#230 - RT Podcast

RT discusses what happens behind closed doors.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-230

Recorded: 2013-08-06 22:22:21

Runtime: 01:33:07 (5587.15 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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this podcast internet provider of audio books with more than 100 video versions of New York Times best seller book to give you a chance to consider is robopocalypse RT Podcast RT huluplus.com phone or tablet support this podcast extended free trial Hulu Plus when you go to huluplus.com / RoosterTeeth huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth last night Chris how many times have 30 minutes okay I'm going back to me what do me and my friend he's breaking the seal if I put a Chris Griffin Chris I'm really nervous and I try I try and it would be the most unsatisfying jump in the world I want to like blow it out in the toilet weather for next season Cranston whatever let me know okay so we're trying to your talking about when I was a kid I was a big cabin house plans okay and in one of the comic goes in the toilet and then flushes it spins around to keep taking baths like to do that one time and it didn't sound like you really got in the toilet weird stuff it's a good idea I believe anything what's the closest probably Holly Middle School that point so what 12:13 some like that like the Viking age were everywhere in the way of our way all over the place anyways I no. I'm 5 miles away from my parents house which is like that might as well be in San Antonio and Austin said I had and you have like the brakes on the handle it was one time I took my bike without my permission and we lived on top of a hill returned was going way too fast and would like Bryan to the probably down there the street from my school to my house and you could get off at the street before you get off of my street and we would always go opposite ways on that street and see who gets home first because I don't know where we are I would always go the opposite direction wait till I saw my brother turn the corner and get back on the past and go down to where our street was and I would so have you told him your secrets thinking Wednesday Hey Stephen sorry I lied to you for 17 years for killing time never know what? I would like that's what the fuck how is it like you like you like your cheating a close up shot placement pay Sprint bill name meaning of patch on my machine here anyways I was on Monday and then like everything they got back from a long plane flight people like I might start hurting a little bit in the last couple days it hurt a lot and I was like that's not a dummy did the Google thing because they talk about on planes in like a long life and it was like you know where there's a blood clot in your leg I think I'm going to die now so I went to the doctor and they said basically it's not that bad like but it still could be a blood clot in my leg and warm what is the most things work if you let something like that go in and actually turns out to be something very bad they treat a blood clot in the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism for a brain aneurysm because the airplane travel and by the way the trip clowns with a little bit 2 weeks ago Southwest plane that landed no wheel in New York no landing gear first and collapsed the only one record on a Southwest flight what I had an accident a few years back in Chicago Chicago where they of the runway with Ice-T and the plane overshot the runway and hit a car that was driving along the outside of the car Blackhawks and the Los Angeles and I was like alright I'm in La I'm going to walk to In-N-Out In N Out like a mile and a half away and so I walked over there in about 10 minutes if you want to read more red than the rest when you told me that you had like a red coloration in you single anyway a good thing honestly like I walk around when I get off what's the worst diagnosis you ever gave yourself one time years ago when I first watched or something hemorrhoid symptoms the worst my person I diagnose someone else on my friend like I was in the 1st to 2nd grade manage name and my and my friend was talking at some point he like turn around and I don't know what it feel like being on the floor and stuff you know whatever do you like watching it online because I didn't know what that was exactly what I thought that was the norm like I didn't know what an uncircumcised penis look like I feel like I didn't know what it was well I thought it was an alien like I swear to God and trying to figure out like he must be an alien Trader research how did you go about getting the kids always like me astronomy I don't know um I don't know I think it might be interesting anyway like everything you find is always the worst case scenario and it's always like super anyway forget it take your mother to the doctor as soon as I told myself I was going to get better than a couple days ago and I have to go today I would have gone anyway like you had a stroke probably devoting a better earlier than later because then it's like you could maybe fix whatever is wrong with you I think his history with that he'd rather just like the no he's going to die if you have something terminal you know you're going to die for a while before you actually die slow decline that gets you there real fast right on the money right now so not too cold and it was dead like 2 weeks later yeah that's scary no no and it totally change your personality it's really worth I'm really think we're working on the phone and she had her hand in the air and was shaking and it was like trying different things like she was conscious again purple Tremor control or just a really complex organic machine that we are inside we really break it down and think about it breathing con your thinking about breathing the rest of my life somewhere your arms to fall asleep and the first thing that your falling off a cliff are in and out of Consciousness feel like you're falling when you really really have to pee in your dream you keep going to the bathroom and then peeing and then you come back tonight listen to wake up in your legs covered in pic because my body is telling me I have to go to that goes like I keep peeing in my dream you really thought you had to be dreaming and I was dreaming about toilet and then I peed my bed do you ever remember pic no Jack God probably maybe five or six I got a big dick and I woke up and I was not good other than that was that came out it was like probably didn't jumbled up in like I don't know somehow like I I like and I like what I'm saying like I came out of it when I was like I got it first like to tell your parents stop peeing midstream baby the next time to cook something your old cleaning the dream started in Lake Forest if you are already awake trigger just like impossible catches Google no what do you feed a little the last time I remember pushing myself I was 14 I was at school and I had a test it was like my computer literacy class or something let me out to go to the bathroom or something what am I going to do them like the 1st of April winter jacket I got away with it story to right now same thing it was during a test you really have to like take a shit teacher would let him do it he went to the corner of the room because he was causing A disruption in the corner Billy and third grade that happen again the no I got up no I don't know whatever that's up to it I don't know I told her I was looking for a party comedian my roommate comes out and it's just like the coffee table or sitting here watching Jack Parkinsons like what's your Humanity what that what you were supposed to be getting ready for work it's like dude podcaster hopefully everyone got to enjoy your mom's okay Barbara know what I'm talking about you're not here is Burgerville in there rubbing all over me the worst thing in the world to do when you have pressure to try to blow your nose no that's gross something extra like you clean up space in the needy like that you don't like the extra stuff that may have caught on the beard you know like there's something or whatever so much more Barbara I were talking earlier today I think the first time today the person Barbara Starr TX left and went to Australia when I came back you left and you were at VidCon straight to the con after that so I was going to make straight and then work in the office soon Chris Brown Forever retiring early or anything down there when we did something about it remind everyone that the internet provider of more than $100,000 audible.com RT audible.com RT 1 you're looking for last night my mom is getting my little baby zombies like you're defending her no I was back in high school and we're defending my house and then there's just me my mom left and then it was like your family zombie and Industry family mom dad and me my mom video of awful an audio book and you had a dream that was relating to that for my alarm to go off and I didn't cooperate my alarm in my dream Dallas your starting in my dream a lot of dreams about flying and being on plane always high the last dream I like that I was in college and I forgot I had a class like dream like first day of school and I don't know my schedule I don't even know where it is at 8:45 my class start at 8:30 in the morning and it was a midterm that day and I was like in my pajamas I woke up to my alarm and I realize I'm already 20 minutes late for class so I literally put on a pair pants over my pajamas put on a winter coat put a pen in my pocket and just bolted down the stretch classes like January college in Canada so I was just like running down the street at the gym at no tsukai The Lunatic girl just woke up I made it though good idea name in Addams gold so how much time did you have left to take the test Chris Brown I do not miss that about cool like that and like having a study and like having to like your knowledge and put all this knowledge question what is going on with things some report came out that basically you shouldn't even bother teaching spelling or grammar the kids anymore because it's all auto corrected so you can just leave it close enough they will fix it for you it's a waste time doing that just like people I miss that too often people use the wrong version of a word like 222 or their and they're should I should have said people do you like to shut off my thing that drives me fucking crazy is when someone texts and they were right you are like the letters are and I was reading her stuff like you know I'm looking okay today Jack name ideas I'm going to cut my leg off working at Citadel before I had it all planned out in my head show me back yet no I'm still doing it like no no coming back much better getting back to America from overseas and then going there at like 1 in the morning or so and then we went had breakfast and then going to like this but I was tired and then and then and then the times I was down RT arriola Aurora Illinois rtearoa is that we had about 50 people show up and I feel like I got to play some rock band it was packed it was not the series of shots you can buy it was shot so they add a red yellow black and and white really cool yeah it was me I did it I did it all for the black one and then the red ones I would like some margarita mix remix are you drinking something terrible like michelada horrible it's horrible I don't like them some people really like no other and maybe a little crowded little hot it was something weird like we were able to move around I felt like I was moving around and talking to a bunch of different groups it wasn't like we don't want to drink yeah yeah I don't know as well so it was kind of like we can move around and see how drunk everyone but Australia is a black was great and I want to again and Chris tonight Chris number to start quite a few employees in the same fucking office you had as well call me when you 303 William Patrick Patrick yr weather all right go on in addition name Barbara is not a common name anymore in my life name fall out of favor like that Barbara was the popular name at one time with that name anymore but I jack the jack the jack the name is actually Jack but and get stored manage act like JFK number name dick is Richard Norton Richard Gere William is really hurt your bill play Rich Richardson Richardson at the shop and events for like nothing now would you take $1,000 no show fee events Hangout morning meeting 2014 let's figure this out dream dream 2014 in a better job pressure right now it's like during the day if I could it's almost like I don't know if it's for me I still feel like there's something in the back of my head but when I really think about it we're actually looking at trying to work out coming from other we could help people save money by the fact that but I'm sure what information to everyone information asking things are always changing at an event how many people do you think the godar take that don't have smartphones really trying to get rid of collectible show line weights and stuff make it happen working on it what are we going we're going to announce our date at the time Dream Theater next door and there will be one or the other place like the one next door to the Commissioners also weird having I tried telling me first then you come out right like going in you hear about how crowded it is only people there are how did you like the expectation I mean surprised by just how big it I didn't get a chance to get out in time Mysterio Sheraton Nashville the Steeler first no I had to go get her so I can tell there was something in RT at her dad's or something and we were I was going up to her room to grab my badge and she's like I'll grab my purse which is my bed so at first and then take a picture okay well it sounds like you had fun and you made a lot of memories and memories how can you not remember a single fucking thing will you do that are kissing no it looks like my favorite was the Hodor the Black Power Ranger the original Black Power Ranger Billy Squier Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad clip from like people walking around taking photos of The Stumbling con for taking photos with the guy in the costume Robert Jr sometimes and then I think Adam Savage from MythBusters he dressed up in crazy costumes but cover their face in one day Friday the 1st 2011 to think about it the more pissed off than actually no RT the one you put up with it okay that makes sense you remember coffee in the oven every drink whenever someone sees another sometimes get up and go to the dining room table McDonald Outlet what the fuck no wake myself up every now and then I'll be like I'm awake Gavin orsay wne first weekend your cheeks are flushed and it's like sugar cell phone do that and I was like to do things around the worst it's like I'm on my cell phone ruling on a plane beard in the cleaning out the problems with beard I didn't do anything that's just like your head not like yeah that's one thing last year when I went there crazy thing like this I stood up I stay the whole time in class I couldn't have every class that had a lecture I would just like to the Head Knob Off for like I'm dancing something actually yeah I was really bad I went to college and I really call University and Houston call Rice and like our incoming class was 400 people I want to see this program at least with him and when Damian my Prince Will at like 3 o'clock if you wanted to have one day me and my friend 5 minutes early go to the next class images remember the last class today was that computer programming class and he didn't get what he wanted Gus Macker in the bathroom Splendid maternity Subway high school shooter at the beginning of a really bad horror movie Bryan College and I really like the Christmas show for the entire month in tight red tunic and a half pocket picking month without washing it probably I mean I don't know what kind of Christmas tree sugar cookies really cool experience for me and it's one of the things you say they were no windows or anything like that I was in there for like 5 hours and it was like something Indiana the only daytime 2003 or 2004 I'm not sure they're not in the 2009 remind everyone that this episode of the podcast is 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cable but also having Hulu on your phone for when you meet up or you want to watch find you thinking about all of the show on Hulu Plus it was 24 hour tag them and their punishment was a 24 hour bug it would jump out at you he would do something bad to you it would change in the person that would change like at 1:20 like they're running and like they caught this guy and I was like another guy showed them to the floor and in like 3 naked children on his face the graphic I put into a Dodge Ram through one of those I know there's another word like about 40 people showed up and it started like beating all of them and if they say these guys naked children is British Open and also Japan Naked and Afraid so confused yesterday actually take Lake Wilderness primitive survival expert and then drop them off like a really hospitable environment one man one woman and they have to work together naked and leave it there for 21 days and it's all over my clothes popular are knives and fire starters on the water there's like a break my fear with my God like that would happen Gold Rush fucking love Gold Rush show about miners in the Yukon like Alaska and Canada in the Northwest and it's like 3 or 4 different and one is this kid named Parker Schnabel Gold Mine by himself with a couple employees gold no giant white beard name is Jack Hoffman found in the first season the day they went there because they knew for sure there was a girl a glory hole at the bottom of his glory has flight Gavin gold into a big deposit best waterfalls in the water will run off of rocks go down and then the pull of the bottom of the waterfall that the glory hole at the bottom of the glory holes Richard gold 42204 coming up this fall that and I'm about to go work on one of those fishing boats $98,200 scratch off tickets interchangeable are some things like that one of these days the at 1:11 but I just cashed in a lottery drinking water RT no no no we always been together ever had but it seems like down there people who aren't playing craps table the table no one table in casino space everyone on our side of the table together everyone else around the table watching you play snooker and cater to that crowd I was at the table Mahadev another table but no one was playing again you never heard of craps no thinking it was weird nephews are always super friendly and likable and explain and help you along but we definitely have to make it you can't make bets for the dealers there I can put it in there we can take a little bit longer and then Hotel with either Allen or myself know when to walk away and I was still up and I'm just going to wait and then like that for like 20 minutes apiece and I was just like I was trying to get myself up to $1,000 and then back down how bad does a GameStop manager conference there like before packs Talon and talk to me about it Allegiant Airline credit card PopularMMOs .25 hour flight to Vegas gold no American because of my round trip twice now to get the next level over on my way to and from there didn't you get the points for it but they literally came on michelada like there's a problem with a wire between pic to be on on WhatsApp really would love to get off the plane and then as I was walking and I walked by the other day and I was like yeah gremlin no one died on my flight this time happy birthday image of international at 25% right now 25% chance someone will die in my place how's the truck look like a very strange to mention just in comparison but when you stood con put on by YouTube no it's put on by the long Brothers don't forget their names right now but it's not put on by YouTube everything over there but yeah it was really strange because 2014 Tobuscus been really high all those great people actually like hard work and he was rushing it I don't think a lot of people realize the amount of people all day one of the early soap Little Willie started RTX in 2011 we had in the field down the street but we had talked about having our own convention for a long time I think the first time with picture on the idea was like 2005 everyone have an internet connection for internet Creator come to it no matter con build.com con disappointed name for name too late now what are my current pet peeve with RTX people referring to it as Rooster Teeth Expo not news to me Richard Texas like I like Incorporated extra lot of things like when we had the restore at our check is here they were two different line there was the first line and experience life as much as possible throughout the event I don't want to hotel Marriott Hilton I mean it was coming but it was like there's a good con michelada no matter how many houses can you no like how big it was 10010 from what I saw that use a pretty good chunk of the exhibition Hall and in some rooms upstairs but I didn't spend too much time wandering around inside we went to the panels that we went to and then we can meet up on Saturday really friendly and I don't know John and Hank Green people Jack cosplay the shirts though okay like imagine the people who would be wearing that kind of stuff there anything like a normal celebrities there as well like any famous TV or movie stars I think you don't know Sarah Silverman in the office working over there looking like a big name people like people to do things on the internet HBO and Tom Hanks movie 30 Rock Tom Hanks beautiful dreamers of the way music ordinance for the city of Vernon Gavin getting drunk and con which happened again Collective Gavin open that door and drink it so we got pretty drunk and we were going to hotel elevator and get off at 4 because we're staying together and he's like stumbling behind me trying to trick me into walking and I'm like come on Gavin and at one point I don't hear anything behind me and I turn around and Gavin is lying face down on the floor that's close enough that it was okay actually just lay down on the floor because he didn't feel like walking anymore winter tires like Electric and then another funny story I have already told him about because I wanted to see his reaction but I figured if I didn't get a do not disturb sign in my hotel room 14 on doors like me set up and I was going to be back in a couple hours and I passed by Gavin dream that he has had dinner and Gavin the maid walked in on me food in the oven in half an hour later naked or even though having a hotel room to yourself as being naked the whole time you don't have to an open house people I'm pretty sure I follow you around I guess that is a hotel in Australia had a cover on the inside of the people yeah same here sexy naked all the time Jack and I like crazy rtearoa vet jacking off turn off storage no I don't know Chris was trying to Middle School no at gotten a copy of a VHS tape for my friend and he's like heart you can take it when I get back alright well I don't have internet so I was like being one of them and my mom and my brother came in and my brother is going to play video games and my mom was yelling at me to clean my room and my brother turns on the TV and it's like my mom is just like the three layers on the bed my mom is here and then my brother behind me turned on the TV and it just torn and hichigo and then I turned off the TV as my mom turned around my brother just Chris too young to be the point where she was just like yeah I mean now when I was young but not anymore Chris and my mom my mom found a shirt and it was a school bus like a bunch of kids are like no stick figure drawing and there's one figure hanging out of the bus waving at the Jack In a narrow to him and it was chasing them and had a little cut underneath and it said stop the bus let my friend jack off my mom bought it for me because it's in my name I'm like really completely oblivious to it I love you Mom in at 1 I might be at my parents house tomorrow if you find that thing I don't know anymore when parents are some unusual usually jack off have a dirty mind like you don't like I had it like I had a magazine when I was a kid I got stuck on the right absolutely had to no idea pornstache leaving my dad for my dad you like you don't know I'm a weirdo yeah and like I don't have good social skills when I was growing up we had like a radio in a house with other people and the Border Patrol department border patrol rice covered it pornstache no no that's not Chris Weaver fine points - grown up on my own 6 + 700 amelioration of 2512 / 13 no you turn on the porch light like I was not taking out my trash for my apartment in college and next to the dumpster with Jack oh my God and I open up and I swear to God it was just for fun my guess was someone you had a girlfriend or maybe girlfriend or whatever you have an entire chest to porn at and made him throw it out or his parents are coming to visit name something you like someone it was a collection if it wasn't something they would like in my room Kata Robata when all that was going on some of it was like old people pregnant porn Chris like stuff that's a little like no not yet I'm outside probably a good idea to wear latex gloves when you're digging through other people phone BlackBoard Magazine porn magazines in my magazine for magazines that handled and they get in there in the way of Fire there's a Comedy Central Special by a comedian call Kumail nanjiani and a half even here in Austin actually went to the filming back in like October and November and it's really funny and he grew up in Pakistan until the story about having a poor tape as a little kid in Pakistan and how the power used to always go out and like the power die in one day no quarter magazine something you hand down the generations Regency my life in Middle School my friend would like at this point that we recorded from HBO and then let me loan it to you rice then gave that copy them to another friend in Middle School who didn't make a copy no really it looks like how many generations of people nowadays like they were watching TV the sensor bar going down the thing we're like you know you have the channel but not really have the channels I can scramble and I try to make it. Kind of like the new generation will never experience no sound problem on the phone Breaking Bad spoilers at your prompting me Wednesday Friday I don't want to be really funny fake movie trailer Chris Arreola