#233 - RT Podcast

RT discusses big Tower of Pimps news

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Recorded: 2013-08-27 20:39:58

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the row Steve podcast rtlife Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first fully balanced nootropic does an increased focus on mental drive for our listeners get up to 10% off and use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com /game this absolutely Steve podcast is also brought you by huluplus huluplus lets you bend run thousands of his shows anytime anywhere on your TV PC smartphone or tablet support this podcast and get an extended free trial of huluplus when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth that's huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth hey everyone welcome to the rescue V Davis Gavin Jack Burnie and Gus yes it is Gus start with yourself and with your Alpha never criticize you tweeting to the audience and saying they were about to turn to Russia podcast what should we talk about Swedish with hashtag RT Podcast broken now so it's not working about all the tweets I need all the 2 Mufasa City of Lodi animated gifs why spies are just like slow website 2 camp scene browser built-in browser and she lives in run subreddit built-in browser you know and it has a link when was it built in underwear which was reading something Gavin where is cutting yourself really crazy in the first time forever but it was a couple of friends and it's stuck on the end of it and then it's like a replay you don't like going back in so it should be super fun night airplanes on American Airlines the Wi-Fi it for whatever reason brakes animated gif that's the one thing that you can't do what proof is only to check their internet Onnit flight like that is a problem a proxy server to and grab just like the first frame of the image a stand somewhere that it was an image like like they need to have their own built-in compression to modify the images to be as tight as possible and then it breaks animated gif graphic interchange format interchange format in my own way Sony group blue pic effects of John jpeg the first one that was in school the tower pimps in the tutorial level the new title update for the Xbox version but the cool thing was while we were playing another lets play we're playing a Rainbow Six lets play I got killed while I was out and I just brought the browsing the rooster teeth subreddit and someone like that popped up was like Tower pimps and in Minecraft does and there's all reacting to that and then I actually would have found it and we don't freak out and like in the audience we have the audio was discovering it was pretty cool anyway record demonstrating tutorial of the lets play that has like 3 years so I'm just confused about something that came up with the start of the game call lets out so like this is great and I was very very cool that's really cool Gavin time timing because we record of the games over play Halo 4 We're play Ricochet does that came out and that's kind of like the spiritual successor to Grifols I would say and so we were doing we were talking about that of like different places where Russia has been references video games in and this thing comes up like the day before we record them play the game and we got a lot of stuff like that from someone or something in there ah there's the dishwasher the dishwasher this guy's actually contacted us that get something the achievable system in their games in order to get an actual achievement which is bleep bloop will it record the bloodgoat fort and where is that Gus has expansion that's in one of the USMLE fat kid baby seat motion photographic experts you need anything baby does jpeg stand for something and then when they made motion jpeg since we just call them in Pig's 2 separate jpeg V you end up with these terms we talked about the icon for saving a file as a floppy disk if you don't use it anymore computer what else can you use in place of an hourglass and I know you still see being used occasionally my Play Boggle you will never use that unless you want to 25 questions in the last 10 years that floppy drivers are gone because unlike 2005 iMac I think was like the first when I came out I was like the first computer that shift without Mac is when they just went to his being they said everything else blue Bondi blue CLT iMac forget multicolor and the first mean the iPhone come the iPhone anymore Mac books was called back then it was my roommate in college big bass box and that was the first thing like have a little bit of style to it some crappy charge show up on an emotional version of an iMac Goodwill Goodwill charity shops and Goodwill's work on the charity shop Goodwill and thrift store what 2 things about the performance weight the VMAs it was CNN for having it be like your headline for the CNN like supposed to leave a trusted name in years like their headline is about this which doesn't matter so many more important talking to me yeah yeah yeah it was it was going to perform it was pretty terrible about their business anyway images of people mentioning the VMAs or people talking about how we should stop talking about the VMAs so conversation of and it's going to be all right there's people talk about something and other people saying don't talk about that Sony TV because if I ever see a music video it's on YouTube I Can't the last time I saw music video anywhere but on YouTube I feel like last night YouTube what is an early Miley Cyrus did some kind of crazy thing just working working and you guys think that you showed me this video it's from Robin Thicke about him dance around naked chicks on YouTube Blurred Lines the name of the song to sign into YouTube Robin Thicke perform that song actually with Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus was I don't know if she's trying to ruin her reputation was bouncing around and being really really rude with a foam finger did something at Gamescom where is Connor games it was this is a you're not allowed to ask this question in her boobs anymore and it was like why is Hotline Miami 2 so much like Hotline Miami and I will ask you this question it was a question I wish I wish I could do that for just like something is it about honey that this comes up that's part of my life now flying overhead of the world give me of things to be stuck with on the podcast and bee honey today was like anyone 4 times a day contact me to tell me they saw somebody who looks like me or are they seem like they they saw somebody in like a movie trailer or somebody on TV who looks like me they just send me that it's whatever like when people tweet at you in there like are you in a restaurant in San Antonio right now so we can just we can have a whiteboard of questions questions the Truffle Shuffle I know if he will be asking to be paid images of video of itself Jack is probably not staying for the 5000 people I mean I wasn't going to disappoint that many people in there dick butt proof what touching it not doing it so I'm getting you the day before my drivers license I decided to shave my facial hair all fucked up so I can't let go when you got your UT student ID was the mullet cabinet when they would take photos for a student ID setup what the flashlight right here and the weight would hit you is like your ears leave a shadow right below your ears so you look like every one of you he had a Bullet to the Head and like every single photo people that long hair that's what is a compilation of a bunch of those and I might still have my old videos on the internet what is guys there Mark remember but it does happen they have to reform their rules as far as drivers license requirements and rules for taking pictures because it's physically because it's probably six years old have the worst drivers license photo West Virginia Jesus Christ they can take cameras into DMV you still there tons of six and that video but I always wanted to go to I was going to go to get my dry and walk in and when I first woke up the first person I seen just walk inside and just spend the entire price for the photo but if you can maintain it for life credit from that but it could bat Any Given Sunday 1 million this car before we start doing stuff watching my video if you even for here in Texas they make you retake gif 4 checkpoints Austin checkpoint smile when you smile at the people know they can take a photo of your intern what is Gatwick to transfer Damon in Scotland Edinburgh and we transferred there it was like the day after they had that was on the I was one guy ruins it for everyone and she wanted the procedure when you're innocent it's quite nice Australian airports are the most comfortable easiest thing I've ever been in my life keep all your clothes on the street because of that it's more dependents when you land Saints in La it's like oh well you didn't you know it's accurate enough that you don't take your shoes off so I have to go through security again in the US and GIF you go through that already the ring if you like being proved innocent ah you're welcome I want to go into a store and buy a ton of stuff I just fill a shopping cart full of stuff that you would use to clean up a body like the touch of a copyright sharing brushes and stuff navigate to church together Melvin coming back to Sydney and I was walking to security and they randomly turn on the light poles someone like an old scanner to test your back with whatever like a run over it I did that put it in a warm room is Chad weight don't worry about it I look so intimidating that way but stressful and like an American Cyclery take your shoes off Mac strip-down the whatever you know just 2 employment for thinking somewhere like that it's like this is easy I swear that one time I was flying to Adelaide Melbourne and Adelaide until I was going back to his Adelaide to Melbourne and then I went through security checkpoint WhatsApp and it was a thermometer we were the disease because I was watching myself with loss Australian Winters last time Gus and the future we're right there about customs in Australia it was like I didn't have to talk to anybody I just and my passport then student front of the machine it took my picture and said thank you and that was it that was the entirety of custom matches your face with your passport photos sometimes best picture I have in my passport is when I have to shave my head 9 years now but I felt the same way you post about that when I got back to us and said he's riding back in the US it is an unfortunate feeling the custody Steve online as soon as I showed up they were like barking orders at me you don't tell me Philips of Jesus laptop and I had a production laptop with me with that enormous I was I said if you don't have one carry-on and I send you the article will be there both laptops what should I do and he put in a word with a gun he pointed at the laptop and then pointed at the trash and that was it it was like I had to condense down to one bag and throw it away transferred through so I didn't even have access to that stuff that's too funny yeah I was just remember the last time I broke for one thing but they moved it moved put on when you apply and then print it but I know it could be a better than RFID information but I'm pretty sure when you fill out the form it ask for your height V and contains a lot of information including nationality somebody showed how these are dangerous because they made a bomb that only goes off on Steve and Karen that possible or just you know what it was like of course to the start of a conversation about the passport I don't broadcast RFID signal is an American I would have to have my passport just go and do it every weekend and when somebody in American Pie Huntington bat out of the way to make sure you have that technology along with the Ballmer traps you make sure we'll probably get one really fucking more it was in a black V online also work the black hat convention and throughout your phone exactly she left her phone back home desk on I think we need another hacking security tutorial iPhone dock that does happen Mark Zuckerberg kind of way but you could post on other people's walls when they're not your friends of them or whether or not they have it turned off information that he was in the book report and it was like this is broken I need to fix this this is bad you can post on anyone's wall and it's ignored ignored him a YouTube video and showed him hacking into sucker Berg's account or not as well and showed exactly how we didn't know anyone can do it well and so and then they does account banned them realize that all this guy did someone report in the waitlist at him and let him through and I guess now he's writing but reports have an issue here the issue I'm showing you what's wrong with it you should fix this and then it's like date of the next iPhone is going to have a fingerprint button fingerprint scanner in Champaign on September 10th so 2 weeks from tomorrow the 21st they're afraid that it'll get your fingerprint and in the end they will simply have access to it Prince to get a drink for me I have to admit that ship has already sailed understand why do they need some pretty V drivers I just don't understand that's cool I'm about to start and I've been arrest find my mugshot Downton in Lincolnshire Burlington the Austin Most Wanted whatever shots for the week and put it on like that was for sale at the counters of convenience store the hottest mugshot that's horrible I really do feel right become a thing indicates gif I didn't really think that person is guilty celebrity mugshot if I could the Lost play ah so you know loss celebrities really curly for states require fingerprint for drivers license California Colorado Georgia and Texas your finger or thumb print is pro drivers licensing process Colorado does does a fairly liberal State why you does not yeah there's a lot of space I think in the US that they seem because of the biggest cities there they seem more liberal but then the outlying areas are actually very conservative State Seattle's like one of the states like that Washington is actually a fairly conservative State lets Seattle's a very liberal City and we live in a very little city and a very conservative States women can walk around topless on 6th Street and we can do videos with them that was interesting for the RT recap did you see that you know what I'm walking into the office to look like Downton run over ah yeah like bars and casinos like a shooting the camera recap review like it watching on the light and a giant camera and a microphone different little bit different so yeah it's a different kind of crowd all Sony Downton I can only imagine was like shoot down there in college and the drunks are just the outcome of flies that be on the TV front of the truck from our office in the parking garage went through 6th Street which was pretty frequently though you were going ah sounds like I just got off work and Everything Entertainment Film Production does the website lets it's hard to describe but the sober people much less drunk people Downton on 6th Street when it when you're feeling getting back to the airport stuff and like when you're flying into a country what do you put as your occupation filmmaker filmmaker easiest like when you're when we always like to go over New Zealand how many do something like that like when Gavin and I stopped in Japan for a day and a half that can sometimes be the length of time if it the film country country then become very skeptical of short trips or like when we go to in to Canada for a couple days going to go to Vancouver for RvB can West Vancouver is a big film destination and even showing up for 3 days they're like I only come to Canada for 3 days because 2513 wants to know who is going to PAX Prime of 2513 all of us I will answer the question as soon as I'm done reading this right huluplus and I want to tell you about Hulu Plus Hulu Plus shows anytime anywhere on your TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet and your feet when you could be watching your favorite shows on Hulu Plus great way to binge watch your favorite shows got tons of episodes from big companies like SNL Community Modern Family South Park Red vs Blue and thousands of other shows 3rd 99 for all the shows and movies I can watch catch up on current shows been turned over to catch a great movie you do it all and huluplus and right now you can try for 2 weeks for free when you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth so please go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth for an extended free trial and they'll know that we sent you then you watching you can watch all of them Drunk History huluplus the TV show on Comedy Central and try to catch up on that just watch somebody down there new girl you like her the first thing I didn't watch the office Community Parks and Rec I like the characters not sure really well done and at the end of last season but they actually the showrunner is now back on the show and they're shooting the new season of the one I wasn't up with the 2 and felt like there was something serious and then they can really be with it and they're trying to figure out exactly what it is NBC Today Show Ben Affleck was just cast as Batman and people are freaked out about that I completely freaked out Scott Keaton was the best Batman for the longest time they will be giving Val Kilmer and George Clooney in there as well finally I'm a little surprised that he did it after like he took off after Good Will Hunting he did all the big blockbuster movies like Armageddon and all that and Matt Damon weight mr. Ripley movie proof are in the mix for his pretty old at this point yesterday Excel Hobbit 2513 people going to PAX Prime PAX Prime row Barbara Jack Gus Burnie Monty Gavin no not Brandon Las Vegas tomorrow night to go to the GameStop Expo so I'll be there on Wednesday Six Vegas GameStop Jack Sparrow nickname stop Sony gave all the managers at the GameStop Expo PlayStation 4 and 7 games how many more every GameStop games from Gamestop you walk in blue already got two people working at that store that have a PS4 and they were free so they're going to be feeling good about white Xbox one but only for Microsoft employees that's kind of cool right looks like you're trying to save face when you hear what they did with Grand Theft Auto pre-order download are there Damon pre-order store for Grand Theft Auto 5 and someone the link got out there and so people downloaded the game early in there now spoiling the width of the whole game was it I thought it was just like some source file could be decrypted some music in the game like the main theme of the game and a few other things so I'm sorry about that well it's a five to ten years too early Titanic the ship with the lyrics welcome to the later one this is very nice DMV pictures in Winnetka Matt Legend of Bagger Vance Finding Forrester All the Pretty Horses and in Ocean's Whitney Houston like I was a few Row 4 what year was Bourne Identity good morn I did 11 years ago Can HIV positive Soldier Minnesota Viking flashback she was being posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor run something that the one on the right is the bird movie replays the guy who's like a whistle blower in case of a really goofy movie it was really good in Team America yeah those guys the script for a Blockbuster movie early before the movie had come out so their initial plan was to shot-for-shot make that movie using puppets and released before what that Reno looking so sweet so my sister got married and I got hammered that night but I gave my friend like I'm not driving you take care of things as a grape so he drove my car around the rest of the night we get back to my brother-in-law's play new brother-in-law's place cuz we all got ready there and we walk it like we're getting there I'm like I don't have a key to get in the house I don't even like I can't drive I'm not driving anymore I'm tired so I slept in my car and the car the next morning his car was there so I left and you left the keys in the seat and then I get in my car and I drive off and I'm going to get some food and I'm on my way to get some food around behind me pulled me over and then he walked up the car I'm sure we can alcohol cause wearing the outfit I had on the night before and it cost to build Onnit and so he walked up to the car he's like a reasonably maybe in the morning and so I get out of car anyway to give me the field sobriety test and they do the pen test things and I my eyes I just watched a little bit so what they do is they go past your field of view it's what I was trying to get to it until it's twitching try to get over to it and they they slap the cuffs on me I said I was drunk I was like oh God I'm so the hospital and then they gave me a breathalyzer test and I was like almost half the legal limit so like I blew .047 legal limit is .08 so I was under there there's my record Shannon does not arrest me for DUI and DWI actually and it was I took 4 tests of which I failed one which is a subjective test which Steve the police officer says I like you know what gives me even though I feel that I still have to take me to jail and DWI rules in Texas are so strict that I did go astray to go to my license and stuff and then I get there and I spent it all the way till Sunday morning so all the drunks from Saturday night Row in there so you know weight to post bond but they didn't set my Bondi Mount because the judge was full for the day so I can wait till the next morning to the bond amount posted so I sleep overnight in jail they have to take a dump in the toilet prosecutor case and so after 2 years on this one record and so now it's your money back will let lets you post like 10% of your bond amount and then the company will post your full Bondi mounds and then like a little pic in the post the other 90% And then when you show up for the hearing it is give it all back to you so you pay a smaller amount they pay the full amount in this keep whatever you get money Run movie midnight run Charles Grodin Bounty Hunter Bail Bonds place and yes it's a really funny movie 48 hours new lines it's it's kind of funny because when he rolls up and stops 400 yards from old of firehouse and police station review the cops come over cuz I know my buddy who works over there it's okay she be going country that when you see a cop on the road you're feeling so sick Sony pulled up and got out and he's going to walk across to me in the parking lot sitting here we're never sure when we first moved into this building about the ah. It's really cool that was here it was really good vs blue blue outside here just because okay that's how you know all the sounds are coming and everyone vs with a wreck it and then I'll just come another week before people get drunk and I want to see if they're in v so 2 cops holding this drunk dude I think I've been punished because he was bleeding like swaying and they like to stand up stand up there Pro it was an act because one behind it and I'll post one of the exact same speed as friend and it just went off it was one of the funniest things what time it up but numbers on Downton when I was at the the 2014 Festival when I was at the Ritz 8 in the morning and there's a guy running down six Street and I got a cop on a bicycle chasing the guy that get down get down get down here and he jumped off the bike like a movie like movie Style people I know people making fun of him for being V bicycle pumps go outside get some fresh air feels like I'm right in front I was making a right on red Downton does stop there a little the row he was there on the other side of crosswalk and it goes to music are there other people there just like jack off on foot Comfort Inn Houston Houston traffic what was supposed to go soon as I started screaming at me pull over pull over a car Crossfade calling for backup watching cops on foot at the corners are right turns that are sitting there watching for inspections lets you guys will literally sit there like weight for cars ago because of the inspections are more color so they can spot if your inspection on your car in front of me like right now heading over right now I got pulled over for expired inspection sticker by a police officer who was in front of me I was Downton but my inspection was expired by two and a half years or something pulled over slow down we got behind and pull you over and fuck introspection was like how did you even see that you would like I'm just looking for the right to take it you can take it you guys want to see you by far have the most expired inspection sticker Gavin for an inspection or expired license plate if you go get it done it it's like 10 bucks introduces Define proof of insurance I felt like tents every single time DMV place the things I love most about her places does inspection leaderboard 4 Drivers School we've talked about this girl came to town that is true still here so earlier we were talking about Gavin getting stopped and wanting to like have them check his bag and and everything's fine did you ever have Gus because you're socially awkward person you ever have that feeling when you're in a retail store or so I'm reading the fucking Twitter myself in a situation proof you're not shoplifting scrutinized watching you think like he stopped and be like hey you should listen would you like them would you let them check You In This Storm some stores in the US where they will stop you at the door and check your receipt and check your bag like Sam's Club has won the does so obnoxious that's just the way it is there I know that Sony check my receipt I don't make a big deal about it think about how they have no right to check the receipt that they leave purchases stuff and it's theirs they have the right to check what stuff you just from walking on there's nothing just like prevailing attitude is that you don't want to be treated like a criminal when you're not doing anything wrong I think of a privacy thing like why you collecting my thumbprint I haven't been accused of a crime I was instructed when I went to the supermarket to if I saw someone shoplifting just I couldn't do anything to them and say can you put this back I couldn't say I couldn't take them off my phone so we wanted to go we can take like this but it was like I'm taking it I just read it Wentworth NH stations actually next door number to the police station video 107 Burnside call 312 Code Orange medium of urgency I thought it was six and one V and I like my first job when I was in high school 16 years old and we had a money belt around this morning if you want to change so we don't like a lot of ones as Austin was great and they specifically said if anyone asked for your belt just hand it to them don't fight them with credit cards and debit cards Banksy Christ but I mean like really I mean there's no I mean I mean I guess I could see no other than that I can't think large amount of money lets his physical because I mean like those bands around shopping center Festival this weekend and underneath the Congress bridge but there was a beer place there that place sounds like music the only thing I know PS4 PSN leaking GTA 5 just recently or element was it Halo Reach or with a halo for that one up on Xbox Live for like nine please retry points and don't have that many points to do it promo and Prescott before the Press could download it with a code but they have it in the store six put a ridiculously high cost Onnit unlisted code for and it wasn't me it was just play with the same people every time and so I mean it was cool because I can really like a pretty much as soon as they got access to it like one of the guys over there contactmusic AR zip code for and he said there was the second person in the world loss achievement for every account on Xbox Live run that money with 100% in Saints Row 4 how do you find him website and sign up for that will log your stuff there's no there's no one is going to know everything which of us have hundred percent of Left 4 Dead 2 for instance how would I do that 4 it adds to the database he might be on one of those but there's no sort of general like there's that you can search xbox.com will have to call Ray yeah me too but it's really the second person you know whatever website they have to log into like what someone is achievement the true achievement the list of like lets going now how many times your messages how many people have seen because his friend count the number of people I like watching it I mean it's a million and one tries ever it's a million minutes before you get to all those people you don't mean it says it's too large gamertags of popped up and it's like I'm still getting friend requests from like Call of Duty Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and he still gets requests from friends of friends list things like you know you can you can see my friends if you look at my account and I have my friends get hit because this weekend pretty much every people would recognize one of us Jack Toronto Sony games digital Microsoft Excel but they shouldn't wait to do that is just so without the cops almost every Mission you can do almost not all of them but almost every Mission you can do you can do those stuff you can do it is alright for sure the trick is in the Streets Philadelphia cops getting too close to a security guard and also if you knock out a security guard legally you have to get on the radio and respond to people because they look like you know what's going on person in does it cost Fashion Glass out of the street in The Sims 3 guards walking around behind the building so you send someone back there they throw their masks on the way to the security guard has her back turned not come out get on the radio say everything's okay don't worry about me and another guy on the front who takes care of the scanner and take care of the civilians out front so we told him and told everyone to get down never get down you tie them up then what you and everyone outside tied up in the guys in the back taken care of then you can watch the store to in the back 2 in the front tell everyone to get down a security guard tries to shoot you knock him out on his radio and then you basically tell you guys okay and then you tight every single person up and then you can rob the store I'm actually playing pretty much non-stop this weekend getting through the same stuff is the hardest thing to do but I know people looking for this guy Things Fall the Japanese for shooting everything so fucking hard what the fuck how do I do this and I'm not even on the hottest climate realistic perfectionist PC you can do different kind of trees you can do combat racism through and through killing people but you're not doing it then it will say how many people you have and I play every level I have like 10 people ruin everything Panther assault like your little fucking when you constantly have to hang with him or shoot him in the face as hard as fuck everything motivational mental drive and criminal would record conversation flow and a boost in Euro and physical health in a long time sponsor I'm a big fan of the Alpha Brain product so if you visit Onnit.com / gaming and use promo code which can get up to 10% off of your order Onnit.com one nike.com /gaming Sony company Blacklist I'm glad to hear that it's not just me who thought it was 2 for the first time that it was terrible really good for somebody lets play like if we liked it that way sorry I mean if you don't return it with the square was one of those people who takes Alpha Brain actually can't do it like everyone else Downton and the abilities you can and someone who's down and get up so like if someone gets down across the way I can Tower play and at one point like he was in the middle of night and some do 1030 like my guys are pretty Quiz level 99 do with it was new trend walking in hallways and is taking on everybody before but I mean it was like just get behind that guy and let him take all the damage where someone has to be 5 minutes no matter what what is 84 used for I need around a bit with that with the podcast crew are really nice weekend. It's it's it's a bit too long to fit yeah I had to V people bite their Damon first person assistant Rainbow Six Vegas 2 right now getting the came out in like 2006 or something in there system link in the multiplayer option so I can get rid of the life I don't think it's right that we try to do when you and then we couldn't because the service without even know I was there Gavin six funny and you get a bunch of crap in the comments 2 locations first of all I'm not people do different in one in one game as we all have to be the exact same in every single play I was just the game is legitimately fun I was having a lot of fun playing there but as far as like you know but headshots and shooting people stuff like screw it I'll stand back and let them do all the hard work and I was like help everyone else out so just running around being goofy trust me you are pretty vicious YouTube Commodores man like I don't know more and more negative over the last lycosa is a popular drink and it seems to skew younger honestly like any platform it's clear people when I was talking to is the auto subscribe subreddit on Reddit and it start off as Damon discussion and then it Devo pictures of pictures of people holding the game like look what I got that you had 60 bucks scrape anybody games games and it's like it's like here's information about the new upcoming Shooters in in this new engine you know what people have to do that themselves away from very visible stuff no longer exists the internet people and the more time they have their minds about microtransactions the older you get the more you could spend $15 to unlock every weapon in the game but there was still an option 2 playthrough games and just unlocking weapons slowly through production right I would be 100% okay with that if someone was to spend the money do that I'm fine with that you worry about the unsuspecting multiplayer it's that point I was going to quit if you have 2 level 1 players right and yeah I did like your new little one hopper for the game and your first level up there doesn't have any those guns yet we have other level of play more powerful because I paid for it I paid for it I guess I probably won't be as skilled as someone earlier because your stuff this one has better stuff and everything and you didn't and I was flying that I just had 3 games I know what I'm doing it was like going to Disney no balls out just like acting stupid you're going to it's going to be you know this run and Gun the whole damn time but if you actually plan it out it's hard to plan it for people in the same room talking together okay everyone go and get everything there and a security guard the first time that should be a very rare occurrence yes there is one there's one to get 4 bags of Jewelry in the Escape car before the cops show up when it erupts into a just a fight against the Cubs is fun it's bigger and bigger and bigger and so much more money at the overall payday I think that's from rats I believe is what is going to watch it I was just watching a lot of this you can feel it through and it restarted drill but you can also see you like your packages like your Coke and you're not fucking shoot them or are you know that's always fun to watch them slowly running away but also on that same mission where you have to throw the coke into a boat at one point if you miss the coach respond on the other side of the Matt that you can throw it away and then every time one game at Play Payday 2 just because it was available on PC to find you could have bought it like a Mac I think for once a Mac 90 bucks that was the whole point of the Xbox One what is everything going to be Damon straight anymore 2 controllers Xbox One Sony that's a smart move that Sony did have an does GameStop managers have it you know GameStop there's a bunch of achievement vs Blue polos that are in the lobby right now because we printed out Red vs Blue polos and gave him a call the GameStop manager does the GameStop logo on the sleeve blue under the logo it's pretty much like that but it's games wouldn't work and it was approved for the GameStop Onnit blue and advertise that they were selling in the store we don't sell DVDs at GameStop anymore the idea and they like blue but it wouldn't play because of the language in it so we made a version of one of the seasons that had all the like the words cut out or blue and there's like a safe for work version of Red vs Blue and we gave me a copy of that to get some answers and work and the people being GIF and then they go buy it sometimes they also turn it down for what it was and they're advertising Billy exactly correct 1999 Billy crazy 232 billion cheese so that's a big big six trillion dollars right now Apple's word shitload iMac screen I'm iPhone I guess I was like to do and iPhone will it does and shattered my screen is out of apples ideal situation for the other one and then you have to say tractor and barbecue Microsoft kind of market value of 604 billion dollars is 669 billion dollars 335 billion dollars down anyone down to 7% words change and it will Ward Corrections like when they lay off 400 people and close down the branch their stock goes up but you can you can attribute that to lower expenses lower the cost change change is like we're making a correction and attention right strips away from the track so I can barely see the screen is play new Mac Pro the trash can Mac get one of those coming out Austin picture of a desk today on Reddit it's like to be a desk with a clear like plexiglass top and then your PC components go in the desk at school. So I found it and the desk is 1700 bucks Daytona Dr 2 run from it and then you can plug a wheel proof was in the desk for the plugs plug for three years now 3 years probably November that will have his laptop I'm almost made it three years and so it's like he's like an acceptable amount of time Steve from a Thunderbolt drive which is really fun my phone is a sack of shit as well now this point it loss about morning the battery last for hours and when it gets to 90% of the way through and I found a solution where when you first with this thing and go to sleep and you open it it had this thing where you have to wait for about 15 seconds before you can do anything because the battery life and that they would really dump everything Steve it to the hard drive in and shut everything down and that's all they had so they can have 30 days battery status and it was like you V new command prompts for Macintosh apple and you could modify the config file that don't go to sleep unless it's been shut down for 24 hours every single time change never said thank you what about I'm going to wrap up here country has a hundred twenty eight gigs of storage in it yes I was right by the way you were my 2 year old argument that respect given to the iPhone 5 and I made the comment which I was compelled watching believe because usually when they have and Gus at the times at lets not always true because there's 2 specs given to the iPhone 5 in Italy movies disproving what I said by telling me that they were something like that wasn't true but that thing hasn't come out yet my brain hurts well you said the short version is I was it's so gross I can't believe it I don't know we're going to be at Pax and blue 6509 Wheat Drive six floor or panel is at 1 p.m. Friday in the main Ballroom come see us and look at our question of not allowed I'll be the GameStop Expo wandering around I'm not we have a booth or anything I could be hanging out so that's in Vegas I'll be there for that is going to be at the entire time so if you want to come by we'll be there soon I'm tired I'll be back on Wednesday and next Monday