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Recorded: 2013-05-21 21:59:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

list of total Ricky podcast is brought to you by nevigo and their game design tool articy draft SC articy draft is the first professional tool for game designers and storytellers and it is used by a wide range of Studios from the world's major developers all the way to Indie developers nevigo has really star single user version on Steam and it's on sale this week just visiting of eagle.com / RT for more information lets navigo.com / RT this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for a free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth the podcast 2 195 on YouTube for YouTube comedy week 219 podcast 1 everyone come watch this right they want to pay right now give me mr. anniversary 4 209 out right now Gavin YouTube this year is going to suck 4 room 219 podcast 4 x 5400 08208 Halo 2 Anniversary we did nothing to celebrate our anniversary I wish you could have turned around Gus Fried Chicken any little thing that crops up throws you off your game a little crazy right now what happened the problem Waverly launch the podcast biopic on today we lost on May 8th 2009 is when we started our weekly run at really remember that's when we started initially first 2 or 3 war in December and the beginning of what do the housekeeping really quickly people rescue you can shut up you can 2 into a hashtag RT Podcast that's Rooster Teeth podcast and we will try to get to your questions we will get all of them but you can also tell if we fuck up and get something factually incorrect that's what happens tomorrow the Xbox infinity or whatever it's going to be called the new Xbox reveal Xbox One of talk about that today and the answer is no we don't because we're launching a gaming podcast which sounds weird for us to be launch and gaming podcast we love games and we talk a lot but I found that we were talking about them in this podcast 3D so we can do we can do the topic more Justice and talk about it in the gaming podcast which we're going to limit to 1 hour and 2 in length so we can make sure that left yet gears time big time Big LED clock running and I think 1 hour control the awesome if you started it will cost and the only way you could end the Pro cost was by nobody want you anymore do you think I would have happened like they would let you know was it Ricky Gervais put out a tweet that said if nobody right nobody retweet says he will tell me how much $50,000 everybody retweet right now is that dont retweet this if if no one retweet says I will punch Jack in the face someone retweet someone's always watching how long were the Halo 2 servers out when Halo 2 4 years they shut down the multiplayer servers that we're running Halo 2 but they couldn't shut it down until it wasn't couldn't log back in as long as you walk out hits into your time out and you just kept going from game to game you can keep Point Halo 2 until there's nobody left and it was like 3 or 4 days left like a month later it will just continue game of people used to play Halo 2 and we got together and just hang out and play Halo 2 again and then at the moment where we expect everything to be turned off it didn't I was just stuck with it to explain the podcast tomorrow at 2 p.m. central Time which should be shortly after the Xbox reveal draft Xbox reveal will be an hour or so and from noon to 1 Central Time they were to come over here get set up and we will go at 2 p.m. central Time breaking news MCM going to finish one more thing about the gaming podcast going to follow the same format as this podcast or it'll be streamable responses immediately and then released in audio and video later for the public will not be on Tuesdays in the future it will move to Wednesdays at 4 p.m. central Trek we're just doing it just on Tuesday because we like to pay off and making everything gaming podcast we've been talking about it for a while actually we're going to be doing some more podcast and that we have them in the pipeline speaking of which people keep asking if we're going to do one of her spoilercast 4 Game of Thrones cuz you keep talking about it our plan now is to do the forecast for Game of Thrones after season 3 wraps 2 Sundays from now 3 Sundays from now there's no Game of Thrones next week what 1 to the last episode Liberace biopic next Sunday evening Izakaya sozai RT 18 years of my life really a medical procedure There is No Game of Thrones next week 2 weeks and in the finale is on June on June 9th to come to my house last night fox in the snow stagefright star cast for Game of Thrones sometime in early July sometime in early June probably just Game of Thrones that is the first day of East 3 essentially because that Monday is the pressures out there I'm going up Monday morning press services and that's what is 8:30 in the morning who know what they're doing E3 is the one convention that I will never go to into those of you who are 4 Dead video game convention Z 3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it's where they gave you a ticket CES 4 video games and it's big it's huge it's really annoying and I got to be so disgusting that it went away for a couple years like the industry was sick of it because it was just like every millions of dollars on booze and they brought it back you don't have to spend over $4 for a booth at RT no no no you did not 1 time D for anything but they wanted me to come out for I think it was when they were announcing it will of War release Halo 4 says I was there with you for that so I had to go out I just was the president left but then as soon as the Halo 4 says Halo anniversary not that soon as the Halo portion of it was over I like down out of my feet and legs to the parking lot the valet to get out of there cuz it's like an off-site location at USC Stadium Center and it was really funny because I go out and the presentation right before Halo being announced was a new Gears of War Gears of War 3 and ice tea was there on Facebook to be the president until I left early after he was over and I guess he had the same idea so to me and ice tea at the Valley Fair they can't even talk about that so just standing there but I'll throw this all white Rolls Royce Phantom like everything was like that we don't realize things were like everything on this thing was like and then it's like it hurts Toyota Corolla I think that was yours and yes it is 5083 that's really funny I'm going to go figure it out real quick will be right back this episode of Hulu Plus Hulu Plus total control over you want whenever you want and watch your favorite shows like Community Monday Night Raw Red vs Blue and more right now his fans can get an extended free trial on Hulu Plus by going to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth red time as we observe memories tattooing. Of the way I'm only 5 hours behind time and then I'm 6 Myspace I remember I love when I went out there for MCM was like 2 years ago you just call me but that could change at 7 o'clock so you just remember that it's an hour off 6 months later when it becomes again this will day on my watch know how many days are in a month by which ones have lunch 2162 day everyday manual Hispanic watches manual I just like on your list change into this and fast and I forgot to change it so I just remember that they're off by an hour and then 6 months later that again but I've been with my mom I was just the day everyday but because some stuff is been wrong pages and I'm wondering how long will it take to be right again catch up somewhere E3 printer Liberace the dates line up again on a calendar so that you want on the watch that every time the noise watched every month has 31 days I guess you have to take it over lets us watch her kid but I'm not how can I get every month is no 31 days I get close to it being right itself but if it does from my wire check and automatically the date and time every night when I'm asleep of the national atomic clock and I not supposed to do that bullshit with your electric time for that Huntington York elections fired lets go wire some hacking time is in more than we think would you say time in 4 movie trailer 3 broadcast time 12 men know anything about this that shocked me Burnie friend who had better something like why even say that why is that I thought that you have in the first place Vice on me I'm trying to but you're talk that's right you're not really appreciate you listening to this remind you of something I was thinking about I was reading that this weekend or what the transaction took place over the weekend or do they just announce it on Sunday Yahoo Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars so the stupid thing that Gavin said made you think of the stupid thing that Yahoo did you like here's what I was thinking about what is earnest money 1 .1 billion dollars isn't that is an enormous amount of large pile of money for 3 billion Community that's what it is so guess what Tumblr is revenue was in 2012 Dino 2400 Tumblr or talking Revenue red and I'm going to 1.1 billion dollars in millions of revenue and profit the total amount of money how much money did million dollar 13 million dollars that's according to Forbes by the way 30 million company that brought in 13 million dollars is worth 1 Point 1 billion dollar 1 Point mind walk the couple episode The Shark Tank and I can tell you that valuation is totally off and even then you can you don't and I think the Tumblr tea was I think it's some of the early investors in it were some of the people from the Kinect Adventures I think it was sometime between like Max Adventures the game now College Humor College Humor video billion and tell her maybe those people they're just adopted I'm not sure about that but I got the money that a billion dollars is and how much money that is end and I thought this Gavin scenario that if someone sent you in a chair and Square card table with a microphone and a dead cat bounce 16 hours a day and sleep 8 hours day and as high as you can you can stop whenever you want to but when you take a break you said I don't work anymore that's how much money will give you how high do you think you would get account for a week you can 4 week and I think you know what the number thirty or forty thousand I can't imagine game of billion out of the can make it though more money than you can possibly Community dead billion lets count to a million thousand time calculator if you counted the average 1 second and number what number is like three hundred ninety-eight million four hundred 56112 Season War II play every number on average dont billion seconds is 17847.5 years to count to a billion if you started when you were 20 and you went till your 67 it's like your entire career is counting and then you gotta billion dollar severance package at the end that you accounted for a living but they would ask you anyway Lake County until I just I would I would count 200 million but you probably wouldn't you take a drink of water so you can eat and stuff like that but you just couldn't leave the room and you couldn't go like enjoy your money like that's the main thing is that when you stop counting to enjoy the money like what's that limit of okay this is enough money I want to go spend some of this money and not count anymore says a reality show waiting to happen I don't like it 2 weeks to hit a millionaire 2 East 16 hours a day for 2 weeks from millionaire 300 $400,000 a year of Interest alive Gary says that after taxes that's what that is 20 million what's the fucken do it yourself 70 Austin Texas I'm saying I'm saying I could leave easily off on him and Olivia Lee of 80 grand a year things like you don't have no problem when you're when you're deciding how much money that you need to survive if you take a job out of the equation then you're just home all fucking day you spend a lot more money when you're not working when I used to work at the other people shift I do everything with my head what if I'm here I'm not out spending money on making a double positive not going out when you lose your job because you could probably have something like today what did you 16 bucks a week that's only two hundred fifty bucks a month that's only what 4 every 3 months for $400,000 or four months of $3,000 a year $3,000 a week that's too bad 2 weeks Infinity called I just realized I got more than one Xbox in my house to cost me some money to take some time to see if there's a constraint I launch you and it's a good thing to get over someone gears on you Escape it ok getting paid 10 bucks of someone giving you head 6 years but that's not going to happen there's a better view for Gavin but in reality it is a good thing we're not talking about reality all my fault I was thinking this variation for Gavin which is if everything was set down at a microphone and a table and it was you that's all you're doing is everything Bill the alien-like well the kids are just London and they were somewhere I've never been what does that on my phone you can't fire 2013 not be anyone from a country by the people in the world you know how many people do you know out here on a regular basis Expo 300 okay lets dont want to write it it's like it's right out of billion is a pain in the ass ice account the 900 people on my favorites that I will accept calls from 1 your favorite if my favorite override do not disturb so if I'm asleep I have to be willing to take a phone call from you I made that cut whatever dude just on your head synonyms for it so you know that Google will be in googolplex what is one of the hundred year old googolplex is the number one of the hottest Yahoo Google Google Google ^ Google is it okay it doesn't matter I had one with a hundred zeros does a Google and then googolplex says Google ^ Google you can try that anyway it doesn't on of stuff trying to be right right I've heard that before I can't I can't I get 1% of the people you know with a hundred and I can't even begin to calculate infinitely infinitesimally small 3 from the Earth to Bill changed all the time do you want the exact number of people who have ever lived humor like combined are there more people alive right now than ever before we are I don't think overall we're reaching an equilibrium is a planet do you watch the vice documentary series on HBO now man episode recently where they visited slums in Mumbai it's like some million people live in and this is like open sores in the street awful living conditions and I guess like these two billionaires have decided that they want to build their houses in the slums so they are building skyscrapers for single-family says to Skype one that's already done another one that's being built currently I want to see the one that's already done is 27 stories tall and requires a staff of 600 people in order to operate single-family home and the other billionaires Bill 37-story Skyscraper Demi time the other guy with two Olympic swimming pools in the heart of the storm with 2 million people who Bleach episode machine cleaner work and have like open to returning to the street Escape from New York and 12 million people looking at the 1% that it down right there it's a point when you billion play so big it's inconvenient for you like you said to your brother and I'll come and meet me by the pool is missing the point what you text her flamboyan in Madden mental with it but it's inconvenient like to meet me at the pool and then you go to the time in the other pool next to ice single dude he's got other things that are from a 1 ton dually there's many people in the world I mean there's at least a few head 2002 many billions of dollars men billion dollar lotto number results quite right this is Mapleton the mosquitos the whole jar mosquitos Ice Cream open it up and let him the problem is most of the world are not here to motivate people provider of audio books with more than $100,000 table title across all types of literature in featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook consider is World War Z for free audiobook of your choice good audible podcast.com / 3 Street audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth and I mention World War Z 2 every talk about the unabridged version and if you promise to listen to the bridge version they have just the part that was cut out of it Yahoo season was and it's only the movie or anything like that it's like if you gave that you mother fucker you made the headlines Myspace where can I buy the rights to a book and then don't even touch the out of taste night dont dont do it you know that's why play Tom Cruise 30 million dollars to play the part of movie in out because its marketing it's just well known and its opening weekend lets show how much money of an actor will bring into a movie the number of dollars you will get x 1 Point $7 back in the box office in like Harry Potter different cash multiply negative multiplier how to make me happy how far away they've gotten because that means they can go back later and then do it in a different way doing it differently I would love to see you men like some sort of HBO miniseries with all the stories and it's perfect for that sort of money for the general populace what's the weather like for the movie and the book game the graphic novel very much. But wise it's very different characters that die or live or even exist in the TV series are much different than war in the Game of Thrones like their stuff is happening in the show that hasn't happened in the books and vice versa so the books are more in-depth and 83rd season of him actually he's writing the book I just finished one about star 2 says the current scenes with Theon Greyjoy which they keep showing those scenes where he was in that room with the guy that had stuff those things seem very repetitive dont even though it doesn't happen all scream for and I don't know Medical Center even though I was kind of a slow start a lot of sitting up in a lot of cool stuff about George RR Martin out how many books have left right left right and he's an old dude to of The Producers for the show the show was its only 6 to go on for 7 season the show is only 4% of season talk about Game of Thrones talk about a month from now we think that's true I'm also the books at some point different churches in different places so dense for the individual characters that he split off and didn't cover it looks like a whole week last night sexual puns about new says it just like trusting and dry humping that have like the Gus end up just throwing something out there it's really Taylor man it's really big Downer but great greatest riddle different time even like that you like follow and you interested in knowing about because she was taking its sister and you learn about her stuff that's not new Daft Punk album comes out tomorrow stream it on iTunes it's the actual Albuquerque cancelled their pre-order after listening to the street so you don't like 3 months ago I wasn't blown away that like girls also can actually listen to into Ted in the background was working and I'm so good at by then I'm sure doesn't feel like that song is really good and I listen to the street big like holy crap like really energetic Types on which kind of that they've been known for that and I'm like no robot rock or some like that we just like to know the harder faster stronger and it was a real good song that get you pumped out there's not much of that we're all doing it with this one I have wire Alive album alive which is like 2 hours I didn't do anything MakerBot with chapters you think it is hit a button and it staying there ICE 2 blue to have been Daft Punk Get up on stage and they play the stuff that's already recorded the Fred Armisen from Portlandia star alive noise blue men noise in the background he was one of their drummers like he wasn't one of the blue men as well blue men just replace those guys but they were smart enough to make a thing that appears to be the same people over and over again but they just like you don't like it like down shows in Las Vegas in Orlando and there's like 5 or 6 of those guys are rotating blue men group development starts again this weekend day when I was going to see Iron Man this past week and I realized that it had been out long enough so I didn't see it is it going to run into people like him to be around other people but it play BurgerFi could 4 tickets down the middle to hire someone like me to come sit next to you yeah usually if you were talking about it with a Game of Thrones start into my house last night and everything I shut up I don't know who was it I don't know shut up Spartan County week as well the teaser trailer for Red vs Blue season has come out with down there something 4 comes out until just be up here comes and it's coming out and that's where we are right now to come out talk about it and the reason for that is that we've been this year we've been having a lot of publicity and a lot of hype for a lot of different things and it's like we just want to do that with everything Red vs Blue is a show this morning for a change is going to 11 season so it's a show that's like if we go crazy like the hell out of it a lot of new people going to discover that they're going to discover because it's just making this possible YouTube a hundred hours of 2/4 days how many houses can you have before you go googolplex or like your first initial server base like how how big that initial capacity was before that it looks like she would be a wonderful thing and right now I'm sorry Google for their Farms a computer 4 YouTube number 2005 6.45 billion probably 2013 2014 that the total population of the Earth was 200 million people is left in the population the United States more than I would have expected I think it was 1 million people in 10000 BC obviously elevated humans have been around like two hundred thousand years and they have a 94000 years old is human civilization memories like I don't know call me when out in public snow time play real quick bro guess what flavor Gus boring vanilla cherry cherry I'm a dumbass I'm going to go to like this like his Mexican roots coming out time ago papaya I wanted to really didn't have it so I'll take that one snowballs play airport worth it anyway we're talking about Latin the first language how long was the first written language like one of the earliest languages in the world you wait in line I can't imagine that in the Sun or going to get and then you got her and said I want to know we don't have it did you all that bullshit movie theater premixed together something ice cream Expo to make cherry limeade Cherry Lane and 8th alright alright that's pretty stupid you end which I don't know it was first built he was around in the Roman times right fat people into it you know that some lawyers can still speak Latin Gus when of a reminder brought to you by articy draft articy draft of the first professional tool for game designers and storytellers is by some of the world's major game studios and many smaller developers so and Ashes studio version get special price tag Sony video released a single user version on Steam to make articy draft at the available to everyone so Indie developer starting game designers book authors role-players you check it out this week RT Z draft ice tea is on sale at steam you can use it to plan role playing campaign design India video game crate plus you create your world for your setting so you take it out you create characters develop lines write dialogue drag-and-drop characters objects dialogue everything I dont 4 quick reference super super customizable check it out into vevo.com / RT I believe that our listeners get 33% off of the price tag if you go check it out it's a super powerful tool for game design and storytelling for naming animals right there game time okay that's right because like some kind of sounds like the English name but in different gorilla in Latin lets gorillas Latin name of gorillas gorillas in Spanish Latin Japanese what is the Latin name for gorilla the Time Wiki Answers get ready for this red would be answers.yahoo.com sites like information on it gorilla gorilla gorilla gorilla gorilla but how did you know that you are a person who thinks that time comes through electrical sockets yeah I know I tried to ask him he wouldn't elaborate but do you remember when you loved every single thing you learn where you want to do it we tested it on everything you love this to 2 Step time 2 things you learned I learned this and I got another one on the right would you want to remember everything like listen to what if you like it so much in your head is like a slow disk everything was like a video and I could see exactly what happened the whole time okay what about the time I was in 5th grade and like always and remember in 5th grade and you like a couple days after like finding things on a video tape when you could skip ahead with key points can the out list before I got hit in the head with it if you can get together I guess you remember that because you couldn't on that it was suppose there's some drug that you go and you take it and you relived the entirety of your life from your memories he went and was like investigating as I know she did it or not but there's some the salty right now Sony from the outside always come up with an idea for a different video in the making and I do not remember saying I don't remember new addresses which he wrote every single time after I write a draft of the script and this time we'll get it later once the season talk about the structure of the time whenever you like and want to make sure I wasn't like covering something already covered before that I'm not repeating yourself memories wiped it would be the funniest thing ever I don't remember where's my brain everything is like that left Joe's house RTX 2 really fun of you in the ignition alright yeah we were actually in the wrong exhibit hall had something going on so we're getting ready to leave we already have more than we had last year both on the floor and pass which is good cuz anything Cleopatra 3 of us to be good times world out there has one extra stop more than I'm used to taking but it's like 2 hours faster than flying the way I normally fly time things to do 2 hours International Airport star in LAX International Terminal does kinda suck though for the Galleria I can remember the Roomba I made the mistake of unpacking it and pulling the little bastards have out on this press and clean and then leaving that thing trash the place absolutely love it it it I found it what happened if my laptop was dragged off the table on its side the cord was wrapped around the brush is about 75 it was upside down and it was group in the shower for a bit Ted dont give a puppy now Facebook got wound up in the cord for the laptop bill over upside down got so upset that it itself upside down all I could see was the red light on the D flashing an application we just go to be like Fred movie someone in the house the Tumblr this is the Box dont upside down Bill Cipher is it that thing was full bullet I was going to make a difference really just let me know your shower and then we'll look for anything that I like it is right it does but the little things that you can do time clock the alarm Vice talk the alarm clock that runs away from you send it to let it run to not turn it off because your place will be clean so you want to let it run to clean your Play Store the Roomba running around as well from 1 every time new Z cleaner and polish everything else you have on dog having fun even try to make the star true it was okay I didn't like an hour and a half to watch it there's no telling what they'd do it men have a cherry snow cone and enjoy Game of Thrones with that could you come out worth of a buffer area close to me blue and out the draft house and watch the finale because sometimes hide from your neighbors and stuff if you show me and expect to see me just let me the street would you avoid that this weekend Sunday actually yesterday and the grocery store so that you into right now I wish you would just leaving each other's Car 2 weeks ago we said hello I caught him looking in my in my car and I looked in his car to one of the most embarrassing things I still be shut by the way Walmart someone anybody feel the same way if someone 2 people says you and then you see them from a long way away because you're too far away I find that really 2 people each other and it's not running right after we hired him with his girlfriend and he was like you really don't know each other yet awful awful Tuesday Brandon and I still like it's like a battle scar like oh yeah that time was off on that we got through that started last week a video and I don't want this to get weird choose your 4 months before I finally talked a lot of people working here and hang out with those people I just don't recognize any more lies I have no idea just like and come to the door I'll just let him in the enemy you just said that someone noticed we have reception so they wouldn't pass the border between wassup and into dad's going to check to see if it gets filled with something like this the gross thing in the parking lot over at the studio now that the cat is a bird Ted on the side of the office where's the rest of the bird I think that you wish you look at me Street and I was like it was a person with your walking over the bodies off somewhere living a happy life Ted with the body stated would have a look at what he did he said his his person is in his hits when you get your head talk you just get in your body cause your head right in the head where are you in your body if you are right now York operation the devil is the proper term Hulu that just means one of them must have been smashed and plus I think you know when you have to pull the motor out can you just add dont give a fuvk John Travolta mask on reveal my junk escape capsule Z dont want to podcast of State into the subject of Nintendo podcast star your dick immediately is it really Max 11 talk about I think it's a work-in-progress get it together people like 3 minutes Red vs Blue season 11 and then the other one is day one in the history of the company that's actually said that the premise for season 11 which is the 2 Chainz being in this Canyon do something tonight was church of wash that's wash Church Carolina talk having Red Ventures and the other thing was about immersion that episode Brandon where you think about talk about immersion and probably can do it Voice through talk Ops launch down then stop talking that we had we were kind of running around last minute Gavin a screenshot of you looking at your testicles buys Brandon call coming out to on Thursday Wednesday Wednesday Britney Britney Paul Shaffer of the Ricky alright so we think it's going to be approved for sometime later this week is coming out on Wednesday on Wednesday so there you go internet Fred new brand new information shut away from self Wednesday and then Wednesday immersion coming out Wednesday on the returns for sure if it was you wanted this one is not immersion season 2 is on immersion season war between season episode of immersion only had a sponsor for sale and I'll talk a little bit about to post it on the blog entry about it so we can talk about that as well but it's just shut up it was talk about it and everyone Hulu Plus on your PC on Hulu time to start your living room and on your mobile device on Hulu Plus Hulu Plus controllers ever you want whenever you want connect 2 TVs game consoles Blu-ray players Roku Apple TV PC or watch anywhere from your smartphone or tablet on demand at all times with Hulu Plus the convention full season what's your favorite current shows and even full series runs of classic shows Community Modern Family South Park SNL on Monday Night Raw The Man Show Jimmy Kimmel Family Guy Red vs Blue and more Hulu Plus only 7 99 a month right now they're offering extended 3 trailer Hulu Plus it is available only for listeners to go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth or receive one of the banner ads on a website click on it and you get a two-week free trial then they got tons of shows really really great service if you miss something or you want to watch you know what show is off the air they have lots of lots of content that comes out day after it airs or is not available anymore so how many episodes of Parks and Recreation do they have on there I need to catch up the last couple weeks that's on my list here actually the entire currency new episode day after you alright cuz I washed everything that was on Netflix and then I stopped and I wasn't season 2 Parks and Rec I think I really didn't like community all done all right up here did Michael Scott come back from screenshots ice so I think maybe he made it. But I was coming has nothing to do with the plot of the show anybody spoiler that I thought was pretty cool Trek into hits Tulsa police will have nothing to do with the plot that also in the office Austin is an awesome shut out Austin Texas Austin Texas new says that like why is important to you like this at school Shut Out I'm not going to do that but you didn't have anything to do with Austin the 3 okay that's why you give me Shut about it that's not nice kiss kiss kiss Z on Jack and season Jack dont have a special connection with Austin that he is a fifth-generation Time at least 1/2 the fat the from Austin Roomba new quiet for a while very quiet out loud I was just wanted 4 roommate ever Halo 2 empty and every way that play in movies go ahead on TV I was watching the wire it was just a sex thing between the main dude and some woman he was louder than her and everyone here is pretty quiet in there annoying can write on terrible Star Trek 84-72 silent I mean aside from communication Ice Age and shut up record of 72 and I got you want information that you make during lovemaking I love you all the time quite a weird very weird for a girl to please you she probably thinks Bill didn't think that I could like why didn't someone space they would like that the windmill Spartan meatspin college algebra counseling right now Fred Potter do you like YouTube does not like do you want to go out that's all there is a green 3 microphone Luz del Mundo lets from upcoming thing that's what I'm thinking but the Yahoo purchase of Tumblr seems like the joke about you couldn't be more on the edge of frame the of really weird huge Acquisitions to come and runs to the lifetime when they were when I bought Myspace with Fox about myspace but $500 was ridiculous amount of money by Myspace for and then billion that will Facebook worth millionaire billion or more he was trying to buy them at the time maybe put it off for 900 million the Facebook there was 2 billion Tumblr we just have a lot of value in this kind of technology is always a big deal Microtel, like long-distance companies will tell you that a lot of users 11 accounts that's always important volume and channels and other things like 500,000 10001 everyone he was of the first Fred movie the year it came out was it was okay movie for Nickelodeon it was the number one cable movie of the year the Fred movie when it came out on Nickelodeon 110 caracara and every play Left 4 Dead 2 before we were bunched up in the bathroom she was working on that so rifle she was pretty yeah we really stop the last time we had a loss or lets play with Brandon yeah you moron we're capturing footage to your laptop and have it plugged in Subs on on Army channel that was really dramatic that we did all that you can say he was in the right the one that's going to come on this one you showed me this and you from Chris point of view but we will have to say that everything is like it was so dramatic people in begging for Day Z lets play Forever Day Z would not make a good lets play down we have to be wouldn't it what we do here yet I don't know if you know that this place are you jacks slight cough and I think they would be a good series lets play mind coming back to into doing something like mind control but you have something to do with object of every week I think it would be great communicator is it 1 is a day end when the Sun goes down you can't and like the whole thing is you're trying to find each other mind helping if something happens that's like everyone's running trying to find each other and one person kill that part of it is going to be stuff that happens on the way it's looking for people I actually have one kind of trying to set up the gaming I'll get you some of that and I remember that video that really stuck out to Me 2 videos talk to me one was the game time 1 what I said was Geoff and show Geoff how to play Utopia and then we just played for 45 minutes Play the full game it was and it was the alternate Generations interested let the people that did play that would be interested in a game that was interesting for me to see new most you would know about to explain to him how to play in and played it then the other one that I did with Geoff 2 back in the Congress office was all of this in regards to the Xbox reveal tomorrow 81236 tea made that last big update where they finally allowed you to use USB devices out of 1 liter USB devices including we have like usual see hard drive plugged into tank top and games to into practical formatting years and the one that you had that one was a PNY 1 I want to see that one that's the one that I lost I lost my God damn Fox save and my Mass Effect 2 save so I lost that I just lost my USB thing one day and I didn't have them backed up on hard drive down me then we give a ship I'm really sorry about tomorrow but the other of you yeah okay cool what do you think any predictions I'm thinking I don't know about the always-online thing I think I think I would not be shocked that always ice tea Center that's not and I think I really really hope is that they don't change the controller Xbox 360 controllers do you think they're going to show the console Netflix you get to the end honestly I'm excited about the hard work I'm excited about a new game but to me Xbox Live is the platform and that whatever the system is the liver that that's how I've always felt that way about it I don't think we're going to see too much of her tomorrow they're going to hold on to it like Sony fast money if you save by box a console and you make 10 million of them $50 and maybe even maybe even then they showed something that might change before final final Edition by Sony not showing the console not showing a physical actual console was a huge mistake because they showed they had Sony of novels Bill talk about with a press coffee out talk about the games that were shown off only talk about the streaming capability and effective into the hot we're getting his stuff that I think would be better to be a time when you can printer enclosure 360 3D printer in her office and I'm of the most practiced for it and I wouldn't want to try and see if it'll work it'll work and it probably should but I guess not really but then when we got the WiiU well I can think of is how ugly this what's wrong with long block a number press like it's not gray it's taken off and all that she didn't PS4 new trailer talk E3 it's not really convenient like it you know can't really can't stand most about that is the Xbox at least the initial one was a big rectangle lets throw it in if you need to stack stuff on top you could but they're a little too much talk rumors rumors will know tomorrow for sure afterwards rumors rumors rumors and we use real currency bill currently saying not showing the console is a bad idea to the evidence indicating that Major Nelson into game the console will be shown tomorrow it will they give me if I show it I want to download some games the number one feature I love about my 3DS dont even here Street lately or smash something I told Ashley printer Gavin says he's just gonna make fun of me for breaking in a car leaving the cab or something to you fucker I'm going up there with Ashley Myspace symbol full of coffee on her D Ass on her Nintendo DS and she likes playing with Street pass full of of coffee on her purse I got some of that into the purse but gotta deal with her but I put it in a bag of rice out in the hot Texas on everything nothing fix this damn thing so we gotta send it off everything is D into the DX when you download games everything you can transfer any of that shit like of this an SD card SD card the SD card doesn't it's going to be hard into the actual vs all the games on this tea car games on an SD card for license it's more likely than any other and everything into the same 4 Street pass which is a Day Z place over months and months and it's like my father World think she like Street pass with like 800 people are such and now all that's gone I feel you should do from this is what's wrong with you what happened is caffeine from coffee affect me more than anything in the day not that I would but I would have a coax and it would affect me at all I could have 1 cup of coffee in like 3 hours later I'd be like this I feel like jittery when you're alone you're a lunatic office recently about and honestly say you would put into a room on your iron how long before you would say something no I think the other people that are crazy 4 well yeah I mean like some size and runs for like a few hours and then I might say hello like it over to be like watching or listening no I've done that ever since I started writing I said I tend to think out loud and I have done always done that I warn people about it that I do talk out loud lets his people taking this how long would you says probably I want any of that was good then YouTube talk too much thank you it was good to hear from him I'm on my way. He always has women when your head I ever told you that I'm a hundred percent Lifetime on feel good that we're out of the football field one time we were playing around get ready for like an intramural game we're practicing and then it was a field goal post on it and somebody can feel it so I tried it terrible to the side and let me try walking 25 yards out the upright I'm hundred percent Lifetime with you time 0% lifetime 1 field goal at that tournament that was a time when every time I picked up the book ice cold it was amazing I think I did it 5 times in a row then I was terrified to pick it up as I just wasn't office grifball and it is likely that your first one D retweet historically never done reviews we don't do reviews on video games we haven't since the drunk game of days just because we just want to help people like 300 people who work on the game for two or three years but we think of their game with the future but I don't think it would do that a little bit more we learn that we are not competitive because we got and came across some people like everything is out of commission highlights of the highlights in The Woodlands ice Gavin first thing he directed for it with that miniseries before season 7 The relocated series love that one that's one of my favorite bits are in that your falling off the top of the tower play some Elvis of England still draft from coming and I just want to include some specific stuff so I just walked around the house for like an hour I was like I wonder what Sony plus we could do this with them and then we came up with the thing being stuck and how the the big flags that she out there actually relate to the power of the base which by the way have you played through yet another senior out by Spartan Ops they cover turning on those bases so that is part of them is part of the mission that you would I don't that's a big spoiler if it is I'm really sorry that I suppose that's also like 4 months and season 1 end Spartan chicken places like reveal relocated just like the dumb idiot stuff into bases with a dont know anything you don't do anything but lie here and there was some little things and other stuff more stuff in there that was one of the things we did 11 in a Halo 4 into booster the unicorn helmet yeah but then when you do that I am assuming there's probably going to be a Halo 5 of this is the start of a new trailer and the next one to be really careful even Carolina disappeared in Halo 4 you just don't know what's going to make it from one of the next week Halo play realize it's like the death of how many helmets and armor permutations there are only like you think like don't be like that men Halo 2 into recovery 1 and he was changing colors and we went with brown and brown and white and I was always supposed to look like a patchwork but then they made Halo 3 where you can just change out all the lights off the shoulder pieces and all that stuff probably even more so oh yeah so anyway I like that I like that stuff is like the early on it was some of the early hits future deeper story that the recovery 1 of the out of mind stuff I don't mind I want to see was the first project we did in HD it will have finally gotten to the point where it was really hard history interview in your spare bedroom at the house of beauty or into Butte apartment and it was like that doesn't like different people to me it's so weird to look in those pictures of somebody picked up I was looking at it and I saw you replied that's a Bernese bedroom and I was like what the fuck was a picture of all of us in my bedroom what is a tree is being Geoff bedroom or something like that it's like things that we can get like simple facts are just like that I'm wrong and now you're reading it distributor by tomorrow 4 XP Plus sorry I'm sorry Jack I love you I like you a lot I like you a lot and I want to apologize for bringing it 6 out the one who admit to using it on a punk we want to watch Jack have a good rest of this weekend they said that something has to come up every 6 months so I can never get away from that door Lego E3 but you wouldn't sorry what are you referring to then what is something you were reading they don't want to come and I'll give you a little let people know that you're reading troubleshooting that's what you just said oh no that's all I can come up because you said you don't come information no I'm sorry I don't want everyone going through dont the worst is when somebody goes closer what's what's the story new Walking In like they own the place even doors open D I like tumblr post like when they start Red vs Blue back in 2003 and the next comment is somebody says 2003 no no they started in 2006 and ended that has like a typo you know why are you so adamantly correcting something that's right and you're correcting it wrong that's that drives me crazy or anything else Hits 1 Sony into Jacks with something is completely wrong and I don't wonder where you getting this from like what was the what do we know where the fuck you thought time come from out lets from I mean there's so much room in the was this other stuff in there that's really big electrons are so small and the wire is so thick it all kind of hit me I don't know how you can get in there was a company that was trying to get pass for delivering data over copper electric wires and it walking crazy with billion that when you send current down a wire says lead direct current increase the magnetic field around I mean Trek generations that's what creates a magnetic field around the copper wires and they were going to date in the magnetic field small magnetic field that surround are voltage lines are power lines blue end of the group that like from a Central Station to get a thousand-mile radius which is a fucking enormous enormous what is the same when you buy a home after I do that extension cord if you plug stuff into that she put a ton of stuff into a wound up extension cord the rules a little bit so whatever because of the coil but if you new and I figure it like this out and that's how you do that before you from I think you're actually correct race car and we're about to wrap up this out tomorrow before going to do tomorrow at 2 p.m. yes time for sponsors gaming gaming doesn't you can the out of Random what out you probably don't remember back that far but the first time we made immersion we made the car 1 and then eight months later we put out the rest of the season it might be a little similar to that it was put out in March for our 7 year anniversary humor it's immersion and that was the first PAX East at the drop of a hat on the podcast what is Monte the others care about you were giving me grief about being an asshole Day Care end up in the lets play for the podcast you guys feel like a big people should hear how she talks Kara communication my favorite month 11 was it was bad on the podcast but I think he opened the door and his head and it was just like Chinese noise and where we talk about a specific subject on one of the podcast this time it could be Game of Thrones we will be talking about it assuming everyone who watches it has seen all the episodes up to that date. All the way through season 3 of Game of Thrones and some time after season 3 end E3 might interfere with that bill dead so what are the details of a time that you have any ideas for future spoiler pass that we can hold on a regular basis be sure to let us know we talked about a doctor who's going to be in question or something like that would you end up Corner media convention ago can you be love with me is this this or whatever okay whatever 1 out solutely no I just always think like I want to Future stuff because I always think that you would rather see it than have me tell you what's going to happen I mean it's like you know what I'm going to do you want to see new Game of Thrones material on screen or do I want to read it ever reach that point with the book so it's like okay I'm all caught up how do I prefer to get this done and then fill in with more with the books later I think that's where I'm going to 1 this is a very special day for a special time right now the Tower of pimps just had its first anniversary dont pass dude that came from the second Minecraft lets play we did that might be the most angry I've gotten on record while we were recording lets play in that's what I walked out like I was still pissed off his Gavin was into a lot of it so it doesn't sound as bad but man I was so pissed off at you and everyone's complete before you even got there yet but you know how religion star like someone has a thing with your time trying to rap was it the same thing not even the Terrapins is wrong with you star Thrones 4 hits for watching everyone and I will be back next week