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Recorded: 2009-09-16 22:21:02

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

in Petoskey chimichanga Mexican Independence Day beer company made that up well then make it up to your computer promoting that the u.s. in the seventies try to get people to drink more beer but today the real Mexican Independence Day what did you drink more beer I think more people know about Cinco de Mayo in the US than in Mexico so I think it worked will it commemorates the battle that de Mexico war against France during the war for independence but I'm in Mexico know that because on the border between classes and stuff did you get them or Mexican history river that from here transitive and as crowds of people that have like huge like Super Mario know it looks like the hammer from fucking Halo did something to my right my turn well that's going to suck and it went off and it literally like knock you over WIC on the plane I sat next to a dude who was going over he just finished three years in Iraq and he was going back for another four years he signed another contract and this dude was like he was huge 250 of muscle and he was a Frontline grunt that's why he called himself and he's a certain kind of mentality he said he'd been hit by 2020 and talk about something else RFD which is not just exposed to devices like some kind of device to describe getting hit by an IED he said these are his words I'm sure it's not as bad as what you think you're just driving along and then suddenly you're 20 feet by the way he's a huge video game fan plays Everything plays Left 4 Dead Modern Warfare Halo plays at all he says that should do a good job of showing what it's like to hit by a flashbang and being the explosion he said after he got hit by the this how you spend the first 30 seconds coming back to reality and he said figuring out whether or not your life you don't know I'm crazy had he had a crazy story that he was a and he said no I can't drink and I said oh sorry I have uniform ready Gus know I'm white heels with the life that not many people have lived know that my wife is traveling with me in it shots that was the most shocking thing you told us everything was about the War II he was 20 was the most shocking and amazing we had some guys come by yesterday to show off their ODST Armor but they made was fucking awesome by the way Hammer 250 better than was amazing weather had to write that one hit was talking to the guy and then another after that netrition to watch Red vs Blue especially in the course they'll play Halo as well really like some of the stuff that made was spot-on fat is was a kid I remember thinking how cool would it be to have a Halloween costume that was a storm trooper armor real armor Halloween costume with a rubber band but now it seems like everybody's doing that stuff and it the was a kid and cut Sony had the ability to mold plastic in their garage where did that come from I guess it's just the proliferation of information on the internet like know you like her would have to do that let me look know that's how you do that okay you know about technology later just matter-of-fact and these guys do this it's all PVC and then we vacuum forming to that armor de melted idea to have when you from something you just hate it and then suck it right and it sucks into shape without them know anything you need to suck it into a mold 3000 first 2 months you they're absolutely the internet I think that's what all these people who have interest in a little bit yeah yeah you are know we have magic and now we have Japan launching your fucking satellite to beam power back to Earth yet awhile and power was magic Wireless power it was four kilometers across vention of electricity at Southshore wireless electricity square kilometers kilometers are 1.2 miles by 1.2 miles for kilometer challenged and is launching a project where they're going to launch it even right to call the satellite solar satellite that's going to collect energy outside of the atmosphere and then beam it down to Japan right by the power 300,000 homes using this technology and what's the cost on this project 21 billion dollars while they said that they want to have it in place by 2015 and they're going to start doing in the smaller tests should we be doing this too much seem like that's space you can make it here that's going to say something to someone else it's actually something like Africa Premera when you get the of self Gillette shave with a telescope Magic the stuff that they're doing now however if you live that you would have to pay for that service you will be able to choose not to pay and live that mean like to pay for electricity power receiver singing don't want to use that kind of power you really don't have a choice where you live your power by someone I have to have City of Austin power know how it works I don't want to go shopping around 4 parents lifetime about the technology stuff like in the sixties or maybe even the grandparents were sitting around in a room and they going I'm sure they did or like you going to be able leave a message and when you get home to put a button of people fucking talking to you I can't imagine being from that time and see what we have now I know and it's like our kids are going to talk about 2 years now and it's that Mystery Science Theater about phones in the sixties what people on hold and forwarding your number to somewhere else 50 years ago you would have hundreds if not thousands of videos of the first plane hitting just because people would be recorded at the end of the video like so much everyone would have never had a camera phone pretty much know that can do video about people and if if if II Play It Again know you would have 2002 videos of that exact moment if you think that's some weird 360 degree bullet-time of you and I could have 3D referring that you would have video from inside the plane the plane the plane never felt like a firefighter to 2 French Brothers doing this documentary about was great documentary and already collapsed they were underneath like in the basement and like it's like they are you coming down around them and they made it out some people just like the buildings collapsing around and there's like a thousand people just looking at it and it's like some people even running 314 was II just I think it's last lesson of the day at school is it was the afternoon for us it's like 3 3 p.m. and I didn't actually know what the Twin Towers what time as I said something something happen an American we got him like I did when I was young and I didn't know about this stuff and I didn't do about Princess Diana until she was dead understand at this point in my life and I know this is a big deal to me I was actually at some point we were going to get hit like that all of East and West Germany is from Germany and she has crazy stories about when the wall fell and people started to come over and she was like she worked with a girl who ended up in the job at a hospital or shorts would never seen a banana before and didn't know what it was really was just like I don't know what the fuck that just by coincidence and Circumstance a person could miss a major event the world like you didn't watch TV that day and you just happen to walk out of the room every time someone started talking about it not 11th about example cuz it went on for like 2 months but like what if you missed like I can't even come up with it cuz I don't know like what if you miss one of the pyramids fell down or something like that in Egypt and you just didn't learn that you know that didn't happen I'm just in a coma for a week did you find out about years later it's nothing like the example you said you had a couple years ago that's when Apple announced they were did you power PC processors in favor Intel processors like me enough that we feel that time I was gone when I came back and I heard about it like you were talking about 2 months later what are you talking about was referring stuff had been in hiding hammer and I didn't realize the war ended yet there was a couple of guys on a small island off the Philippines three Japanese guys who are in the military and they were still there as recently as the early nineties and they still talk to war was going on and then over time to them and I just an old man who was still like raiding Villages and like stealing pigs to keep himself alive out in the jungle and they keep people try to talk to him the war was over he wouldn't believe it he was told to stay there and defend to the had to get his old commanding officer who is no longer in the military is like some schoolteacher that is of any officer to put on his old uniform again and come out to the island to tell him to finally stop last 50 years and living in the jungle and killing people wow the store for them and that man invented the solar Space Station what the fuck is Newk's what would have to return to Japan today when you left it in 1940 like it would be like such a huge jump in the future I mean you're leaving like it's like putting a satellite in space next week to power down to as what satellite what the fuck is Hello Kitty an anime the Blade Runner but he wouldn't what's a science fiction movie from that time period like The Day the Earth Stood Still like that kind of level of Science Fiction right frame of reference that's actually not far from here blue an of the tower that's weird I thought the UT Tower and I thought it was like a little Cinco pain an interview University from the time so it was a good 20 minutes or something control are you thinking you would that's A3 hour drive from where we live in Austin but if someone was there from St.Louis how would you get home then shut down airline travel for four days here I mean to go there I just gotta figure how to get back to Texas for de was America like nothing nothing that was going to happen it also kill the internet problems highways are designed to get people around but everyone wants use the highway at once it's not going to fucking work telephone network is definitely that way from 3G to as installing more circuits to handle traffic when there's a major convention 3GS my phone work but they didn't work because it was connected but I wouldn't get anything then let you know once every hour and a half or so I get a bunch of Ames by the Numbers 467 and I think maybe I didn't adequately convey the question that Geoff as a ruler kids talk about technology wise that will confuse us it'll be Scribblenauts yeah because I don't understand how that game works at all and I couldn't stop him if I could not stop the game get from here to here or ended up here so like let's say the stars in a tree you like oh well I'll get an axle cut the tree down yeah I got star or I'll drop a lumberjack down the hill cut the tree down or let's put a woodpecker on the tree and he'll knock to treat a bully and a bully came up and started beating me up and then I typed in milk money and my character pick up the money and what and gave it to the bully in the bully with him alone for a few minutes and the police try to beat him up again so I put it in quick sand put down just to run and things to put on an honest and a sled and he immediately went over to the sled set fire to it and then go in it this video demo was for someone had God fight Cthulhu Muhammad to seek is that a band original to get a Lunchable for making is that it's not a who did this in trouble from who when you do that Danish cartoonist who got murdered under the filmmaker some individual individual that might seem backwards but what is what is 400 years in to 1402 round images of Jesus Christ you can be thrown in jail or not so then I took the cross and I got crossed in the vampire right away and then I tried the same thing that I tried to take and my guy stabbed them and then I tried garlic and he takes the vampire with garlic II have like foul language of know proper names know obscene words and then nothing copyrighted II know why I do that because I show the internet to a guy one time in the Army this is in the same 95 or 1994 and 85 this California surfer dude you wouldn't leave him in a room with your girlfriend for 2 minutes because somehow he would know he have his hands on those guys and I showed him the other girl we're doing something on the Internet and look at anything you want here and newspaper the first thing to do ever touched on the internet the first thing you type to tighten sloppy pussy this the greatest thing I've ever seen in the middle this is just like an old man had something in my head you what their first search was like what was the first thing you typed in remembrance lyrics Misfits lyrics what I can imagine the first time I started using a web browser search engines was so I was trying to download a research paper about 4 miles Last Theorem will take it easy today I'm pretty sure that's Play It Again coffee maniac Alesis was history which I heard before y women are in the Infantry was why would your ex try what do you think what is the main rule is why they're not even sure why they don't fight because of like stuff people being distracted because he said the main reason is that the mindset of the infantrymen they won't leave a woman then if they get shot down during an operation that they will just finish the mission an old idea but that they won't be able to leave a Wounded Woman and then in the mission for the Wonder Woman they have these physical properties was nothing II think as he said he was like during his army through an armbar fucking macho boys club in the military you know to be a woman It's gotta be really tough they have that they got a fucking represent Peter DeLuca 10 seconds know if you have a moment that you're right we're sorry give you know we're totally wrong here okay this conversation for the past week and there's something right there to hold your hand would you to get a place where you make out with someone and you're not going to have said if you don't expect to have sex right like this evening of making out as just a normal or like what you like he waited on the base system was talking about that's appropriate on a date with a girl spend in a car and making out for like 2 hours and then drop them off at home dating this new girl and we went if someone in your Twenties that definitely sometime in the twenties like to post college right like 2324 to 3:20 dating but you like like like weird things like I was making her top off and then she went home you're not you're 90% of the way there does college had for me to make out pain is coming off Alabama know where your teeth fall out when you pass Candy what talk about from II Oregon and brought back and I took a bite and it sounded weird ended give it to me like what you look like I need to turn on children is like slice of the top of his tooth for a tooth it was like one of the best Monday morning go to the dentist and I have been was 1400 $1,400 piece of temporary crown and so I got to go back in 3 weeks so we can take that out which I'm sure is going to be fun cause blood in my mouth and then get a new Crown put in the terminal and did they numb you oh yeah and I'm the shit out of me some kind of smart guy they come in and they give you the shot which is not fun but whatever you get the shot and they say it will take 7 or 8 minutes and come back and tell me if your if your lip feels heavy no matter how you look films had to tell them no because they'll give you another shot and you'll be known as a motherfucker because otherwise just feel it no matter how long you think you are from the first shot you're feeling always lie and tell him it's just like I was like really tall is it supposed to feel tingly I can feel my face for a day and a half but there was Zero pain and to make it to give me a crown they have to and they have to shore up the sides and make the sides fucking skinny II had some nonsense going on your mouth you don't want to feel that sponge in to kill cavities ready to go to this is not fun fat is not the definition of II saw that just sucked the Tokyo II thought it was nothing like crack in it just got pulled off like the top of a hard-boiled egg by step by step II in this was gross was writing the check that's not that was supposed to be particularly sticky like a Jolly Rancher this point which I think I don't need them anymore but when I was a kid and I'm never going to be able to open my mouth again this is my life from now on it what is that what's wrong with you airplane Wings on your teeth back together Harder Than You II hey I see something you on your desk over there Geoff looking at my PlayStation slim about me a PS3 Slim that I did so much for me I went out bought you a PS3 slim and then I came back and set it up while you were at lunch and Gus what you want the most miserable he walked inside the PS3 on his desk was like fuck is this shit first of the refuse to fix my laptop was awesome then as a reward after taking him to get his fix we go out to the parking lot and my tire got blown so I had to buy 2 new tires I spent like an hour and a half at the fucking Discount Tire I was just in a horrible horrible horrible mood it was know you an inconvenience by the space that it was time that you had know it's a put your PS3 diculous and I I'm very happy I'm super appreciative I want it left my about Infamous the first perfect first party PS3 game I purchase had a chance to play it yet but I'm looking for to know that after this last night he didn't make it up to me though and I'm kind of running with myself to is that in the comments for the drunk tank after that all we ever do is talk about Xbox 360 and of course then like Japanese and throwing up to you but I want to go out and buy a PS3 does it this new slim with school so I went out bought it and I'm doing a thing where I'm trying to only play my 3D TV PS3 for the next 30 days and I could just kind of started this but about a week and a half ago seeing what life is like as a kid that is retarded and you're going to miss Left 4 Dead DLC and you're going to miss idea yeah that's a big time I get an achievement idea stay I'm going to show you commercials know if you know giving myself an advantage there but it's going to be so hard when everyone else who has it yeah well don't worry I'll be playing fat princess was a great game I'll bring you Metal Gear Solid 4 I got that and whenever you're done with Uncharted or Killzone to I'd like to and then I just bought Uncharted because Uncharted 2 is coming out what's on the horizon other than the Uncharted 2 what what what is what is there to be excited about us and I went out and bought Uncharted just to get ready for it and then played Uncharted and I can't say that is Tomb Raider the game I mean it's just like you know what your tutorial war of an Incan Temple and I'm learning to jump and grab Ledges and then scoot along Ledges and fire my gun which is weird to the church Idaho voice acting stands out in a video game we have a PS3 game The Office Brandon and he had to go out and do what I did he had to go and buy an Xbox 360 360 and and he asked me did you like the voice acting I really do like the voice acting in Uncharted really well but it really is Tomb Raider Lara Croft I mean it's way it feels to me look at the test so it's kind of hard to get excited about the upcoming holiday season when Uncharted 2 as your main title it would be like your father biggest turtle coming out was Saints Row 2 as well yeah it's a great game it's a clone and we don't know what to do but it's hard to make that difference like Saints Row does not give a shit it knows it's and it will milk this is it the same way Uncharted know it's just a clone of II might always trying to be something else was going to have co-op with people competing completing side missions and doing stuff to achieve a common goal so we should try that out without what do you think about know some stuff that I just have grown used to it yet the titles I clearly am not going by Modern Warfare 2 for it right now. Your stuff is cross-platform this because I would prefer to play 360 I really like your dashboard system I like you I was you showed me a lot of stuff in the day I really like the fact that you have like an overall gamer level trophies that's pretty cool that's something to 361 corporate of the Rocks War we have but it's cool to see that like your own level for a gamer and I personally am not a fan of that crust menu bar you're talking about that's just about anywhere I think it's overly complicated but you just long enough to wait to play in 69 it was full screen full by 3 playback error or something I don't really play that we played on the Xbox know what 5 yeah we did an awesome long shots in it the brain ended up with like 10 minute take with blood went on the on the lens and they slowly digitally remove to as the tape went on and you don't even really feel like there is a black like that children know I didn't the action stuff is great like when there's like one into the street and try to get into that building and there's a gunfight going on from the scene it was very well dodging bullets and jumping behind cause it's for like 8 minutes and then he walked into a building as a guy would like I think it's missing his legs or something slight long ago like you hear action and then in 8 minutes you have to start you did not want to be the person to mess up one of you would be you would be fired without a second thought fly up and kick your Hammer English English know me I've been teaching Japanese the other times there is around England like you're from Liverpool or Scouts as Commander about me or if you're Jodi spawn I just like to know that congratulations you ended getting award everyone absolutely sloppy explanations about anything butchering a history War II gas what Clive Ellen's from them I'm going to bring England England genius by now I'm guessing he was from eling eling from as a suffix Philippines that just recently had a big stolen from PlayStation 3 I actually think I like better than 360 I like the dashboard better because I tend to be playing games when I hit the dashboard and it comes up a lot faster and it's your full dashboard in the game I think that's pretty cool you have to quit of your game together do anything that doesn't kill you what you want to do this about the whole thing and then you try to show me pain like an arcade game with the 405 you download Annoying because you play all your downloaded games but game it was 300 Mag solid there were five of them it took us about an hour and a half to play that game an hour-and-a-half of downloading and installing what what the fuck is 1.7 gigs of downloads 2 player and then once you got into that game it was pain by axe it's a good sponsor game kinda like the Doritos game is on Xbox video game is free even has a character who's holding a can of Axe in his hand and what are the trophies is associated with spray yourself with axe in flight tickets out of a slingshot and breakdown space it is a fun game that's definitely more than fat best game ever is not worth the time to download it piece of shit to do in Mass Effect know pretty much I'm really trying to had before I started doing this experiment I was trying to really get theorem as if I can play it and it's just really hard I had problems but let me be clear about this experiment that I'm doing I'm not doing this to try to show how the 360 is a better phone so I'm really trying to go through this and make this my main console and see what you think it is to pay for everything else there's a problem with the first level and there's 5 other levels are for the levels that you can choose but they also by me and you already paid 99 + 21 + 2 + 45 + 24 bucks to get the beginning the first place 55 and you don't have to by the characters but you do if you want to get the trophy assigned 2 character radio cost money and it takes away your finished games when they put a DLC for it man I guess but I don't like the idea of a whole like build your own version of the game based on what you want I think that's not a bad what by the time not really if you had to by every level of of easy have you PSN games that are like that argues that ala carte model know that and so you still download the 1.0 version then you update the 1.13 update to them and it's like all the way over whenever was that process like an hour and a half that was kind of my living room set up a Playstation out of storage pain princess is very cool multiplayer cracked I need to translate just take your princess back from the other castles like Capture the Flag but the flag is a princess who may or may not be fat fat was hard to flower plated and it's like where the 360 seems to be leaning towards cute shirt with avatars and stuff towards the as you know II mean like that Japanese odd stuff like a game all about flowers or if you know Katamari would be like on the borderline of cute stuff Noby know I have downloaded it yet so I'm keeping an open mind Lego the controller's we hit the PS3 button it brings up a menu that you would expect like turn off the system turn off the console or turn off the controller and it has more options were reassigned the controller what your plan is for your to you can reassign It 2 player one that's really cool I'd love to see that I'm being annoying thing about the controller you have to if you don't use the chat had it has to be charged separately controller and this isn't had it with that and the heads of independently Bluetooth as well as a controller this thing that you who keeps and it seems like there's a social gaming aspect to the PS3 had to pay 50 bucks to get a wireless This is the part when I start playing Xbox 360 online OK game tonight we going to play you know Gears of War Left 4 Dead or whatever and we figured out we all put together is anything like that when you send messages to people and is it good or bad that I have a voice as by to the messages you can send a pic idea of good idea honestly I really do The Geoff as it does suck have severed power like the check had actually has an on-off switch and you charge it separately but then you also don't have to have a connect your controller you can have it separate and it on your desk it is picking up with something I guess that's just playing the 360 controller with the original Xbox and it has a low profile tires doesn't come with wireless is out of the big attraction of the 360 but the fact that the PS3 doesn't have a headset I think that's a pretty good trade-off because I definitely want to had said I don't really want Wireless right not a reason to wireless printers on my PS3 I have it home it's not wireless I have it hooked into my entertainment I think I understand is the 360 had some kind of wireless capability started communicating with your wireless controllers Bluetooth of Wireless transmission Lone Survivor post traumatic II technology which Wireless technology this one is wireless electricity and how that there's already like tables that will use those magnetic coil was to charge stuff on the tables like you was doing anything on it in future if you placed your controllers and peripherals on top it would charge them anything let me know can you please link 911 Fark thread and you can see in real time people reacting to the 9/11 every year on the anniversary of 9/11 and then one more thing I want to mention about the PS3 though is that the to get used to and I don't know why and all the games I've played so far the shooting is not the right trigger it's the right bumper Uncharted 4 in PS3 talk it's not the R2 button it's the R1 button on the as like a precious this hundreds of different levels of pressure you can pull the trigger when you shoot and you just need enough for a free shooting idea but if you pick up a gun and fire it you fucking trigger what I'm saying is it doesn't affect the what you doing on how hard you press it dies making sense what do you mean pressure sensitive trigger to shoot a gun but it's a bigger button and it's more comfortable for your finger when pressure it's fine because that buttons black Halo is what we talked about today have you got the table I was doing straight out of his mouth he was so surprised Geoff sever the other end of the table spilling his coffee long until my coffee everywhere I have no idea somehow my hand was on the coffee but I didn't put it there I just looked over my head was on the coffee cup it was like I don't know what I don't know what happened I lost control of my life I like a little bit gross lipstick Coffee Cup today at 1 for the fat bitch article know we just wish me luck on my PS3 experiment good luck alright thanks for listening room