#214 - RT Podcast

RT eats a giant spoonful of Bac Os.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-214

Recorded: 2013-04-16 22:45:56

Runtime: 01:47:25 (6445.01 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman




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list of soda Liberty Park at Rocky by Shutterstock.com find over 20 million stock photos of vectors illustrations and video clips for 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and use offer code Rooster Teeth for lets Rooster Teeth and the number for this episode of the Rings podcast GoDaddy.com GoDaddy is here to help you get your website off the ground it's easy to start today with your 199.com Joe made simply visit GoDaddy.com and use promo code rooster that's GoDaddy.com and promo code rooster some limitations apply see website for details Panera Burnie MD talking vs OU 2015 time what is hanging out of your left ear that is going to kill me for not working right Equus Twitter that's funny that's Joel hello everybody hello after 214 podcast introductions you can bring it up I know I hate to bring it up because some people won't bug you about it but I keep hearing there's Rumblings about the theme songs that we used to do that or you just admitted about like them coming back in some way the new auto mechanics plane intro carrots are people so we'll have the people that are on the show with the theme song plane at the front of the podcast we're hoping to shoot that here pretty soon but we have other products in the pipeline last week I was in I was thinking Boston for PAX East egg white to turn best whats going on Boston Thrones cover current events I don't know I've been here for a couple hours I know there was an explosion it was two explosions South Park and account is two people are dead and 111 people are injured and Gavin and I were talking about the big Terror than that was in the UK in July 7th when a longer now Ally 2007 underground train princess to stat AMA stat men this. This is one of those things where I'm even act like you Gus I am reluctant to talk about it no simply because these are people who took a bomb and put it in a crowd of people didn't have a Charger factory they didn't throw it over the side of a cargo ship you know they are not trying to anything to do with any cause that they have or whatever is completely invalidated by these actions but it is something that I don't want to see your face I don't know their names I don't even know why this happened it's just one of those things where I would hope that we can be like help the people that are injured a hole through his lies were destroyed by this event and then move on from it and not spend any time and not dwell on it the second thing is taking it as well as eating Behavior straight off the light with the bombings in London there were a bunch of people who waited at the train station 1 people died waited until the next day and they sold the cause the one claim that they feel the people who have died and come out to the car and it broke into the car like really people think that way to make the most of it I never would have Ted Z man sometimes it's really because there's no advantage to do that like if if if I left my car in a parking lot the fact that I'm dead or alive doesn't mean I'm going to get to the long-term parking lot in airport Transit out those people aren't here right exactly now up for grabs but is now known on the other if there's media water you can feel TV you know I mean it's like it doesn't make any sense at all I'm like why would you even think about that that point in time to get a TV like that I'm doing is trying to figure out what kind of disaster and that was just from there if I personally if I have been kind of them if I act like my pendulum is released 1 BAC of the other way by motional pendulum since 9/11 of everything that we've done since 9/11 of the last decade of just in my opinion overreacting to an event and just made everything everything we've done since then and it was like I change the operating in the bombings by the end 30 year and I went on for a long time man when I went to the 1 to a with Jason us several years ago he didn't what kind of kind of talking trash can it was because of the Obama getting someone's garbage cans laid out or not laid out I don't think I'm going to stop anyone flying around right now you did that insulation man with the door open Day Care cat Joe the cat and he has lost 4 colors what the hell is Cato is is are there other kind hi nikolaj and like the home inspection have 1 we going to walk with me and ice sheet eats to walk work-at-home Claws and teeth in the media we do the Game of Thrones ice at my house every night now every Sunday I should say and Joel was wandering around to their and everyone was pretty happy to go with you I miss you oh yeah you know Joe the cat actually live with Joel for a while is it meow meow yeah he was pretty good mostly it was mind a lot yeah I moved in the same time a dog have been texting can I get a roommate likes me I don't like when people call him by his name is Joe the cat like that it specifically his name is Joe the cat Joe Coventry a recent thing at what time is the cat meow and then Michael lets only reason I mean GoDaddy I got it you get upset like an emotional men communicating with you about it I am I am bad about it because I don't care about anything we did it Reddit what color is that I'm just I'm already on people who like Steven was no question I want to know you in 20 years from now snow I will probably have to talk about this and sorry in advance Gus for opening this Pandora's box of gold Raw earlier today give me a call I'm like the reason why Gus is coming into my office to ask me this question is because he wants to get it out of my system now will forward you the podcast goes like Sams get it all out of my system right now it was like 45 minutes is like but the good thing is we had a very boring conversation but we had to so we had a 401k like meeting today at the option of moving to a new provider that's the conversation after we talk to you for some reason and you talk at me 4:40 I mean gold has cracks in in plane crash what happened in the past today you know what has happened to gold and gone all the way back down to act when I originally talked about it in the first Park as we talked about it is the price of a little over 20% I think it's somewhere and talk about it white stock and currencies have made money and now if you invest in gold or not BAC is 0 from 2 years ago if we're going to talk about that to get a couple things out Department of tribe in on gold is better now than it was two years ago but it's still dropping it still dropping short-term in the short run is going to continue to drop it if you like if you want to invest in something for three to five years or longer can you invest in negative gold 1 z z z evil brother pen and best and negative gold whats out there internet Z of these is gold DGP double gold but double men z z is double negative I'm still real follow it because it's like a circle usually says we got in about gold I only said that this will gold the real thing at least it's not it's not for a men the supply of gold can only grow marginally if it applies basically intact which leads me to the point where people like JP Morgan confidential gold but then everyone comes and wants to gold all at once then they just don't have it so then it's like a run on the bank grey how is that making Store Day California paper Rush of 1814 Philadelphia Daily News that was there was a thread on Reddit today which was what are the most basic mind fucks that you know which are just simple fact that blow you away and I thought we talked about it sometimes little things like this like I was always mesmerized by that weird mathematical trend of like you and your family your mom broke a chain of women do it all the time it wasn't in this for reminding me of gold is all the gold that has been mined in the history of the world can fit in a swimming pool basically like the Statue of Liberty an olympic size swimming pool how much do the volume of an olympic size swimming pool equals the mass of the Statue of Liberty with to make a tower pens the Tower of Pisa falling Tower RT a billion dollars because it for one by one by one fetus to me to keep 4 times right so what's up for by one by one particular prism do you know at one point I thought it would be a funny like investment strategy like I like I'm I'm pretty conservative when it comes to real estate license was formed and organized is a business structure with no dead on the buildings that were in that kind of thing so I'm pretty conservative but I physically getting it and then I just didn't know what the price of gold was I thought gold and then just keep it talking gold bar how big is talking like in the movies where they're like to take him out to eat get several million dollars 4 bar but I looked at it that was like 10 years ago it was like $180,000 for a brick of gold and now it's probable that if you have a 1 ounce coin give a gold 1 out of corn and have a couple 4 degrees in Las Vegas talking to him and holding you caressing you like I do I mean it's like $1,500 or $300 but that was double the value as well but will it always be like pen Gavin fish whats day gold on Tuesday gold is just shiny metal that's all it is here's the thing at the end of the day gold is the one currency that the people throughout thousands of years have chosen government a problem with gold you can eat it you can speak it therefore it doesn't have any real value flashlight poke silver at GoDaddy African tribe that for a dollar 99 eats new domain going to pass over there personalized email account and a built-in photo album all on top of their awesome 24 7 customer support looking to make a website for a summer wedding and you have a blog or podcast you get those ideas online with a 199 bill made some limitations apply see website for details just go to godaddy.com or hit the link and are linked up and use promo code a rooster to get started so a big thanks to the GoDaddy extending this great deal to our listeners I cannot believe a domain is a dollar 99 it makes you feel any better the internet 4 domain Joe throughout history what they started back to the old days 7075 Buckskin registry example of deregulation men like really really taking over and driving driving Justin are bad UK and hosting a GoDaddy was like is it Joe did to me is like the prime examples of it's better to not be first on the internet that the person that the people come on the 2nd with the second generation always do much better life the Facebook to the Myspace is the Google to the office you know the GoDaddy is to the Network Solutions and you know Star Solutions with more of a like a Consortium like them kind of like a regulatory board internet Solutions was part of the internet but they will give you money if you need anything do I like heavy.com with you also say that like always whatever the latest thing to come along as always the best thing that still exist black oil better the next time great look at all these companies all doing well and other stuff and you look at this like a newspaper to look at the stock exchange with you like all these companies are strong and awesome they listed in the stock exchange every company that ever did exist and no longer does but they're supposed to promote Z row BAC in anything cuz it be like you got to go to like two thirds the with to get this is something that even still existed this point you know it's frightening when you look at anything how much failure there is vs 6s and I mean it's just depressing I mean it seems like I'm never trying to act like he's going to give you specifics like people or not with my really really best in people and bag and was like less than 1% you know made over $100,000 a year you just get into Ted know you have to qualify yeah there's a couple of different ways to do Thrones Joe act like right now mosquito way better than I do what are you working to stat Productions and you're eligible but then isn't also the second production they become eligible when you become eligible on a production don't have to pay for your dues Hartley basically if the production has to prove bag it's like you bring you in the country this person is unique and is Talent is Phil how are you healthy that we can't hire someone inside so I can put this person in and then you have end and that's really the main way anyway there's a couple of other club I can't have the to become Captain the Klingon ship right the same way same way there's a couple ways I can you get time which is like at Ally guide after was like the other Union is like for TV and soap operas and grey stat radio yes more thing I got in because I had a terrible waitress waiter waiter waiter waiter Park in the way to put me and after and then that he was on the way I look like lollipop Rome Italy game is on the first few episodes that the thing ever and when they start and you still 4 30 year goes 1 he started his major event starting his new soap opera kills in like the first month of episode and I was like and watch this thing and like everything the first week they had a witch who had a midget guy who is a doll and the doll came to life and the doll was a person so I guess that's okay or is that true 270 in the other room for some reason but like all day long you can't hear anyone else in Outlook of passions passions ran from September 17th no one else here so reading from 99 to 2007 OS changed over something else the 101 they're all the top models every actor that on there we're all model whats really like in a little bit for me at the time it was like running into that wall class example for they tell you that you shouldn't do this and get out and you're not ever going to be successful Deadwood Vegas act like you're not going to win. Now here's the number call this number and stop gambling and leave are freezing right now because they know you're not going to do it so you're just going to sit there and pull that lever and lose all your guide whats 1 + 5 tips about your job that of the people said no and one was like this because I got to work I work at the tables gambling if you need help to stop family ask the dealer at your table what you can do to help you have him give me how men directions the last time I was someone already lost enough money end it but they're all drunk and sober and I was at a craps table and I saw him lose like $5,000 I started trying to take a break Hugh strongly encourage people don't I think I think like that the deal is almost like the enemy but literally when you're sitting there you like your eating you're not against you against the mathematical Mafia I don't understand the fact that you can get addicted to something that isn't chemical are you at small intangible achievement in video game I mean there's like no real component that anyone ever addicted to anything that the first time you didn't actually mention we didn't tell you but we got called you here Z 213 episode example I don't understand eating chemical addictions lets have Gavin sheet of heroin on the podcast a com dead at 2:20 chemically don't could you get addicted to anything and I think I could possibly I think I could get addicted to gambling Peru pointing chemical I think about it all the time I'm just not that way raging alcoholic and their sibling is not and I mean ever think about drinking it's like I don't drink I'm going to drink to actually get drunk but I don't know how many years I think I've seen you drunk 4 times and Ice Ted out to get drunk and I'm going to ice tonight about you do you think you're doing no I mean I drink all the time but it's just casual I never think a drink harder to get money or what I mean I got you know I final I'm going to experience basically everything you know I'm going through the emotional game that I've experienced everything I'm going to experience pretty much while I'm driving I guess I can repeat with Karl likes eats are there any way that you guys already had the best thing yeah I hope you're right car logo there's so much shit I don't do because I'm afraid I'm going to kill me Jon with the money you're going to die there is no such thing you can get like a bitch you can guide style is 1 Gavin best of at is like that guy in the wingsuit right how things is a bridge everything everywhere he went out in style but I think going over the bag is how I describe that I'm going out with that I wouldn't describe it is going out with style I mean I need it like a left that landed on his feet and then shot himself best OS like a guy who is that depressing Gavin if you got to the for you like I would want you to text your run down the mountain Theory out of gold will be very very hot tribe stat are more likely to survive then just go straight down on the ground he would be in traction like this you don't have to be there is a of mileage per hour where you can maybe do that out of a car but within like 10 like 7 dropped well if I break my what is the message build our case is polished metal desk light except is polished metal deck Supply the one that you have one of those metal dead in the ground after the bombing of Boston classy thank you Irish Car Bomb 4 bad discussion about the UK give me another one is Bear by the way in in in in Toronto Army Jeter on out every single part of what kind of reaction we can talk about this or we can talk about something that shouldn't be allowed to talk about it people do things because people on a massive scale a bomb going off in PAX of people it's going to kill two people in 111 people those are big numbers but a lot more people that die all the time whats a real weapon is is fear and Terror and people like you saying things like that that feed into it you're the one with the not all these people are monsters and we need to take a bomb and put it in front of people they are monsters we are not the monsters the rest of us you included you are not the monster day and just like it's make-believe monsters that people get scared of JP out of here as well and still will be can't do is we cannot play into that we cannot we cannot let them feed off of our fear we can't give them the pleasure of watching us like little children jump from the carpet to the bed we can't let them witness us running up the basement stairs after we put out the light day after 9/11 is that it doesn't matter you're not going to stop us if it doesn't matter you're not going to stop us are we're a fucking it doesn't matter we're getting you're not going to stop us but the point here is that you cannot give in to it you cannot you cannot play into that fear we are not the monsters threats which of these people are the monsters okay we do not have to be afraid of the dark that they live in is that is the point don't don't fall into it don't do this is this is what happens every time and people get up in arms about things to get emotional and emotional decisions that affect the rest of her life best thing you can do is help people who are hurt and get them back on their feet and in a real effective Manner and then figure out how to go forward from there and don't and don't celebrate these people by being afraid of them that would be by star bomb we can get the money tshirt is your heart tshirt heavy discussion so have you seen Pax from this is I don't know what Catbug is to me at talks this is a teddy bear getting attacked by giant parasite program contact with one of those Friday so I can't now I'm never going to get this thing bag composition so you're bit by mosquito 1 time and I think the fact that I'm over here and I was like it was like 20 minutes ago we have a girl hair eating and I didn't like blood splatters all over my arm UK me some of that blood wasn't Cloud 1 that if you place a personal business mosquito candle and on your arm and it's blood you know some of it's your blood you know some of it is blood from other people didn't a little bit would you rather made one of us to you know or just her hair cut there anything anyone of us white male Ford Gus what are the chances with you Joe the Liberty Bowl I mean the fact that we were together I mean it's all about the blood relatively new right not too old when is a baby old enough to drink why didn't Michael mosquitos to transmit can I don't think so what kind of trans fats really where the guy show demonstrates the system that shoot lasers at mosquitos to kill them no that's the greatest thing apparatus that you can set up pen into text mosquitos and shoot them and yeah it's like how to play and getting shot by laser man buns Bethesda car end is a laser front lets the sheet Michael plane flying around he was going to die I think I'd like to give bravest laser really really cloud shooting a melting the car from like thousands of feet up the Drone I was here so you might remember one of the things that destroyed the Soviet Union in the Cold War the Reagan Administration started putting all these videos about are Star Wars program that could shoot down missiles from space just like a computer up and it was dead like it was just like they couldn't they were going to have to go to another arms race to get past the thing which didn't fucking exist it never existed 4 Cook-Out Russia will advertise my government when is North Korea thing is going down are of Navy puts out a video of like here's a drone watch a sit-down with a fucking laser beam and they just shoot the thing down well at least it's like it's David how is the difference of light concentrated OS all the protons is directed in in a parallel directions and that would at least put concentrate in the Lifeboat getting it that's just focus regular light what is to unlock Pacific Wave link what is a laser is coherent monochromatic light and interesting so at 1 it would be 1 wavelength of light that makes people laser is a device call that a laser that's not a laser the laser light laser is the double East game laser reviews actors in black is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation laser laser is different from other sources of light because they emit light coherently it special carrots Ally the layers laser to be today goes into a tight spot and it's enabled applications like laser cutting and Laser lithography it's official carrots also came to laser beam hole I'm done, made it on with that means over long distances and this enables laser pointers to work if I have one of those eye with a hundred bucks screen laser this very very Friday night and you told on in Philippine goes like this far as you can see I just I just don't mean to scare the crap out of you the second I saw that technology come out here just like with every every movie is ruined I didn't give you like you know who's going with laser talking at this rate we're was like his own thing or he's talking hates people pointing lasers at him or whatever. Of time where that was really annoying or every time you went to a movie it was a laser guide on Friday when they first products and Hartley laser beam laser Gus 4 funny and it would be on people at concert and it stopped concerts goes your with laser some people say he remember several years ago someone threw a lollipop at David Bowie on stage and hit him in the eye he's already got bad I like the part when with a dick like under his a good album cover talking to the Ted by plastic build quality when you got paid with a water bottle yeah he was like all man looking like a ball in my club stage Row I Remember on the podcast I know it's real is very popular in at a person who's really popular young good-looking kid whatever Beiber come from YouTube story is a is Justin Bieber eye cancer the biggest internet success story to be the South Park guys like early success because everyone found out about them on the internet in the show Blue out was like yeah just keep treating the internet as to where we can have like that but that was the closest thing to it was a VHS tape that was traded around in Hollywood which was the spirit of Christmas episode of South Park before there was a show and then it made its way to the internet so I can send them to dancing baby and stuff like that let me see the Justin Bieber sing dancing baby I can't go back to talking we were talking about are you going to talk about something a baby with Ally McBeal ya head back a little bit something we were talking about before we were talking about GoDaddy and domain name Gavin out today in the group is 1 channel everyone during his lifetime no I just say what I think in honor of three shirts we should have our first-ever tshirt threesday if it if you were here asking how the hell we got the lets play channel in the name lets play for YouTube channel and that's because Geoff years ago when the Lets Plays first started he saw that it was available and got it and then grabbed it and if we had it for 4 years or longer eating longer than the first thing 1 the first channel to he he got we've always been pretty smart I think the reason he's about about grabbing domain names for projects were going to do and that translates over to Geoff grabbing youtube.com slash lets play which people just wondering how the hell did we get it but it's all because Geoff is just a forward-thinking dude from with a of visionary with the first we call them lets play to begin with but when we called when we did they left 4 dead yeah and another thing you Lets Plays like the theory they did like the Saints Row 1 I know that Michael and Geoff did and then Gavin came out did the first Minecraft 1 NHL talking exploded with enormous and it was okay we had this lets play Channel lets lets whats the thing is I was going to be something lets make this the lets play channel for the mind we could do enough and we still know nothing about to do base Lemoore we just we can have one every day when I star the very first lets play on the channel which play out let me know what is plane Watchmen with Geoff I'm going to try to get achievement and I just said let's do it like us to live commentary just what we call it I can't believe it was it was sort of the thing but it wasn't like the YouTube phenomenon that it is now a Geoff Geoff Gordon of thinking that and that it could be this available I can't believe it's available we should take a look at it and grab it Monday Wednesday and Friday Minecraft lets Build build build so we just going to do and we're going to do some 1 people go to the YouTube. Com / lets play the release schedule we're going to be like for to be drafted play Morgan play I was only halfway Passions bizarre guitar snow cat with you because we're going to be at a lower level ah I was just I'm just thinking it's time to have an argument it's been too long I haven't had time men that 1 could you be so out of it we called we called the strategy guide I think this is the gold eye a couple of seconds 5 Seconds we had Lazar first time ever playing it we didn't know what it Michael Joel Joel is a highly against the wall in the whole world the thing is that I will shoot straight out and in turn a 90-degree corner and then grab you and pull you out you up and that was it that was bullshit I'm just saying no we're not I don't think we're not playing to live stream to that very well multiquip show me the multi Club to get good at 1 week David I think I fixed the problem when you put him with the 14th which is like and it's horrible whats you just like cutting I recorded the whole end of the thing the how do you like it was awful it was awful have you eaten oysters before yeah but I'm not going back the first people that eating a bowl of snot eye jumping Ally Dead or Alive raw oysters guide them into words that make me want you even left Foods bear Houston Home Depot like I couldn't believe to be true that only poor people UK eating balut 37 rivr but that's just a guess it's like fish fish I don't know I don't know fish with his hands and squeezed in screen how colder than with the fish Joe and Ally videos of huge in Japan corn whats Philadelphia double star Ally for Justin Bieber getting hit by water bottle is called Justin Bieber hit by water bottle and it was August 2nd 2010 order D cell batteries in eye balls in Pokemon X 14 players were thrown out of office because you can throw it that's why for the hole price the next day it's basically what did you have to be a maniac to throw a deep cell battery if somebody shutdown destroys of Ted UK South things of professional players and hurt them emotionally and the is more effective Ice 1 2 I informed him of the fact that his ladies underwear was showing song is and that I'm certain he was very appreciative that I was there for him and the other players that were older and it's time to retire here and look at these very relevant video to this lets out making the rounds we can have it right now okay I don't know who it is but he's an outfielder someone in their children but no outfielder she just got heckled from the crowd and he's standing and he's got his glove behind his back and he's basically but it goes behind is BAC Spain always he's back cuz that's what snow and then should I man every time the guys you gotta love those bags look like you missing me us with anything here that although it's only a Twitter knows his name it was really funny bad is fantastic black ball got a cat named Black Ya'll black a lowly give up hit the gym at lets play the mail no it's not it's not the video but I'll find it Shutterstock actors that wear mind everyone best episode of RT Podcast is brought to you by Shutterstock.com at Shutterstock.com you'll find the perfect image or video for your next creative project what are three or website or publication and advertisement of video or another type of project you can just row over 20 million high-quality stock photos illustrations actors in video clips Shutterstock vs images from around the world and put them at your fingertips so star gives you the ACT if you need to be a creative project to the next level and they make it easy to give you great if it's okay. 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a joke and it didn't work but you racist mathematically speaking Derek Miller because they're rich if it isn't UK ah but I do I water bottle at Justin Bieber and to give me shit on Twitter I'm not and I just I don't I don't care either black on stage talking to people like at pens and stuff I would not appreciate having it thrown at me or having people come up on the stage there to try to entertain people we have come to be entertained I didn't like to do something like that survival and the glass mind how much like a drum does an eardrum look like and like could you is this yeah we have some but we're going Friday we don't do it every single week out so we're going to wait till next week probably snow when do you normally do like you do like day or two ahead of time usually I take it we dump the puck us to get up in the middle of it and I appreciate it talk to you is like thousands of bugs flying around right now there's a character in Charlie Brown and you are you can put you out any Irish transition earlier in the by lost it but it would it would be great it was great now we can't go back is about with food is that you think of anybody who eats nothing you out did you see the thing well so this is not African tribe they take a white piece of material and like piece of material that was something just let me know when you get around and then they like them off into a pen into pens of them and take them out and put it between Foods that's a real thing that people do I would not do that where did you see this TV shows like the goose like there's a million shows right now there's like look at me I'm going to hit Ally congruent ass fucking piece dancing and feed it to the talking Western a snow still act like he was there with that TV show where there is that usual bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern like goes around the Foods America Nerf gear how bizarre Mountain Oysters Theory Lazar and it's like the best thank you gift ever 4 men run South by Southwest we had to come out we close the show with me and Barb and the Jack Jack it's like and Matt and Kim and I got the interview Jack sheet tennis monogrammed bathrobes I was like yeah that's really cool thank you gift of all time bathroom windows on Twitter handle on it it cool if you get a monogram row with your own Twitter handle your the biggest at your lets for you awesome to the bathroom they're probably going to 4 at that point you make it awkward Car Talk and I kept the video of you and Shira Lazar and Jack and Shira Lazar a gift that use that piece of equipment for their for their live stream and you always are highlight-reel like oh look what you can do you show Burnie Burns act like it was kind of Ally if I could video chat for Ally products like we could use it to write eye with are the people that look 40 pounds overweight and by the way by the way are you talking at Sonic today ah so it's like is that it's not terrible it's possible chemical Michael highly flammable chemical that's like do they have like a phrase like you know most companies only fucking you a little bit I'm not sure what it is engineering all GMO products Peru Monsanto is at the moment look up lawsuits Monsanto who got some fucked-up able to dish it out of people I mean like AIDS engineered feat engineered seed the last one planting and basically farmers who use them like some of the seeds a little over and other Farmers fields and if they find it they will be living crap out of is almost like a license agreement one time when they're only there their they're Engineers only have one time to talk about the broken Monsanto seems like an evil Corporation but it makes me think of Pan Am in the company's leadership hit the grocery store it was like organic blueberries and Michael organic blueberries and it comes in like a ziplock bag is like he couldn't see the bag but it's like I think about it sometimes like to buy some organic blueberries they're like tiny little late because they're really because organic blueberries are like the engineer blueberries that are the size of like it out here I think that's the way a lot of things are like organic Wars day was it called Heritage potatoes and carrots are all different sizes and colors and characteristics of when you think of what you think yes it was very irregular carrots from Saints Row and that was the first and third does carrots have never actually ever seen there's no way I can transition into this how are you doing baby carrots and baby carrots are not a real thing baby carrots are not real things for others and cut them up and around them or leave them down Pig cartoon anyone down to a toothpick that's what a baby what happened to all the is a real carrots are star Trent Reddit Paris Hilton wow so what was baby corn whats that little sweet a real corn and shave it down everything that happens to look like corn the other one has a baby Reddit I really like is the one that really spoke to me Gavin us it was one that really supposed to be which was that when you see a particle of dust floating mirror a single particle of dust floating in the air that is size-wise exactly halfway between a subatomic particle and the planet Earth that isn't that amazing South Potomac Church feat hole of an atomic particle how tall is at AMA cat that looks like the the atom not the electronic right away UK house you can take a picture of it eating a picture of a snow is in lets them know where it is or you can know it's the lost it but you can't know but I want to I want and that should be the difference between whats the thing that the electron goes around the nucleus so you have that and the electron can be around that but this is much empty space is like a cathedral or something like it could be anywhere like they have a nucleus it could be anywhere and like a cathedral sized space YouTube how much space there is in the world and if you could you could crush it down to nothing Warfield with if you could call it into space because we're used to thinking like a table whats in between a nucleus Morgan energy goes the gravitational forces goes over eye mean to object for perspective energies is very entertaining for sure a very real thing in the are body is essentially of lattice energy and force holding it together and everyone was screaming at the screen I know that that's okay but it just because we don't call it matter or whatever it's still there so for him to the point where it's like a wave with you think of this like you think it of course but it's actually a measurable thing that would take an enormous amount of energy to do that because you're crushing down forces would have the Saints won when you're all done now the store is not a black hole right the two different things like I star a star is is this bag it has a certain on a mask when it goes down gold black hole it has much greater force associated with it when it collapsed is it has much bigger but it's better if you men are and like a white dwarf which is the same star but much denser and more compressed are like a neutron star might have the same man that has much more gravitational pull 10 the density and amount of mass in in Indiana Star Press how big does something have to be before you can move it around it lets do this dancing around it down to a baseball is the same as dead the cat I like to throw up and when I go around it what do you do when your in space orbiting around Rooster Teeth podcast at 6 to text as well let you know at 7 o'clock that took us two-and-a-half minutes ago from baby corn to Black Ops 2 what is the score 291 online right now on Twitter AMA me Burnie High Jack needed better fucking asshole has his own Ama Helix with the Joel selwood like I don't understand it but somehow I'm going to work outfielder double helix of tribe DNA out of the ugly guide I was trying to win trying to double helix tribe DNA struggling and I thought wow this has to stop looking and you are is hit at everyone that's what I was really I didn't on figure out Reddit that's the key just talking stat just fucking with your conversation you know what to say just start talking and it will figure it is Karl Pilkington OS upgrade Gavin with Karl Pilkington books about the great during his hit movie Pitch with Wars Ally car they make you feel inadequate as a podcast watching the Ricky Gervais show and Ice media baby corn black hole in Ally McBeal earlier I was five years later on every television show on every everything at the movies at the movies I was a waiter on Ally McBeal and I vs at a couple of times and I got to the point where I kind of knew Lucy Liu and I kinda knew Portia de Rossi out and was able to drink on them at one point but they're very nice and start a conversation with her everything was fine and at the time I was on the meat diet and I think we should do raw day was a vegetarian and then we were sort of going back and forth or talking about it and whatever there's a thing but it's like it's very dark on this dead and they had two wheeled out like a a potato bar like it it's got sour cream from Wendy's or are you already ruined it I already told the story wrong and they will. They will have to talk to talk about it potatoes on the talking lets you Joe alright go ahead put on your forehead mean anything it sounds like you know what I'm just going to get a fucking mother fucking bullshit fucking Ground Beef Reading MA unload this giant bowl of just ground beef into a bowl and and I'm taking myself out with a vegetarian they probably don't care but I'm leaving this ground beef and I get a fucking big heaping tablespoon of ground beef if they commit Bowie it's fucking pen statue baking bacon base I have a giant bucking bull I have a fucking giant bucking bulls buck and bacon bits and everybody tell me fuck you over there bucking bull Macon at the table with the bacon base in tips singing look at me weird and now I've got bacon Haley has to make a park in decision-making Deadwood at the time you called me out on car mind game equals funny DNA cool that's what you're always trying to try to turn down the funny by Beethoven information Bowie to it yeah it's basically if this is all to grow a scab that's what this sums up my bowl of bacon bits I had to go please take of the made by Betty Crocker UK send of the fruit of it what what what day that is 104 peperami peperami is like a brat peperami I don't know lost pork hot sausage David but I don't know maybe a hundred 8% Park how do you have multiple to the Pig online I believe them I believe you I believe you did that made you come over a hundred percent of anything let me know corn is in a pig yeah I knew something serious if you ate 5 ounces of those take of it you had 1,000 20% of your daily sodium intake whats 50 of 2 is 140 milligrams of sodium a bad thing Peru I needed more than 100% of sodium for a Men episode with the creature that like to suck the salt out of people through 27 times Outta 10 you ain't whats 85 ounces that's a fair price how many grams are in 5 ounces on to disappoint myself have been really fun lets me use it because and because it's dried it loses some ass so they a few 27 grams of meat for every 25 grams of sausage so it's a hundred and on the ground floor when I was your 1 through is going to be the only one I still don't understand that though I didn't use you said the answer I didn't get it yet you can't have more than the things you Let Me Take A Products hydrated and dehydrated value weight based on the original UK caviar and a hydrated and dehydrated 2004 but they put it on the products they have the probably only need like a public defender you need like a lawyer 28 event Price Rite left to go the other way and take a cup of rice you put in the rice cooker water in with it and you make 8 cups of cooked rice is not 20% right a hundred percent right you started with something that was a smaller amount and prepared it in a way that made a bigger or smaller he understand you understand you have to understand whats Raw Deal right it's not it's alright it's a hundred percent right that start with the letter man to make it more to make absolutely at on the label did you buy more of it Freeport guide best in pork belly products similar products like Justin Derek Game of Thrones saying right yeah should be something that you like you should make some sort of like Morgan guide with name Morgan places to and it was really do we say that we were going to have a Game of Thrones spoiler Gus I think we did while I was drunk you know it we're here in eye yeah I think at this point even the UK the Northern Ireland part of UK Island in Thailand Thailand combine you're my everything Joel Herrera thing is that you this is really cool I never realized ever tell you the story I told you I wasn't mean I was the part I played was a waiter on Passions it was like whats the movie called it's goes to motorists in 1 Gavin and I absolutely love it because Joel Joel de la and Joel Z little the only person I know who went out to LA to be an actor he never had another job he wasn't actors for 10 years and left it here Channel a month that's a really really game of your work and no money whatsoever it's easier to do it is true you are threesday I got that is amazing it is a scene with Al Pacino's the star of the movie is Al Pacino and is he the beginning movie arguing with Winona Ryder and they're arguing back and forth and Joel is the only other person to see me standing right between them looking back and forth and Winona Ryder and Al Pacino back and forth back and forth and then they both turned and yelled at him and he goes running off Star Trek ringtone that treats me the Star Trek tricorder sound how many relatively famous people have you had full-blown sexual intercourse with men and women so he said he would be more successful actors who are gay he said that quite often you know the thing is is it if you're someone who's attracted if your mail and your son is attracted to your own sex you have is the greatest not you that is the greatest I mean the thing is it only and I mean it would have been easier How We Do Talking Dead style 4 talking about it by quality ring or after it airs like an hour after I know what do we were lucky it talking like right after it is a bad idea I mean we can do that when we let them let them do it on Sunday at 10 p.m. next Monday what is the ideal in Russian caviar to figure it out National in and you just put it we base our shows on play statue things is whatever the hell we want to make that we think we have fun doing is no choice that we make that we don't want to make this one telling is to make sure it was like something that nobody watched a lot of time to think about this Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones like we never know like you can do it by 12000 people watch this the best way to approach typically is to do it as an addendum to like a regular podcast for people who aren't caught up don't have to do it when they don't lose anything if you want it and are caught up there Morgan plushie Spartacus Morgan carrots is Lowe's with lines horizontally on the iPhone spelling a profile for him Morgan hates is the Joel playlist Foods Manhattan guide it was like a war anything taking place right now dancing break blood yeah that was only there was a ah nevermind we get that at the beginning of the end and they also had a chick that I can to be one of the hottest people in the jail which is row is the lead prostitute from Winterfell Game of Thrones everyone's is Daenerys Targaryen no I think the current why don't you spoil it here the woman who is the head of the Stag house the reading a chick I think it always has the hottest chicks in the breaking and how she was released white Friendly's White Crown I don't think he is correct I think it's close I think the freeway right here daughter and Star Girl I don't know where Navy is this the start you don't know I saw a photo of them those two together in real life and the chicken place on 3rd with left Left 4 Dead 2 she's younger sister who Marjorie the queen of the Lannisters the older one who's just like every woman I know Jon Snow Deadwood car of the person that Haley wonderful his mother has the fuck over the day when you gave are you the story needle in it a child actors are always a risk that actors in hit in an awkward age the one that's on the dog she got she got the boy what you think you want them to look like with Harry Potter also this was over the course of the story Game of Thrones things happen or compressed time frame a child actors are growing the whole story over what years 20 characters 92 rent a 4 door 99 anymore Osment looks entirely different No One's Gonna Love You talking about and Ally and out Helix pens a long time it was usual bizarre Sonic and I think Game of Thrones might have one of those that like there's something that happens to someone that's really a spoiler is that like everyone is like tempted to like people best 1 4 mile time at 12 weeks out we go on Reddit are to have a Wiki or some shit where we can figure out a tree you know what day determines hit of time we're going to be okay to talk about 1 QB talking about the season pass whats and start worrying about to start you and Ashley books and watch the show with him in the books for the name of the TV show so I'm slowly going to the book 1 I'm getting close to me don't honestly know you don't like to hear it how are there not more like how showtime and other houses. This hole was Jon are not in production Spartacus for the past couple months ago and it seems like for a while Jon Ron Swanson Parks and Rec Deadwood Deadwood penis Thrones Reddit and I'm okay with it what does that mean 2000 Bowman are how far to Reno and I'm going to be with me forever Daniel Russo Jim in on it and the camera why is alcohol one of the top searches how much best nigh by rolling into it already what do you think it feels as the first search for p periodic table people respond to the Google autocomplete I know you would not allow me to call her a cunt to you she kept replacing the word so it looks like it makes sense you would never want to speak to automatically assume that they will come up a lot so we're going to wrap up here pretty soon I'm giving you the warning you can get your the remaining topics out of the way you lie never works like I tell him we're going to wrap up soon you know how you could wrap it up just hit save and then I'm talking Michael car I don't do it I don't know what I'm looking at here a penis between your legs do you think you have a good penis a complaint about you dick looks like a little pictures of the difference between the difference Rome New York talking the bomb that was the last of the cat talking about you talking about a chromosome can switch the difference between a man and a woman how the Olympic Committee determines gender like how hole Yahoo at normal and have multiple chromosomes like you could have an xxy or next XX how do you classify an xxy chromosome I believe would appear to be a woman but really has Ally chromosome like a man what how do you classify these people introduction the definition of the name it probably doesn't take into account I don't understand how that process works or even talk to them if you think of it politically in eye is the calm is what you're saying is that politically insensitive on vs OKC insensitive is a room at a uterus and a full on vagina and a penis and testicles have no idea congratulations lets you are born with both stat to choose whichever whichever you want but you can keep goes is Hardware can you snow guide and egg could you put Lazar could us I don't think people can have two fully functioning stat the Republican 1 maybe I don't know Game of Thrones melted boilers in stat is like I always had the opinion that if a brother and sister had a baby together the baby would automatically be deformed right no no Justin probably what are you doing here did you ever have an opinion that if of Brothers tshirt baby got it would definitely be there like you're going to possibilities you're not getting that genetic variety orientation of the right when my dad made me everything is fine day of the week is that with me as part of the 10th anniversary we can get a lot of visits was and it was some articles of a run today which should put out a cool infographic with some the major stat for Misty's but you should check out it's like some of the bigger stuff it was what I wanted to put on put on the graphic on Twitter it's one of my favorite ones but we couldn't figure out a way to get it into the infographic it was that in December of 2012 this products when was a gaming podcast on iTunes day had the top 200 spot that Wars Episodes downloads and the Rooster Teeth podcast occupied a hundred and seventy-four of the top 200 spot across all podcast for all episode should be allowed it was just like if you look at the hole chart and eye glued together like almost like the icons it was amazing us because we had a hundred thirty four spots occupied but we only had at the time 210 podcast available GoDaddy like 800 at the time I didn't know it the old episodes of this park US 1 more Washington current episodes of current Park us catalog was dominating like the entire landscape of that game again I must have thought we just put out a hundred and seventy episode on the same eye to look like ah so we put together the graphic and then part of that was all Spartacus with that for about the last two or three years on YouTube that specifically and exclusively we were part of Michigan is a network we can have any kind of national goes on are videos and things to say about Machinima but we're not part of that Network anymore men should have different standards for what is called a multi Channel network in MTN which is now the big trend on YouTube but reading is always historically had a very independent approach to the way we run our business when we started the bedroom with essentially three or four people and grew from there now do you know where two different buildings and we had about 50 people that work at the company we're currently completely out of Thrones where we are and we're looking for a new place 1 to place to look at pens day was 35000 square feet which is crazy to think that act like Sams Club essentially but you know we thought it was very good time where the environment is a recent East I think his head end a great legacy of adaptation and perseverance we've always been able to shift with the times and keep up with the trends of what's popular on the internet especially with online video and right now is a kind of amazing. For online video and the way that the business is growing and we felt like we were in a better position if we were on our own and it can completely out from under any kind of other network and dealing directly with advertisers and with YouTube specifically and so we wish everyone well it was who said we're going to work on things but we're very happy to be on her own and we're looking forward to all the cool stuff I can be doing in the future you're Michael Blunt best clear Michael to tell him I could thank you for rubbing a question right into it between lets play Channel and ah black lets play they've already teaching her guide are you have a fleet of five episodes a week they're going up on a channel we're getting some more content as well if we're doing something new we want to fully commit to it still working getting a new content the podcast will be doing Lets Plays as well hopefully some other people from other on the company will be doing more Lets Plays end a reason for it is that I think that and Geoff felt like with the explosive growth of the lets play in particular it would they were going to be more more shows and so they were going to have like between 5 and 10 shows the weak never lets play Joe is and they could potentially shut down the channel but more importantly they were popular enough to sustain their own channel be a little more focused on the people who really love their shows can get alerts and get some sleep she's just to their shows so hopefully you guys like it and some tribe in Channel and as always we appreciate all your support thanks OS all right now that we're going to wrap up here so thanks for watching everyone and I will see you next weekend I promise we'll do a Game of Thrones spoiler cat soon will let you know ahead of time and talking to you want to see lets play for the cat