#221 - RT Podcast

RT survives Las Vegas!

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-221

Recorded: 2013-06-04 20:20:38

Runtime: 01:42:26 (6146.95 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth this podcast is also brought to you by Squarespace the other one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website blog portfolio or online store for free trailer 10% off your first purchase on your account go to squarespace.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth six lets Rooster Teeth and the number six 11 we did not have our shit together laughter the normal Peter where is broken but this one is like it's pulling me back we're good everything's fine so Bernie is not available for the podcast tonight we got replacement Bernie keeping it real over there the big a big reason I love you guys I haven't light y'all went to Vegas last week after week podcast with Memorial a recorded interview recorder 20 contention go ahead I've been at this company for 3 years now I've never taken a memorial day off that's what I told her ah on light by the way I remember always and everybody this close to me so yeah we didn't actually I just did not know they don't keep track of time when I came in I didn't know it was one beautiful Mother's it's a broad spectrum the kids just getting born at once take that Monday off now Ouija I sure did not I work on Friday and if you tonight B21 yellow Nintendo DS thing I mean well I went with alcohol real at of my all-time favorite borscht yellow is my favorite game because it requires little to no thought but I thing ever in the light destroys me a Chevy dealer who just like fuck you over and over and this happened to Arryn your girlfriend to and I said don't ever list play by Kerry said on the war table so we should Audible and Arryn play so very hard switch over that six daddy little silver at 6 and at that point you're supposed to go to war youve the option to go to war we can switch for the city or no you just put in double your money and then they want more cards he just like totally skipped over it and you a chance to make three times as much money as police gets over it just did it and she was like yeah I was just here he's like you want more money and it's not really Peter we didn't move for some reason we should have they have to do go to war and you're supposed to go to like 123 put it to the side flip over card or three cards put the side of a card he didn't burn and he just went like a handful of cards three ones that you lost it once again left a positive $300 which wasn't as good as the first time she was of 700 I'm currently down a lot what did you leave III plan to lose $300 like I went into it like going to three hundred dollars is $400 at about what I could Reddit of a dog having grey Roomba and shit all over the Roomba and the Roomba the play when you're at when you have ships like you don't understand the value of it like you lose sight III that's like half of the video game I'm not going to go in on this one that's what I always like when compared to regular purchases they always compare things the video game Queen everything was light measured by sandwiches Khal Rings E3 this hotel is like that was all whatever save money for to buy game so I know it's $64.94 is a video game when you a text so I think of something that's like three video games 94 price of a brand-new right off the shelf there's nothing like in the middle of us liked him and it looks like you just decide you're going to go in and see the card that should have been miles is wheres noses and in the card after him so he would like his card a Note 2 to and it will next cartoon a mother fucker if you say that nobody would probably like that football play with with Lord of War Gavin know he lost a lot red would show up like at the casino the same time as all of us with all the fun and at some point you just kind of branched off and it wouldn't be just like be taken into the folds of Las Vegas and then we would see him the next day really tired and just destroyed lets you go home because I'm going to because when I left it was like not like morning like this morning it happened and it was day he sounded like a sandwich and go to bed I don't understand I don't think he heard little bits and pieces of a story I was hoping I can get someone to tell them what happened to Chris and Brandon Saturday night can you talk about it Pokemon the table ah so Chris so what happened to you I heard you all ended up at 1 till 3 so me and Brandon were gambling and running around and there was a girl that Brandon fan see the two of them won't let me use one of their two of them so we're at the bar drinking and at some point the girls will see sugar daddy at what does that mean they worked at a strip club tell you they had a shirt they're going on the room I'm really okay that is a name so I see you had drinks with strippers at the strip club whale sugar daddy at some point they decide they want to go up and get drinks from the mini bar so we go up they wanted your fucker bitch you fucking know they know they didn't hear back I was sleeping and then they going to get drinks and so they come back out and have like to know the little thing of vodka and Brandon's like I have to go to the bathroom and so in the end it's like the guy at the shirt daddy sleeping there you know so he's real quiet is in the bathroom then we're broke so knocked over a glass and broke the glass and then he decided to try and clean it up but it's in the process he sliced open his finger so then he started bleeding everywhere and then he just left and there's like anything in and they're like oh my God are you light bleeding trying to play it cool so we go back to the party still bleeding and it's like being at the bar and then we got kicked out of the box there's blood everywhere you guys should only weird people over drunk anyways I was what is blood everywhere but I didn't think it worked out with the girls yeah we told him wheres light game of dont wake daddy dont wake sugar daddy pick up Crystal so with another store that involve you I'm going to tell our side of it and then what you tell your side of it okay okay so our side of it is we're walking through the Bellagio and we spot when thing Chris and like ours we spoke to Chris he's likely not be at the bar like she had this girl and we're thinking there was some sort of okay so Chris is getting thing you know it's like he's getting out he's clearly like you know this is good this is good for Chris conversing with a girl a couple hours later we hear from Chris and this is what really happened I want to order a drink at the bar and then this girl starts talking to me immediately I think she's probably a prostitute done talking to me Intel micro light Scott I was just curious at that point and I was waiting for my drink and so she was talking and she's like when she's a dancer too she was here by herself like I told you here with your friends you know just hanging out seeing what's going on and I'll take on Vegas how long do you want me to be here for ya ah and that's when he can be with us he's like like Chris good job he's like nah she was a process I mean prostitute hot I don't know prostitute is better than the prostitute that had with the missing finger wheres wheres a while I was like walking back to the hotel and I'm going to have those little light things that you walk over to go cross the street like a bridge little Bridge thing I'm walking across and then this girl starts talking to me again I assume probably prostitute selling sunglasses with her hand and I noticed that her hand is like really small I saw my friend talked about and really trying to look at her hand it's at she like in a headlight Simpsons hand wash only have 4 fingers Ouija call a cartoon hand medical dictionary thing was removed it was just like you know birthday and job contact stroke your dick feel bigger crew Friends Christmas normally handling all of our camera so I'm glad I'm glad you were waiting for the green screen Chris now get back to work you had a good time Vegas of people having a good time but I don't know before we move away from this something more important something more pressing here I've been Vegas man Vegas 4 times this year has ever walked up to me depends on the deal back then you just didn't never been approached natural path across the done with a click in the thing it's like Wide Circle light hand them to her but and see if she was a girl something something looking like a girlfriend Scott Campbell $40 away they were like I said some people did not have as good a time as well on Saturday Saturday evening for this Jordan Holley were out doing so we went to a buffet and we're at the buffet everybody else is like early in the morning they got a quick breakfast then grab some drinks and I just went there waterfalls there there's a bridge going over thing and by the time he showed up it was probably like 2 in the afternoon or something I've been texting Brandon like hey I will probably show up in about an hour be ready for us to go check your phone to make sure we know we know we got to meet up and talk to me when I just became less and less like comprehensible it is like Khal wide like that was it when we showed up there and everybody was your shirt by the door Thing by the door we showed up everybody was completely gone one of those people was Kyle Taylor I love kaneki low so I have heard he was a drunk is at the mall he was the youngest of them all and Khal a really lovable drunk like he would go out of his way to make group hugs like if Kerry and I were like next week either he would come in between the two of us and it shirt list shirt like at a certain height at a certain time in the night Kyle became shirt with Kyle and everyone will make fun of them but then they be like ah no not to my knowledge Kyle I don't like you want light shirt off anymore and yeah yeah list YT mother van middle going up it's fine which Lisa bunch of interesting side effects ii can't put in water you can feel when it's about to rain like the pressure you can feel in his back or something and he gets cold really easily it's an old person Toronto 14 shirt and at the end he put like on this thing like you got a locker like when you go to Schlitterbahn Arryn Six Flags and I'll give you a locker to put it back in there and we all kept in there at a certain point in the afternoon after a lot of things have happened it was to become very obvious it was time for Scheels Kyle to go home and take a little bit of a nap so it was a group effort to get Kyle out of the pool and to his room give me a sentence a light virus a time why was trampled examples of lets get out of the pool and go to the house okay you like out of the pool how many groups hey it's my best friend's girl you better watch it I'm inside ah so it was time to go home and unfortunately at some point so somebody everybody was like no one Dallas and they took all the shit like out of the locker and stuff at some point somebody we never figured out who took his bag out of the locker and set it on the ground I guess they get something else has theirs out of the locker and then walked off and none of us knew other than Kyle who was too inebriated the point that Kyle brought this little bag with them in the bag was his wallet iPhone a lot of cash just left behind cousin thing that someone in your group it had of been someone I have space but this is why I let you know that I the last people to leave the pool because it's something I was going on with Arryn and I remember seeing that bag on the floor and thinking all man somebody left their bag and walking light pass because I had no idea Alone 2 Kyle and that somebody was Kyle that was one thing that went down the pool was the person to get really drunk was my girlfriend Arryn vs III sure to drink called the adios mother fucker she had one of those and that was like that was it that was awesome even though I don't have a lot of alcohol so she got to the point that some girls get to when they drink too much which is a girl make out drunk 11 so there was another girl that he wasn't part of that they are the ended up making out in the pool and the only reason I tell this is that III the only reason I'm telling you this because we're hanging out here some of the few like someone sober people at this point and now you're gone it's over it's okay we're hanging out and then I'm like oh my god look over and then another very true like just us being creeps from miles away we just had and Rings light nice a few moments I would daddy like what are you talking I can't even this is too hot what's the weather like at the corner of the pool that's me my thing is and you're okay with it Arryn is bisexual bisexual and yeah I know I'm play okay with it I'm right here you like what you have you know you get upset with me if I have really cheat on you with a girl right and he's like nah that's totally hot and that's like I don't if if my girlfriend were to cheat on me with another girl I would say that I would be less insulted then if it was a guy cuz a guy or something like that I can offer her the same thing that you're doing light came back on RT America really why's that because they had driven them away from the entire miles six so that's a good that's a good way to look at it adios mother fucker that I don't know if that but I just have them certainly half an ounce of vodka half an ounce of rum have an ounce of tequila have an ounce of gin have blue curacao liqueur to and sweet and sour mix of 2007 up for all of it except the 7Up in a chilled glass the revised talk with 7up in Sturgeon a little bigger than they won't even come into it up what is a girlfriend for III cup and I want you without herpes love you Chris is leaving it's too hot I'm going to do it I want this podcast audible.com dinner emergence of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service when audiobook to consider is a Clash of Kings for free auto book of your choice that audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth that's audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth and I know I mentioned it previously but if you have a computer you have to drive I'm listening to Game of Throne tell you it is definitely don't like you don't like to listen to a book sometimes it yourself in the audible app you can play by yourself when I get like that I get to work in the morning and I can't really if I feel like we found through the internet the Reddit app that you know why I think this is the same thing I think it is so you know like when the newscasters like fuck up in stroke on air if you could look at the last thing going but there's an app that does that for you and we try to really today and it's fucking work it work it wasn't play yourself and put yourself in like a hundred milliseconds away it's called the it's called the speech zapper someone from the different kind of cup you can adjust the the time delay and we found that sticking around 110 millisecond delay mobile but keep your photos 110 millisecond delay it fuck you up pretty bad the only decent at speaking with an uneven Brandon Adam and Brian I'm going to try to talk I feel like my speech is slurred you know like when it's something digital skips it doesn't like to know if you could if there's something you can read low heard you read the auto sponsor thing Kerry going out without on we'll try it this podcast it is easy when you're reading something when you're trying to forms. It really screws me over to the Gavin we gave it to Barbara today and she was just like Mitten podcast crew it's Scott can you pick out something you can talk about yeah we got time so I'm trying to sell this it sounds like I'm being drunk in miles hello everyone else too it's weird I tried to leave here I'm going to pull a day speech zapper on the head with this is I'm a try and read a quote from like Lord of the Rings the grey yeah that was when mr. Bilbo Baggins and announced that he would shortly be celebrating his 11 the first birthday with a party of special man to get there was much talk and excitement in hobbiton where is not going to text me at all know instantly stop working okay so this is just so it's where did you encounter of Kyle Orton's Kyle at the Flamingo at the Flamingo pool Ouija Khal Chuck Kyle he had a really good time until he left his bag and he woke up really late it was like Microsoft day or something using that you tried to say the word Pull and Save hold up I'm taking a I was out without for so long as he woke up I think I woke up around like 1 in the morning or something and even if we put him in his room and then everybody went out to go to the thing like I stayed in because Erin was recovering well but everybody else went out we had this we had the bright idea at the beginning the trip to make a big group text message thing so like everybody was always updating I woke up the next morning I thought was like 2:30 in the morning Kyle Taylor where is everyone no response are you guys where are my things what hot where are you and then the first response was crickets the year 2033 I am not in a joking mood I was here I'm not I'm not replying I'm out where is my plane that in his home state so you like to list of faithfully thankfully he had his ID and his debit card on him he is buying drinks everything else so thank you to wear pointed out that I had Drool on my chin a barrel III developers fucking weird on the podcast the reporter in La who decide how to stroke her dont know yeah but I will check your schedule cuz I don't want to find out like if I'm talking and boy was I when I went to I went to the hell at work Daddy I want to call in today in Houston at rice and every so often like every month or so whenever light housecleaning would come through and clean the bathrooms and stuff they would hang these little like informational cards on the shower head and it was like instructions to the American Cancer Society light how to check your balls for testicular cancer but if you like to pick them up and turn them around with instructions of how to test your self breast examination still no you don't have to do you wear sandals in the shower are you just scared about finding out something is wrong with you I feel like I'm talking with her now things wrong with you have regular check-ups and stuff I try to be like a regular doctor just wake up something hurts or swollen and I'm just like oh this is bad I should go so I just try to wait it out something wrong with you if you have chronic back pain forever you just thing call at your soonest I could say something but I always worry that I come up with like a hypochondriac or something and talk to my dog a dream like this rash cure Scott shingles I think you're okay to labor shingles rashes shingles like day one really and I went to the doctor thing I'm probably crazy shingles was I never knew that I should have chicken pox I was out there's an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist on the Original Series where everybody's III light turn into like rock people I think that's of shingles was shingles sounds like a gross STD I mean it kind of is it it's the same thing without sexually 1320 already have some swollen man is just like we are not medical professionals 11 it's like a large number that we can encourage people to get them all in like Swedish right or can we but I would find it really impressive that it was another story you're going to tell her goodnight is the point of a tractor you start talking about Arryn and adios mother fucker and it was like another story a story about something that shirt was Kyle did when I was in college I could be remembering correctly that one time in college how much people take Kyle out obviously know it had at six III day got a lot of drinks I can go cuz I wasn't one of the time and I was sweet mates with Kyle at at some dont call the Castilian and my roommate and I would frequently hang out in Kyle's room because Kyle had a working Xbox and was frequently on the fritz so we can hang out there he was told that he came back from his night of drinking stumbles in through the door like a have an excellent birthday day comes in and you can at least drink nice we got me a girl and understand how we got shirt was inside out it was really crazy because on the floor on the floor on the floor feeling terrible and that's just what makes me feel better so my boxers blue anyways and I feel like the most violent light thing that I've ever heard in my entire life like there was like an exorcism going on the bathroom so I should probably check on him I'm looking and he's like perch on the toilet seat Scott low shirt you can feel like he's awesome like metal spine scar like his muscles are just raging Kyle are you okay and I will return it I can see it in the toilet is nothing like it was like a black symbiote suit from Spider-Man what's at the full moon a full moon and transform it was okay it was like black nest and death in the in the in the toilet bowl light Kyle are you okay of course I'm okay I movie power five thing I'd ever seen light from then on it was always just Wolverine really want to meet running Kyle dont Kyle so much fun good time Kyle three types of herpes and 7/2 so good back then we are thing about your call again I didn't ask the flamingo away with any security camera if not just to get back to find out who's the person who left it on the ground was all thing try to do it I think you just giving up because he just didn't want to know and I think he's like it's better off that I don't hate somebody you know it was holding me back and I know that real quick and then not long after that I had to take care of and take care, lets done and after we got into a room so we start saying hey I think Kyle might have had a bad keeping that stuff so I remember the back I saw it I was like I'm on the case and as soon as Akon so really drunk so I became light I remember like a terrible Batman point I got pizza I don't know when in my search but I will you're my friend lost his bag a person cuz they don't let you in and the guy that goes okay I'll look for that has been Columbo I wish I could have seen drunk detective miles I thing that sounds you know the saddest thing about Columbo to me cuz he could probably cuz he has a really good memory about everything and he cancelled little crimes but it probably was the end of the name Peter Falk the actor that was the end of his life he was interviewed and he had no memory of playing Columbo if I running right it's just amazing that you can Phillips yeah it's that irony running if you want to finish talking about what you're trying to say with Speech Jammer Phantom high speed camera in this country was like I had respect for Gavin Gavin of course I look like a giant mug of water right next to it on the table as I was movie I had out there earlier in the day was walking around outside the Lego Scott you can't put this back together camera camera hamburger shopping and here I was so afraid did I shirt or hamburger in the world everywhere you like Courtney Cox at work at one time is all it is really really boring actually I think he's never been more affected by call man in his life he's a weirdo about so it's a big deal to him he wouldn't know he's made it in life when he can leave every day and just wear a new pair socks that much really done fucker a little treat when you light something isn't it wake what's a given example legal University to be like to live on the streets myself how to do the water belt red the thermostat down to light yeah I'm basically wasting food still sucks but whatever I don't usually Belkin expires that's right away that bums me out three hundred bucks maybe how many what am I play PS1 III travel is there some hotels now have those thermostats with the motion detector on it and if it doesn't take more than a couple hours light turns off the AC Home Alone devices that we can use like an ass clown what do I do in the shower or when you show up late for the first time in your room is hot as shit because movie man it's got a pretty cool he's like an app on his phone he controlled it from I think it's like and proud of it because I liked it on right now see you blue so I can tell it's blue you can see your energy usage over the past several days how long is running click on it and see what time of day it turned on everything that I love it so thing is at Target now where it's like an outlet in the wall and you put into it and control whether or not on from an app so it's like for someone making $50 III I thought why am I stuck her why do I always have to get up and turn lights off and at the same time everyday and turn them off at the same time so I bought this device you can put over switches and you program it and it automatically turns the switch is on the lights come on automatically but I know I'm going to go to bed to turn off the way it's a mechanical thing that pushes you switch out a motor in it and it will come up and turn it off and on independently couple times a year when the sun can you light up in some ways it's like a can detect if you like losing on Xbox and then just like kill your game so I didn't turn it off talking about control through an app is like a manual thing for double a batteries that is awesome SkyMall most everything on the spending spree this thing light years ago SkyMall replace one broken people they want to send people to Mars but they say that never once come back I mean theoretically I briefly heard about this but I'm okay just a lot of people are into it about how many people look like a hundred times more people did not know exact times but if two people have a kid day of the Derby the first Kids the first Martian Martian kid who isn't a fan of the first Interstellar kids say the kid grows up and then they get to the point where they can bring people back is a kid allowed back on Earth and what and what possible country would be whoever the parents or I guess or whoever I like the base there in America if they send people to Mars the concern is that even if you're able to bring them back that that one trip give the person as much radiation as they would normally be allowed to receive in a lifetime and that one too how is everything back then come back what is the radiation come from Astronaut to orbit the earth wake six months at a time he passes through the atmosphere no wait another time because you're right now to come back during the trip light microscopes on the International Space Station and very close up shopping and stuff and it has like a bullet came through and it's like this and like and never the ship to the ship movie cover of the Time magazine that has In God We Trust at the very end I love Simpsons thing ever started hurting and I feel like I know inside and out really kind would you like the internet the pic like this and like that he has five home screen picture still play with Simpsons fucker at one of my favorite moments in that movie Spider Pig Spider Pig does whatever actual trip rice and in the long-term would you go to Mars if you had the chance like right now like tomorrow probably miles I'm not asking you on tomorrow I'm just almost ready time to die light Mars soccer what's cool Mars stuff low Mars skateboarding Mars video games are there Mars video games would you at least low should be like wheres thing we talked about this in the animated Valentine ah this is worse than dial-up you can take it back fucker milliseconds that's like there's something that has 23 questions I ask every person that he needs to determine whether or not he loves a person or something like that one of the questions was really stupid would you rather would you rather go to go to the moon or I think it was like 10 minutes and then come back here or would you rather take a one-year light ultimate a trip to Europe fortunately some country music hey Gavin got a pass yet the Moon that's really awesome but then it's like coming in and then come back and tell everybody can relate to to build something up stories you heard all of them I got really drunk and I got really drunk boring like if you heard of big a story you've heard all of them pretty much what story last longer than 10 minutes yeah he probably like gravity or something go up to the Moon eat them eat them like ice cream look like little balls jerk off and come back and I'm done home and took it off in space you never stop and keep going there's no starting over for me list of the best countries in the world by season what type of like ectoplasm from it was like a whole year or if I can take 10 minutes going to complain about taking a vacation yesterday what was the score to the Pacers how much does it cost to 11 to get to the moon probably I don't know what trailer you could go help somebody who has a craft capable of landing on the moon and you can pay for monthly bill is there a billion because we have better technology now but it was now but I'm scared that have to build that and you have to build a control room to be able to communicate and work with it again is that shit doesn't exist either so we can have to rebuild a control room anyway it's something you handle a piece of string with a couple in the end everything that's right like you wouldn't be able to explain what it was like to anybody like that procure that this is very telling about horcrux analogy personally or do you want the experience to be able to share your love shirt I left shared experience for myself and light up eyes I want to go somewhere for my phone doesn't work on the way back through E3 electric whale ah for the first time ever flying back those Tokyo Dallas light power the Pacific Ocean I was like I need to get off this plane water loss Yahoo play like a rational Corner my brain it's like calm down calm down lock yourself in the bathroom and went to the bottom the rational part of my brain that I have that's what for the first 30 seconds of every time I wake up on a plane if I've been sleeping a really really bad it's just as usual I was like yeah but then you kind of really taken everything around us like this could be the last that I do like okay where am I I'm in a plane wheres at play 30000 year old flying light light like going anymore dont red I can do that cuz I can control I guess we're both safest thing to crash are you well I would argue bumper cars are safer to crew their Gavin I mean if you hit water ah yeah I mean yeah but I mean it like you really can big crew ship you're probably not going to feel like crashing your car so you don't worry dont off hit something there's another shark if it swims like six days like I don't want to know so if you guys like behind like a motorboat at some point in Life or skiing or light on a tuber something I will say yes to the purpose of the story like the lonely that time we were just sitting by yourself in the middle of a large body of water is the most horrifying like 30 seconds I man the boat really far away and it's just the water I hate Nest looking around big beneath me this moment of realization when you realize how vulnerable you are little of the roller coaster thing like we did at that show every red roller coasters at one point came around and stopped by Destiny's maintenance for a while so we just left like 5 minutes on this rollercoaster really got something right but you get off but you still coming down this way today myself it would be awful RT in someone else's hands you were talking about like being alone bobbing in a lake and its really creepy story on Reddit a couple weeks ago it was like what was the most fucked-up thing you ever saw as a child and they were like 10 years old they were their family and their friends families and the waiting around and then he said he was like for him he reached down and pulled it up and it was six years old he was like totally blue Spider Man's father came in and grab them and pull them out to the shore and little forms CPR he came back to life I guess you're just wonderful like a minute and no one has noticed that he just happen to like walk over and see what it was like a huge drop in and walked out another job and then exploded right back to their Galveston with the family we were out on the beach and a lot of fish jumping and we got out we had like sandwiches and stuff and then there's this dude that's like out there's a call people pulling this like 10 foot long shark and pull it up on the beach like kill it with fire it was that was I don't like the idea of bigger things in the whale shark is not going to harm her whatever whatever I don't like things in the water Banjo Kazooie in the bedroom this shark that comes after you whenever in the water there so I think it was like a big catfish ah I don't know but this recently and my whole life I think I will shark 4421 and then I think I saw a picture like a scale look like people and a boat and a whale shark and it was like so much. Everything would be if it made a wrong move by accident I could hurt you and you go in it's nice you to death the bloop there's like there's like a really deep underwater noses that they have like detective and it's seriously sounds like Cthulhu was underwater of the bloop I'm probably getting all of these fact that we're there some sort of hoping there's some sort of like network of like underwater microphones around the world for light defense against something and and they picked up you know City pickup noses they pick up the shifting of tectonic plates and light I don't think a lot of crazy sounds and one of them like the sound was so low they had to speed it up like you know a lot of times just so you can hear it sounds like this giant underwater ah city alone but they're trying to get the bloop Peter a bubble the bubble noise I think so but it's like that is like a drink that's been a really long night it's really long low no he was just like I feel like I have no fucking idea what could have made the next one of my friends with a stroke in 1997 and I know there's something you could Discovery 1 mystery of the world that is the mystery solved Believe it or I would have to have LOL man you have to go to the moon on that one otherwise I would come up with the crazy guy that fell big but you would have the satisfaction of knowing no I doubt myself but could lets you have lets me know what day that someone said that the bloop turned out to be Arryn scaping from icebergs or Hulu before you get started You by Squarespace the auto credit fresh home website blog portfolio or online store Texas platform upgrade last fall Squarespace just keeps rolling out new product features Integrations of templates so to make sure you get the most for the recent Innovation Squarespace have 24/7 support team RT live chat extremely fast email support they got plans $8 a month the software and hosting Squarespace is really well designed a great award winning design team who had smart new features of a new calendar feature called events collection allows you to schedule to share schedule update it was so beautiful you can put call Momentum wheres a cinematic full bleed image display Chris space fast easy-to-use everything's Dragon drop it you should look it up it's really hard to describe what it's like you literally just stopped customize contact photos videos text Squarespace conference a powerful flexible eCommerce solution to work with every Squarespace they give you any website the best mobile experience they got templates with responsive design switch your site automatically restart your stool look great on any device despite the resolution a Squarespace connect all your social media accounts Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn and more so up for free trial go to squarespace.com sign up for a free account no credit card necessary just use offer code RoosterTeeth six and get 10% off your first purchase on your couch dont forget about three domain registrations Squarespace.com musical RoosterTeeth six everything you need to create an exceptional website absolutely no just saw a ghost from Beyond the Grave Grand 11 people told you eventually like maybe I was just thing I would list ghost story Supernatural story that happened to me my friend I went to school at Rice done in Houston and I knew these two girls who live together off campus at an apartment of the shirt kind of I campus and so one time day Akon normally has them to believe these stories but these girls never look like everything I said was true and the ones this happened to was always really reluctant to tell the story it was always the other one who always have to prod her into telling the story okay so we can sit together they had a two-story apartment their bedrooms are upstairs I thing I like a living room and kitchen downstairs and then obviously the entrance to the apartment so no one was out at the grocery store buying stuff and Grill to was at her apartment in her bedroom studying crew said she heard the door open and close to that girl when they come back so she comes out to the top of stairs looks down and girl was not there so you know turns on the light and walked downstairs and look around and still alone her apartment so she says she's never had to walk to the top of the stairs turns off the lights and she heard a whisper that said we don't like the dark and if there's no like everything about that that's what it like I said I really want to watch and Discovery Channel was the a haunting yellow it's just like dramatizations of light Kerry this happen to me the one that III the story didn't want to be on camera and like where the voice is not that I'm always thing like if you want to be a camera maybe just some crazy dude that bike has a good Nest wide where all I can be on TV people that felt the need to share her story but didn't want the fame are always wondering like okay you have my attention back to this could be us ah but there is a the story was like there's a bunch of weird things that have and had to do with some dude with glasses in a painting or something but thing that she said the thing is this person having her what she was in bed she was in bed and it sounded as if somebody was right next to ear and like they whispered something in her ear and she sat up so no one and it was as if like it was just blood curdling scream like right next election was getting loaded right next Rings screaming that light even whether or not that happened the idea of that potentially happening now it's like you don't you when you go see a scary movie like when you come home when you leave a few extra lights on maybe like to make sure that you're tucked in bed feel protective over my head because that Daddy push down on the pillow and smother you hard is it to smother someone come on tell me what's right for the play was Conan the Barbarian youve catatonic about time those chicken five at once when I was about 10 hours on the holiday with my family was saying some Spanish villa and I vacation thanks man at the pool to do a wheelie on lets up the toilet and it was flooded like you light it up man I just like the feeling of the edges not home I got back and I slipped on it and landed back in the home there was no war who was light Anthony we had one of your stroke at the time I don't know sun stroke or something but like I said I heard it and I slipped on it at the time. But anyway I was just being like what I thought you had it Mass labor crew my mom at least I talked to a ghost was a kid I don't know so we were in at houses before light the house my parents bought and live in right now and I was a camera how old it was like I was still I was at the point where I could talk but they're still using the baby monitor kind of things like just checking on me like them so it was just like my mom there and I was just sitting room if you heard me talking to somebody and she's like what the fuck is this you talking to be here by myself talking to and I was like oh I was just talking to the nice man who comes by and she was like what are you talking about and I was like yeah but it was like Debbie 11 thing and I won't even believe this but it turns out that the people who own the house before the dude was a police officer and he liked it when he was killed in line of duty like he was like being a cop being cool and then died he done is my age witches fucking weird man mommy look I don't like that store Ouija memories you want to believe it was it's only controlling control it is it going to be like suck my mod ah so you're talking about thing about this play Because all she heard about the thing screaming at your wife said that she was watching TV recently and that this is not a ghost or weird medical story can you believe this happened to her husband who was like he was like they going to sleep then in his sleep and start screaming like totally Frozen what are clear unlike and like everything to be a little fast but nothing really weird with him then they realize after wild at of roaches crawl into it rid of roaches and I just woke up and realize I feel like going with tweezers and try to pull it out but the road to try to get away and let that happen to a friend of mine like he woke up with a bug in his ear either freaked out he just went to the hospital and then they got him a forms within like the next weekend like he invited me over to light day and I love you game is like ah I haven't been with a woman and how she couldn't get rid of him scratching and there was nothing anybody spider have crew delayed Patrick how do you get rid of those you just like like put hot water in till you like Bernadette something like that I guess you did spider spider I can cover this this is tomorrow's teaser Tuesday or shirt tomorrow or today for this evening are you up to did you are there you go Toyota motor Kerry light and shade day ah premiere Yang Xiao long and her that we didn't get to go but shirt a video that he shot of it and it was crazy good response Charlie was only 500 and yeah yeah but it was really cool like I know you like you get me are you going to make some comments and stuff whenever you're supposed to be like thing that wrong reaction would like to know people Akon was like really reassuring for the two of us who've never done something like Fifty a project looks like it's like we were never written anything that's been this big in this responsible after work like we just go to start running some people like it and have that reaction to something that we are just like I was like a crazy crazy man and there's a week there's so little and shameful trailer there just like a few lines of like me and I like to show that premiered in labor to be really out there so you know we have a much bigger main Ballroom for RTX this year 11 on top of that we have an overflow room with a giant this place if you can get into the power room you could still watch the panel the every weapon into a puppet yeah yeah I might be letting this go this was pretty cool rocket launcher also baseball Monte and shades thing really really late and it's like they're crazy Nest like that every movie has like a puppy she would shoot just to get across the room to punch someone else yeah I love that kind of stuff cosplay as well they're right over there RWBY Blake and Adam developers and he was one of the richest people 1914 blonde wig 4K and everything and I think he's just one of my hair that's what I thought I saw a picture of a ruby cosplay on December 8th and it was not that was until now PAX East we went at like almost every time that you put a fucking crazy it's really overwhelming yes and it's awesome to watch the yellow trailer call if you haven't yet and then tomorrow 11 coming out June 14th can police people coming recorded this is not and with the Red vs Blue meeting it's like it would be funny if this happened and then board if we add this to it and it's fan you write it down so it means a lot of fun I'm really looking for to season Mexican I told you should just pull up reporter people that have that has every single one of them and yes there's more than one of the first things I did was I cut together the previously on ah baby thing for the season another five season 11 hi Summer the first thing a different movie I walked up in there like we have Sheila lines usually cut them up just like I'm up the video of it whatever it is whatever about thing I like at this isn't thing anything but whenever there is a last Light friends yeah I think mother friends dont a bunch of cocaine in her that van behind the scenes video that Bernie made of you and Jeff doing the First Recording inspired us when we went like 3 months ago like way early in development we are trying to prove to you man cast thing like I like things that you know this amount of time would be a good time wings for the episode like I know my people too long so Kerry and I took this trip that we had written and we just went into A1 of a recording booth and then we played every character in the second chapter of the show and you can just read it back it was just us trying to be a bunch of teenage girls and occasionally that's not what we want to see how many pages you know what equal how many minutes cuz you're already be there so fast that's one of the things that technically is very important once you're done doing that you step on me like I just got paid to do that it was really it was a lot of fun something I still at least have all those raw files over 100 on it for whatever will they think Gavin look at it again this time Patrick was here till like 6 in the morning of Grey light Vegas as big as a staff we have it's like everybody thinks it's really great to know Patrick Patrick who released the weekend get up intro audio book before that I had a meeting lets wait cuz we're having a problem with that but what we were doing in the lobby was actually working. Red even though we can see the and Gus can shut down to turn off pretty well and I'm working on part two of that right now speaking at Lets Plays the GTA one that came out today Kerry was in and I think maybe the funniest moment in any lets play this year so far the comments and like every other time every time I love III A1C Kerry do the thing and get absolutely done and I saw that I was like a stroke thing I'll be alright that was one of my favorite episode 1.19 super popular and I realize it may be a little different I think the lets play processes like editorial and creation wide between you do imaging the Hunter and what I do like all over the different things like the pictures a little different position set up at the beginning but I do in the lobby in like the ones little ones are just like start your in the middle of the middle of something with my screen and the last one we did was in Minecraft shopping list which one I get rare items in light of that I'd like to find a dungeon so whenever anyone would find a dungeon day which countries have like scrubbing all the way back of 11 soundtrack herpes at some point and backing up the phone at my van and I miss something else oh my God I wish everyone was and now it's exactly what I'm doing overtime 4th grade feel like I put the things after that Alchemist and list every single post talking about how a lot of non-renewable resources in a city might be running low light shopping list light collect stuff and save everyone Swamp People watch this entire video thing like all these guys just get to hang out play video games all day but I didn't game play footage a lot of work that's just the GameStop Scott really have to drop and then go back in it again around and doing this kind of like you play multiple videos on one hard drive to computer they're going to Five Hundred get one for 500 bucks by and I can read light dont say 220 megabytes a second she ain't really so it's pretty the Thunderbolt drive I think does 321 sounds like it's a jewel Drive done done about these are pissing me off its like the Mac Pro have 100 can you cannot get really yeah yeah but did not get this play thing in and works with a MacBook Pro or Mass rice and I had done the hard drive so what I mean to this country I don't want to take like 20 hard drive for me so I just bought like a big a terabyte Thunderbolt drive and for the last year of attitude every single time I was upset him I'm not with this is fine developers conference Monday maybe there will be a III he was like and he was like that thing looks like a felt pool table a probably Steve Jobs was the movie anyone agree with him on that he was going in there today I was just reading all of the apps to make them look super-fly and the fact that each and every app was designed by different teams like some of them have glasses on the how to board but no consistency between all the apps are now part of the next session is going to be unified I fan be put into the biggest visual change we had so little disappointed and I come to this point I felt like in the five didn't have as many upgrades are speech you still have like a 4.5 it's just like it's longer dont really make a huge change in the next low tide extreme weight a picture so I don't think it's awesome and really cool I'd like to get a photo off my phone call me fucker something in a book I had at my house and I took a picture most reliable car on the road and playing a screen save on my Apple TV the only thing game list for Xbox on the photo came from but there's some article that could be little someone at the list of games included Halo 5 Halo Spartan Assault Banjo Kazooie grunty land Killer Instinct Fable 4 thread remembered forever for I don't know there's like a picture of like there was some graphics in list of registered a bunch of Halo Spartan Assault related websites or domain name for which you may be sure because I didn't have to do it started mother playing outside playing when does GTA 5 come out November day someone offered you this all right you can go to the Moon GTA 5 now I can't be complete and you'll be doing once have it but the entire development team of GTA 5 get to come on your head how many people is that lets someone come on head for $10 what did I know so it's like if Gus does it well well well if everybody in that room came out and put it on your head that's like I was game and how is your head effect of semen in my hair and I still have tons of it I'm still have a shower one shower so if I said okay let's let me spank on your head for $80 or let all 3 of us Mark in your head for $80 I don't know so what would you go with and where you at where you at home of the $10 thing a ton of people be doing it over and over again and I'll be making money for every time I was it wouldn't just be a one it would be like one play in session what you're trying to say you're trying to say I don't want to go that's going on my head for 10 bucks you would like I would and also make some money I feel like we were out here now it was just the way it looks retarded but I feel bad because I never and I wanted to be able to not shower head ah sounds lazy dont to be clean the guy that has tiny machines turn off the lights 4K Homer and drunk a lot so I can go to roll out of bed and get to work is like my hair's longer I just kind of like when it's long it's like I can't do it was that I was lazy and I was like yeah I can't I can't not sure when the morning I can't even in the shower Thunder September 8th call me to hire me wake board that's why I love plane rides because I feel like that's like the one time we really expect anything for me I don't three hours or the III like this is nothing I just like I did with almost three hours you know that's why I love playing right now I feel like I'm too big for a plane play just give me headaches and then I'd have no way to get big you guys should be excited to have been on one since like 10 yeah I like my family drives everywhere like I took a Greyhound bus to Colorado or New Mexico thing like that or I can remember which one was one of the two I think I could go to both actually but there's a difference anyways no I don't I just get headaches and I just feel like I have a giant you thing it's the motion sickness just like just like just like I would be right now ah my game what about and that's fine I just Pokemon Fusion thing light website where you enter into Pokemon names in and it makes like a weird like rice that have a blend of the two of them which made it really cool is when the artist of taking those combos rice and then actually threw it out there put it on their DVR and stuff it was really cool that's really cool that makes sense I didn't know until just recently oh it's a friends house so he already has his own save game oh I can just kind of take her when I'm done like that was what I would do the way Justified it was not Allen ever been a team in on my head guy it was her I feel for my maps $10 at light I got a side with Gavin and say if people going to smoke of my head I might as well go big important of all you 407 2nd chain Okay Google and it was like what's the most shameful thing you've ever done and of the government that the person that posted was like I like this one thing I cheated like on a test and I was very proud of it also might come back City Light the shoebox that when I was jerking off and I didn't hear anything so I just came in a box and never got around to throwing it away and it's become a tradition now just coming up boxing dont wide what's the weather orange is yellow and light blue look like black flash feel like a lesson goes like and it just smelled awful and then someone else was like oh that's Khal like Mike on boxes Little Boxes the boxes that I can they're not like an orangish it was like somebody with a paper mache mold Reddit came in jars for a couple years thing she had ever used condom from all of her love her love her so I put them all up on a wall three 11 old used condoms on your wall rice of athanasius at the used concert thing is like where you can also like right from in Jacksonville Columbo the one of the worst decisions I should the picture of yellow I want to see you later don't worry I'm really sorry to say the last couple of days there's been a Resurgence of people asking for you guys I'm glad we got to go see you all back everyone back next week with number 21