#22 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is confrontational

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-22

Recorded: 2009-09-09 19:40:58

Runtime: 01:28:33 (5313 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Burnie: "It said G-off Ramsey."

Gavin: "It says G-off."

Geoff: "G-off Ramsey."

Gavin: "It turns out computers can't pronounce Geoff either."

Geoff: "Guess not."

Burnie (robot voice): "G-off Ramsey" "Alright. Hand me those, would you?"

Geoff: "What do you want? Do you want your drink?"

Burnie: "I do want my drink!"

Gus: "Hey! How's everyone going? This is a drunk tank."

Geoff: "Hey!"

Burnie: "Hey! Did you ask me "how am I going"?"

Geoff: "How are you going?"

Gus: "How are you going?"

Gavin: "What. Are you from Australia?"

Burnie: "Yeah. You're australian all of a sudden."

Gus laughs.

Burnie: "How are you going?"

Gus: "Yeah. It´s one letter off. How are you doing?"

Geoff: "Uhhh. I´m tired. How about you?"

Burnie: "I'm doing awesome. I´m not tired in the least because I didn't take the red-eye back from Seattle."

Gus: "Burnie said that we should all take the red-eye back. That we could be back in Austin by 10am from PAX. Then he didn´t take it."

Geoff: "Well... he booked it. He just changed his from pocket at the last minute."

Gus: "The last day his like "you know what? I´m not gonna fly out from Seattle at 11:30 tonight. You guys can knock yourselves out."

Burnie: "Well guys... We finished breaking down the booth at PAX sunday evening, you guys went straight to the airport and I went to Gold Class Cinemas in Redmont Washington and watched Inglorious Bastards. Inglorious Bastards."

Gavin: "How was it?"

Burnie: "Inglorious Bastards was awesome!" And the cinema is fantastic. Thanks for asking, Gavin."

Gavin: "You're very welcome."

Burnie: "It was good. I highly recommend seeing the movie."

Geoff: "I feel unconfortable of anyone speeking well of a theater that it's not the Alamo. Seems like you are cheating on them on some way."

Weird noises.

Burnie: No, I hear you... I feel you. But it's totally different."

Gavin snorts. Gus laughs.

Gavin: "Joe the cat..."

Gus: ...keeps opening the door."

Geoff laughs.

Burnie: "Why is he opening the door? Why is he going in the closet? He going to poop in there?"

Gus: "Get him..."

Geoff: "Get the cat out of there?"

Gus: "Get him out of there."

Burnie: "Don´t want the cat going in there and poop. But uhh... I feel you Geoff when you say you don´t want to talk nicely about a theater that's not the Alamo..."

Gus: 'Kick him out."

Burnie: "But it´s a totally different deal than the Alamo. The Alamo is kinda hip and cool, Gold Class is upscale. It´s like "you know what? I got my girl. I wanna go somewhere nice. I wanna pay 30 bucks a ticket to go see a movie..."

Gavin: "Whoa"

Burnie: "...and then you sit on these recliners that recline all the way back and there is only, I think, quick count, only about 24 seats in the hole theater."

Gavin: "Is there a place where you can recline a seat fully down and then watch a movie on the ceiling? Is there a place where you can do that?"

Gus and Burnie lagh.

Burnie: "No"

Gavin: "Cause that would be awesome."

Burnie: Gavn, that's all you."

Gus: "Maybe in the dentist office?"

Gavin laughs.

Geoff: "I can... I can recommend a theater that costs 50 bucks a seat, there are only 2 seats, intimate space abou a thousand square feet, smaller screen but it's called my living room and I'll let you watch any movie you want there for 50 dollars ahead."

Burnie: "Will you also come serve me drinks and stuff?"

Geoff: "Yes. Super private. And I have my british buttler available most weekends, most week nights..."

Gavin: "I thought he went home"

Geoff: "No, no, no... He's sitting... I´m staring at you right now."

Gus: "I hear you´re down to one british buttler now."

Geoff: "Yeah."

Gavin: "Yeah. We lost one."

Burnie: "Jordan really..."

Geoff: "Personalized service."

Burnie: "Jordan really likes it cause they offer you a blanket as soon as you sit down which to her is the greatest thing ever cause she is a woman which means she is cold everywhere she goes."

Gus: "And... and being a woman she probably complains constantly as well."

Burnie: "That she is cold?"

Gus: "Yeah. Or about everything."

Gavin laughs.

Geoff: It's because of the reptile blood."

Burnie: "Let´s move on to Gus's segment of complaining."

Gus laghs.

Burnie: "Gus, there is something you wanna talk about?"

Gus: "No, no, no. I can't say anything anymore. My wife started listening to the podcast when she realised I talk about her. So..."

Burnie: "Oh, oh. Did she really?"

Gus: "Yeah."

Burnie: "Whoa. That's not good."

Gus: "I love women. Women are great. Equal rights and stuff."

Everyone laughs.

Geoff: "OK. I´m gonna open a beer."

Burnie: "But they used to have... Gavin asked if there was a place where you could lay down and watch a movie... They used to have, back in the day, the planetarium. Did you ever go to those?"

Gus: "Oh, yeah"

Geoff: "Yeah."

Burnie: "You would go into a dome..."

Gavin: "They still have those."

Burnie: "Yeah. But it was like... I don't know. Maybe because I'm not 12 anymore. I don´t end up in the planetarium. But they seemed like they were a much bigger deal..."

Gus: "You know. You mentioned the planetarium. The last time we went down to New Zealand, the day we landed my wife and I were really tired... You know that you have that crazy jetlag and we wanted to just take a quick nap... And we were in Auckland and we thought "Oh, there´s a planetarium there. Great. We go in there and it's gonna be totally dark iand we gonna sleep for like 30 minutes while they do their presentation and we can get out refreshed after a little nap". So we go in, we pay, we enter the planetarium and we quickly realize that it's a tiny planetarium. There is like 30 school desk set up inside of it. And we are like "Oh, shit. This is small." And it's not very confortable either. So we sit down then we wait and the lights dim and then a dude walks in to give the presentation. Like, it's not even over a loudspeaker. It's like a class. And the dude walks in and starts talking to us. It's like me and my wife and one other chick there. And he's like sitting right in front of us staring at us and it was like the hardest 30 minutes to stay awake in my life."

Geoff: "Whoa."

Burnie (laughing): "So, like, you took a class."

Gus: "Yeah. Essentially. I took a class in the planetarium."

Gavin: "Did he say "How are you going?"?"

Gus (laughing): "He might have."

Geoff: "What... What game has a planetarium level in it? It's running... I'm running through the level in my head right now... I was lost in the game. I can't figure out what fucking game it was."

Gus: "Hit pause and take a look."

Geoff: "It's a 360 game. What is it?"

Gavin: "Was it like Vegas or something?"

Geoff: "No."

Burnie: "Pacman."

Geoff: "No. Goddammit."

Burnie: "Downloadable on arcade."

Geoff: "I hope somebody that is listening to this knows what I'm talking about and can write in and let me know cause it's too hard for me to google."

Burnie: "It's Pacman."

Gus: "A Xbox 360 game with a planetarium level..."

Burnie: "It's probably... It's probably..."

Geoff: "Oh, oh, oh. Fallout. Fallout 3."

Gavin: "Oh."

Geoff: "Yeah. There is a planetarium level on Fallout 3."

Burnie: "No."

Gus: "There is?"

Burnie: "Nope."

Geoff: "Yeah. Where you run around uhh... It's in the uhh... It's one of those big balloons like the library... not the library but one of those big buidings ans there's like observation areas, it's got like 3 levels, planetarium thing in the middle."

Gus: "Really?"

Geoff: "Yeah. Swear to Christ."

Burnie. "So. Whoa. That serious."

Geoff: "I do though."

Burnie: "Podcast just took a very serious turn. Somebody is going to hell when they find out that it turns out it was in Prince of Persia."

Everyone laughs.

Geoff: "I'll. I'll take the risk."

Burnie: "So...Speaking of video games, I gess we should probably talk about PAX. And all the wonderfull thing we saw at PAX this weekend."

Geoff: "OK."

Burnie: "Congratulations to everyone in this room for not catching the PAX sars or whatever that is."

Gus: "PAX pox."

Burnie: "PAX pox."

Geoff: "Yeah man. That's serious. Luke, Jack, Ben...Who else? A ton of people."

Burnie: "Everybody."

Geoff: "Everybody has it. Yeah..."

Burnie: "My twitter feed is like now reading the first 50 pages of The Stand."

Geoff: "The best part..."

Gus: "You can see it's like an outbreak. You can see it like spreading..."

Burnie: "You can. Like hum, we had to cancel gaming night because 3 other people there were in PAX came down with something, you know. And somebody else is like "I've been coughing a lot today since I got back from PAX"."

Gus: "Hey. Here's a hint: wash your fucking hands."

Burnie (laughing): "No kidding."

Geoff: "Yeah dude. That was a great way to wake up friday morning though. We woke up friday morning and walked out of our hotel room and there's like USA Today waiting for us. Or the Seattle paper what whatever it is. And the headline above the fold is like "2 thousand WSU students sick"."

Burnie: "It was actually..."

Geoff: "Sick with swine flu symptoms."

Gus: "Yep."

Burnie: "I rememember the headline verbatum cause it was such a scary headline cause you open the hotel door and you stare at it and it says "Swine flu rages at WSU" and it like "holy God!"."

Geoff: "2 thousand students."

Burnie: "It's like you wanna save the paper for when you shoot and apocalyptic movie and it's the one you let roll down the street, you know?"

Geoff: "That being said... I bet friday morning was test day, right? 2 thousand student woke up and were like "I also have swine flu".

Everyone laughs.

Geoff: "Please, no chemistry final."

Burnie: " Yeah. It's like they're just going back. It's going to be bad. Like, it's gonna come back pretty hard, they say. The winter and the school."

Geoff: "I was reading that it started a lot earlier than they anticipated too. And that's extra troubling.

Burnie: "Not good."

Geoff: "Not good"

Burnie: "Not good. And I wonder if it's better to catch it now or is it better to wait?"

Gavin: "Or before it mutates."

Geoff: "Will we... How about this... Will we be sitting here 3 months from now, staring at the space where Gus or Burnie..."

Burnie: "Don't."

Geoff: "...used to be."

Burnie: "Don't say that."

Geoff: "Lamenting this conversation?"

Gus: "It will be a large space left if it's a space where Burnie is."

Gavin laughs.

Geoff: "Man... You're..."

Gus: "This room wil be..."

Gavin: "That section is staying in."

Gus: "Lots of room."

Burnie: "You can hire two healthy people."

Gus laughs.

Geoff: "I just wanna know, for the record, I think you look fine, Burnie."

Burnie: "Thanks dude."

Geoff: "No problem."

Gus: "I wonder if that's how Left 4 Dead 2 stated."

Geoff: "Oh. Lets not find out."

Burnie: You know... We tend to be pretty sarcastic. We assume that the people who come to our booth and come to our panel... We assume they're in on the joke, right?"

Geoff: "Yes. I would think so."

Burnie: "I got... I got kinda called out. I was on a panel with a dude that runs the Playstation network and some people who run Trixy and KP who are big Xbox Live community managers."

Geoff: "Hum hum."

Burnie: "And somebody stood up and asked a question that really, honestly, we had already covered during the spoken part of the panel. And during the Q&A he got up and asked "How do you handle trolls?". And I gave a very funny and sarcastic answer."

Geoff: "I'd love to hear it."

Burnie: "I tried to give a very funny and sarcastic answer. It was just... He said "How do you deal with trolls who come to you website? How do you make your website better deal with trolls?" and I said "Take your website and move it off the internet." Which is just, you know... Cause we'd already done a long conversation about how we handle trolls and how we handle baning and stuff like that."

Geoff: "Sure." 

Burnie: "But then the other panelist were like "That was really mean. Why would you be so mean to... And I was like "Oh, yeah. This isn't one of our panels. I guess I should be a little nicer."

Geoff: "Apparently the rest of the world is populated by pussies."

Everyone laughs.

Geoff: "Can't take a joke."

Burnie: "My hole thing too is that like, when you go to the panels and do a Q&A... And I don't know if this guy was that way. But it's very clear when some people are getting up and it's more of a performance Q&A. They don't really... They're not there to ask a question, they're just there to be at a microphone and kinda you know, perform ."

Geoff: "Absolutely."

Burnie: "For a lack of a better term... It's called a masturbatory interrogative. And uhh..."

Gus: "I like where this is going."

Burnie: "Yeah. And you can tell when the audience knows. And the audience is like "We alredy talked about this." So it's better to just like, you know, give a quick and funny answer and move on, you know."

Gus: "Move on to the real questions."

Burnie: "But I actually felt really b... I really did feel bad. I was like "Wow". And then I kinda bashed other social networking stuff during the panel too. Which.. They were from corporate America, you know. They're coming from the corporate angle where they're just trying to expand. They have a product where their thing is based on where is our perspective always were our grass roots independent representative on that panel. And I was just saying, you know, "You can spend all of your time on facebook and twitter trying to grow and audience but then yout audience... or your comunity is on facebook and twitter, you know. You're gonna lose your identity in the process. And, God... I think we go blue in the face talking about that sometimes. Don't we?"

Gus: "I feel like we've told some people who... We've told some people that repeatedly and they don't listen."

Burnie: "Yeah. So..."

Gus: "They end up dispersed all over the place."

Burnie: "Yeah. People just don't want to hear it, I guess. You know?"

Geoff: "Too bad, idiots. You should have listened. Whoever you may be."

Gus: "Luckly Left 4 Dead 2 was not depressing."

Geoff: "Dude, you wanna talk about Left 4 Dead 2?"

Burnie: "Speaking of infected people."

Gus: "I do wanna talk about Left 4 Dead 2. I tried to segue earlier but you all fucking shot me down."

Geoff laughs.

Gus:" Uhh. We got to play it earlier the other day. Out there... When we were out there in Seattle."

Geoff: "Yeah. We had... Gus and I we were lucky enough to get invited to this Microsoft community event where they just took a bunch of member of like Xbox websites and stuff and they took us all up to Microsoft and gave us essentially 6 hours with a bunch of games. Number one and two bein ODST and Left 4 Dead. And Gus and I, I think, we've played a fair bit of ODST already and we played a fair bit of that game too but eventually we leaned ourselves soft to Left 4 Dead 2. And goddamnit dude, anybody that's complaining about that game coming out too soon needs to be shot."

Gus: "They just need to play the game."

Geoff: "They need to play the game."

Gus: "It's uhh... It's really really good."

Gavin: "Does it look... Does it look like a different game? Or does it look like an expansion of the same game."

Burnie: "Now.. What do you mean by that? "Does it look like a different game?"?"

Gavin: "Like... Like Gears of War 1 and 2... Like if you just showed me a clip of generic gameplay, I wouldn't be able to tell which one it was."

Geoff: "Let me ask you a question, though. It's that a problem. Does that bother you?"

Gavin: "No, no, no..."

Geoff: "You'd have to... You and I..."

Gavin: "I loved that. They kept everything that works. And added better stuff, so..."

Gus: "It looks very much the same but you could probably quickly tell which you were looking at based on zombies and weapons."

Gavin: "Right. And it's the same with Gears. You can see some things and like "Oh, this thing is too"... If it's like generic walking around kind of gun out, would you be able to tell."

Geoff: "It feels a lot more massive to me and less linear playing then Left 4 Dead one. I guess is like the first act of..."

Gus: "We were playing Dark Carnival."

Geoff: "Dark Carnival. Right... Very quickly... You start.. You start in like a highway kinda like uhh... similar start to Left 4 Dead one and then you are almost immediately in like a two story motel and there's like 80 room in that motel and you can go in every fucking room. I got lost for like 20 minutes walking around there. It's crazy."

Gus: "It takes a while to figure out where you are going."

Gavin: "Are they just empty rooms? Or are they zombie filled rooms?"

Geoff: "It depends, dude. It depends."

Gavin: "Cool."

Geoff: "And you can find hidden stuff in there. All kinds of junk. But it was awesome. And the first time you see the special... the new special infected, you're blown away."

Gus: "Yeah. There's... what... There's 3 new special infected. The Charger, that it's like a tank that runs really fast and pins you to the ground and slams you. Thre's the Jockey who jumps on the survivers back and rides him around."

Geoff: "That's by far my favorite."

Gus: "Yeah. And there's the Spitter who spits this noxious gas into the ground."

Geoff: "I"m not clear on the Spitter. What the Spitter..."

Gus: "He spits that green stuff on the ground and if you walk over in that area you take damage."

Geoff: "But it doesn't attract other zombies like the Boomers, right?"

Gus: "No. I don't think so."

Geoff: "Oh. It's the Spitter a boy or a girl? Because Gus and I couldn't remember."

Gus: "I never got a good look at the Spitter. You thought it was a female zombie but I never really saw."

Geoff: "Burnie, do you know?"

Burnie: "Yeah. I know but I think that I played more of the game then you guys have, so I..."

Geoff: "We definitely saw. I came up against 6 or 7 Spitters, I just wasn't paying attention. And we were gonna have Luke make a comic about it and I can't remember if it's a guy or a girl and I wanna be accurate."

Burnie: "Uhh. From what I've seen, it's a very ugly looking girl."

Geoff: "OK."

Burnie: "Very. Like, saggy tits and like..."

Gus: "Well, man..."

Geoff: "Nice."

Gavin: "Worse then the witch?"

Burnie: "Oh yeah."

Geoff: "She's kinda hot."

Burnie: "Yeah. She's kinda hot."

Gus: "And there's also now a new thing where there's like uncommon common zombies."

Geoff: "Yeah. I'm not too clear on how that worked either."

Gus: "It's like... It's not necessary a special zombie, it's just like a regular zombie who's a little different."

Gavin: "So..."

Gus: "In the dark carnival there was a clown and he would walk around and you could hear him and his shoes were like squeaking and he would attract like a bunch of zombies around him as a result of the noise."

Gavin: "So is it kinda like in Dead Rising when you had those zombies with the B on their back?"

Gus: "Yeah. It's kinda like that."

Geoff: "And he was harder to kill too, right? But he didn't have any special powers. He wasn't any..."

Gus: "He just attracted zombies."

Geoff: "Yeah. That was pretty cool."

Gavin: "So, can you play all these special infected in vs mode?"

Gus: "We couldn't play vs. All we had available to us at the event was the campaing."

Geoff: "Dude. If you can though, and I'm assuming you can..."

Gavin: "Jockeys are gonna be fun, right?"

Geoff: "Jockeys are gonna be the way to go man. Cause you just... The first thing... The first time I encountered a Jockey, he jumped on my back and ran me right off a cliff. It was awesome to be a part of."

Gus: "We were playing co op and there were 3 of us that were still alive and the Jockey jumped on Geoff's back and started walking him away so I started running over to help him then a Charger came out and pinned the other dude and so I killed the Charger and the dude was incapacitated, I picked the other dude up, I looked around for Geoff and the Jockey had like walked him off a cliff into a river."

Everyone laughs.

Gus: "By the time I got over there... I got to Geoff right as he bled out and died."

Geoff: "Yeah. It was pretty awesome."

Burnie: "They have designed the new special infected, it seemed like, to separate you. Even the Spitter, it cuts you off from an area, you know. So you can't enter an area until the acid or whatever that stuff is dies."

Gus: "Yeah, and