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RT welcomes back Matt and Joe The Cat

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Recorded: 2013-09-10 21:00:01

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum




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Transcript (in progress):

pick up to go to the Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to you by Squarespace the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio for a free trial and 20 / hey right now who's doing the voice of Joe because he's not like on the same ticket alright well everybody's got Matt Bunyan Gavin he's gone he's gone he's gone forever isn't that sitting with him what he ever do for us and the first thing I did was bring Joe the cat back to the city no no no I just like Monty Moore that was a time where the life as troopers big long rectangular one that we had to take him locations in Joe got really pissed off that was just a typical egotistical cat message saying you never sounded like to me why am I not on camera I'm good looking because I could do this whole thing can be in the spotlight he's just in an egotistical feeling you have to cat as far as I know you are a dog person I'm a dog person I've been trying to Pawn off my cats on the job for years and it hasn't happened you don't actually has happened when you went through it as well we have proven over there's one consistent thread to the history of this company and that is laziness know people who work at the company are incapable of owning dogs it's only until recently like with Rebel that we had people have a dog and keep the dog everyone else probably 8 Flavahz 1 it all the floors it was like I don't get enough for it to rip up I don't know it's going to the middle of floor and it was like some horrible molecule that they find in a science fiction movie that you put it on anything and it just keeps through it it was a company where we can write whatever somewhere in the corner over there dog too many dogs like feral dogs in a city you don't want to feel dog RT dog adoption 2 return Oprah wood weiner dog Ray light every fourth right across the road from her office they would have they would think it's weird all right what other events a year do you see the thing degree to become priests oh yeah that's what I would have learned but use bacon grease chicken and they said that they're dipping chicken breast I saw that I thought it was so disturbing to think about it was it was I'm I'm cutting you and your children and your dead children that was what the 1 it's not part of the bird that have not had one yet would you like 20 grand City Medical Center best food like placentophagy Joe you know you got to do it places to really thin when asked if they have that green stuff the cat headset with mic really where where we going to get there we're going to give the dog going to the pound going to just going to go to Detroit PetSmart Petco wherever they got dogs everywhere the dog sledding up I just thought you and your family not me for some reason like right right so she doesn't want to talk. We're going to get it. She's going to pick a very specific dog just to punish me right right what she's great at doing so what do we do she looked online and Google something I can't quite see the Google search the computer and then she like shows me this is the dog I want and the first picture I see the dog is Kelly Preston as holding his dog and I'm like wait why is Kelly Preston it's like and it's all celebrities holding this dog it's like the most famous dog in the world as something and then Google search most expensive dog in the world I don't know what we sold the car for the dog did you really know about the shows but we didn't order a dog from another state which to me is like you might as well buy a pony I'm as crazy so is it like a restaurant where they like they go and make it make it then or is it free Matt Cooke the dog when that be awesome if they did have a good time the little a Labradoodle as a combination to keep your mind can wrap around this concept of a Labradoodle if I don't know if she likes cat have you seen Rising as dog cat with a dog's head Jons dog yeah it's a weird thing at work Joe the cat was not allowed to come Jons made all the shots recently one of his designs from every day today cat a because he was the cat seriously everybody is having a dog and every dog comes your dog the office John bring his dog to the office to only work 4 days how long is 12 times 4 days times would you say as a man would you say your dog is manly Your Man yeah Bella for the love Atreyu that person anymore when you act like that and we have no idea 2 the guy that was at Ray right I don't like the guy from there it was looking around and I was like ah my goddess episode a mohawk and tattoos 11/13 get out of your cat so what is he talking about it Jons Bella shirt that shirt was 1 that I ran into somebody wearing that shirt at Disney World Disneyland sorry you don't expect to like run into people wearing your shirt all the time and then when you see him in like an unusual place we were on the story book ride together that's the right when you go run and as a little tiny miniature amusement park stuff on there like that of Cinderella's castle I didn't take my kids I was just by myself RT dog did dr. 84011 did Mark not right he did not he did Flint call Flint call free as funny is a funny picture I took know what's going on so I guess I star yeah it's a Blu shirt I'd wear it guys drunk Burnie Texas bourbon female cats Gavin the chief are we looking for feedback which I couldn't MO Lottery that I had to stop by my desk and do that for a while Injustice Edition with my design so I went to Six Flags how do you do the Terrapins there I'll put I'll put the one of them what are you going to be better known for your nose or the Tower of pimps I don't know your whole life and then just nickname 8 hours okay you were at Six Flags Six Flags anner Siri station in the Wildcats what I'm used to seeing her everywhere on the storybook ride that seems weird that she's wearing that transaction and I think this is the public it was like jacket on and your mother on I didn't take a picture because I gotta no I was right the flintco shirt about five minutes while you were in shirt at that the thing that that's me a picture of a dude wearing the fluids if it's legitimate strategy Homestar Runner short Runner main idea was asked me about my family what color is a lesson that the animation guys have also smell this call somebody over that's that's Kentucky Straight Bourbon yeah they also didn't what would what year looking back I wish I could be there trademarked or copyrighted officially or whatever you do for the cat thing for zombies W for 2014 and I saw somebody wearing ask me about my shirt but it was gray and red splatter big white letters on it and ours is black with just white lettering and a white image of it and I stopped and I got a nice shirt where did you get that I guess I just took are designing like we did it that drives me fucking mentally get your boots I didn't know zombie that 1 2 when I miss that so much I wish you would shirt Joe and I shared our favorite shirt you would wear it one day and we wear it another day shirt into their paper-thin my favorite we ever had was it was just a plain grey t-shirt and it's Blu Army on it like the shirt and they were not able to Joe and I like them but they wouldn't it was like when you would always MO we don't have to choose between two designs if we try to do with shirt when you buy it everybody votes yes that we would have 28000 people vote Yes to the not putting money up front and 50001 will you like it and then because he likes it alphabetical easels at the beginning but everybody the reason to make an alphabet alphabetical ok this episode of the Richie podcast brought to you by Squarespace the all-in-one platform to make fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio for free trial and 20% off I can't believe you're going to go to squarespace.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth 9 RoosterTeeth 9 as the Africa RCI cat with big discount I'm going to show Matt the value of having your own space on the internet company has like the number one thing that is very important with all the ups and downs and crazy nations of the internet World War and now they must have got your own space carved out so I think going out and making their website that people want to do it now I can go to go to Facebook then go make a YouTube channel or whatever but yourself on Twitter thought we would try to get them slashed out everyday for work and Myspace who would have a site on MySpace or tripod cities inspiration for people who are successful guys ever watch Super Troopers before very popular Super Troopers short Troopers New Hampshire 2 million copies of DVDs made it and everybody turned it off and just send everyone to their Myspace page and it is a smart idea probably at the time for them but then Ben Myspace evaporate essentially for five years later or turns into a totally music sites Myspace music but hey we really do believe in this making your own website so the next part is I think I'm supposed to read it send us your website do you go to use Squarespace to make your website send us a link to it a hashtag Rooster Teeth Squarespace and we'll take a look at it so that'd be cool then 543-2245 lucky people that get a Squarespace gift pack with a free t-shirt and free Moleskine notebook Moleskine a second I think is actually what Jons dog super as pretty sure John what is John thick Star website Squarespace tweet link to your Squarespace website using as Tuesday Squarespace no seriously we really really really Pro making your own website when they really should do that you should get your voice out there and have your own home online people need to just glad you did that because I haven't bowled well I'm glad you found it heading home love you k Leonardo da Vinci I've been home almost every day and I just want to take this opportunity and I'm not driving you back to England why did skip out on the the RT recap I'm sorry about that I let the 1 day I was supposed to hang out and stay longer to be in the recap and then take you home I left at like 3 o'clock its fine I had to go for it was my stand-in so that's not my arm my arm is way sexier I just want everybody to know what does it mean when you guys want to teach your upcoming thing you got coming out the top of the website I'm not good tee wrestling I'm curious I should ask you. he would he would throw that off when you're doing so just try to do your best in this but we're coming up making a new website and there's loads of thick new stuff on it and it's going to come out soon and it's going to be a new website and it's not revolutionary functionality of the features community members love to the surface Flight Rising everybody's communication words words words I think Ben is the heaviest Ranger hold a service to the truth if that's true then that's a great song by the way is perfectly legal to drink even though you know I am very young probably go up to see his liver is twice the size of the liver seat on the plane for Ben flavor is it hot gets bigger if you do rowing or something does your liver get bigger if you Bevel over it's over right wrist have you ever been able to tell some reason why Joe arm I have not but I'm sorry High School Highway lone and help what was the score 2 story and we made out a lot of my friends in high school was big in the bowling and became a professional bowler and he actually had like one arm was like giant compared to the other arm is longer as well and people would always say what's the name of the the fish crab thing that changes shell as it gets bigger that is a hermit crab that I think is cool have you ever seen that show was like yeah yeah I mean it's a really cool thing where you want a portable home Pat figure out why you just hung out late and whatever then you're going to like what I can't take him because I already I don't 1 brick per car rules out of Mo prison Beyonce so then we can talk about anything serious while you're up there for 2 seconds and I already did on the website that Ben's working on and Jons been helping with some design stuff is going to be great it's really really cool and Barbara mention that we were working on some stuff on the news post a few weeks back and bend as Ben just going to Alpha Testing it with some mods and I know who's seen it yet just mods admins talking to me super excited when is this year so this year means next year when we got everything yeah his whole arm is like in New a misfit that's creepy that's why I want to go back to your PSP Vita is the worldwide for its worldwide for Ben. and it's premature to speculate on the audition the whole thing a great alternative name for Tumblr somebody else is registering it right now just focus on the future of information I think it made it look like I cracked my laptop the other day and it looks really cool at first and it started what years was doing with the pills and the Liquid Crystal is slowly leaking out yet so the crack I have lost like 30% of my texts now really really annoying I Ben come on just watch it on good to get the dumbest words for everything I can hit the movie I would like to clarify it with something like a kid with reflective as it would be if you got naked with a girl nicely the term that would just be like an appropriate for a bedroom on the other end of the spectrum but they're way too appropriate way to I can't stop you from Mystic as being one of his Mo for the disc from isms sleepyhead the word pussy panties they think a lot of women in as I like infantilism what does phrases mean thick thighs and everything and again it shouldn't be said in the bedroom like boobies Pat Toomey from the list 1 hunting in Phoenix dog is off the menu then and then you're screwed Gavin or not doggy doggy style Joe the flap last week about the Star Trek and DVD release that star trucks going through mud flap do that so they're doing a weird thing where every place you buy the Star Trek Blu Ray is it wherever retail store you buy that it has different features like the audio commentary is not available any the Blu Rays unless you buy it off of iTunes while I the first to do this one place and you get bonus features right it's that there's look there's completely different ones that you everything up by a bunch of time you go to one place to buy everything you have to go a different version of your box and everything you can't go to one place and buy it you have to go to bunch of hunt down these different features I only know this because my wife and her black Twilight circle of female friends are going to it I'm doing it this is what happens when you have to return it dog pitch like I'm going to go to Target you go to the other place I'll go to that place and get like 2 different versions of Twilight Twilight Twilight surprise me that you really like Twilight that much she's female and every single female in North America Star Chili seriously 15 Edward Bella in space right now 101 Autumn the Twilight movies on November 28th Twilight 7 the darkening or whatever it was she went on the same night that the movie The Blind Side was opening apparently the entire UT football team pulled up in a bus and saw all these women waiting in line to go to Twilight and they were all going on like on a school trip to see The Blind Side abductor longus so in case you're wondering you tee apparently the Team Jacob. I guess so but he was water the Spy Kid I'd no idea it was it really was what's the biggest in French what does lava boy so he was a werewolf lava hold on I'm looking it up he was one of the Ranger Sharkboy and Lavagirl alright yes because didn't need 8 Taylor Swift house they don't have a Taylor Taylor which is the most ridiculous that's like a bad 70s folk-rock Taylor and Taylor why is the middle right where the green shirt with a collar Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl guys even though I've never seen it because people like this actually that would read that and think the most amazing thing ever and it that's okay you can start with that have any goals and I have any sort of Personality that we have to be cool in any sort of way they just have to decide who to bank crossbow books is who is she going to end up paying for a long period of time super salesman for Twilight ever you want to the Twilight fanfic which is Fifty Shades of Grey which was a professor who dominate in a relationship motivation One Direction One Direction One Direction and my older son and I went to see the Percy Jackson movie 21 Direction One Direction apparently the entire time One Direction you know that saying about One Direction that is negative or new a lot of hate from some very dedicated fans in that case this is what I'm going to say One Direction sucks that they are terrible and they are probably the worst thing to come out of the United Kingdom that I've ever seen and I wish they never happened Ben the pinion hey Ben did you see that one direction of yet I have not yet what you write on the framing of that shot but both Ben and the microphone Arlene that is 30 degrees Ben style are you saying about One Direction how do you feel about that thick cover Pat University and all club night they have like 2 of those songs will come on an eye on them guys crazy that great. Then to my opinion tiny who's the best 1 Nile River Percy Jackson series hey hey hey can I get a Christmas tree in NJ slate of releases we got there Ashley cast of you bring it over I was going to actually drive to it so we got a bunch of cool releases tomorrow song we have the extended version of a simple walk into Mordor with how much I think it's like 15 extra minutes to stop and a bunch of bonus features and everything put out more blisters Nora Carolina region the suffering we should have been slow mo a blister you got it crossed I think is what happened and that's coming out tomorrow on DVD and also like iTunes and stuff like that and then we have a really really cool Achievement Hunter a tremendous first DVD slash whatever long-form thing like that tweet fails of the week Halo we did a bunch of special interviews for it to put in between the clips and one point I tried to talk with Jeff German TV turned out and Brent turned out great because we didn't it was like I was like the first flight on the last one Slow Mo Guys guys compilation of a bunch of women guys but we've done some stuff that's going to be awesome so I'll come out tomorrow so you got the scoop here first on the podcast the first time faculty Fortune for men Nora tomorrow all three of those things came out yesterday if you're at home right now watching the live stream all three of those things come out tomorrow September 10th if you're watching this or listen to it later I'll do it through those things came out yesterday September 10th really wanted to do the slow Matt 1 released everything but without the slow but everything was great just watch it on fast-forward you do that for rules and a presentation about it I wish I can I wish the iPhone on the scrubbing mechanism was already sucks because not everything has that like fun too we can go down to go like this one doesn't have that somebody might be time to break out the thing that when you let go of the screen it would ignore whatever movement you lasted like I get the point I want to on this time-line I Let Go it always moves at 1 left or right by like 20 minutes if you want to like more that's what I want I don't want it alright this episode where she thought guys just brought you by TriStar pictures 2 Guns 8 cinemas cinema cinema pretentious but sometimes a change in arm in and do it RT what is Filipino in the great you did with a white center as well I do occasionally thanks I sent them to you and I would like to wear armor Beyonce theater Century Arm so I can we talk about what you did I'm asking Patrick if you listening he says no it's bad it's really bad and I say what we did the explosion occurred so cool oh and I did something I've always wanted to do and that is to live away from an exploding caught in slow mo video I feel comfortable saying this Gavin was a runaway in the cat in the middle of the car didn't explode so Gavin had the presence of mind to not jump but it's getting late but I University jobs being a professional slow my man is that if you miss time something this is playing the whole thing you want to know an interesting thing about mr. Denzel Washington right there come in and some we were list of actors who have been in the highest grossing box office movies and we were comparing people with I don't know how the minor characters in Harry Potter would have to run some money for that but Denzel Washington make the list but he makes it for some reason one of the unique things about Denzel Washington's career he has never appeared in the Super Bowl and there's a handful of actors that have never been to the sequel I think that let me know that as well as how we should drive movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape Joe what is a moment in this video there because because if you if you pick something up in slow mo but you mess up the timing on a kind of it looks like you're faking it you like a pitch for a really long time like it looks crap for ages 1 cuz its 2 so I was really before the explosion so I took it as I was pressing the red button premium Oprah right here with training you were not for me doing and I was nervous how the hell is my as the training I gave you it was good what are Gavin training right before you just hold this button press that button I can record it okay don't hate it when this happens it when you think it can happen I'm not going in so long because everything was the same but the same again Pat and missed one of the slow mo explosion right yeah I know I was like that's not a big deal we blow up this balloon at the car or fucking done that's it we can't afford another car but it was trained into a car and it was closed we did about $5 for the coming up to the cat you know I mean like they're looking I think you're too fucking retard for not hitting you or you and I can sit down and probably doesn't want to do it how to get yelled at by Guy Ritchie the Tantrums on set or whatever What actors do you have a thing where everyone else Sunset can essentially take as long as they want to get stuff done then I get yelled at or to push the date back but the lighting guys are still four three fucking hours we going to light it perfect the sound guys like over the weekend to play with Christian Bale to yell at them but other than that and then it's a coconut readings perfect for everybody else to guys 8 hours now you have 30 seconds after he reports got right go right now no fuck up exactly on your movie that upset you know I mean if you've ever been on and be sympathetic Christian Bale when he gets to do it he doesn't have 3 hours to do it is gotta hit it and he's got to get it right the crazy messed-up from the north Zach shirt with that button 300 people there staring at them get it right get it right because sometimes even if I'm running and stuff Tito's guys Sunday and she goes oh please advise or advice I should shirt a guys shoot movie Shoot the nude scenes on the first day and I wasn't nervous because what they do is when they get the footage of the cans and the like I don't want you to my character have a contract or something like that just back out of it if you do it on the first day because you know you can replace them they haven't done anything yet either super direction to being that they know if they can because they didn't do it like that Alaska Airlines packs of multi WhatsApp as shown by the way congratulations on the most recent episode of movie is absolutely nothing was good so you missed your flight first time is my flight you missed it I was in a tizzy over the weekend it was pretty crazy I don't feel like the smell of describing how but yeah I miss my flight I thought it was at 2 the great so I had to wait like I should just wander around Seattle for like a whole day which is fine I mean I like Seattle so that's not a problem but 824 hours later I'm getting on my plane this I hope this is a good feel for another animated Adventure Jordan I do this for you I'm getting on the plane and I'm like half awake or whatever and I'm just chatting it up with a friend of mine you know who you are and shut up I'm just saying like I can't wait to crash into my bed when I get home and there's like an old lady next to my right and she's like did you just say crash and I'm like oh yeah you know I'm just really tired and she goes running to the flight attendant back to the room and I'm already passing on my knee and flight attendants like I need to talk to you in the back of the plane and they walk to the back of the plane and some passengers overheard you talking about crashing the plane tired I was just want to make sure you don't have any problems with that you have no ill-will towards them like tendency of real bitches like that's the most irresponsible thing I've ever heard in my nice comfy exit row seat and they made me move back to the back of the plane just so those people like that lady Haggard as pitch would be comfortable yeah I had to crash so what do you think you're going to crash the plane can you like the simplest of words are forbidden when you're on a plane it's already Blu a good time I really can we just like come up with a bunch of stuff sure it was everybody get down get the fuck down get the fuck down a total of 20 should it should have said that it would that be considered any many level of racist that mean should I just like mine what race are you in the a big state the obvious and everything have an I don't have I said don't have a grenade oldest life arm they have the round cannon ball with the women like you're in the Palm - don't say the book the taxes fun well I'm glad you because people be Craigslist sucked I would like to test all of the words that were acceptable on the phone or something you know like what else could you say to like skirt around the idea that crashes a parachute on the plane wherever show you that I have an app called Falcor the world use that on the parts of the world and I can get a lot more levels if I turn the GPS GPS to put in the window so I will turn the GPS device on it in the window and then pull the shade up over and over when I'm in the plane that would probably get more playing time I would do it yes very much so like what's the point I mean that you're asleep and go oh yeah this guy looks a little on edge I guess so I'm here the busy flight attendant on the other hand I wanted to smack her for the name I don't know she got something that I shouldn't be saying stuff New York going to that other stuff as well probably when your outfit I mean I had very little I bought to wear than I should have that would be nice I wish I had it then shoulders are murdering me ideas we are so busy lately it's crazy like that last night I was like moving some P frames around or I thought it was because apparently the action happened in my head but it turns out I looked up and my hand was in my face or my face in my hands and I just saw them I saw me doing stuff on screen but actually doing it was the real thing ever but yourself moving like it was like all of the animators really appreciate it yeah it's just me Shane and a few others left now I'm just kind of like cleaning up ghost town Matt combustible sent but you guys well the form in there if it wasn't for such Close Quarters and releases because I track my plane's GPS I was able to short but you were the flight path is in relation to the new building at 10:10 and then as soon as you said it was like wait there's a plane going overhead right at that moment if you look at one of the windows the tail of the plane was going to crash on the but yeah she's moving a building like this building be entirely empty except for you guys so that you can draw just B6 test in the middle of the room with all this face and I can see you and Dustin did in Atlanta room de Austin and Dustin thought it's too cold and there is so they constructed like we really like as soon as you will they put a big blanket with a workspace on the keep it warm on the device the rules in the ceiling with fabric the question the answer to as a right hand in their the manager Craigslist 8 change the font nomenclature time this season the right volume wasn't even know anymore I'm just like I'm kind of working episode episode at this point which then it can be hard to top the last one right it was really what is episode 8 of volume work on things bloody amazing how the official name for that is not healed if people who are asking about that just started Nora 2 do we all watch everything out of sequence yes and you sometimes forget what happened in releases and what hasn't so much as Blu of the season going over it with me hasn't come out yet I'm scared to say anything because I don't know what we're talking about anthems Troopers for Ruby but that character Nora that's right it just went nuts but yeah EP in Riverside Blu short supply unfortunate go in the short with me and the plumber and Nora as weapon is in M32 grenade launcher or any of its like M32 grenade launcher that transforms into a giant hammer in the inspiration was the Mexican all right about this 2 hidden a square of aluminum slow down the speed of a scorpion went when Nora is sailing to the air and saluting probably my favorite single frame in all of movie and maybe anything we've done this year is so hilarious it was just like it's Matt just that Mom is just classic monkey very popular character was a lot of fun to make guys and I'm going to go make some more The Galley plans earlier but I can come back around to it what's up with you the next week going up to shoot Barenaked Ladies music video in Toronto that's really fun as you're working with those guys especially Ed Robertson they showed our videos on their tour that he was Alanis Morissette the shirt Red vs. blue videos between other such changes and special ones for him in fact we did some Vines last week you said was the star of our very first ever live action production of you in the office really grateful to him for coming out Wrentham Outlet crap was amazing and he was like it was a different time captain in the end of the article said Captain husk as I was going to go but now we're really excited we're going to try to work and sneak in a few brewskis people with a chill exactly as it was double what we had to stuff his pants Lone Star email as soon as we going the stories about the costuming with Ed Ed Ed was particularly well endowed I filled out the costume it is very well and my wife was the costume and she made the who made the suit and then had to pitch in for it when was 1st peacocks peacocks giant Dixie cakeless as well go try this on and come back out and then it comes back out not wearing anything except a jockstrap and is asking about how do I look everyone Benz and put his ass right in my wife's face and she's never been happier I like that is that she made extra Customs as well what's up we were made we were trying to push the button on your fancy camera slow mo stuff with and she told him a song by the way before we get too far away from the news I'm not sure but we will talk later I just got in post-production everything but you were talking earlier about the nervousness of hitting the red button and getting the shot right now and it is a lot of things have got to get it right we've also been recording Vines lately and we're doing some later this week either tomorrow or Thursday we just didn't really telling you about that we just shut the conference room door signs Matt Hardy pitch of this one the first I had the cup of coffee in my mouth and I say god dammit Barb and what a couple of my face it likes lots of a coffee mug and I UConn slow one side V on the other side 1 short second short short hair thick it out takes video to It's no way to really put the person on screen to know when it's recording you 2 and then you've done like maybe the 2nd or 2nd left into the thing I really like cuz I figured out a way to we had them do it what is the first thing you hear the Vine who is the best Vine shirt in really well actually help balloon British dude at the table so I mean there's like Gavin showed him the giant water balloon video because it was a cool video and he was like the story which tee shirt guys tell the tee shirt I thought it was on TV a lot in the early nineties and I appreciate anything it's just everyday life impossible it was a thing on Reddit any famous people named Richard Mad Magazine really hard questions the thing at the end where it was a picture and if you fold the picture up and became a different picture a different message that called on the back page and I would have to figure out what I would always come up with good Matt and I would make it and I was like what we got stuck in all the time and whenever we get an email people sitting as in here's a story for every Blu or had this idea for a character in a movie or whatever it is I always flashback to me as a nine-year-old was in the magazine and one day I finally got a response Mad Magazine it was a letter it was like it was 95 human person not what was the Alfred and it wasn't Alfred E Neuman as their mascot it was like it was a real person is real person who that was it was like I was so amazed I got a response I really honestly think it was like oh this is something that I could do like I could go out and make content like even though they rejected it was enough to respond I was like yeah whatever Firebird 14 as watching Red vs. blue I be seeing United Troopers welcome screen and bump his head and all the sudden I'm sat in a chair in the building that makes that show and I'm bobbing head a caboose like how did this happen 7 years older and realize one day that would be you doing it and I obviously I wouldn't believe it exactly interesting to take my man like that but go back in time that she tell you that so I would like to make that one day I just disappear and the version of me then the fourteen-year-old would just be like how do I make that happen and it probably won't happen because now the timeline story thick but I'm looking for a photo as well somebody Matt somebody took a photo of us at E3 2001 Joe wasn't it wasn't it was Miguel Chavez photo right right right yeah yeah remember I got it right here Brandon I'm going to send this photo to you what was the thing hey Crystal what's up that was just a second weight with people from nothing I'm not cool and I'm sorry about some modern day bodybuilder taking a photo against the wall with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his name is Vladimir something you might beat us there and then literally he tweeted that photo of him like posing the same poses arm lone the poster the next day Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of himself posing against that guys poster for an upcoming flight 65 year old arm or whatever you know what the fuck a total badass but also a video from Zach anner check out this guy he so funny and in the counter all about this guy and you're finding all about a notice guys in the Oprah show and all that stuff and it just struck me as like it's crazy how short the memory of the internet is because Zach was a phenomenon read it like a year-and-a-half ago right when I hear right before work which I forgot today the internet on a treadmill he's blaming it slow he's got cerebral palsy she was in a wheelchair but he's also one of the funniest people I've ever met very funny very funny guy and we met in college at the TV station like I had to and the baseball fields where Zach the coach and your the the picture yet Pitch Perfect on YouTube butter Crisco we met in college and restarting as I know this guy is really funny I don't want to know what's up with them cuz I just want to do like comedy shows and I mean I think the reason I got this job here was stuff that we did together was in a film festival that you guys were judging 100ll I was on the jury for that Guys 1 Bulldogs is Young Chris I think I love this short is it a baseball shirt that says Marshall most short and you'll notice there for colleges that let the tags on them so they can return the next day we also didn't 24 hours but the entire short story like 15 hours but it's really funny videos that I saw of you guys that I was like man Marshall made work at Rabobank short satin one short he was in that yeah and end up where was it was 24 Joe wouldn't do the stunts he wouldn't jump off a ladder from 3 steps but you guys were the background to those 1 the first Allen's first appearance of Salamis and then right after that Zach I have to make this show for Oprah but right after that it was doing like make your own Show contest think so he's like and had like 9 million votes for him to make the show without them yeah yeah talking about him and he had a TV show and then years later we discovered on it and read it again and I like as if he'd never come up 2 years before it's it's yeah it's weird how fast people forget things I took funny to watch essentially what seems like the same group of people discovering that and like this guy even had a show on Oprah as accused people who voted for him because I know what it's like the red it is an ever-changing group of Link 2000 Ever Changing group of people it is not really a lot to tell that story that you told me recently Which Wich story I don't know what story to tell you that narrows it down Zach a wheelchair and stuff on the ground and so he was stretching see if her mom had her and so her mom surprise her with a visit being like what's my daughter up to shows up at their apartment and then there's like I don't know what you're living in but there's some just don't stress it causes you to smell Bella for a while I try to avoid it baby got maybe just two I'm not sure but I'm not home so I don't mind seeing you all know how that happened Michael as yet how old is true that's true I forgot about that no I was not what was like most likely bar you know and it didn't even have a lock would you rhinos on both sides for that class so you just like pissing into someone's drink from the other side Nobbs who in the company has seen yours I don't think anyone most visibility because going to pick for the phone and I actually just decided that facing the party Joe that was I heard about that that was that was one of the things that made us a removing out of La we moved back to Austin as soon as possible we're driving up to 40545 Zach the busiest Highway in America and it was a guy who pulled over side the road to take a piss and which happens sometimes on highways instead of like going into bushes off the side whenever he was facing into traffic do anything but he's worried you're going to like cause an N9 and take this dick off if you run into that guy 4702 shooting a new show what have you seen watching somebody else on the side for what cities do a web series it's about religion or he's going around basically interviewing people about their religion such a good interview and I think it's I can't remember who's producing it I think it's the guy from The Office web presence of God SoulPancake was all about like but he said he didn't mean it like told me I can be really fun and it was just him interviewing religious as religious as it is pancake no more like up Consciousness Flapjack all right to ask me anything you want yourself with or anything like that anything have you heard anything I don't really have all his stuff tomorrow arm reason I like everything but that's what I'm just like try to get off potentially we'll have to talk about it okay that we have for making a gold iPhone Star article Champaign IL is there the picture of us from E3 2001 the cat is out of the picture that people with professional lawn mower that says waiting in line to play Halo my face right there and it's just right there is a fuck about you I know Brandon who's your boss that is literally only waiting in line 2 player in Halo 4 he wants to show you what's in this one okay here's the deal legitimate Matt much better photo that was reported Matt is going to be before came out about 6 months now it's like you were saying it makes you talk to the guys in that photo didn't no idea I never even played the game Halo an impact was going to have them and to cut to the picture now he's in a panic right now trying to get this picture of plane is just making noises what is Brandon a camera in there and film the screen Productions plus directions where's the ballroom and we're going to put the control room right here in the studio that's fucking groundbreaking idea what the hell you're 1 alright what's next but honestly I find it interesting the most working out I need to know because that's just it that's just not as interesting as expensive iPhone or just cheap iPhone and even more interesting is Amazon going to make a phone that's free well they can call it the free phone a phone like an idiot Apple's going to have an Amazon phone a cheap phone and the expensive phone Apple expensive phone and Amazon is going to a free phone see ya tomorrow the iPhone 5c when we talked about so they're announcing a new iPhone 5 tomorrow 565 s Fight 1 super diem just say what you see what's going on indoor pool Champaign a diamond is on the mic alright so iPhone 5S tomorrow which is what are you going to upgrade your phone my Samsung 5 Ray single day Pat Source the argument years ago 2 versions of the iPhone 5 Joe guys fucking wrong pictures 2 Guns fucking Mexican Trek you should Ben here I would argue with you the iPhone 5S tomorrow iPhone 5c that's speculation 1 as the new expensive one the same size it comes in 2 colors champagne and graphite what does that mean do you know anything about it up I think it looks cool the only thing you don't even know what is that finally on an iPhone or an iPod product or no product of any kind but your phone's finally fucking Matt lone I would love to play this conversation to you guys 10 years ago to see if we can cakeless is 10 years in the future probably the exact same problem 10 years ago you know we said hello 10 years ago would probably be a little bit longer that apple is going out of business remember that late nineties always a Believer not in the business The Flash no I like the I like the software I like the technology but it was a time for sure when everybody including me thought it's not going to last it's going out of business but I bought stock in Apple after the iPod came out the only the only way I've ever beaten Joe in any kind of stock market thick Joe long gone you know I just can't guys just say something Joe the vents you taking her out the door Joe Zendaya golf right thing and pay Apple products can do better than that everything's going to go up because it's cheaper did Asia really is that have super fun is that what it cut it cut it cut it live so anyway that's going to be released I just fucking champagne at 4 the other Johnny Knoxville movie where he's the old the Bad Grandpa nonno pizza cat and dog pizza cat but I do predict everything about it looking at TV I'm going to say no TV tell make one it just won't be tomorrow I don't think I'm making it to the a different Apple TV PlayStation to put the Apple TV Hardware into a television it makes sense now it makes total sense I just I was going to look it's okay this is totally ruined my peripheral vision the cat golden cat coming to my guns but you want to that's your business you're going to look up the iPhone stuff and tell us make this right and Burnie was wrong a different color this time hey I got that on your list guys a real quick Champaign to the eyebrows you know what your brow JSO the rumors currently are that there's going to be the iPhone 5S which is supposed to have a 2 Cars 2 Cars 2 Guns okay so the rumors are the iPhone 5s which is also going to have a thumbprint scanner for security and they're going to announce it a 5C which is a like a like a lower-cost iPhone Siri exactly right there and I'm here I mean champagne sorry is going to happen Matt a cool feeling in going to be like at 10 movie that has strategy yeah it's apparently got it all then I was right to be we look like we just came from a tiki bar hot spring but that was no Taylor we're waiting on my Xbox Oprah Xbox champagne Edition 2001 actually I told you how about we who eats the Oreo tee shirt a gallon of cookies and cream ice cream and then put a whole sleeve of Oreo cookies in it and blend in a blender his drink of choice I got it figured out I think I might actually be in the back on there that might be cool not important with the thing on his neck back right the middle school right there pitch how old star anything else to discuss or should we wrap this bad boy up I think that we should have different Michael Cera the front you don't remember Matt tee Matt worked on you worked on the faculty I did was the first really big movie I worked on Fellowship of the Ring come out 2001 is it is it right now in that with Elijah Wood yeah I ran into him on the floor and everybody was coming out floor next year Zach with their and thought about what you're going to tell about the story about Lord of the Rings was no it was that when I was working on the faculty before Elijah had the part before with anybody knew much about Lord of the Rings the guys know about the movie it 1 development he was my boss I work in visual effects producer and the visual effects Supervisor was my boss and he said to me one day pay or the Lord of the Rings thing but it's like and I figured you two might get through it I just turned down for it and I was like yes that sounds okay I don't really know because I need her to be there and then I'm not kidding like right around the same time you guys talked about the Lord of the Rings thick and New Zealand Australia over their tuition some other City movie down there can a Reeves we went to that was like what what what I don't what is it is something when you a computer endometrium extraction why do that right I was like that's fine it was like yeah so while I was working if we turned down Lord of the Rings and The Matt Ray did you go to work to work on me I think for a little bit I know Matt Hollywood Matt worked on a bunch of movies that opened at number 1 for the lowest possible amount that they can open it number 1 correct for the year 2004 he worked on the movie The open a number 1 with movie to open at number 1 timing of like those bungle Lone Tree the movie that works on site and $30 opening next weekend 45 million poem of the day to do it 2020 cool things and like 290 really just stuff I would never mention like stuff that Wikipedia doesn't know about this great yeah and when it's done it's what you have going down to New Zealand would you have been happy to do that I would not achieve it you were trying to disappoint you like that was it when you were you went to LA but you were still trying to eat half of our family was holding it but I would definitely gone for a short. Of time then I remember when I worked in visual effects when the second Matrix as being made and it sucks man because everybody was getting hired for that movie and sent to Australia and so there was nobody in LA to work on shit like you couldn't like you couldn't find people to work on stuff right now in Australia sun gone down under really deal with that I remember didn't you deal with them 2 big movies that were a draw for you and you were hiring people was The Matrix and Moulin Rouge with another shirt on the world and companies looking to make their mark from that movie and doubt when was 2001 or 2003 Sean Connery turned down the role of the architect remember what the original casting was it was it was Val Kilmer and Val Kilmer as morphine Ranger guys slow dancing with a bunch of Lone Ranger stuff and now nobody gives a shit about the Lone Ranger Lone Ranger made EP 88 million dollars on a 235 million dollar budget app trailers a butthole for that movie 42 million probably didn't cuz a marketing you know usually this is Box Office Mojo Tivoli Theater box office Trek production budget in Wild Wild West with Will Smith in it yeah I know I didn't the Princess of Mars series the trailer for Ranger and I'm just thinking that some movie I'm going to watch the plane that's where I'm going just movie I can see that movies you know I was one of them is John Carter 2008 John Carter John Carter yeah I think so I didn't do that the dude who was the villain in that was he the guy from The Wire McNulty or whatever's name is in the wire Dominic West is that it and then for some reason whatever John Carter of Mars is not showing up on IMDb that's the weirdest thing is this John Carter John Carter Princess of Mars buy Windows in cars OC the nail I was just talking about movie new trailer 2 by the way John Carter and as I brought it up big time and I was but one of the Pixar guys directed that and you're standing there looking over one of my toes guys how was your a Payday let's play I thought it was one of the first things about it I know you is that we recorded that lets play like 3 weeks ago we were that was a little record the day after the game came out and so I had to get in the comments right evening rush into wrestling what to do when I'm going to get it the first time we played it was like you can hear me in the video I had one night of play under my belt so I had an idea of what you're supposed to do that but no like fine-tuning of that stuff so it's weird to go back and watch that stuff but it's all that I've ever been in has been that the first let's play that I was ever in Left 4 Dead survival pack 1 and it came out we did our survival strategy guide do you know the game time we did for Halo 4 Joe the criticisms was that I was too into the game that goes back and forth through so much why aren't you talking with all the comments are stop talking and just play the game like a critical comment or as beautifully guys you talk about it it was like stop and talk about the conversation we had the whole multitasking thing that women in the miles for limbo PC Burnie to tell you how to solve all the puzzles and then I believe she was fucking him and we spent an hour-and-a-half on the first half with him it's like this no it's about the game for you make it about the conversation it was way better the conversation stopped and being good at games way better way better but I think you were surprised you that I was a low-level for Halo and I never said I was a good halo player ever ever making Red vs Blue does make you awful a way to alter the way all the way we did it this way the director would be up and down normal control and it's not good enough for her I was not of course like I don't get it what I mean is would you like to come in the what's on the right side he's an email write an email to him on the phone and it's like the weekend after I've been sick as a dog the entire weekend and look like shit what was the whole self like you have been vaccinated not like something I have to find out what iPad I have a vaccination for chicken pox I've heard of parents who intentionally infected with chicken pox to get into that arm of the couch is it you have your and you have your God Pat Gavin your Pat mailing right now can you like could you just write your address on an apple and put that in the mail but this is a great the stamp on one of the very first things on the internet that people is doing work as an artistic funny thing was that we had a web page where that's what they did they would test what they get sent to the mail but he wrote his name on a break and he sent a brick with stamps on it and then they delivered the bread postal service's change the rules on that result of that place in Hawaii where we've been where it's like you can mail coconut like actually get a coconut in the coconut and you can put it in my office all the time physical what's the word with the word not whatever they could not a package with stamps I want to see it I'm going to see a band whatever it is Gavin whatever it is Gavin will eat it because you can't helium balloon postal experiments to give you ideas for Matt stoffel contest and he should a helium balloon filled because it was something with the address on the front of a stamp on it with an envelope inside so we do that what's that I like it I stayed with an envelope on the inside but the balloon player with the money in it star the Silver Chair 1 Barber Shop does my Community College a pot leaf on November 11th when you get in tomorrow there can be some weird shit showing up for the giant mailbox but deal with it mailing mail got it and inside that thing hanging there when it's alright I think it's weird it's not I like polio and smallpox and things we just about eradicated you have to get back over there okay there's a thing called heard as a PSA for the cat vaccinated America and UK If you're going to work everybody tee Pat