#228 - RT Podcast

RT does it down under from PAX Australia

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-228

Recorded: 2013-07-23 21:49:15

Runtime: 00:46:41 (2801.01 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Jack Pattillo


Transcript (in progress):

this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to you by GoDaddy.com GoDaddy is here to help you get your website off the ground Penny 199 GoDaddy.com and use the promo code rooster that's GoDaddy.com and perimeter code rooster some limitations apply see website for details that's all I want to say thank you everyone for showing up geriatric pharmacist Australian we've been coming here for nine years so thank you for joining us smile for me I feel like I've been to Melbourne many many times I look at is actually my first trip here really even though I feel like Australian open during part of the pan when she's at the Panorama thing you can do and Photoshop mr. Burns urine and we are off make sure you are Jack Gus Jack just want to point that out there what are my sweetheart by the way to tell you doing today we were going to get mad at each other your reply so I tried for months to get you assholes to coordinate your flight and hotel with me no reply you better I gave up and I just forwarded you my itinerary but the day before RTX as removing in Burnie text texting me asking about hotel information conversation Gus Was preparing for our convention in Austin RTX was our 3rd annual RTX he's there running the whole thing he's trying to fill an entire convention center and I decided that the point when I started messaging him asking him about Australian and I said hey and I said have you already booked your no reply for like 2 or 3 minutes and then nevermind you're busy I'll just go fuck off the way you could see pressure sensitivity like how tightly I was grabbing the phone as I was deny the call but then you can also like to swipe up and deny it with reasons like you can send it the first thing I didn't take your call for this reason messages on my phone that I didn't take your call because you because obvious reasons so it's not coordinating all of the company that handles all of our distribution down here so after we finish all of that I go down to get the taxi and like take me to the Hilton or whatever you like to do the hotel and then he's like where is that the first bed is it here what is a dividend you mean this hotel this is how you say dude but he's trying to offset the fact you couldn't find a hotel on me because I said the hotel name right actually it was your fault taxi drivers until I actually get taxi in Melbourne taxi drivers I've ever experienced in the drink Aussie drink what happen with that we have the pictures for as I guess what we just we should just go to a bar and drink an energy drink with dinner works when I sent Richard he works it works awesome anytime and I just wrote back what does that mean trying and then that was and he was will you be all right on the way on the way here flying out of Austin text you I got really fucked up flights Austin to San Francisco because it turned out it was faster than flight Austin to LA to Melbourne there's no fucking way / La Costa Austin to San Francisco flight I run into someone from Sydney who have been true that RTX and returning home you want to stop in the Sydney airport and transferred from Melbourne AR RTX coming back I will say I know and I know my flight this time working at the airport coming I was going from City to and I walked out the transfer area Washington quick survey I have been unfortunately been to almost every single iteration of packs but I had to miss one of the packs primes one year for a family thing Gus has wow okay I guess I did too I'm going to Adelaide 07 alright so Michael might want to know did everyone get it was good Sprint sign up alright we jump right in the questions with Burnie hey Joel Cepeda and about so I would take 4 hours anyway so yeah a good day Fit Elizabeth on the bar do you mean your majesty Michael all the way to RTX next year to get your retribution you're going to be too late I just want to point out for 2 weeks and your house to somebody else who also happens to know that's all I'm going to say I'm just now realizing this Jack has arcade Ahri put Brandon into a alcohol induced coma is right now is that we have so many different Productions that no one production is kind of like the centerpiece for the company bigger feature films and so we now have an opportunity to do more things like that hopefully we'll be able to talk more Barry Simpson website that I found out about Penny Arcade what would you say would be the most important lesson that you pod there's no problem right this and you really like him probably because you said yes and just keep rolling and that's kind of the philosophy behind Rooster Teeth don't stop and don't I think it's always your hotel room door don't leave the key to your house for the personal hahaha Alan no one has questioned security Penny the head writer of Red vs. blue 11 yep I'm heading over to someone else gun scope miles Luna is writing season 11 was in season 7 I hired a young John hot in the company but then also charging where that was no just happen Jack or should I say now recharge and wrap up some storylines it seems like a perfect time to do it and we have shows like it just seems like a great time to do it so well it is hard he's definitely the best Man 4 nice thanks Ron Weasley been watching all of them again it's much more so much more directions well I just want to do that is the word to everyone we have been trying to find if you guys know arcade we've been trying to find like basing a person like Robert to and that Alan has been somebody that we've added in the last year who is going out and found a great opportunity to increase our budgets increase our production value in all that so I can say that the plans we have for emergencies and to and Gauntlet season 2 of huge welcome for going with season 2 4 changing the format of the show I think we talked about a little but there's going to be one team from the community of YouTube celebrities Freddie Wong is one of people that's going to be in one of those letters ready FS 4 episode 1 orb news episode from emergency come out the race car one example of increasing scale and capability that episode and we did have immersion like on the schedule but then all of a sudden funniest things that everything is all I have to say thank you came up with this question when I was at the great convention you'd like to do it and I hope you can enjoy an event like this without just being swarmed by the fans all the time the difference is we enjoy events like this differently than you enjoy events like this you know we enjoyed meeting everyone and sitting down and actually putting faces to the anonymous posters on the internet and that's fun for me so that's what that's what we enjoy about it I wish I could C++ past this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to you by GoDaddy.com GoDaddy is here to help you get your website off the ground Penny 19293 Main and use the promo code rooster that's GoDaddy.com and perimeter through stuff some limitations apply see website for details the shortcut right as we were flying down here so I think they're still collecting all the data trying to figure that out? And did really well with everybody where on your bod call a bod pod and we we all set and it and it just please who won the state capital and you get in it and the pressure Rises and shoot Air at you and it measures how much body fat you have so I could we do it at the beginning of our checks and then to analyze and the winner is and I put on a silver like shrimp taxi cab in your hair and then you get down and she's and tightness like pod and shut the door in the Pod closed over the top exactly in a closet closet closet images uncomfortable Continental hey guys I just want to shout out my friend saddest rally who called me and you given the choice of my extra hot which is it it wasn't asking you what you got for me I'll be your friend so I'm not your friend and I didn't answer your question because of him what do you look for in their portfolios and resumes I mean Ford hiring resume sort of process raise a great example we recognize that he was making really really awesome quality content and after about a year from doing that we start we brought him in under contract and so we were paying him to make some guides then when it came time to actually hire someone full-time we look at the community as I can make some time so and then we are looking to bring into practice the skills it is horrible I want to tear my hair out looking at it the more you do the better you get and so that's where to start making consoles like there's no excuse the way start making concert right now the price of Entry is nothing hundred bucks or so so just do it people typically ask this question they mean people that they see on camera like and she undergoes reversible voice actors podcast people crew of Ruby we do have a lot of positions that are very specialized and people you don't see but a lot of times we make the decision to hire somebody it's not so much the decision we haven't we heard of this person it's like we have to hire this person someone that we've identified like writer Monteith what can we do to make a petition for this person they would be a great fit so it's not so much that we need a position filled we go out and look for it identified somebody that's doing something awesome and find a way to make them for me the company that's typically the way to work even like Michael Michael orb Crackdown 2 distant and so actually dropped a message on YouTube and he responded and now he's working for this whole time we lost Burnie we lost Burnie I'm so relieved writer think about what you do what do kids think about it on the internet most people watch most of their content online so my kids consume so much YouTube more than television that I can speak their language and most of their parents can't say they love it sometimes whatever 4 videos with the comments at the moment but you probably don't like being nervous out there that I don't know what what other voice will do I mean we're talking about a game on the podcast is probably cuz we like it you know so listen to podcast and the passion watch it some other stuff and yeah you will be like before we did receive the 4 Dead versus blue Burnie and I are collaborating on a game review website and we gave a bad review to an Xbox game and at the end of it like a joke you know the reviewer like put it in the microwave and booze the Disco he said that was more entertaining than the game like one of the lead developers of the game emailed us like wanting honest feedback as to what was wrong so that you learn from it and it made us feel really bad because you said you had a couple of years on the positive in things we like and celebrating that thank you I was wondering I'm really drunk penny and he showed up and he can't remember where and she's awesome what in Melbourne yes I gave them talking about if you have it ready or not I don't know they're trying to show a video just talking about hi my question is whether I'm still looking for the price to put on Jack is there and you guys try to draw and has an impressive and that doesn't matter if there was a line no one gives a shit when we do interviews or we're on the Pod cat it's harder cousins live stream now or we do anything we just a person has the right to say I don't want that included like I talk about something I should have talked about 4 something happen to me that I don't want on camera and that lets people and I think in the history that somebody said I don't want the show that was made about them in so it's been hard with the live stream podcast I think because it is happening but we just got to the point where the stream is also a tiny fraction of the total reach alright trying to get Crackdown dorseyville and crack now it's about 5 I'm down to I don't know why I torture myself with this game but 8000 4 collectibles push it Eragon hear it often fucking cock sucking bitch Gmail the fit shop Jack garratt talking dog peed on me cause I hate these fucking things did you catch this fucking thing impossible possible I'd like to say that they got it you're lying kidney infection looks like an early age quit there we got him under contract the week after that his Trials HD rage quit the first one he really came out and it's been 3 years now philosophy and we talk about that kind not wanting to talk shit to people who like right into the show and stuff but the other thing on the internet R1 like rating text Mary Ellen alright actually remember back in a couple years ago Melbourne Armageddon you actually show that video to my question actually had something to do with that convention time for Retribution running princess Burnie dude have you ever tried Unlike Pluto I just recently did a video game time writer I talk about what they do in the most recently played limbo miles and I how and the way to approach things like that how do you say briefly that in the early days already you had was closed and so it was becoming a we have a gun we have achieved we have a skull how do we make those things funny and because we were limited we didn't have everything so that we couldn't do anything you know what sometimes can paralyze you if you have every possible opportunity open to you you can get paralyzed by the opportunity of that was good to look at it from there that's all you talk about I always think about the contest in your face blue is a stock exchange there schedule which is one of the reasons why I held on to that movie even was offered to be purchased for distribution or something like that schedule was the first movie ever made in college 1958 20 ton to them honey our company I was with you Jack Alan parking is a nightmare now he's your life easier I don't have to say I do not 4 the biggest change I would say Gus what are you crazy like so many different people who are so passionate about you know what they're doing and and working on things together it seems like we've been really fortunate with the people we hired that people are motivated to to work on their own and it kind of like a herd of cats always say it's like no one's really pushing them but everyone is kind of moving in the on the road in that same direction which is Route 66 Mana kind of blew up after that but then we had 3 people in six months I thought we were going way too fast slow down it's been down here Michael 10 questions each to be ready to ask the number one 4 wireless right right left left left Burnie what's your favorite community fit Community Alan will you guys have a great did you get to keep the Giants have of him yet again with anyone Michael the restroom next week and then they fight later this year we should be today Star-Crossed coming out Jack in Utica next week and then days later this year will be today Star-Crossed coming out Jack can you give me next week and then they fight later this year will you be today Star-Crossed coming out Jack can you play DVD next week and then they fight with this year we should be today stuff coming out Jack can you play Can energy Mana School rhythm game was he did not find it what do you hate about you favorite freelancer it is amazing neither one of us before we started making Red vs. blue and for which he started really is amazing. That was our fifth and sixth trip down to Australia to come see all of you you guys are always so welcoming and so awesome we couldn't be prouder the first PacSun Australian hope this event continues to run 4 years and decades