#231 - RT Podcast

RT discusses Gavin's questionable laundry service.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-231

Recorded: 2013-08-13 19:46:46

Runtime: 01:39:59 (5999.13 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

list episodes of the risky podcast is brought to you by Squarespace the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio for free trial and 10% off go to squarespace.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth 8 that's Rooster Teeth and the number eight Bishops of the receipt podcast is also brought you bike huluplus huluplus what you been on thousands of his shows anytime anywhere on your TV PC smartphone or tablet support this podcast and get an extended free trial of huluplus when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth that's huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth hey what's Gavin clothes Burnie out here for podcast I'm always first I get top billing I like having you in that chair electrical RT Podcast starring Gus also with and then let's talk this week featuring what building is mistletoe Kinect like and how often do you read item one of the menu on the in the how often do you retweet of the thing where I was out and I was at a pub and they had the appetizer section and the first appetizer with Guinness oh yeah okay whatever last night was the first episode of the second half of the season 5 minutes and by the way life we were talking about on the patch last week it's something that doesn't happen in a game or movie you say doesn't happen had absolutely no possibility this to the Moon in the rain on that anything is possible Breaking Bad night at my house or whatever the game OverWatch Breaking Bad and getting up and down around the corner I had to cook what happens during Breaking Bad see it like some pics teens that's not true I saw I saw the whole thing I saw the thing in the other thing was invited to go and this is how this is the level right now in to go out places is Gavin already said no you couldn't come Gavin you in to get you were coming and Barbara was coming coming I've been contacted okay here's the deal I would like for you to come to my house to watch Breaking Bad I've only invited Gavin Barbara I promise if you come I will not invite anymore people it'll be just them I was going to hurt you posed to have dinner with my in-laws on Friday night but then they rescheduled and I was posed to dinner to go to dinner with him on Sunday night Burnie thought it was a lot to her I was at dinner I texted a picture of my of my wash and the menu has the date on it and look I am not la electricity from the roster because that's where I am I know I heard I heard like 10 other people the first ballot that's different if we're going to watch something please the big one that you can invite or otherwise Gus will lose it that would be a good one Caribbean episode miles and Kara I have to invite them after Gus whatever going out somewhere and going drinking that that's totally fine it's only that specific event calls to be bike up for the Game of Thrones night chalice the temperature of the Goblet of chalice why do we have to fucking different words for it don't really matter Dead Frontier TV fine but then it's like fucking different it's like they're simply Jif and and there's like less sodium Jai White to 3 different one Horizon Organic because it lasts like five weeks bad news always feel like it the crust or whatever accumulates at the top right that's like 10% of the rest of La Quarterfield carton of milk it's like three-quarters of it is like no crust to the surface and for some of us expired milk what's going to happen you will be a different process use all of the milk if I can start it up and it one of those bits of the way right what is that mean if the liquid part life curds and whey it's right like the less fatty part the liquid you put on this message how do you know that how you know the difference because and whey I would not a human whey is liquid cheese curds Culver's Orem curds of milk per day was already what's a topsy has a bullet there is a bowl of milk curds cheese with milk in it feel like chopping up in the book we were so hoping it's always when we have these sessions because we're going to a party Hotel in Anaheim go to the grocery store life 20 phases of the smell we went into it it was like listening and then it was like people turning around and be like I was about to throw up and my eyes are watering and then I had to let go one one whey wash downtown Anaheim Gus impression of you now you know it my name is Burnie do what I say Wonder burrito the high school about that moment in our life is that what you remember about me sticking a Toyota burrito is probably about as low as you in time where with a long period when people get and was like just six of us may be really excited about it and like Gus will have a bowl of like a burrito bowl or something like that and I would go and what was the how to shoot Red vs. blue and I was like I'm going to do a revolving restaurant and then his camera on the floor to do a time-lapse at the restaurant revolves around you punches that's how you're supposed to provide curds and Freebirds to get these massive burritos it's like a burrito place in Austin in the burrito to like this big and then when they do they're completely wrapped in foil I'm going to order another burrito the burrito come out and tell you the number of times and Lee University because I will go back to come out and there's a fucking grackle which of these black crows only live in Austin and it's just like the in college Wareham with a grandma goes and you know there's an outdoor area and you go get your when you use your talk about whatever you out on the patio out there on your table food out of your hand so my friend can we do that sort of thing and we came up with the idea we were even getting these pigeons on the table and people show up and feed him then come on the table a few of them and then we were going to make a little cake and helmets out of them because I personally if I was sitting there eating lunch with a helmet on in the world Lenny with a motorcycle help and I was like hell to have some kind of like it's a new to head trauma now securet to a pigeon without actually hurting in your heart man so they have some we can figure out a way we can put it on and take it off if you're ready 34 wild get instant sport touring motorcycle so anyways I'm not doing it but this is a guy who I like 20,000 goldfish and put them in a positive High School wild you can drain the pond until 20000 goldfish you can buy the flat the metal on the dog boarding blood from the fish kill the other one doesn't look like it was horrible ex-girlfriends dad so your brother Spearfish with a dart unintentionally but you can't have and it had to be that perfect deflection into a fishbowl I used to live you live in Los Angeles for very short. Did you ever hear about the wild pack of parrots that lives in Los Angeles and driving along with parrots and its urban legend in La that apparently it was like a wreck from a truck parrots got out and there's like nobody can catch and they just kind of Room LA random Sea-Monkeys and stuff large non-indigenous population of natural life parrots according to the parrot project of Los Angeles to parrots of at least five different species residents have come to enjoy the birds as part of their unique cities culture and other SoCal resident become local icons at the top of your car and then they would like him as much exactly in the same place in one fucking place I'm hoping the break if I leave it long enough it will ship enough to with a push itself out I got a story for you give me the really soft food but you don't like bad in Los Angeles in general like a parakeet parrots and stuff like that like Grand Theft Auto cars on the road and there's several different cars that have dolls in the world every now and then GTA 3 all the cars you were supposed to collect from the impound the ice cream truck was the hardest one to find cameras on the street are randomly selected by Windows of time and that we are driving around it's like a Ferrari you know you expensive pickup seal experience of motorcycles and things like that but when you're looking for Unique vehicle or one so hard to find a coming Windows of time but it's totally based on what's available the world so when you're in a car that's counted as one of the library of cars that they can pull from so when you find unique cars even looking for forever something then you see it constantly after you're driving that car Wreck-It you find another replacement bad but it was only game bulletproof Patriot I just have to play listening and never finish them are you guys playing at when does it come out August 20th which is next week next week before the 31st announced that they were making Assassin's Creed 3 was about the American Revolution exhibitions me Kinect one about Pirates 3 years ago so it was prompted by the changing on removing from the old-timer like you know Italian there's a map on the wall like and won't have to assemble this map and then like you only pop up in the The Eagle Vision in Assassin's Creed logos all over the world including like Cuba in the Middle East and North and Northwest America and Cuba on there they seem like Pirates or something also depends on their saying like maybe there's something that's probably because to do differently all together with the future so there's no real emphasis on modern-day stimulation is a simulation but it's like it's like a researcher researcher at ago so it's not like in California 3 days my clothing at a laundry go ahead okay it was like I was checking out that day to being adults it was it was like 10 a.m. and I'm at 3 out of clothing out later that morning Gavin said you were checking out shortly you were going to run out earlier this trip I was told they and how many days ahead of time did you know that drunk Gavin question and I went on the show and my shirt smells like shampoo it was good smell clean and kind of shampoo can you take the clothes off and then continue shower you got out shopping with with 3 shirts on peeled them off and then drive them in the tub of the shower before getting out on in my son don't drive when you're driving if your car never gets dirty do not drive it into a swimming pool that is not the solution to the shower baby one day you're going to go through the carwash shower to let me know the shower and I had a smile on my face cuz I feel I feel this is proof that what you certainly did think the idiots are usually happens that's been my experience I sent him a couple few weeks ago but we didn't one science question last week about to come over there would you let it ride horse trials that's all right running comes up to me like hey we need you to come over to the Annex in to an interview I'll see what's about he's like okay how do they finally get to come over here get over here studying as well right the Chris one part my favorite bit was of surprising him with the things that Chris when you set it up it was good weekend right and I was helping set up for and then you're like okay sit down and he's like anyone into anything over there Egg Works including Captain America we just hired they don't sit there and try to my makeup and she says she says that we're doing this we're doing the questions in and and I was trying to come up with the Harry Potter questions I know what I'm looking at all science questions because I was like thinking hey Chris I was focusing camera Gus to me Chris I looked over at Chris B Chris to the camera like this and here's exactly how is how is doing the camera looking here is like that you told me was supposed to be ambushed interviews not supposed to be safe she's like staring at me you like me motherfuckers and then we have a big meeting about it like spring is like she's not doing anything of course changes anything measured my finger no no no we just went with the circumference what series has the bigger head taller I'm definitely building I want to remind everyone to this time so does Squarespace Squarespace is the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio Squarespace been around for nine years and actually improving their platform with new features new designs an even better support they have beautiful designs you to start with and they have a ton of style options you create a unique website for you or your business they recently released when you customizable templates and every design automatically include the mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website to contact looks great on any device anytime Squarespace One Design Awards including fwa Ford whey B Forbes the customer support team is also one Awards and in fact nearly half of Squarespace employees are now on the customer care team in New York there are things even been nicknamed the Care Bear Lair the Care Bear life is good for everyone website solution or developer and want to get in the code and you can customize it starts $3 a month includes a free domain name if you signed up for a year so if we can make a website Squarespace to try you want to sign up you don't need a credit card if you do decide to sign up you have a good roof to keep it at 10% off and thanks a bunch of Squarespace for the support but the forecast and it's alright getting better so I thought I might have a blood clot I actually have cellulitis bacterial infection of the skin on your feet what a flight from Australia to back to Austin I was guilty that was the guy who telling you to be worried about you make sure you get up walk around during the flight you know you get a story like this or whatever so they're a little sore while and it wasn't a big deal I was like okay whatever I was 20-something out anyway that we can with John and some other friends and then on Monday we started hurting and it was red and it was like that and I put it deep vein thrombosis just curious like what it look like in the first place and then coagulant just based on what you read on the internet like the symptoms and the fact I was on a flight is it okay with make sense like it was a blood clot like okay this is what I look like in this is over to feel like so she prescribed as a boost in the blood with it and she was like no it's not anymore a little bit but it was the creepiest thing ever switch it up and it was one of them as bad and they're like it's a thing called cellulitis which is I don't I don't I guess it's cuz I don't know how is staph infection right so anyway cellulitis you're taking I don't the only changes so quick the you were prescribed this medication and you took it so do you get medication to go home Resource Center to give you but it will not take that drink I have to be like that can I use this and drink alcohol it was like you know you can but you look better to the king with it information that was registered Jack still there single and really wanted you and Gavin play tennis and see you get the witness protection and I have all the employees that work here and I was calling Jack at like 2 in the morning morning Jack was okay make sure that he was doing I send a message to Gavin to message Dad when he was in England and he wrote me back this the most like he just ripped me to shreds kid restarting Slow Mo Guys taser Sea-Monkeys what's the in 67 where's the Quarry but home is where you make your life so I said you can sell your houses I said but a home is where people love you don't forget that and never wrote back hey thanks for the message by the way that turned my phone gay you motherfuckers trigger you think God damn it and he's like why you waking me up walk off from across an ocean I love it inappropriate hours from the time you left shotgun shells at Jeff's house Metro Freebirds like if something I don't know what's going to happen nothing is going to happen with shotgun shells but if something happened I mean I mean parrots how do I remove the top of a funny story when we were in college man I made a movie together that some people know about cold the schedule the first thing you ever made I was a computer science student at the University of Texas I want to learn about filmmaking and still I thought it said I'm doing is sitting and I'm still making plans I'll just make a movie and so I found this film student not home and he was the one guy I thought I heard the idea to make a movie as well and 16 millimeter film for like 3 months but never saw the footage that we had developed and a half truck when you need them for Christ's sake and out that when we could sound with in fact that the original one we had you couldn't it wasn't even like sync with sound with a small the sound on the like 98.4% to get the matchup with the camera but it was different one of the many things that we try to do in the movie was we tried to have a scene where guy got shot and explosive device anywhere blood patch over it explodes out with some dude tried every method to make firecrackers to it I got the biggest bruise on my stomach from doing that end up one of the brilliant ideas that we had was we were going to take as my idea the little copper end of a shotgun shell and see what was in the blasting cap of the Prime and see what's in there that's okay I'll do that so he's like this and we had a camera mad at you for talking with me when we take of behind-the-scenes photos of the except photos and stuff so you know that has a flash on external flash external flash and still missing or stolen like this gif and I come up with the Flash and I stick it right on the resort we're staying with my stick it right up there and I hit the test button with set it off and I didn't make it last night I just was boom in here like a madman I wish I recorded he made the most guttural vs out I won't be able to replicate it but he's stalling you love fucking with people with that flashback Austin to go around with it and you have it in your hand you be looking at it and going to be like what does you have the Flash and I would god dammit The Flash book that's what I want to do is one round at 7 is out Crank that clip all the way open MLB to look at my clipboard right here and I run my finger underneath the clip and they go and they steal it Alfred University 15 years ago haha I'm so disappointed with the biggest disappointment in my life is that Brandon didn't get shot but I don't like your friends and I'm so disappointed by the hospital really and it's like everything comes together in less than half of a second to come up with that idea diet is Brandon from electricity if you can grab the wire business so you can like he doesn't like that stuff kill animals you can get a person's current Apple gets bad and then it shows when we play these games it's just the whole day just like and you can see that it was months ago and recently it was doing that the other day we have that shocking that we found in the closet it was one of the first RT life and she was like she was shocking yourself just as your Gavin how it's not bad to just sit there yeah he didn't know was holding the base of it so they can play and I just think Joel did that happen before focus on comfortable one but it's me in the hotel the story that she told last week which you do not disturb sign so Greg told her right now burrito start in the fall the made as well because she started at the same time bike schedule in the bathroom that's what she does she Knoxville what's the latitude of the door or the door to the bathroom clothes the toilet on my phone becomes Ford in and I was like you also becomes like a parrots Grandma pick up my phone in my office is going to close down I want to go back somehow and the maid yeah I keep with me whenever I travel and I don't have a do not disturb sign in my room I always just feel one out of the whole the worst years ago when I was younger whenever I would go to people's parties me and some friends where this thing we call the country club so we still the best thing at the end of the night life country is a maniac crazy flushing people Patriot what was the craziest thing Stallone party the best thing I saw was a pair of Ray-Bans the craziest most valuable one time someone stole a potted plant was like it was like what else gas station Ford whey curds one town and you have the support of his parents so we decided everywhere it was such the specifics but you always stuck with me for the remote anywhere just like you never make sure I have all the light bulbs I don't know call project and then I was trying to trick myself and remember what's wrong with my brain my brain knows this information my brain knows it knows this information and it has 2 tickets selfie get the information I was angry at you life is kind of like reverse psychology to try to get information out of the brain the other day I was in the pool and Lindsay was talking to me about a TV show from a cigar Wishbone about dog from now she just said that it was Florida Wiz Khalifa wash bike Google what is a whole series of bicycles but they strap you into whatever is a kid before I went on that ride I thought you actually got on a bicycle and like a road it around and I was very excited when I went in the Man commercials for kids and looking forward to it and then it's like you're not supposed to have it Fred to try to steal the stuff from Barney and the Lucky Charms leprechaun try to get the lucky charms that to prevent him chasing him because he has it and it's like a common theme in cereal commercials Life cereal what is fucker people want to steal from each other and that's the big thing that's we were taking as a kid why the fuck you mother just like game ever Sea-Monkeys crop pictures brine shrimp alive when they can be desiccated them in water they can be really straight what's traffic RT life let's find out and shrimp I feel like a lot of things that you like in the back of comics were things like that monkeys x-ray vision like one of those Limelight I'd like to do it yourself zipline hours out that would have been cool the one I never got it but there's always someone else with the bill it yourself hovercraft I like my women shower curtain the floor it was allowed to wear the protective ear protection head shots were fired out the contract out on them Gavin had to remind me of another protective thing that got triggered on me when Barbara was at the Eyrie to shoot that we did the second series video that we did and she was covered in blood and she sent me a text of a picture covered in blood and he just wrote help me please help me and then that was it and I was like then I was like I know she's on the photo and then somebody my day now so I try too hard Barbie down like all fucking day I called everybody that you were back by then I called everybody I knew trying to get hold of Barbara and finally got hold of her she's ever had their phones out to the shoot and I liked what I was doing that day I was driving around trying to find her and turn of the photo it's no big deal it was cancerous and she'd been stabbed and died coming the other day when they have a record of it with her telephone records show that you don't have that you deleted it and you would be lying when she contacts you life would be like eyes or is incredibly wounded they're going to figure out what the hell happened we're going to go through her history mortal coming we know it's sad because you a text message and then they don't die and then they're like oh yeah I sent you the text and me and you like didn't get it resend it to me the person gets killed for help when you were like watching a movie right now Harrison a couple buddies I need the RT I mean I've seen you a few different icing dead body on the ground yes what's up I live down in Houston The First Time I Ever Saw dead body was in Galveston the seawall and Gus a car had gone off the seawall upside down and it was a dead body on the side of the road I have a issue to take with the Austin Police Department because it's a new thing they do relatively new when there's two cars in an accident a car accident any more than one or do they take all the debris from the cars and put it in his bag and put it in front of the first car so it always looks like every single time about that like when you tell me that's not it Just freaks you the fuck out of everybody I've never been to a funeral I've been to a funeral I didn't see the body I think people right before they died they look like a buddy you look like a body right now what are you doing yeah I said she liked are covered by the same like shoes Pokemon cards but I've never seen an actual body outside of a funeral even so like that I hate funerals I never to go to funeral I would never go to funeral of like everyone morning over at a death like that to me is like one more and why not celebrate you know like you know if I die first will take my body Burnie tour first wash strip it for whatever good part switch the fuck you want I don't care but don't be no don't put me in a coffin were people come up with do that like I want you to sell it was open casket when Jack died he wants us all to have a party he's Irish yeah that's the Irish celebrate the life man I got it what's the point of being fucking so sad it sucks but you know like Adventure life enjoy the time you have on this Earth as opposed to being like okay I guess that's it that I think about all of the land 4311 zombies where they come from Boston bombing makes no sense to me when I'm really more of a top of your butt why turn me into a like a wax dummy bike can I give people a facial look like one of the early punches guy who died in Puerto Rico and they posed him member he was like standing up like with a beer in his hand in the corner and then put him on a motorcycle and he was like on the motorcycle out in the living room and then riding a motorcycle for like a couple of weeks in a selfie terminal grandparent in the hospital that I don't the parents ever with dead with the girls taking selfies with it was like one of those really one of the moments where I had the biggest disconnection with some of the younger younger whey. Okay so disconnected from that generation whey whey how to send sound mind and body mostly sound like whatever this heartburn with left game with the charity has a lot to do with it it's not the person you're looking at bittware of skinny Pete and Badger were talking about her Trek on the out of someone Star Trek episode of Star Trek hero 1450 Breaking Bad and they dedicate to man it's one thing to be honest he might not see them again the rest of the season but I mean like the last bit I feel like this is sort of like that was really funny no not really and of the show where it's like this you could pull that out in the show would still be completely fine unless that's an order coming by selfie script that you wrote for Trek was fucking America I would love to start a Kickstarter to get the current cast of Star Trek in the movies that seems like that would be fun I'm sorry I'm such a mix of Zachary Quinto in and what's his name for sure the show probably do it and that's got to be around somewhere as for you coming over here and this is what summer fall intern is doing give the thumbs-up sign or who made you can Barbers Guardian I want to die Steve Rogers to look up so what are you doing where does about yourself right now actually so yes I saw him so listening to this guy but we got to fire him as soon as possible because we had our first intern over here the annex and we found out on his last day working with us that his name is Jordan Lowry literally his last name is Jordan but there's always that rule that if we hire somebody we have to hire somebody else that has the exact same name so what's your Jordan sweers the guy who makes the Rashid animated Ventures Jordan Lowery but we found out and so if you ever seen Bad Boys the movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Will Smith character's name is Mike Lowry and Martin Lawrence has this whole scene where he says the name over an hour we felt like we didn't get to amuse the first intern enough with that because no one had like 12 hours left so he worked with us they keep saying Mike Lowery Everytime You Walk The Room so since then every intern we called Mike Lowery and you've been informed of this right because like the last day that you on blast go to me so much but I don't know well welcome aboard Mike Lowry restaurant and there was Sochi summer he is but then in the fall he gets credit hours at college and we're paying you and knowledge yeah basically Ultra Wash one reminder on this episode of the review podcast is also brought to you by huluplus I'm sure you tried hulu.com but I want to tell you about huluplus huluplus what you watched thousands of his shows anytime anywhere stream it on your TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet why stand in line to ride a train and just stare at your feet when you could be watching your favorite shows on Hulu Plus huluplus the great whey to binge watch your favorite shows it's got a ton of episodes from great comedies like SNL Community 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the filming Comedy Central life to 3 weeks ago pretty funny any pictures of cats in and change the game in any way when you receive a phone call that you don't intend on answering what are you do your phone is ringing I just the top button Fort you can take some money to where they can't silence the ringer you're the worst thing would be the worst thing would be if you get the SnapChat thing to not only see their face but the other people cuz you know they would like us to do World honestly most powerful business in the world will be to hear the five seconds after a conference call and I will talk to you guys later report to life Pizza Hut years ago that they would they could listen in on people's cell phones yeah they would they can even if a cell phone was off as long as it had a battery in it we could activate the microphone to listening I got to point out once again Cliffy B in retirement has become like this rational voice of the video game industry was working on some consolation relevant to today especially because Microsoft just announced that the Xbox one is not going to require the Kinect to be connected to the Xbox one out of me plugged in yet it's okay I didn't read that I heard of everyone that's not happening anymore you don't have to move Kinect having to be Kinect connected to the Xbox one he wrote I hate the fact that the Kinect has to be or is listening to me all the time I'm paraphrasing here anyway - written on a on a phone with a forward facing camera it's actually true I mean we walk around with these things all the time is a camera on the front and the back and it has microphone they can listen to me at any point this is going to my head in the bathroom with you just said you're in the bathroom coming up with it that's all I care about is just like that doesn't see your knob text and your ability to text by the way I know it I know you are texting during let's play what is that what is that mean he's out there anyways phone yeah well what was that other finals this week and I said I'm going to stop at the store it's irrelevant I think the government one video which one come out for you just remember that Dunkin Donuts Gavin is pet peeve and I understand that text when other people text or get busy with your out side life when you're working Gavin have a very very hard worker and when people around him are like distracted by the stuff he doesn't like it because you off and wait around so long to wait they are no longer work there when it's time to work you work if I can work a lot of time with everybody and your particular stage like Gavin it's recording highest other groups are done doing what you're doing and then and finish another group it was just about ready to be in that whatever needs to and then I would wait for like sometimes it's because it was have to do everything with the object first so it's like I try to leave something before about how they were doing stop motion with Cadbury screme eggs and then they buy mouse traps and stuff but I just thought 26 hours before we did once you got paid 20 hours get your entire day rate per hour for 24 hours every out a whole day's worth of this is getting better Ford 841 4 million to hear an owl hoot Harrison Ford Chrono in it to Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas it's the same picture he was like an action movie kind of Gavin Harrison Ford with everything life Schwarzenegger what is a Cobra Terminator movie actor has something like they do well then you better than anybody else and Harrison Ford has a very specific skill he does better than anybody else on the planet Harrison Ford pics of punch man than any other action star when Harrison Ford get the camera is like I said I love to watch Harrison Ford get the fucking shit running looking shower and watching someone else talk to her like that Bruce Willis was talking and it's free or die hard on the way to Australia which on the sensor on the way back dead on the floor and it bothered me like they just cut out all the real stuff but getting a shot they would date out of the version I saw it I thought it was like super convoluted the Wonder in Russia and he meet his son was the dude from Spartacus the blonde haired dude from Spartacus but what what movie was so good you like literally like I was looking at my watch and was watching me like I'm halfway through this no fucking idea what's going on yeah it's pretty fucking stupid movie recently on on American Airlines with widescreen TVs and it said we are pleased to say that this movie is completely unoriginal what should it look like okay I never really had to get out of bed Timothy good movie on my favorite team Jackson movies actually start until he was pretty old what was his first movie Samuel Jackson when he was younger and he was it is written heroin addict or something for that coming to America McDowell's oh that's right pops up and knocked out of his hands so coming America like a month ago except for some of the exterior shots of their palace and its from Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars movies Tom Hanks took that from him as the highest grossing a total star and you know who it is I think it's Eddie Murphy has Will Smith and Matt Damon for why was Orlando Bloom to get all the Pirates movies but it's someone who has probably more than anybody else Jack movies I guess my shower now need the most amount of money this is he's been in the highest grossing movie Total box office represented by that Stars anymore money from the Trek franchise because it's like Robert Downey jr. now with the Avengers and Robert will probably pass them after Daniel Radcliffe are they say what I hear my fucking here more than a minor work using a Broadway production of Equus and this is with you switch that came out the of the remake wash each other that is still fucking amazing movie highest grossing movie stars in the movie Brad Pitt highest grossing movie of all time in Fight Club did not do well in the Box old chalice Stars neither one of them has huge box office hit the thing is they do rated R movies rated R movies typically don't do as well box office was the biggest Angelina Jolie movie probably to know that mr. and mrs. highest grossing movie stars total box office not even the top 10 Will Smith the brain shut the fuck up next time when you haven't this is according to boxofficemojo.com or whatever once with four billion dollar number to 349 movie the average of 67 million dollars per movie 49 with Robert Downey jr. Robin Williams of that is Johnny Depp that is 3.1 billion is Bruce Willis a number number 63.3 is Tom Cruise number 5 + 3.65 is Harrison Ford in the number for a 3.6 million dollars thanks to billionaire who is Samuel Jackson in the list so this is equivalent of the most subscribed on YouTube we always look at that Jack becomes 3 with 3.7 billion dollars does Morgan Freeman number one number one movie on Jesus has Star Wars Avengers Morgan Freeman his highest number to 3.8 billion dollars number one 4.1 billion dollar game Orlando Bloom movies number 1 billion dollars is 101 million dollars box office per movie was Robin Wright Penn Wright internet News Gary Sinise outside of that to Mean Tweets what's like working at out here Roberts movie made the most ever Orlando Bloom with 32 Emma Watson who you all know is playing will let me know if she is number 19 the Granger with Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 381 million dollars where can you coming about that Aaron Sorkin is so perfect it right in the way people don't talk I mean you'll probably doesn't aluminum Trek and there's nothing else to do the Teen Choice Awards he one of the people who are better than yourself sort of stepping back mean like it's going to be credited as Chris Kutcher from that one probably not the name is Hollywood everywhere I did also watch the video as well and fuck you for adding me for watching this video I watched the first two minutes of this thing and it was a really funny moment it's a choice of words so it's a gaggle of teenage girls just screaming nonstop the entire time is like my first job was washing dishes the floor my name is Chris but there is a great thing that where he says like I remember I work with my dad and I would hold singles like for roofing there's one girl and it started to scream at the top of her lungs like shingles is the greatest thing she's ever heard of like family like a single manufacturer DragonVale one girl I've never been as happy about anything as she is about hearing Ashton Kutcher talked about maybe if you like someone enough you tune your genitals to receive the vibrations of the voice bike Ashton Kutcher's voice frequency hit her clit could have time next week who get their Monopoly game LA Police manufacture the pieces one all the major prizes for like 6 years in a row South Carolina and it's with the coming of The Peacemaker Life OK your one in South Carolina is the mathematician actually figured that out to the most part of that Trend and yet and it isn't like some out compensate for that somehow I don't know how they did it but they put more salt in their French fries topsy with Jai yeah yeah yeah this is just broken food