I like zombie movies and I'm a fan of Brad Pitt's of the gears a good actor but I'm not going to see this movie because it's based on the book anything to do with what's going to be disappointed movie now the motivation for that makes no sense I was talking about the Phantom of the Burnie bobble head cameras at what time the rapper Russian do you want to talk about it when I was going to wait until it comes out that way you don't want to talk about it we talked about it a bit last Mama Game of Thrones spoiler cat we did we should do that we should do it we do it we realized we had promised we were going to do that this week a lot of people that knew about it we'll talk about Game of Thrones season 1 and 2 we will talk about three people caught up III