#216 - RT Podcast

RT curses your baby. Again.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-216

Recorded: 2013-04-30 22:43:19

Runtime: 01:50:25 (6625.49 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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list of total Ricky podcast is brought to you by Squarespace on the one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website blog portfolio and now an online store check out their new Converse solution so you can start selling stuff immediately for free trial and 10% off your first purchase on new accounts go to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and use off on Coast Route 34 lets Rooster Teeth and the number for this podcast brought to you by third shift third shift is not just a beer it's a story story about loving what you do they say when you love your job you never work a day in your life you never work tonight either that's what brought the Brewers together to make a beer they're proud to call their own introducing the gold medal-winning third shift amber lager when beer is your calling you never clock out did you give your mom a hard time growing up something you can laugh at now but got grounded at the time now is the time to make it up to her ProFlowers has 1 dozen rainbow roses Thrones 1999 Ford of the roses and chocolates plus the premium paint base for just 2998 at 50% off just use offer code when you order go to proflowers.com cook on the microphone at the top right corner and type teeth cryogenically frozen and then thawed out and I just explained everything that happened to them yeah I've missed all of the game the Thrones like last night I went to watch 3 episodes of Game of Thrones to try to catch up but I'm still one behind so could you not seen any of the first episode and then I left on Sunday so I left on the day the area episode 2 two ago level 3 interview with the end credits sung by little girl new supporting characters are popping up there pretty famous actors like MacKenzie Crook and then I was like in the north of the wall and the white in the British off and he's got a way people in the walks like he's looking up his eyes are white in the Burnie route bullshit on the pod when I was like MacKenzie the next week Hardwick route on the podcast in Atlanta and then I didn't Noah Taylor game Noah something he was young human Noah Taylor he's the guy who's the guy with the with the Jamie and and the Conan O'Brien chick like that that's running back girl what is Brienne of Tarth spoiler Don't Wake Me Up Game of Thrones night at my house every weekend on Sunday from my old house 8070 route with protector and a really great story of Chris like the projector out of it outdoors and we will Game of Thrones favorite show comes on Rick James Dave Chappelle Unity out of the house this is my beautiful amazing there's one scene in the last week when day is not one of those 1 week in in the last lets the puppet on no no no it covered up at the girl in the elevator Tila how long was Guy carrying that too tempting with filthy stuff in it just in case there was a chance for a joke what are the bank it's hard to say who's the villain in Game of Thrones it seem like everybody is in this last episode it was like so many flights being fast you just like people rotten 2 the core Seinfeld play now that's popped up with the kid who was helping out with the Tyrion and Bronn like a Podrick the Padre Padre something or whatever okay you take care I will be back in then they charge me for anything to try to explain it to Berry and she said that she wasn't necessarily bigger than normal just third it was it was difficult for them to explain right Game of Thrones characters and it's great you're talking about Thrones people always and yes I really want to go I'm just afraid I'm going to go there's going to be people there and I'm going to hate them because of its typical response from everyone who's going with him do we have to be at work I will be that person I want to Joe that that does not happen the one time I went it was told me that at the beginning but ice cream you got everyone is pretty good I don't have anything I think the biggest thing is like Joe the cat is not an outdoor cat he wanders through every now and then though they're not trained but I didn't notice till I move to downtown Austin the trains go through downtown Austin and still trying guys bye for now there's the trail and the ghost at the bridge right like the train bridge Z Missouri Pacific everywhere everywhere it doesn't start until 10 p.m. every Sunday night and halfway through it that train comes through in Blair's it warm for about a minute straight ordinance that a train can come Thru at 10:30 on a Sunday to go to do that because that means he was crossing a road crossing that does Amber things it comes down to you putting a thing that stop cars from going through and there's a train coming Esther the original members in Europe with Island come out of the ground The Fallout I fucking love those videos online of a cup what was working is really a man off a picture of the person that I asked if they want to come to Game of Thrones I was Gavin and I asked him twice and we were in the middle of a longer conversation of text and we're just talking away and by the way Game of Thrones and if you want to come no response nothing like didn't even acknowledge I have to question then we start talking about something else and I said because I'm getting stuff for the grill tonight so if you're not once again no response Gavins things like doesn't want to be negative in any way so he won't even know he's not breaking up with you for all pretty much any break up all kind of and then I went to and then I went to the Gold Coast city than Melbourne the Gold Coast and it goes on the northern coast is it North or things Coast everything is Coast Coast Coast all the major cities on the East Coast Australia and they're super nice like Ultra polite and everyone was like super grateful that we came all the way at the purse that everyone was really awesome and a lot of Austin really great like there was really great drink whatever you want and super nice and they like their little kids I can find just a Harry and then the public this is one thing I love that all the countries I hate about Austin Public Transportation it is amazing and it's like one of things I wish we had I got wish we had an easy way to get from South Austin flight downtown to go do stuff like I don't do it Light Rail is going to somewhere and I forgot they talking about making it go from the airport to downtown community or annually at the Miller How Could You Noah Mueller to hop in play it will be coming play to the public transportation Light Rail in like the first thing instead of going from downtown to the airport which would of made sense or at of the football stadium for Australian geography Austin city Austin Bolt it down the to pray gold of a concurrent when to use public transportation you won't if we go to your house if we still drive your car we had to write their cars across the street that's the office Apartments Rock in the drive cars from their parking lot you are within the except acceptable radius of people that could not drive to work you're like 2 miles away from where I'm three and a half miles away from work which is right on that one at my house the other day and they were three of them side-by-side in the middle of the street and then Oblivion how many going to go cars South off of the um I'm going to when I did my test this morning so I'm in no Cherry no we're drinking delicious alcohol right now who did the bod pod Plus across country wreck if I was driving from San Francisco all the way to Austin it we were talking about the public transportation system we weren't well you're making the trip we were talking about the interstates were built and I'm sure there were cities that were just off the interstate that were thriving Birds before that but then on the interstate came in at things close to the interstate just took over those little places die cars and if I hear on Route 66 it 1 point from California to Texas he got a couple different ways you can go and one of them is like taking I-10 which Baseline runs all the way from Los Angeles the western coast of the us all the way to Florida you can take that road if you want to ruin the length of that road there was the coast it's terrible when you realize that you've got to Texas and you're halfway done with El Paso's the halfway point between here in our country right in the center of Texas but it really is on the western edge of Life the habitable part of Texas west of Austin is just nothing like 1 El Paso to Arizona the Grand Canyon Albuquerque and if you're going if you're going West on I-10 Austin Texas at Orange which is the first city you hit and it does the Houston 30 miles El Paso 800 something miles and some catching up on my Twitter everyone is waiting for Chris Chris has yet to say if he all the podcast this is really laughed the hardest Noah baker's dozen Ryans Dane Recreation of mr. Mathematica standard deviation Tila me a hundred this thing right and remind everyone that this episode is brought to you by Squarespace the all in one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website blog portfolio and now 1 online store Squarespace it reduces a new conversation the last UFC crazy store and start selling product product Squarespace comedy powerful flexible eCommerce solution to the great to work with every Squarespace templates for sale the physical and digital good stuff fast merchant account setup single in the face 4 order management tracking orders providing customer email update and it's included with the business plan subscription for starts at $24 a month Squarespace to give you and your website the best mobile experience to develop template of mobile responsive design and you gotta move already store with the newcomers solution Squarespace fast easy to use a great template two hundred percent drag-and-drop functionality if you better 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seed the darling of the moment Adventures of things do gold it doesn't seem like it but people always find it let me know always exist like a backbone of the internet so you need a place to do that and you can't really Community or a sense of belonging the most people like when you have your own website it easier to interact directly with people who are consuming your content you good luck, to anyone on the YouTube video the best example of how even the big things of the internet away is Tila Tequila it somewhere right now and she still has 2 million Myspace friends Harry of it fucking deal you got a Things Remembered Dane Cook Castle million Myspace friends made a video for it and I letter all remember her leaving like you know what's the name of Ashton Kutcher it when he the million followers on Twitter but all my God he didn't million followers I who is number 1 on Twitter right now it isn't Kutcher in a bucket just it 4 point 5 million subscribers Beverly and we hit 4 million like at 8:20 5 days ago so yeah things kind of escalated to hit now it's like exponential growth right it's like we're approaching a million four hundred thousand was telling me that he recently Ricky Gervais on The Daily Show and he'd shown up to promote YouTube channel Jack pulled up his YouTube channel we're looking at it and we're watching million hundred and five thousand on The Daily Show do the people have to watch something they'd like to pick up their laptop or the computer and be like what was that thing again Jason Potter stuff there which is that if you're watching a video and he said he hits subscribers endemic YouTube viewers were watching it every time of Daily Show to go to YouTube as someone who would watch The Daily Show with it because we go to YouTube I never I don't even know like if I have an account on YouTube I don't think I have an account we talked about this on the podcast we talked about that you never have to floats Jason on TV implied you do this to me to do that guy Gus the Nerdist podcast when we get there on Chris podcast but there's some audio issues with it and just heard what they were they're pretty goddamn ridiculous audio issues so that was unusual Chris Hardwick was in town last Friday for the Moontower Comedy Festival do do do do Esther Chris Hardwick guys for me and Joel Heyman in letter to study but I don't want to sign in American tribute Ellen discussions about YouTube in general and friends we've all noticed on YouTube podcast be out on Friday he was talking about him same problem we have which is you can explain it but then it just gets you know we didn't have to do it we couldn't put it out and if someone Twitter when you say that they just come back again like where's the podcast over famous women that like when I was in Australia I was there for 2 weeks I have people here now so we can meet like hey you're coming Australia would let me know when you two 9 like I actually had a really really really awesome time when all this city we ended up like this Noah saying hey going to be at this bar next time in like 30 people showed up for it was really really cool amazing the internet is for communication it also is amazing at showing you it helped or it is a communication two people can communicate with you all the time is well and working movies on the 3D printer I actually had not thought about that actually screw together 3D logo so that we actually got this cool gaemz Canyon Lake Bowl logo on the front and so I actually made a similar version where we can pull off a win for that one and then this little box I have you heard guy Gavins face when you're showing that things Burnie it being the genius that he is and he took the motor out of an Xbox 360 controller and put it to the switch on the circuit board and its battery and you can turn it on so that every 90 seconds it vibrates like that like the motor is going off and then hit it and Gavin Gavin the monitor of Gavins Berry it inside of and covered it up with the monitor Gavin I've never seen Gavin mortal off like a good we have a video of it if it's not ready to be shown yet but will have a video on guy Jeff Ledbetter Myspace and dollars that you can get 10,000 game of when everything was your score in in 7 days and he fucking destroyed it and got it in three and a half this was a strategy that I used I bought these things annoyatron and it has like random intervals it will play like and then I was like they were behind the fridge what are going faster and Gavin at some point I would like all of you guys and like that I was filming an obviously Gavin like you spotted my laptop killing me it is so he like guys leave the room guys face right my laptop me angry grandmas and then yeah it was pretty great Amber he would no longer have a desk you would have time to do that because I was too much fun watching her to leave the room actually get them and how old is probably what about 3 vibrations take your phone right now I was very spy with my little eye do the others know who this is Ellen Ellen attention to it what was that for having to find a hammer so this is awesome it actually might be one of the annoyatron we work I think it might be one of things we had like what you tweeted to do the vibration at the church it looks kind of like a person you're not quiet crazy Prince at the Box on the 3D printer Collins and stuff got a little compartments world everything and I know that's cool we don't need to show it or anything like that guy 00 qualities podcast we've been running that printer we had some initial trouble learning how to use it but I want to throw everything out we've been pretty tough so you can absolutely have to worry about fit School eventually I started at Rite Aid 30 seconds before it started as a dude I have a sandwich I wouldn't be like that sandwich I'm going for and I to live longer the sandwich even if you eat you anyway when people go really long time without eating Chris American their stomach shrinks up whenever they eat their stomach can't handle Route 70 all you can eat too much at once I think you could have hope and survive 5 on Hope 287 Unity off you just tell everyone to Hope the guy show do the sandwich in your life how much money do they give another 30 seconds 3D Jason Gavin letter for starving to death just don't do it said to tell you something doctor for a z what it is that you run out of the basic nutrients are on yourself but you like your heart would be there wouldn't do it yourself Babyface lyrics die of starvation 30 seconds from Death when your in a plane and someone pushes you off the plane I think it'll cause you started it hydration two dangerous kid throws off the chemical equilibrium that you have between yourselves so I can't transfer what you need to transfer Pacific rolling through the desert Swimming Pool prices trap Nation try to keep you alive for an extra minute dehydration die do hate hypothetical situations with someone that's a whole other deal that's good what is it what is starvation can you keep it at Bay with Chris hope there's enough according to the romantic comedy movie trailers hope can keep you alive hope Jack and I were talking about it before the podcast but here we are once again potentially with spoiler stuff it's a big pain in the ass to talk about Oblivion the Joseph Kaminsky move the other Tron the new Tron movie Hits 1 computer to be honest with you of the Daft Punk Daft Punk album coming out we were talking about that day second Tron movie I thought everybody had no impact on the Move kid it was when you were younger and you were movies different Gavin kid growing up playing that song Let me put it this is the time that we live in 20 years from now if you had this you gold what is this this is amazing this is revolutionary but I guess that's one color and it's not even got a button and it existed move water Tron Payne they didn't know what they were making like a pretty standard it right Tron is Wreck It Ralph for the movie it's basically the same premises Wreck It Ralph what's the world inside a video game but it was a super computer and everything is like much about programming and accessible to the average person gaemz off now you can it would you friends Ashley gaemz you like crap fit the it well I mean Tron it is a city move now I just I'm just upset that he's not acknowledging RT Joe Dirt even think it was good to hear buzzer Berry guy that she was with crap and I was interested in a good time to start liking gaemz I want to mention that this podcast we have our first beer sponsor ever New Year's two decades we have a sponsor this week is third shift all I can all that I can see where all the third shift was crafted by Brewers at Miller State on their own Time Craft Brewers two wanted to make beer on their own and won several Awards so Miller picked it up and now it's available for people to buy so it's so it's a great beer and I have been drinking it before we got the sponsorship and I'm happy that I liked approached us and wants us to endorse their product so thank you to everyone at third shift for believing in us and for making the Fantastic Four and then today we recently showed up today I love you so when you walked in there there's like 12 Chris of it was amazing guy walked in with how many 24 packs guy that was ever put on the meeting I've had some alcohol and I brought it over here so yeah we were officially gotten 1 free game and the hell 1 vs podcast be sponsored by the most important thing all the logos Berry Bioshock II like it looks like it will come out of something classic game Pringle what are the official names for the day 5 script was originally third shift because it's about everyone dying when they fall asleep as though people who work the third shift someone didn't know what it was but third shift men don't remember who it was and I had to explain to them that if you work midnight to 8 a.m. probably translate manual transmission car for sure you don't let anyone point Chicago Esther I'm going to put it into first gear okay you're in first it was your typical you okay did you already start hitting the guys okay what's your left foot doing nothing right now okay so you're entertaining up shift phone number third shift if anyone ever hit the gas and clean off the clutch and being that good and then you go to third gear you're approaching a stop sign how do you slow down new brake the right your car is turned off the title or something or something whenever you stop Third Eye YouTube in a really long time through the last one house last night and 3D printer video Chris Caribbean when he got the point where everyone knew that we were making so people like day or may not have research something that I knew I was going to be gone for a little bit but I can honestly say that out of all the years I worked in Russia Harry made me laugh the hardest who is a big debate whether to put that in there when I asked her about the time machine in Back to the Future and I said what it was a 500% Camaro and then we go 6 miles an hour Coast the time and I said which direction and she says no and I got 2 seconds of like 20 and then I was like 20 minutes couldn't I was just random it right I would never lie I would love to see that route but it's the whole damn thing is about an hour Ellen pod two pin you down and a question-and-answer thing like that what would be your eeyores cop Pokemon I wouldn't God damn thing about Pokemon play the in my journal which came from I used to make people take something that everyone has something in your life that everyone else around them knows backwards and forwards like Pokemon or for me to know what kind of Harry Potter know shit about Harry Potter Gervais it that you think you could you like okay I know what this is about and so what you do is the game of the journal was never seen before but you know everyone else says about and explain it in his most excruciating detail as you can see everything you know about him and you go back into the Pokemon in my girl and you'll find it's me like saying like the Pokemon in the Pokemon spy Pokemon and then they turn into other Pokemons it let me translate evolving and stuff like that and he was like laughing and then them trying to explain stuff the voice I try to explain it as excruciating detail as you possibly can Tinker what is your everything is your thing isn't it probably not what would have to be yeah he do it and it was like you it would be fine with science writing Brandon new Brandon you enough for last night I just didn't know where things really guy that was the hard part it has to be stuff that the audience knows the answer to for the person being interview with American history even though American history stuff that YouTube somebody who used to work here and red vs blue to do anything but then we thought you and dealing with all the people who work here have everyone's last name birthday when I was done and getting a glass of water at the fridge and I was 30th I never look at the fridge for some reason I looked at it today and it was like a burden on it it was like welcome to the world from so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so makeover what is the parents I don't know I was too embarrassed to go and ask him tell him to podcast instead I know right that's always the way to do it tomorrow so I'm going to come up to be really pissed off at me like it's my kid pregnant if someone is 1 in March Metro Esther I should never all and now I'm doing this while you're inside all the time two weeks directions to time-travel component route when did you lose guy blew out on a Sunday and arrive on a Tuesday no Monday never happen again you it does not exist Monday on the calendar that you did not go head Atari human at we came up in a tree that was just on now channel Max dog what the hell Duck and Cover like we're idiots Soldier hits like sandwich on Monday the 18th and no response on Monday and then you leave on a Tuesday pictures of do you get on the plane December 24th Christmas Eve you'll and December 26th when do you celebrate Christmas nucleus it's just it's just it if you try to take something into my printer print reference if they don't appear nothing like that happens you need anything. The entire day Metro it up in there day is on a Monday you leave on a Sunday and you arrive on a Tuesday your birthday it doesn't exist 42 World Way for this night I really fucked up story that we're going to have to the flights from Oklahoma City to Dallas that was my way back right now I spent all my time Australia coming back from Sydney to Austin Texas via Dallas right it was one of the longest flights on the planet by the way so that's a 15-hour flights Sydney to Dallas so it's one of the longest life could not possibly take a longer shelf life than that I don't think it's one of the longest in the world looking for this flights and I like a lot of people sleeping in the cabin and they get on the intercom and they're like you if there are any medical practitioners when you please let us know off passengers having an issue like I can do that okay sorry I can only know because I'm not off again until I wake up little bit later I'm going back to the point like the back cabin of the plane is cat at 7:47 and I look behind me closer the restrooms are a lot of the flight attendants in of people are kind of surrounding areas important people like that's going on but no one really knew was probably not a good thing and meanwhile we have something really important to actually get back on the plane and then like fire pull up next with a goddamn all right this is I don't know what's going on but how long into the flight did the it cost for a medical practitioner Route 7 hours over 2 hours away from LA or 4 hours anyways on the ground I woke up and was still on there for like 3 hours this point there's always really tired yes I wash 5 movies in a row and we landed that's why I got tired 4 hours and we finally took off with the Dallas play Two Towers in my seed for 20 hours I gotta 1 point to go use the restroom when I when I was in my seed for 20 hours it will be comedy said they're not allowed to have a flights over 20 hours otherwise I feel like change that everyone is working on the plane or something so weird things like 56 minutes it was close anyway and I actually turned on the play music man it like all those wild right now that I don't know what happened back there what happens if you had a heart attack and died on my play and we were playing with a dead guys like 3 or 4 hours so I'm going to show him a sandwich what are you for the coroner to come on the plane actually take the dead body off the plane that's messed up what is it what is the coroner do Esther they're trained to handle that but the most specialized delivery man in the world it is like the worst doctor in the world look like double check of California medical professional coroner I'm a dentist Airline we have a Kadabra compartment 8380 they have a compartment for cadavers Airline Z longest route in the world when someone dies on the plane they put them in the cadaver closet lets on United transporting a dead body to put them Odyssey cars all I can off it or some shit like in LA hope vs jirobo in a little pissed off and I'll see you in Atlanta Metro Trip of a lifetime going to Australia are going to American do not it is to breathe yes would you rather die on a plane as it's taking off hard for third party or die at this crashing an hour later Mormon question which would you prefer I'll probably like probably the taking off work let me know whether or not I like no matter when I die the plane is going to crash then crash in and out would you rather go down with us beforehand because people like you worry about it Walking Dead things die before their Noah die in the crash an hour later Atari Pirates and we should Chris even if you don't go down with it in there okay when is the Giants what does Twitter look for Atlanta Georgia I mean that is day I still hated awful situation being in the air over the middle of Pacific Ocean it had a heart attack 12 hours earlier or later he probably would have survived he just sit in an office environment things like if anyone like there's nothing like that happened research for another script I'm working on it was important then I'm going to try to hear it I wanted to say I got it done. I want to know how many people die every day it was either I think it's I think it's 85,000 people die every day and like 86000 people are born or something like that I looked at it this was about a year ago I was doing research for a script and I'll try to figure out how many people die every day point World Wide with population growth where we're reaching an equilibrium at that point like to talk about where the numbers are so to spare and we're not growing exponentially anymore but rather the beginning to leveling a hundred years away from disappearing what's the two people that they would make a baby population two point two children there's only one cat is having children above the stand bowl drink in Spanish demographics hey it's not it's not much on average is flights to point you in the guys like to point to 3 or something like that but it's only doing it how many dogs do you have YouTube Point 1 would you get rid of it oh my God Amazon for Jack told him we were just talking about something that made me think of it as well but I discovered that this is something we have Lord it over you 4 years guess what I just discovered that Ashley also went to Matt Kemp what kind of the green screen setup Twitter wreck do I get on Mike 6 grade that's like that's like number to do number 3 discrete mathematics atomic theory college graduate levels graduate from college I didn't like number things I didn't like about college I didn't like being forced to take classes I wasn't interested in I didn't like the structure that people were telling me how to learn things as opposed to actually reading them on my own I think those are like the two big driving factors and the third all this money and I hate other to things to start learning on my own and I want to learn formulas it sounds like typing 1 number like everything changes so hot it's so hot it's so da united explorer friends on the podcast but the financial meltdown happen globally in 2008 it works right government spending government spending we should be there early so they're austerity Chris Rock what did totally the basement or argument tomorrow and this just came out like 2 weeks ago really when to austerity basically is in almost football revolution Point HBO they have really good and the last episode I saw they had a segment on the financial troubles and the uprising going on in Spain and Greece it's a really good show you should watch it when you can I can make the argument that the government should spend their way out but he will get flustered and continue to try to explain why austerity the right way to go Joe is one of many economists that I'd like to buy gold all that stuff and it's like you can't go too far below the surface because they don't really have any answers to get out of all that money you're my favorite the only time you're happy is when the asteroid is broken the atmosphere it is about to hit the planet to go see I told you that hits and kills when everyone within 20 feet of Joe with an iPad take it away at the last moment why is gold as an item Library black move stuff on the internet Dumb comments a for sale Burnie we need gold for Noah to build sales for like it's very important Space Program Space Program government collapse World falls apart Noah power you don't need to build semiconductors you don't need gold to run electricity on intrinsic value to Gold Leaf a day did we say this is valuable that's something to make for paper money gold Ben around for all like thousands of years and it's always had value of paper money is a relatively Gold Gym and run longer bolt and their hair but you said things rather than gold gold better than Platinum million the recent run-up gold is worth more platinum or rail I can try to correct it Guy movies movies City Oregon show me the most obvious thing like that is fashion like I can look at something that's a fashion trend right now though I know that City I know that's bad in the eighties was like that across-the-board everything in the eighties when she knew it was not going to last like the rapper round sunglasses day guy can I stop my parachute pants and like checkered shirt and crazy argument when I was a kid growing up in the eighties I love that kind of stuff and that's what we were talking earlier the video game in the eighties I go through I'm sure my parents would listen to 80s music Lance the 90s UK our version of the seventies is that your version of 17 all come together like in the 2001 internet hillls cop just amazing but I'm just lets you save Beverly hillls cop drunk Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy it was like watching that movie it was actually series the for audience in particular about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy day it doesn't seem to me to be that interesting of a Twist in the year 2012 was when it came out that was not the in a Twist to justify a major moment major motion picture but there was nothing in the backdrop that was something like if you're watching a movie from the twenties and somebody clear your when somebody doesn't go to church when you're watching the moment guy do I do I feel like it was a major turning point in movie did you hear about the basketball player came out today Collins Josh Collins and I don't know play for the Wizards right now first person to come out that one major sports team it like any of the four majors in NHL when an employee still put numbers and stuff that's all individual 2013 Regal 24 park my car here so many people dead with the public event for gay rights essentially RT meaning behind public opinion Ellen came out she was like the first major entertainment star to come out as gay do they cover of magazine it was like we've been through Liberace and everything Liberace when he was alive I know two people who claimed he was homosexual 1 libel suits against a person that you really was what she was like she should have to give that money back for libel suits and then he admits that he thinks the postal service is suing him for sponsorship money for the trip Esther responsible government agency it's like it's like an agency of the government pays for but it's not a government agency and private-sector company that the government supports what is the example of private sector and government wreck of the million dollar day just by being everybody else's mailbox was that me or we can talk about Neil floch Beverly Hills fit now Ben you were 1 the mail doesn't come to your house it comes like a mail center almost you apartment complex but his mailbox is and everyone goes to their lost mailbox and get that some people just put it through your door like everyone else you can do that here All Gold Everything Esther hits Russia Noah to save it are you I'm talking about you just your whole conversation you guys still head guys what do you shave down down there so how far is your Forest extended all around the country for the bowl just a very controlled area are there like protesters you're going to support me did you say you're from front you go all the way around the back Beverly Noah exits the corner of my eye 3D card every podcast flights YouTube in the the big red button to hit things the other day I guess at some point last week I scheduled a call with some company and they wanted to the scoular company history was and where is Quinn from the entire conversation with this dude without knowing who he was or what company was with Alexis who these people are and the more I think about this the more time as possible I spoke to you on the phone personal email from a crappy when I drink everyone that this podcast is also brought to you by ProFlowers.com when Mother's Day coming up we know that we've all done stuff that are mothers oops that was for still to this day so it is the time to make it up for her and ProFlowers and helping to make that easy if you go to proflowers.com click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and use the offer code teeth teeth you can get a dozen rainbow roses for 1999 or you can go or you can double the roses and get chocolate plus the premium pink Vice for just 2998 that's 50% off just use offer code Keith when you order to go to proflowers.com cook on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and use offer code teeth it's a really good deal believe me I've been using ProFlowers years and Chris day is May 12th Mother's Day anything when when when we first approached by you for doing a ProFlowers Potter shift I thought that doesn't make any sense like why would we do this and it's Mother's Day is coming up a lot of your viewers need to buy flowers for their mothers like things to them my brother was an asshole I didn't mean on my phone Brave all need to work on it for a week and it like the night before it was due at like 10 p.m. I be like oh yeah I got some stuff like a long-term project I did made that you made a nucleus new Miracle Adam I had to come by Adam when chlorine it was a good to make a model of it no I need a fucking Adam guy no way no way no way possible at the pumpkin carving contest at school Joe Haden when I was a kid I hated those long-term project I would never do I don't know what it was it was like when I would get the project it was like the due date is forever in the future and then as we get closer it would be like I don't want to do this I mean the night before it was like to do it and it was like 4 weeks of work and everything like that English class I don't think I read the book School a mortal day for delivery April 30th things you can use for anybody I don't make any sense but yeah but the 2 guys that on my house before me two live together and I think the oldest along together and we're going to the hot tub Warner remote control yes everything all accessories are fantastic and appreciate it more of these they have a bunch of bushes in the front yard and it's wrong but I just found out I didn't know this was at the house in the winter spring rolls around all the bushes the Brickyard roses and they started spring at school so I'll be on the front yard with Joe the cat and people walking by and it like I love your roses the Caribbean 5 Medicaid family front row do people I don't know you're the stranger how do I get Chris Gervais you think about walking up somebody's Dane at Chris your baby everybody would punch you what everybody do hope Street do with children and yelling I Chris your babe what was the first we are walking up to Cherry and Myles okay and I saw a pregnant lady and her husband was like I don't know I thought it would be appropriate thing to say to them and if they were there kid was like kid they always up to me at the parking lot of them always wonder if that it Beverly punchable punchable face to do it tuition did you go to eeyores birthday why the fuck did you do college Island Campus and so we would just like you know drink and then Wander over and walk around and watch people but it's crazy the people come Saturday I was driving up there and I was like what the fuck is going on with the traffic and then I saw a bunch of hippies walking down the street I was like eeyores birthday eeyores victory Austin allergy sinus hold the celebration Chris birthday cuz his dad so they hold a celebration Lake Tahoe but I mean it's like entertaining people doing yoga upside down holding other people while doing the RT in vs of clothing is she was on an episode of immersion her name is Katie right now I don't know who she was yes she does all the acrobatic stuff like what's your name Metro in the morning to order flowers for tomorrow and I'm trying to get when you cook when you put the code in the first two in the upper left Punch The Fast and fit when you punch you know you're going to get here Joe in high school at 4 and we're out hanging out I had to go at my house first head coach hope you ok and then he took it and then you wipe it on me oh my God all right jack on the go LifeProof on me play split off now his his argument was the it was worse but I was like but it was in retaliation who is way worse human no no no Ryans your lack of attention so you're saying you would rather eat a pile of shit from a goat I'm pretty sure that fit from someone a human being Gavins route YouTube level so stupid like when you kiss a girl you know your lips touching yours treating Smith Haven common animal when you make it out with a couple no it was a couple of it or should we don't like warm spit flights things that Beverly hot like of like warm shift isn't as bad Jewish months wreck images Canyon can you get an STD from a horse pooping on you once again for Mother's Day flowers Contra podcast always like do a science project and I guess I know you hate me but I've been enjoying our sponsor little bit too much I'm going a little boy's room what is summer hope Metro trouble 4 I don't know I got in trouble that much of the do Warner I mean never let go and and she never found out about that you didn't even need to show proof of residency it would literally go to walk from the US to the Mexico side and paid 25 to be in Mexico you get drunk as shit then you double back early no drinking no drink it or drink it come back the $0.25 in at the border on the US side American when and didn't have any all I know everyone in that town has a Mexican flag letter it's like 98.5% Hispanic when was that when you were when I graduate I left there and it 6 fit in the for the passport rule 2001 in high school we were going to for spring break and we went across from South Padre Island is right by Brownsville Texas which is right across from Matamoros Mexico so we always go across the border and you need $0.25 to come back and forth across the border and remembered where is it a problem I have to talk to a little bit of the store I was working at a day Z Lets Play The Lazy lets when we tried to do last week Ashley to the beach right all fucking day on which I have been filming do you world God damn angry to do it right now just part of it Vice things set up over here so we can do well I got a couple gaemz in mind ready to go this week or something we're going to be out of town but when you come back will you be able at 3:16 why to be a couple of weeks of a different views play Justin happen it's only the RT Minecraft Let's Plays are both over million so for 2008 Gold Coast I got to connect to Xbox Live and join Joe and achievement City so I can go to fly round achievement City while I was giving you a couple girl she was like so she got up on stage she was controlling everything so she was younger bubble gun it is but anyway it was a really good time does Taylor crazy fans are really really play some of the video Someone put on read it I was amazed at how well people know that virtual space that they've never set foot people when you can seed people would like to surprise it is that game in that room even like them geography better than I did the whole damn time so we can actually make achievement City and someone actually made you can recreate it because he was a seed that was made with an earlier version of Minecraft Ashley pull out all the new updated recently back to the previous version and the cheapest city seed it with the original 1.0 release on Minecraft or was it like a tinker mental when I think it was found the seed does the Suits been out there for like your stuff if you want to let me watch the video that we had that seed number and there's one figured it out or someone that would be uploaded to the lets play there's a PC Recreation of achievement City also under Ricky.com forums the weirdest thing ever that people have remade achievement City in the different things we've done in achievement City on other platforms unless it's really strange it is a good feeling when you see other people walking around and make it seem like a miniature achievement City thing you can do is actually if you have a PC version of you can print out a city from Minecraft story about the people who recreate it Blow for blow up day because a lot of the time like the all right now through and through all of this hopefully you'll be able to show it off at RTX is well two people getting to do something we can I get a 2 or 3 achievement City thought it was actually a giant statue of myself which I didn't know existed and the boys made a life size model of my character the word after it fit seed lava cake lava cake cake cake cool do we have a couple of new exhibitor signed up I want to make it here gamewisp who are guys that we met at PAX East Burnie the guys doing the Tinker Myspace the cross supercloud basically third save games across all different gaemz proprio the PC pod comedy pretty cool iron gaming keyboard with blue and you didn't get to see this if it's a really cool people like a call back to the old mechanical IBM keyboard really satisfying click I got her upstairs to plug in my laptop it got close to that but not like that Kutcher cook 2 it old school style but has a really cool tactile keyboard so I can type faster when a keyboard like that drink are coming back to do some more stuff to do multiple 2 when Brandon came and we told them like at the place that really needs 6 people we can have 7:30 tequila at the door for anybody to replace the world championship it was good of him to realize his shortcomings and in the end I will donate $10,000 to charity and like 200 people donated like cherry and stuff and I like Ricky Gervais but I would probably Twitter and you are you doing the charity that was the $10,000 that would have bought the standard show to cure cancer how quickly does egg go away the other possibly every time you take a breath you have a molecule of air in my breast from every other breath that's ever been taken that's how fast get air and gas but I didn't believe but if you think of right now it has air in it from Napoleon's Last Breath who what was your in the middle of the Pacific Ocean there's a molecule of air that a dinosaur to compress help if you believe in dinosaur and you can be like drink in the Hitler or Stalin and Hitler leveling my brother told me one time he came into the room and I said those things because you can smell that I guy that was in my butt vs Brothers it is metaphysical molecule that is a company in the 97 trying to make a USB attachment the computers that was called the ice to melt a little bit and I don't remember to construct every smell you only need like 40 building blocks and then they have these cartridges you put in it and a problem in printer but we have a 3D printer when you have that bottle of Diet Mountain Dew or something yeah there's a company called Demeter or Demeter but it's Demeter and it is called the Demeter scent library and you can buy cologne that smells like dirt and grass all alone every time you smell something you actually talking in a mortal could you collect all of them new emojis coming out when is guys have to touch the info come from something invented in the at recumbent when is Rock Gavins world size of particles like one of those big mine socks was that a particle of dust is halfway between the followers bigger or smaller things like in fingers route that changes the way your tongue you didn't take them Aroma generator Harry on that MLB Most Metro Center it isn't very intelligent employed to fabricate a contact call Ali almost the definition you send someone an email and it smells like a fart or something emails and see what else smells it makes her to wrap up here soon when I like to do the girl has no sense of smell no to this you probably Punk all the time she could never smell no that's fine guy all the time he said next week though so thanks