#225 - RT Podcast

RT discusses RTX 2013 and buying land on the moon

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Recorded: 2013-07-02 23:03:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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this party by audible.com the internet provider of audio books more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth podcast adult huluplus.com Square you want whenever you want on full seasons and what's your favorite current shows like red vs blue more right now huluplus.com is it really really 225 42nd Avenue I'm Gus Gavin up Burnie Earth camera angles and different this week they are it was so what is that we're here it's our last three RTX podcast he said if I was ever going to probably we did keep up the same with you if you want it why would you say you're about to you know they're wonderful so things have been crazy like I was hectic everything gets right before ITX and like the shipments coming to the office or not stopped yet like FedEx and UPS just showed up at the post we don't like to the penny arcade offices there's some things that we need that we ordered not everything that show up here because a credit card verification Throne the convention somebody does but it's not like we can sell them their merchandise so they can then turn around and sell it that's a great idea that's a great idea we're holding it hostage we've been having dance parties around adjust the light company customer a chicken egg warm it was it was put in there but I wasn't really doing that I heard the joke was Jack really doing this Jacqueline rubbing semen on stuff I'm sure there's a lot there definitely is one of those things that say anything you can't do yeah I would think so what if you don't know it seemed the run-around something just placed in your head why would you you don't know what is going anywhere ever come out by the way yeah why is that even up like the long hours that the last week is really really crazy where every little piece that you've been waiting on for the entire year is now coming it together and you have to have everything finalized like everything I'm supposed to have all these abstract ideas and now it's like if you're coming to a point where every single thing needs to be finalized for me I want to finish up everything tonight because we start moving tomorrow and I want to have all the documents all the printout of everything we need so it's like you're looking pretty much do the day off just going to let him lie down that's what I did last year you can do that the office but it was so if you have any questions to a pound or hashtag RT Podcast I hate that the broker API and that we don't have why don't you just date people that function drawing everything back in-house need to have a comfortable solution do they know where did you go to the search page and it's refreshing to have never used it on Sunday 12 to 1 will rebroadcast at our normal time Monday evening so people who are you still watching it I can watch it the event website and everything the whole thing to have a penalty or some individual things that will be omitted from the livestream but most everything will be viewable but I love when people suggest stuff like that like I we receive the suggestion the other day saying that we should do that before 2014 was like come on we did last year yeah everything you post everywhere people are like that they don't realize something like that even though you should do that it's right there in front of you doing it this weekend remember a few months ago I pitched in the Monday meeting that we do a podcast that was RT Podcast on one day that we would do the gaming podcast with a patch spoilercast and I also suggested a one-on-one contest which was based on just an anime and it was kinda like you know about it but every time we play game and I'll just talk to one person at a game so it was like hey there's a show where two people play a game and they just talk while they play game all the way through and do that show the automaton for that show things that we should make that show really straight and saying let me since you're by the way back from the UK thinking of one-on-one interviews people reporting to him thank you whoever that was pointing out that I wasn't sure which one he was I haven't known him for like 5 Buccaneers person pointing at him that I no longer have been last one on one interview series that we did which was me interviewing people about stuff they don't know anything about that we shouldn't do that of one because we had to like pick a subject for that that people in the audience knew the answers to it but the person we're interviewing like she's asking question but someone who's willing participant and doesn't mind looking them or the person it was really funny Earth in the history of the company easily the hardest I've ever laughed in the workplace is his response to the Future come out what is better for everyone I was at the library possibly keep a straight face and I just can't do that happy Canada Day to Canada day and it doesn't mean anything like right away what is it when we became an official country 1867 which in Ottawa is huge because of the capital of Canada so if you go downtown to our Parliament as it's like a sea of Canadian music and food and then at night there's fireworks 4th of July would be like today I guess they went downtown and every business is closed does Canada celebrate the first Tim Hortons open in the creation of proteins to become the heart of Britain Confederation he went from being a colony being a country code cool that's the only reason that day in Canadian currency that is actually true and you guys still on those guys what time for you, I don't know in the Commonwealth of independent what happened it wasn't you guys of the gram in the colony like Hong Kong forgiven by countries to the people right now you're not going to get back like you fight like hell for Ireland concerts Northern Ireland what people do people fight for Ireland all the time like this one of the on going to Island a separated why would you give Ireland back like whatever agreement they have Island Jim Bakker had enough these decisions on them to me history class the English History mentioned much about the countries that we lost I'm not sure I'm sure you guys are really into prepaid of those people that really historical moments in American history what is America Erica Mena enough to let me know everything about you you know American history is very sure that it is one of these you must touch on the American Revolution Right Touch on it I would rather have known about that but it was what you didn't do it and Henry the eighth's and some so what do you do so we discovered a new part of the world we completely colonized right fuck all that when I can come of that the more you like you don't even touch him anymore he just drop it one day you're talking about it and then you stopped talking about it ever again I just wish somebody here on the couch in their hair you can see all these old Victorian houses and stuff in England or even older than that and the door frames like this High because people with small then it was only a few hundred years ago 23019 on The Price is Right One Foot for over 25 history American history they kind of started 1492 is over and then we were country and that don't have what are you doing over there country starts really they probably just ordered your country start right up again I mean really like day 1 of UK history you sit down you open the book to page one what's on page one the big one the history of Christopher Columbus coming off your question why is England called England English England Jennifer commit genocide genocide ending the ship because of the death of a bunch of people I think the people of his being responsible for introducing Europeans in North America which Little Things is it like back then for one person to have committed genocide and showed up and killed like thousands of people no it's not a real time in history is that everyone even like everybody had the exact same technology had horses and swords and metal suits and that was pretty much it like a crossbow really set you apart and that was that was up with trying to figure out in time in England didn't exist at the same time what's the day people that died in Bear a seat and forget and then I'll let you know everybody else came to visit them and treat them like shit but not the language that was it that they knew they had for him but I'm pretty sure it's Columbus OH looking for Spain Portugal Amerigo haircut Amerigo Vespucci Vespucci Facebook before Columbus yeah just north of an easy mattrick level 42 something about it if you're on astronomy and you discover planets and systems that email after you there's Gus gift you could get the one where you name a planet after them or darker what horse track is also a service where of the you and made a declaration at some point that once the US landed on the moon that they made a declaration that no no Earth country pen declares sovereignty over the moon mean that us one of the plant of flag based on the old rules of imperialism we can say that's our planet we're on the moon first we clean the moon for American American territory but do you agree that no we're not going to be playing the moon as sovereignty of any one nation but I do notice that no Nation can claim sovereignty over put this guy said he owns the moon and there's a there's a guy who says he has a legal claim to owning the moon and he has a company now or he sells Plus on the moon like humans land packages some of them I know next to nothing you can what it like to the put them in there it's just like you on this one with their Barbara nobody goes to the moon and the reason you buy it at some point in the future maybe they will be stuck up there okay I'll put something on there like a little Flag by the piece of the Moon on the moon have a flag yeah yeah yeah it's like circles like the Earth flag flag with a picture of the Earth on its side of the Earth I love you I'm excited Earth flag the keyboard isn't working so it doesn't run by the people and for like 10 times what does it mean you don't know UFO compare shopping the looks most like maybe their plan is long-term to install rocket praise dance we have already I gotta find out what the hell this thing with the Wikipedia by the Earth is flag used to represent Earth it is the World Peace Flag Earth Day flag flag design for the first birthday this is the hippie to the Earth flag if we can find it bring it a flag that we listed in there and if you scroll down but they have the Earth flag Futurama list of them there as an alternate Earth flag real 3D Futurama would you like the Earth flag look like the American flag Earth instead of the Stars up in the up in the blue development can you see me watch now watch now watching cuz like that's weird they went back with the Charlie Strong character and we britons pick it up like nothing happened like your knowledge of the break started in the middle of season 3 quick the last episode I watched as you would and I was so embarrassed I close my iPad and I haven't gone back to watch the new season iWatch 2 the wrong season of Gavin and Gavin as the Earth have a flag it we looking at the Earth flag and the flag I found it looks like something that if they said Gavin we need you to make a flag of flag Earth to represent this is the flag Earth flag blue square with the Earth in the middle of the Eastern Hemisphere talk about the worst hemisphere is Africa in the Indian Ocean is north western hemispheres Canada from Australia and they can't move my hand over my controller anybody on the plane that hit the point I have restless leg syndrome you know I have restless legs and I like to be in bed it's like I'm running errands and I love it down so that you don't act like it and I see there's some people and I have had this my life where you wake up but your body doesn't on paralyzed and you have what's going to sleep paralysis and you're just sitting there paralyzed in bed 3 times in my life Google Gavin? do they have floating drink a massive Gavin matches next couple days if you sleep upside down that he was one of you die if you sleep upside down what you're talking about X like right away but I don't think you could say those the blood your body's already in your head but you are telling me that but you're not Google that holds an enormous and it was like we got to talking about please you'll be better off if you don't or we talking about right before that Earth flag on my license I just know that I was still on the real thing I was like in movies obviously the TV show where the Diplomatic Corps and it's got a little closer the tiny little flag do diplomats actually have those the diplomats talk to him on the couch I Was Bitten but the part of the Don flag that was actually the one piece of writing watch The Watchmen the comedian did it so I'm really confused in American history the invention of syrup with Hershey's syrup Canada history what did that when I say that Canada Day Gus what is the most recognizable think about when it comes to Canadian history is like Quebec separatist really I can't think of Jim Carrey I know there's a dude who ran across the country and then died so I don't know that and understand that he was dying the price that I know he was like he's running to raise awareness for something I ran across the Canadian history why did Barrel Terry Fox Earth but I know that's what they told me that if you say that people get these barrels to die a lot of his suicide and go over the falls and then they don't why do they think if I get in the barrel this might work why is that an iconic image and protect you 1 movie Frozen completely before that I went there once I was up in Toronto in January day on the Canadian side on there so I drive down there I get out of my car and it's a huge mistake Niagara Falls actually like your moves is the water going over the cliff into the roads back and it like the Falls have moved upriver over the years when I was born I was born 90 minutes away from the phone what's up what was on the land like all this cheap City tourist traps yet but in a bad way like Scrabble flag terrible and motels what is the most famous landmark you ever seen me a sandwich like wildly overrated yeah it's in the ground right next to him and that's just from one of the first pyramid from one angle and it looks like a desert but then you turn around at the keyboard wasn't trying to I was trying to tweet because we log into Jack'd account and I couldn't type anything you want sweet of Jack because I can't? Are you guys still located in Austin I want to say yes we absolutely are day are Texas this weekend we are not we are not doing tours this week for anyone coming in town for our taxes we have a thousand people at least coming in town for RTX so if you come to the office even if they were not given to her you're going to be one of probably about a hundred people that does that you're going to be disappointed and we're sorry we would love to give you a tour we just have no time this weekend we would have time but everyone is coming in today people will be at the convention tomorrow but I said what the guy did and you didn't know what it was I can remember his name he said he heard me when I said it you said you've never heard of that's because you said that he ran the country and I'd like I mean like because he doesn't want to hear it video up to 25 miles an hour is running on it 100 meter or yard I can see that she is confronted by a little bit ten seconds like animals Gavin so they're not fast at all is impressive running 6 miles an hour I'm picking up at 10:05 I can stop by holding it right next to it with yourself and everyone huluplus.com now it's time to start your living room and on your mobile devices on Hulu Plus control 2004 ever you want whenever you want you can use Hulu Plus on connected TVs game consoles Blu-ray players Roku Apple TV or watch from anywhere on your smartphone and tablet on demand at all times and was huluplus.com shows and even full series runs classic TV shows that got shows like Community Modern Family South Park SNL on Monday Night Raw The Man Show Jimmy Kimmel Red vs Blue and more huluplus.com month but right now they're offering an extended huluplus.com available to podcast listeners let's go to huluplus.com slash Rooster Teeth and check it out you two weeks free trial so great great service definitely check it out a great way to watch a lot of TV all at once Hulu Plus keyboard work number. So yeah he's miles per hour in the UK as well right how can you think of a place that you don't drive so what kind of place you drive the speed limit 25 miles an hour residential area so you want cars driving down the street and you think I can do that someone enough to 25 polish the back of a game videos like everybody thought that one of his legs but then that's what is still running in one frame Canada not probably flip over my legs and keep you when you when you fucked up and felt it would be the equivalent of like jumping out of a 25 mile an hour car could you shoot off the back and then go back what is there but yeah you would get you up at 8:25 the be like would you jump out of a moving car 25 miles an hour would you run out of that the seller is that it is not quite the same as running 25 miles an hour because treadmill is different you can run faster because you're not really running or just keeping up with the belt it's a little different do not like pushing yourself and you just different I feel like I've really been so so I feel like if I'm not concentrating all just falling right off the other day I was trying to figure out like to figure out how you stand here and do that like I left my right leg or my stand I stand on my right leg I stand on it and I my left leg just hangs out and balance it because all of my shoes wear the same way like this for months I can't show you this but there's a lock on the outside of my parents just came back on how old are you in this the last time I had a growth spurt I was thirteen or Fourteen and my name is I don't ever really know it I just measure it every time and like I have different size shoes as much as shoe sizes we have between like 11 and a half in 13 and a half is what I wear I never want to bother I just always wear the same shoes Jeffrey doesn't rotate between Lake I see that so it's one of those things about your body like to remember that I used to have my left or my right also when I can go to analyze it it's one of these is the mobigo 2 analyzing you correct yourself and you're not sure you can try to slip between your body with everything you just said you only breathe through one nostril and not right now YouTube about it but I think if you if you check in like an hour be different what does it a Sebring it's pretty funny to see a Time looks like you still the stuff your body does normally a time-lapse of stuff the body does Chloe like if you x-rayed my head wouldn't let me go to set up time-lapse more importantly what is the mechanism what that I'm really tired right now but when Austin can weed help with someone that now you're thinking about the size of your tongue in your mouth and you can't handle the truth contributed A New Earth Day flag for us the update for us you might like this one better I wish for good morning a little number one below it didn't have an earth well then why make it happen what's up so how did the aliens Earth is fucking bullshit the aliens come back with more people right or they can hold this independent Canada and nobody knows why Earth Independence Day what are there no subjugation day like what is it that you can you can calendar filled with subjugation day the name of the governor of Texas Independence Day October 10th November 10th can we stop with the day is enough for the wrong people keep doing stuff is Black History Month in the most recent one we are so it's not like it's not like a holiday oh yeah of course big big parade in Washington Seattle and then New York City to what is going on in Texas about abortion women's rights and abortion bill is part of the Texas legislature and is very controversial a lot of limitations restrictions on it and so when they were going to vote on it a bunch of people in the capital protested one percenter in particular like this like this kind of standing on the floor when she stood up the entire time is a filibuster the filibuster is to kill time and then the legislators. Ran out the session ran out but then there was all this like really shady stuff that happened where they said they voted on the bill and they sent the timestamp back people had screenshots of the timestamp like the first of it and then they took after when they changed it and I do not know the people have the internet what am I watching a novelty Twitter account very much what does a great novelty Twitter account that came out of that which is the Texas legislature clock it's just like it's angry the original capitals like me everybody from calling a lawyer to go to the Big Ben if 11:50 o'clock is a long time coming and I was struck by I guess I shouldn't be surprised how low quality the cameras before that it was like 360 Peachtree watching it holy crap that's more people than the second legislature started today and it's like everything in this country politically with it or not it kind of did introduce everybody and then nevermind then just come back later and get something else like everyone on the internet emails and phone calls that we never really talked about it choice but to talk about it because you just happened yesterday the day before the you don't give me that number to that hold on one second to prism the US Taps half a billion German phone internet link each month so they been tapping German in Germany as well the US government information about the prism program in the first place and he is in limbo he's in the Moscow airport and he can't leave somewhere in the international terminal at the Moscow Airport essentially his US Passport has been revoked and is trying to get to Ecuador to seek Asylum but he can't get there since he has no passport and if he leaves the airport he runs the risk of getting arrested well I waited at the Moon Orlando the dogs and stuff but to be trapped on one piece of one planet is really annoying Airport Russian airport flag avoiding Bradley Manning do the same thing I mean and he just disappeared into the prison system there he was the guy who reads everything during the Iraq and Afghanistan war and everyone thinks that is what's known the government does not go away for a long time so a stranger or anything that the government is anyone say that like I haven't heard that on anybody but I don't understand what people feel just read your writing like a weird shit about prism like that we know this company or that company has a contract with prism I mean I'm sure the company's deal with the NSA even on a regular basis so that happens a lot I like to know whatever but I'm serious a message to convince in that time lines to get used to play this right when you eat food to places where there as soon as you taste it soon as you change toothpaste to brush your teeth for that new toothpaste toothpaste like this next time before you never actually know what he's talking about Jeffrey you're not used to The Taste and it's like you could anticipate that the next time you brush your teeth I think I traded to face every single time I buy toothpaste you just don't know what you have but I don't remember all of your face like all the way down the tube how do you squeeze your toothpaste you just grab it and squeeze it or do you start in the back and work your way up at the beginning would like to join you but toothpaste is it if I come at 3 if I can squeeze it anywhere and only gets his pleasure not like this but when you get in the front a sexual conversation and also why is it that I feel like toothpaste has a unique property in that if you get anything on your shirt you look up when you like the way you got to wash it the first time I ever spoke to you I had on my shirt oh yeah I just didn't listen to the other way on the way on the bottom so when you put it was time the conversation I know exactly where we were and exactly what's happening but we have the conversation we were sharing the shittiest hotel room in Toronto at the first RV BTO all right but we were in Terry Abel apparently was like being. It was like who is this no we do got hit by a car famous hotel it was like it would work the best when I took over booking or travel there were signs in the lobby everywhere that said no durian fruit that's where I learned. It was stinky ass through anyway so we couldn't open up the curtains and you look out and across the street is like this it looks like a bombed-out shell of a building like all the glasses from the windows but there are people in there and it's like some of the windows in the car no no I bet it smells as bad as your taste buds back is it like a fruit Crossing town I heard that those are available in Animal Crossing I dropped off and I'm crossing the same drop off curve for me on the DS as it did on the GameCube and I got like a couple fish on my fishing rods and shovels and then I was like I really I got nothing like you can only like so many bills and build like a non configurable house is such a level that you like that you want to spend your of your main floor or basement yeah everybody this is where I'm like watching a little cartoon person work out at a bar going up and going to do it because I was at school and you can literally make a kid study and watch them get smarter and do better I'm getting worse the green bar that fills up like a thermometer to the next level of the bar looking down my little demon is turning black because I didn't like it was turning me into it was making me realize I was this place imagine everyone does this and then also my friends and I thought we knew that was one of the first production was one of the first things that we did before ugly internet dropping calls like a first images write a cartoon strip living together I'm sick of being stuck in the crack of the branches to think being stuck I don't the people in the swimming pool and take away this day everyone there is a beanstalk in Sims 1 Verizon of the cheat codes for Sims 1 what is it is like electric it was like some weird I don't remember it but you don't you know if you don't feel like I have like bits and pieces and I can't even remember that remember that Mike Tyson Punch-Out starting with a 0 0 7 something Metroid had the whole Justin something I don't like these vagrants there one time when I was a kid Don comes around it we just wakes up and I get your point like I finished it and I played for like 14 hours or whatever done game turn it off and go get breakfast I don't know what happened I'm still pissed off at me did you turn it off probably hold on to hurt somebody or something I remember when I was playing Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo that's the one right it was creepy like he was going to come down and then we were running around screaming and it was like everything even Adobe I was helping my parents house when I was a kid like 6 or 7 and we were cleaning his room to go to dinner and we are cleaning really fast and I didn't know this but he was making a mobile of the solar system this was before the internet people were born on of the solar system chicken Comes The Sun cut out of that and I pick up the Styrofoam of yellow discs and I and I look at all this is trash and so I snapped it in half and his son in half and he fucking lost it which Burnie Dental of the moment in your head but I never apply myself into like the smaller kid body when I think about it so I thought a little girl the dentist everything we can play Nintendo Gavin show how to ride bike to look at the real solar system just heard this before but I used to have some staring contest when I was in 1st grade you don't like around you can play with the group we would wait in line for lunch you guys are staying focused on the Sun cause I couldn't but you be looking good for children at 7 and the older brother told me the blue treasure and I will have to bring in my mind month of March for your birthday what about your brother again strikes again with fucking asshole fucking did your brother have with your mind he was growing up he was a terrible individual the girl I'm glad my family I was the oldest sibling and I did not have an older sibling that I had to deal with like that I remember in elementary school when there was an eclipse because they would tell the kids that you would go blind if he started it I have a cousin flag don't look at the sky don't look up don't look up you're going to go blind to it yeah I know but it's like I'm not even going to glance at it and I'm just terrified you like you watching on TV you just interrupted by the clipse 122 the year what happens is going to happen everything in the solar system because the rotation is on a plane or go to sign into Yahoo the Earth the moon and the sun are on the same plan right okay so I'm asking that question so it's like every time every 28 days when it goes on the Earth would cause an eclipse it would what has to happen in a different place every night what what happened to the Earth would be in front of it I gotta stop how far is Japan how often do solar eclipses occur tonight will remove all the night eclipses solar eclipses history all right but it's on that plane that because the sun is not everything like you think of the planets rotating around the Sun in space the sun is moving it so it is moving are you measuring that from from going to be moving in that direction why isn't everything else moving our sun is the center of the universe and its way what was that graphic what is reference point origin pointed out like they're all on the same path heading out eventually just drive down there then we come in and still heading out there was a point I don't think it had that measure what is the center of the universe that's never been determined I don't think we can do it Barbara graphic of your showing was the son rocket into space Gavin you don't listen to me don't you son rocket into space and then we see all the planets rotating around like it wasn't keeping up with this thing like we're in orbit around the sun that's just like taking off their the only reason something else is in the right place and time traveling at the speed of light 617 million miles an hour is the speed of light 671000 kilometers a second I believe is 186000 miles per second miles per second do that multiple times which one of the constant in the universe but then like a couple days later create a super cold environment for things slow down but he could slow down the speed of light know-it-all the number 8000792.58 miles per second meters per second per second in miles per hour kilometers an hour is 300000 kilometers per second could you run that fast on a treadmill for 10,000 miles per second for 10 seconds 1.8 million miles Switzerland where is the gram stored have to keep it in case something is an atomic clock for some reason Switzerland Geneva I would say would be somewhere like that I would assume that but the UK National Centre a kilogram is kept in a basement vault at npl what the fuck is until we books the kilogram at the center of time getting measured for how far light travels in some ridiculously small measurement of time that's how they determine that's the standard for the meter is based on travels in something is 10 how many electrons does impulsive ones that have to make it scientific to standard leap second the bullshit because it doesn't quite match up International Bureau of weights and measurement is an international standards organization one of three such organizations established to maintain the International System of Units under the terms of the meter convention that must have been the most important invention of all time that was the convention about you think you get a pocket protector waiting to register for the convention we'll figure all this out and you guys just go drive your cars that's what that's that's where we fall in the spectrum of scientists know if you have something people do to get rid of it what is it when people talk about nasty dick stuff like people buying you like you get it if someone says enough the story about penis your actual penis I know you're really you really focus on your genitals really are there was ever talk to Crystal about this I was going to say my biggest weakness is if I don't fall asleep by 9 o'clock I can't fall asleep before 1:30 and 12:30 at night I don't know what that it never happens I need to go to bed at my normal time 1 a.m. no I won't do it I can go and fall asleep but I just won't do it like if I'm not in bed by 9 I'm not going to go to bed until 1 so I can host right now I could do that as well as efficiently if you feel like I don't have trouble falling asleep really drunk feeling in the world Atlanta maybe yeah probably a new episode of immersion on Friday next Friday remind everyone that audible.com the internet provider of audio books and more than $100,000 across all types of literature audio version of New York Times Best Sellers audible.com audible.com personally listening to right now thought you were going to question because if you guys do you really what do you mean because think about it I told you block somebody the books on that I just resize my browser really small and then I scroll over to the block but like a normal person make you probably would have checked otherwise I would have read it and I believed it so far spoilers at work at 7 so I'll send the guys on the floor cast a future seasons of red vs a number Game of Thrones spoilers for that bass on the books if they haven't read it so they started sending the stuff I had read it the spoiler that I sent it but I also read the book and so I just wore these guys that don't read the the roulette spoiler that when I went to block him how are you guys so bad it says your browser window use a fucking computer I got the I got the text okay cool a walker and my computer and did it that's how you do it I'm so fucking mad now such an easy thing to do Clash of Thrones prism sizes because he won't go on or inside your of that old dude but you probably don't know how old is how old is he I don't know and make it seven seasons for the end the first three books what three years were the first three years and then it took him six years to deliver that but you have to appreciate the amount of time it wouldn't be there the palace on Friday Friday so that every Roofing panel that there is during the weekend so that's going to be the review panel on Friday which will be also shown on the Overflow screen and Hall 5 so if you don't make it into the family can watch it there but it will not be live streamed it will not be live streamed episodes game free a couple weeks later July 18th on our site and then it's going to be shown at the Ruby text panel which I think is Saturday and Report Pantages on Sunday because we don't have those panels as well so this year we have an overflow screen and audio setup in 05 so if you can't get into the panel that you want to see you go down the hall 5 and the panel will be streamed locally so you can watch it with everyone else there and you can see them so the Ruby which will be shown there and not streaming on Cheyenne which is in the main exhibit hall is going to show that once or twice a day as well and between content though you will see the episode if you had our tactics we will we will do our best to make sure you can see it Burnie of opportunity you want to date a books to care for a Game of Thrones was the first 1996 Clash of Kings 98 A Storm of Swords was 2000 so the first three books as you came out within 4 years 5 years a piece for Crows 2005 and A6 year Gap A Dance with Dragons released in 2011 doesn't make the next one in 2017 and then 2023 that would be on track with what he's done so far are we going out at 8 what's the farthest day was the 2054 all the way out there that I'm going to die you're born in 88 remember being a kid watching a New Year's Eve watching the ball drop on one of the TV stations by the end of 1989 becoming 1990 it was like the first day I can remember and I remember thinking now that we're past that already we are black not just in 2000 we were in the decade past that living in the future by the way all the movies in that was that was that I could comprehend as a kid and now we're in 2013 we are way past like anything I've ever had planned it's always strange thing movies that I watch the kid and hearing that it came out like 17 years ago and I'm just like I remember watching that like that does not seem like it was that long ago in 1996 tell me right now okay I'm waiting with bated breath until after he heard the show was going to come out sales of those books like Harry Potter did Harry Potter was like hotcakes before they made the movie these things it's like really did bring those books to who was it that and was like we should absolutely make that you make a multimillion-dollar 4 episode major mini series based on the book 50 million dollars hours of content Robert the next two Avengers movies and paid $159 so he's getting more per movie than it cost to make the entire season a Game of Thrones Austin make me like they're paying him Titanic unbelievably overblown expenditure of action in a ton of money in the world after he made a bunch of money from Star Wars then he sells the whole thing to Disney for 4.2 billion I think he's got to be the richest what was what does transactions a billion dollar transaction not have been there ten years are there any distributed Pixar movies but they were not officially part of this you in the picture didn't happen more than I think it was it was acquiring a higher position 92 Disney acquisition of Pixar 2007 prism of that Steve Jobs had so much money from found the apple and then he had the Pixar thing on the side would you like one of those in your life like the luckiest person in the world to of them one of those in your life PayPal login MUSC Don mattrick would go to Zynga always money I don't know we'll talk about it more and you can make more of an impact company I saw people talking about it I didn't read game development every option about Xbox One and everything they were trying to put in the Xbox One and the reason why they're doing it is reported that it is because they are always tweeting pictures of their girlfriends in their a Lamborghini installation dude have a hot girlfriend or wife if she left she left because you have no idea the problem with the internet Kate Upton you and everything of Canadian Richard lunar prism podcast sex and sometimes when I'm angry I don't even know what that's for educational how to what do the category YouTube mr. now customized to your personal washing their history that I don't know why real estate Facebook telling you I don't know if you for me I just got it today can you look when you go to facebook.com I love it no I'm looking for how can you look at Facebook not logged in I keep stripping have to be billion dollars many World catalog appreciate that time I have a lot of old properties that have made them a lot of money to make money on and they were having trouble making money at the time so these the back have wanted to make something that can get the money going for in 1979 225 Hardware price of a bull what are the two on he was the largest shareholder be used to make a cell animation hardware and then they decided to start making their own anime okay the estate now own most of Pixar Disney Marvel and Lucas I mean is that is that the largest city park the world we never know who their CDL if they never get talked about ever who is the CEO of Exxon Mobil a nose job Richard Branson talk about Don mattrick talked about Don mattrick changing from Xbox Microsoft is a head of a department at Microsoft Xbox Don mattrick leaving is a big deal I don't know how often that happens all of her life Carlos Slim the first the world from 2010 to 2013 is extensive Holdings in a considerable number of Mexican companies throughout his conglomerate group Grupo carso the mass interest in America movil and see if that's a mobile phone in the u.s. how many still get mascot any more companies use to get mascots all the time and stuff like that like you know what that is what's the mascot envelope with hands the it really work the old Gavin mobile to have a mascot when you say you're going to believe what it is about it I can't even imagine mobile having a mascot Mobile Detail you said you believe Mobile's mascot is a Pegasus what university has the best mascot I don't even know what the best mascot is that gas company The 100 what Sinclair Sinclair Outdoors game party already talk to shorty shorty shorty shorty who has never made it into Italian guys ever walking down the street on what happened to me like walking down the street and see someone in the distance walking toward you like it when's the last time occasionally arrested Laurie Webb in Seattle know I really do I really do 53 Monticello way to catch a drink training to any of my texts are going to run into people is it going to be like a good time oh yeah Yello your problem is you don't ever go Earth ever go out anywhere never go out when you walk in the rain walking from the parking lot weird I never run into someone if we were walking down the street and Gus the Oscars what do you like to do you would have come over and say hello you would you be interested in something like that you walk by on the sidewalk and you see me would you tap on the glass that you were doing something who is Emily Hayden how do you say bright podcast know when we get in the car with the conversation eventually they'll be enough I have hours of footage of us talking driving around Austin the mentor Philly fight in the car one time you told me about no I was out of town I don't know what I was doing when she ran into you I think I would be when that happens a lot of the world the river we're going to go down which I can use to people going out of town which we call a river the river Lady Bird Lake weather cold bucket water and I think of it I've never been there God damn it let me do that when I say the river it's Austin I think you can go out again 25mph on I thought it would you do you mean I'm going for a ride which comes under 100k did you get them radical and that was nothing right about this but I love you what in the world really have $300 in the ground and sounds awesome I would love to think I didn't want to spend it my test how much is getting it after it's in the Water Into the Spotlight splash tank at my feet the stuff in the river how many percent in beer better not everyone sees it everybody who have an agreement on whenever we all go to go to Downstream Man Behind have you have you ever and Austin have you ever really seen you going down there we went one time at the mid April we went down to go to me and we almost died it was so cold and then it was downtown what can I do to get out why don't you oh my God in a wooden Hut drunk when you wake up let me know I want to spend 200 what time was it I was going to say you could call me but I'm glad you did I'm glad acute left in a hot car time you never found them all the time for iPhone case iPhone the first thing everyone the lost one it's the one thing I had to give up one thing I have I knew I loved you the moment I got out of the way when you left to tell you that's what really matters pan 2012 a little out of my pocket in a cab but using find my iPhone I like leftovers and put them a drug screen to come back and give it to me when I get it I will tell room I got on find my phone my phone and it turned off my phone in the cab driver picked up another time the alert on my phone what a waste of money and that one day the other day you here with your money but you gave up on your GoPro but that was like 300 on the train and I just spent $200 I know exactly what you mean but I'm actually when she first moved to Austin every time we left the house I made 152 her 4 times and then I lost something I forgot what I lost now but I lost something and I had to replace that hard drive or something like that if I can do something there goes another hundred people nice feels like this much coffee on a day out in her purse in it the first couple drops get in the car the other day at Urban Outfitters and it says coffee makes me poop and I have every time you got home look at the screen so much I don't have any moms that her and I should keep it or can you keep them at home that's because he's always creeper merchandise go to his house and give it to him I don't want people using my mic right now Nova cooker The Climb by a game that you have a kitchen living room study are used to live the apartments called the fish and everything you want to hear you still have a kitchen your stomach better with the living room it's all you have look a toaster oven or something not a cooker in refrigerator liquor the oven microwave no you can have him I didn't really don't have one ever comes up comes up with your lunar shit coffee which was great and so did you would have it now call hourglass kind of a thing with like manual filter the water so important and you can't do it all at once there and like your coffee Robert Boyle important of these crappy noodles I'll call you after he comes over he was like yeah that's it up to do these noodles not of this is so cool confirm it pulled over what grocery store a minion the only one I really only did it take like another 5 minutes I had to wait can you go in the water we used to wait another 10 minutes for to boil didn't start the process over once a week dumped their own water in your Kettle when you can go out didn't turn over and dump out the whole thing and start over from scratch because it was anyway what have the water basically been drinking milk sometimes walk around like today when you're doing something of yours and I spray and lotion Gavin sometimes it's a good thing to do is keep people away and had lunch yet and 5 people waiting for let's go see how if you put cold water in and doubled the size of what you're doing they could get something out of it is already boiling water seems like you're in a different room with it anything I was just looking Elders walked away and left me there I need energy people say it has to be with you it really the water into your head it makes no sense to me okay they were disappointed with how much water does boiling it was about 7 o'clock on Monday 4 o'clock on Wednesday and potentially the Regular Show which we have not yet turned or not that's the podcast this regular General podcast hours we have conversations like this person is absolutely bring it dependent the people who work here or tell them we're not here to come over and stay the night and we have a lot of stuff before we start moving tomorrow so on that note we're going to and maybe we'll review The Phantom water person Gavin day as well oh yeah we have that will be available for our attendees RTX Center Stage as well with the few hundred guys had a little on it so it'll be really cool I'm sure it will be this weekend this weekend