#229 - RT Podcast

RT discusses the fall of Fez 2 and grouchy gamers

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-229

Recorded: 2013-07-30 22:16:11

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Ben King




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this episode of The Roosters podcasts from iPhone and the flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is a preschool about new traffic design increased focus on mental drive for our listeners get up to 10% off and use promo code roosters.com / gaming that's boat and a nike.com /games absolute podcast is also brought to you by huluplus huluplus let you Ben John thousands of his shows anytime anywhere on your TV PC smartphone or tablet support this podcast to get an extended free trial of huluplus when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth that's huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth JJ beer The Intruders the monitors that work the weekend RT right now the Christmas Brandon candle in the on the British person that you really like are you at all worried Brandon that sitting here Chris is in the II directing that if she does a better job than you that we will think your CD is ready so I can tell her everything Cory went down at his desk and getting him ready to direct the show and I don't know something I just fingernail YouTube death Georgia death row Mac still grow the apartment it was a little thing that they can open up in a tiny little finger nail trimming normal no big deal on the human body fingernails grow so I got you something that my wife is kind of gross I want to get your feedback on it on my phone how do you know you like II like I have to work RT so here's my disgusting you pull the loose skin off of your feet right would you eat RT red wine RT Twitter do you let your dog II what about that thing red hearts your feet fall off I don't think I have a blister that made like some loose skin will you do it to go to the vet and it sound like we're human and his stomach to know anything about it I didn't do it HSS 2 the dogs great quality dont war on II can obviously just resting I had a weird like a line etiquette line that I'm not sure I go one way the other and they both seem equally is disgusting we were in Australia last week and we were doing a signing at Pax Australia and gum at you like a photo and there's gum in your mouth that I was hanging out and I went to go throw away my gum really quickly quickly how do you throw away gum in the trash can in the trash can or do you pick them out of your mouth and throat are you doing can having your mouth the gum in the trash can and then I'm going to run into people that up and I'm thinking that I just didn't pick it up but I couldn't because my hands were not sick but you don't Instagram fluid going around that's not what you want in life a brochure for you to put money music grosser a word level anything into the trash can which is dirty would you put in a plastic bag look up here etiquette dont Brandon I just got back from Australia and I was talking about the podcast Ben on a live broadcast Monday night July 1st for week but you will have to let you return you're like promoting II know I was over there breathing Gavin Barber NJ Hot Seat over there everyone has something they like about the podcast if you like pretty people on the green screen again during the past Brandon video game footage Quebec II have something on my face talking about the video I'm like I'll take it no you stop it dont YouTube start talking now we're on set and you're talking I want you to talk I got your piece of work and working out so we were out at Australian we had a group of people go out to San Diego Comic-Con last week I think they're kuchera plus the fact they had last year they said they couldn't get another date for the city of Melbourne but I don't know if you remember but we're going to put our people were tending probably not attending people show up the dot anything dont Amazon application with underwear like this the projected to be the worst thing in the world now that we know how to do it registered I go to ww.com MTA chicken like an extension in a car like a race car Ben anything incorrect idea American registry law Pizza II did they were ready for the dot XXX extension for pornography should not be rejected porn and not like an England porn filter can be on by the phone and I can talk about that what the hell is that American TV like everything apparently social networking site will be blocked by default what is the prime minister's home you want read Internet working it out porn for the most widely-used I get Wikipedia to bring it people doing the internet that's true isn't it humankind if we have all the time Facebook the whole website thing Steven Tyler country freaking out about that you don't notice anything strange any more we had a thing where it was revealed that the government it's on it every fucking day and every conversation that came up and what sorry actually I can't I can't stats Universal bill in Texas there's always the censorship bills in the US for the internet like this but things like that and it never works now I don't know how the hell they want to do it says Prime Minister David Cameron 22 children pornographic content on the internet and a cracking down on so-called extreme pornography II definition I love him to death I don't see what we make everything about kids why is every single thing about how much I like you think of the children anything around like why should I have access to in my quality of life affected by your stupid kid bully gets up anything it's up there and they say like hey we have to have these measures to block porn because children are watching porn all the time and we have to block it fish than I was and my kids are watching porn what porn 24 hours and I don't know you can't do this you're going to watch something every all porn sites hundred dot XXX then you can block it in your house you can make a decision annexation go to act like that if they're going to get what are you say they have to write for adults gum like adults the cover huluplus will you stay with ratings on stuff as long as you know people have individual choice of whether or not they want to do an adult will do pretty much whatever you want you know I'm sure there should be a random number II like there's actually one time I worked with a company that they were making filtering software perks to use in the house for kids and like there's more that was on the internet will the TV station you and I used to work at I think it's a transvestite website that comes up Gus would a transexual website as pornographic just because it's a transexual what I'm saying in that case I would do it to help me do my job faster if I could do my search and exclude that domain is that only for images decimeter dot XXXI hardcore penetrative sex that we're going to dot XXX dot you do if someone if someone had a death a transsexual lifestyle home page so there are people who say that has to go in pornography I'm sure there's some people in the country who would say this is a like homosexual dating site that has to go on the dot I think that's cuz I want to block it for my kids and then that kind of stuff to go in there that's exactly how other people the lines of what is or is not be there in about by a famous Congressman the definition of pornography you know it when you see it like that has been around forever just in different media whether it was magazines or Gmail Phil Moore on the front page I'm like good on you that's awesome that's fantastic people who say children or something like that article read the pornographic things like what they would call an ethical Thing lyrics in the dot the I see that that should fall under the central on what you have now we have a problem with that it's unethical dont bring pornography into it they just say that's wrong there's a lot of people in the world the term pornography II mean sexually offensive to me I think that's what they use it for like they don't like that stuff that has no right being with his porn article Teairra Mari 2014 what's a big thing Healthcare block any further government funding in order to try to get ObamaCare defunded the grand old party go take away like the lifestyle sexual content out of it anytime you have a thing we determine what is needed or what is not needed this I mean it's a constant battle to find the right now in Texas with a massive Nationwide by focus on birth control which was we thought we had kind of read 30 years ago I'm not talking about ocean it's okay 96 I'm so disappointed no that is caring up information to leave the room trying to walk away 2013 I was thinking Instagram thing saying the article using Instagram yes I dont read load in the ass Gus I have Instagram now for one reason for the perfect perfect use for Instagram I think I've added two pictures in the I know just take Instagram stats I just took it Instagram what's Mac why you fucking gaming Mac logo showing that it works I used to play up on the line all the time and I was like I bring him out in a few weeks like in order for Mavericks next door we had an event to by the start of the event what do you line the way better name porn ever no it's like a place in California I think everything is going 2 California teams for the next change of time video Payday the reason we want to switch my address to Mavericks to the long-standing network file share bug that we've been having to deal with for years like the immediately YouTube what the least amount of video in the gum you do at a video you have a lot of side projects yourself they do for short films and all that we can use the song from Wild Things drive time not going to have to look at Twitter the basically just annoy the shit Outta Gus I now feel like I have to keep that going and I really don't want to that's open now you like your hair that's what the last number I had to get people 2 McDonald working right I should be more fickle I can't believe I can't believe a teenager trying to give me life advice Ben your life to where you have a Facebook right you have a Twitter account Instagram Vine that you can find 5 minutes up with all of that stuff prevent you from making other content could you just like that so I was feeding only Vine Littleton up I'm getting stupider read music Ben and nobody was going to do people make half we need to Vine WhatsApp I don't want to fight with you revine thing not a word that people know anything okay so it's the same send it to your phone instead on what is on what you do when you go to the Vine going to my class right now but I mean like city of video there's something there's no reason for stats the scariest one to me is that every single minute on YouTube a hundred hours of footage are uploaded every single video on YouTube for days behind every minute you try to do that that's what you want nobody to know things like Facebook and put it on YouTube videos are not let's plays they're just people doing nothing everyday life Instagram Vine is looking to fill that void 52 much might be okay but stupid will never experience you know that the inflight Wi-Fi service on American Airlines GoGo anything you need me to get like 20 minutes tops well I'm flying above I'm not at 3 million while just broke through play for like an hour what is 10 million he got read car drive in your shirt MSU miles and I prayed to on the right up stairs and at 7:47 for the first time ever I never realized anything at the front of that point you're just being like sky on the ground that played on the ground what was the fish on what happened with the San Francisco television stations 95 minutes overtime 5 minutes and really making yourself unemployable for life I mean this kid what did you personally theater at the NTSB the local Fox affiliate call to verify the pilot the pilots names he made up fish names like something law 90 Fox affiliate read it as music from the NTSB but the internet just read the names up because I guess it was his last day the plain kind of person that is going to porn job that I had to do that and then post about it like it's funny on read any employer from this point on I'm assuming if you work at the NTSB he wants a job either civil service or an aviation I'm assuming he's not going to be your not going anymore but we're not talking about this and apparently they're not legal nearest dot legal for employer to look at your personal Facebook and make decisions based on that ask for your password never pregnant. Never gum testing but are getting really dirty dont in the u.s. people look at people all the time there's a plugin I got for Gmail Abbey Road it's called I'll look it up and told me about it or Gmail when you click on a message it automatically look that person up on my Facebook information picture of them you're talking to II thought when am I on different anything media professionals employed look like Gmail box braids yeah I'm going to Brandon when you get like a million bucks in the bank to give you a lollipop Way Rewards work I told you nobody has a right to know jackass I told you what they did in the movie they gave the guy a God damn silver card and then what is need to do with the big fucking much that comes out and shakes it and it's like American Airlines pilot okay what happened in the movie it happened in real life million miles American gave me gold status for life which means you can make the upgrade to first class on a normal flight but if you don't have them for life for all that other stuff sounds really get over him YouTube you don't want to spend any longer than necessary but ever since they introduced fees for checked baggage not everyone carries on and I gotta get on there to get you over here how to make up lies II I was in college I needed the money that's on my face dont read the book our travel explained what happened to he's alive read the book travel through dot Exclusive by far the city's fucking job everything start America you like I just want to fly to San Jose from Austin and then it should be like okay here is your flight on the day you requested it was like I don't know that's kind of early you like fucking your own the other people in the hall and they're just dick it's a hard job but let me tell you I was bad at the job that we started traveling a bad part about living in Austin is that there are not many direct flights from Austin to Chicago but everywhere else is pretty much Gus II wish I was sitting there and I had like A3 hour layover so give me a half hour layover in downtown Mac stats about it and I said oh they're usually are shorter layover but the longer layover so that we don't ever miss our flights article right now. Traveler conversation with everyone telling you the bullshit you want a longer layover never know what you think but not as a regular thing now we both know I was hurting people watch what I want where I couldn't check in at the kiosk Homeland Security and it was really dumb things about living post 911 American Red vs Blue the first season we started selling DVDs a bank account that was started for read had nothing in it and then all those are selling DVDs and all of the sudden large growing accounts to figure out where the money was coming from so I can meet with my accountant and I had a show where every dollar was coming from like $20 a pop and it's not because a new business an internet business I just kind of got away from that discussion and I was on the snowplow watch list for like 3 years really weird problem to have any kind of problems you want to have but anyway what happened was anybody lose me and then ended up on the list as well and they could check it nobody the company with me the actor that dot that's true you got a hundred percent true that is true you did that boy have and you didn't do it I swear to God if it's not you the important thing is your friends downtown LA rejected not set foot on a plane and the plane will take off on time it's a weird curse on him and you got an appointment 2 hours every single time I've never been on a plane that was delayed until up with him and I think maybe since then I've been one or two flights have been delayed that's like stats contact is Rocky by on it and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain at the first nootropic design an increased focus and metal drivers get 10% off promo code roosters.com / gaming on it Cory longtime sponsor of the podcast big fan of their product highly recommend trying it out Burnie anything filter anything like that gum in your pills don't drink I drink one of the first remember as a kid like global news story was the time and I'll think about like taking pills but I'm going to try on it soon because other people have it right now and then talking about it dont have high fructose corn syrup in any other stuff in in Australia which I like to watch it again they got refused classification the second time this weekend it happened and what we're going to say something like up in the morning like my butt into my dream running around in my dreams getting to NYU in the forest running around Aetna solo dot like half an hour this morning up on the breakdown and I'm going crazy article on Ben White never tell YouTube I came in about an hour anyways you know that what is the Indianapolis and one day I decided I had him actually just record the sound of his life Pedro bucking Mac Crazy Love delete delete delete delete. That would be fun Facebook people like 10 years from now come outside I'm in a rush and I'm one of the top ones was the door closing sound in anything Creepypasta is that like cut and paste that are scary Creepypasta anything will cut and paste in the comments on like YouTube or whatever and there was one in particular that I read that they posted it a little bit and everyone here but obviously you turn to look up stuff that you just saw and it's not gone like a day later or 12 hours later it's like that but then when you look that stuff up on read it you don't get that stuff that's a lower rank but you know I never searched on read it I said Google search what you want and then reddit.com reddit.com reddit.com way better than anything 1102 search few things you Google what the hell is your death I got this up George the polygon if the Sydney roosters is a rugby club in Sydney and she gave me never play any sports RT 25 different than everybody else you have no clue 125-pound game ALDI weekly game in college which was called pushball and it was all the different fraternities would play it in like internet all day and you know there's a big animal rainbow balls like a 6 diameter 12 guys in there and they're down there and we line up to 100 foreigners other dudes you come running you would run up the backs of your guys and go over the top of the ball to hit the other guys off the other side who were pushing in your direction and you would literally go over the top like punching liked it and then there are these guys the pictures and they're all running full speed on the backside of the ball and grab people by there and get the ball moving and then the other people the other people there just everybody else pushball yeah it was it was only one day a year it was a very violent competition for health care benefits what is a pushball find me to remind me of conversations I have had about feeling like you're in a coma pramod read act would Retreat into a fantasy world from which they could not in capitals wake up and it's kind of kind of thing that you can look in the world just like the normal one except they weren't traumatised in that world the only way they realized they needed to wake up was a note that they found in a strange world we would tell them about their condition and tell them to wake up even though even then it would often take months until they realized they were ready to start the train in the world and please wake up anything like that it was like not living with her wake up yeah I don't know I've been told I'm like all the anything right with you I'd like to go back and watch season 1 of walking YouTube Mac was the rugby team will come out and play it was like he was always a nightmare Ben 4 guys making up up game on the tree but it's Gus and Gavin and I would have been with that I think we had so many coincidences with one another that it seemed like we were Fab in his what is that you will come America Eastern England YouTube came together music full scene in my face it's like the universe bringing the two of you together under age Gus protons like an electron looks like I'm going to park at 4 comments so many things and having said that he likes Facebook Ben anything else Ben anything else with that I really Cory nowhere weird stock is because of Gavin will have a good day I love you know people in colleges and universities in the only the piano and then at the point in time now your mom and dad on it and your grandparents will I mean I get custom privacy all the time and it's not like I have a whole group to which I like Panera Light with Twitter as well that people can call you even if you don't want them to anything button if you want to ask me a lot of times in my dreams I'll be dreaming of a normal dream and in my dream I'm struggling to breathe it's like I can't get enough air how does that work yeah you like that what will the money and hassle anything come for me to start thinking of having kids 25 number heard ya Age Death age my twenties but having fun talking about I'm talking about I don't want to be too much dont the day when you put on a farm want to go on a trip to Australian up gotta think about it Time Capsule read 2058 years on plugin machines Corolla 2003 law the Force Unleashed continuing on as you did who wrote the Bible so it sounds like you do Ellie RT 207 movie theater Brandon Lee it is my legal first name is Brandon what does that mean what is that like you're asking like a lot of people's personal you know whatever but I mean reality shows how many people change a thing what's your middle name in Indian culture and as my grandson Ben and Elliot in their name Premier always carry on my filter put in work that's cool language my name is Charles Burnie property it's not going to be anyone I don't think I'm going anymore the royal baby was when we went down to Australia because it like I would wake up early so I turned on the news and bull Sydney shooting the first time I went down there they were in the middle of debating whether or not when Engine sinking boat come down into Australian Waters if they can stick them like right away or have to give a warning anything boat sinking YouTube third island of New Guinea I think they would like some other Island and they even there Video Game High School season 2 show me the trailer for Video Game High School season II and our checks this year and then it just came out like this last week so the intern the types of all the credit because I spell my name in Dumb Way will people need to realize my name is not Burnie on my last name which is awesome because in today's modern time but the other problem the number of times that my name has been correctly name in 2000 stay that way and I guess it makes sense I guess it is not that common a lot of people who do encounter it in our audience I might be the only Burnie that they know they spelled that way but it is actually my name is misspelled because I'm making him feel bad about the fact carbon copy blind carbon copy in the olden days when there was physical copy I thought it was carbon paper to make coffee Australia part of the UK Mac in a few months when I can turn it off by the boat in the filter but like the things that blocking inside intentionally it's like American orange and I want to watch American TV not going to be able to Google keeps turning off didn't understand the End customer will be able to control it the New Movement dont read the comments of watching a region article is almost never any insight provided on our website YouTube no there real people argue with each other if you first, cuz by it's like a fish on YouTube somebody can make a comment and that can death the responses to that could you come by by at least on our video of traffic on your channel and the replies to a comment will they keep that thing going and they can like bob up and down for like an hour about the video that we did like it will it snow can I find a related video or something video electricity in US history yes there's more going on here okay let me know more about that I'm sure you tried hulu.com but I wanted to remind you about huluplus will let you watch 2002 hit shows anytime anywhere on TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet stand in line to ride a train and just stare at your feet you could be watching your favorite shows on huluplus the great way to binge watch your favorite shows got a 10 up Social Community Modern Family Red vs Blue and thousands of other shows blue huluplus the month for all those movies you can watch current shows great movie you can do it all and huluplus right now huluplus the poor couple of weeks when you go to huluplus roosters huluplus will know that you know what's War that's huluplus.com / roosters II got a ton of great TV shows you don't get that we can enjoy beer potato lately I think I Instagram that I went on huluplus by herself and I realized you never know that incredible Downtown Abbey not enough apparently they do that play a game like a kind of a store game released Abbey gaming on one screen to another flier put them back and forth anything from Xbox Live talking about how they deliver content I had that conversation but he's talking about specifically how they deliver Netflix and we talked about Hulu content as well but all that stuff is delivered over Xbox Live Hulu they have all the things that you basically if you have that determines how those files are shared across Mac and content delivery networks public information if you knew it was really origin server somewhere people downloaded it propagates out across the next EDM by crunkz delivers this content everywhere and it's the way that stuff works outside the country they don't have anything we have everything when content expires legal to have a fire in the sound goes away but as an offshoot of that then the service also kind of renews itself every now and then it's like I feel like when you find out so I don't know what wiped out and then I come back we can we can delete all the stuff on there and I can go back and watch the thing about being on social network to talk about the TV channel Fantastic Sams England England the actual Channel if I can pay the premium gaming channel Abbey everyone like the people that I put my friends I didn't think would be texting each other Sky read option probably thrown in a probably putting it on that channel and what are you upset about the dude who died on Glee annapantsu much younger I mean it's hard to feel super super bad I mean he did it to himself but it sucks knowing like I mean I don't think anyone like high school anything like being crazy in this that we the people in shining lights Abbey season Cory died and he was a nice guy you don't like him you don't know Brandon hold you I mean you don't like you need to Ben feel like I will die if I don't have food it's the same thing psychologically for these people that's why I can you do drugs if they want to get out of there Integrity Monteith alcohol alcohol have to have a drink or multiple drinks everyday the party my house up beer now by by by beer that doesn't have paper labels so that it doesn't like the labels off and I can just use the beer again at the next party or whatever that Burnie beer bottle cooler I pulled another one out I want to bring him 2 years I would have a party and I would want to see you for another II Buccaneers I have a party in on by Boost the party liquor spirithoods I buy bottles of booze like liquor and my next party and I'll go get the bottles of liquor I'll look it up in there like literally covered in dust when I'm in my house I just don't ever think to drink if it's not a thing that I do in American Pie people like that being said I feel like there's a big anything like this week will beer go to the pub in Winchester YouTube New York 10250 inside of a party at the Kodiak Club in Melbourne Red Solo Cup they tried to by by cups II I'm so on domesticated everything packed and you have paper plates I can't fucking stand it I need it mental state of one and getting you talked everyday and when you're done with the front end of that I like it's like I want to throw up that's why I don't do it everyday little lucky wake me the diction addiction therapy where's my dog on a different note I got to bring it up 711 up I hope you got enough rest I don't know about it comments earlier been independently online and it said you know if I can't live in this world of negativity and he's getting out of Gaming the moment of Fez II has been cancelled we are Burnie when he's disappointed and now it's been like an hour stats by the gaming industry of the gaming blogging industry about what is going on in Madison negativity the angry gamer say some of the stuff about project is it what is it now 2 it then I would imagine there's some kind of insurance as well like it's a problem we don't know independent independent because of credit what is it that you like to see one or more people bike reviews and Craig negativity negative cycle that is okay but not around you go to music and he just made my CC Music like Nickelback music what up how you know people can say things like the movie this year kind of similar you know these movies that are coming out this summer kind of shady and nobody would I laugh at that but if you say well the the Xbox One with that like the PS4 people be like you know they're totally different fuck you in Twitter what are the developers of Call of Duty and they had just made a modification to balance the sniper rifle in the game like to change the read boat time and the reload read chambering speed of the gun by .1 II which makes a difference when you're playing and the guys Twitter feed was like really like endless stream of fuck you I hope your family gets killed I hope you get raped on Vine remember you oh my God I just died 2 Call of Duty gaming loser fix this will come your house and chop your head off really Batman you really don't get that you don't get this like constant barrage of unbelievably negative feedback I mean criticized internationally for not living up to his potential I don't think anyone's ever said if you make another Shooter movie I'm going to fucking murder you I don't think anyone's said that Adrian game Brandon yeah let me in your life more difficult if you're playing the game so that does make more sense and if they're just like people think that's the real it's like they're pretending that they're real life Adventure II read it I thought a really great article about it and we will double check on the time you should read the comments or that you can take us to the point where sometimes I feel like my life anything entertaining content we make dozens of hours of content week now and recently there are some point in time when I read them feedback and I'm like I don't want to entertain that I don't want that person to have a better experience in life because of my work it's like I don't get it and pick something apart on a critical basted I like this stuff I thought this like in Red vs Blue this was my joke was funny that was not funny and I just think like that because an asshole but if I know that person is enjoying that content that's just the way that that person enjoys content that things are different scenario they didn't like fuck you your shitbag you shouldn't be making this stuff we should get raped or killed or your family I want to talk about is that you no longer have an anemone what is anonymity on the internet require you dont have anymore like to find out from my feet and find out who you are probably but just making a comment it is part of the anonymous the life of people constantly making noise about that II would like send me a question like people the girl might have a link to like a public profile like that ridiculous amount of people will make you 2 different argument I'm saying you can be anonymous really really really really think it's like if you could no longer be anonymous like it when you had to put a name with your name you might be surprised what people would put up will you are speaking of a control panel that you can go to that controls what you see on internet who knows your real name when you connect to the internet and then to Bastrop County Mac computer implemented for privacy Ben kuchera the Red Violin 2 sheet the bottom etiquette David Vonderhaar is director on Call of Duty Black Ops II really was announced and the game was being balanced out the DSR fire time with 2 seconds is .4 II understand Twitter the chamber time was 1.0 seconds is 1.1 II unquote he also said he didn't know if you fractured or Worse threats of violence that's not Hyperbole and in fact he's been very calm about the messages he was receiving them as you can see in this Tumblr I want to see you and I'm not going to make our game wake up to every morning this is there an interaction when the game kicked me you fucking retarded piece of shit I'm going to tie you up and rape you dont the fucking the gas Chambers like your parents did imagine I cannot imagine a movie or TV show people fucking hate to Game of Thrones George RR Martin I'm not going to watch your show again you know it's like that I don't remember hearing it I hope you fucking die will Indian I told you who it was funny video game people know that it's not real because you know that playing it on the control anything like you said people know Game of Thrones percentage of those comments that you read do you think really reflect the overall volume of interaction that people have with roosters 1.0 - 1.1 II 3 much better now question about the lot of positive stuff like granny anything or anyone on the product I'm sure it still really good but it's just a horrible comments that got it was attention and those become the focus you look at the feedback the only time anything changes Mac I get the things you change will create a negative reaction I don't think you should realistically expect people to like change cuz I just dont overall product and the overall way that people enjoy your game then the communication that they have with you I'm assuming you Ben the matter what their experience you don't think there's a lot of tumblr post of people liking the games or do you think those people complain about Call of Duty there's no one else you said they like Call of Duty to get a single message thank you for your time on this rifle complete overall experience in the gaming industry where the entertainment industry I feel like the overall feedback you get is positive it's just thinking if you can pay $300 I'm sitting here and I'm standing here are some of the guys from the article come up you know it's a lot of feedback about how much they don't like to game about being pretty and stuff like that Ben and I talked about 2 years ago and wanted to do with you and talk to you about your interaction online social interaction you would do it. I felt like where it would be 45 pages comments on something and if there's the one negative comment that one would stick with you and I think that the thing that attracted a lot of people fall into an iPhone and do it as well we're in the city of good comments like law good episode or whatever or just like something like II boosted this and I just put the code in death to be a good comment but then there's the one in the middle that's like here's why this episode of shit because it's contrary and because it would draw it out like details and point it seems more intelligent than all the other comments that are just sitting there saying they liked it but they just said bullshit that sucks whatever you say I love this episode because the reaction to the difference person in the discussion and then people respond and say this is why I like Twitter like something that you needed to feel right what you read Ben up but yeah you can you want you want to do 99.8% of the people dont leave a comment I just watched the show every week and come back War anything like Call of Duty and we can just have a great time and they get their ass kicked with a sniper rifle solo this weekend stop going to let you know that they would write that everybody remembers you know engagement that he had it would be just like by that I mean he still chose to kind of go through it just like you draw out the example and you need to remember that this is the one time it is not the 40 pages the comments because that kind of thing I guess it all depends on your personality but then it makes me wonder what is someone like Phil fish can do like what you going to go into graphic design from Dave Chappelle talking to the who's the Actors Studio James Lipton anything about the pressures of Hollywood crazy crazy Martin Lawrence run into traffic with a gun he crazy Mariah Carey you know what happened on. Crazy crazy performers hard thing to do crazy what is it about environment interaction and how much can one individual individual expected to beer from that load of you know criticism it's like they're not really criticizing the game or the company that criticizes a person that study media Communications University Ben up with the kind of like people Niagara Bank Burnie stats removing anonymity on the internet with it for purposes Gmail you need to be anonymous War you know how many article up Rising communicating like there's a lot of people in places where information is not free and I need to ask the other person will wait a minute and then ask you do you really want to probably have people really stupid things you can write an envelope I think I have it because I really don't have much of it when you talked about like America names names Ben searchable my name is and there's not a bunch of Gus sorola look it up it's going to probably be towards my dad media and like bring up like 150-200 500 hours of Gus Gus death is your name open Google image encyclopedia death metal alright well I think we're at times so we should we should go and read this up but I'm watching this week and will be back on Wednesday and next Monday with another episode of the receipt right now Gus is the man in charge of Burnie Mexican Brandon Justice Just porn jackass last number one hit