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RT punches their poop

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Recorded: 2013-06-11 21:44:50

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Michael Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

Chris episode of brought to you by Hulu Plus with Hulu Plus you get pool controller watch thousands of shows wherever you want whenever you want Ben John full seasons and watch your favorite current shows like red vs blue and more right now if you can get the extended 3 trailer Hulu Plus I going to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth hey everyone walking to the rescue podcast good morning today is like the ultimate day 4 video stream Z guys at 8:30 today was too much it was like you had to have multiple monitors to watch all the shit going on world the king Sony new today World Sony PS3 press or no competition in 30 minutes so I forward them to what is 53 iron oh us us even further away than it usually is I think it is I feel like I don't know who put the beer for me today but I think someone's mad at me because I have 6 beers here and there 5 different kinds of butt Bella New Belgium Sunshine wheat beer New Belgium Blue Paddle New Belgium Fat Tire and or Rasputin Russian imperial stout that's okay this is a hangover waiting to happen it's like 5 different beers one of which is called poison and and I supposedly have a 13 inch dick or something I don't know new where to put it on guy last night like you promised me of telling me I kind of yelled at Brandon earlier and I feel bad about it and I was trying to watch the Xbox or the Microsoft E3 press oh and I do really getting like to the very end with the part where like that just shows the Halo teaser in the mirror getting into like the pricing for the Xbox One at launch and Rihanna starts raining Non-Stop about the new Mac Pro's that baffles and really developers Conference Center play Brandon shut up friends but I couldn't tell them to shut up it's like I took it Usher Destiny Mac Pro so sorry Brandon that was holding me back it's weird it looks like a tiny coffee bean grinder looks like a little trash can I can just sit and drink oh black thing I live there was no scale to at first until I put it next to the old one and it comes up to about where the power button is on the old one it's like an eighth of the size if you can give me the key back to pull it off I think we might have a picture of her so we can sit here if you want to go right now and we will slow down starts with C Michael show Tony ios7 stuff but that's exactly the patch last time about how it's going to be a distraction you're going us to design they've been through and what about the fact that his or guys we get one of these plugged in in the kitchen and we see what people trying to with it immediately Hulu set don't really work the transition oh that's about Chris the basically 4 Golden Triangle and with a going through them up into one to buy them and the first one was very tiny us 46122 the legend of guys really said instead of like your expansion base being internal butt now without external stuff you plug in 1 with Thunderbolt you don't need until drive with Thunderbolt devices don't exist as I from drives exist aside from drives that only device that other thing there's another one Usher old crap on the computer they want to New Boston the new stuff I need to exist State the problem they had with the Chris lunch time Mac people complain because they don't have right but it forced them into existence 3 years don't worry butt right now what can you do when a Mac Pro the Yukon to call you I don't know this is hard on the inside of them game over here here's this wall down John Gus live what you want and I came back Gavin sitting there like Gavin got him I said he's like probably not into a hissy fit that like this is permanent sometimes I feel like Michael walking over me right now in the shadows time I'm going to Stand My Ground and I feel of you did it and I'm so proud of myself but every time I thought it was special something you know we have pool? Very excited about it every time we go swimming and gets a little drunk yes to get like to a certain level of drunkenness before they wrestle and then go to us turn your fucking phone Gavin I thought you said after the first time it was Gavin Gavin has a thing where he'll announce when he's drunk hoes be like yep it just happened in it this Tuesday just me I like to give her a heads up just so that with me on it the first thing is I let people know the moment I realize I'm drunk as hell guys this is it I'm trying everything is good the second one is my memories about the stuff to this point in time I might Hawk Drive US Open the in between Knightley in between I mean that there is time in at work drunken between Dover Delaware in this moment I'm not doing anything so I apologize drunken wrestling is right in between the first and second stage Gavin play you want to wrestle is usually guys like getting feisty concert in the first stage wrestling in the second stage it off to the second stage is dance party but I never remember us having gone through my dance party pool at our complex so then we just like walking back to my apartment and like usually just like drunken assholes in the last time we did it my brother was in town and he had pneumonia he came and had pneumonia and Friday he's like on Saturday like oh can you take me to Emergency Care need to get medicine dog The Monkees Gavin ammonia Z didn't drink the whole time but like by the end response wasn't drinking so he comes up or us we don't get fucking shit face to go back to the apartment apparently have a drunken dance party would like the music black and he's like yeah cuz I don't remember it he's like Stone Cold Sober just like sitting there watching the whole thing filming it and black model and he told me about it and like you show me a bunch of pictures I'm like standing on my dining room table that I just bought and I'm not even table and on The Middle he is still not with his hands on the light fixtures on the ceiling like spinning himself out and he crashes down he's like trout sneaking on top of his what cup like over the sink and then he ends up with bombing one of the cupboards and let Michael know only from the cup of us please like every guys on the show and it's cover I'm looking at a bunch of videos and I get to work and I'm like man Gavin so I can tell me all about this and I get there and I was like dude so that we gotta dance party last night did he remember anything either I wonder if I take a pic I would never take any video Gavin fucking record everything ever sounds like I'm fine I assume you did because I'm one of the pictures I saw you were laying on the ground in the background fill me with your camera he pulled out his camera and it's like it's like hangover will watching videos with no I can happen in the one of them is me hump in the cabinet it sounds like my weekend how and Gavin pool because you stare at me and you go you're going under and I don't want to go in there you go to bed you're going on it's like a decision that we made it I'm sorry there's nothing you can do new avenues Gavin wrestles with me for about 5 minutes and I just drowned in on I need to program my and I have a pretty Usher at was October 20th Geoff and we hung out we were drunken with the next Usher top and I look up this weekend how many different 3 State another dumb we were talking about Usher let me look something about the star was movie I was like Kiera Knightley was in the cell with me when you like bullshit chocolate with never experience the twin wrestling butt and thigh and wrestling is different when you're relying on your body to keep you up but you never know can we drink because you don't realize how drunk you are until you stand up at the end where I usually hour the floating in the Sun and drink for me and you grab onto a vine to try for yourself out Pitt flipped upside down and have to run off to all your stuff that's when you realize that your kind of what will not last weekend or the weekend before and it's for the most part like fine you know but there's a there's occasional parts for there's like some light Rapids and there's some light like trees and rocks was like alright start reviewing right and Gavin just friends and stuff wide until I get ray butt like 400 branches and ends up doing like he was like holding the branch then like pulled it back and was going with you or something so I ended up flipping yourself and then his two went down the Rapids he just running after him like the shallow water as it floated down had of him screwing up of two girls live somewhere cup star did you figure out what you're going to do it yeah I had to shoot underwater remote button Yu visits oh no you got him to take forever because I'm real Yu no like it's just 3 hours of being in the fucking son and at worst part is the drive back and then you got like 45 minutes in the car that I just want to be done I just want to be home I hate that that's such a boring trip down there usually drunk off my ass on the way back I don't give a shit it's almost like you don't feel good in the car Tony vs about today from movie announcement I meant to say I really like a giant list of note this is a note about shipping today but I just watched Ubisoft 1 hour before we came out here in the division look awesome I the message complained about the Microsoft one with that every time the full screen every time house the thing with sending them to a wide of a lot of people looking at it but that would be the moment where they put text out saying so please on pool Minecraft on Xbox one it was but then at the end it said big oh well then I don't know what else and they and contacting read it on the screen I don't know what that someone had been eating it like 4 times in a row it was ridiculous lets party what it said I don't know I just look at trailer what was just say hello and maybe they have a name that or it's just going to be cold Halo I didn't watch the stream or whatever happened on it but I thought but you just of us I think he had kind of a bad appearance last year if you were just joking about him coming out again maybe I was out there I didn't see you I was busy doing something else it wasn't you heard the room audio play people I could hear the sound or not in the like actually there what's going on and I trust and like usual it's like really really time to go from dead silence to the workers usually goes from I don't think I'm going to be cheering like that if it was dead so I think they're just trying to be nice something because you're really good at making noises like Pitt I don't know it was weird that you Xbox 360 available today yeah no one talking at Best Buy that I went there Mac box with all the shit anyway and I was like fuck I can play I have like okay but you still want to get the news redesign 1 naughty stupid Metal Jacket 3 seconds perfectly 5 Auto Repair one piece of shit anyway my 360 so if there's the last 360 console oh boy hopefully it'll last like usual lifespan while I have the one that they continue to support it for a while or was it 1 Z Metal Gear Solid 5 is it a one right or after the 3 5 so the one right State House it has to be but this time even after that are talking about 360 stuff and they went back to open 5 energy the whole 5 thing and then after that they talk about 360 games and then went to the one it's cool that they offer free downloadable games that you of every month at school press conference Xbox One and now I'm feeling a lot better about it or do you think so I mean it really depends who was complaining but it depends like the people that were complaining that don't like you Xbox Black Hawk one the other side or never liked but the time was at the hardware store to get that out of the way just Yu software at E3 or the price point was interesting 9 pounds is it in Australia or $99 and Euros 7 49 ER can in Euros is 129 pounds hits $668 but we do have EA when she hasn't made it 2012 so I mean it's also up to metal create evil at the big thing with the V8 like 20% to 20% markup over what we pay here alarm for 7 on August 8th with Euros pounds and dollars how much is 400 3 99 or they're just 1 model 1 and I think the court was 3 but also there's this one comes with the Kinect whether you want it or not so that's probably what patch after that the conference Gavin Geoff and I'll proceed of the pre-order it because you got to go to game stop.com to pre-order it soon enough the website would not load they were just down because you get the special control if you preorder from Gamestop with somebody Microsoft store so you can't buy things on demand or Microsoft points but you can buy a console with your account still there maybe it's fixed now but yet that's true it's a pre-order it doesn't charge dances heavy so it's a sad day one edition what's going on one page parking for UT Mac Wrap on my neck I'll do it in the box that's what it said I think they're all they said was November 14th of November 30th Chris the last night and earlier state is that right yeah Texas here and I'll support you 5% it's kind of time for the us some places New York is nuts or some states have oh I'll be like 11% income tax as well and those typically have lower butt New York US state income tax and alive drive to New Jersey for like shopping hits in Texas does not butt pic this is not have a state income tax federal the entire country Kumail in about an hour conversation before party how many states are there GI Pro the name of the country by counties but no State United States the country but it has state ice fishing license wrestling has actual computer Dead Nation territory Provident or different things at the fair what is the term or lets you console areas chocolate territory you don't want to go there probably not butt well I got nothing tomorrow but I didn't buy the polar bear 4 close the door Michael and what do you think about ios7 I don't know man it looks fine with the way I already don't like them it was kind of on itself to the point where it was knowing that turn Wi-Fi off or on you have to like drill down through so many menus and now it's could be like a quick thing with two clicks but Cindy with brightness like any time I got on the plane it's like to have to turn on airplane mode settings network slow down Music Up 4 music everything's different on the phone behind the icon just like to and it is I think it's more just like I don't I don't like that the way they would like in the first game and we showed I don't like like that slide up screen with the the music player and stuff I just don't know if it's possible to bring it up the next one that one over there on the left like the way that there's like the lines around the circle's of time queer division or what's going on here oh because you're dealing with a button and a slider a square button and it looks like they couldn't decide what to make things look like soon as I coffee Chris I need to get to work at the Unified comes out in Austin pool with a new with a new phone Legend 5 Hulu Plus game Dumb and I'm really excited about the whole announcement as well in the office because you said something with Brandon when he was going on his Halo was going on so we had we had the like the larger TV we have any office that was on the Microsoft press conference and then Gavin had the the apple one on his mother they're both going on looking right at 5 I like being busy Lila and one of the income like and then in the quarter mile Hulu dead like one of those big mr. X they do 4 years at home the ground so I didn't have 2 monitors or anything like that at all I could do was watch the the Xbox press or house going on delay tried to like try to catch up and see those things I didn't say one live like I want to be like some of the live blog about this you better have with h Jack if you learn oh we had a live blog live once of Grey house live blog Jack the killer himself were Jack and Ray or both out there 210 Fitzhugh guys I forgot that today was podcast and this morning I was like I need to ask you a in the podcast Burnie Casino Barbara Michael on it I like the ad says the starts with no offense it's just the most offensive honestly I think that would be fair what you say the most offensive things ever like whatever comes out of your mouth your whole life personality is you try and make people uncomfortable if you come up with a weird bizarre like uncomfortable question you try and have people and so is like usually involving a dick or an anus the million-dollar second Gavin knows my parents are watching that's when he'll start asking me the questions that they love to hear me answer on the play that's funny to me making people uncomfortable it's not funny last war we live in it to make us I was lost I mean generally yes but you know a decent human thing to do would not be at the expense of others what's up what have I done that is at least of you I don't know I don't keep a list so you can think of a single time I don't know cuz I don't give a shit outside the fence that is set alive for the one for your wife when she's mad at you how your lovely little boy trying to bring up the guys are trying to pick up the Sony press or so we could see the Yu butt up brightness or my name isn't or top-loading Xtreme in the podcast Pro not a good idea to be download screwing us over so thanks for everything I talk about him to go back and read some Wonderful Life Alive Achievement Hunter information of the PS4 I'm hoping that we can see what it looks like I'm sure going to show it right away I want to know the price on one of the real PS4 yet I think it be really cool feel like shocked everyone and it was like something you could like write on like a horse yet no thank you like no like I was like a skateboard it's like a skateboard until I get home right here he got off with my kids that in that crazy or new system like something like that were not really skateboard butt like a phone but it was also the PlayStation so often that it's like you have to choose between the two we get to do one of the other I would even use your phone so I like your talk on the phone Yu be like doing anything meanwhile this is streaming a game to your TV Kiera nevermind Ouya is that android-based gaming console and also there set controller like the Moga controllers for Android devices that you can play games music controller pad with him and it had from your Mo Central tablet HDMI output plug straight into your TV so it's almost like I just might any cool man or George Foreman grill plug slow degrees the PS4 heat up as much of the PS3 probably could cook something inside of it if it's open. Like I know someone who works at naughty dog and I got a copy of Last of Us last week and I've been playing it non-stop I'm almost done I'm like 95% done with that early I kind of thought about killing you and taking me realize how poorly ventilated my PS3 is entertainment center if I'm playing it just starts it sounds like a fucking get it anytime I have to play my PS3 new blog I can give you what can I say the game is very sound dependent like you have to really pay attention to what you hear and then you can use it this is important that kind of makes it interesting and it's like a button you can use to like oh Chris you're hearing and you can like hear things around you kind of surgery yet temperature in house turns on my TV but I have the IV original PS3 like a huge one and the good one and I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 lately and I've got to a point tell me like 5 days ago or like when is it ever going somewhere we have to leave by like next time and quits like I'm playing I'm nowhere near a save point sounds like probably 15 minutes past 1 butt 20 minutes away from one so I'll just leave it on it's been like 6 days every time I walking with live stay straight cuz I'm just like like everyday I'm like could just turn it off but everything I've done it's not only about redoing things it's all cut scenes it's like watching it was I like in game console storytelling Crab Jack Ray 450 time so it's like yeah I know I wish it so yeah it's been on for a while I think I might burn down my apartment but it's lavish last of ucharted in like the way you shoot it but it's like Netflix Tony do you kill people it's like you can speak about people that like to smother them and it's like you're strangling them in there like reaching back trying to get out he's like it's okay iWatch Ray watches trailer or like and not like a trailer for 5 minutes hour on the game Legend review of it and with no audio cause hearing headphones I was just looking at it like this looks interesting looks really good apparently it was really good acting and story Sony PlayStation does that really well they do the acting side of it just better than Xbox a lot of it is but I think that stuff you think about when you think about it Last of Us to think they like better to go into without knowing anything about the movie I mean anything about it I don't have a place to the only downside is going to have gameplay initially I don't like this and that's it but I mean at the expense of your PlayStation 4 it's like I want play the one game I buy console and games like this other than that different 2 hours and 15 box fire console under $60 New York Mecosta Friday just turned off Murray this year and remind everyone Naughty by Hulu Plus Xtreme hits shows on your PC on Hulu.com now it's time to start your free trial exclusive content in your living room and on your mobile devices on Hulu Plus with Hulu Plus to get total controller watch thousands of shows wherever you want whenever you want you can use Hulu Plus and connect two TVs game consoles Blu-ray players Roku Apple TV PC War watch from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet on demand at all times and with Hulu Plus you can bench on full seasons what's your favorite current shows and even pool series runs classic TV shows that shows that Community Modern Family South Park at San El on Monday Night Raw The Man Show Jimmy Kimmel Red vs Blue Family Guy and more Hulu Plus only 7 99 a month but right now they're offering a free extended trailer Hulu Plus only available to podcast listeners take control of your TV watching experience just go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth or your extended free trial Hulu Plus I think it's probably one of the best alive watches Riverhead 4 the podcast about something we talked about so dances and it's such a great Service Plus Garage Yu Gi Oh it's there and you're doing from there all the seasons with a hundred thousand episode plus cleaner looking Last of Us Heavy Rain 1 fifteen or Twenty we are and then you could not have so many things have some characters die after the whole thing could have been cut out where you are required to install the first time you play it butt help you pass the time in the origami like Starscream instructions to how to make a paper crane and it came with paper oh yeah yeah it came in like it was like a flat piece of paper and then it just each 3 loading screen is like Step 1 fold it this way before it was done heavy rain I think Chocolate Rain that song that goes gameplay the game you will take it seriously Usher much about video games I mean not to say like I don't like engaging stories and stuff alive Yu mostly in the walking cry cry play Dead Rising 2 even though it's like a big income to the point where I'm like it's a fucking video GameStop give a fuck but I think it was more emotionally attached in a Time if it's actual people and I guess it's easier to attach yourself to it I mean I mean sometimes was a good game hits I mean whatever I mean I mean I can be invested but again it's just like oh that's really cool but then I can pack my wife I'm not like that I can't believe it heavy rain like I beat it and got her number 3 play Times Like that's funny you just made me feel bad like I was playing the game I felt bad but it was so like it's probably the most action as if I've ever gotten ever told you Widow baseball at Pitt with episode 9 of season 3 of Game of Thrones I can't remember parts of like oh yeah I know when they show up guy like that but imagine Yu play for 3 hours at time and lets at one level in heavy rain 4 Yu Kanda guys giving you instructions you have to drive the wrong way down the highway oh my God don't walking into this achievement 4 that when you can't hit anything section for me to keep a hundred for that or Trophy Hunter video like forever ago and it didn't come out like I legitimately felt bad for the main character I'm just like dude like the opening cutscene is like the most depressing thing ever let you go from the opening cutscene to like a year later or something and it just like oh my God there's a Chris plus there's a comedian if you heard anything so Kumail and Jionni or something like that and he talks about that game about the divorce and you're making on microwave dinner for your dad or your son and you run out of things to talk about it old run-down apartment and you're like yeah you made your kid like chicken nuggets or some kind of pizza or some shit like that he despises you cuz you're like fucking not his mother anymore or whatever and she's like that's why the Kennedy the worst of the game starts off like the game starts off you're like this Rich successful or like very well-off successful architect and he had this like amazing marriage and these two kids Yu new super fantasy house in the start of the game is like the most mundane tasks everything wake up brush your teeth take a shower and play with your kids get ready for dinner and then like this awful series of events happens and it's like a month later and you're like I made dinner yeah it's depressing as fuck Ray game was really fun Yu play game the whole way through to fucking riveted she play gameplay the whole day was really really game Xbox One Was Dead Rising 3 oh my God it looks like a real one but I have a good word like zombie hard but it took like the weapon combo creation from Dead Rising 2 and like that definitely carries over like I never once found anything like scary in in Dead Rising one or two urine mean it's like oh it's comical that there's $10,000 for bowling balls at them black and rising in Dead Rising 3 I'm just like holy shit like zombies look walking like pool terrifying zombies in like that the camera angles different where it's like Dead Rising 2 Z One into a lot more third person there is this one is like almost over the shoulder it's still third-person butt like it's much closer and I'm very happy her first Hispanic Dead Rising at this minute and it started Rising series like it just looks very very real it's a kind of taking this other level where again the first ones were or the 1st I would like more coffee worth I'm still in press and that there be thousands of zombies on the screen but now it's like realistic under get it for and yes totally the same Pitt starts immediately like holy shit that's like super serious I hope it doesn't E3 and everyone after I got more more ridiculous in the 4 and super realistic ship to the US guy takes a plus all and combined it with a freaking sledgehammer I'm super cited as far as like it being so different would be either a Resident Evil like before you know cuz one table for with such a big change like as far as the gameplay goes but it still felt very like rezendeevil the atmosphere was still there and Legend of Zelda honestly like going from 2D to 3D Legend time and every 3 Legend of Zelda so house feels exactly like a game that's completely different I mean like if someone captured it and I don't know what starts playing but we're watching Dead Rising I felt like they did it right and it's a very cool thing that trailer with you helping him coffee quickly because it's such a big well I guess call Travelers Rising one had quite a bit it was really big from the zombies until I read the level place and then one grabs onto the top and I was like I guess if you have nothing nice 1 with lets on but it was still wrapped oh it was like it happened naturally and then jump and went sideways he was still like to still ride dances like this between 4 starts oh I love that transition and blog start on every window and pull you out of the car or you can use that motorcycle with a chainsaw us on it but it's like they have the books for me getting him being have like 7 Bucks so it's all your home be last on drunken oh yeah I'm excited for that was my favorite of the luckiest dude on the planet at that Rihanna concert I'll try to get up I saw the clip of the guy at the beyonces conference laughter as she was like I can't run without of talking to people and stuff and if you walking back income guy likes it in the ass I should have said she would have him thrown out of the venue or something like that honestly as a reaction but obviously not like she pulled out a knife and stabbed the guy in the neck black man beyonces she could have killed that you probably have to cure guy likes you you're about to have a rainy day is like Hawk new conference sandwich Gavin searching right now Yu 7 Rihanna sexy booty what is this first lets Rihanna stimulate sex the Gavin is showing a video if this is when I seen this is the luckiest dude on the planet are you at your guys come out sure he was looking to pull some guy out of the crowd on the stage and I'll Rihanna slow sexy with him listen to the podcast with her vagina back and forth her clothes and Legend and put on the state and they want her to do it hits hardcore Tony in the way and I just explode in the past without being touched I'm wondering if it would if it happened like what at what I could because you can black grinding on my dick right now we wouldn't be bored you wouldn't be bored with your stuff is aboard would you go to hold it together this is cool naughty Jack what does that mean only think about ever in the universe of video games so you think you can handle it okay to be nice I'm not sure but I'd never get out of there don't turn away from where they're going to follow them it like that what is the 4 wheel drive in the car behind them and possibly stopping in front of Monroe when you see a pretty girl me to look at one I get enjoyment from it let my brain sees the hot girl and releases as one so lovely happy chemical in my head when the sun is like something happy about it and I have that was looking oh that's why guys do that pool it's like I know I should be working but it makes me happy that I'm looking at this hot chick at the beach in bikinis not following someone from the opposite direction of where you going right 4 with the hot chick we turn right following the visits 01 does water follow where the women Black Widow way every time you at decision-making point on the road us plus and then walking that way it's like what are you and at the end trying to get to work eventually sometimes it's like a 25-minute detour I can't take the interstate with something like this you got to take surface streets anyone you understand I don't think Geoff Griffin what is blind stick into the race and he goes blind Gus right in the way we can just drive around and said that he was late again and he was like hey can you give me a ride to this place and some reason we said yeah we just picked up a little Pitt pterrys which are held the bag of that delicious. We also have in his life I'm really hungry Rising 3 lately smell it or State alive in Casino you said it was Casino the greatest guys take like 2 hours walking cheeseburger why you no rush but what's your favorite casino Burger metal rush dude or watches like 2 minutes in 2 hours if you wanted to eat that's not a difference between living and dying of starvation Like a Man 2 Hour 1 Halo Burger Burger King US 1 Burger star it was jackalope going to be last year as I can make him a building that price you could you make a 150 year old building right crew Zelda concert halls in like to the Plus concert Halls blog about waiting for it I'll let you have that one I've been having issues with cockroaches or sometimes of someone doing that was walking that's guys and girls most plus MO but I've never in my life seen a cockroach up close until I moved here like maybe a few months the watches in Jersey on his biggest ones here are they never seen one in my life so badly like hard-shelled cockroaches and they put it away I didn't even know like I've never seen a cockroach really good fucking I mean they can't fly but they can cover they do it when they can cover everything from the first time I ever saw one a few months ago and I are sitting on the couch and watching TV or whatever and we have a balcony and I guess it came a-calling on to the door from the balcony and also not here I just really like by my ear and I was a fly or something I'll just like oh that was weird I kind of look around I'm like right as I turn and look like between Wednesday night there's a huge cockroach just sitting on the couch and like before it registers in my brain I'm kind of looking at it the same color as the couch she just like we both jumped in separate directions 4 cheese on one side M on the other and I'm like what do we do and like we'd probably like had a conversation with two naughty minutes what to do about it cuz she wanted me to kill it but I don't want to crash out on the couch Ubisoft wish it did that feel like you're perfect Wars us are cockroaches like so I was like again I don't want on my fucking couch I'm doing the carpet the way it was like this cat-and-mouse game of Me Lindsey and a cockroach like standing off and they had a book and we have a bunch of books on our coffee table like hardcover like books and it and like it was like waiting and watching it on the floor we finally just squished it and it was like a traumatic experience that they didn't really it didn't really sleep at all with an adrenaline rush to get them that it was I was scared like a little boy I told the dead cockroach that he deserved it for coming in my home forced my hand Yu guys tell you one I had was you have to look at their fucking gross and disgusting and you want them dead right off the bat was in my bedroom and my pastor the movement isn't this just been painted white and I haven't painted anything this is why I don't in the dog on The Wall YouTube naughty Jesus just want a beer there like fucking good butt workouts blog on the word of God I can always forget England as safe as hell when it comes to their income black widows Texas and everything comes really the worst part of America oh Christ what is this and its pitch black time until the one that I put the light on Mac Oakridge about this pic and it starts going away and I'm tax my pants Oh my speak up which I just had on the counter I was like it was still in the wars fight and kill a bug that big heavy and I was moving slow today and I realized after this a few times The Closer I Get slow and eventually figure it out and put it somewhere else so I just went crack some donuts LOL I got like a load on my 3 Days To cops put under a book and left it cuz I wanted to go to sleep when I open my door and I need more in about a week later I kept hearing loss open up that we can address it was still in the cup I'm still alive after week you didn't want to kill it because it's true crew to crew butt Yu star of the in trap Pro Widow cup we should take an live like 2 months without food whenever I see a cockroach in my house I have to be like super nonchalant about it but it's true that I like I'll see it and I'll be like hey give me a beer from the fridge so I'm here but not really give me a beer Usher might try to kill it right off the bat I don't party they putting it out there used to be kind of squeamish about killing big cockroaches hear butt after having lived here for so long it's like it's like killer be killed dumb of the in a in New Jersey where I live cuz we live like in like this kind of us here like this water like swamp area that was like behind your house and cuddle and kind of deal like that the city kind of DVD like preserved so you can build houses and sit there but it's also why we get flooded so bad so the only thing is we've got like we got like fucking walking I forget exactly what they were called but they're like house centipedes or something and they were like he's like I don't know maybe like five inch long bugs and it looks like centipedes but they were fucking huge and they're like a hundred legs and like these big disgusting like antennas to and he's like off the walls and she like that and it would like I would be my room in the end it's super fucking fast and my bedroom was right at the top of the basement stairs so that all come into the basement and just like if any got in the house it would just be coming up through the basement is unfinished and all that shit so I see one of my 4 and if I didn't really kill it it would like to under my bed and I would like fucking be up all night with my eyes open I'm just like I'm going to wake up and be on my face it was just fucking freaking out screaming out like crazy when I grew up and I still can't deal with these they were tarantulas everywhere oh my God it was like in my backyard dead deer in my backyard they were like any time to work oh my God you're like a park in your car in the carport and I'd like I pulled my car up and look out the window tarantulas all around my door like Island by car door butt I'm going to drive around a bit rentals around my door like they were they got the same here. Dead can we change the subject Aeropress it's a concert at the Borgata quits with nothing has fangs poison Chris coffee one of the legs Rush one and not finishing the job like it's going to come back for me you know or like trying to step on one and you miss them like I crawled on your leg guy I would be able to take that's why he's always go for like a book or something something to do with the feeling of the crushing no I don't want to touch me I don't want Michael and could you get a book and a slow leak Rush tarantulas like I guarantee you it's not going to get you I'll do whatever I mean I'm not gonna be slow but I'm going to kill my lawn I guess I could buy bration on the ground would disturb them and it all come out Geographic an out-of-control like fucking tarantulas can't put the crack state what you talking about the from the specially ones that are in Texas don't have it like that rattlesnakes are snakes everywhere in Texas and I'm not worried about the snake thing inside my house I'm worried about things in my house Legend firearms like I told you don't every now and then Burnie and I will tell stories about the guy he's the only oh call center we worked at and he was so he would go hunting pretty frequently and you know he would go out with friends of his and I got to be hunting cabin so it is not like him to sit down in the middle of nowhere they try to the country maybe a couple weeks out of the Year people go and stay there for a couple days they went out there and they just got in there and one of the guys goes to go to the bathroom and then he comes out like screaming but would have to sit on the toilet to take a dump now and it was a black widow dead leg swelling up so I had to take off and like Dr haul ass back to the hospital Yu butt with dropper do I check inside text to check in to make sure there's no bugs or snakes don't do that but I went to Lindsay's family from Dallas and like I've been there a bunch of times and they have another dead like of ranch house near Lake Waco and we had been there and they have to pool their and her dad told us the first time we came over he's like oh yeah yeah make sure to check the skimmer can sometimes hear a rattlesnakes like the snakes in general but this rattlesnakes all over the place cuz it's like in the middle of nowhere and all I guess something like to swim in the pool don't get caught in the in the in the drain so or the one over there because I might be a snake and it never had a problem New Jersey Pool my backyard I think I'm going to be killed by the Alamo families house cuz like her father is like a hardcore texting so you like loves that she's like tell you right there we go behind where his Ranch is there's like tons of it just kind of like this so I don't like a goalie area and like you can walk down behind the house and there's all kinds of like and nature out there and there's like owls and and fucking gear and shit and die what we get to rocks or it's like an overhang of rocks and Pitt and Halo all time to like almonds weight for rattlesnakes like well thanks love you feel like that stop and look at it as I can one of the day that fucking Christ forget it headed to my wife What a Wonder lets no not wondering if I could and didn't see any this time maybe next time she's like oh yeah I remember once you know there's a rattlesnake on the front porch and my dad has helped with the shovel Mac didn't happen to me I mean like them sometimes my neighbor's dog would get out what we don't suck the venom out it doesn't look like that's the reason I'm not going to bed on Wednesday 4 pictures have been released I'd love to see what it looks like so bored can you ride Sony has a lot of our favorite movies and of consumer electronics fan blue ray unlock all of the stuff what could they immigrated from other Sony products into the PS4 but what if it was a projector that could display current movies that are in the theater on your wall and you can watch them score Walkman what's The Walking play the second at the Disco specifically look like a fucking brick Wood River with the river console where you have to flip the disc like everyday too on both sides and I don't think so I don't think so either I think about it it's like was there ever a point where I don't think they do that can you do that can you print on both sides like 9:18 Rush Hour Jackie Chan bar in your pictures it looks like you would have to great at Twitter think you would like it would be important oh yes I reckon Control - we're trying to see a picture of the IV Gavin alright what is that one that's a terrible picture of me better pictures it said what is the guy in the black suit holding a black system against his chest like a screencap from the street I don't know where taking a piss Moga set the one on the right that's not correct that one I don't know what I'm looking giving the Friends DVDs are not double-sided oh that's cool I was the first one is the Xbox Ray look like and it looks surprisingly with it Chipotle do you want to hear the explanation like a giant dick he's got the look list of everything you own state of my Xbox because it looks amazing and you've never been like that looks dumb it's true your argument sucks did the Romans like right now my TV to cable that hang down in the sizes that you bundle them up and put them right down dance oh you can't see them at all like I care but the console Michael the console bundle of time tables what's the distance one at work guy fucking idea with the shit out of me I probably build some kind of cage 3 let it in stick with the other one to the wide Rising Casino one can ever see it yeah not so much like with with a console last night but it's more of the line with that being my in my old apartment the living room was smaller thanks Gavin from Ocean from Gavin there so like Michael to be up against the wall and then I had my coffee table and then I had to like my entertainment center my TV but it was all so close together I couldn't get to the front of my entertainment center like I do enough space between my coffee table on the from the internet on my ship was on the floor right next to it so it's like for a year I just like the other the fucking shit on the floor and OCD I died a little like this second I moved into my new apartment which has a bigger living room everything was on the Shelf everything was put away Carrie came over and one point he's like all the stuff on the thing and I was like yeah I couldn't do any old apartment so I just felt like you don't give a shit and I 3 absolutely not any shots are given divekick Usher Good of the ship the good thing about this is that with them because you can do anything on the PS3 it was weird Rush PS3 like you do with everything you had Central architecture play backwards and it is on its last Ray Hearts oh I don't know free virtual fucking memory cards for PS 1 & 2 power can you of dog 4 the PS4 going to be backwards compatible butt feel like some kind of cloud streaming service right like I'm live Xbox One not at all Xbox because PS4 has any PS3 Planet Xbox or Microsoft talk to butt Xbox 360 update original 360 on the same who's the one I wanted to IV where we're going can I buy it I went to Best Buy I wasn't there then have anything that's really stopped coming in store but I also didn't know if like new and hour ago peanut butter for the Xbox One announcement it was on GameStop website lets I have to be at work by the way I signed up to be alerted when it's available computer I did not get my other I need that you like you can Xbox One announcement world what was the one I walking to my desk a couple hours later was like oh I want 4 pre-order final oh now I get it yeah I'm like you know about the guaranteed on day 1 I mean it's really nothing like I want it but if I don't get in on day one and they're in the stores I'm going to be fucking pissed I just stared at him he looks like everyone else 5 months ago hopefully I get it soon you know it's like you would be a dick move to butt Xbox One on day one and then smash it with a sledgehammer with anything you're claiming to be a fan now it's a dick move doing anything without slow mo as any other piece of Hardware is not how Grand we are difference at the power station yeah it wasn't lunch I guess it would be able to do it I'm sure I can make enough money with it just to house your people you're like a fucking broke 1 don't you people ever the stupid I make the video to show what it would look like breaking and slow mo and then people that would have made of Rage video breaking entertainment MO slow mo would be worth it Michael and I might be out trailer for we're the only people oh yeah I'm just saying your piece of shit for doing the same thing on the front of a bunch of people in it I'm saying it would be interesting but only because it's a new console that what I'm saying is the fact that you're breaking it specifically adds nothing to bring anything like it because it's brand new and everyone wants it I wonder if I'm saying I would kill you Pro Super Lube new Xbox One is 500 butt visits like going to be like 3 Grand or something yeah you know Central of the sledgehammer really I wonder if my bigger than top of it and I wonder if you hate or love it will just flatten what are you gonna do when you Mac Pro and you smash them into each other big yellow squash of cockroaches I would never do that crew also you don't have a rising on my one place to get another glass Legend Slow Mo Guys video ever Black Widow plus Xtreme push evenly on the surface of the glass really forcefully how far do you think the cup hearts with spread beautiful venue could hang out like a piece of art it does One Direction like how hard you can push something I've always wanted this is a weird question so I heard you had a Blog weather over two totally different things how much is a brand Rush plus no last with a small little silver thing you drink liquor out of a thermos is like a big round fucking cup with a Twist oh it's a brand of round two cup what is that called a thermos thermos thermos yeah it's like the same thing Coldwater of cup of that I have a pipe with a flat circle and that he'd be pleased that quits of the summer I'm pushing down and it goes into the sun us across the water to be more competitive without it like that state I can get out the water can't yet possible to do that Ouya 4 the molecular level black water can get through 3 small areas to Casey saying I don't think you've done so much water would it actually crush or would it just really hurts it is a machine you might compress it to a point where the water starts to boil if that makes sense because boiling points drop as pressure increases I think I just invented a New Castle PA future British people just always alive differences in technology I've been watching Power Rangers 1 the Power Rangers movies the kid and the Bad Blood was the name the bad dude Rita repulsa one of them into enemies Widow cup and computers and just have fun sounds like it didn't match the rest of the environment that I have here at the studio with Colin Aeropress 5 model property of a French press and you don't have to heat the water up as much as a normal coffee maker because it kind of seems like a plant root system and it compresses the water so I can set a boiling the water I want you to 270 degrees because in the pressure make it colder no mix oil solid and a liquid becomes solid Usher at that fucking thing I have watched you make a cup of coffee from that and it looks like the most complicated thing I really just took for ever it takes forever but actually with a lot of work if you notice there's a coffee Club at the office multiple ways to heat water they are walking to a different stage of coffee Club everytime I'm in the kitchen and sometimes okay drunken coffee beach port income because they had to be 1 preseason coffee Club is what I do the rare morning that coffee I take the folders on my coffee pot I drive to Starbucks and I'm like water dumb one concert I'm still too scared to order anything other than love like a medium coffee at Starbucks Chris the battle or during a cup of coffee is not one of the easy things to order at Starbucks if it's not on the menu like the easy thing is to be as like I want that but I couldn't even I'll give you coffee and then you have to do with the job itself actually grande Starbucks small or large cup size like a large coffee at Starbucks Knightley in venti no I mean large oh sorry I just got all right now confusing Ultra large size Sacramento or Trent oh yeah Michael white small medium and large lets the universal life comparison size for every place I took you there with summermoon coffee that place up on Solsbury new kind of hits them time Barbara told me to go there that place has fucking amazing drinks milk to put in the coffee it's like crack if I can get it normal to call it of the summer moon or you get a Half Men quits like only half of the sweet cream but you did it Blog full strength it's like this is too sweet at the half and it still like us is really fucking sweet but it's delicious thank you want to take the whole coffee and just like a pound it and then of course I found or RTX I can't drink that giant tub of sweet cream every morning and then lets a time in your life I want to that place again I would every morning when 3 days in a row and it's not close to my house live like all the way down here to go to bed go to bed go to that really hit home for me I can't make that fucking sweet cream if they have this the Moon so I felt really really Brad really embarrassed the other day though cuz I went and had that shipped with my credit card number got stolen yeah and I found out like a lamb at the coffee White City Star card was declined so I tried Tony oh quite understand like what money Memphis what is the promised S11 oh try to cash it I hate when that happens maybe like a month or so ago Linden hour and Dallas and I fucking reserve a room at a hotel one night right and I did it for my phone I've done it before same place cup of of a book get the room wherever you go in check and they swipe the card to go to your room so we get in and it's like fucking 11:30 and midnight and I'm going like exhaust if you want to go to bed it's literally for like to go to sleep wake up and leave like and you know Ramada Inn or something like that like 90 bucks and I do whatever I go in and read the card and he's like yes car doesn't work I'm like I know it all day like I know what he's like fixing anything oh no it doesn't work in your car and just give it to him whatever she's like she's like yeah I'm pretty sure it works and he's like how much is a fucking room can I take cash and he's like yeah he's like the room is like $90 and some shit like that right and mine is a fucking bank across the street I'm going to go walk to it I'll be right back so I can Z set an alarm and left I walked to the bank and this and this is in Dallas and then we'll talk about it like I walk from the hotel to the bank and instead of going up to the road walking on the side of the road I said cut the grass but it was like tall grass and like two feet I get life 30% and I'm just like and I'm just like holy fucking snakes out here literally breeding ground for snakes walking through a Michael walking on the road back on the road on the road please don't let me forget to the bank same fucking card I use it it took $100 to the fucking hard work so I walked back to the guy and I'm like yeah the card fucking works but you know whatever here's $100 as I go and he's like oh no cash no it's 94 the room plus $100 deposit yes you told at 1:18 and I was like now I have to go back to the other fucking with you literally asked her what it was for class and I'm just like this card works like and then like I had this whole conversation with him like are you fucking sure can you try it again but like I'm being as nice as possible would you go to get an apartment hearts what is so my normal stance adjustable Ray and just freaked out on this guy but we are in Dallas with nowhere to stay and was fucking midnight and I'm like if I fuckin freak out on this guy when I going to sleep so I like I'm trying my best I was like I just use this card and he was like he didn't grasp it and make this money that you pay for this car he's like dead how much is play oh I don't know and I find them I'll be right back and slightly walking back in place I think that I would be driving because it was way too far and I thought it wasn't one bit by snakes the hundred dollars come back fucking give it to him and he's like all really sorry about that I'm like yeah whatever inside his dick some fucking sweating to death because I was walking whatever and like give us a room key and he's like on the house again just two bottles of Water and Light 2000 water on the house for your for your inconvenience sir the best thing is like he's like the deposit cause I never stayed in a hotel with a cash deposit if I just come by in the morning say hey I have deposit and I'll give it back to you and I'm like great they're going to check my room and inspected and in the morning comes we go to leave with a different guy at the desk and I'm like hey I'm checking out the voice or are you good to go EP and I was like well you want to fuck me my money back I have to posit deposit metal in the room I slept there should have been like what give me one minute sir I haven't gone back that was that was me like literally at Boiling Point like 20 like you don't want to like mothers are freaking out the kids and like that was me with this dude I don't like hard working man I know freaking out the devil version of you and then I guess it's being of the devil so it is seriously probably took like 45 minutes to check in at the end of the day after driving to Dallas would you like 4 hour drive so I want to strangle this guy to dead slow ahead of you have the ability to be so polite to the public will Gavin pointed this out that way the most polite to like waiters and any like public service at the Olive Garden or where women house we go like always be nice to someone because I worked my last job I work in people's homes and it doesn't really get much more personal than that like your in someone's house 5 years the bathrooms like can I use your bathroom Yu no excuse me ma'am you mind if I use your bathroom or whatever every every customer we had would always tell my boss like Michael so nicely so quiet if I'm quiet because I'm a piece of shit and that's me not being an asshole so like I can turn it on and off like that and that's that's really thought Sony bullshit what about being nice to people one time electrician come to my house to do some work and he came in really nice guy you know that it's worth everything left us like that's awesome and then like 10 minutes later he knocked on my door again and was like you mind if I use your bathroom that's like no I don't mind but he was driving away in real life guy that's going to go to come back here Butt Coffee Halo story about what you did to that woman's basement toilet with whatever one time trailer for one time we were going to pick up Natalie I told a story before where Hershey High black ongoing projects at our house for years and years like this woman her thing was like to get additional stuff to her house because she lived alone she was divorced and she was like a millionaire 4 more space of course she didn't say she wanted people at her house but she would like the company of all the construction people in her house that she was friends with everybody like like the main contractor she was like I wasn't her best friend so I think I loved it cuz she likes you she paid people like hanging out with her friends but it's actually what it was no money for it so it was a little sad but whatever so we were there early for a long time and even missing a long time like most of the customers that I work for when I get the job or customers of the company I work for play 2013 years so like you know long 7 extending customers they know everyone that's like first name basis everything through in the past 4 years and just work through the time I was working there and I have dumb so I went into her basement cuz it's like common courtesy but I use your basement bathroom naughty you know if your first floor bathroom in the basement I use the bathroom I just like doing it but I go to flush it and it's like totally clogged and when I flush it again Xbox and clogged again and I'm like I'm looking around there's no plunger there's nothing else like will my customers house and I can't leave oh shit clogged toilet like this shit it's like slow poke Rush did you wash your whole arm that judgement call I got to be done so I have basically like punch the toy time would you like to extend until I pointed fingers to have reached on the you could like it looks like I probably had to scoop once I probably haven't El in something like pull some out so I can flush and then let the next batch going in the second flush my son and I moved along have you ever put your ship Tony just shitted box. That would be like saying anything here announcement with at once hear back what I live I called the toilet like 50% of the time it sucks it sucks it was and it was smaller like some house is smaller how long between realize it was close to Legend your fist and not your mouth Walking Dead how long between which in your fist into your shit and eating with your hands so either either either an hour or two it was before lunch or public 5 hours if it was dinner after that oh yeah I don't like breaking the war bathroom there's a sink right there I've dealt with that nothing of yours Starbucks visits live a microscope slow down what do you mean after I did it guys are leaving toilet Rising console riding crop some weird device that would plunge it for me okay I was at work I'm not going to spend 5 fucking hours in the bathroom trying to like MacGyver my shit out of the toilet punch punch punch one wash my hands back to work first date with and you close your toilet and it clogged but that would never happen I would never know you had to take a shit like a great time I gotta go home tomorrow by or should I do it plus I was just a bad that I may be trying to tape Up Your Mother season play them guys fucking piece of shit out of toilet people here are the other guy who plays all the time here too by the way now you know why one Z there's no reason to not put like unplug your shit I can never clean up someone else's touch I can never do that make me asshole and I'm sure I get the point or not angrily plunge it would make me sit on the toilet I get a butterfly I take the tiniest dumpster Waukesha and the contractor has Elations the contract was putting a toilet in the little spot where I live now if they have to come back I think 3 times during after I'd moved in a single time one of them would take a dump it was worse than anything I've ever done to the port with light brown splotches under and the point where they must be so you have to on my face and a toilet brush through it punch their shit down the drain for you and you never knew exactly Yu walking Barbara rather than destroy them or leave them back in toilet she would have been quite a bit Sony but I really don't know Destiny kill me kill me one over again I was just stressed out I walked into the office I just occupy 4 Barbara some coffee and I'll talk to Adam Barbara like walked up and was like you look terrible RTX dog to give you a hug and blog 4 weeks away officially for weekends away Gus at the days I'll get a lot of the planning process you have to wait for other people to get back to you on a lot of stuff and other things to be finalized before you can start other thing and attendees off in Wonderland us as someone who attended conventions for a long time I didn't understand why schedule would not be online until just a couple weeks before the event because a lot of stuff is being finalized you don't want to put something up that's incomplete or incorrect yet so I think we at the point War Ready to put the schedule up to talk about that we haven't wanted to say it because we are nearly sold out we're probably going to sell out this week and I haven't wanted to make a run on tickets but I just said it should buy them immediately because there's not many left it's definitely going to sell out if not this week definitely next week a couple of new people so and achievement underground redlynx his back with trials gear they're going to have a relationship and I think that we weren't on the floor and she one hundred Lounge oh yes one of the guys coming over to be there in the lounge shootmania going to be there as well running some gaming there in a few hundred lounge and iron gaming just announced their Indiegogo they're going to have with giant boots on the floor going to be doing tournaments for Smite I think they have like a like a $5,000 cash prize tournament party on Friday night at like an arcade bar downtown are we invited be there with those guys today and that other people will be there so you know how you always press because I don't on at conventions with you and you always very frustrated with how difficult it is to get and sometimes as an exhibitor to get the budget and lets up so do you have it out yet but the best ones compared to its like when you go to board an airplane there's two lines normal for a 10 days and then like first class is actually feel like the exhibitors like that you just getting that line and thinking like that they're bad just and I'll be able to go on the way and get on with set up and get all the stuff taken care of pool cue and panels and everything like that we're going to when did we have a giant screen and sound system setup with overflow viewing in case the main Ballroom gets like super backed up you can go to a secondary location how many does the main Board of Health 2400 people last year it held about 700 income press and what is that mean when a patch one of the more than 3,500 so it's a little bit we have room to grow it next year and maybe a little bigger we look at the floor plan you have to like divided how everything's going to be laid out it's like what world am I going to put it down it well then I'm not going to put down to try to giant scale things such as where the war is going to be and I'm getting down to such things as life where I sign is going to be just like you starts like zooming in on Google Maps you start at the macro-level and you make all these decisions and you like Zoom down to like the tiniest detail last week dances visits this with an airplane that was just like where will signs be well if you come up the escalator house people who dislike play testers at the convention but they will conclude this is last with things like aged people maybe we'll have a locker at the launch was like before it's open when all the signage is up and we just have Guardians there we should have them walking to be like you need to get to the rooster teeth patch hole or whatever you don't have them try to figure it out 3 weeks to start working on my birthday so I guess they just announced Kingdom Hearts 3 Grand over here to say holy shit Kingdom open Barbara set PS4 to Friday even seen anything about it okay live Xtreme Salon Burnie thank you 4 RTX need help definitely buy one now and even once we sell out iron gaming has some available through their Indiegogo depending on what level you want to do anything we are going to be others that we haven't announced yet but yeah I'm keeping from or more and then we should also starts this Friday normally through the from Monday so there's a podcast thanks for vs blue butt of Flag Day this Friday and then the next episode will be on the 24th which is not the following Monday but the one after that they're back on schedule on the 24th the websites able to handle a ray vs Blue launch and the podcast same time may have some trouble on the 24th but hopefully they're ok video at 7 p.m. for sponsors different time house or mobile Z yeah we star world or do you have problems with Barbara and Burnie and Ashley butt Eagle tickets and I didn't know anything about all this I thought income at least until movie is a pre-screening walking Legend the book I knew nothing about that movie or story I will say I haven't read the book solid gold movie and stressful Michael on the community they have like Oh What a Night wake me up dumb you are always kind of time for these out there like that you in there or Saturday next week or African reveal sizes for zombie-ism it was it was directions and Brad Pitt came in there because it was how he knows introducing him and he said all know someone if you want to hear about I like doing this Brad Pitt and I was like I wish it and I coffee table people leaving out again so I've never seen that his reaction to anyone in my life is crazy but I like shows up to a movie it's pretty surprising thing is going to be there Sony Pictures like well like I said on the podcast a couple of months ago I guess that I didn't find Brad Pitt attractive so tonight we did that they're just like you didn't care like with Brad Pitt new Gus how good is your memory if you know why new the 20 beers used to be really good I feel like I just remember a lot of stuff and I told him I mentioned something to me but I can't remember a single thing income on one clump of us are drinking we had another Mac 3 lets play the record with the podcast but it feel like it wasn't funny enough so I'm going to the next of you really cut it down and maybe release it as like a and outtakes video or something I wished I left a bunch of times there's moments like 39 minutes long and it's like U last like 6 times welcome to every Minecraft let's play GTA one of us really proud of the 1 and you take turns being the crooks and then you'll the cops I know something imagery El vs Great Khali cup cops coming screen snap on some Crooks and Ray Michael and a meter machine console in the car for the cup guy so funny to watch some weird things and it was just like the dynamic of two teams also Lake Connor Park cops are with 3 people shooting machine guns out the window and then it cuts to them and it's 3 people just running around a car doing nothing but just there like flopping like a fish out of water and it's okay you can ask the cup you can tell him with Sirens in this helpful because it costs right away but then they can hear so we would be like peeking around the corner the sirens off I'll Be Missing You like or iPhone 5S should we drive all quiet and like why does he get on the corner to the cops can see on the radar where the crooks are of the crooks can see the cops and what they just physically see them they're not on the GPS so we get the right on the corner and I was like Aaron's Auto alive Krewella loading into them there's a whole dumptruck sequence that like I'm not going to get into but if it's one of the products but he never made it so I didn't even know you new Z table cops and crew okay so it's Tony just came out today okay awesome we're about that are time time to wrap oh yeah I appreciate it podcast so thanks for watching