#217 - RT Podcast

RT looks at their assholes.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-217

Recorded: 2013-05-07 22:46:39

Runtime: 01:41:47 (6107.38 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

did you give your mom a hard time growing up something you can laugh at now but I be grounded at the time now is the time to make it up to her ProFlowers has one doesn't rainbow roses Burly 1999 Ford of the roses and chocolates plus a premium paint base for just 2998 that's 50% off just use offer code teeth when you ordered go to ProFlowers not click on the microphone at the top right corner and type teeth teeth list podcast audible.com the internet provider of audio books 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction a periodical for free on your back of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth 4217 broadcasting from Austin Texas who you on Gavin iron Jack 20 foot The Door Creek open I don't guess I'm good I'm good hanging in there credit II ready to get this podcast a lot of talk about what was coming up your hands Moon the meeting today and I will work on some stuff and then I just promised myself anymore Unity of and banging their hands together like cavemen prompted 2 clap I hate when your at Legacy Place appropriate I don't want to be forced to clap II appreciate your for something I don't necessarily appreciate what it was like okay your back after II Applause like I have to keep my to talk to me sometimes just because I think that's more insulting it's like I guess that's star unless you're really happy about this is Lawrence I'm so excited a lot of stuff going on we're at the point we're going to start doing press releases for some of our bigger things that are going on cool which we have several pretty pretty big thing Barbara not talking about like our rooms I don't know if we not like we have more space than last year and it's very very convenient we ran into some issues last year drink only have room for a lot more road closing and I like to double the amount of content that we had from last year to go with our double attendance writing the forward in the program is her responsibility since I did I'm having with you in person in conversation the two of you have about like not wanting to do it I just post that notification list Reacher whats ad please read this guys we're at it Mass 2 months from this past weekend I didn't even 2 months from now we'll be in article be unconscious I feel like we've learned a lot from last year prepared for this year I'm hoping it will not be as I hoping to be able to sleep and I won't be a store so last year you did a crap list of how much of that stuff have delegated to other people not much really helps a lot of stuff but I'm still doing a lot of it the club for people helping but they're doing things that I didn't really take care of lost time so I me last year we had to help out what she's doing that again Alan on helping out with business development Chris Martin helping him with that martinizer week for public intoxication not do anything illegal Australia cast the alcohol in the manual for PAX and you can drink alcohol America man totally different scale down their drink in there but you can't like there's like Zero Tolerance on drinking and driving there any Lazar that's not something only hear it it kind of acceptable right we have an authentic Australian approaching Star of India Australia New Zealand take off that green shirt so you didn't Australia New Zealand now we have a new store doing shipping down from that region so you don't have to wait for our stuff together week and weekend Arya who is blocking the way what is the policy on drinking and driving in Australia is there like a zero-tolerance thing you can drive from 16 at find out if your Penna and then you're off on the road by yourselves and Australia you can actually drive by yourself until you're Seventeen or eighteen I think I changed it to 7:10 and even then you can't have any alcohol in your system until you're about 2021 so until you get your full license you can have any a call nothing is like 1.50 teller 0.0 0.0 0.0 8015 s bass week anything the people are trying to point out to a brand at the real complaining that the podcast is buffering want to make sure that nobody's downloading or uploading anything in the control room I don't think they are but it might be a separate issue not related to the internet anyway Whats that's cool so of course we're in town for a little while so we thought we'd bring her Australia today store down there should really help people ordering from that area gets a lot of money to actually change the store if they're on the website I think it's like my store and the proper check it out right now we were killing our internet here looking a little is enough you can to the store right there Z International store in wants it like there's some things that are available from the Australian store and yet and if you still want to get them you can go and pick it up from the international store which is the the United States store a wonderful resolution so crazy on this laptop because of the monitor so far away Twitter of going on so we're all so blind whats 20 feet away from me now I don't think I have 20/20 vision find me have glasses so I feel like it's only a matter of time if you have any issues with any of your buddies fit perfect everything that I have in life 2 Broke on my stomach kind of broken you can 3 z a stomach pregnancy stomach is the weirdest thing ever do you like a flat chest flat like flat ads into the stomach it's crazy but anyway love you Gus Gus Garcia probably food OK run a total of 2 I got I didn't buy anything I just want with you when you go on a run a few more times I love shopping with you sometime probably vs literally walk down the aisle and grab the first piece of the first shoes that were like that to my shoulder height not look good New Trier Monaco perfect night to run outside like you run outside not the first time I was in high school and I could do a problem with the first one and I started running and I realize that I have boobs bouncing up and down CEO new with super humiliating and I couldn't even run a quarter-mile before to stop cuz I was out of breath I think Mo running or doing shirt physical sport is food just The Color Run in the sex with me teller and their mom into Canada with a horse that just like sex those suckers end so that they don't move at all so ever going to gym kind of looks like a dude because her boobies are always right against your chest there such thing as reincarnation a comeback Sports Bar home who really enjoy him II like smiling again whats that was humiliating I've been out to run a couple times I found a route around my neighborhood that's about 2 miles away so I typically do that license to run while listening to Burly brawl from The Matrix soundtrack was the song they played when Will Smith forever and that's what makes you run license whats me I didn't because I didn't find funny give me the power song Gus that you wasn't put on random whatever have a good night I'm not a big musical person like I don't know I don't bonfire that one song from Breaking Bad like that song it just makes me want to punch things and run things like you want to smash stuff in slow motion and then and then run you know night want to be like to hear the song I'm Listening to so it kind of went over probably doing the same thing at the gym right now day I need to the gym where I the treadmill and I was I'll take on my glasses guys can a big focus on one spot and it's kind of like kind of zoned out and forget about things with music and every now and then I realize like someone walked into my field of view but I'm just like you staring through them and I've been told I'm staring right a person like you don't come over here and head me you know it's awkward do you think it's like confrontation like if you were in the gym and you happen to see someone on the trick if the roles were reversed and that was you getting stared at by someone would you think it was weird it would you understand I probably like $2,500 you probably have pictures of them on the Internet cool things the really heavy and they still move around here gym but you can buy the cheaper ones that are you know like kind of sloppy another box just by the 3 find the $300 winning lottery 800 should I can find a channel into a to be a piece of fabric on a roll whats the problem is it for a good one like if you're running like if your ad if you're a bigger guy like me and I like you putting weight down on one foot there there treadmills of their cheaper treadmill of your foot will actually push down and stop the treadmill from spinning and so like he was like stop it and then like it on your treadmill stuff that I can be I haven't seen one before so you get the good ones are really expensive so anyone on Twitter is that knows how much treadmill cost but we can look it up on my phone I'm sure we can look on Amazon or something pedals that move but it's like you're standing up but you will come up steps I found one for $180 online and I got it and made it and didn't leave it in my apartment do you think that the majority of like home gym equipment goes on music with the percentage like 75% of Home purchases probably going to be coming not only is a treadmill of this deal but he didn't stand in front the TV and play a game or something to me I want to sit down and relax and forget about what you're doing I'm just going to forget about your legs to go out and do anything tomorrow week workout drunk another thing with you people get lighter when they get really energetic when I get drunk I get drunk if you get drunk and it feels like you're running so much fun I'm pretty drunk and I walking is so boring it take so long to come out and I'll be home in 2 minutes so I was pretty cold in the winter new walking past you really slow drink tumbler bad girl you're a little more nicely dressed or and heels or something so you don't really run all the time or me like that and go to the gym after people someone I take the badger once when I was running home new Tron Companion Animal steps on a baby hedgehog I guess I like my foot when on it and it's lit up and shit and I was like Gus and us a heads up that I was like there's a baby bird a baby bird that someone wanted to pay you to let you know New Life hopefully you already have your mergency Trek encountered a dead baby bird ever filmed Peppa Pig smell pretty bad yesterday ice cream afterwards and I was like I threw up 4 times right every single time I threw up with a different like I was just watching a movie ice cream is cold food truck ice cream into the color and stuff and then you want Ray to go appetizer after that Gavin back to my bed and I thought I cleaned everything up and watch the movie threw up in my mouth and then Shane Victorino nickels in there to clean up again was watching the movie The More I realize that my entire like head was producing mucus like crazy doesn't like trip back to my trip whats week on Shaw 551 sounds like Psy a mouth 2 News link or just full of sweet back up and I saw this it was so disgusting 20 minutes lost at that point so are you drunk and vomiting or if you had your spoiler if you was over capacity for the food it was good to have that sensation like really so precious so quickly gross man what time you going to Gus the last time I vomited was about a month ago maybe a month and a half ago I got the stick who is like one night after a podcast like we finished podcast I went home went to bed like at 4 in the morning I woke up super home a bathroom it was one of the most put in there I and we Road Albany and everything it really hard fight guys blood vessels in both eyes at the same time he didn't think it was something and it was but he swallowed it and was checking I was like yeah it was cool and he was like choking and breaking to run black and white haha very funny and then I was like guys I think he's actually took his only I must have been 10 or 9 something like that and then he just vomited all over the floor and I was trying to look up there at the top of the pile of on it was great that's a woman and a man in the guys choking and actually chokes while he's doing it at 7:15 II really funny stuff play not funny bug Church Cool Hand be of the panic of license station of like this could be like that's terrifying only once in my life I went swimming one time I got turned upside down in a pool and I couldn't figure out which way was up and was one with things like I for a split second and then I've managed be back to the surface and I wish I was I was a kid of the times I was kind of like a big wave and then you around then the water is Crystal Clear you just keep going down 2013 Pottery Gears of your going down so doesn't happen to me once I was out again it was pretty deep I was swimming and I was I had a snorkel on and I was looking at some really cool looking fish down there swimming down to them and the pressure down to the bottom gets compressed water bottle Episode II Austin you had in there oxygen you had a nice to go down and compress it but then you not sure how it works actor announcer that game is so funny who is the big word Gavin and Ray were fighting and Ray just kept knocking Gavin at least I still like so far behind I need a play Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC silver play BattleBlock Theater Bioshock Bioshock play Tomb Raider right now I gotta play Gears of War judgement and then fucking Monaco comes out on xbla this Friday so I'm just really cool I was going to come on April 24th Tuesday how to fix like a regular person Nutt cool up support and have them not hang up on me so you call support they told me to visit the website and put it in my account from a UK account to the US one because I can't use a UK and Us credit card on it it was UK address and stuff so I'm like great it's not it says I'm in the US but none of my credit card doesn't work on anything cool Andy steps and the page come up on the screen where it says I can on this account breaking and she said yes so I was just making new account thanks for calling I'm just really don't want you want to feel like a normal person but you kind gets to the top but no one to eat at Xbox support not 2000 Lincoln fit sex so May 21st II don't think I would remind everyone that this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature ad featuring audio versions of many York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you at Esther service what other book to consider is a Clash of Kings for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth that's audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth so I'm almost done with Game of Thrones book 1 and Bot star Clash of getting out of my first time driving to and from work for into the how far into the book is the show so it's actually season 1 is book 1 season II is Book 2 Season 3 starts diverging I really didn't cooperate things from kind of yeah I heard recently a character is a lie when they should be dead by this point in the show is like I haven't gotten far enough to know I'm still behind the books from the TV show me something people freakin out waiting for like something about it lost I just killed it with such a fucking dick MO most recent episode of may be 2 episodes ago without spoiler anyway but anyway fight between two people I think that was what they were talking about or anyone I finally caught up now so you have not watched the past seasons floor that you didn't know who Robert Baratheon was your life like that was who you new one around anymore and wait until I on set like I didn't know a certain person is going to die if you wanted to or not yeah that's what happened I'm just like you shouldn't have because he should be and he dies and everything very just like I'm fit to do it because night Frankie a sword instructor Sirio Sirio Robert Baratheon Andy Frain Tim Tim just being there was a really good season hopefully we'll do spoiler cast closer may be that the season finale not talk about 3 so I will not go to that given what you have that's fine I'm going to and we talked about this last week but she doesn't know the name character in that show Tim is also a writer you wouldn't know into the goddamn character whats the whats the best the bald guy on the show so are you a very sore or Littlefinger you I'm over Miranda where of Charlotte I think lets a stupid EA Littlefinger the scummy bastard so I don't like those guys are both like those are some of the most popular people on the show on article talking about how they felt like after the Game of Thrones 2 the story of Littlefinger vs Faris not believe in the belief in the individual you know it's like doing things for the ray Littlefinger doing things for himself who is amazing individual scenes season 1 to the end of the and then and then with Jamie Lannister was amazing so bug you fit teller Austin anything in a long time ago and we talked Breaking Bad I'm broken the great show I can wait for them be more episode left right A start in July so I think you're going to like in Australia Gangnam Style it's like you can do something good and like to have fun with a be instead he's being assholes smiling to be a dick to people who did what you said also was that you cannot maker creator being an asshole to which I said do you know where you work but it's fun to be a gentleman and help the elderly or you know dick pics play I don't know Andy Williams like are you are you in like Andy Stash's meme thank you back the poor guy cast Gus no you farted on his hand in the play well overcome cancer quality changes about chemistry being a dick for being a dick sex completely different fit when I was a kid so I liked it so people like you know running around being assholes of people having so much fun to be an asshole watershed whatever you want Stark night lost my bag of chips member you said you Esther bot maker bot and if it runs on on ships in the city a microchip SanDisk with his bag of chips sad look on your face oh my God I reminded you that was a dick to you say they are getting big dick and I know how we talking about fit on hand side I'm sorry is that an accurate measurement I don't know how you're doing that you're going to connect the two points and won't be able to the physics trip anyway well then we taking a weird turn podcast someone to let me wants to say that they said the part that they play the podcast for their mother and their mother summer at the podcast it's always dicks and science who don't get fight Moon collection PSY and we told me about that category audible Joe Rogan for someone just texted me saying that there was with Ryan for biggest dick Lindsay Lindsay the Shelf in the room who knows anyway Brazilian RT life flight color is so pretty compact so many things hanging off when they when they do that is it going to talk on my Jon to make sure it's going to be some on my knob mail wax or Barbara will probably give you a girl let me back up but then we probably wouldn't make sense for them to Alan Stagg a guy who'd never works like OK guys do lost in 2 days it's been 12 years Wikipedia could have to pull the hair out so I don't know how they would do that on the way to the club stick or ever it's called and then they'd like to the edge of the wax gets hard wax so it actually cool on your skin that week we make this happen we should we can do it tomorrow let's do it tomorrow Arizona stock Harley in my testicle they will cuz I'm going to pull the stitches out still have stitches always Adam a NASCAR vs on the inside staple staple I've been able to install it if it's like all down so it's just like a stitch in a metal detector is Road what is moon today in the office about do you watch the guys you're wrong I could possibly drop off Alan guys go down I don't really watch I Didn't Do It I mean I was just wondering why the sudden someone was watching a blowjob recently who was wants to do blow job Jack Evans at home the only thing you seen on a woman is her face and you see them on women over times Tim with II is there a woman with no makeup Alan Imagination Station stuff like yourself do you like number 513 official Mark Nutt Mark not coming it's awesome shirt is really we don't actually have to cut away to it to see what it looks like because they are different the shirt not just the Tower Defense not keep it up may Jesus Christ so pissed off I'm may not have been more pissed off at you than I was during that videos Utah and you for some reason you can set yourself on the fight craft video with did lets play Minecraft number to and that's where Mo Guys came from and that's where Tower paint that was a different one are you sure that's what the whole video cool article saying I was a bully whats who I can watch that doesn't look nearly as bad in the ad the fucking room also Mass Michael and the comets recently added to Gold to make the powered rail in with the achievement we were going for and you ask a fucking around whats 20 the newest ones on the bullets play Channel don't forget described by youtube.com slash lets play Channel describe describe it it's awesome I'm going to scream but no the most recent war in the end we're going to fight the Ender Dragon in the end and it's funny because we all had like the other six of us will have separate rooms so like I not building the house and Jack was like trying to get 2 chickens have sex elaborate an awesome house in a box the Box another jack fit for Jack 2 chickens together into one to become and I don't so I can screw is Paris Michael down 3 or 4 times we actually it's pulling of a 3 part but it was a for our for over 4 hours and 10 minutes on it down to probably an hour and a half to lose power we have that lets play that lost lets play I think we have audio from microphone that we might try eventually make a lets play out of it so that's that's a very upsetting week and that it is Google Translate so we should we should not allow them to see the the Latin into play by the shirt on box the Latin and then go buy it so we have drink your Ovaltine the end 2 and 3 and then maybe shopping list for stuff like you guys talking about I don't know that's cool because it doesn't actually look home I thought you said that you are my mother Edwin into your office last week and he likes using OK and then you only had one so I bought those Blackbird and I've been texting and I was like alright well it lets you in they're coming to work on Friday New York on Friday another week I'm trying no promises but I'm trying to line it up where the final four and the finals will play at RTX let me so ideally it's going to be Friday will be one of the semifinals Saturday but the other one in the final two winners will then play on Sunday for the final horse and we have one match last year was Adam and Ray and I went incredibly well so much fun watching it live on stage so we're going to do it again things about horse divekick announcement character was very exciting to be at RTX character with a giant head apparently they're really fast and so I can give you get kicked in the head you get like a concussion and the next round horse lower right so he's like what he's fast he's a big Target on his head and of Korea lets go store bought yourself one of us ESO Max a picture that's going mirror may appear like fucking a million dollars upside end of the world sleep on the bed Road Runners Feet the cool thing where I just go around and let go to people's honeymoons with them and stuff and I was like between on the couch for now that's the best be fun to put Galaxy be willing to go before you finally break down not again I mean like Eiffel Tower bonfire be camera II like this stuff isn't the gay stuff like for me not see stuff is less gay than watching it to his face I get a chart with this somehow I like the spreadsheet and get out of this well would you me not so kiss me Andy what is worse or better than I just think the at 2 I did not fail at writing someone's face while there Gears of even if I'm not touching them though I mean you see guys faces that's what the fuck is the amount number give at The Kings Head is these are usually smaller than that if it's cool not like it Gavin Was Born This Way whats the movie is so much better than almost as good as one but not that I've heard mixed things about it some people say that they don't like it's funny but different Shane Black Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Star Trek comes out like in 2 weeks and Fast 6 fast and furious sex May 24th I've never seen a fast one one two and three the for think is alright no no no 2 216 who does the be a movie at the high school it's like this kid in high school Razer another kid in high school and is the oldest brother from Home Improvement who must be like in his thirties at this point but he's playing a high school kid ah yeah yeah it was Fast and Furious 5 trailer I wasn't talking about movies Iron Man 3 release date to the credit. It's okay will it stay through the end of the credits because they're going to Psy watching credit down like how many people are involved with movies like you I think you're someone special effects for list of names on the movie on the credit for that I wasn't there enough for everyone and people like your producers and writers it's like people don't even exist or even like that she wants to the credit games credit song and it's amazing credit fit on the pr people to the bounce around a whole lot different places did the credit for a BioShock Infinite pretty cool they had like they said handheld Legacy can put your stuff and I was a little simple stuff after playing a pretty serious game kind of getting that little like I want to talk about BioShock Infinite II spoiler 2 Brothers ProFlowers if your sister and your mother day Lazar to the first Mother's Day so I figured I'd do something special for it so I got her a necklace with the birthstone of her son my nephew so that was before that was special so if you want this year you can get them both flowers 3 glioma ProFlowers use promo code if you can get a dozen of color roses for 1999 for double roses and chocolates and a paint base for a 2999 how much Jack 2999 for a double roses and pink saree the office a little different it's week and rainbow roses plus a free glass for 1999 Ford of roses and chocolates for 2998 different the last week and I know my parents my mom wants podcast every week silver seems that she's going to realize that I ordered flowers I'm looking the opposite problem where my mother doesn't watch the podcast and luckily my sister is a huge loser so she can get anything for my mom at the podcast the order unbiological sister 6 sisters that are either step sisters are adopted sisters and then five brothers a together Step Brothers are adopted Brothers you must be sick of them that's what I want kid no no no they came along later for me anyway can I use promo code play be may be worried about it we can talk about kid Gus faces went from like happened with the Wind fight that, I just wish you were here one of my favorite people not when she's sober how often do I see Esther Psy bot effect 90% of the time you're crazy you say my wife drunk Tron set social occasions where does Bruce another just going to hang out with her a coffee shop or something hey gus can you drive a street bike infinite spoiler point I would say no I would say almost 2 months I don't know II like a week after a video games 6 months because they're so they're so acting like you have to actually spend time to play them some people might get an hour a week or so that's play game if they want to play that 2 Months 8 hours 15 to 20 hours neutral leaning down okay I'm kind of the story towards the end I really was kind of strange that could have been done that would have been better which is what I wanted to talk about nothing but Jack said I can't cuz I can't believe another cast and BioShock Infinite spoiler everyone is picked on YT General I try not to believe it or not I try not to be confrontational about things you bring it out of me but I try not to be confrontational in it like as a kid I was picked on a lot and feel like throwing up like I may know I'm very sensitive that kind of stuff that's why I was I was a dick to you and like it looking like I was Oblivion the city across as me being a bully to of been better about it because even though I like you and I are friends week and it comes across as being a dick like fucking Psy like Psy comes across as being a dick even though you like you'll have a fun time to recognize that scumbag scumbag Gavin goes to Korea with the friend's wife and go to coffee with her whats trending camera be with you camera the best Montage ever I don't know a single thing in lets a big landmark in South Korea Psy which time I went to the the current market a couple weeks ago and you know at the beginning of Gangnam Style II little kid who comes out and I can't dance like I saw ads for food with him celebrity news like a picture of him what fiber 6 me like 10 Furious and 1.5 and 1.5 billion years are finally may be a total of 1.5 billion views 300 millionaire so just under 3 million whats the total number of views on YouTube published on the top 100 Channel yeah I know something weird I actually got a Shard of glass in his head may have to be signed in to watch it no really to be exploding paint with his blood and his blood community Wars going on who likes to email us the dumbest shit yeah he's being helpful he might be retarded I don't know what you're missing of people don't have the account to begin with it's like an afterthought the extension bug me not exactly like this and then whenever you go into General open yeah yeah so you have to deal with it so something like you 2 and then York Times a design in for this a few things like that not realize I signed up for my account a long time ago I was looking at it the other day for some reason I knew was my old College email address slow so and I dropped out immediately whats a good comparison for that kind of stuff that is the video I put out before Banger week 2 out of 5 million views on the video that is educated now has under 300,000 be easy but no one's going to watch it but if you look up America's tribute to boobs and pulled up the video and I wouldn't watch it because we at the same time I know how to say this is Dixon Psy pretty accurate description talking about York Times time to start talking about day for any sort of boobs in the movie definitely came up if we have a band of and it would be 4 inches from color the be sure that you to but I am I doing premium subscriptions now we're going to have to pay to watch certain subscriptions this thing that they announced today or out of it came out today that Burly some channels are talking about paying like a monthly subscription fee to watch the concert on those channels almost like cable provider but with an all a cart system exactly that theoretically pay and you could not see the channel otherwise and I was talking about like doing anything recap ad have ads removed from with our sponsorship Mo where you can you pay to have ads removed from normal free stuff for going to the city YouTube Google down but I don't know if that'll work like you think you mean that I feel like they try to roll out some pay models with YouTube in the past like they had you can buy videos that you could night at movies movies you can also buy individual videos and download them I don't feel like any of those have gained any traction I think people view YouTube as a place you just go to watch me to 3 I don't and you have to put up with an ad I don't think they can make that transition to monetize it not even level ad too far now I also don't think providers sign up for YouTube account that you can reach a wide number of people when you get that with dollars or with a premium level of success if you're cutting off that accident you're cutting off the value that you to provide the number to be wrong about this but I think you got to see if you wanted something you can do it already like the other website the other video sharing websites on the on the flip side of that being positive Google have you seen the Google Fiber Billboards around Austin now they're everywhere they're coming that's a good sign I've been throwing up all day who is with me the Austin AD search famous in the u.s. lets pretty Famous Recipe times but I've never even heard of it the only reason I need Austin with the place was because that movie Road Trip there from here free shipping play year over year from July 2012 2011 2012 at the City of Austin experience the greatest growth of any city in United States over a million population by year things planned to double in the next seven days we Define as Austin because I like you be like Austin proper still were like a hundred million people let me say the Austin area is like Round Rock horse and all that stuff around there's like we're like 1.512 million it's more than that so I think Austin and Round Rock a loan is 1.7 and 1.8 between Austin and Round Rock to San Antonio to .2 while so it's like it's not that much smaller that's crazy lost as always been there for and then texts right Dallas Fort Worth Houston or is that what is Dallas Metroplex and then Houston and San Antonio the house why is it the one you upside down your eyes closed get upside down right now and Shira I just recently the Kerry one when he's upside down on my phone upside down so I can see what it was and it looks the same except his eyes like sleep sombrero who wants II went outside down the right and Teller weather like the magic trick is everything's going up and then it the reveal is it upside down the whole time the camera flips another thing they didn't do a lot of build stuff on the tub so they would take a drink and put it down on the table and it was pretty cool of your face look a lien 2 gravity face looks into me how much effect gravity has on your face Burly man in space without the find down of the skin you look kind of weird just what kind of reflex to be I do my hair in a ponytail I feel like going all the way over just to go like that everything in my face squishes up like this the play or even like her like that you look at yourself in the mirror not for my life from the psy I don't know how to explain it but when I do my hair Esther again so you're not looking next to your ah so you're looking and upside on the mirror and look to your Gavin Andy may also anyone even your credit Legacy me another beer a Rube Goldberg device audible never felt the need to do it you have done your homework if I look at your ass home now and the next time OK magazine mirror what would you do that standing on the stage the character in their II bar to for a little bit the fire YT lets you play Blah Blah Blah by set number 3 weeks ago the fact that he finally came out it was too late we recorded it at South by Southwest but you II audio technical problems play whats unusable so we have to record what was going on like Chris Hardwick wants soundboard this is professional the first one the first podcast back in the day two years ago I mean we did I think I was not here for that you with that you would definitely that was because you pressing you pressed up week on soundtrack and then it went and then we kind of talked it was only maybe who had the funniest stories that was so drunk she couldn't stand up when she was sitting on the floor they didn't know where they were like we don't know what this is we just stumbled into this room it was like recording the term unfamiliar come for her ad fast and couch for the moment I design on someone else's podcast like to do any work or anything like that like when we did the whats trending children South by Southwest it's nice to go and sit down like okay here's my set down have fun Alright you're done that's it just walk away 3 microphone to down who into HBO just have to sit down and have fun alright I'll see you guys when Podcast May 8 weeks from now Gavin and Esther the city on the couch talking lets does it cost in South Korea RT California podcast Psy just the two of us at home down into start talking and record it she has the best stories Jenn Amazing Stories sequence lock off that much to me and I just like them to smash this girl into a car the for wine this back anyway have you ever been in a physical fight now we have never been as I would do and I think I'm actually do any serious damage someone like the woman I always absolutely in the middle of that right now I would absolutely get them out a lot so I can take a lot of shit so I just walk away from it what punch people in the face I'm just punch me in the face horse for sale punch yourself in the face and he liked your teeth fall out and like the present day travel fiber travel ever be like this style the Back to the Future and like give yourself into gears I was going to win the next 5 Super Bowls bad a lot of money on that go to be developed end ugly bot you can't do that you can't get in the times Looper Kid ah it is my mistake a stepfather I'm on my way Gavin at 1 lets Hersey to come over one of these you're talking about last part you were here right the topics I need to put in here then we get to a conversation parachute cord looks weird to come up with the robot license and 11th Place win something guys to like down there whats Andy the new trailer for of the next ship whats that movie The Catching Fire Hunger Games trailer it's great but the movie was not good I love Jennifer Lawrence movie Silver Linings Playbook on the flight back from Australia to America and that was really good movie to and knowing it just came out didn't know and character being annoying to the other a lot of movies on the plane that are out in DVD yet Chris Day Kishore Matthews Danish he's like forty years old II that she's older she's good-looking fella Morgan Morgan Freeman and I would watch him while he was having sex with someone that's okay Oblivion Looks like a generic fire fire movie to me it looks like the find the Matrix the first the first half the movie is great and then it becomes another movie that's like the previous for the movie it's like ads clearly based on is much better than just feels like the plot from another movie that I think you may have seen already Jack on the clock this one so stop bullying Jack anyway what is Joseph Kaminsky Tron Tron legacy to this one and I'm really impressed with the little Upstream Color jumpcut be and it's because it makes sense if you medically gets the time travel movie like you see things that are may be a little out of order York with that maybe this happened before it's a little not in school and it works because the time travel movie that same style Kerry Upstream Color which is not a time travel movie so there's no context for the time you're seeing things or through the relationships among some of the characters but sometimes you're like wait does this make sense and I'm watching something that happened earlier or later and it's like there's no explanation color for dialogue might be 15 pages long for an hour it's like primer is an amazing session of himself believable to me I never got that from the scene lets him that he just walked in the afternoon primer was there filming the event happening at and the camera comes back behind the handicap and you see like the thing levitating right first discovering the mechanism work and I need to be a little bit watch it to the end 7 South they never show that in any special effects not like he's never him holding him and to me that with that bug me a little bit because you just assume that it's him defense horse think it's intentional of to be vague but I definitely know that that's him but you don't know if it's his friend yeah it's a good movie for watching stuff like that is bigger than you like right now when week me for gym of Thrones be watched all of lost the same way enjoy it watching the episode 2 upside Lost season 2 mummy my favorite season of TV into the hatch season who was the season where we treat our bot Lost Boy Jack wants to go back to the island and they have like II dual time War 5 then it's my favorite I think for it is for into with him going we gotta go back we go back and then it shows The Clash floor day even showing Clash for build that was probably the most interesting stuff we talked about lost almost lost podcast and this really kind of me the best thing about Oblivion in the Hat stuff to me was that you know what it was going to be a big deal if they didn't press the button and I'm so happy that it was when everything started looking like the whole thing the future and stuff like that I'll try to figure out is it more expensive box of the normal kind of spectacle Bob to make that all the seasons yeah I was serious I want to say it was like 200 bucks the box shaped like a weird thing but if you look at the bottom side of the top of the island and then pull it out it was another disk lost contact with like I'm losing mass as well in their lets with the other discount a black light and a rock and if you like showing the backlight on the map and give you hints that you have to look at the other man and like Twisted to 2 find the list you put a little but he still is offering the Easter egg on the license for Star Wars games the future is going to be working I have no idea that's what for a lot of problems like at a lot of vs steps and things like that if he comes out and says like we're going to make Battlefront 3 I think I me delete people you be like okay will forgive you a little bit there's nothing going on right now where people are upset that supposedly and who knows if this is true or not Shira from 3 was already in production it was already 99% done into certain people I don't buy them for some time but they've shown that there is stuff out there that does exist and so long it's probably for the best I mean II was a lot of fun this project was not going in the right direction problem people that you proper steps in the city think I think if they would have labeled SimCity - SimCity game Simpsons online I think no one would have if you write it but the fact it was like II know it's a single player games like you can't but you can't play without an internet connection there are some quality work and I think maybe they're recognizing the fact that they have some problems they're trying to the time for the first game in and started Sledgehammer Games ah but this was based in Alan Redwood Shores where not be a man if me to headquarters as bot ah well I can imagine if someone is Battlefront like Battlefield Bad Company Feel games doing a Star Wars battlefield game for Battlefront 3 which would be that same store game that would be fun as hell I would like it a lot okay sweet conversation with the bathroom soon are you normally figure out the next 2 weeks no I'm not there yet I said that like an hour ago like there's a lot more to it than the other ones I would recommend it. Alright