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this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to you by Squarespace the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio for free trial and 20% off go to squarespace.com RT everybody so bright today so bright and cheery hey everybody thank you for joining welcome to number 4865 have no idea I don't know I didn't know it's not here right now is Chris Christie today now considering that this week and that's a lot to do there's a lot of stuff there a lot of other things we just released a extended edition simple walk into Mordor right so that was exciting it is exciting where can people get the extended edition edition how can I get that DVD is at the store and then you can also get the digital version on iTunes and on Amazon and where the cars the cars in the first one a lot of terrorizing sheep there's also a lot more like toilet humor in this version but well that's quite literally going to the toilet more extended editions of the actual Lord of the Rings move the toilet stuff it was good that like we can't really go too far off the trail is just wasting energy and it was no lie rocks and stuff yes sir 10 feet that way and there they were tenoverten 2 more color to it would you can do the entire time doing this I think they're just talking I mean it was like I was like wearing white pic for me I remember like me is like the way that you could you can say anything except for the neck and you couldn't smell anything just thought it would be really weird you're going to squeeze one out if something is happening to me weather baby has to physically squeeze it doesn't just fall out then what are you talking about just trick about thunder is a baby have to physically be making a decision to be light-headed you know like if you're in a river or something finger to be in their. It really isn't girls the problem with the river so what Chris is talking about is just south of Austin there San Marcos New Braunfels and there's a ton of places down there are the rivers like Guadalupe River couple River cold as fuck and you get into the river with about 10,000 other people that are also in the river in various stages of the river everybody's Drinkin Beer and nobody's getting out to pee that's what it looks like nobody no problem I'm always worried about it to save you from it or something you don't like Kevin are you sorry you ever got the right thing how do you been punished enough for letting people know that you don't like white bread but that's just kind of like the front like a front-facing weekend I really miss you killing in the river to try and act natural like on the side of the river and pic back into the river so that's completely natural go because we talk to you non-stop you would never V we want split the river right at the beginning you tried you one tonight because you wanted to do that was some reason you were busy while I was in touch and you do the same and you did the same to be down river from the other River getting from the toilet a conversation all day but it's like being in a river it's like you have to tell your body to go to me since it is context that it is time to pull together a normal size pool in there I just got out of the pool vs everybody what he did or what Andrew is a friend of ours he's also on the receiving side and he's done some stuff with the team on Friday and no answer came to visit a couple weeks ago and I wasn't there for this but I was told the story by Michael and Lindsay she really had to go the bathroom and to get into our building after a certain time you need the clicker to open the door so he took the clicker but he liked was standing there by the door opening it or at least trying to and it wasn't working so instead of going back and trying to get help from somebody he just stood there and just peed on the ground right in front of the door to our apartment building congratulation for your family glad you come to work what about it in the way that you wearing shorts his way to piss while you're not dressed like if it was acceptable to pic at dinner if you're wearing a suit we just had like a tattoo on your nose and you can pick down into the toilet still 2 pic literally not recycled it and it generated water and you just while you're peeing you're drinking it's recycling that happens everywhere wondering about the pittsburgher possible to find impossible Vine Edition I was in danger because I had jelly beans in my mouth from his jelly beans sketch because I can't stop eating them she went to that one the first time and I bought like 6 pounds of jelly beans they were completely eaten by the time we got around to vine by everybody how do you like 2 weeks between the sets of Vine bugs eating the jelly beans I think it's in Africa just like the side of his mouth made me laugh just like the tiniest bit of my own blood jelly beans all over and I couldn't breathe I walk out to the lobby making a horrible noise out in the front I don't like outside nobody found me would you say you know what waterboard and it's like is that something along that I would the critics or Skeptics of was another Chinese water torture their different psychological thing Chinese water torture someone down and they drip water at like a random intervals and a spot in the forehead and apparently when they do that there's a psychological thing that happens when you anticipate the next one and the more random it is just completely Fox with you and also makes people think it's drilling a hole in their head over this way your head is lower than your feet and then they put a rag over your face and pour water on it and it's supposed to be awful but it's kind of like when people first heard that they were doing this iguana Mo to Denny's or whatever classification of giving these people had a couple guys like this it's not so bad once you do it and it was one where you hold something in particular his name was James Mancow you should be a huge competitor for Howard Stern but he's not quite as big as it used to be and he did it and he like within 3 seconds bailed out of it was like I'll never talk shit about that again that was one of the worst things I've ever experienced Mancow he goes from this is bullshit this is not completely flat after he went through it yeah that's making you so sad that you don't have to see the audio because the guy who's done this before and it's all right we're going to start on the count of three are you ready one two in there just don't the water in the guy's face so I didn't get a chance to get caught up but look how long he last year we were watching the video of Mancow right now EverStart on 31 2 and here we go I saw his mouth wow did you look at it it doesn't look it doesn't look it look it looks like what he saying for water in somebody's face an international tour trick the conversation that was it with you Gavin I was wondering where this silly conversation about water and why is it been doing some stuff with the water like when you touch water you have to pee and stuff like that going back to our other conversation without human beings human beings ever Encounter of fish in the world and would never encounter each other and never know the other exists chicken have ever encountered a fish if not for humans domesticating both of those things right like wish that's probably right there's some animals that have there's some animals I read about if we haven't we don't know that's where they afraid of humans like every other animal has animals evolved along with us to be scared of us will be watching me the whole time it's like I like the friend the friendly squirrels around campus and stuff them up and stuff I have it and not know also could be like almost stepping on them and they're just like I need to be okay we have something Mo in Austin who had the worst fucking bird on the planet grackles they live in Austin and where are they are they close what are those things they look like they're terrible they're terrible and horrible because you see when you get there get a flock of them that usually will hang out like a major intersection for whatever reason and it will literally be like tens of thousands of grackles like littering the power lines able to get out for Hitchcock movie it really does these birds are terrible picture of a grackle word for that's a tree yeah you can't hear it but I'm sure that the shape of that tree I think is probably loaded with grackles they can seem on the branches and he just cracked the University of Texas that would like like with experience my mouth was been officially dead should experience go ahead and pigeon flew into my show and flew it and I almost shot my pants in front of like 80 people waiting on Chris trick out on the ground in front of you Washington reptile Summit Middle Earth how much would it be if you are a foot ahead and just landed right on you because that would have been like this in front of me find a friend in college guys black guy in the shaved head so his head was like really shiny and one Courtyard with a book like this early Gavin racist Burnie ATI GTA 5 is coming out in a few hours for Monday Halo 3 has been a lot of talk about it this is the last hurrah for an entire generation of gaming this is the last major release before the new consoles come out so this is like the book so what is the reasoning behind doing it last minute on the holidays I would not be the least bit surprised if GTA 5 is on the new consoles before Christmas I wouldn't be surprised in the least but if they saved it just for those people no one would buy it on the existing conditions tomorrow I don't know I know in the past couple weeks and talking about a lot of different stuff I realize that like I don't have a console Allegiance I am I like digital stuff I like all digital been dead and I'm actually probably going to end up playing GTA 5 on the PS3 cuz I'm a download it tonight and it's not available download on the Xbox so and I don't really want to wait to play GTA 5 and they won't say when it's come out on the Xbox for digital and it's one in particular makes more sense I think it's 2 discs on the Xbox because it installs from one disk and I know actually working on this play off the other games from the disc CNET what you don't want to be depressed Why install games to the dryer sure you're not going to do that games that you install on a separate disk what is the color between the disk in the drive is going to be different because no disc people come at me about digital thing and how they like to know that that's good that's great I'm really happy for you but I just really feel like everyone is going to go digital eventually everyone is going to and that's the way we met somebody like buying my music on discs cuz I like to hold it on compact discs and I like to have the liner notes and I'll let you know when time has passed and I think we're just in that transition now because that's my favorite hey I'm outside by the new 2014 Scion tC the 2014 TC has a muscular new look and modified steering and suspension to improve driving precision and with the standard features like the Pioneer touchscreen display audio redesigned 18 inch machine finish alloy wheels and panoramic moonroof the Scion tC is made to go the distance learn more at www.simon.com / TX been there so it's going to be short with the Scion did you drive it that you're going to crash Ray Lewis if I was a car I would suck but the crash but pretend car would you be annoyed if a case I had a car should I pay for a junk one day I just wanted to crash into you slowly as you were talking or something and I was like he has the money for the hospital are you feeling if you're feeling I've been listening to that but the house is really annoying I mean I don't want to cry like a crappy car and we're like just do something fun with it I'll be cool I did that like 3 years ago Harry Potter this weekend and I could have sworn that came out like 5 different times the series of the episode that series was called because what do you know which is the interview series do we call an official it was originally called vs like something vs something else but there's only one rules from everybody Jigglypuff it's not like they're almost completely in the movie he would have been killed exactly what happened you have to ask questions and the answers if you write it up until we get a financial one with Jordan and it just didn't play as well he knew enough and I wouldn't know I mean it we did it you aren't talking about sports I remember them trying to like you know I really don't care as we thought yours was an interview Saddleback going to be turning around because he didn't want her to ruin it but instead she ran it without knowing she didn't know not to ruin it vegetable glycerin vs Big Dipper care I love it go to your room but I gotta say it was a big debate whether or not to tell you about the gut StreetPass prank because I was just convinced I was convinced it was a giveaway I knew it what was the other thing was that you remember Telltale the hot intern just remember you can't give that away you going to play at GTA 5 GTA yeah I told you in the past I never really I think it made up it's made up its entire budget in pre-orders Ray 270 million dollars is what the game cost people have Megan look like that girl on the cover art for GTA V there's like a blonde girl who everyone messages me saying is this you is this you know I hate the whole you look like but I actually think that looks like you and she's like a cell phone and doing the peace sign or something like that or like this is super cool the Lord Harry we had we were at Pax Australia with us about the world of war tanks they had a Japanese and we saw her taking the quintessential Japanese girls like this Chris exist like there are so few sell photos of people before like 2003 and I just as soon as digital cameras became the thing that became the thing works like it's totally normal to take a picture of yourself if I should mention that doing so much better than being stood in front of somebody doesn't have to be with somebody Central Standard Time yeah the selfie thing is way better and more intimate more romantic have a question yesterday or last week when we're talking about Zach anner you ask me to tell that story you were you talking about the balls story what was the post or what you said tell me tell the story I was told him being discovered on the ground Zach Justice slow yeah they don't know the average volume I thought you'd like it a lot I mean you're the favorite I just had been in his apartment enough and you like gets out of the shower and it's kind of like those naked sexy legs full breadth of my hand I have never personally but it's impressive is what I'm saying you're comparing this on the testicles but I mean I've seen internet you know I have an understanding of how I feel about junk is the only time he'd ever seen you would never want to do it extreme only ever seen your cock and ball it's right and you don't even know when I was a kid I was like well this is more common in the US people tell me if they know that I don't looking at it and saying that because I think it looks fine but everything of America the skin is part of the circumcision thing is that you lose a part of your immune system that you have less defense against disease it's just the environment is much more biased towards women accredited they have a boy you have a more hospitable environment they loved it because it's usually not like we're on the girl it is it is it so that when I was in college I was a sexual health advisor for the University Health Science Center which meant that I had to I was like there was 8 of us and I was a junior and that birth control pills at the health center for cheaper. Like 8 bucks a month for the prescription vs like 250 a month like normal Student Health Center plan to get birth control pills and I had to teach the class on methods of contraception to all these women to qualify to get a birth control and it was 8 people total the program with six girls and the gayest dude on the property that was a great job you're walk into walk into usually a bunch of college freshmen freshman but Junior in college and I got to walk into a room full of women who are about to get on the pill and I got to be the sexual Authority for like a hour and a half it's pretty good game even if I had but you know that they were covered as far as bad as you sexual transmitted diseases which kind of freaked me out so we have to stay in the office that looks like a trash can but when you pull in the back of it it'll like puff I think of air like really suddenly air cannon I don't know what it is it's a real trash jokes I like to do that would like to make that I would like different levels of Cannon feel like could you fill out within like slow and I'm different Lush trick would work if you like can you play I probably won't be in the podcast disappointment Unforgettable like I'm at lunch I love you this Gavin public it's a really inappropriate things to strangers as Gavin watches and just to see the enjoyment in his face what do you think you say that you walk up to strangers and get something happens like one time we went tubing and someone threw up some food at me it was one guy hit me in the face I get very conversational and I will strike a conversation with people that I don't know I have no problem doing that Gavin hates that Gavin hates that yeah like no one is allowed to talk Barbara friend who is like he's exactly like that work will be walking down street in office and he's like best friends with the homeless man that we passed by and I saw what you were still with us it was like I was like are you me the heart doctor for you I will be there soon as I can we go somewhere like this all the time I feel like that everyday conversations and this keyboard computer at the office do you want what are we going to buy the fucking extended warranty yeah I think that people associate that was like a little bit more pompous sometimes I'm just kidding around the accent I think and for some reason she had all of her stare at their like their vestibule they have we have all the shit out like they have the blue bar beside stuff that kills everything right customer who like side with her get like mad about you you had to like you I was on V I'm always afraid they're like you're not going to like me and then give me a bad haircut really play Howard Stern really nice haircut they said his head hurts with thumb thumb dipped in ink ears growing back how do you feel about haircut I need a haircut I forgot you're all shaved head you're not going to do it again I thought every hair is the same leg because it was from she just needed to be faster than anything else how many worry about being at home not even not even any of my grandfather's that you know what it is but it's a human thing like other Bulldogs I think no other animal lives long enough to go vote today I mean maybe what's that about everywhere was it just your head no but you go grey are there what about my beard a little bit but then I'm not hungry is not on fire imagine that you would like to put it to you like I can sway back and forth and hypnotized organic nuts all the time shaman is it just like the top of the water Edition can you figure out how deep it is I mean like a plan Benicar bundle everything up and just what will never see pulling where to dispose of Bones and while I never seen that you guys alright Megan have to say which one said it let's find out hey I'm feeling lucky It's Alright Alright Chris Barbara three or four word search popular Gavin Free we will have to figure out which one do you want the first return that I got was how many times can you freeze ice the second was how many words are there Barbara how many words are there for Google I think that was Google how many how many words are there in how many words are there I think that was Gavin or Google what you say you say Google can I totally agree you are both correct third most popular search how many words in English how many numbers are there but I thought that was impossible as food and then keep doing it what is Ray polar compounds with other stuff in it like other particles that funk up the contaminated water it is completely Mark near miraculous thing to have with the way that interacts the way to help older it is when you freeze it as a solid is the only liquid that floats on itself or the salt like you have molten steel and have a steel ball of simple is more dense as a solid and it'll it'll it'll sink to the bottom of it if we take it all the air out of water and then no water it's a molecule is water more dense as a solid every time and it was alright can your hands in your hands the first return I got was can your can your hands have to hit your head to toe and the other one was can your hands lose weight to lose weight Chris Barbara first time which one is Gavin and which one is Google can your hands lose weight can your hands lose weight is Gavin Barbara I meant to say can you translate is Google the people who want to know can your hands lose weight was Google someone know if they can lose weight in their hands the reason I do that is because weight loss questions are so fucking popular on Google you are absolutely correct like everything I think of is a lot of questions do was go back to look at that I could use it which is what is the most everybody wants the most poisonous whatever is poisonous and the most expensive I was thinking like what's the most stars in the sky or some stupid searchlights what's the most what's the most poisonous pic what the fuck can your hands have toads very well because if I do it is true what is there something you have to toe finger looks like it's really it's one 2 Matt hullum he can almost touches thumb to the back of his hand that's Chris my thumb. Straight it won't go any further back is the iPhone the on my finger like my finger will end up letting my fingers curve a little bit like this I never knew it it's like you just want you know just doing that you lost like $5,000 what does it mean why cause thumb is like a different thing but it's not it's finger don't hear it just for the dance we don't hear you I think there's like three been doing your finger or two been and with whom you could only do 1 verse 3 what is a been different but you can't you can't even if your finger is open but when you close your hand all your fingers lined up that he can't do it any other way Air Force Barbara I'll see you later it's creepy anyway I really wish I walk over walk over 2 Min after Gavin Google I'll show you this thing did medieval knights at medieval knights at Medieval Knight Neither Gavin or Google wanted to know did medieval knights have special toilets any other ones though did medieval knights used in medieval MO Chris which was it with your feet behind by 1 Point medieval knights use guns is Google now you have to play to win I'm going to say use guns is Gavin you are incorrect Chris you are correct we have a tie as we always do and I love it when the 2 questions to make the top two which was did medieval knights use guns and the other one was I still want to use which ways did medieval knights really a fictional character so therefore I would think that maybe didn't really sorry right now what are the best things about being a knight and for me is that people think you're still working if you just leave your out feeling up get out of the suit and it said that you can just got out of that was something just by hanging up your clothes you can still be doing it was like 3rd grade and then you just twist do that that's creepy PP alright Chris you look like you're about to say something really important to all of that I've got quite important things to say Squarespace is the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online portfolio Squarespace is constantly improving their platform with new features new designs and even better support they have beautiful design for you to start with and a ton of style options you can create a unique website for you or your business recently released its design automatically mobile version on every device every time thanks for all the tweets you sent last week for the hashtag you should be Squarespace giveaway here are the first five lucky recipients that pic headed their way Brandon cross Joe Gomez Jeremy Dooley Trenton Elliott Lauren Crozier and we still want to see more great Squarespace I send a tweet with a link to your Squarespace website 2 hashtag Rooster Teeth Squarespace and will take you based on vs podcast to make my Twitter Banner is drawing a cheetah Zach Adventure Time Style with the Cat book picture in picture Facebook send your site for Squarespace site could be mentioning the future episode and we have 5 more lucky people could get a cool Squarespace get back with a free t-shirt and free Moleskine notebook notebook so sensitive Squarespace website using the hashtag vs Squarespace another five winners was Squarespace get back will be selected before September 30th yeah I know I saw a bunch of people who were tweeting the hashtag and look at me wondering if I could literally just today was Lauren on Twitter she can do because we follow each other and she was saying you know who's like judging the stuff and anything cast been contacted by them so that's really cool I'm glad because I haven't had a chance to take a look at each other follow him and following what I want to do that in a big place like a pic Squarespace allergist electric and then just see what happens like that because what would happen if they would like each other look at each other they busted 2 private investigator take pictures of your wife with a dude just Google where someone called a Chinese food restaurant and I said give me a second I want you to repeat the order back to my roommate or something and another Chinese place so the order to this place that was taking the order and they're just like you at 2595 Miller one place to the other if I catch up you have to know what it is about you go ahead what is it actually told me what is it what is it Ray Toro no what is it honey in his cabinet and saw that it was a little bit Chris is really true and Ashley was looking for the honey and she thought it was thrown out and play all the time I realized how stupid that was it would Chris like 300 queen bee flying into a drone in the air and then she was like Chris Lakey police drones and stole the spotlight for 8 years I know what it's like the whole not spoiling things dead what is Generation X like 24 hours we've had a particular it's got you got better also the beginning of Summer was brutal for mosquitoes and other River Place Fox Appliance been kind of like the kind of bug that hits you and you recoil because it was so hard before I was like and then I was just like walking up in the line behind me and stood right on it just waiting for the right dark thing at the bottom of the pool that we thought originally was it that some kid in the pool and you are like flipping your shit and you were trying to get out and I'm like oh no I think it's just a rock and you like it man shot in 2 obituary Adams dog Rebel the cat here even though everybody can be here by 3 people but that's 2 getting ready to watch the show all the time and money is in my Mary Cassatt has food they go all right Molly we're about to start the show so he can leave I thought at first that you didn't invite him know you just happened to show up text me with the sausage and handle that and then last night chicken and jalapeno sausage last night chicken black bean tequila lime sauce Megan Fox overhead lights are you in at 8 on the 4th I have known you forever and I mean it Whole Foods Playa vs on the wrong syllable is that the worst you have a church one time when I was in college we were working on the house we lived in and I was up on the third floor and my buddy Cochran was down on the first floor and he kept yelling upstairs and it was in the summer when they have air conditioning in a house who the fuck knows why and I was upstairs and I was hot as could be and I've been working every else is gone and he's yelling from the first floor burns parents yell over and over again and I was drinking out of a 3 liter bottle of Mountain Dew hello I believe in like probably I feel like half a cup of Mountain Dew in my lungs Burnie passed out dude literally out of my head breath in the conference room it was you how many liters could you hold of somebody bronchial cast which is you cough it up and it's basic structure of your lung is perfectly preserved in this thing that you can unravel it no it's like bronchial cast in the structure oh shit oh shit air into that would be amazing 20 call a productive cough you move something with it burp yet but build up Sandra Lee Dead Can Dance like I said I really should be like finger with a dude it's a huge ball sack and putting them back in your hand slips is going to cost me but I would like that the big old oh that's different is the walk around with his fluid Barbara exacerbate why is it a problem I don't know what pic biggest playground probably worst case scenarios for end up in jail every possible event where you can masturbate what's worse 2 good examples laundry in Motion in 96% of cases it is getting in trouble or anything else that would get you in jail faster Claymont City subway and I'm just like seriously that's nowhere near normal acceptable but if you do what you do what is a question would you be more offended if your in a pool and someone pees in the pool vs someone masturbating to the pool but would you please would you be more offended like you may not want to be in the pool who would you be more offended or do you feel complimented it's like you pee on something if I sign into sterig never write back from this date to this date Street Consignment yes to this guy he's my rival my whole life I hated this guy we were at a company that just gets mind your business before me situation you know some people it's just like you can come through with someone you thought and then , I just thought it was just like I just came Philadelphia Chris vs Harry Spence yeah yeah yeah babe no I don't think so because I was I was going how to pack a change of clothes I think about that I had no it was fresh deodorant and baby wipes like a great plan it just like whatever like under arms so you have a lot of saying you know rules if you found out the people that work in the bathroom would you make a rule that said nevermind Cannon the bathroom the bathroom Barbara it's a bathroom very late like you're something up somewhere short somewhere that would be everyone if accepted everything goes in a place as long as everything's up in the place and it goes away with the rest of the stuff in that place then I think everything's fine clearly that's not acceptable behavior but if it's in the bathroom you just keep how to do the every time with the bathroom please take off of Oakland and University Verizon why people pull their pants down to the floor in your life and he's like it's just a normal thing but somebody I know there's like you just go to your business they're literally TC conversions from Yum Yum Yum there's something to go up to urinal and they will drop trou and underwear down to their knees like that's how they do it like everything that's just the way they do it if nobody ever correct anybody know when I was a little kid learning bathroom stuff Georgia a little too old to the point where it's like my dad was like you know Christopher had to go through sometimes I don't know exactly how just don't let no dude your a teenager need to close bedroom door Zach affect and effect are two different words that mean like one's of verb to affect something I want to be affected slow down I thought there was another word that was like that it was two different spellings of the word for different parts of speech and I just learned like in the last two years and that was it I can't remember what the fuck was that was that was a long time surprised someone had told my older brother I think it was the first or second grade that this meant thank you know another kid in his class so the teacher handed him something like this and learn from that so it has nothing to do with the question I was busy laughing during sex education so I wasn't really paying attention I thought you pissed how long did you think that Channel 5 against what we have we have 736-4738 I don't remember I think I missed it when I got different on different states so they miss the sex you just confused or is it another thought very common phrases play it by ear and let down this guy saw it and he's 21 now he thought up until about a couple weeks ago that it was play it by year and wolf it down like a dog wolf 150 yeah you're such an ignoramus ignoramus like you ignore me for a long time but for some reason when I read it I thought that was just like I just read it I never put two and two together and then finally thought about it that way I can pronounce it and I use the word negotiate and that's what that is people play with should be and I could have sworn they were cheating vs the word I don't want the forever and it's left open and it was penned ultimate ultimate that's a great use that is when people use the word penultimate is always there to correct you and tell you how you're using the word people use it as like the ultimate nope forgot to remind you Twitter remind me when I separate separate separate was when you separate things and separate is when things are separate that's why I thought it was a separate heading there for the verb when you I probably did that wrong up until like 2 or 3 years ago it was 2 separate things you are crazy and give an example of one that drives me crazy when people say I could care less that's completely the opposite of the meaning of the phrase phrase that couldn't care less like telling someone named thank you and Billy people say I could care less that's completely the opposite of the meaning of the phrase phrase I couldn't care less like a couple weeks ago I feel like telling someone on a.m. thank you and be gracious examples Gavin crazy and Twitter giving us examples this one that drives me crazy when people say I could care less that's completely the opposite of the meaning of the phrase I couldn't care less like telling someone and thank you I feel like I'm crazy and that's completely couldn't care less if you are going crazy and they're giving us examples this one that drives me crazy when people say I could care less that's completely the opposite of the meaning of the phrase phrase that couldn't care less like telling someone and thank you I feel like I'm crazy and give an example that's completely I couldn't care less so we've been gone for an hour and a half now Chris is at the house so do you want to like tell us we have to quit while I think next Monday at the State Theater in Austin Texas Texas we're going to be shooting stuff at the State Fair going to be a podcast for a live audience I think it's already half sold out they're up on our website it should be on the homepage and yet it also is going to be streamed on YouTube so it's not just a sponsor podcast next week and there's a possibility cuz we didn't go into the competition part that there could be there as well so if you're as well he's only there anything like that how to watch will take you to the end and hopefully just returned to you now. You don't even know when Dustin coming back that he was going to let you know thank you you're about to be educated mother fucker