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RT Eats Marshmallows Down Under

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Recorded: 2013-06-25 22:30:24

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast brought to you by the flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first fully balanced nootropic design increased focus on mental driver our listeners get up to 10% off when you use promo code rooster on it.com / game that's Onnit.com /games absolute podcast is also brought to you by Hulu Plus with Hulu Plus you can total control the watch 2004 shows wherever you want whenever you want binge on full seasons and watch your favorite current shows like red vs blue and more right now if you get extended free trial of Hulu Plus if I go into Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth the last podcast before I go insane you talk to you we start moving next Tuesday so I need Dave will be moving in so you cry in your car the world population technology $100 bill with Jack over there that you might want to get a very cool I'm working on something that's a very nice surprise I think people are really going to recognize me excited for so we'll see how it goes women nice big area this year at work but your boots are you doing doing good just working as hard as you can impressive man shot in the kitchen it for the Gavin so you're pretty smooth about it that's what you're feeling alright Robert Game of Thrones British comedic actor he's one of the what she was Barney's wife or I guess dating Barnum time and that was the big girl from 3rd Rock from the Sun Jane Krakowski also was in National Lampoon's Vacation cousin Vicki Juliette Lewis really miss you the right stuff and then just walk it off I've never made one of those videos where the bass you know that you got those kind of videos where it's obviously took 200 takes to get it right but God damn I always tell people don't react like good don't go crazy we finally make the shot and he should be able to make those like they should know better than that you know better by now than to do that kind of stuff do you guys like all the other basketball shots Dude Perfect Dude Perfect basketball shots like that for a long time the biggest in the world Alpha Chris Brown Jumbotron last the PlayStation Jumbotron of Mitsubishi TV Saturn Tron Dude Perfect guys though which was odd thing to discover what is that when you get in their videos and get them to their site they're very Christian and looks like a big part of their whole thing in the description able to paraphrase in Bear really just for the weekend Patricia Grand Hotel the dead like 2 cameras on himself Dyson dc30 had a paramedic waiting on the floor of the canyon what is of gloves into trash cans like a trampoline point to talk about how that permitted under that that's weird like 1400 show me show me the whole damn thing time of death is there a couple of Times Square like he's going to cross and like to stop and look at the squat down I'm just tired I guess I can predict someone's in here combination marshmallows what is the capital of this first of all the term Jumbotron sometimes called Jumbotron is a part of our culture but I'm okay I'm going to doing that from now on just to be like a hipster for this kind of stuff but it was made by Sony Trinitron Jumbotron and then they said they'd call out here the trend is genericized trademark which I guess is that thing that happens where something becomes so synonymous with the thing the name of the brand becomes the name for all the things like that and you don't sound like you where did you guys talk about what is the most synonymous brain that is the thing because if you had a thermos which is a brand name what is it you guys can feel good about eating out 2 that is really weird marshmallows it's like it's stuck since then we take it from the movie I don't know that Ron is a brand name was TRON the movie was taking his electronic electrons for almost takes his legs off what if it would have moved his body yeah that's the crazy thing about that is like the explosion and then like it'll go past you and then you react to it like when you have the water balloon that's crazy someone tweeted from Greek meaning device Hulu what's the truck at 11 bouncing trying to pull this thing there alright of building the floor and it just like brain who is the most pretentious New York Alpha official when there's no unofficial like no one could possibly working the real whatever lacrosse Twitter in Xbox Live at any time it's a new platform like social media game he liked me I gotta take the time with me people start registering on stuff before me that I was like I want to talk about this stuff but the same time I don't wanna talk about it yes someone someone emailed me over the weekend I shouldn't be mentioning this the weekend was like Hey the official response I thought you should know 3 to build integration tools that are fucking stupid and they don't build them for weird taste of that case and point of Instagram the guy there's a guy on Instagram who has a guest at Burnie what are the what are the Instagram names so they just whatever's on there but my Twitter handle Burnie people tag him on Twitter it translates it to me or do people tag me on Instagram it was cold and we were we met at 3 to take a picture and post it on here I am hanging out with Daniel hahaha you spell accident stop trying to make something happen it's not going to happen that is why nothing for you absolutely fish maybe I like being annoyed dead people song lyrics I want to smash your phone and buy another one just to get rid of the moment but it I guess some sort of us from it like seeing some people I follow and like can't look away I'm of us what was wrong with your phone is actually one isn't a part of it the website would never do that I used none of them Instagram video so like if I hit the button it just shows me like a frame from in awhile of a solution made it love you Will Sasso ringtone that you have been given as ringtone you clearly what do on that one last week but yes you have played with him British also I know this from Greek of the brand name that is synonymous with the thing in Australia is the coolers with the cooler called in Australia Kaiser Sunset is just like you know downtown Sydney microphone and she live in Australia phone number of yours too and she told me to something and I wanted to run the experiment with me she went and Ashley went camping with some of their friends and they had these marshmallows to make s'mores with but apparently she'd never bought marshmallows in Australia before in the marshmallows in Australia are not the same as the marshmallows that we have in America parently apparently they're all the flavored is marshmallows to marshmallow kind of tastes like strawberries it's the white one the marshmallows until we got to talking about other any plain ones she said what's playing at least it was just the white ones us what is white taste like I have some marshmallows marshmallows taste like marshmallows what are yours you look hard enough 37 by boat and the boat they don't have it they just kind of like when you put them in the file around the edges and then you eat the bubbles iCloud how many can your face how many marshmallows can Gavin American marshmallows marshmallows Andrew working with us if you just said something how many does Gavin have Gavin doing its 2 that would be horrible I'm true to you I guess it's like like like it's a kind of its really early and it's not so plastic I like you know how American cheese you melt in a tense indicates there you couldn't really do that with Australian she goes plasticky cheese I don't know it's hard to Burnie and cheeses like oily kind of creamy if you want Subway FPSRussia the new reacted marshmallows by your face what do they do they have white American cheese can we stop throwing fucking marshmallows so good Sony PlayStation 4 console 283 I didn't do it toilet about 2 minutes that we made before we put everything that won't be out for like 4 weeks remember that the car once yeah yeah I think they're still try to get them from my phone so it's like the color white 4 days old and my throat is ZombiU the pipe this is what I understand in 2013 when you see a status on Facebook it says your text but just how do you how do you in this you lose we just happened to me in 1998 I finally ordered and installed mountain lion on my laptop and my desktop and only future worth a damn in it is the fact that I cannot answer I miss you text messages in my phone what is bump you are there's an old old iPhone app called bump it's a great idea but it is you have this program and what information you want to share on there and then like it so if I if Gavin has a bump we literally take her phone like bubbles and like somehow it will register these two iPhones with exact same time going out to a server and be like is this the person you're talking to and accept and then boom yeah she just saw somebody life in Jack afraid to touch you but my phone is yours Kelly Osbourne do you know but I don't like I guess near field communications going to help that iPhone doesn't we had that a lot of other phones do the iPhone doesn't have yet you can do it everyone around you Brandon keep him at your place I guess that's in a good in Iowa 700 is it the kind of contact that whatever you want to call the conference took place at the same time as the Microsoft one just before you 3 Mac Pro how to make an R2D2 or have someone take a picture of a giant banana in a public place that look exactly like apple sticker the Bullet Bill out of that was a really cool idea that you could conceivably keep on your desk again using it because it was it was just you and Matt are the only ones who had to move and then you were the last of mass is Matt and Jeff and I are the only two that haven't left Ohio you should have seen how annoyed Jack was when he had to move his desk about anyone the right to the left to make room for the new stand for the money you actually annoyed you with my jack stands not completely set it on my desk now did you see the wires how to remove the couches moved really 3 or 4 Gavin plus it was cooler than in the window for a while and everything over to make it fit in there filled with twinkies and like Hostess products okay it's like the day they discontinued my way to the CVS down here and bought a bunch and I meant to do a bit on the podcast and I forgot about it we cannot last forever shriveled up and hard there's a big big big I didn't take them but they were felt had some boots in my office when we first moved in here and I stayed here one weekend I painted and put up the foam in the sound booth I made a really nice and awesome and she was in the other office that had a sound within it and he like took the phone and like put thumb tacks in to hold it up and it's like then even cover the whole wall so they just like a piece of shit and it was like that on the floor it was awful and so nobody would ever want to record in Joe's office because it was that she said I had a nice family dinner at my work to come into the night and then we moved around of course I can hear you end up in my office now so I'm in the office and people now come in my office to have more than that one in the in the and it's just like it's just cuz you look like you have a better mic and where you are now it's moved it was the other situation they never use the other one people just want to be by you yeah yeah right I'm sure no one told me if I can a business Hulu Plus Hulu Plus you can use Hulu Plus game consoles Blu-ray players Apple TV or watch from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet on demand at all times and Hulu Plus you can watch your favorite shows SNL Monday Night Raw The Man Show Jimmy Kimmel Family Guy Red vs Blue and more Hulu Plus 799 per month but right now they're offering extended 3 trailer Hulu Plus it's only available to podcast listeners can children TV watching experience go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth for your extended free trial so be sure to check it out if you don't use Hulu already it's an awesome way to watch content on Hulu Plus 3 weeks I actually didn't Godzilla funny afraid to not lying you can do air pro desktop AirPlay mirroring if you purchase music through it'll show up on your computer computer devices to airplay stuff to them so I feel like something up on the iPad or your phone you could hit the airplane send it direct to the switch and we could get in just into the stream automatically Talent Gavin The Jackal don't say bad things about Apple iBook you Burnie are we going to do about it the most ridiculous response ever that was an insult to you what's up are you coming out to hang out with you drinking about Aquarium did you just put it in space right okay I need to the aquarium This is Love and War in space than it does the fish space different understand space explode Juggalo does air not float in water in space they have it that's it a big blow a bubble in it is it in space and it doesn't boil instantly disappear space is very hot and very cold swim outside of water welcome to space the ball pit in space to have a thermostat everything would be alright Alan in space sex experiments in space so I'm going to do it I don't know if you want to Brandon I'm talking about of course I assume everyone is jack off in space come on just one chance in your life to jack off in space but you do it in space what would you do it from space like that the quarantine the guys going to go back to the moon the blood test test test In Space video Amazon I wish I was here right now yeah it was me Ray Jack and Alan went out there via and then I'm somewhere in Dallas last week Bollywood us concert dates from in the event that we talked about the future of television you were literally you left the future of Television that because you want to talk about now until of us cuz I went to a lunch get there any Burnie Texas like sorry can't do lunch sorry going to push forgot I had a lunch set up with Don mattrick and Steven Spielberg anyone continue we were there for like a little bit of time and we're just like those guys and how much they listen to them talk about the future of Television just felt to me like everyday Thrones Google talk about the internet and the content on the internet the piss me off I think you were there when we were in the same room and we're like one up there and when all I needed was one more bad she knows she was going to be helping on camera stuff and we get there and I'm like okay well you know we have 5 million subscribers on YouTube his way to prove you know that we were a legit source whatever and so we get up there and I just want me to go I'll talk to my manager manager comes up like a channel on YouTube what were the top 2023 music on YouTube the internet like this internet doesn't count that's what 90% of the people there are broadcasting to Or Nah kehlani they have a Blog and they have been some kind of 901.2 how many million does it take for something oh okay that's the serious working in LA and I see them when I'm out there it's like what are you doing this week it's okay pizza game eStudio Santos over a bunch of these games are coming out next weekend sex game I thought you had that I would like to see if you do the house like this wasn't a glass of us examples of Last of Us they would all have a week early but they working on your ship all these and other artists like a movie or something like that doesn't game and we can talk about it we're not an editorial site like we play the stuff that we enjoy and we talked about the stuff we enjoyed or not to be like this I wasn't good in the graphics for his good like we don't do that critical of the games it's weird that we don't get as much like respect him back the other way from the game industry for that kind of stuff like exposure the patch podcast the number one of the game categories what it's like because we don't say or do they give it to us or something something good somebody discovered the flock game that I play with you and Jeff and Joel way that somebody posted it was like everything was always people just like playing the games and talking like in Left 4 Dead 1 and then we didn't get the following week after Left 4 Dead we did another one of these and we did it because we like to put out like 3 minutes or so we made this video but people talk about it it's going to come out we don't know a lot of things are going to come out at a certain time and then it doesn't come out with something that was amazing and then people when we do a really good one like Chris time we finish playing GTA 4 cops and Crooks us an idea how much my stomach all day I cannot wait to see that it could be like we just forgot about this for the first time part 1 recording it was good because you have amazing stuff that happens all the time and then you can go back and get it so I didn't want to go into the to get some more I really of rare case for that the where you go to your apartment you load up the campaign to download multiplayer that would be the games will be like calibrations US mail that had in getting toxins or something else is like this the options to figure out what you actually do it Dead Rising 3 has really showing off the character has a phone with in the interface that matches exactly One Smartglass for your phone while you're holding that stuff and he finds ringtones and you get them in your phone like you buying stuff in the game that translates Troyer 121 across that's pretty funny ringtones automatically show up on your phone because it's like your phone in your hand is the phone in the game Gus part glass and that's how you use this word of like you know make it look like it's that phone that's pretty freaking awesome pretty cool I'm loving the worst that we're going to see some really cool integration it's not like that was the big thing this game had some kind of tablet integration so kind of like other screen with the camera in the game that's why you have to pull up your 2001 and take a picture of something fun and different the on the on the Wii U so you hold the Wii U gamepad like this what you're playing on the screen and he going to scanning mode where you pick it up and you can wear that you look on the room and it's the room in the game but you turn on the physical room and you look for stuff that was really don't want anything that's going to make me I'm trying to see Oculus Rift yet that's not excited at all about the fucking Oculus really don't care when it makes a cool it's like shit that's failed multiple times no one wants virtual reality I know nothing but good things about it something you put on your face and you sit there like that you know closed off from the rest of the world Costco Pretty Wings it was expensive I mean right now you can do you can basically do Google Hangouts with people Curry Twitter they got a freaking website from it video take photos that you can wear it everyday Gus like a big truck thing in the front us afraid to take my glasses off from your eyes I'm going to take it to take it to us and then try to stream from my glass Jack strip want me to tell me the battery survive sure I'll do that I have to pee alot don't forget you have one that's right well the internet see my penis you when you're not doing anything there's nothing on it it just started so there's nothing on it throw it throw it over 30 degrees very excited about Jack wearing Google bear firmly in your Camp including Adam is probably when he found out he was very jealous no patches into a fucking virtual cat bear that came with the patch $1,500 3 this is bleeding-edge stuff like this becomes the next big thing it's like imagine getting an iPhone so it's pretty cool when they cost a hundred quid and ever you'll be the guy who spent $1,500 and $800 1995 it was a piece of shit I posted a picture of a 1998 2500 bucks for like $400 my first computer it was a 4625 megahertz and 2 years later the Mac Pro processor and put it in there I was like yeah and I read it from 4 to 8 Megs of ram X-wing red light but after that it was so soon talking about God damn Battlefront with the Disney purchase of Lucas Arts their own lives are being shut down X-Wing TIE fighter that was probably one of the best flight simulators ever it was a great one and that's going back to what we talked about that's one of those games where when you launched it it showed you like the symbols for a planet in a minute to look at the truck and both had lost my instruction book but you know what you haven't memorized every one of those fucking ruins that I would see them in person the house is like a castle and he's got a giant telescope it takes a chunk out of the Hill must be a rough life he's going to be doing RTX right that's cool I don't know if Saturday afternoon that's awesome but I never met him actually when we work in the old office and I worked on something in Burnie Board of us for helping out with something by buying us premiere tickets to go see the new Predators movie the the one that Robert Rodriguez produced the only shot here in Austin and so caring and so is moving we sat down and had a beer and this guy sat down next to me October 1st Garriott in like the whole time and then he was too young totally embarrassing when they were filming Predators us when we work downtown and that we at The Hideout coffee shop next to a next-door like 3 days in a row I ran into Walton Goggins in that movie and real in the shield The Shield fans everywhere Pro someone famous that you are a fan of in public do you approach I didn't say anything and it hurts Burnie said I probably should have said at least that's what I say I'm a big fan of your work from the states and I don't appreciate your work famous people outside of our Productions I was working on a professional ninja Ginger the mr. Bean talk is at 4:30 on Saturday Okay in room 1901 of her big paneled rooms IV careful the stuff I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it because everyone and their Flagship product the first fully balanced nootropic how to how to say that still to this day do a tropical 2 race levels of all the major neurotransmitters and clear up mental fog what I mean 2 using Game to get a faster mental speed quicker Reaction Time increase focus with the Speedy effect of something like Adderall in last get increased motivation to Maple Drive Improvement and word recall the conversation flow and boost and physical health or Alpha Brain us for a long time I'm still a big fan of that product and I can't say enough about it so you could rest and get up to 10% off of your order I'm a big fan of the product myself and I highly recommend it dead vaginal moisturizer so I don't want some of that really cool thing and his father and son they may be a few hundred guys like pins and they were they were specifically made for each of us. pims but he means pens pencils okay anyway it'll likely they're all like things like mine was that your colors and I think Jess was like an orange tree or something like that like the color of the wood that is found on the dashboard of Aston Martins really cool and it was like put the head of the penis like a bullet like it's pretty neat looking Sex 2 days ago and a lot of our program and we didn't promote it as much as we should so crazy but you know I'm coming back I can't say any more besides that well they said it 3 in pretty bad but they're definitely running a great tournament with lots of cool prizes that was his part in a small Dead 3 was a lot of fun to play the first game I played on an iPad I was a lot of fun score we had to beat the Surface tablet was 250 what scores mean we got like $80,000 and she's like the highest any developer 200,000 someone Developers I'm going to kill it and like to Jane the Killer Indian Ocean you're not very good at Halo games can we play dirty I am not very good at it ODST firefight you just get in Monopoly 20 minutes from Richmond Gus you like your iPad Mini or do I'm going to come on during Twitter on it right now and I have one of those and I use it more than my laptop my house now I like my laptop is I don't know if I could use it for that my laptop function someone on Twitter if they can use your tablet into the print Eventbrite ticket yet you can bring a tablet or iPhone please if you're coming RTX bring your ticket with you bring it on your phone on your tablet or print it out it'll make chicken and getting out of there a lot faster for you if we don't have to look you up by name if we can scan something much easier so much in the bathroom sitting down and eating something if you prank or RTX event even in jest you'll get scored on from the event that something was bothering me. I wanted to send it I was like if you bring a staff member ice cream you will not be a score today Gavin DeGraw let me on the arm in Australia and it's like he fell off different Beretta Gavin obviously the long the guy just walked up to him as the kids if they want to punch Mike Tyson she said I would never do that myself but now I'm just watching all the shows in the world there's one show on TV show Cops drunk people kissing in public people trying to buy drugs and not get arrested Las Vegas it was a guy like obviously way too drunk didn't know where he was staying no shoes covered in blood like what's going on the call I just beat some guy up like what so are you back to your hotel room from a drug dealer and if you just give it drugs the new shoes that so many people lose their shoes on the trail Alpha running down the street who plays Theon Greyjoy Game of Thrones great white holding their shoes on when was between Game of Thrones season 2 and season 3 and he wouldn't go into detail but I guess you couldn't but he was in the process of trying to lose 60 pounds rising and we were like what he was doing no I guess that's true but I guess that was going to be seen the books actually his stuff 3 umbrellas Indians and what was her name from Game of Thrones the wildling Aussie what you feel like when we used to go down there you need to go down before events back in like condo 506 a lot I feel like to run into us like the firefly group like I was like who's the concert more Ray Park who is Darth Maul other people that you're like huge fans and you were on the same level as them for some weird reason talking with Dave Gibbons was he like the the the artist for the Watchmen for talking back and forth I'm like yeah I do stuff on the internet it's like we did his video games at school like you wanted to maybe 5000 followers on Twitter and he's like but like it's like it's kind of in that World Cup coming towards our world and like all kind of slowly bleeding to Gavin I would have to leave interesting but in my mind a really amazing sweet lady want to tell anyone because it sounded like usually when you're in a bar you let him plus plus people to like your the back of the bar just drinks out for a run as possible but it'd be like an obstacle course the celebrity All-Star Game Strangeulation in general has become so nice as well dead people are like they can be really well known in in a certain group of people it is like we just went there was a woman there from Doctor Who that she had a life Gavin and Sam Jones and in her I don't know I didn't like it and she was like this huge thing and I was like I literally don't know who you are and she was the third biggest person there yeah I see people accounts on Twitter with over 10 million followers people know how amazing to me if you look at the Tabloid from another country the cover of a tablet American family in UK magazine and old people the cover of it so I'll try to the fuck is Katie Price Jordan pastry motto who is the supermarket in a fight with Bobby stop speeding reality TV after I watch that Nik Wallenda crossing the Grand Canyon Discovery debuted a new show called Naked and Afraid where they take 2 survival list and drop them off in the Costa Rican jungle naked with only like one thing can bring one thing so last night the one of them and there's a fire starting kit it's just like watching people get like me to bring the condom find me the most confident man on the planet Discovery Channel things to eat to get naked Turtles all the cops I know but I think he didn't like dating turtle eating a turtle 2 different on a fire Bear Grylls Chris put it in the contract this disease found some rainbows pulled in a rock but tons of birds shot in the rock as well so I would like to be in space like if I was to drink this and be insanely sick because it was good but my us home without tasting water 3 next time the plumber guys The Clique there was a guy who got his wife the portion of a bone is also I thought I found someone married to the love of your life and she's comfortable enough with you just pour vodka up your butt you're right it was the right one going to do that like no no no no I don't drink alcohol alcohol in Pleasant to me and then come to me all you want alcohol to be absorbed in your bloodstream like sticking up your ass better way to do that would you IV inject alcohol directly in your blood system you guys just came back from a hangover what is the name of booze delivery as a business legality trying to mail alcohol to another citizen so if you're looking of alcohol don't do it it's illegal Convention Center South Hall and I was like yeah I love it that you can't have that here I was like this is you guys Gavin I would she like a fucking liquor store everyday with bottles of booze we can take it off so as we go to The Green Room we would try to put a lot into the Dixie cups of us have one of these chocolatier was Australian bottle of like chocolate and it was awesome it was one of the best things I've ever had to go through this is Tricia Helfer you play Playstation or Xbox because the controller is smaller Nintendo the tape that was like we talked about like the different levels of celebrity like I was talking to Tricia Helfer was on The Voice I'm sure everyone over it was like I was like who's the voice of multiple saves when I move from a USB stick to Cloud because I work of USB stick for so long I transfer my save to one hard drive that I had and I don't know what happened when I made the transfer so I got lost the memory stick when it didn't matter so much anymore but I had to transfer all everything the Cloud yet and I lost my Mass Effect 2 save which was fun and I also I had perfect all the single player levels and he said oh by the way if you can backup USB drive no problems that's all of your Xbox example we were doing the DRM test here with the Xbox or the patch and we showed how on the Xbox of the year and working on PS3 it works current Generation Um and I was showing Borderlands and I loaded my game up got the cloud save them was playing the game we disconnected it but we never reconnected it so my cloud game is living on that Xbox and Xbox in a studio somewhere because I don't know where that I just got PlayStation Plus on plus I don't go every time you play like they do on Xbox 2 hour window every night it's way more stuff than the clouds on Xbox on the PS3 it'll do all your game updates every game you have on your hard drive and do updates for the 2-hour window every night whatever you said it and it'll 3 system updates well and it also seems to the Xbox I wouldn't give up so quick on the PlayStation which takes fucking forever that's a big deal unless you hear about like in this particular case update the system for them yeah that's the other one game history so really I only use my PS3 4 exclusives so because I just use it for exclusive I've never had the desire to live greater plus I've done some multiplayer stuff I guess on Uncharted 2:33 but that's about it yeah 2 multiplayer stuff on there that's really cool 7 started somewhere 2 is good that they're putting up for free because someone who's never really been grabbed by that franchise so now that it's out there for free I'm going to download it I'm going to play it I didn't get him as one of the best I've ever played in my favorite you say I haven't played in so I don't know how it goes we're talking about how and storytelling sometimes your ending can rap too much of the other doesn't leave anything open-ended for imagination would you can you contrast that kind of Storytelling was like Last of Us which kind of ends at the right time that ending was very very long and I was reminded of the ending of The Sopranos which that's not what four years ago as you can and that ended very abruptly that was on the Journey song playing in the diner and he looks up and then it's like 15 minutes the bathroom and it was probably the whole thing is very much as always the whole thing like you to take out the whole thing either someone in the mob taking down some victims coming back for revenge or the FBI and everyone for the rest of his life play in the end of Breaking Bad season 4 should girls wipe the whole thing came in the madness that wasn't bullshittin coming out of the Hat loc banging on it and then also the Light bear sounds like earlier when I had a lot of trouble sticking with it was so slow it was explaining anything the first couple Seasons back to back there's not there's where you reach a point in your out because it turns shitty I have to admit I had the power to the last season of Battlestar Galactica because there was something at the end of the season it was so what was his ears can I get on the highway to get there alright so look up and Chris is holding his ears or anything I mean I'm just now watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I and I watched the first three or four seasons of Sopranos but never finished but I intend to go back to do this on every piece of shit you're never going to watch you do this every piece of shit but you're never going to watch it right now you would be really upset by that because they say that you have your kids there way longer than I'd ever watch the show someone told me right now because I know that's okay but it's like this is a good show I never watched it I'm going to watch it and I was like because I never want to know remind me when I get home to get the last Blu-ray alright when we get to that point if I could season 4.5 at the end of season 4.5 episode where Along the Watchtower season what is the last episode of the first season is the whole season is based on this vision of them in the middle of the street and a huge traffic jam and the running up to what's the name of the guy with the hands that I learned over and over again like the day that you can do that that was an awesome character that has some of the worst product integration I've ever seen there's some dude product junkie Dave the whole thing was Subway where was like the most blatant obvious advertising so much so that I was I was okay with it cuz they would they were 2 miles mass of everything is good there's an opening scene for your like going down the street and you could shoot up all the cars and they all blew up when you get to like a Dodge Nitro that's like elevated honest and it's got lights on it and you shoot it like none of the bullet holes take you can't blow it up and it's like okay this conversation every other car in The Hangover or even like them like you would really like Ultra Glide Ultra transvaginal last thing that happens in it that is so unbelievably this girl is on the page yes she responded to someone else that's what I like when people do that she responded to questions last of us as you're walking around playing with your job at least always around you like a Lizabeth in BioShock Infinite and when you're sitting there looking at stuff LED kit she's a kid and she liked to hear her behind you like messing around with stuff and going like she can't she's going I don't know the song she sings behind you and you're like it's the weirdest the voice is so perfect it's like it's so natural and she just like this weird you don't have to go through it you can of the coffee shop I didn't see that you do there but you just like someone growing up in a post-apocalyptic Society not understanding what things were like before like this ever happened Ashley Johnson Growing Pains young daughter on Growing Pains window of time it's almost like they look like the era of crappy picture everybody has and I think like like mid-to-late eighties TV is a lot like that and there's a lot of shows that just don't make the transition to a high-def world in his window I don't think a lot of Cosby Show and family ties in night court gets you nowhere what does hold up well even in HD looks great the way they deliver it actually was effect in standard definition the Blu-ray have to go back and read all the film the richest country the early stuff may have had some obstacles in the James Bond movies with Sean and now they look better than they ever did when they were released in the movie theaters still look bad digital projection Ouray Co or something where they had always after all it was only a few shots and his floor in his space like this that have to do with some other stuff they would run the filter really high speeds to get like a slave think like me effect then they wouldn't in the film back to the beginning and then move it to a different place and because it's like you can kind of in the area because nothing exposed moving around 15 of him but every time they want it back he was like a new generation of it by the end of this one and now that would be wouldn't even cross my mind every time you went back on the timeline in Final Cut it degraded the quality of The Beatles album where one song goes into the next we're talking about this cuz I was at the gym and it wasn't me listen to it continuously goes from one song to the next talk about specific good morning song that starts with rooster crowing the previously just because calling Custom right moment and put the two pieces of the real together and you make a song that literally anybody in this room anybody probably listen to podcast can make that and it was a real nice town that is now completely useless piece of glass in the gap between their and there today who does pain instead you can make that transition it's not a big deal I recently read watch Coming to America and I would like the external shots of the palace and the media or like obviously likes and dislikes Gavin wearing old Richard 2012 walterscheid 2 different world tour shirts in 2012 version and this Black Version and the back has like concert dates the different places we went to in 2012 that being said do we have RTX there is an official limited run RTX shirt we do not have very many of them but is that what you're saying is if we go we're going to have two different lines to RTX in their bag Express checkout you can turn it in and get your stuff if you want to go and see everything in the store Chris Paul going to be longer so if you want if you know last like 3 or 4 things you want to get check them off on the trust the people that you've come to know and love for all my contacts I'm really excited last year we lost the Sea Hunter slap bands I was a cool exclusive thing that started this year I think we have a much cooler giveaway where was you when I saw that was amazing is merchandise based on our hit new show and I'm bad because he's fixing his hair Ruby which is created by our wonderful genius architect mr. Monti on who's here in the studio with them here the background is Romney going to sound like a Beastie Boy or didn't like him playing in the mud recording is it a Libra plus an amazing person amazing I tried on it oh yeah I did it was like sure I'll give it a shot I went to bed I wasn't sure if I woke up still not sure podcast on it I'm on it holy shit it's like you're waiting for me to call you right now is this real life because I was scared as fuck I was like I wasn't it wasn't just now it's like a few weeks ago and I tried it and it's one of those nights when I go into work and no one else is there I like I got to find someone I had to confirm my existence because I was like I wasn't sure where I was I wasn't sure what will a world that was in and I was like I need to talk to someone right now and of course no one was at work so I get to work by myself and I'm like you and everything but yeah I mean you know I get to work and it's usually pretty late like this most days although these days I wake up and I know it depends on the day but very often it's like 7 o'clock everyone's already gone I get to an empty studio and rocking it out but that day or that week on it man screwed me up I mean in a good way I'm not even sure in a good way because they are working really hard on the premiere we are kicking ass real hard we got a lot of guys on this which really awesome and I mean you can bet there's going to be like 3 Ruby panels one a day and Gus and I were just talking about how we got so much content to show they were going to need to like just pretty much straight like all weekend long which is brain will not be able to see Ruby episode one unless you're not going to see it I'm sorry oh well we came to show your work as you know I only can only take so much awesome stuff that we want to make sure it's a special experience for a couple of weeks that's right because I love the creative stuff like that the creative side I mean this you need more than that so we got a lot of people working on this today and it started yeah that was that wasn't one of which is so we should make mention that Lindsay from the producer but there are a couple of people who have gotten really lucky like literally there are three of them are sold out if someone cancels a ticket and request a refund that he goes back into the pool Oculus back in the hopper who have purchased so if someone cancels and it's possible you can find one producer Georgia lotto Patrick's our broadcast producer Productions when you say that is growing more of Our Lives Productions live-action what are narrative live action Productions conversion and other things we have to work so we have a lot of production as well but we've developed suddenly over the course of last year since it went live stream and I have a bunch of other production I would love to see you guys come over here don't mess with something that's a long history we talked about television and we're helping to actually do it the Publishers that email so people complain directly to the mass oh my God I love working with you thank you Patrick thought you the hard work you put in for I was going to be here today she didn't even show up alpha male with editing words like we can not have to focus on like okay who's that this was going to spend the whole day working on this video it said we can now record something hand it off to someone be like here take this and make something with it they will in turn around like a week later he liked your video and then we gotta sit back and watch it it's awesome in charge of like and we can go either super short or long and Wednesdays are like for me to get away from my computer for the PS3 and the Xbox awesome that was really really cool stuff anymore kind of stuff like stop and I feel like I'm passing you the point with our technology we were doing that demonstration here talking about it and I had an iPad and I was like doing video switching from it here on the set I was choosing we were cutting tool that's because you're opened up their things and what are they doing More Time spoiler World War Z Aries in London when it airs in York and when it airs in Sydney to Melbourne distance to offend anybody in Wellington to catch one of them like you're not like the people in the UK at 7:30 in the morning yeah we want to watch it after about the last thing about this is the last starting at 7:30 most the people are going to be here tonight and I got hold of him and use that little more than we have been and what are things that makes it easier if we record the podcast during the business day because then people can watch the live stream we start talking shit about him I can just come over and go to you that's what I'm texting the day for the live stream which is really a small percentage of the people are super weird in very small percentage of people watch the live stream us smaller butt bigger plus my butt bigger percentage watch the video version of the issue and the majority of people who watch consume the podcast are doing it on audio for this podcast audio with kitchen stuff and everything like that so we don't really know yet but definitely podcast to save him so I think that we were watching and Jack shut up thank you very much money Hulu 833