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Recorded: 2013-05-28 22:04:42

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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this episode of The First Take podcast store to buy pot in the flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first school the balance due to traffic does an increased focus on mental driver our listeners get up to 10% off and use promo code rooster at on it.com / gaming that's omi t.com /games absolute podcast is also brought you by Hulu Plus with hulu plus you got total control to watch 2004 shows wherever you want whenever you want then John full seasons and watch your favorite current shows like red versus blue and more right now to get extended free trial of Hulu Plus I going to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth this episode of the Rich Podcast You by Squarespace the only one plus store in them as fast as you to create a professional website blog portfolio or online store for free trial and 10% of your first purchase a new accounts go to squarespace.com and you store cut Rooster Teeth podcast RoosterTeeth and the number 5 zip code everyone welcome to podcast Number 220 something at the beginning the podcast welcome to on commercial streamers or something man what's a good plan for it I get to work then I'm really tired so I thought I'd bring up something that I can't talk about it can't wait till next week or something funny yeah so in light of your sunglasses today the holiday I'm going to start off by freely admitting that you are watching a pre-taped live broadcast because almost all of our crew decided to take the day off on Monday so we couldn't decide what is that why those two holidays Christmas ever by Stevie Wonder the more I think of them as being the beginning and end of summer and they never remember which is which is this the first try 2 soundtrack know what is memorial League of Their one world I get some soul Memorial Day for fallen soldiers very good 11th of November is usually we also have our like that that kind of Sunday is it Sunday also have Veterans Day that time of year and I don't know for certain I'm talking out my ass but I believe each of those days was to signify the End of the World War 1 and when World War II so when should we have World War 3 will be the best time and we can do so we will give him a holiday so we have to work anymore we would just need 3 more different day like the veterans currently alive veterans like you're sort of like everyone in the Memorial Day is in their burgers I think I think you're right all right then it's like for Veterans of Foreign Wars veterans.. It's better than just I served in the military and I was honorably discharged directly how many military members on September 11th by keeping out of the military for a long time by that point to million Reserve Austin early 99 so I must have been two and a half for 3 years by that point the military refer you to a really funny story one time there was a female reporter and his job was to guard her and then I take exercise they were shooting white phosphorus raining down on the tank and they realized it was over there heading down this way more people doing this being as she is out of the way tell me nice to her Memorial Day The Paddock and quickly screw someone over and everything's fine and then you're stuck with him it's like seeing a Game of Thrones from the office if that situation it makes sense I mean yeah I mean it really is my wife always makes fun of me because she said that if I see anything going wrong in public like or something happening but my first reaction is to just turn around and let me scare me Memorial this Memorial Day remember know but I knew somebody who was a special forces or something obviously trained in some specific kind of combat and he was out for a while but his wife was scared shitless of it because in the middle of the night she would wake up and he would be told her she would have liked but he would be looking for stuff password big deal of a former military person Chanhassen just left she was Air Force she's no longer with us she just quit she don't like that Memorial Day who else is ex-military we have anybody else that has some crazy stories just awesome everything I wish I had a chance to come on the podcast but she said yes but she just left to start her off with our office manager but she remembered the office manager to hire someone who wouldn't end up in production that was like to go would like because we need someone to help run the office on a day-to-day basis we need to find somebody who that's what they would do and they wouldn't end up like working you know on know whenever you're working out of the time but when she shows up here sees installations go to her or anything but how many people are employed Alpha during dude that was fast so of course today we just saw that the destiny live action answer with GN and not going to try to pronounce the last name John colors celebration so in in that teaser day day so I guess like some live-action does representation of gameplay would be like and then they announce that they can have their gameplay reveal at Sony's press briefing during E3 which is surprising how much Sony is pushing the destiny stuff how much is are pushing a bunch of stuff and she was really good at the end of the trailer from the creators of Halo and the publisher the company Memorial in Destiny during the PS4 reveal gameplay reveal during the briefing and then Xbox one we have to assume that one reveal at the presentation and get out of show off your console and I know what's going into it things like that all the way through the reveal we had a very quick break and came here after we were done eating I can store the most the most online 24 hours According to some people trouble slow that's the worst thing in the world but that isn't the worst thing to have a spotlight only marketable reveal came out in a piece of shit like that was amazing was complaining about the dashboard on the Xbox to screenshot of blades in The Glades yellow one gets stuck in to 31 Blackburn by real fast you want to call it just like it there and then the guys to come out of the side that you read the comments -4 people were not happy about it and then now people love the 360 yeah I went back and looked at my watch the Xbox 360 reveal the best example of this I think was when Steve Jobs held up the iPad and the iPad everybody talked about that like it was the worst thing anyone could ever do the iPad was a dog it was a stupid name stupid prom in the people selling consumer product in history and the people in the press conference was kind of lukewarm about it and there will the hospital know what he was doing all the stuff like this traitor was the original iPod in Brooklyn the iPod touches the same thing it's an overpriced MP3 player Flash Player on an MP3 player already I River and Rio has that market all locked up and it was like a scene out of hell that thing up and he's like music as how we're going to get back in people's lives and it was like okay whatever the most important probably technology reveal in the last 10 years it is very early MP3 players is a lot of them the shaped like a Discman that was shaped like anything what the hell was the point of that you can make your to have people make that connection in their head and that's probably where you the form factor they were used to receiving music and it's funny you say that I saw a guy on a plane like 2 months ago listening to a CD disk older people using of should have punched it to Joe Gibbs Racing white things like with the whole reveal of the Xbox One is I literally don't know what I would say I want in a console now that the 360 doesn't deliver like an old man with a Discman he's like this is good enough it's like really the 360 whatever the next one going to meet at 7:20 in the Xbox One whatever they're going to call it it'll probably have better graphics than is a Blu-ray Drive is amazing to me now that I can play Blu Rays on my Xbox 360 for my Xbox one we have platform what are going to call it that's enough for me I just like things to the level I always hope that you don't know what else they can be I mean the backwards compatibility Xbox One games coming out for a long time which is Grand Theft Auto slow could be something as I woman I can keep my Xbox 360 isn't she going to be put into this I don't think so I don't think so that's one game was like me in person like we do feels weak and hoarse know if I'm going to keep on the 360 until we make the jump to whatever the next Halo game one and I couldn't believe it day challenge he was really made it for what is a conventional News 15 kills in a Slayer match or in a match team Slayer Slayer and you can't ever guide 15 killed in the corner you'll see it when you can zero and I couldn't fucking believe it to that point with your heart racing you like to run for something is going to happen which I try to do it verisign Hunger Games in the same machine that was through a lot together than anybody Joe Joe still up there but you never believe my of Achilles post I got I got on Hulu Plus on your PC Hulu devices on Hulu Plus whenever you want you can use Hulu Plus at Kinect game consoles Blu-ray players Roku Apple TV PC or watch from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet on demand at all times and Hulu Plus full seasons or watch your favorite shows and even full series runs of classic TV shows like Community Modern Family SNL Monday Night Raw The Man Show Jimmy Kimmel Family Guy Red vs Blue and more Hulu Plus is only 7 99 a month for right now the rocking extended free trial Hulu Plus that's available to our listeners so just go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth or click on the banner on our site for extended free trial so thanks a bunch to Hulu Plus for your support the great service that I've been using for a long time and I'm glad that we have them as a sponsor to mention I've heard major rivers on the Kinect I don't know I don't think so one can cover up I'm talking about Redbox a little bit I mean I don't have one like you're going to have to have them is going to be on the top of my TV and I have one room and my bed is that I don't think that naked in front of it and chain plug it in and leave it in my cabinet member of the gaming podcast the beginning podcast like talk about how sometimes when I'm watching videos on my 360 that people will say stuff in the movie and my Kinect will hear it and then pause or rewind or start doing some shit people who were watching the live stream via their Xboxes and weather Kinect plugged in keep having this dream interrupting but with what does the guy was doing all the Kinect controls Xbox everyone's Kinect at home listening to him and kick him out to dashboard screens at Xbox home I just went to the dashboard what's the weather like it's going to be funny when you can walk into the gym on her office and say Xbox on and then 6 Xbox one light up at the same time like my little on the game you I'm curious I'm really excited for the next gen this could be fun where to drink and I really don't know that I am like overall for any next-gen like that I'm overly excited about it it's right does 360 has kind of Tim did my organizer how to put it it's like a lot of the Need For Change difference right complaint that everyone's making about used games about what the future is and how it works I see what they're saying totally rumored is that you get a disc with the day I get Halo 5 in there to make that game Halo 5 available the Xbox one I had to install it that's a big thing it's installed games we can play them after installing major School now you understand how the game works at all I downloaded a 100 take file and I was already playing SimCity 6 take installed Warcraft Starcraft streaming it really was like I was playing it almost instantly and then you can have like 2 or 3 or 4 and then another thing I don't have to pay to play used games actually news day and I recognize the most people do but I do install multiple copies of the game in multiple places and want to play it without having the disc and I usually the way to the game side the man comes out to even have that functionality also with most gamers in my house it's kind of a pain in the ass to like all I got to give you my desk you know or like and it sounds like Steam account I'm totally cool with Xbox Live right now or whatever box you install the disc on anyone can play it on that box and it just your Gamertag so that's why you play with I'm very Side by that sounds like the launch of downloading like if you don't really the physical this is just like you just by the games you can download so hopefully this console it's not like I got a press copy of Crackdown 2 and it is to me to download cocaine in a couple years ago I was the old office I was 3 years ago I am kind of surprised that hasn't taken off more but we are seeing all games on the man is definitely picking up you're seeing a lot newer titles hitting a quicker and so I think this will be sorely The Next Step that will lead us to like instead of waiting in line at midnight that day one launches Steppin Borderlands 2 was available day 100 download picture of Google fiber picture of people white that but if you could buy Time Warner that's why I noticed it was absolutely right about the Xbox one saying is that this is a global audience at the end of the presentation available all around the world later this year Xbox One dashboard looks like to me everything everything everything I don't have any service University of a lot of people to watch your projects that are in the UK and in Australia and so you know it's not everyone's a u.s. consumer the NFL does it mean when how unfortunate for them it store traitor Barbara somebody caught Barbara in her outfit she has an American flag on her sleeve and making it about that I did not know that on there it was given to me at work for one thing real quick like does anyone give a shit about the fact that the Xbox has to be all like connect to the internet almost all times whatever like people like making such a huge deal out of that is so annoying Gavin Alamo guitar those the new immersion suit so I guess that's a no woman out there at the racetrack do we put them in the blue paper suit yeah those are official racing so we got like super expensive racing suit like everything is just retarded spit on the set of that location people seem to like it it was fun A lot of things like my favorite bag flying out the window is like the chaos that happened in that final lap burlap bag with the pink bag in the screen shoot that wasn't shown you're okay if there's a law come and say I can't believe you threw up and Gavin didn't throw the trash take a little hit me up what was the driver's name Terry that was awesome we need to include them in everything we do from there why at the end did we not have more of a wrap-up is explaining the game the concept in the game and as a segment where we talk about how we're going to do it then we show these Burnie during your wrap up the Rival in this of truncated and it was like it wasn't always appropriate know when my favorite things the banter between Michael Gavin and Terry in the car. Tajima drink milk and cheese pasta for racing just got held up you know Brandon is this is brain break free and you think Austin looks like this and it was in there talking and I were talking and I said between laughs were going to feed him milk and cheese puffs and I said you know it's like we've heard there's a chance they could possibly get sick just saying if you're okay with that it be something it's like you drive in the way that like if you're okay with that cellulitis on the 1st like every every single with a lot of race professionals at the racing professionals they were there we had our paramedics out there there were people that were involved with the track Tim rented from every single person when we told them that there was somebody in the back seat there was like we were all excited about moving but your thing isn't moving his massive close in the screen where everything else was really really store Joe gifts online it's comparing and Lindsay feeding Michael milk good for Michael Lindsay just hand him the bottle and he starts choking me I'm like shoving the ball into Gavin smells and looks just like pouring down during presidential to have Gavin there something on your league having so much fun tonight the series in general is probably the single most requested sees that we no longer make like that's it so when it came back as like it's only something you can go and come back like always that's probably the one you guys have people in the car with the people they should have been in the same environment as the driver and you would never in Xbox in the car washing Gavin and Michael suffered that the balance they like science aspect with the Jack cat aspect of torture chamber part of Jack we're in this one obviously more heavily towards the torture chamber so what are the next steps for immersion can you say anything about that that there is a couple different TV network then we started focusing on one in particular they were interested in putting immersion on the air we knew going longer time frames they move a lot slower than we do and we're used to like make something and put it out and even this thing was long just because there's like there's a lot of people involved with the production of this episode as sponsor we had another group that was involved on that agencies in to the health of cat the concert a lot of proven process which made a little bit longer that's just we were used to that at this point but with TV it's like you know you just end up in development for a while and there's even like crazy there are agreements on them take me to take a specific picture of Joe the cat it's like I'm the how they got it on my phone but woman like during the process with emerging development Milestone out there at this point and we don't have something like we're heading this direction we're definitely doing this everyone's happy with what the show is going to be then we're just going to do season 2 of immersion on the web I can tell you that that date was essentially when this episode of immersion comes out this between sees it because we're showing it to the audience or going to put them back in there everything brain so we're going to do that and then like development land and so that's where we are right now so this is a very critical week for making this figured out the pilot of immersion to the actual start of the side of a Long December Austin and it was the same time that we introduce Monty working at Rivers the blue those are really cool and my favorite all-time machine and Monty animating an RV be 100 the animation in Red vs Blue it was the board on the wall and he was kicking the crap out of all the first week of December news from the showing at Pax and then having a happy to hear it was up online that's when you were thinking I wonder what that references I was happy to hear my warning my pre-emergent warning voice over carried over to the next sees art 100 years ago 3 years ago and I've learned my skill when it comes to voice acting the acting part I can't do know it comes like reading dialogue just like this traitor and I like doing that sort of stuff I can do that pretty face I'm sure what that they can probably get Ryan his voice what's the weather what's up what's up what's up internationally somewhere the story behind California one point for some reason 4 baronne of the movie the arcade does not even is my favorite with those day so there's a pun off the O'Henry pun off in Austin area in conversation like on the podcast coming up with like your own stand-up routines stand-up routine that you have to come up with like a minute to minute 3014 essentially but you don't do that you don't like people pun pun battle maybe next year I'll do it I'll start working on your know we had problems when we were doing the next that I had in the process I was going to make everyone go to an open mic spit on it was really hard and it was some really good things script should I not there yet behind the sees that we put up and I got a little depressed about it but I'm moping around waiting for a video and then it's pretty much hit play and we turn it on or the car back to off because you're miserable does the writing section of guide we wish we thought about doing a fake behind-the-scenes video for Let's Play by we come up with everything like a voicemail so I could probably run around here and come here maybe maybe it was better that he really likes them take me to 17 Ashley thought that you had a funny voice it's just us no one else listening we were talking about iPhone storage on the iPhone 5 and I threw it how much how much number one thing that people use to store does she use like Spotify I don't know it was like it was when she had friends with it was just like it's weird right it's weird that is weird Okay so that's it Port City Music how many photos does she have you know that my phone's around when Jeffrey Dahmer was alive he wouldn't have any music she's a lunatic you doing I don't know I don't know she doesn't know anything I show that was like watching like someone finding them with something big you get someone for the first time in the first 221 but she doesn't like three or four hours a day just to replace to treadmill cost it's a beautiful Joe trouble $450 you said it was impossible to treadmill for less than $300 thousand okay what's the difference between a good treadmill what is it about yours that's probably the motor is probably one thing in the other thing is just the start of the frame materials that are used to build some of them you can set up and you can run when half to my surprise you can use an incline and go faster in Far Cry 3 store so much still want me to get a place healthy know I was always like sneaking and in the jungle and like never being seen take down heavy one nothing really guide phone came out of my ear and I like this not even reach down to get it and then your center of gravity like balls Ford take off like grabbing on to whatever you can decide yourself Jack hates the treadmill have a motor controller weather treadmill Powers the forward on a know there's a group who did that with the World of Warcraft where you will modify your walking in the real world was equivalent to the walking in the game that be interested in your character had to move you have to start walking on the treadmill to make a move forward when I when I first started doing it and I was really into doing it that was like right after the last sees information when I get it like a side by side of like me from the last episode of this one we just did we could do that so I went out and bought for like a hundred twenty bucks I bought a treadmill that was just about all remember that I pushed away who created resistance so it's much harder to walk the normal yeah it really concentrating on just the motor nevermind it is also brought to you by Squarespace the only one popcorn to make fast and easy to create a professional 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anything digital code or physical got a great mobile experience and great social media integration so to try to go to squarespace.com sign up for a free account don't need a credit card and could decide to pursue just use offer code RoosterTeeth by and get 10% off your first purchase on your account don't forget about freedom and registration for annual pun customers Squarespace not common use off of Route 35 hit that bit on the phone that makes it like take for does not reflect spit who did Queen Elizabeth I the thought thank you I was really talking about Side New York in the Austin and San Francisco if we were married or something in each other store for drink Gavin League 04 I mean it white women with Barbara about it felt like a couple weeks are you happy what is you have to to my only employee Academy store for me but I don't know what happened trouble kind of fucking huge know it's only three weeks older than my dog Oswald Drogo Joe tell me at one point came downstairs was in the lobby trouble spotted him and reported for Joe Lynn actually shifted Adam's death like move the whole day holy playing with trouble one so I think she was talking to Joe because Joe was having sex with a dog NC Joe has a monitor so she looked under the one that I didn't trouble so someone through the door and took the desk slow tripped all the time I seen a full from being sat down in a chair 644 the traitor maybe mention we mentioned it then maybe this past week with your girlfriend like a plan where we try we basically get into a relationship with someone convince them to buy them and then leave and see who can do it he's freaking awesome how old she is at just over two months right now Australian Australian shepherd mixed with Shiba anchor sees someone she got a know where we know what sees Australian shepherd and then some other stuff but he's super-cute interpals are gigantic like trouble you can see there's like orange porches to give them baking in the sun that's what he does now and as a result he became a bag and save them and that was fun I was actually put up with the bath old or older video on internet of The Cat in the cat washing machine can you put something under the sea Michelle one either so the first time you saw the cat with any form of emotion about anything cuz I'm not sure if you think of anything so when you put in the bus he must be feeling right now barking and he just had that was probably the most awesome but I like 10 years old cat washing device my cat is slowly dying scraping noise making hitting that he was doing that but I might Taylor Furniture know if you get like a firm grip on them and they know they're not going anywhere side eventually they will come down it's going to take it because I know that's why I don't show me a video of Behaving when you pinch it all you take your clip binder clips one of those black Clips with long silver tabs on it and you squeeze of a triangle black triangle and you can on the next Edition locked up we can try that with him though it was of the Cat the video the internet the internet guide to jinx Ashley actually got to check out the worst case he's like hey hey and I was like well I looked over when were washing the cat hasn't come up hates on to that and I look over and I mean literally she has arms like that we were holding it I was washing off and taking his to make things any worse actually my profile picture of me washing cat being washing love being dry as we are but on my profile photo on MeetMe washing to see her hand on the side of the tub it is like to see all of the muscles in your arm like trying to pull myself out of it I had a cat that actually like bath and in fact if I didn't close the door to my bathroom when I was showering she would come in and like jump in the shower with me that's cool love you like that picture lock the door you don't trust me cat litter on the keyboard picture of the drink Ultimate Experience control short that we released Thursday Happy Birthday so my wife left you a funny Facebook and Twitter account to retweet it or she said happy birthday Gavin I think you're talking though you look like a bottom it was good it was like I like I think I can give it slow the side drink by like pushing its head into the Austin drink the liquid that runs down his head I love you and I'm cat the perfect combination playing on the one my Instagram account side Instagram like 2 years ago tonight at how old is it photos of my cat today like nothing for your birthday just don't reply don't reply so you send on your birthday released shortly just coming out tonight which we could talk about because that's where they made out with a dude at the Pax East panel oh yeah it was I was to do that what about it it's no big deal. I can also say how much it was I refuse to watch it probably the single most watched short internally but everyone watched it over and over there in your office we just had a know Luke was testing the DVD to the fair on every time I washing office there's a lot of videos on DVD this one was playing I don't know what I was just about everywhere yeah but you just hear the music know what was going on it was more Awkward for me to watch you kissing Samantha by to watch kissing if it's different like I feel like I know her I know her husband Tom is just like that from him it's amazing how sexual is to make out with someone when you feel like it oh my God I love you oh my God it's like someone to play the video game with take until the sun know he was making me to this place it seems like I just faces on it I kept that love the camera I can just see like one eye and it's like she would be doing it it was something that was going back in February and I have very tired now the end of the day it's hard to keep them in the kitchen which is pretty much okay know when the entire office make any noise to be tired and I got a couple of pretty much anything we had a know if we get anything past Prime with Gavin but I never dog Jacks you were here that's why I told a story about our trip to Australia when I kick you in the balls against the know you talked about him to do anything if it's only going to be disappointed spit take spit on Brandon will call you today but I mean it was okay because it's not sees people and spitting on him it's just water that if he was mad and give it to him so it's just water that's somewhat if we got a lot of homeless people and they all get spit takes on you it's just water in their mouth right now I wouldn't do that what's the fucking difference can people in and out to get more and more and that the last time I had everyone who was still there spit on him at the same time so obviously everyone's cross tree and I got nothing how to me and he was covered in water and everything so I just change clothes but I don't know you watch it it's about 6567 minutes and I could let it go by Hulu cake does everyone like Joe Cocker With a little woman Memorial filter Japanese word I need you forever you pronounce the word souffle the word I thought the word I use the word epitome I knew that word in my head of town I ready to settle the guide for ABC News again even thought he was reading a press release from the White House and he read literally as white really like and he's kept going like you didn't like tracking cell razor white rally alright thought process that was ever very first day rephrasing that he was from the south or something off first day who first broadcast ever life's hard I mean normally every week but this this podcast out at a certain time and you know despite the fact I've been doing it for months now it still like to get all the different Oh I thought the same thing the whole time we were put that idea in their heads the interaction reacting to know what's coming back and even if we don't mention it you can still see it and you know what they're thinking of doing this for a 100 something times something like a hundred and sixty you like you like me to put something in the in last week's podcast where we uploaded the audio file then after it was uploaded when he was on the server somehow an audio track up fucked up so like 47 minutes into it it sounded weird like it was like a track that was doubled within five minutes I found it replaced it but we were like oh my God doesn't anyone prove it before you post it was fucked up somehow it was replaced almost instantly Red vs Blue we never had a continuity error or any problem we can turn it up here North Dakota News NBC and this is his first day and she's bitching I'm so used to being North Dakota spine and store everything fucking bullshit I need to be in the market I think you can come here it's like he's looking at store he has to do is to mention some politician and it's a really difficult name and he's trying to pronounce it maybe it's something else doing this you know you're not supposed to like you almost like it almost makes it easier the cars weird but I always you never had like any news or anything like that and then the what episode was it where they had that there was a continuity errors like the first time I ever let anyone else direct episode does a continuity of those characters like standing there please not in the in the thing at all and it's funny to do news cabooses brother Cecil in the off season five right quickly after that there was another continuity after the st. Patrick's Day episode when Tucker came back as the wrong color color was always a massive problem but you know from season 7 when you directed at Tucker's color would change depending on where he was standing it was it was that was different it wouldn't change though because everyone went to a different color green for the st. Patrick's in writing that one but you never went back to the correct never returned to me but that was one of them or something like that I think it was the first time we talked in Halo 3 is that right there was not a lot of time to change the names of the colors every game we would really try to forget we had 3 different dude thought that you would feel and then tell me to colors like that in any game in Minecraft for the does it was like I don't know I just don't put one of them in colors like blue green and it's fucked up colors Google cat middle one right there that's of the games on fired his electric there I'm talking to you Stride Rite cat of the brain that control control control slow my God what are you doing trolls crowd noises with your mouth the picture what color is Hulu what do you mean game is fucking yellow and I was wondering why that Joe has green and yellow color blind test yellow character picture with him in the game for the artwork like right up there on the right one of the joys of being green and yellow green and yellow news online games you can play that like test your color perception what color you have a what if you see three does red colors the sky for me is everything blue is being does you can't rely on descriptions people are fucking stupid or what because you would say red is like fire but if violets blue to you you'd say that blue look like fun it's true what you think of this colors colors of perception I must get the exact number here woman colors she can see an outrageous amount of colors does she have a fella taking off the oil filter filter good weekend for it that's why you just can't understand how you can't see it doesn't pick up woman 99 million more colors than the average human million colors in England u.s. supervision million different colors because it's going to be no names for any of them what is the name for it they can probably give her a gradient of colors that to us would be one color and she could see different colors down a few minutes know name for any of it it's like the difference if you like go to your Mac can you change your color depth from thousands to Millions is probably that kind of League or whatever colors you like bo3 everything must make a cat throw up and remind everyone that this podcast is also brought to you by on it and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first fully balanced nootropic designed to increase focus and enable a higher height and mental state it also can provide lucid dreams and a more restful sleep we've been I've been take it on it for God it seems like for a year now for longer Alpha Brain and a big fan of it you can save up to 10% off you go and use promo code rooster at on it.com / gaming League side of their product and I highly recommend it on it on it a little while I went off and came back on I am really honestly feel like I get better sleep but everyone differently you're pretty funny I think as a kid I was a kid because I thought it took too long to chew in my jaw would get tired 9 or 10 if I start eating meat because like I would remember I have memories of sitting down feel like I got it like cutting into it because I was like to me that's like you're putting me of like the lazy kid like this is good I like to meet I just didn't want to get too close too lazy my job we get tired whatever Alpha how do you been operating in the winter so like without the stuff not always all mixed in not like cake Charlie Sheen your favorite meal after decade was really know what it is and if you can't get a picture game console that's been out for 8 years can you bring your sugar and flour frosting frosting know you don't like it but I have other hamburger socks on order as well recap of me reality definition to the mini Drafthouse was coming to side Tim the guy who owns the Drafthouse one of us know it's him I'd call him up and tell Burnie he's very proactive like the Austin sub-reddit on red it was kind of like ripping in the Alamo to the change of the many recently and he actually popped in to threats of a on Tim plus questions and like he was answering questions like he was responsible directly in the thread was like that's kind of cool like someone who I have a question why did you ruin my life what's up I'm going to go to Alamo for every showing and I'm just going to sell green chilies and you can get your mac and cheese and chili so that's why your story about your year be ready to go about selling green chilies of them at the Alamo one time because I couldn't store a couple years ago 2 years ago I went to a showing at Alamo South Lamar and I walked in sat down and let's go who is going to start this couple walks in and they have like takeout containers with them and they sit down like in the row in front of me in a little side and they start opening up their take-out containers the waiter comes by and it's like what are you doing watching a movie do that here know I'm pretty sure it's not do that what are you doing but I know you can do that we sell food here you can buy our food. No no it's okay the United one of the most national notoriety the Alamo ever got was when they took the voicemail from a girl who'd been kicked out for talking yeah and they use it as the promo for before the movie of why you shouldn't talk at her like she's a little earlier because this United States United States of America and now you can't even answer and now you can't even get it the Drafthouse after movie started like they won't let you in and actually has begun they won't let you the real thing next year my balls to be attached the Drafthouse know so nobody really ever use them every time every time I went it was always packed like I was Michael I could never use a woman that I wanted to the lot of Maintenance expenses and to add more and there's more screens the more we should probably Drafthouse South the one that's where our 1101 Collins off of The 100 people and spread across the country like this awesome or what she was almost one of the oldest Oriole shirt by the way I'm really Tim League the guy who owns the Alamo chain he started in with the old vintage bowling alley Lanes in them Banana Dance One karaoke places in Ottawa that whole complex got demolished I can't believe you're there because the Alamo the winter parking is a huge issue he moved into a shopping center with the Alamo in the middle of the parking lot filled up and all those places put those stupid signs saying don't park here and let the rest of your sheet music and then they and he was complete with its own parking Savannah demolish the whole thing and I'm rebuilding and now hold the shopping, but they're like an uproar about the shopping complex one of the Alamo Pizza Oven sees Star Trek movie you want pepperoni side and every one of my pieces have gone I was like look I was like my pizza and I was trying to tell him but I don't want to talk in the movies I was just like oh yeah, it was just a misunderstanding but handled by a lunatic why didn't he Alexa it's like I forget the potluck Kinect Star Trek movie some kind of alternate reality guide Mo store I left the house I said you can get right now only two movies I was at the doctor and what was bad about it it was really good for him Tim Soldier Spy movies fucking care what's wrong with you I really like A2 hour long movie the first hour and 45 minutes is just a setup for the last 15 minutes because I'll pay off 387 still too early past weekend but then I realized it's been a long in Jack in the poker game and Flash text Moria yeah right exactly just realize that I was going to see Star Trek at the IMAX and I couldn't do it I couldn't go see them because Erin is the person who ruined our IMAX theater here in it I finally went there for the first time last week well over $0.40 popcorn arm wrestling you know you're right now machine you going to explain yourself right I should find out well I'm going to go check that you got it we got to stop for a minute to come back price the Burnie tell you why he wanted to come over yeah that right here immediately I'm sorry it's alright so what's the story with the pizza I ate there was a mix-up I just took it so we're watching a movie with the Alamo or whatever and you know you can order food so Gavin I said next week next week they have tables were menus know that we get whatever we ordered so the food Runner comes out and it's a pizza and a pizza so he puts in front of Gavin and I wasn't pepperoni at all but I thought it was like Pepper or something so I thought I'd get some like whatever I say this like to meet or something but it was good so I don't give a shit eating it 20 minutes half hour they come back with them fiber fix it it's a different person this time I believe puts in front of Gavin he's like no it's not my penis on my own a person comes back goes to Gavin it's like is that your pizza is like know to look at me in my room of hers they come back again with the order like the actual written order and they put it up to me and I'm like yeah I didn't write that furious at this time like shit I would like whatever but it was like it was like a tomato and some kind of Veggie Pizza has never tried before pretty good also are you really planning to go but I like to think that they hated me at that point and yeah I pretty much store Gavin is food made at mine and then made him wait long for his food when the waiter says you order pepperoni here it is on the ticket and you're saying know in your head what's the perfect scenario like what's the perfect crime there just drop sees that she just completely forgets it and does it have to get for know just like to roll pepperoni pizza on a world where when she came over to me pointed at razor IP said that was it by the way he was like waiting for that pizza and I said yes I'll go get you another one question did you give her a tip $5 play the pepperoni the correct term mistakes Gavin so stupid he should feel like that your pizza Biddeford Police the runaround complaining up a storm she just pick the pepperoni off right now that you sent somebody traitor really good movie when I'm going over there anyway that I was waiting an hour and a half for a pizza you're just aware that less than 4 inches sorry Gavin was under the bridge by great thanks for joining us thank you for having me yeah I'm heading back to the office