#226 - RT Podcast

RT does it live from RTX 2013! Joel vs. Jack!

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-226

Recorded: 2013-07-09 21:27:20

Runtime: 01:38:57 (5937.81 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman


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list of celebrity huluplus with control 2006 where were you want whenever you want binge on full seasons and watch your favorite shows like red blue and more right now extended huluplus Rooster Teeth I'm not kidding it's sticky what are you looking to look Paris never to go there again all right everyone welcome Rooster Teeth podcast rooster podcast Rooster Teeth podcast I'm sorry I guess we bum rush the stage that I'm still out here Adam's been busting his ass off all weekend all week really it does look like dead bear so he can just hibernate for the rest of the stuff I need a computer to use a smart people what room is the computer supposed to be in the refrigerator or beer that was weird I just bring the beer I like I have more beer I like going from 0 beers and some beer that would be 0 beers not feel good so whenever we do we do not need I always feel a little strange doing a podcast Penelec try to do a podcast in front of people I feel like I can't concentrate on my phone's being poked in the ribs but do you think that maybe we should try to keep him in there other patients do you think that maybe we should try to get something familiar to start the car Google smart straight into the alright if you don't know the song please feel free Gavin or Google one said it let's find out pay I'm feeling lucky that was like that was like that was like the worst flash mob ever I've seen bigger alright brag about it why don't you if you're not familiar with the rules of Gavin or Google we entered in a three or four word phrase into both Google the search engine and Gavin the brain and we got the results back or autocomplete search on Google or some stupid question that came up as the audience who said it first what do I do what do I do what do I do if I accidentally built what do I do if my pet Gavin is going to work let's do a show of hands or paws which one is Gavin saying what do I do if I actually build a bookshelf or what do I do if my pet and I've never been the kind of crap that head down into vagina I would pick her up American High School prom or anything congratulations to the three quarters of you who have done a lot of you voted somebody actually made a dude like it's an emergency new Sandra Bullock they'll let me yeah I stop caring I don't know what happened I asked what yeah alright just also hates when I curse people out to get me in trouble all right we do have an of microphones for everyone true Joel Telegraph Gavin will laugh when we do these is it true that energy drinks are made of okay both are energetic and is it true is it true that you have to have a belly surgery for the last time who said Gavin or Google is it true that energy drinks are made from bull I'm going to go that or did Gavin say is it true that you have to have a belly button Gavin with no belly button have you ever met someone without a belly button I still at this dude 60th and I was wondering if belly button just happened way low down then I could see like Thunder's show up maybe or did he just not have one maybe he's so old they didn't have belly buttons back then the house you be connected by then I had you LIRR Gavin or Google said what is a person got possessed by Jesus the Gavin say what if a person is born without a person 106 of Jesus you are correct I think they start building bookshelf you're here by Carpenters or what the deal was that you people were going to go the other way it's a good question is that like a birth of a televangelist happy with that promise to be the church to call Ghostbusters I had no idea that the present the present it's me I'm going to steal you know confused me when you said the stupidest thing you doing this stuff right you're saying he'd be confused let me the other day for the last 2008 in the fact that he's putting people the part you're confused about is that she would be confused I'm just I just have no idea what people do with it flipping people need to be prepared for anything that happened did you guys did you guys see the horrible thing that happened like you're traveling on July 4th but did you see this thing that happened with the July 4th and the Google searches that was on Twitter as well I would like to look up horrible stuff like Raga hundred percent of the time if you looked up 2013 on July 4th it was a bunch of fucking idiots wishing America they thought it already all Americans just like the country and a huge Wasteland between them Australia up on top are you guys on the bus on the bottom there is a power bottom in a long-running debate is is Australia a continent or not Australia also can you ship thank you is it also made of land survey are there people who live in the country that's what happens when you open it up that's what happened over there who had electricity in that side of the coin is you download any pictures or 56210 you know is that you guys had that panel you guys at the panel or later and I was actually walking through but you can't you can't stop walking 46860 yes something to do in Auckland New Zealand person the rest don't listen to like the next 2 minutes I was just in New Zealand Auckland July 27th I can't even pronounce arteriolar Cartier or arteriolar which was rooster sheep I just love that what does the group name but definitely with that sheep House of the event name is Archie areola yeah whenever you get a or or it's a lot more fun than the work we're doing we're going to be down there soon yeah with you for months now I've been emailing you let's book our airfare for Australia let's book our hotel for Australia month month we are moving into the command center on Thursday and from this from you what's going on with Australia I'm up to my neck in boxes like trying to get into the convention center and now you worry about it he said he writes back no We are booking I go have you booked yours yet there's a big long talk and I reply back to myself you know what nevermind you're busy I'll just go fuck off I wish there was a pressure-sensitive meet or you could see how tightly I was giving my phone as I was reading this text so busy lately it's like to be watching you like windup has been like the greatest really how are you holding up I'm tired I no longer have I just have blisters on my feet used to be really nice you walk like what maybe a mile to get my condition because actually how much do off Tuesday moving in I want to see walking 9000 steps calibrate are you doing envelope by your book bag or something you'd like to do I won't even look at me that so someone gave me that when I was doing earlier if you apologize for Stuff grandmas dead picture of a dog there's a way to break bad news and with cute animals in here completely dedicated to Burnie hotel room telling that story again like the first time again I've been carrying around everywhere trying to say about that as well I only recently started playing it we got this to start playing Animal Crossing and I thought it was that thing where you can I thought your meeting you didn't just work but I really have to set it up so I spent like the first couple days walking around expecting to have all these nice and no I just never set mine up so I don't need anybody will ship them out to people yeah possibly explain what this game is actually introduced me to it it took her like 3 times to explain to me what the hell it is so there's a couple of different things so personal just like you unlock pieces of a painting you meet people and they bring your pick up if he was God and then you get those people in your StreetPass from them and you can take him and then character gets kidnapped and put in the cage then I'll give it to me to fight for you it's kind of like an RPG and then they go and they fight monsters and they have to fight all the way to you golden people you are so nice to meet you so whenever you meet the character that you can make like a person a little thing like a little piers in mind it's garbage day I probably I probably one of the people I met there personal greeting was hotel room Hotel name room 716 was like that's really forward it makes sense to me only that's just not good enough for me who did Love let you know when it's fucking you know I have somebody else I was talking to you I got I promise everyone that I was going to give away personal information and I didn't and I feel bad but I thought nobody would be fine but like I said Hey listen here Jack spent all this time building a fucking fucking fire hazard going to fall over kill everyone fucking Tower of pimps thing that is just completely and structured it could have fallen killed her one and I thought he was making was at the time I said the tower pimps his girlfriend on the tower pimps Achievement Hunter ever teach you manners like you should totally sign the tower pimps every person I'd give it all up to you I've asked him I do they're all like you should sign it but because you want me to do it so I can't do it how is Jack not wanting to do something ever stopped anybody from doing anything ever know Jack is here Jack we got there he said you might be here but I guess you got really strict with Joel like he gets really funny we're going to have fun at the library Museum Pitstop Library Museum together in this car we're all going to have fun have you ever been to a library Museum music library the library Museum a lot of demand there 2005 what about you if you submit maybe the library Museum the huge place maybe if you the past does make sense another what's the score to the worst possible Guardian give me a fucking seventh step A-frame ladder and a bucket of paint animated and I happen to stay there while Barbara was sitting next to me in Forever dead I think I'm going to call Security on you for her Marvel was going to call Security on me to keep me from signing the tower pimps I can't fucking vandalize I told you to do it do it I have like a thousand I'm going to have I'm going to have a thousand fans cheering me on as I get arrested RTX going to be pulled out of the convention center and handcuffs saying I had to tell her no you don't understand when is going to be a fucking internet video I think I think you have I think you have more people here than Jack does he can probably you're probably overwhelmed him secretive I don't understand why he still emotionally engage with it he thinking I don't get it so after he built this thing in his head he's got it in a few hundred sheep and one with it to take it down to the office and I'll put it out the animators are there happy fucking fucking fucking phone or two and then I texted you listen to break this mother fucker into four pieces and out and hire for more interest when I suggested that we keep it outside giving the hit like if we just keep it outside you think I kicked his dog or something he was so offended at the idea he is coming up to me if you just like you just like you coming up to look like Jack's dad helped him your Australia accident terrible so you don't what pretty Sesame Street Sesame Joel Jackson Michael Jackson did not I called Jack's dad and I said listen will you please come down to the convention center and sign something for me I thought maybe the movie The Joel thing maybe Jack doesn't like Joel maybe it's wrong what's wrong I wish I had a conversation we were having at work what happy intervention this is frightening yes we love you we just have some things to say in an interview the same here and say what you want to say Jack Jack bad news of baby animals grandmas dead grandmas dead Boulder of important things for RTX impressive-looking I seen his dick in the bathroom it's pretty impressive after RTX what's happening with the Tower of pimps the tower is going back to the studio with you are you going to put it on his side are you doing for the heroin the computer would you like some heroin that would be lovely Joel thank you so are you at your desk in the back like a writing desk the area of the studio that you're talking about where there's nothing and it's going to be this big square footage the killed anyone and there are these pieces if he goes back do we take the SATs liquor the thing it's not a good thing is a free-floating looking for the roof 20 fucking of our fans how much are concerned did you really just try to hold things over there are two times extra VIP experience you could pay to take away if they like I don't know who donate money to Child's Play five hundred bucks to take away the tower but you have to move it like a hundred bucks to be one of the people who Joel everyone wins and it is only if you have that game in a hotel room you want to make sure I'm all for that why are you on their side alright okay Joel get them in the eye the time I spent working on this damn thing in the studio with a live at your house anyway 108 or chicken rooster know what to do it if we can I'll let you sign into Pandora at all I'll let you sign the tower if I can find your car with the key damn you are comparing my car do II would think you fucking yet I'll allow it alright are we done here I'm going to be out of town that day and his hand all I had to Joel Andreas please so how upset are you going to be when you realized you spell elaborate ruse to get you away from the tower very impressive that actually happen I didn't run you know or I want a philosophical when I told you I'll let you sign if you want me to sign your thing Mustang car anything you can tell Joel not run all right the only reason the only reason I'm not doing it is cuz I feel like Katie would have like an emotional breakdown and insert it into the side of your car is yellow and black and yellow and black color car when I was pulling out of a parking garage was closed on a corner the time when I'm glad you guys did thank you very much you got paid breathtaking frame not to sign it alright huluplus with huluplus control the watch thousands of square or you want whenever you want binge on full seasons and watch your favorite shows like right now in Rooster Teeth when did you lose your thank you thank you love you how did you lose your shoes we did this morning from hell that was a lot of fun but at times I'm kind of dumb about special special special they're on the way let's talk about shoes that's his replacement as yesterday who was up here under the table looking for their shoes so is this a daily thing for you what's it or remember it doesn't have to be like okay I'll do that I think for me that I don't remember idea that the memory of it I really don't have any I hear there are pictures you can get a season pass are you worried that you can ar12 MO 34818 whose number we don't know what that was it figured out that when you are weak I didn't find the power of just call it the power of 10 plan why do we have them configured to take questions walk humbly or can you not listen if I see you running I'm not going to your fucking question you like what is mineral left a voicemail for someone okay I can tell you there's too many of you I wouldn't bother getting up to this point you are not going to go over there you don't get to make my own kind of a 340-pound I said it on the other is my first time so far is it really Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures panel Jordan what time is it in Jordan animated adventures actually has a budget of 2.5 million dollars for each episode we have to do everything from Korea it takes place at like 4 months or their own over there try to get our attention over there something going on over here wasn't that the of the statement Gavin W lot of questions like how does X know why like an animal an animal know what kind of animal is so my question is why do you ask that question and when you were a kid you ever want to be dr. DeVito child psychologist extraordinaire business cards psychologist extraordinaire yeah that was the one I was concussed so I tried to vomit but nothing else to see homemade on the lid of the toilet that was close concut you have a concussion can you get concussed when you have a concussion I love you the first time Gus you probably take all of the credit right side but only the backup starts at the barber so my question is kind of like a conference related you guys have like bug Outdoors where you can just kind of get away from all the crowd really fast yes the south side of the convention center has more of them it's a little trickier I told you I was getting around the commissioner was walking up to the receipt animated adventures panel before the panel started and I walked in on Jordan playing music loudly and dancing in an empty room and then he just turned and gave me like the most scared look where is the animated adventures or that he never draws himself but you know we we only need them when we need to move around quickly and I have to come up here to be on time for the panel to be somewhere that was supposed to be or defend the Tower of pimps somebody MO possibly someone in the audience 2014 of us very quickly but we are doing our best dead I don't know I don't know what you came to the mixer last night which was in this room but we walked in or I walked in and there's so many people here it was awesome but like I said you really got surrounded by people and I did my best to try to talk to everyone but it's a lot of people get through or we did more music last year will do music next year but I think so after last year I realized how difficult producing a live music event is so active we wanted to take a year off and make sure that we grew everything else in the event appropriately and then we'll try to have a live music event again next year because I am not a music person and putting all that stuff together was like I was speaking with an understanding alright I just wanted to know a pretty generic question I didn't know it I was here the whole time I suddenly have your number are you do I get my phone I don't know what you're talking about really I did not know I was here the whole time I was here the whole time there was no way no I wasn't busy I don't hear it no drama we're at an intervention we're all your friends were all here for you we're all here jku rear support use friend or supporting or supporting everyone you still have the number just so does everybody else the guy that 4000 people have everyone is leaving positive supporting messages on the phone I just wanted to tell you that I was going there everything is fine hey Jack sorry I tried to call you but your line was busy when I call hey okay so everybody 13100 MO I'll buy you a new phone number I'm going to leave in like a year or two but after everyone has gotten a chance to say what they feel like they need to say that's so kind of you Joel or phone numbers free how can I change my phone number 3 what number would you can have it taken away again I love you I love you because tell him that I have I have just washing off of you know how sometimes when you do something really bad and then I don't want a couple filters throughout the process this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast intro to buy godaddy.com to help you get your website off the ground rooster and perimeter rooster some limitations apply see website for details pretty generic question I just want to know what your is taking a picture of your games I don't know I don't have a particular favorite game what's your favorite game but it's hard to say I don't like picking a favorite anything I have a favorite game on her favorite movie the things that I enjoy Alright good to know you don't have it we don't have a patch panel that's why you don't do that play the Guardians of the Guardians they're going to shut the doors insert for gas and it's all right now do not fuck around with them call Jack and Say Goodbye while you still can you know I wasn't a big fan of the Wind Waker but I hear that some of the complaints I had with her being addressed in the HD remake MO I bought Ocarina of Time on every platform it's been available I have never finished it but they have only different times and that was it how much time do you have I'm here yeah that's a hard question but why in the company who love you who would you say has the most interesting relationship with you our company like General Electric General who is the relationship I don't know who let me internally like in a relationship the again animated internally this is going to be interpretive answer before you started with the company internal relationship together Library Museum Voice results the most dynamic we were together for so long and so long as I don't even know but not make jokes jokes 5 Guardians all over this everybody's different some of those ten years fifteen sixteen years yes SLO should I have with chicken on top of each question next I love you but at this point it might be a one-way relationship have I told you how great God is Jack black guys fucking great I love that guy my cars are you worried that he's going to lift up the tower of pimps and squash of Comedy that would be awesome yeah this my first RTX then it's definitely worth the long trip here and Joel if you really want to apologize to Jack I have a homemade Seeker rifle I know it's a dead space and you can give it to him if you'd like thank you yes I'll take it thank you like a big boy I need more presents for guys Joel maybe I maybe I want to hand over their self beautiful wow that is beautiful wow that is beautiful I am I am keeping that I'm keeping that one I'm keeping that one if anyone else has a copy of one of these you can give us a really love that love how much are you going to give me the phone number awesome put his phone number on there guys Run Track and I got drunk tank t-shirt tonight what's a Nerf gun happy 20 Central the bullet not creepy or anything like that literally what does this is going internal diced Italian Tomatoes I love you Gus on it no I love you guys not Gus I'm part of that group anymore so it was only two bullets but I do have a question for you are you absolutely certain that you don't need a talking go to put your life into perspective the demented mind of Jordan the voice of wash does a laser sight on this thing you don't look it up in your relationship Gavin in episode 108 of the demented dream rtaa I gotta say that like Jordans that thing we all went and recorded it and I think everybody individually in the cast had a meeting with each other was like the true story and I feel kind of bad about this because he at one point he did deliver a script to me and I read it and got angry at him and it went of the recording booth and change all the lines and told him how funny those were and then I would have to do that on its own I think I recorded my or for that - all I do like in October or November of last year the 10th we told you he comes in from Korea to 2.5 million a long process girl that will make themselves either alright I had in my pocket can you please direct us over there next I want to say that I love you guys even if it was on the phone Victoria what I think it's made out of course still be a virgin when I met my ex and I got it every time I think you hit the top of I've never I've never seen Pedobear my question is I was wondering what the fuck is Rooster Teeth Pizza Company filled with internal relationships sensitive touching running over there right next to the library Museum so please take us as far away from it as possible I'm too tall for this nice right about now I want to ask what is your weirdest strangest or funniest moment at Rooster Teeth the last question you get a weirdo like that every now and then and there are memorable for their own reasons I'll remember bullet creepy non-virgin guy remember the girl who brought us Sharpies that were named after us and head back stories more weird about like walking into the office one day Gavin walking out of the kitchen to the gym in her office she's in a full-length head to toe penis outfit what is head coming out of the middle of it like this when their relationship started looking the fridge and all the projections we can visit if it's or just totally like rolling with it like somebody screaming in the Next Room and our business just like what is happy we did it we do job interviews in that room so whatever the depression company I think that would find a normal Pretzel Company know that wouldn't happen here all the time while the wall is like bumping and you can hear the curse of profanity is coming from the Next Room if I could work with this all day long that was your weekend of the 1st we just might with customers right now that was my friend but you're welcome for that the fucking time does Dollar Tree close up it was the only trip we ever had that was written entirely on Nerf bullets and that was a different guy does Wonder Wax really dizzy and it's because I forgot to breathe what are the tower would not return mine Arizona what was the elephant of his mouth it's like an airport in Thailand and you don't like wearing the mask is just like how do I get over here okay so first off Burnie and got out with yeah I guess. what brought you to name it Joel and anyways I work with on the web and Jeff and also Jason and Dan SLO vets race so we were trying to find a way to make movies and just found a way to do it is one of those things where we just need the company in 2003 and you know you're kind of don't realize that their brain is going to grow into the registered trademark us Brandon how to get synopsis yeah I think you want specifically how the name came about is that your answer next 15 years first off thank you very much Phillies 2002 the 2010 speaking of Matt thank you very much for the podcast because now I know no matter how hard an engineering problem I have to solve there's this magical shining Beacon where science is always right at the Pod thank you thank you Grand Prix listen to build anything based off of Joel if you're not in the military chemical engineer Canada so my question is about the embarrassing but her story where popularity didn't quite work out for you but I was wondering if you guys had any memorable moments where your star power was just entirely worked out star power metal have you seen any of our panels at his farm he showed up and I don't know anyway so I have to text you but I don't like seriously San Gus I can't think of anything worse the blight star power for RTX was open I was eating lunch at the bar across the street and someone bought me a beer that was cool this is just the antidote to the next beer what's the stuff like that so really cool thing is wherever we go Mansion or whatever we just run into people who are like us and like the stuff we like 11 the worst thing I did he said he likes you that's one person I give you the phone number later go next so we were wondering you guys brought up doing other podcast later in the future is there any hope of maybe resurrecting the drunk tank to be like drunk in movie reviews and that kind of stuff we're not really a review kind of side or the patch we might get more into it but also not drunk tank was we literally had three years we were the number one podcast on iTunes the gaming session just dominating sponsors and finally says your name in it and nobody can change the name to hey that was like literally the moment we like Brandon as a receipt as we have got sponsors and became one of the more sustainable shows that you have I would be able to make sure you know the answer to your question is yes make choices that are better for a business sense but he was drunk and reviews alcohol to drink the alcohol that was just couldn't drink it with alcohol it's them like every other look at the way that was a present you like finding the bottle we got to go down faster is pretty president yeah I have one question I have one question for Burnie and something for Gavin Burnie you guys can leave if you want to I'll let you know when I'm done walking around our company has become over the years and no other form of expression the compliment but indirectly and I don't know if I'm comfortable with that I don't know just one moment last night where someone sent me a picture of the floor from above is that you stepped out if he's here he posted it and I got it off a Twitter feed and I was like really impressed by the show that Gus and Barbara and Allen and everybody else over the years we've worked together and everybody who shows up your phone the answer question I really can't put into words I'm really proud of how far these companies come I hope to see you go even farther in the future you know when will we have the first RTX out in the field is kind of a proof-of-concept like and what would people show up to an event and then we did it so then we decided to do last year's of Convention Center member having his first initial meeting Convention Center telling them to do it weird to have 4000 people show up or we can do this next year 2013 10000 so they're they're very scared that the rest of my projections are correct and that we're going to eventually fill the convention center 3000 of them have Jack's phone number not the majority of people here oh yeah she wasn't able to come to the panel and she's a huge fan of yours you're her favorite person she's been trying to meet you and she just has not been able to so good if you could just give her a shout away Gavin what's your name what's your name right now I believe it's pronounced navigate to Robin Robin I love you Robin love you I am very sorry he looks very happy to be with you so bad how to Gavin single thing about you better Gavin good Rooster Teeth podcast insert coin clothing the homeless insert coin Hotline Miami and their third birthday this July you can awesome 15% using the 15 at checkout we actually your statement about being sponsored by a call we would like to do that right now is there a Republican the cameraman I give me a ride 30 something thanks to him we didn't have for this the first thing I'm wondering is that huluplus Joel of cabooses voice actor that kills in the stores to buy in the tower of pimps question let's plan that I have that they got a pretty big Library and the character not that complex just kinda like all the vowels your you're pretty much good to go I haven't been saying anything any words with double O in it on purpose for a long time get money cuz we have a real plan for Burnie this season I told me that I am never recording another yesterday line at 7 you don't need you I said you have this like whatever you want has already been done Library Museum yeah after giving Jack's phone number adorable kitten accident I don't give any more away but it's awful everywhere alright I thought you'd be here today dead when we started the company 10 years ago did you say you would be here today did you think you'll be here today it started of his on Twitter because he's a hunter what you started it what is it underscore cameraguy you should give your phone number it's good to have that illusion Slo Mo something really close to Gavin hey Gavin you want to be on Tumblr with me I'm good we need a we make this panel internal not like like literally sheep not like astronaut out of my? How do you guys handle like being a celebrity status for just a couple of days out of every year cuz I know you're hunted down and it is just a piece of shit Chipotle you have to live with that or I was a question what San Jose coat today it's awesome like I think we we talked about it once of the podcast about the perfect level of notoriety how many StreetPass in particular universe is one thing we get older people feel like they just know what the conversation with people watching the podcast what does guardians or yeah but it's like the people that you are just weirded out by the situation as we got off a plane and the first person the Immigration and Customs officer it felt like someone walked up to me and says like others can be used for air conditioning and I'm like what the fuck outta here holding me tight SLO not that you don't understand yourself because that was our last hope that you could translate it some point what the fuck is going on Joel hope you have a phone number the tower pimps children Joel decorate a kitchen he's really strong yeah I guess since I can't really threatened us anymore since you gave me you know some explosives extra minutes for meeting of friends yesterday I thought I inject my services in case Joel tried to sign that Tower of pimps hey buddy Jack's not here man also love my girlfriend was going to come up there and have you sign her check but she's kind of being embarrassed right now and doesn't want to go up there or girl will never trust them to be embarrassed and I don't even know she's like yeah yeah no I'm like 5 3 okay then thank you text message next question so who was it what is the weirdest oddest previous request for a photo-op you had throughout our texts and comes out of the bathroom in the bathroom yeah that was pretty bad from the of any others that's the type I can't imagine being a the bathrooms that time where that boyfriend at the question and his girlfriend was right there right and he lied to us about his height that was pretty high on the list Joel that is definitely getting followed to the bathroom I'm in him being upset when I didn't wash my hands to sign his fucking autograph I'm just I'm literally here trying to do damage control from iPhone over Twitter app not working he doesn't know where Joel parks by TJ Maxx I just like to Happy I still have not had a chance to read that Jason Jones interview I came out this morning I'm looking forward to it TiVo recording this I'm going to be honest here most the time when I get that question it from someone who's over 40 you look like you should understand what we do no I mean like what the day-to-day life like on the on the thing you put on the gas gauge on RTX event.com Burnie the founder what exactly is fat how is the status of a spelling whenever we lose our car keys Burnie find them under of Rooster Teeth it's really hard to say there is no day today I mean there's no the job changes costly was always always about 12 things that need to be done at once it's not prioritizing of what three or four most important and doing them first overall everyday secular mean I've been working around the clock to bring you episode 1 in the stink about this issue to you guys so you know it's good it didn't work and sleeping literally like in the studio sometimes there's working her ass off and I'm so proud to work with Ashley actually we an accountant actually is an accountant we try to become an account and we've never asked him a question she's right there I just want to ask him can't do math in your head for accounting really if you want County can all help us cheat on our taxes done right the binders are actually some example of someone who works really hard and he was able to do the job that we can do and you probably never heard of her see her before Sunday night hire somebody we have to get somebody else involved with the company was exact same name so I actually work for an account in my girlfriend's name is Ashley also I don't want of the floor well it's about that time few more questions and you see them in pain aren't we already fast fast fast losing alright I want to say thank you very much I have a question alright so I guess I'll just okay so what you want Fight Night round lightning round 2 / 11321 what's for lunch MO Hertz car rental what do I need to do to work for Rooster Teeth be good at something and have a portfolio the gold market lightning round Joel lightning rod dragon Gus Fring or less Destiny on Xbox One Halo yeah I got it insert Gavin or Google account Gavin and Dan Dan is not a search engine Deerfield Origins Edition premarital sex yes what's restaurant but you know it's all fun and games till the table classes just like how you have that baby that would totally be up to him ruin Gavin Drummond Velvet Underground Gus Kamp when it when is that going to come out there this morning in the next few months Gavin or Gavin Gavin why haven't you changed the subject to your genetalia yet are you okay did you get hit by water balloon and it's glorious working on it Joel Winstead or really super Gavin do for 1400 can you say Suck it Tyler from teeth and now I'm over by the most people I have two questions or at least you like Doctor Who how does it feel cramping but your mind up today feel tingly if Gavin took over the rooster teeth company for a day never gone do you even lift any of you know in any other city in the country where would it be do you need rooster I have no it's my birthday so happy birthday so this is for everyone I hope you all remember this oh Jesus Christ but I know that we can talk about so I think that's an appropriate time to end it