#223 - RT Podcast

RT opens its gates.

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Recorded: 2013-06-18 22:46:09

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Jordan Cwiers




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth podcast is also brought to you by Squarespace the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create a professional website blog portfolio or online store for free trial and 10% off your first purchase on 2 accounts go to squarespace.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth 6 that's Rooster Teeth and the number 6 what for about 40 minutes last night I just had at 6:16 out of school and exams and stuff you sure that's cool that's cool that's cool I went to sleep about midnight Seth Morgan Gavin last night but it's been a rough couple of days cuz I realized over the weekend that moving for RTX is just like 2 weeks away will realize that and I'm like like 6 months sea end up spending like 3 weeks at the convention center yourself write something like 3 people coming in from out of town and will email me or text me at the convention center I need a cuddle watch fireworks on the 4th will see a problem who is a member of the site who I didn't know is related to an American cousin internet Dave and one of his employees cousin told her son or something over there wasn't any music like 2 years ago but I started off rough issue where I was talking to a woman about and try to get an extra bad for us and I'm like we went to the counter or whatever like I was at me do you know there's only a few of us here and you know it's like we've got a pretty big side we've got 5 million followers on YouTube that about a million-and-a-half on her side registered locally and then she's like okay cool we'll take a look at my number whatever and then come over to prove getting extra bad for you man it's over 1 million is Like Instrumental little fucking crazy like seriously what is the mo pretty sure anyways so but that's really it was like really like that doesn't matter it like okay and then while the whole thing just read online that the entire time month old plays the internet doesn't matter what your name Colorado Panama City what you're doing it in a magazine and then they send it to you I love you card machine it was always like the people there like surprising lot of photos they're just going to go but a good time at school games Thor my laptop plays E3 Quake Lake the same thing but I was so busy running around as much time as possible that if it isn't an open machine and I can jump in the car playing I probably won't play it so I didn't play a lot of games but was very excited by was Dynasty Warriors 8 all of that is such a terrible game of it so so much nobody fucking about Dynasty for probably like damn that was pretty fun actually and he got into a Shannon 2 panel doors Holly Vine game plan it because we don't want on the patch I can't even is not but it's pretty scary when you come back to the second E3 remind me to talk about them out a lot so it seems like the thing this year that we were doing something on a tablet or secondary information like Maps Jack at 24th at up at past of the action I never go to it cuz I only ever used it would you actually pull pull at the wheel I never seen that kind of stuff that makes sense to buy the division for example and you can play it on your console how do you play on your iPad like how do you verify that you have the game you have to have it running and then you can pick one account somehow and then this is something I have no idea but I think the on the phone the SmartGlass app and I'm not sure what you're doing on the bed and you can sleep future working on another room about Battlefront I mean of leukocytes that is like Microsoft press conference when they showed off the new Halo game like I was just like him walking through the desert with a road that I thought that was Battlefront very old Ben Kenobi style in that you wear the robe because if you don't wear Ray Farmer gets fucking hot under direct sunlight okay that's the most sensible Xmen at Lehigh towel winter the planet without ship but it gets hot internet history of the road she's trying to hide like he's going incognito makes more sense so you can just take off the armor April 2nd office man forgot he didn't talk about the case I'll probably pick that up to not play that pretty much non-stop all weekend it was so much fun I just gotta run over there and back but sometimes you wanna in Lake today Titanfall and then you try to fit in too much stuff it's like a 10 zombies until I think it's Carol I was just in the house will try to cut material it was night time and I was 1 in real life at Sasso is even more and it is Pitch Black in my room while I was and then they sell things through the window into the room and straight back out I was like this is painful enough let me up I just left Market I lost my pretty early on there working on slow to go when your bored at the house and I'm doing that comes by and allowed him to so forgot to get back to open door to walk out Thrones LP under the porch so I can pick it up and I had like a big backpack and a pump shotgun days like I still am I'm a go over to the porch I had to stare at the wall set of characters nothing but you can be several carts as we build them up to it I have to be friends of them in and feed them so I could be a few people this point but he's star is Marcus he's not the man guys stuff so he gets ripped to shreds and then it just comes back to the last woman I was and she's like man I wish I got to know him better today game characters coming out 2 is on Thursday the 20th on Thursday about the other game 837 come this time I realize there's only one that's going to have this consoles like up to him just the beginning of Sunday I already said instead is 2 and I'm just like what would it what are the destiny and Titanfall Nathan giant like wrap-around screen thing so much it was like every 20 minutes is show at Supreme trailer this crazy wrap around thing like the lights and sounds like nuts Wii ghost and then watch it was outside the booth they actually had those robotic arms that like to move around and then they would move around in the patterns behind them look like they're in the air and moving the TV in front of them like $200,000 a piece of it I would love to see how much money is spent E3 anything E3 E3 and I think it's actually Beyond where it was before we mentioned in the past when you were out there didn't mention how they went away and it came back to the smaller thing and it's really late and now and it's bigger and louder than it ever was when they ended it could be getting a call back in the day which was a goal in the developers star hero came out over the weekend internet but I is your fruit trees there was there Blue Ridge of the patch you know to bring me a picture to this number so I texted. Like that is like you can come in and somebody who's never played Animal Crossing and is clueless like me will it was about you playing a character who moves to a town and you become mayor of the town and you have to buy a house and expand the house and get stuff for the house and you meet all your towel mates and you give them presents and get presents from them look up on that is this game pictures and you can plant and grow peach trees can you poison her peaches MO will patch you can hit people with a shovel and I can do anything you can do to me crappie light keyboard that pops up and then put your kitchen standing there which is like the other person like while I'm typing a message and she was like hit me with a shovel and conversation that we had tapped into your brain before you can say it Too Short that's terrible how long it is Sasso bad if it's easier to text someone will anything like even though the system for adding friends is so awkward I get to send someone your friend code in Dave Franco will digit number Wii on the heart on the main screen you can activate messaging internet on and and you can send them messages or send messages to all of them and suck them even if you're not in the same town you can still chat with each other will be really good instant message Vine like if you could communicate with vines gassy the computer not found a decent you survive in the Will Sasso will the Will Sasso Vine for lemon and the one with the Michael 66 Atkins 8 how long do you think we will have to 10 how many hours are in a Will Sasso today I don't want them up again and he makes the whole stupid party that you love that don't love it bathtub Michael McDonald yeah I don't think aside from his Vines out of the single Vine IV the Damned okay all waste of time but winter is already a waste of time Vine is like question your lifetime you're right I just had a really at E3 verified on Twitter but they have a little blue check mark for like you know if you're super popular I guess I'm just winter I mean like I mean I was by myself that was completely today audible everybody on that I follow on Twitter stupid fix this stupid I first came out to see what it was about and have at work and I had a little puppy good insurance to Brandon maybe he'll put it up so it's ongoing problem with the squirrel that's been harassing me at my house or my mailbox in my mailbox Federal E3 is picture of them is it really House 1 this flat jack up in out exactly when my mail out of my mailbox Wii come out and be like spread their wings and look at me today I was like a picture of my will show you what they look like so I was like I'm sticking my phone in there and I can try to take a picture and then this weird noise behind you behind me and was like right by my mailbox and it's barking at me Thor the squirrel in the future but it's it's barking but it wasn't anything the squirrel like you know what blue season 14 so I left I was going out I went in there and whenever I came back to my house pull in the driveway in like 30 seconds squirrel it's like a doormat squirrel wanted you to see if you'd like I'm sure you guys later ran around the side of it barking Dr Pepper 10 gun before and I think if I was ever to go hunting actually is across from show me sea about for every time I was like I was going to kill at on dead First America my camera up and come over here you let me punch you will have it on video out there nothing will be different anything he'll fix your brain might not be so might not be straight guys how to get a dentist the final four Mo Guys put you in the eyes 1 place anywhere on your body where would you want to get hit ant farm what is something like what about you want Chester Gus what about my lap and put your crotch will I hit someone in a movie getting shot in the lap special luxury watch pinapple Express over the weekend who does the forgot how much the car that day or the day before this is the end up really good things about that yeah I didn't Ray 1 internet provider books with more than 100,000 all types of New York Times Best Sellers audible book give you a chance to consider is Enders Game for free audible podcast RoosterTeeth RoosterTeeth the Enders Game movie coming up soon it would be a good time to go over the weekend 30 night after night of drinking airplane Animal Crossing will playing and she comes to my towel because she wants apples and apples and just had just come out so she comes over to take some apples and then my dog want to go outside to put my vs down in real life so I walk my dog to come back in and he still playing Shannon is planning apple trees in the wrong place gassy towel Lake make Tapped Out Simpsons tapped out or anything like that first came out the coolest things that happen to me E3 the Microsoft booth contact information end up this up like $5,000 what was awesome so I got a call 5005 thousand Donuts at like 5:50 but now it's like 250 bucks Captain Donuts on steel like you know but you game but it's slow for you can pay for donut Ray dead people falling down About a Boy Light em in the real world people talks selling on eBay but yes loads Holly my favorite my favorite connection 983 Princeton but anyways not really Barney's bowl-a-rama about all this cool stuff I'm trying to save it she brings her is like super fast the PayPal receipt first iTunes account all the time like you just paid $5 October whatever wide fence the grind right now we had to spend it tonight would you spend on a car or any kind of payoff something to put on my house so I could Adventure McDonald on house payments right there it looks pretty good is a grown-up Jordan as a young fella I would invest in at 4:20 go somewhere like on a plane I don't know probably just like Holly crap I can do 50 Grand right now you drove to the airport where you took a taxi to the airport let me figure out where you can go 24 hours you can go from there like 12 hours and then you have that much time with you everywhere Nathan from here to Australia to Grant economy Xmen first class tickets like 20 grand will I am it's just for like 50 Grand to just waste it on that that's one of those things where this system is far too high but you can be wealthy enough to for the first time for people who have a lot of people Branson what for I red you can go to the moon for 250000 pounds are we going to current go to the Moon biker dude would go this was going to Costco to space right now what do you want the Moon 30 years no it's been a little forever what were the Doom spy the Wii U and that's like $200,000 but we didn't do it because it was a lot of guys out there that can jump 451 Justin jumping in a public place but I'll take out the pot while and I just feel like floating slow Wii talks and would like the flu through doorways and it cuts me like looking at something at the store this picture jumping in the out of the office where we just like every frame was like me jumping and going to and then so it was just me like jumping around like it was like I was floating is everywhere around the studio and since you have to do 6 seconds like she was recording it and I got tired after like two jobs and he was like yeah so I keep telling you someone stands up with someone else and it's like the person they're really really class developers conference last week to guys like Aria getting trash can Mac Pro at the office Pros have an aluminum case I thought it was plastic guardians of will that's good thinking we should just buy one and put it in the kitchen and see what people try and do it like that salary up man I really want 1 day at the end of the hard drive in it Thunderbolt man so I still like to help out big is 9.9 inches high if you put it next to the base of this next the car Mac Pro comes up to the power button Jesus Christ really I think that's what the intent of the expansion is Bo on the mo 4 plug-in you should keep it on your dice Thor 2 make this lemon guys are putting in airplane not bad at all I only wish I wish Apple would take Final Cut Pro 7 and is rewriting 4 64-bit processor that's a very weird request I never will season premiere I need to vs out today I think the numbers like you know sea Adobe Creative Cloud if I can even talk to me don't mean that but that's that's pretty much all you were using before I game play video I don't know what why are you hesitant to try to America for like another 4 hours no that was your thing and I was wondering if you'd like to leave it all MP3 guys to rewrite that code for episode aquadoodle Pax Pro Superbowl show that I was I was burned I was excited I was a pro actually this could be a lot of fun today 1 installed in a Zack what the fuck is this I thought it was brilliant is come out and out Michael is hanging this is terrible but been used to replace the old one that I used to party so why didn't you say you double-click on an Epson projector this sounds like the stuff yes we can do that I don't think so Thor like I have got it so I can not download every machine I have and it's kind of cool but it's not a reminder classic auction where is like your fountain Pro X Wii U hit a button and it end like we worked everything was like this is what you probably know there's a lot of steps and it's not really the same red is the of would you have of me forget why you don't like him and he likes on the other side if I think of someone favorably or unfavorably but it's the specifics may become plays he said when you see me what do you think it is right now how long has it been the longest grudge I still have a grudge against the town I grew up and I mean that was a move there 29 years ago Jesus getting there the other night like Friday night 10 inches of rain in one day pictures of decimation house is falling over people crying and I was like good state of like the people you know wherever that was involved up to your star needs to be wiped clean reclaiming call is will see that I can't find anything that's meant for believing his room smells like crap ghost strategy and you can be 1 of gold man, I think so like I mean I don't want to get into a religious discussion on the podcast but I consider myself agnostic I think that there are things in the universe that we don't understand it's definitely not explaining nothing like that not everything is the same way this is so fucking big the only intelligent species out there that's kind of sad you know big I think that is really offensive Vine like the least number of the you and like it's like there's another Universe like crashing into it or so about those articles I read that article and they found someone like overlapping it that doesn't make sense sorry Howard I didn't of us needs the pictures from all universe sea so far like you can only see as far as light has traveled in life what's 6 billion years ago but I think it's longer than that now 4 billion years for a long time and now they can see like 6 billion star light that was how many years ago like that's what I was exist yeah the lightning from the Star a bunch of crap happened us became and then humans have been and then I definitely think there is something out there LOL I would hope there's something for everyone will towel under like that place hypothetical for you if if you knew that like if you knew the world was a 10 what you want to be here for the world and they like what you want to live up to the point where world ends and I was like what you want Express man Express call Bournewood Collinwood Ray an alien could chuck a giant bucket Wars what was the live-action Gavin or Google right here U of a sphere of water. The volume of this right it would go around the out to be like a big ocean Audible and how long can you keep doing that until the war was just like animal and it's alright one more question Hadfield ring out a wet paper towel know what you would think would happen is you were going out on the club you just float away he doesn't and just kind of out of it and sticks his hand and he has all the wrings out but still around it would do that was a really stupid thing that's different than the other over a hundred years ago why do they do it to let ships pass Christian for sale around the tip of South America the Chinese for the getting the private Chinese company that's building a bigger version of it like right next to it I really don't have to pay a lot of money to Panama Canal building bigger ships they can compete with the Panama Canal I don't think it would keep blowing because the Pacific and Atlantic Rd meet at the tip of South America what that mean it's show me how many miles it is different if they Will Sasso Richard Branson will still give you make the ultimate Vine the Vine account Obama what is Obama ant will go down if you more like a button 2 nuclear weapons Vladmir Putin is your refrigerator running this whole story about Vladmir Putin stealing the Superbowl back up again this past weekend ant about it. Robert Kraft Captain 4 years ago I want to say I think out again or something Ray at the the conversation was just like hearing it looks like I could kill a man with this tank please don't steel my ring Vladmir Putin don't kill me can I adjust flow at Niagara Falls brother okay remember according according to Twitter it's really need as a structural engineer I was thinking it would just feel like a river have you ever wanted to go in the Dead Sea salt water information information Dynasty anything I wish you could trace the source to actually will happen in your brain breaking Brandon earlier about Adventure with the magnets and Compasses you can go back into place and this may be wrong because I want to look like an idiot wonderfully animated cartoon thank you for that to confirm that he was wrong about the mineral deposit from the type of mineral deposit South magnetic pole or something and all the websites that we're on Brandon side or like a really old Pro like totally like the mid-nineties like you can tell just by their website design information about rtaa 100 I didn't know you were doing that I just know that people like oh yeah and I had like counted wrong and what it was supposed to come out as I was in my head I did it and was like I was coming out June 19th I got plenty of time before Memorial Day Corvette is electoral scramble on it so I was working on it pretty much until they came out one night but I didn't go this morning Aria to see them Vine or from the park and the actually scripted I love you so much that made me realize I can absolutely watch 20-minute concert in in that style W show and 11 probably cuz I was back when you were still in the office I'm going to actually have to reshoot it recently but it didn't turn out as well as the first time so I just use the original one the Jordan River flow Gavin wouldn't use Dr NW it was good it was just like the shots went the same it wasn't set up the same so and the room is darker for some reason I don't know why I'm here baby winter back then the Days end earlier this end as it rises higher out for summer is you don't talk about her like that I've been listening to the book about a quarter of the way through class right now so different from the show Wii definition internet icon icon listen to leave it with a voice is a different voice the most disgusting thing about the books is because like leprechaun of something is a book state of Richard Holly was telling you the guy who reads who narrates audiobooks is the guy who played the pyromancer in Game of Thrones so can you do any action this now because I can't do this everything lights in a box right now it's just me surrender you were in that one but you can tell those boys unusual in surrender was really funny the project company that was doing the Xbox version of supreme commander and so I was like I know he's reaching guys do this really cool stuff with you some of them and we work with them that it was Nathan definitely slow game on Xbox game that had a lot of issues but he was able to manipulate in such a way to make it work to work for the steel out of it you should clarify it's like you only have this of you so soon on the way that was feel like that's way closer than can Xbox One really close looks like the characters were meant to be that close ever in the getting really getting kind of close Branson Red Lake races and so we have 2 of them and in the other one was like the surrender of out or whatever and so is like these giant creatures in the super 4 giant creatures anyway it wasn't the first time it was actually really have a while but you would provide when was still like that she'd little while or you just jump over if you wanted to The Foundry will which we will in like to have everyone there and bring it to me the controller animal shooting first person Jordan everything up pretty good actually came to play grifball I got pretty good at it for a while then whole video game career was right off the Wii make grifball is there was one getting my bunny was pitching at the Bungie so we had to 4 guys from Bungie will have the flaming helmet which now we have to get the time and that was when I was the best person in the world... Be like on the boiling point of the Bungie in the Pro South Carolina developers a robot the hammer Jammer like that if you can figure out the camera shop that was the river Jack in like maybe me like a perfect little triangle that have the guys jump at the right time and everyone hammered 2 Simpsons I think Wii you got Wii for Jack in the Halo 3 grifball we absolutely should go online and just take on the natio Gus people have been asking for a itchy 100 vs podcast let's play to do it we should do that sometime and out of of Fillmore Equipment over there somewhere we can this week the 1 Word orgasm holly bridge the other it's funny like is really funny right now a lot of lets players on YouTube are all going back to Grand Theft Auto like these Trends or like only see like SeaNanners and gassy Mexican like playing these games or like shit like everyone seems to figure out like Grand Theft Auto V come out will she go back in Grand Theft Auto 4 and someone tailor Wii show me a gift from the video today while Ryan goes over a hill does a front flip on a bike runs over different biker hits the car just go sensor days like this game it's the one around the corner on the motorcycle in like trying to shortcut it is about like popped out and lands on the first play because I got a PlayStation so I played the original Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City and San Andreas on the PC multiplayer mod GTA barking the original Red vs Blue tailor shop and people that I forgot about him today it was really fun but right Wii out in BF injection races around this time Wii games that came out like the internet was becoming standardized and don't have any experience with that 100 Wii 4 player Doom or do you just have a bunch of shit I don't know what the way you measure the speed of a modem 34 2nd at 2400 I was really low and then went to download kill 8 minutes prescription for this one sounds good man play dumb Quake on a cable modem blew my fucking mind like 16 player Quake I don't think I was born I was born into my game still looks good to where it was like you were that Halo nerd and like it wasn't cool to play videogames right oh yeah yeah I had that wasn't cool to be used to sometimes I know for me I'm sure I'm sure for Gus and growing up like if you play video games in middle school or High School you were fucking her and was like wow you don't do that anymore and it's like now if you don't play video games like oh now you're fucking weirdo that you don't believe that there was a time where I was not really internet and I would do stuff like out with cool people and then they took the drugs I'll do that and then I was like okay I guess I'm done with it first time I thought 2 download porn on the internet was because of a Newsweek article like my family biker Weekly News Magazine Mac internet this is like a screenshot and you can see the address bar today was still winter reading that web address to the 11 what what is internet www.can a Michael and they were really good lemon information on you can get information 11 blue and white year-and-a-half-old I can handle my iPhone and he can unlock an iPhone iPhone unlock into his game to start playing incontinent and he was like probably like for and like he was on his own but I still could have been his on an iPhone he was only like playing games like searching everything like navigating it perfectly will at the Barber's for vacuum lines on my will texting and mobile phones if you arrange to meet someone someone didn't show up what do you do you call their house phone ice ice 11 airport recently I saw someone on a payphone that I'm at the point where I freak out when someone calls me Jesus Promised Me dice workout spreadsheets and stuff end up on my desk right now currently Eric back when I live in California and I would go to Disneyland all the time I would have at least a phone call around Disneyland and they have lost it in Disneyland call it's always do this thing where I would like to post the number on Twitter and be like I'll be staying here for 5 minutes call this number and then call them Australia rounds weird Gus holding 1 Seth walking my dog notes for military this man I've been I've been trying to this for a while how to buy Squarespace make fast and easy to create a personal website blog portfolio or online store since the platform upgrade last fall Squarespace just keeps rolling out a new product features Integrations and templates for make sure you get the most from the recent Innovation scoreboard Squarespace has 24/7 support team provided live chat during the week extremely fast even support day and night plus a plan something as low as $8 a month for software hosting Squarespace of the real value Squarespace is well-designed you 10 I got a new calendar future call Advance Collections out you to share schedule update they released a beautiful new template call Momentum with a cinematic full bleed image display it's fast and easy to use everything is drag-and-drop Page Builder to call the layout engine and able to customize pages in seconds wide in blocks of contents like photos videos text Squarespace conference provides a powerful flexible eCommerce solution integrated to work with every Squarespace template so you can sell both physical and digital goods and give you and your website users the best mobile experience you can install yourself Wii U account Squarespace integrates all your website needs and 1 platform domains design development Commerce hosting and 24/7 support So for pretrial go to squarespace.com sign up for a free account no credit card needed use offer code RoosterTeeth 6 and get 10% off your first purchase on your account don't forget about Creed domain registration for annual plant customers that Squarespace Tom and use offer code RoosterTeeth 6 RoosterTeeth and the number 6 thank you 2 Squarespace for your support somebody just tweeted it says Man of Steel is the Dragon Ball Z film waiting for when I was watching that movie I was thinking the same thing I was like this is really makes me want to see a Dragon Ball Z movie did you see anything you know the stuff that you want to stop we have enough that film could have been should include Superman smashes all this stuff what squirrel eat rushes like it bothers me better if Superman died thanks bye man Superman Superman fixes building the movie past 8 looking Brandon this is madness man the last Superman movie was so terrible internet today the same way they remember the first it was very touching to plays and remember the Philadelphia and the rest of it is kind of sea blue he was like building Island Kumar was there like Kumar was a villain he didn't say anything until then Kumar I'm going to music 1 of is he was one of the Lex Luthor sensor that thing where like the things collapsing at the end of the run like it directly underneath instead of away from it it's like a Superman movie I feel like 30 minutes on Krypton for getting what its origin and then with the really bright clothes and then it's over and see what it was like in this actually isn't the whole story about it a bunch of stuff I was so is done about Superman when he gets to the fucking tailor in this movie it was from Krypton end in lies Baby the rapper man Superman while they just made it like a costume which is Dr is the out of on this 2 is that it's something you wear under the on Superman is basically today where on Krypton Krypton Krypton is a baby or is it out what's me Superman I'm on my way and I'm not sure they may have some family that just to his beefy impeccable buddy I got about how is it Henry Cavill without the same kind of 11 English past English loads to plays Superman since the baby in the original Superman movie dead by the age 14 breaking the bunch of glue or something and I'd message Superbowl British I don't like the British yeah they're either British or while in the store you don't have days when Australia is British British British Superman Spider-Man English people is it what it wasn't until I is going to sound really stupid and ignorant to me it wasn't until Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy that it clicked on me that Gary oldman's not American will taking over Game of Thrones start man that was fun actually I didn't tell you this the last time I was in Vegas I was playing craps at the Aria on staying there or somewhere else and that's at the other table she was here in Vegas that's cool I have so much is so much fun so it's always someone this is how you doing can work your way into it and then we went out to the Fremont the old Vegas is like this and it was everything I want to tell you on the flight back I had a guys travel story there guys I think you'd appreciate knowing that we feel blessed though so no I guess not alright Sports to kill somebody replied then no I would not fly what was the first class for killing someone someone taped to a chair and just like that 1 2 is a coincidence Summit again so I gotta get it 10 times would you keep lying you really would be flying because this happened I happen to be on flights of people but what if you about to get on the flight on the 11th flight but then you didn't and then nobody died on that flight that I know you Michael ant bites in a row and someone died everything else like that then I might be. You might want to go shoes that have assigned seats right there this is towel call reason why you lying the airport on in my life there's a woman on the island there's two of them in the 2 C's or sitting there and then is pretty much loaded and then the woman next to the woman that I love she like call the flight attendants whatever you're talking about paying attention and you're a trash bag and then she does the trash bag my stereotypical mom again this is an older one this isn't like a party or anything like that this is a good teacher looking woman and I smell of it you know when you're in that room and it starts like crazy slow down heavy breathing why are you okay the flying is like I don't know in Sochi the gassy Mo Kay the flight coming from Seattle so she was flying to Seattle to Vegas to Austin so she was like the sheets that on the plane with an unloaded and reloaded it and left the plane again somewhere in that zone between Seattle in Vegas she got sick and so am in so she's like you know she really bad I feel terrible for her but still it's like the whole flight to our flights but you know she has her hand in the trash bag and power through it I made it through the flying up and then like a screaming baby will probably about 45 minutes before landing this was to Vegas will sitting about yourself and less about 45 minutes and I could see that were collecting up at the bulkhead on the left side of the plane up on the right side of the plane and the Bold kid is like three flight attendants 10 in there I'm like that's kind of weird like one of them leaves and comes back he's wearing gloves for the other one so they're all acting like it's going to be like and I look like it's just covered it all around the window Mac dark brown and clotted in the flex lighting all down the wall LP mother said 4 times I know I've lone on plays that I always get the window because I'm a bigger guy I can flying up against that window and I just passed out my face and this thing where you know I'm sure at some point over the course of the multiple yes Summit audible a straight answer but I want to play with light cigarette my travel experiences lately I have not been fun so the guy and Incredibly violently sick woman so luckily you have a really long flight Pax Australia hannabee party Australia and myself to go drinking have a card they made for it today when we had a meeting and Barbara said that we don't man a drink too much and I feel really disappointed ocean Vine stuff can you hold them as long as you hold a pen in your hand and probably standing this it and not just fall out of your show you should be ok to go and when did she might like to talk about this like as far as 100 which is going to be the six of us so that she will have any of us we have a press release coming out soon with a bunch of information about specific exhibitors and Lindsey sorry and special guests and programming that we will have at the event so we've been very fortunate about it but yeah I will be like this week has been very vague About It by some other company I'm officially know you can talk about Adventures panel Sunday at 4:10 a.m. on Saturday when you get a Wii Supreme is Express on Friday I should look at the schedule State schedule always there for you I don't know how I would like me might like trying to get additional money we will figure out something on stage and then I might try to get some horse going we had a lot of fun doing that last year too busy right now I don't know what happened to me this morning but I drank a bunch of coffee normally do much I started thinking about eventually auto shop on Man 4 let's play and movie in the first 10 minutes of light energy Soldier Spy what to of my brain the video it's funny to me to think about how caffeine and like these energy drinks in this it's like a chemical is a drug that causes you to do that working Creed in music there is this chemical this is like a coffee grind it up and you pour hot water on it and you would drink that water and then you get like that walking through is just like who owns Goodyear a lot like oranges who's the first dude who founded our and she was like I'm going to try to eat that sounds good and it involves in a way to make you be repelled by if it's bad like stuff you're not going to eat is usually tastes disgusting but somewhere else like Delicacies in other countries you put in your mouth humans are born they do not have a taste for salt like you do not like the taste of salt in your really young and it's an acquired taste but by the time you realize that you already told her I heard that really about kneecaps that's what I heard the 4 make a folder this is really gross squash is way down to Regina I think the news of the band in some ways they usually wouldn't but that's getting old man I wish I had some baby like by the time your 95 you have like 7 Bucks visceral Furniture as Ray 437-5284 okay so so what team is coming out now like We Got Game of Thrones Game of Thrones is done Dexter comes out August 30th I'm going to be 1 is it August I thought it was like 3 will season as well I've seen all Dexter first season was the best season 1 this guy he was around for whole thing cuz he had to go shoot 4 to the head like is really having more 2 visual effects test against a green screen for Thor 2 I didn't see anyone of the importance that but it was good movie Winter Soldier in the Thor 2 is another 2 Scream real life Thor 2 ending Captain America 2 and then is there anything else Wars Adventures 2 after the is Avengers so I don't think it's going and what you doing what is the Galaxy S4 that's what I like and like a raccoon Series right now the first base is everything up 2 Avengers 1 Phase 2 is everything leading up to Pinterest in the face freeze after that so space to sleep no space to is the Captain America Winter Soldier dark prophecy of Thor 2 dark Rusty Iron Man 3 and of interest to and then they're doing Guardians of the Galaxy which is like this it's another Avengers type of group is like a superhero group what it's like crazy fucking characters from a different dimension another X-Men movie more important than listening you are they making a new they're making a sequel to Xmen on Xmen first class first class okay thanks this is like the first class cigarettes first getting about the Third terrible I like to First Class assassins James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender but they also have W McKellen and Patrick Stewart bad are they going to link email back are they going to do any dark Phoenix stuff I don't know I think Guardians 10 police started with the end of 2 and so the right like I'd be pleased if that was going to be great yeah make it pop movie class so that everyone is dead The Cure whatever and they hit magnets like fucking Seminoles The Cure and in the teaser after the credits whatever was like you Mo okay is playing like he's playing chess and then like you didn't like the chess piece moves like really pulls out and I guys like gassy so anyway to fill in that gap between first class and 1 what kind of the Wolverine movies coming out soon I have heard about that what about Panama City Stern what a great movie seriously is the character that can control the size the size of ant Animal Control this is what we call him change show Sasso know it's called Ant Man cuz ant change dies all the time 300 lift like 10 times is on bonus ring you can go from small to big is that so he'll get small and then they come back and use this momentum to like to push it fighting it was like very crazy back-and-forth things while getting dick man really have solutely kind of impressive when it's cold but now it's like my naughty brother just ring down Chris Ant Man 2 oldest christ-like today before that it was pretty Decay I want to sell story that has nothing to do with it last time we were talking about people and like awkward situations needing to be rescued by their friends or something you started by his mother but everyone that was on last night wrapping up right now well that's while you work girl like you didn't want to be bothered with talking to you for like 20 minutes and like I can see you from across the room that you were just like in a corner and like dejected like one looking for a while I was like I've been Gavin no my friend you do the same so I went over there and I was going to be like plays in the records like a Gavin House nowhere just walked away you took it off to do when is the new girl Jordan walks up to you says hello and you just walk away Wii Progressive up that's the ticket out Laughlin Nevada registry night man we should be getting her about the Australia and starting next Monday will be sharing Monday nights with the Red vs Blue season 11 Aus is right I mean where to go with a Bane mask is long shot Galaxy Halo 4 guys and crazy the look of a level 3 hunter first in lead roles with a neon background Michael bunch of cool really long take which I love I just love this movie I was kind of conference was so proud in episode 10 of Red vs Blue when there's at Sidewinders out where that goes from the inside the base of Tom and it like the camera man falls in the like you always have to be guys like that was the last one it was more like real filmmaking challenge Crystal Minnesota 100 calories on an is composed and talking it's like I'm in the same show is a really nice that's really cool touch yeah I am done I asked questions like you got it if there's anyone to watch the Gus how much I love you record it so far episode 2 episode 3 at this point yeah that's it I told him that this season I'm not going to say yes sir any more than 10 seasons worth of sensor you can find me saying it already on season 11 That season 4 episode the clown walks into a lake Red Line episode Mo brother the record I love for you know now so it's almost like on the Toy Story brother will be bad Game Killer the room Mexican season 2 Activision born twice I got it down pat in the Galaxy Wars episode when everyone's excited and it turned out to be so Shady Cove man comes out of Galaxy Wars ever will only see it six more times today tell about what we're about to wrap it up for you okay she's tweeting about it I just and environmental scientist and created a tiny jail to keep the bad guys in garage to rehabilitate today bad dice Destiny tiny plot of land to live on in this house panel the kids here so thank you for watching will be back Jack and the next Monday with another I'm going to work bye