#227 - RT Podcast

RT discusses number ones, bad birthday cake and Gavin's big RTX mishap

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-227

Recorded: 2013-07-16 21:40:37

Runtime: 01:59:37 (7177.1 seconds)

Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Joel Heyman




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Transcript (in progress):

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Thanks coming in 2013 Gavin exponentially better than I thought like I had a chance to actually go in and experience stuff like I feel like the first two years and then there was one point when on our website I forget what episode River Bleu was somewhere in the 47 and it has 45,000 comments on our website on that one episode happy cake an employee's wages probably, or can we superimpose you treat one so that's why I made these two incredible costumes for X-ray and bad and I would have walked in when you guys are getting fitted for it was like like we work with the people that didn't work out where the definition of myself because I never think I'm not I don't want you on your own like you Joel Osteen April 1st movie and all that but we're not drunk Jenny Lawson there is confusion and they didn't believe it believe it or not and then didn't an industrialized no he's in The Wolverine costume did it make you when you're wearing I didn't make you walk differently could you dress up it was like that entire time I was Hugh Jackman no conversation with Ashley and I got mad at her because she didn't like his conversation okay Google what the fuck is wrong red Twitter header women like singing dancing Joel you'll appreciate the coverage and it was Hugh Jackman 10 steps to romance you think he ever see screams on a go over there all the time everyone pictures and look and it's like naked with next week the top do you like the best looking dude the top people like you and I might agree and Gavin likes a who's the best looking woman everyday I like this woman because she has this shape and this great hair and all the beautiful woman women always have like some weird fucking qualifier that makes no sense that he's like my number one because he looks like he's no how to change a tire the Barbara I can't remember his name he's the Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds how do I change the time I mean think about her like the hottest guy on earth hey what's up tornado Gavin Dance romance who was that dude in the Watchmen who is the dude in the Watchmen how are you liking the Ozymandias no you wasn't he the dude in the premiere women Jackman it's not as good as Watchmen and it's like you like to do in your power to like loose retracted this and it's just not working for me UK chat about let menopause and stuff loose women in the loose women women sleep late loose women talk about it loose women in the British lunchtime show first broadcast in 1999 consists of four women who interview celebrities and discuss topical issues ranging from daily politics and current affairs to be gotten how many as of 2012 what's a good one point the family whenever they're talking about Twitter battle to the viewed we had a weird thing where Barbara I went to go see and get you there early screening of World War Z and for whatever reason well we know that's why we were worried about the movie Brad Pitt showed up at the Westgate Theater in Austin Texas on Tuesday and started biting people intro of the movie that was kind of shocking that he would tell the guy got off his jet came racing across town popped in the theater in Brandon if he had to go get back in the same room is Brad Pitt I wasn't like I think I have pretty good video of us reaction Brad Pitt a lot but there's like a really nice guy who's there whatever you're doing on that screen that's important to all the RTX photos do you capitalize environment of RTX without sounding like I'm going to be a very good conversation to have it cuz I think it's a real conversation we have very popular shows were popular podcast you're very popular animated shows we have very popular short popular game play shows all that but the environment of RTX is far different experience for us then it was like every other day like we might go out and get I don't know what you're getting recognized in public as far as I know about once a month and then we go to Pax it's more like Comic Con because of people who go there and some of their stuff will stop and say hello or eight thousand people who are a lot of them are there and working hard to make sure people understand RTX if not I can't possibly a 10000 person meet and greet able to do that it's not possible but very even after ten years of doing this stuff it is really really interesting to have it was like to actually be famous his environment without the closed environment I think that's what I can open the door and walked directly across the convention hall like a plan how it was going to go 10005 come in they are in Austin around even try to venture into that area so I went to the store and pick up something like 17 people with people as well yeah like the third one was around what happened RvB oh I don't know why our checks with the biggest Barbara ran that for a couple years characters of the longest running for eight years and it on under a different name but there's always a huge fan of in Toronto that was the first year we go to parties and After parties and stuff like that not even a week and really gave me a perspective into a Starbucks I mean don't ask I have to go to change the day with a hat and sunglasses famous you tonight I mean terrible thing I did please give me I really because I was so I couldn't really walk around because I wouldn't get anywhere on time so Jack had the idea to head moth so I just walked out of the house behind the scenes Road trippin nobody was looking and I was like this is brilliant so I was walking around looking at everything dude I need 15 anime Lego Statue I don't like real quick so I went into his boots as a picture be up on the screen if we could get some point but I actually like down right so I go I stand in his food with him and his mother that ready to take a picture I take with my creeper hat and I hit one of the statues with it the head comes off and just got just look at me I look at him and put it on the Lego no I took it and I was like really everyone to be an appointed to be like 20 minutes do we have the other side AKA these are clues that very delicate do not touch and I just say what I just said I didn't know and it will text it how did you feel yourself I still feel bad I'm really sorry that I broke your Lego head Free Run Twitter this is why we talk about this ability of RTX like at 8009 going to probably what you think next year 16000 people getting to 2224 was about this fever I got the completely wrong by the way she was able to get a bunch of people but I always feel like it's like the person who is everything give me the all these other guys and one right I mean a lot of people to watch your shows I mean if you think about that don't go to RTX and it show up in that line if they can meet all of you guys and there was some people that just because you have to beat you up how many panels for us both how they would get to the front of the line for seven hours and it would be the 20 minutes to an hour and a half that you were just gone and he didn't they didn't get your finger that hurts man it's like I tried to get ahold of everybody and stuff like that we have everybody everybody or paying or signing that you want I'm in line to wait they were meeting all the people around it what is the whole point of it was providing it surprisingly no like your energy and everyone partially adrenaline every is everyone so great everyone tonight and every individual one is great and positive but somehow it adds up to like being here I had a full-on production thing I had to think about it really think about it and I really how to apply energy and it really like I didn't I wasn't able to give back as much as I could have but I still felt that way about coming out on a personal level like I felt like I couldn't more people I just like doing a production at a convention on a regular basis and we always have to remember that is making the stuff that people want to see is always priority over all the other stuff because production most important thing Corgi and robot Matthew manatee Jackman Australia which is good and which is bad because you just never know more to come on that later payola small cameras mind hey by the way podcast audible.com internet leading provider how do lizards audible is offering a free an audio book to consider is robopocalypse a novel a free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com search RTX audible podcast. Comic West Rd no future and putting them together connect to my Bluetooth on my phone and then I don't know truck still has a better system than any other liquid on your car you have a nice car how do you connect your iPod or your iPhone to your car yet connected no no no okay but I went and bought it separate or whatever it was whatever reason my truck has decided it likes Ashley more than likes me in his car like everytime I get the car to get her phone and her Harry Potter Potter audiobook Harry Potter audiobook because I know we were recording listen Linda most intelligent thing I said no shit it's better if I don't know it what is on the roof what is the Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter is the podcast in for Schedulicity directions directions to DIA right right now he works at pubs were right and I tried to call you within the next when was going to happen next next play in Minecraft Michael screams laugh red let me tell you why does it matter let me tell you Brandon but let me tell you why it doesn't matter somebody literally he wrote you guys should do a Burnie vs. Harry Potter interview video Joel Braden Twitter the audience can see that big thing in the background of big giant mixing board nobody knows that I can use it the guys pretending he's pretending can you buy Captain I'm working today 206 cardboard there's nothing to that I want to press a different button on the Wii day 1 he did nothing nothing happens an audiobook con Cristo what's it called when is incredibly basic people can understand it no members of Congress con I'm questioning 350 percent you know that is World Wide GDP 360 percent everybody Jenna Jameson book how the fuck with the cataclysm and I'm good for the total cataclysm better better better tell your dad that didn't place but they will never to fall they will inflate talk about plants them at RTX couple couple how an economy grows and why it crashes is available on audible.com we can use your gift card to listen to Joel Peterson Anderson and Anderson related they're probably Brothers do you know how the economy is good and it goes bad right Goode fat and then repeat secular Twitter like crap every time and we are getting to it's going down World money supply they were born in a really boring money supply growth in reserve fractional banking money so I have to grow it we worked from 1 trillion and then we Burnie 10 trillion go from Centralia to keep going that way Jackman best stock UK Ryan San no one will come back on the rim Monty oum Allah cat how do I get back to work is that why you're telling me to hurry up and talk to you what are you working on fans working on TV when Thursday right what time Thursday I don't know you want me to tell you I don't know 5 o'clock p.m. central for sponsor 7 p.m. central most of the public Buffalo 252 7 p.m. central for the public on roosterteeth.com Austin Monte Monte how sturdy is launching his first show Gavin I was just talking about this earlier I'm so past that how do you guys like I got more ideas no I wish but no it's all happening the first episode of Amazing Grace asking questions that he talked about cringe-worthy love? Were there we've been through not 10 years ago but years ago I mentioned we've seen some pretty low-level crazy stuff I mean we really have it so important to me it's like the questions we got at least in the river in the podcast and I thought we made something out of those people who ask too many questions I mean literally just the mic and just talk to you like you've got to stop talking and ask a question always bothers me when the audience doesn't like everytime we get some stuff like that and I think that it's okay for us to be jerks I don't know it's okay for us to I don't know I don't know what your plans are when you know someone is not make sure that every single person has a question mark I get back to work nobody was going to be a season 1 episode 1 remember what's going on if someone any more like work and I'm so down for that one chance to watch the video that I did oh really we'll talk about it in the interview we talk about how the movie was you were working on something and you took a break from animating route Red vs. blue season 10 and all the said you had this like May 1st I slept then up on your screen that was the very first thing I saw some really really have I don't really take a break it was more like as soon as RvB 10 was done I was like great we walked in that rainy Sunday and was like I was still working it was awesome because I went so smoothly that is just the energy left to start on Ruby right off the bat I mean we started having those meetings will probably have an IHOP meeting tonight right and I just made that trailer and then we just kept going from there so that was fun I'm in a great way I mean those people cosplay all the stuff in the pantry bad man bad like we couldn't get as many people as they wanted to into the room like we was that was that was like 3000 5000 Sears area that people will watch it I think it was another couple hundred million people couldn't even even on the Saturday panel and on the Sunday panel afterward like finding people in and people were still like creepy viewed they just can't I have people raise hands like loose their second time or third time it's like shame on you guys it was it's okay it was the people I heard they want you happy but you know anyone who couldn't see it last weekend we'll see it this Thursday would be awesome if I was still working pretty hard on it so to be a lot of fun it was really cool how to dispose 3000 because the entire conventional seems so much more into this is almost a third of the people at the event so if you are counting all kinds of different sometimes like some of the bigger bigger ones account turn Styles like how many people came in the doors but then people leave and come back to a hundred and thirty hundred and forty thousand people to con exactly accurate number 2100 the panel room they have available that's pretty much the most you can get in one place looks like a hold of the exhibit hall last year we use partition part of it off that would be great for the whole team there right now I'm going over there right now because they're all excited like a little girl laughing at his jokes it was over there you going I was going to ask him I'm going to ask him about the character that was behind him my green screams have a great day okay just overworked farmers why did I was you I wouldn't want to do that we didn't make any mistakes and we have about 300 we talk to you about like you know we wanted to have a real good experience and somebody to get a chance to meet at that one and two that we all really killer hey we have to cat line because thank you that really hard a lot of money because there fans with a lot of a lot of the Guardians couldn't go to the event that they wanted to because they were busy with some Duty as a guardian yet but it would have to step up and see what the guardian that had to hang around all weekend yeah yeah it's raining here we have a tin roof over our heads is a professional studio and that you're just hearing range Boardwalk Inn the button for like an hour an ombudsman you think we have coming up what do we have coming out Welsh Pax Australia Australia will be at Booth 1121 Anderson Mill Burnie Jackman and then 7:37 same place as last year and I think it's going to be mild Chris Kathleen Tara and I think that's it and you guys are you guys are taking the time to write apartments in to represent certain shows okay reasons to go and you're not going anywhere I look at the weather forecast looks like it's going to rain so we can talk because it wasn't here last week Red Room 101 YouTube where's the beef until the lobster would you just let them in the boiling lobster it's a weird thing because you don't really just throw them in the pot and then you don't like Gavin water people save gas station or shell which an ice cream it's also gas is cake into my mouth and it screams No Church in the Wild you see when you die in South Park in the boiling water is it better if your food before you eat it wouldn't you think I don't know we have to do is pull Diego you don't know anything it's the whole back of the shrimp deveining yeah but you put it all out and in the end it pops up and then it comes along with everything else but you can just take the intestine Red Cross con VidCon time is it central YouTube con who is this and I think that's a brother named John and Hank Green John and Hank Green fans also a community event that same weekend called RvB UK it's there August 2nd to 4th I believe and I think there's a community group here in the UK we were there I don't know John and Hank Green never heard of them before this year's no everything appears unlikely to be with the cool No Time for Sergeants cat sounds made up no it's a really red VidCon and that's the life that will be everybody from you to the guys from Smosh Shane Dawson Jenna Marbles Justin will be there I'd like to meet them or huluplus you want whenever you want Monday Night Raw RvB going to huluplus huluplus are you planning to Lincoln Center me you're so freaking stupid show me the eve of plushies for her dog a lot of Truth to come out with a line of questioning Mr Marbles to her dog Gavin can dogs be productive bananas are online why don't you have like cat so much and you have done so much and you have no pad cat personality problems and hair Joel Joel the cat is different he wants to split a corgi you would take them. I'm so glad I'm getting my truck now likes Ashley more than me was a big problem San Corgi pictures of Jenny talk to each other when it's 7 Acme bullet let alone would be really funny it will be there that I told them there's some great-looking I'm Corgi mixed with dogs out there that are better looking than that one is cute but weird talking about who we thought was really attractive I didn't tell you the things you like in women what you like and dogs is that really don't like where Gavin when you put in a note for you on the phone you can pop it out I've really got to go out and kill the host of the show just think about liquid all right now we're getting a little best part of my day no not with Jenna Marbles person to pass 10 million Subs on YouTube Smosh has passed it Ryan Higa has passed and I'm like you know what is weird to me about the internet especially is just sort of like no matter how many people you think you know on the Internet or videos or whatever you've never heard of Google army an account like 15 million followers and I've never heard of that place in my life no internet most viewed channels in June and were number eight number one is pretty popular rapper talking about I was in my most subscribed no I correct me if I'm wrong I'm cracking myself here Jenna Marbles an extent it's not Ryan Higa who has 10 million + 10.3 million + 11.2 million + Jenna Marbles 9.91 is PewDiePie allowed to go to the bathroom I don't go to the bathroom for Christ's sake I love you how the hell I was talking about Barbara surprise birthday party I'm having a relapse Gavin Hunter if I did it was a prize is that okay I'll get up on that one I got some good news very red her birthday was July 2nd and that felt like right in the middle of RTX print out on the move-in day for RTX Barbara was like walking on the headset and clipboard instead of celebrating her birthday and get your eye poked out and so we felt like I was going to do a Fourth of July BBQ pool thing at my house Barbara comic I'm sure if you like the moment it was dead but the very next day was the first day of RTX so we were thought I was having a party July 4th at my house I didn't want to go because there was no need he was your crush in to get the final renders of Ruby episode one done and there was a ton of people at the convention center they were getting ready for the event the next day and I thought of my house I'm either going to like draw people away who were supposed to be working hard on something last minute or people who are doing the right thing and can't come to it and they're going to be pissed and so I packed up my grill came to the office and we did like a full barbecue at the office even if years and years of management I don't think around corners for how people going to hate me I've learned to trust me but we decided that we were going to throw you a surprise party the weekend after RTX 20 that we told you to come to your party but then you showed up yet and it was a big you just told me it was in replacement for the 4th of July event that you're going to have just your barbecue or more people think anything of it if you shut up you're coming over tell you stop and pick up something that I forgot to get always ask you in the morning uark my parents and I was thinking online USB to pick up line did that actually called you and asked you where I can get lines I found them so we're good I showed up at your front door was locked so I went over to the back gate was closed that like you don't like it the remote control needs to be open or something and then you show up and open it for me Barbara Barbara yeah yeah and then I turned around the corner and it was like at least 10 to 12 people they're always like for Will and balloons at party favors because it was the night before we had the bright idea that we were going to bake you a penis shaped cake cuz we thought that was funny because Barbara thing is that she draws penises all the time and thank you for the video that we didn't and Ashley and Aaron miles girlfriend came together in my kitchen and they were going to make the cake and you guys absolutely fans are the worst person on the planet how do you make a ship cake black and it was awful to make a cake what is there is there a piece missing from that there's no yellow the sugar Butterball have both asked that we also use like the wrong salt and also it turns out we weren't supposed to use that kind of food coloring an end there is a little more potent than table salt Welsh who was the shortest Eve YouTube yeah I felt right now you don't know how things actually was if you guys can make it cake they could get another alright easy I like to find some point the end but it kind of fell open and it was blood red inside cake we made it red velvet dark red on the inside road to be realistic that is really really really was a really close friend adjectives red hand for a while it was pretty crazy I didn't buy another mixture in the middle of all this I run my clients like it didn't look like that look like that look like that and everything around them in the motor yeah that's what I thought you was probably my favorite but we'll discover something about this which is everyone's all Gaga for red velvet and what was the first thing we discovered about red velvet really disappointing about red velvet is the only thing that makes it red is food coloring which apparently also makes otherwise chocolate cake Twitter no it's just chocolate cake with red food coloring show me not to and I went I went out and I went to a bakery Joel and I got Barbara a separately cake to get her for her birthday something edible to people to eat I ran out got it and I always talk to Barbara and nonsense this is what the person that I sent a message on the cake and Lego have paper and pen and I write it down and I wrote happy happy happy birthday friend and I handed that to the lady and the lady looks through it and goes and looks at me and I said yeah and I said it like that weird dick cake that the more they moved it and the longer time had on it it starts like that in places but in the perfect spot like that it kind of fell out and I can't like it the middle the middle start an option in a way that like a giant wave movie Battle I mean like I did cake hahaha I mean UK I appreciate it I know I mean it find it's funny the cake guys are laughing I think it's funny hahahaha UK compared to cake what type of dinosaur bacon puppies an original if it's a penis just hanging in there if it's a vagina I can't tell you like a package I would rather be a vagina really I think by the way we got Christmas magic tricks that came out with Chris Tucker vaginas not funny it's funny it was that thunder cloud Subs told me to try something and he said wrapped bananas and bacon and Grill them a treat and they ordered bacon which of the bucket of bacon where to go from there we worked on Despicable Me to take the kids if he just told me to Goode and at one point grows the main dude that is at a party I think of my party and they put a tortilla hat on him where the bridge is still walking away so he breaks off pieces of it and has guacamole that was the greatest thing in the world that's good I want to come over would you stop being movies you still at least thank you I'm sorry you're terrible making cake but better luck next time that was the one that was supposed to alright somebody somebody said in your defense red velvet cakes are the hardest cake to make one an artist and I don't know probably going to be the hardest cake to make how they do it where you got to do it wrapped bananas in bacon did I do that with the bananas skin still on yeah that's what I did I really did Comfort women issue in a banana it was identical twins? Probably not the right one piece of bacon and then you do it and Grill it turned out great bacon water is structurally sound if the if the strongest shape and Hugh in the galaxies are right the triangle where you can we make another triangle how many triangles are on the same line bacon is the anti joke we can cut it yeah right now live broadcast I hate photos Gavin Eve Rim what did you think of Pacific well I always liked about the movie was great and that was in the movie I worked on a commercial for a company before I get to work with you and I have talked about it Charter store you can finish are you talking about like stuff you doing in there greatest thing ever is how funny was her vagina that's what everybody rim Benicio del Toro movies Guillermo del Toro no it's just back-to-back regulation robots punching giant aliens with two hours but if I think of them how they made them feel big like this one shot in the trailer when one of them comes one of her bridge that tries to set itself but it was too much momentum dial Charlie Day from Always Sunny that anything like that before he got the part on always he was the voice of the IFC Channel but he was the host Red Wing online you did that and I think that he knew those guys Charlie the whole time you were watching I was just Welsh LED stand next to romance you like that on the show that I do like the main interest Elba he was told he was in the way he is and what he's doing didn't give me any spoilers but you said that it was giant robots fighting giant thing and you could tell what was going on that was always my complaint ridiculous damn we need you to turn the fucking truck into a robot yeah it just sort of happened I think comic transformer robot toys no that's just too much going on and I could use the extra for the actual toys in flower top of it either but maybe cartoon show with a truck with a truck and a robot vagina turns into a robot robot robot that looks like a truck in the movies doesn't look like iron filings and then comes back and I'm okay with it it makes it that's good looking forward to going to watch it I have a problem with the Transformer because all of these robots is absolutely child in the head but these things are right but really all they do is pick up the alien diamond diamond got in the basement and into the situation is like red rocket it's supposed to be compiling the robot and it looks like they're all playing DDR like a rim cost wrapped into a big thing in the head alright have you watch Pacific Rim shut the fuck up I know about this stuff I have a truck I need you to turn a truck into a robot hear some of the things that's hard to make Transformers when you have a 6 foot piece of metal design of the original piece of metal that can transform like a classic so they have to generate rules essentially that's all the Transformers look the way they do when they break them up into smaller pieces because you're taking that mask transition the animators constructing a easy robot on a movie screen or more rules than a person making an actual physical product the actual physical problem with is this small there for the way their theoretical the same would not be the same small piece of plastic against the masses different Transformers the problem with movies Goode limited for some movies if the fuck an audience yeah I know they're asking for things are kind of movies are not like I don't know how I'm in the largest something that is limited by the what Burnie is doing right now boring that was going to turn into a robot in Transformers robots horses in the ground I mean there's nothing talking Iron Man what's the implied believability Barbara doing when people say yes or no big stuff gets smashed by biggest who doesn't like that they should have had one Transformer movie not able to like pulling giant is it when they became like this like giant yeah there's a bigger and altogether they want to sell and they would go look inside screaming Rita repulsa on the Power Rangers Ryan and gold online and put on the loose that are each different restored mile do they have a giant big giant sword and sometimes it was a dragon and sometimes there was anyway was Benicio del Toro in it I don't know about Power Rangers is on a regular basis that entire town was obliterated by giant robot fights at school the next day could I hear your best friend what the most impressive thing of Power Rangers at me like I was already 41 Power Rangers from Japan and mixing it with shooting live action let's redo the whole thing if you pay them what they were doing there Eve everything from the seventies in Japan where you going to use that ship anywhere in the live-action with them what are they doing over there there's a talking about you all day today you know that he was not cutewinfail wasn't he was the host of that show and he was fired from that show like November or October of last year that's been turned into a YouTube channel you don't just show up there and back and I might not be aware of it but Toby hasn't hosted that show I don't think since late last year Ryan Cranston also intolerant Ryan was on Power Ranger wow that was Jenny road for about 10 minutes if you could have just said it was at any point in time we were always I'm getting concerned cuz I was like well I can just remind look it over we can do Barbara entirely with giant white boy yeah no Big Show's actual Eve bluebird did you just message me now that's what I just wrote me to let me know that it's on the control room the girl from Crow 2 was also in Power Rangers what is that mean who cares no we started this fucking place Brandon Joel Houston amazing everyday for that squarespace.com by Squarespace makes it easy to create a website blog portfolio and online store or stores for Street trial and 10% off your first purchase on no account go to squarespace.com and you don't work Road RoosterTeeth 7 its like the number 7 number sign and you don't run out it would help me what are you doing over there at one time we were just we can get his damn head off how do you find it or not who's the promo code in Transformers posting things from website that we made have you ever done anything like that has ever constructed a website on your own no really you never do it for like acting portfolio or anything like that Gavin you I mean anything on your own to put up in you to begin with you never made look at this website like I've always said for Richard Eve we always want to have a place where people can go and an overseas exist independent of like that makes things blow up but your show has an audience it has a huge audience I mean you have your highest view count on YouTube is harder than anybody on the Russian Channel what's the water balloon of 32 million at this point like 3036 I'm saying it on your own and then you want your things and put it on there it was a good time but I did it right now I just like to put it in there it was cancel that where they they are having their own sites good for you guys that did a lot of people kind of question like how are we able to sustain the company like people here that we have 58 employees like how is that even possible no cat they might watch one or two of our shows and not to the full breadth of everything we're working on and a big part of that is the fact that we have a website we have a destination that allows it to launch a product once you chose things like that no they're always like passionate and dedicated fans for on that website that's absolutely right now Facebook Twitter no longer something that will happen stage 16 very well behind where we had a crap cultural Zeitgeist what year 2008 March 21st 2006 imagine going into your room and venture capitalist on alright people can only have 140 characters no I mean I mean like I remember not really thinking too much or until someone posting a year and then that's why I heard about it on Facebook like a no go to Facebook but there have Twitter or something like that measurement for everything Welsh YouTube Turning Page sing like you're beautiful what's for dinner arguing with McCarthy with 18 every decision I get a girl to like me what did girls that like you think that I'm at I wouldn't do anything I'm so wiped out I would have no reason for living is to have half the population was wiped out in one day what's up what is the best most effective thing ever for RTX I literally had I had these two hedge fund managers always running recording what about freedom in Christ Jenna tweeting on penis penis vagina most important and I don't want anything like crazy and there's like you and like my table with ice bucket flowers Hugh Dugan how to get back to being late for 2 hours did this to yourself YouTube Twitter 2.2 could you make a face look like someone else this paste if you have that tattooed on your face their face chat to no one a picture of you though because it would be creepy it was just like when you Contour your face Premiere comic San red and really good thing is fixed one the crew were like and why are still working or what is the more famous people celebrities have accounts to the actual update on Twitter but none of Twitter is pretentious and douchey really I feel everything okay Facebook I don't use my Facebook read this louder or softer II cargo cover running through the 6 are you saying you're saying that Twitter is the pretend to like Instagram account on Twitter do shit how an application process Twitter the Twitter verification process we know people that we've interacted with a lot of people in the video game industry Twitter what does that mean means that this person is this account but that's what that means but apparently it does look up a lot of articles on it and we can leave some of them the link down but apparently that verification process is tied into how much advertising you do and like I said business is no longer advertise on Twitter unverified wow that's terrific a shin that certification there saying like if somebody goes from verified to understand that means that they're not who they say they are Torsten I think that Twitter has every right to try to monetize and they do and everyone used as a valuable service at the cultural Consciousness absolutely they should be able to monetize that seems like a weird weird weird proprietary how much is a her they were just going to leave black marks in the name but I don't know it's like it legal to tell your Twitter account permission from Twitter to sell your account really buying those kinds of things some people like I can't buying if somebody had just like that that would be great or I will just read that earlier but I wanted an Xbox Live gamertag that be great but the dude who owns Burnie Burnie Burns Xbox Live and the guy who owns Xbox Live gamertag on Xbox One internet Gavin Tokyo from where is my name in Italian it is really okay that he's Joel acne why we all have like fake names on internet the first thing you do hear anything from that thing in the crate in your mind when you're first getting the internet as a young kid like don't give your real name Jenny Jenny really think everyone else changed what is Joey from Friends like your fucking friend Joel I feel like I'm at the real Joel Iowa beers cool Joel activities that you actually got back together Pax Goode Gavin an Instagram video saying I might put up a 15 second video of my time I know right I'm not going into a social media new one that comes out is really one of the best decisions like it so much easier to not start than it is to stop doing one of those things I really like doing or not doing much better probably if we don't really fight over a million followers at this point what are the counselors on for that was unfair to the millions of people are not real it's a cultural significance of getting rich create a Gateway where you have to pay money to them or let them know that everything with the philosophy that lets make a service that's free for everyone and in the people who get a monetary benefit from the service like a company like ours does for marketing purposes I could argue that the impact of Twitter on something like that that those businesses should pay more than like that every individual person like that for everybody because they actually get a value from it where does the average person Twitter value from it and they're there for the commodity of like their attention span is anyone really making any real judgments based on the verification that I mean it who play right middle management people somewhere in an hour I got somebody can you look up on the Twitter on there by any chance Gavin look at your speed and should be one of the top one how do I do it for me world women how to calibrate my profile how do I sit on the computer Gavin Free 22 secret ability to be able to look like women hey this is the website Burnie Burnie you might have been too little how to fall down next to it is Gavin photoshopped into horribly Photoshop in New Road Warrior Mad Max really no contact 840 an old beat-up and let him sit over saying that seriously when you get and then you get con and now he and I needn't trouble you don't know some things I've discovered in the last 6 months is StreetPass in them and they just upgraded this you guys talked about on the podcast in your life how to cook something and really don't understand it is no good except for a convention and it's where on the DX when you pass people and everyone talked about this and collect them we talked about the patch and they just talked about this on the line what is the benefit of doing that is just like you meet people and you store them in your room like 5000 people other people it's all the means that you've ever collected any flight armies of Maine Medical Warrior world its Army but they had it on the iPhone it would be in your past people on the bus and you click the profile and it was a Facebook style site and it was a location-based type of social no it would be enormous because it's not many people are willing to carry wrapped no no Wi-fi has to be on and it'll pick up and we'll trade it and like it like because Ashley doesn't all the time I think a person like levels of her character the more you past the people and collect them it doesn't you can take at the end of the day all you're doing is like all these Shenanigans so that you can unlock puzzles and get a new hat but apparently cat accessories that's like Animal Crossing new Leaf game hours at a time you can make a CD of the house a little bit better the whole purpose of that game nothing you know what is the most successful cake currently let you know how sometimes online u.s. dollar no online for a while it might have been the most successful fake currency completely RvB Eve online the currency that they have in there which is basically Goode game time converted to real dollars and then there is a member Second Life Joel was a big run on Second Life 2005 real estate in Second Life with spelling for an enormous amount of money it was limited like a damn thing by the way to be completely irrelevant in three years because of the game hey which is the money in the thing it was some battle or somebody screwed up and 3000 players got called into one battle and they all fought in the destruction of the ship $25,000 worth of ships were destroyed in one battle in u.s. currency it was less than 717 billion which is $25,000 of real money Goode Company is it supposed to think it's like 3000 people no to me but if you do the math on that 3000 people everyone has like everyone should be a spokesperson you know if you always worrying about that an actual state of the United States and you're always worried about like levels and stuff like that everyday stress it can be stressful but your money right that's what you have to look at there was a time where you didn't have to look at you have to look it up the money that bad is that bad news about your Dad could have 100 guaranteed to get the value it's just the only question is how fast and how much is it going to get today distance from one currency to go down it goes down against the relative value of other currencies at this point was going to take off the dollar and the Euro has problems inclined to pick the Euro or the pound gold nugget found them an account there micropoint $2 to dollars no because they want to increase the price of stuff all the sudden 20 bucks get you a thousand likes the point that 1600 people go crazy about it you think I don't know the price of stuff without it being there $2 no $80 when you want no Gavin I'm so sorry I was looking to how much how much money is 1600.16 Microsoft points 4999 1580 Pickett equipment $20 increase the amount of money they make 25 of 1600. people use the prices in the computer I think I fixed it an actual value to UK currency does no point in doing it because one of the shoes that came out point because you would like to get the pie An Inconvenient increment right they don't match up with everything else so you look at all the Xbox Live users or anybody in those systems that have Point everyone's got a few points in their account and just be like I don't like gift cards with the money you can do it was like that was always the arcade game Xbox One have to wait there for me I'm just going to buy a new system Heatherstone cake recipe single player games like GTA I'm in a plane to get out of there but it's like if you're looking to get into a relationship with somebody who plays video games then it is awesome but it's only like to come down there I mean I mean Joel will see you that would like to talk to you about what happened last week I'm glad that up forever and you're a terrible person because you gave up Jenna Jack and for sale and that's going to go forward and that and it was going to happen next is