#232 - RT Podcast

RT discusses Gavin's 3 Part Sex Dream

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-232

Recorded: 2013-08-20 21:33:35

Runtime: 01:34:39 (5679.64 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jordan Cwiers




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I think one of the biggest things about pregnancy the slow Lance Mountain Lance 28th of every month has 28 days in 10 months 44 month be okay it just seems like it with the animals that get like I always hear about people clip in the six-pack rings so that they can end up in the water University fish don't get caught in the turtles or steal back to head there plastic ring on it McCoy Ed that okay like if I still get that over its neck and then I can't get it back out it's stupid what is the process of slowly growing that with that thing around your neck and leg growing around it with a turtle with in the middle of those things and then the tortoise even have any idea of in the middle like that like they're all jumbled no I mean like is it painful for it and it was supporting it for a long time is now gone or is it or is it just run to the expanding the kid out and then stand up and everything is going back to where it was pretty sure pretty sure it's deaths in the uterus so if everything goes like that a little bit so that's what's room having something living inside movie you can hold your breath and slow your heart way down it's cool I'm even know that what I had to never hide your heart rate recorded at 10 be someone else resting heart rate was I think 32 which is once every two seconds it would be just as her another version of Lance Armstrong I don't know he finally had a refutable evidence and I couldn't get out of listen I don't really care if people do that stuff it doesn't bug me I guess they're professional athletes whatever but you know people want to see the current athletes break all the old records I mean it's just like to go to be in the Olympics in the regular Olympics shopping for orange juice in a can giantess to hate it but now I can do it over pulp and no pool no pulp by the way completely pulp that sweet orange you should be didn't know goes out the window because you like it's kind of like drinking just shut the fuck up video did debate is it pulp or no pulp doesn't matter because in case you run the people who put ice in their orange juice do you put ice to man 20 more she said that it's like in juicing crying over there not afraid to say it having your orange juice makes it more entertaining it's like when people lie Pizza Food Network jump are there any other people Austin bits or pulp or like a text you when I get some lemonade Brookdale Place water because it's weird to drink this liquid form of something with solid form in it I think that's the same thing altogether not leave anything else I wouldn't you freeze Coke and Coke guys keep slow guys water people drinking freezer put it in the have a dry ice at parties in college and people put in their drinks and then people would read into that good food no the and I'm putting water in it makes that smoke but the smoke goes like this and it goes down like Cascades of table it's just more dense than air so the problem is it won't harm you chemically like by breathing it in the physical lay down in your lungs and you can't get it out so it's like it feels of your lungs essentially in gas and then you can't get rid of hiccups upside down you know people was actually much more dangerous Miriam thing with that gas and have people like lean in and take a breath sulfur hexafluoride The Paperboy did you see Ed video a couple months ago I guess it was his party 5 degrees Fahrenheit like -26 + -27 no party in Mexico or just the party organisers had got a bunch of dry ice the same story and thrown it into the pool for people swimming in the pool and the people started not able to breathe with the carbon dioxide a lot of people died Hellen number Pool Service everyone's like Fighter the party it is June 19th 2013 how many people died video of it Mexican Spanish Street Fighter hulu.com but I want to tell you about huluplus huluplus that you watched thousands of his shows anytime anywhere leave it on your TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet why stand in line to ride a train in to stare at your feet when you could be watching your favorite show is on huluplus huluplus the great way to binge watch your favorite shows got a ton of episodes for good comedies like SNL Community Modern Family South Park Red vs Blue and thousands of other shows huluplus it's only 7 99 a month at 7:39 for all the shows and movies you can watch catch up on current shows based on an old favorite or catch a great movie you can do it all and huluplus right now you can try it for a couple weeks for free if you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth please make sure you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth or your extended free trial and know that we sent you there so I'll check it out the Great Serpent collection huluplus very critically acclaimed movies are really still like special-edition DVDs that were tough sometimes but it was like the ultimate edition was the Criterion Collection show on huluplus how do you find it if it was you I saw a commercial for dinner huluplus so check it out it's pretty funny but then I realized it was just YouTube you think it came out like 2 weeks ago it was Larry David please Larry David interview what are the different man the history place of an executive at a start-up electric car company has a disagreement with the founder and leave before they launch their first product and he gets so he loses his share in the company billions of dollars because it takes off his life in any way Tesla Lance in what ten years and then Albuquerque Gavin night and actually we went and test-drove a Tesla car and I didn't know what any of us expected but it was pretty fucking cool and this is why I found out you have or what the deal is that they're very very cool cars not available in Texas you cannot buy one Used Auto Dealers Association Tesla because Tesla sells direct-to-consumer they don't go to a dealership Network not expecting so there's people have range anxiety that identify that they get freaked out about the range of it and the one we were trying with 240 miles that's what the real deal is and you can plug into a normal in America to 120 volt Outlet to 4 miles every hour was that right trailer in an hour doesn't want to do the whole thing an hour up there that's the charger that's a 110 volt so I didn't write that what movie We're going to have an SUV soon I think 17 inch screen as the big TV splayed this pic and I can send for more updates and you update the car this not just so messed up they can update physical things that cause Pool Creek Mo talking about because when you break it any factor and that's also the screen there's no actual dial without buttons on a touchscreen digital interface you can make origin of split in different apps to have on there that's pretty cold the car for like you know just driving around the city or something it's better I think is better for City Driving is 4 longest driving charges charges with the brakes well that is the thing is like I mean without any kind of like service so there's a service in Austin but without any kind of like sales place here and is worried that I wouldn't be the level of help you would need on the board of the century and early adoption vehicle sales place in the domain that you can't buy a car there detailed information there Death of a Salesman so I can help you book a plane ticket right now how much was like why don't you get a driver's license driver's license did you drive there first that's why you would drive her everywhere is that the same car that you offered me to borrow because it's driven so infrequent not asking about the car okay we're done here not what a car so room with her and offered her truck if I ever needed it because she was worried because she wanted that truck truck driving trucks or something really had a group like in the middle talking to work on ranches in the middle of Texas Tucker High School Hellen Coin Song another play Toby Keith just like she would follow me anything you like yeah whatever you like no you were here with so it so it so it so if you're wearing this like how the fuck did you know that you never figured it out did you call me for about 6 months I think there's all that stuff is crazy I'm leaving definition are you know the rest of the story I want to watch Breaking Bad at your place Jim and I was talking to a guy there and I was talking about last night's episode of Breaking Bad and all I said was my opinion of the episode do you go to bed upset that's all I said and done you're going to talk about it I haven't started watching it yet people aren't allowed to talk about something that you're not watching any or not he might want to watch it sometime he wants to watch it to please everybody else to spend your conversation there is so much there's a lot to do not talking about Breaking Bad or like you're at a conference and like I said trauma conference and two peoples are talking about like Interstellar travel like a lecture you can do this if it is why are we defaulting now like in our conversations to people who are ignorant ignorant of something don't tell me about don't let me learn about it because I want to protect in case it ever going to infinite conversationalist people you know of topics you know nothing left so I watch Breaking Bad at your place so guilty about something the first commercial break came up and you started fast forward and get it was fucking silent and I was like nobody back and I was like this behind me my fucking face outside sitting there watching the show A bug flew right into my fucking god TV show you had your so back up those feelings and that's true life is terrible have giant spider fighter the ship that was a massive spider if you don't like some of the money for that la virgen con we came back it was gone now something's back and wait with you issues with cockroaches Non-Stop yeah I told you last week but I try to undercut that's all World Cup of the cup movie restaurant at the push it couldn't use styrofoam cup or plastic cup with nails to look up the size of 10 feet compared to the Cox building or something every penny of Austin movie true story Armstrong in comparison to a bar probably much stronger they do have more legs one time I found it I take in my house that was about the size of his bottle cap wire plug usually before I pick it up I put it in a baggie and left alone for a couple days and it was slowly shrinking to grow so I just passed back over I've recently discovered I can sleep on planes now if I usually guys IMAX back and infinite I forgot to take it off and I was going to my head track an airplane what airports I guess your people are in a situation where they're seeing a bunch of faces they don't recognize and then that way you can get in there and it's a lot you just got your eyelids tattooed black like solid black with that have the same effect why would you use plastic inserts to make a no because then you could have stuff in your eyes time zone can shut your eyes wherever you were or look at some to be useless I mean more useful having completely black opaque leave or when you get close probably like moving right next to you Gavin through Evolution Gavin falls asleep on her I would love to keep man Gavin getting married under a tree he goes to sleep alone, Florida Sabertooth so your son is there you're sleeping peacefully the saber-tooth tiger Blocks Your Vision then you'll have the ability to wake up because that happened yes you can Jordan take to change you wake up and then because you're you you would just call for someone else to solve the problem and help me I don't need I can't do this and then that person will come again if something is close enough to be a shadow on your eyelids give me the same as you talking to me anyway insert to the cliff in front the Sun is the same look just like an angel when I would have time Brazil Independence rate Genesis holes in it that you can put on a t-shirt sheer material that was black you would be able to see through it why it wasn't like that isn't true but that is it Seaside transparent black tattoo isn't truly black if you paint a light bulb black you don't get black light shining through my black the the Houston football players put under their eyes and put that on your own I could change it that's why blacker and thicker than a tattoo would be Rachel women wear eyeshadow night makeup hair hair street at the same time not really I don't like you can't fall asleep because you think the light man leave back to Gavin in your room sleeping everything as if it's black I make sure I have a bedroom I have a pain black so stop and then I turn the lights off the walls black white grey not like you think a lot alike street lights out what to do in insert not that they're going to space Natural Bridge Caverns anything to stop that shit down there underground caves yeah you're not used to losing whichever when you float in your brain buoyancy to a couple seconds like leave or if you're in the water you just literally don't know what you're saying I just went into the exact same thing is weird feeling when you feel like you're pushing towards the surface and get the same like crazy weekend bike trips in park business hours Barbara dick at 3 the other day didn't you like not going to school you have to go to school in all my years of school that I have on my film set so like what you do it's like it really is clean a lot about how much their workload is it's really not me it's going to take 15 hours would you and love ya most my time going all the way through it having basic two bachelor's degrees if I could just go on to all my classes that's essentially at the University level that I went to a public university if you just get to know your classes will probably be just fine all yours all yours the u.s. mandated by law no no you can come they can choose to we do right I think I think I think in the UK I didn't know hundreds of so I've never had a kid at 8:28 weeks paid the whole week yeah vacation so you have a kid back pages Navy maternity leave means that you can leave your position and you're guaranteed to come back so it's all different levels not mandated by law business owner are we still a small business with 60 employees now under hundred accident to be a pretty big business no fucking multinational Mo 2000 Hayward small small number of employees a circular 815 the definition of the European Union 500 from USA so 500 in the US a huge difference 5510 fold difference between Europe in the US send a text parental image not yet I'll be small business I remember when I started there a shift was 3 people in my car broke down on the way to work and pick me up from the side of the road 3 people are all the different jobs in different departments within specific aspect of a job I used to do that we have doing a sympathetic to the problem insert coin clothing the home of epic Gaming apparel and accessories take advantage of this week sale with new lightning 34 in Sonic the Hedgehog say 15% of your purchase when you saw fur coat coin gloves rooster 15 that's coin loves rooster and the numbers 1 and 5 I wear a lot of their stuff pretty fur leave most recently was wearing the Assassin's Creed polo shirt Street Fighter leggings dr. Blanca anybody a jump stop doing the number to the street fighter to my 6th grade graduation to high school elementary school practically grew up in Mexico trailer materials like a lubys is why you can carry a concealed handgun in Texas Night Out in Waco guys leave okay difference between I guess I don't window of insane Waco incident that's where a lot of lubys not noticing a lot of lubys have like barriers on the front insert cafeteria style restaurant Denny's diner institution to have a cafeteria but there was like he would go to just go out of business First Cafeteria first one that's over here at the buildings we looked at movie to renovate anything it was a restaurant and like what do you do with the kitchen and it's like one of those things had to deal with an environmental basis is a grease trap so things are just like toxic waste actually and so if you had to get rid of one it's entertainment real we went to see him I think you were with me we ran into an automat another automat no that is yes I did once pool stores leave pay to open the door in the food would be in there in just a couple of these old to gamble no stupid if I don't have a pocket of gravy it's a cafe brown gravy call Vanguard Pikachu jacket in the vending machine what does ultimate pizza maker is terrible trust me I know a lot of things but I just got to be a few Longview in deep fried gravy which is Ballin Ballin Dutch the shoes croak croak croak at navigate School good gravy bitterballen the only way I would be travel I would love to go back there again we always had a great time everything we said is one bar of Cafe Barbara to the bar. stoof District Barnes stoof so stupid no it was like stoof I thought it was just the right window and it had the best view of the best looking horse so I recommend if you can everywhere people that's good that's actually a window by that to see the horse perfectly water between this people these people walking up and down and I just be like you're being propositioned constantly while you're there for him now is premature for tourists NFL excuse to get you off the street that's illegal I never heard the phrase under the jail to put him under the jail I've never heard that phrase really right now about 10 seconds and like really bad imprisonment like party place under the jail or or buried in the ground it is dark Underground conversation we were having earlier about Barbara before we went on the air took a swallow of water and it was this noise it's a most time in your gloves like Barbara Jean change does that was quick as I was taking in the face Frank & in the way that's right the quietest room in the world AMC to longest 1 speed test be at the one at so I pulled over and I didn't last week cuz I was fast forwarding when you're in a quiet room and it's so nice that high pitched noise you just hair why does room in the world they call it I think it's like guys floor so low and there's no acting in the people apparently can only spend 40 minutes and it became this room because from your body drive you crazy like your blood best comfortable in there has the Guinness World Record is -9 decibels compared to the average quietest Island that's why your receiver that was before the receiver said negative decibel level cash recorded all the spiders go to zero and then go down from there but I've never ever used a mixture or I didn't like push everything almost always the top to go to hear people is it in am I just crazy and I like you guys you could turn the game up and then you can move your slider down I mean you're just leaving earlier when he was like that the game so it's not all the way up Warfield the trip I would do that there insert you can take it in this room the longest week and other people right what was that I hear like Christmas I was driving actually somewhere I'm driving her to the gym and then I wasn't dropped her off and then I was going to come to work and then I got a phone call I had a conference call that nobody can tell anyone else about my head this conference call so I was like flipping getting on a conference call and we're going through Zilker Park which is right by my house is big expensive park that's right in the middle of Austin and we're driving through there and I'm talking on the phone with the van and driving at the same time try to get settled like writing it on my Bluetooth to get it set up I'm doing that School run out in the road and it runs out for the truck in front of us and just because I was doing so much stuff I didn't think about that I got that squirrel get hit by a car run over no no no how do I still feel bad when I see it school in the street I was just like this is going to be great I was slow and she looks and I was like this situation where I was driving and I was driving Northbound on those in the car to my left and there's a pigeon in the middle of my lane and I couldn't move there's a car behind me I couldn't like slow down my head like I'm going to hit this I'm going to hit this in the past it was an explosion I didn't know bird on it and couldn't believe it lost all of its feathers instantly Gavin exploded craziest thing I've ever seen like that is we do is a big plate-glass window and everyone in Bridge would hit it and it leave a Sprint like a perfect of the bird on the window and one time it happened we all look like that and so we went over and look to see the bird like laying on the ground by the window and it was being chased by a predator bird what I think is better for everybody because it could be knocked out and then eating then let me terrible bird head in a parking lot this has been a week or two after we found that there was bird body just perfect perfect bird body with no head so not so perfect but I mean like it look like it had not been touched at all look like someone just came and just like the head and thought it was two weeks later that I saw the leave by the way this is over the years I've seen this a few times we've looked for the Congress office downtown it was the same time there was a massive bird office downtown here in the middle of it clean hair business and we were there looking at our building that was the only place I saw it was once again but obviously it was the car in front to hit the bed one of us to sit down in front of the road and it's like I'm one of them we still go under the wheel the back wheel of the car in front of it but the head is separate from the body but they were still together in the so just like Ed tumbling like spreading a politician was driving and like blood horror film it was asking what time I was driving down to visit my family I grew up in that city as a Border Town and I was driving with a friend Frank we all know he was in the passenger seat driving down there and we're in the middle of nowhere and I was trying to fly across the highway with my car I hit it with my antenna explosion a bunch of feathers on my time it's like flipping back and forth and like I have what the fuck I live in To Kill a bird of my car antenna but that's crazy she's like 10 minutes later it happened again really watching that one trip with in the 10 minute. I killed two birds on my car antenna understand how impossible that is DLC Fur Elise not interested anymore the height of my truck was literally that far below the clearance it was like six foot six truck in a six foot garage everytime I go to the parking garage now I know exactly how my truck is driving a couple of times it's no big deal like the ceiling in a car but it makes sense because if the talking but you're still not your head not touching the fucken top of a car ways to make fun of other people who try to do things safely like oh you flinched like as if something is stuck in my throat I might have gotten from that you know that's me flying see your face is emotionless your shark Shark Week become a huge deal mr. of megalodon or whatever shark documentary Lake Villa. She is very upset about the fact that discovery prehistoric animal and they made it seem like it's still alive and they fabricated stories about sightings of it then Discovery show about a werewolf is like de Jean to the end to find out whether they exist find the perfect video for your next project whether it's for your website publication and advertisement video or any other type of project you can shoot photos and video clips on the world at your fingertips 10000 every time something give me the images you need to bring your credit party the next level the great search tools I sure would like to see them just feel like anytime after the other team members got a great iPad app so you can try to Shutterstock by signing up today for a free account you don't need a credit card to start an account and begin using Shutterstock to help find some images once you decide to purchase use offer code RoosterTeeth night and you can still receive 30% off any package that Shutterstock.com for 30% of new accounts and you saw fur coat RoosterTeeth night it's a number 9 so thanks to Shutterstock and their support why is discount guys typically someone that you the code what water balloons out we can talk about it if it's not that we can't where can be seen I don't know if that's where they're going to be broadcasting what's an anime like it's that big it's like the Netflix of anime. It's not as big as Netflix but for that they focus on a very specific thing I think you know what your role is and I'm even have an Xbox app you open it I wanted to use it fighter Bioshock TV show the Bioshock DLC not really insert really short levels and there's like seven to eight enemies per level but these Blue Ribbon challenges or just so infuriating because like you have to in a specific way it's like on this level kill everybody with hooks the sky strike or only the shotgun or only use a different weapon different on every level and the Blue Ribbon challenge individual level so if you don't have 15 really because it's just kind of annoying more than anything else it's just you were watching that BioShock Infinite TV commercial with Elizabeth about to be hung with a noose around her neck and boogers got a sniper rifle is trying to save her if I didn't happen in the game like I don't understand why would they be trying to make sense of the context of the game for the first time when he was writing that which word from a primary character deaths in the in the series and they still haven't called me in for her voice works so yeah we're definitely cool Fusion check to retraction like he was to the point where he was saying stuff like I don't know what I'm talking about I'm sorry that I gave the impression to everyone and the only person who knows what they're talking about his game and he can anything he says is what is going on with my brother 5410 storage unit likes you going to break both legs so why don't people just took one of them up your break the body pool with one leg a Blu-ray it but you still got to do with it you've learned that people Falls 10 stories in land on both legs break both your legs but they live if you just lean on one leg you're probably done yet leggings as a Christian to legs when one leg overall yeah but I'm saving myself bugs to Barbara you don't think I'm even supposed to Lance Lynn no I think it was on two legs survives and then it's true so so that's why it is to do it there's a terrible story Anthony Kiedis autobiography when he was a kid him and we would like jump off the roof of this apartment complex in to the pool that was one time he jump and he misjudged it and over the pool land on his first over the pool and fell back into the pool with a broken back is because people falling in like nothing wrong 24 1920 or 1910 or something one of the guys in front so he was jump Lance competition from France so whatever to jump off the Eiffel Tower and I just shitted on video High Point Lake or ocean is too fast I'm sorry for the way not knowing just knowing somebody died old videos my wife sent me a link Dora Gus there's a video of Hellen Keller talking I guess I've never seen it I never learned how to talk Jax you like talks about her disappointments in life there's a video of Stephen Hawking talking Hitler was a long time ago directions or are you the last 3 nights I've gone back into the same dream dreams never happen because Jesus book party and remember what happened but the second night when I just start talking and it was going well in the same exact moment so awesome and it to work right Eiffel back from Oregon this morning maybe tonight not good enough for to know you're going to be able to see not sure but I know it's Lance I mean no offense remember you go back to her apartment I live in France now leave the country Jordan Future from the US what was the famous in the wrong place today was his biggest fan who directed Lolita Rosemary's Baby 3200 not interested in doing dick yeah in the pianist with Adrien Brody Anna Paquin won an Oscar for the piano he was too stupid hillbilly vampires that's usually what can you do small light heart drop we saw this guy at Comic-Con the big the big planet in store Ed hotel and he was like just for whatever reason it was really the only time it was just an endless line of women who are just essentially just throwing themselves at him it was saying like I just want to let you know that I would absolutely leave with you and your very nice that's very kind of you to make sure all that stuff and the other was constantly ran into at least we also experienced it firsthand we had dinner with our celebrity friend one time we were eating dinner with someone next to us with his came over they want to say you're on my list to do anything it's okay my husband isn't she like no seriously you're on my list it's okay fight Ed from Barenaked Ladies deals on TV back out just to see how foolish it slow rate if you have a list like that so would you be night night shift leave the first person a crush on remember to sleep in Central Park show some respect leave me in the shower political finger and they seem to be spared a no or you're pretty much like this more subject to parity than any of anybody else like that. Use your image you can pay them and get away with it a lot more so than any other type of fur especially Anthony Weiner no Anthony Weiner is the guy who had to drop out of the governor's race for or the mayor for New York who was governor before before mayor of New York or a problem sending naked photos of himself to women I don't know but he had an interview with a British reporter and when she talked to feel like I just don't believe that I feel like I know Monty Python sketch and then he started mocking her accident really right there like she was asking questions about starting your in the hole because Everywhere Man Austin does the brain have this is one of them if it's one and a baseball cap and some backpacks and all that stuff Cuban revolutionary michigan.com / store for all that stuff even home yet I was going to play gone home and brothers this weekend but I got into the Hearthstone beta and I played it non-stop all weekend I'll try to play gone home and brothers before the patch this week so I can talk about it whatever it is describe the Gathering in the warcraft Universe card game leave that looks almost like to do that so de and a good let's play in in League of Legends new guys were lost entire way through that right you should play brothers and played the whole way through the others got home I was before the patch Splinter Cell Blacklist comes out tomorrow I'm telling you things I've ever talked about it directions in which who's winning sales rice guys