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RT discusses their best flirting tricks

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Recorded: 2013-09-03 21:01:03

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, Kerry Shawcross




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Transcript (in progress):

Fish Market Rocky bible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction periodicals for free audiobook of your choice but audible podcast.com slash proof that help you get your website off the ground it was 199 21st Century Real Estate website for details really good parently very young girls the he sees all the food that looks the same to me Patrick Stewart was in what movie yeah that's what 20 years ago be somebody where is the bean from 20 years ago but can you like any of this so hard to get used to everyone again and be like memorizing their faces again losing 8 years and then like it I can do it yeah I can't like one of the kids over there was like whistling they're all like I'm happy cuz I'm whistling at you different tastes can you drink Coke and Pepsi at the same difference but I just call them and get some of this food GameStop remind me some skill I think that I guess I learned that I don't have it we did we did a series of vines Gavin barban I both fucking awesome we have fun making them and set up and paid off and we were we were having trouble connecting with Vine as a platform it's about talk you never know when I'm going through Twitter and Tony has an Instagram link I clicked expecting a picture and then I get somebody talking I had to turn my phone down to differentiate between gram and I feel like I'm laying video when you out. Wednesday's are very grateful for the face I had there was one in particular we did the milk challenge Gavin the rules we drink our entire galaxy by the way I had to communicate that we already have pooping literally on a beat like on command really difficult you have to make yourself burp you can just do it if I say like when the clock hits 12 you have to burp right then I just couldn't do it 3 2 1 3 15 take you wouldn't you would how you doing you just like I saw you guys working on the fence room for a while but I just went out into the break room and they're just like or like things like the milk out though so just like in any container you could find you just fill the bowl that it was like where's the cookies you know how much milk cost at bye-bye you like will get it milk and it's more expensive but if you can guess 3 5450 good number embarrassing all of us Square cartons of milk and those are half white so that's my frame of reference when I was so it's probably actually like miniature 16 cups in a gallon you like how many gallons in a buttload I mean there's a butt load measurement is really swollen and it makes me think I'm going to need one of those in my life cistern the toilet tank of water can you water similar to the device that collects water from the sky it's ice outside in the winter pain in tip of the cistern is elevated because gravity to deliver the water that's exactly what the back of a ice rink the refrigerant different people I just drink so fast it's like growing up in Texas that when he first came over from the UK other than the Alamo Drafthouse to go see what was the movie Changeling and had the guy that was like the activated it doesn't the things you were here to do the keyboard and all the letters from the fuck what the fuck is Russian or something no it's an action movie she was in the to go see that Mo and they gave us those they gave us those cup cistern but I don't know those plastic cups that are like this big and at the top there like that big around it seems like you hold it would like to hands on those and then he got this drink they said it in front of them Houston Texas where ice tea or water I just found an entire like his Gavin water you doing because you think I've always just I just drink it it's just that 2 seconds afterwards if you don't taste it later drinking wine after tasting it in your nose let you send disaster what is something you're talking about something to get my God damn stupid opinion about something in the side like person from the side it's just a nose and then what he doesn't like that and the guy who put it online it's out of me and then it's like slowly the frames room I like when you look out this is like it's like saying like always like right there you never know water the tap water here about either but if you'd like train yourself to be able to drink it the filter again it's so easy send to my parents I don't really care about you know you're in person to figure out because a lot of things like just can't be bothered doesn't worry about it like the achievement hunter panel at RTX Michael told the story about how Dan from Slow Mo Guys came all the way over from the UK they were hanging out together and then Gavin just walked away and left it somewhere I left them somewhere they didn't even think they should make sure he has a ride somewhere he just walked away and drove off and was like oops sorry on the flip side of that when he's got some to do for work or something like that he like just working like a madman and get it done like you edit you the edited up until now every single Minecraft Let's Play Ride and sometimes that's a 61 up to six feet long and six different like 40 minutes I just got out of it when you do it like you know what 2 part 3 part or whatever you do do it only when the whole thing and then determine how much I need to Cup and then for a long time I spent more time behind the camera than in front the family that was what I did with the first movie with Matt I wasn't in that the basketball player gets shot because we made it squares and they were so I won't tell you how we made them and they were so dangerous that I do want to put them on anybody else I would test them by wrapping a weight belt around a watermelon and setting these things off his exposed off and when they stop like smashing the watermelon through the weight belt that's when I knew we had like the perfect ice and falls out just like imagine that the blood from the person it was the way the squid was designed in this thing when a person gets shot there's that explosion in the blood that comes out of squid and the way we designed them was that it would fire outward and break what was a condom with a blood pack in it like a condom filled with water and food coloring the camera right there if your people running the Cameron bullet shrapnel from the epoxy that we used to build these things when guys try to make him he didn't let it dry long enough and she fired a plug of a positive punch through a piece of drywall like right past everybody else so I didn't know if you were just acting like man screaming reacts because it felt like something hit you in the to where you were wearing this thing for people only only scary when it's fired from United bullet like explosives anything anything the Space Shuttle that exploded but it was going so fast like that's what made it so powerful that it was not Challenger Columbia Space negligence necessary was like look pretty mad at NASA because it's a national tragedy and you know these things always talk about where somebody actually gave me a word we have faith in people smarter than you are working on the problem and so when something blows up and other people to kill you like her so she knew about the problem and they did but it's like they can't do anything right now you should know like they knew that the heat shield was damaged after it went up and it was just kind of crossing your fingers that it was going to be ok and then it is like melted off during the actual order of operations as it was going up in a space in the film troubles so fast even though it was so light the force damage the heat shield on the phone or no phone broke off and then it hit the actual shuttle and then whenever they came in for back into the atmosphere as soon as they lost contact then you exactly what happened there was no no we're going as soon as he's gone my cell one on which was great did Simon Pegg movie you working hard but what is the series of movies called Cornetto Trilogy you know why I thought it was called the Cornetto Trilogy because they were for they were filmed in Cornetto UK that's literally what I thought until I went to see this movie really what does it say Cornetto show Diego what is not doing anything is the ice cream in this cold Cornetto that seems weird to me that name the entire Trilogy after will I just confirmed the same check twice in the figure one of the Dead is guys doing anything for the shop and just throwing people loved it and I got talk to a Cornetto we don't think wanted a drumstick drumstick is like fully covered other than it was but we don't have chocolate ice cream molten lava has ice cream on it Hershey taste like wax in vomit WhatsApp are you saying like America has the worst like the best candy will the worst cheap chocolate Hershey's is not American anymore Hawk and Obama right cistern will keep that is a real American Brandon it's from Hershey Pennsylvania to hear Hershey Hershey Hershey that everyone lived in the Hershey bikinis Texas what are you going to wear with Mo podcast amazing faces Hershey bullet like they're like chocolate fountains everywhere is every people say about Celebration Florida same thing like a city made by Disney but it could be more depressed if you live in celebration feel like everybody's happy I should be happy I don't think it's looking members include Hershey Hershey Nestle and Archer Daniels a Lobby the vineyard and Drug Administration to change the legal definition of chocolate will let them substitute partially hydrogenated vegetable oils or cocoa butter ride in a douche in addition to using artificial sweeteners and milk substitutes so they took cocoa butter and milk out of chocolate Mo the boxes like this whatever they come with wings with felt like wingz what does it's not chicken I don't know 6006 Wilson you forgot them but you still saying even later something about Hershey because it's the most important thing you should know about this you have to eat the city now is to put in your mouth that weighs man if you eat in the wrong way it could negatively affect your life I mean like up your butt what are Hardwoods words for while walking you would probably need to live in trouble you can lady doing wrong you have a message strong energy like the vegetable oils all day long you probably wouldn't if you didn't sleep for a week this is another 3 years you think it actually makes a difference at all but like like like you know you do like the burger challenge and it's like you know mo cereal Oreos milk on it like a bowl when you again for the cookies and cream ice cream in a blender and Oreos in video like soup with a spoon the funeral oh my God give me the soccer players so it didn't seem to matter real quick this podcast brought you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than a hundred thousand across all types of literature and preaching are you learning so many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners bullet offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is Ender's Game special 20th anniversary edition for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com slash RT that's audible podcast RT so I just got a Game of Thrones on on Audible I'm starting to read it or starting to listen to it a lot easier than like finding the time to actually sit down hold up only if you're in the situation where you can focus and listen to someone reading a book and you could just be reading the book that ride that's all right yes driving you where do you where do you think of most of your Slow Mo Guys ideas out of those come to you when I'm on the phone the plane going back to the Philippines and you said you needed ideas in the shower driving is huge for me just driving in the car by myself driving in a car please turn off the radio 2 there's nothing going on in your head just kind of feels in those gaps and just come up with one thing after another that room we were talking about before crazy distraction to him about it and I said he was talk your own voice doesn't come back to you it's like you're in the room it feels like you're plugging your voice if you plug your ears and then told me that any different video poker only gonna last season if you turned around you like talking in the other direction if I'll be able to hear you but we all think alike self blink like two flaps of skin what will happen if you put it in one of those things they're all like yeah yeah yeah the sum of the second new trailer for Gravity that played before worlds and I don't know if I could take them putting out another trailer for that movie I don't handle the stress of seeing another trailer movie Ice what was the second one to be a continuation of the scene from the first one the first one and it wasn't that just like she just ripped it off he's like you're just looking out in Space the gravity George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are astronauts like the weirdest like combination something goes wrong it's gravity cuz you're like fighting to like not either slip out into space and be gone forever or 2 Fallen to Earth and I see She is totally believable now just wishing that I could have been space if you think it's going to be 13 and like they actually film a movie in space the film director he's been in anybody else you want to the penguin to the bottom of the Marianas Trench first and there are people like the ocean who didn't do that space Titanic Futurama hit the car the hit the movie The Hit they they go into a black hole in the deep sea creatures look like there's to it so they can survive the option outer to Inner pressure went up they would explode like if you go up until like the upper atmosphere in there let me know if you in this if you anything on the bottom of the ocean Woods and you just took off your helmet would you had just came in early so I'm just going to space here comes out there what is the internal pressure is much greater than the biggest thing is the pressure difference will cause your blood 2 essential oil is what happens and then we would expand so I'm being told by Ginger the gravity is made as to which one long continuous shot while family shots yeah did your mother Harry Potter 3 Jayden jump on the hawk coming out of the building there's been one person I believe who's been exposed to space the really exposed taste like it was a big deal better Michigan find this dude like only boiling of water temperature is pressure really like him Yukon subwoofer more than ten minutes tops Vapor comes out of the gun first even though there was just water in there so if you would like the massive pressure in the gun causes the water in the bottle just took her to the side like he's going to talk to him long space just for like no children and they said it was a while before they send it to wait for technology to catch up around the whole movie and went to the shots with the motorcycles in the car and that's not what it's like I don't know I mean 15 minutes are not appropriate it was just like it was all over the place to me flashback rap with the helmet logo the time that was fast maybe dying anyway milk over and over but you can't like me talking about try to make it I make it to make sure they blend and then I'll let it this is a big story movies like the worst one ever seen in my life and that's why he's very likeable it's relevant right now because that man that upset a lot of people but it was 2 days they don't like talking about it Tinder genuinely surprised but they really are they completely North Burns daughter intentionally hurt you did wanted to make a sex tape she was like I can really watch my career Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Hershey doing never heard never heard of her before but she was like a friend of Paris Hilton and then she had a sexy as well and then all the sudden this was one of the biggest stars in America who is the dude in the Brandy's brother apparently Ray J Brandy's brother Will Smith son how will This Will Smith kids space looks like like he's worried about Will Smith cause it looks like I'm James Smith always son that's what it looks like what's that like you say doesn't go right ahead she's looking at you and you know she's looking to go to social position mine is mine is like which of the Cameron the hawk girl right Cameron the hot girl Let the Church Say Amen my thing is direct direct eye contact with someone will look like and I look at me look at me like that I'll just will not break eye contact and just go just don't act like this I'm just on my phone but I haven't seen you what's your face I need to look at someone for more than 2 seconds you say hello to them it's very easy I never thought PetSmart ride I got to get in to look at me like can I give a cat for to Gavin Brandon your traffic the inclination digital safe on the Jayden Smith family reaction during the broadcast of people heading this promotional pictures for talk Burnie family yeah but one thing I learned early on if you get caught we talk about this when Miley Cyrus's performance I don't know who this guy is Texas Tech writing that works to our people faces like this and after Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift only Awesome by the way will miss all that up nude suit that's the best anyone has ever looked was Britney Spears when she showed up at the VMAs Brandon space I can't believe that genuinely surprised but anything that takes place to be amazing it outright if someone's going to do something off to interrupt and disrupt and be offensive only that is video like I think the main thing is that like when you get caught checking somebody out your natural inclinations to look away or when they catch you looking just smiling at them that's that's two entirely different things I should be doing this no that's crazy when you're up and down every time will you look at this episode is here to help you get your website off the ground it's easy! Start today with your dollar 99. Come to Maine and own a piece of 21st Century Real Estate will be visit go daddy.com enter promo code reader that's GoDaddy.com + promo code rooster some limitations apply see website for details another example of this is going back to the VMAs is Madonna kissing Christina Aguilera and Crissy kissing Britney Spears going on for to do something with it song YouTube that's what the Janet Jackson Thicke so there's Britney Spears at the 2000 VMAs like that is the best anyone has ever looked on stage polysexual when everyone was like always I'm getting so upset about like her wardrobe malfunction but he pulled it off today than it was but it was not covered before I feed you I don't know what's called was like something code your movie either pass or did it that's why movies were so you know decent and wholesome they're so afraid of like you can't really the movie unless it was certified only they did it at the beginning of time send it out everything we can set up the screens in the world K Man 2 screens but I had a weird thing where they went to the NBA and they're like you can't have this many pelvic thrusts in a single shot so they do like 3 pelvic thrusts cutaway cut back 3 more pelvic 3 so we'd like their systems are so weird Cup racing in Sacramento that like anal out with him cup frames he would like one frame and then resubmit it and then it was cup the flood he ran out like around everybody and it's like shower water how to remove him from this possible that I could do that I don't 08 where you ran into a topless woman at 6th Street and it's a law that many people know about in Texas which is that women can be topless anywhere that a man can be topless when she was just trying to make a statement like what I'm doing you can't do anything about this National don't forget slow did women's ostomy look to what was trending in the world you know where to find any more like I saw one the other day it was so horrible strip club names like a 1.2 someone say that and it just exploded chocolate whatever city they're in like if Brandon is if I do a follow Friday with Brandon I say hey everybody Brandon is a great guy he Taps his chin and really intriguing Waypoint systems in himself you should all follow Brandon on Twitter and Brandon then retweets that that somebody put them in a followfriday what is the point of that when you retweet something you're only telling people who already follow you so I don't know if you will be there Friday probably video what channel is blew up a couple days ago work sometimes was like two years later all the sudden like Dane Cook the other day that I've been on cream in UK and I was like yeah I live in Austin now so I think I was like alright will do an interview in the beginning of you just like throwing a man or something so I'm sure it was your neighbor's yard embarrassment be worried about doing interview really really drunk yeah I just didn't care about that right now midnight talk show I can't fucking remember the name and I knew you were going to be on there with Alex Albrecht he was the co-host of the diggnation show with Kevin Rose and he was also on totally rad show when it was called but I know I'll break but I haven't watched a lot of stuff so I'm sitting back stage Vine one of the stupid convention currents basically and I'm reading up about Alex because I don't want to go on stage with someone and not know about them or not be up to date on what they're currently doing I just didn't know anything about it we just like starting the host and Hostess and then goes and gets those bowls of candy on the table beyond the city show with the shitty fucking guy is watching and you know this is years ago you're fucking terrible or we could just sit there and make something like a office space for Union and they sprung somebody up on us that they didn't tell us we were interviewing and I had no idea anything about him remember like going up and starting interview in Spain like tell me a little bit about your career like try to be as generic as possible and try to solicit as much information as you can cuz I mean like you want to come out like a jackass like you're not important I know anything about you but like sometimes it happens like to anybody in that profession it was it's like then I felt like the guy who is the host of the show was asked to put it on you don't mean it wasn't like we asked to be on the same 2 and trouble of finding you guys it's okay come on going to say I needed help and I didn't have anybody to talk to her try to start it actually insulting if someone who's interviewing you doesn't know what you do know it's not like you're interviewing for something like you're doing an interview and then tell me about you tell them that the name of the person that the problem would he have been offended if you just wanted me to know I think so especially was like it's not like he had a super weird and I'm just like interviewing like all these other guys and I'm like what is your job interview someone that you don't know what they do what movie comes out and some person has to interview all the people in the movie Commando Pax that's a different thing John Stewart Company can you imagine okay like if they Patrick Stewart comes in and sits down Patrick Stewart Next Generation you were great thank you so much have a new movie coming out RT or like it's like it's like you know Sam Rockwell here he's fucking awesome Right Here Comes our next guest coming out next and the next and what's your name tracker I don't just like you're talking to someone because somebody else told you they're famous so it's like I don't the person that makes me cool so I'm interviewing them you should have an interest in interviewing you don't know Wikipedia shut up dude and you restart a 2000 and a 2003 on your phone it wasn't like people like reporters who were invited by this press companies to cover it they don't have the kind of like Cloud that Jimmy Fallon does like they're not inviting people to their show they're lucky they got like no connections but I can be a part of it and that people from this movie here where came through they wanted someone of our somebody Hershey to host something and I didn't want to do it and I walk through and like talk to a number of different people and it's hard to find someone who Wanted host and then we found some but he was like I would actually do that they want something passed and some people don't want to be I don't want to be interviewing Gavin Free the cash right now slow what was the question what movie started because I know what room is that going to show maybe 40 seconds of me talking will we do if the internet u.s. not really strange strange I'm saying that they started this is a test of the show researching other guests so that I know so I won't look like an asshole the interview okay let's see the movie Walking her job being a movie actor where you're with Mark Wahlberg and interrogation and then later in that movie what's the movie about I don't know you make yourself look bad just with a movie but if you like I don't like them things you show yeah it was just whatever like my little slice of this thing I didn't do anything bad what's going on it would not if she didn't know what the show is about the the teacher method method all right Evans interview hope everything down will answer you the other day space Columbia from a pill at 11 Machinima Country Inn and presenting a crumpled Heap how to University to talk about Machinima Jason who plays Tucker came all the way over there with me they flew over their space he said noting the entire time we were on stage he literally said nothing he said one thing how much out from underneath me like that and he didn't do it on purpose that's twice that I've seen the other one being the Tony Hawk ride skateboard recorded by the time it airs so we would have released the first episode of gauntlet always been a company that I think it's pretty well it's hard to try to find the sweet spot for Gauntlet during the season of season 1 because we've recorded so much stuff we didn't shoot we shot all that stuff and then we're producing the episodes and while they were coming out we were getting user feedback on it we already had everything else already shots like I normally do 7 p.m. public hoping you all have seen it and enjoyed it so hopefully none of this diet Pax cuz I'm pretty uncomfortable I have a thing will come to fruition I'm really hoping it'll come up will go video free love loss and real quick it's a head trauma the other staff to sit around and go suit to get another Gavin George Ansel Burnie goes to get a snack while Joel concentrate some potatoes black will even drunk will the podcast is starting and I think I hear Jeff forwarding let's just hope he hasn't messed himself down there it's a podcast you all