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RT is live from the set of The Gauntlet Season 2

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Recorded: 2013-09-24 18:31:20

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Greg Miller, Freddie Wong, Adam Kovic, iJustine




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Transcript (in progress):

listen to the flagship product Alpha Brain the first Food Truck design increased focus on mental truck drivers get up to 10% off promo code for nike.com GoDaddy stress that place is out there right now just waiting for you to come along lay down and die there but is that place let me know in space removing that the Florida in a day the floor is still there weird if high tide on this spaceship Earth moves a certain amount scientific millions of miles away or hundreds you will be dead of course that spot was like Gus when you got there wife let him die right here what do you classes that Spotlight on the stage and at this stage to Africa I didn't die in Africa Gavin is Alfred I also went to which is like the worst place in the world no thank you I'm calling you back I went to Universal Orlando but I went to license Burnie I went to Universal where they recreated like the Quickie Mart in most habitats 2 I'm not stopped Orlando in Orlando the spirit the flight was like water down course I had a flaming Moe and I don't plan on it just like orange soda with dry ice in it it's the fucken quick trips around here in town trying to avoid email and you guys as much as possible Adam best thing you have any requirements about how you going to die example would you be annoyed if you died in my arms the way to go lovely the bottom of my list Gavin arms going hey I don't have to be right I'm on record like people all the time so I'm worried I might die alone you at all hanging from a rope with your pants down once you're dead you're dead right I remember hanging yourself Barbara question if we ever did this is what I jump in front of a bullet for the president of the city yet and I would jump in front of a bullet for anyone because if I survive I'm definitely going to get laid corollary if you jump and took a bullet for Burnie who would leave you imma do it really enjoy that but I don't I don't know really baby maker it's like over there I'm sorry alright well since Gavin ask this what do we mean by space at the time 2 Play Gavin or Google I think that indicates the audience would like to play Gavin or Google just remind you if you've never played Gavin or Google the way we play the article tells us V Sweden pick up Gavin Free and his at with the stupidest possible question we've been ask you the audience who said it Gavin or Google do you want to play online Tropicana ask the audience alright you know the song sing along with me Gavin or Google William Swanson rocks find out how I'm feeling lucky it was a very mature pussy ass I'm feeling lucky alright we got a couple of them tonight for the week 447 first ones of a slam dunk days one way to do that last night Greg was what happens when what happens when first answer we got was what happens when a president mean what happens when a president marries a queen holy matrimony take place and then the second one was what happens when I lose no one is Gavin at which what is Google first of all the one why president of the president Russian high jumper I'm going to go with the the queen when is Gavin just because he's British what Gavin say the first one or the second first one on the inside Gus you are correct Gavin Watsonville the interesting president King ultimate divorce high for the other person stuff for the president that like most of Europe yeah yeah yeah his move to Texas and she gets out the sun turns a really slightly darker shade of white is amazing it's like of course I can up I know alright really dude alright alright alright which way do babies the babies first question do babies poop in the womb 2 babies and now that was one the other one was well what you mean book fuming that do babies float is Google maker really concerned about the health of our babies in ask baby thrown in the pool the Google search I really like physics homework problem how are you doing Barbara do babies float is Google and what do you say I agree Google ask do babies float Aria I heard mostly Google Double Down holdouts fucker should have yelled louder than alright well I heard of babies being born in water I thought that's pretty cool but they stupid V at the bottom of the pool little baby V scuba gear to put on I'm so stupid as a person as a person as a person first answer was has a person ever been to Mars has a person ever been to Mars then the other wanted to know has a person ever been born without a body Gus the head hey I'm really stumped this may be the most puzzling Gavin or Google ever because those are both fucking stupid do you ask Gavin if a person ever been to Mars you think okay. I have some first so I'll just put it all out there I would assume so I'm going to say has a person ever been born without a body with Gavin so I can't imagine what your fucking thinking Barbara has a person ever been to Mars maker answer same thing has a person ever been to Mars Gavin or Google we live in a world of idiots they don't know if a person has been tomorrow correct at one point what the fuck is wrong with you what would I be I'm actually look like a Furby water gremlin after midnight the Barbara B the phobia to take it apart and intervention after the podcast you can talk to and it was why is the word why is the word first wanted to know what is the word long shorter than the word short why is the word shirt singular if arms of Sorrow wow wow you go first this time you're fucked that's interesting number to say the long and the short words with Gavin long and the short words with Gavin audience let's go with the long and short was that Gavin or what game split so this is for the way you the shortest short Miller shirts Inc of the word even though arms are plural Gus you win tonight congratulate extra point Gavin Google sing the theme song again but they are going to pull the words up that's absolutely positively correct all right let's all sing Gavin where is she wants at it let's find out I'm feeling lucky much better that time I'm glad you approve I want to start selling your products or services online GoDaddy recently had a whole new website redesign and interact better with the customer also Jean Claude Van Damme is our spokesperson really GoDaddy have a special offer for everyone watching and listening get your., or just 199 when he's app GoDaddy I did not know there was some good company I think they probably picked him as a very similar build very similar skeletal structure for you and John Claude Van Damme ask you what you like who do we inherit jump how do you say cocoa days did you guys go it's like at your work and it's really like very self-effacing it's supposed to be really good I never thought they heard of it right now on Netflix the name of the movie iJustine at right now then it would be weird Vietnam that's what they got what ask if the Holocaust Gavin Google what's up 2 Aria iPhone 5S just came out on Friday you don't have one that's why I know just because you always got a new one it's you you're the one I just did the posted we were backstage going High video of Gavin jump over his own leg I was in iJustine The Slammer video emotionally I'll take it slow mo camera 2 tons of video cameras 5000 eleven Barbara the box for the production to work on the set my the so this is actually thank you all right that's why some of her children to have up here in a minute I just see me to Sierra Greg Miller this year Freddie Wong is here Adam kovic they're all part of Gauntlet season do you have to go through it one of the rounds tomorrow so that's what the TV before but it is working to turn them on like Thursday on the bright side if you put a scratch on it if you put this in your office you have to fire one of his little room left in your office beware the picture of Jack Onnit every time someone could be that horrible the other day and it like gave me like it was my own personal holiday when are you guys looking at before so also how I was never of my life and I think the risk is BET on first what sport does bet on football I like what you say High Life High Life right because you would. Park in Orlando tonight like its history and its close to Toronto that V is for that you would like that's not cool American 2 months of Chargers game and this is the last time I'm ever going to sports bet because it ruins the game for me because I bet on the Texans and in order to win money the Texans have to win by more than six points so it was a close game it was coming down to the end of the game the Texans were driving hematite 3 going over time by 6 and then I was like team I want to win one but I'm still unhappy Jack back me up on this that is the most sorties ever spoken in his entire life and he did it in 30 seconds license at me that's insane who won so do you want the Texans won by three motherfuckers let me say something you're probably lucky because you know how it is if you win your first bet it's something you're hooked for life and knowing you you hate it so did you win your first time you play craps play Blackjack and craps Micheal crafts Aria for Affinity program United Credit Card United Airlines credit card Platinum Status as a result of the Hyatt Platinum Status gold status Aria program newcomer maker Sports Blues Macross of frequent flyer miles down I'm now over 3 million miles driving 40 miles just based on the money you spent like 3 million 3 million miles around the globe 25000 miles around the equator than my fucking nailed it Adam ounas like 215 what is the latitude of the Equator never do another ask the first time I've seem like a really compelling reason to see something in 3D Sandra Bullock plays an astronaut who experiences while on a spacewalk there is a catastrophe and she is free from the space shuttle and is adrift in space trying to die brain and a half I don't think I can watch the trailer for the movie your face and you're trying your best not to because does oxygen tubing usually it's pretty Bang definitely check it out and we can make sure the oxygen is a female right now Alfonso rocks really long shot but I have not talking to you shut up the Patriots got a free ticket in the shirt so shut up really long shot with the kind of cheap because it's like panty shots with visual effects in the middle of a war in space Grand Theft Auto and I think Ashley what was the 19 days so like a record for anything over to the billion dollars just like 6 times basically that's what we're saying that we have a bunch of stations set up backstage and whenever we have down time I finally started using Cloud save so I can play GTA 5 would you be happy to get your stuff done game and everyone else on the planet up here we go I'm just up talking about it I'm tired of you think I'm some kind of weirdo because everything in my life is digital music and movies and everything for some reason I'm still fucking ask for game 20 years ago everything in your life the jacket was that there's a Nerf gun up that was Monty thanks so much please don't do that you're just going up there with the bright lights as frightening as hell you know but you said everything where the fuck is going on everything my life that I do v v now you buys CDs on at the higher collection of Game of Thrones on DVD Blu-ray Barbara Comcast yes I mean anything like I kind of see what you mean when you bring up the subject but you feel so strongly about it and I don't know why I'm not talking about it yeah I can do school give me an ice pack burn did you hear that I got mad about physical media Ninja Sushi no you hang up no you Jesus Christ you guys putting in your conversation Adam McKay probably be distributed digitally never mind that first virtual like a tiny percentage of a percentage that like a million bucks to make a garden they're trying to get us all to use the app that doesn't fucking work how long is that thing in at work and it's all going to be acceptable to us I know it's the day before the game nipple and of course it did not release it for couple weeks I had in mind try to login again and again on that dog thing with job I was doing let me try that again about shopping I manage to log in to get a custom license plate at what you get for half man 218 first GTA online comes out rocket how many days is a v is a 4 because it would allow ask did you get what you get 152 register license plates for your car we already have one that's what I and I'm going to give it to John or Jack app gamertag cause Mayhem the problems I think I can log in and 1 out of 20 times I try so at least for me I have very little yeah they waited two weeks after the game to launch it traffic in to get ready hopefully this ask them the amount of traffic they're going to have so that the end given adequate time to prepare for it like maker Halo or Call of Duty that there's a big camp the Nicene the happens naturally is that a lot of people won't even go into multiplayer on children but now with GTA there was no read that load out so now everyone everyone will go with the multiplier on day 1 multiplayer server can give my brain too much Freedom GTA for him in the head but this this game and up to V in real life don't move for people on the sidewalk at all kids me I just was minding my own business A Guy Walks is walking his dog Adam Sandler 11432 what is good dude you kill him I think article you need to believe it I was walking the dog dr. work everyday everon rely heavily on the airstrip 531 security Greg over there Micheal Jerky Boys The Jerky Boys okay Jerky Boys 1996 The Jerky Boys movie while the hottest thing around animated yeah yeah well that was actually one of the first things I ever watched on the internet sorry I South Park wiki Bravo Spirit according to read up on it and their Flagship product Alpha Brain all natural supplement to prevent nootropic designed to raise levels of all major neurotransmitters what that means to us in games faster mental speed quicker Reaction Time increase focus in life increase motivation in men the conversation flow in a booster and physical health Onnit has a bunch of great other products for your mood Onnit.com / gaming and Entertainment coupon blank out I believe it's rooster you get up to 10% off of your Onnit.com / promo code big thanks to Onnit because I just ran out last night it was like a jungle with a bow and arrow just like what are you talking about an animal like a dog being walked on a roll I gave you at if I gave you and I'll give you an hour and a spirit you can the narrowness spirit hour hour hour-and-a-half ask you like 75% overall probably by 1 seems a lot but you know which end of the row and the record Hart of Dixie end bring it up forever Jerky Boys made 7.5 million dollars it was released in 1995 7.5 million Miller prank calling some nipple up Park Hoover Al it only happens in the annex and then it happened on the go somebody we know I have not seen Park Hoover today I left a game 1 day ago are you going to go to the camera yeah keep it on me cause that's what everyone says that's Park Hoover Sun macro lens back in ask if you don't mind last my last suspect is here in the Onnit days Josh 2 Josh Hutcherson up to say hello Josh was our second place finalists in The Gauntlet season one which means that Josh played a game of Tetris for $10,000 and flower in Los have you ever first since then you get like post-traumatic stress from that gaming 10000 crazy I think I felt in the final four I had 3 people for my team and then I'll talk to me treats for us last week that's when Park who first showed up around the office and I don't see you okay I don't see park run here right now I was checking to see if you showed up showed up no it's not enough I'm not saying I'm not jealous of whoever heart Hoover is I'm very jealous of them for thinking of it but I did not make the park maker would say Cooper figured out 2 everyone is National StreetPass indoor over to the other license and then got a new one and then Ray was a guy that I had passed like 10 times but usually high level for me and if we got his new days she's just back to me it looks like him anymore you have that Gus was Ray high level for you he was but I might have lost his 2 since I've been gone I don't think I passed him at all since he lost it was really disappointing to run in the rain all the time lazy like his older nevermind how do I get to the bottom of 500 people Raceway has an older fellow yes okay it is funny so let's talk about it Ray's original the ask not tell him that we got it and make him street fights with himself from the past what happened to that stuff I've never done anything so when I flew to the Vegas forgot to the airport my ID and I Micheal security security on my phone with somebody I lost it between my car and I can Security check for what you do I am I carry my passport with me also when I travel just to be safe let's up pass through what can I do but luckily when I came back I landed really someone turned it in eschew in a bucket and that's what I do is not nice 2 we had a pretty extensive lost and found after the article for this what was the way we tried calling him which is actually someone the Halo Global championship tournament but they need to register for 2 days before everything now we have gotten and I lost you completely screwed me over she stole my wallet you're going and you're just looking at me then I'm in a cab on the way home he's like yeah that's twenty bucks and I'm just talking like an idiot in the back of the cabinet changing my purses and I'm like I just ran off in the next day you left your way what you do for the cabin I just went into my place in this together beautiful are you doing get your ass kicked I've already used the service and I can't afford it Barbara the solution for everything so Rent-A-Center so we were here and somehow the topic of like up there I was just there jerking off and I got off video to do it in her answer I've never done it the app money believe you First Rehab not yet I didn't we can leave at 4 do you want do you want to bring any Onnit have any specific time to talk about this anyway Gavin and I had where we were talking about how much all of us Barbara men and women put up with bullshit from the opposite sex just because they have like 100% of the other sex genitalia the sex organs like men put up with so much from women could they have 100% of all the vagina in the world Amber thank you in German nipple looking this week getting to something all right if there was a third gender that had nothing to do with reproduction corset everybody would hate to cook book men women and what you said this lazy bill bill or whatever sorry it's like a daughter and it's going to be alright latest that I could possibly have sex with her I'm not saying maker I'm friends with guys because there is that possibility flower V never went to bang any of my dude friend go ahead sorry Mom I know you're lying but go ahead has been indirectly to get laid at some point if anything ever probably not at home jerking off a lot of it is motivated by the ingrained evolutionary need to procreate which we just now so it's okay you would trust which gender has to have a hole and then everyone would want to appease to their learning a lot about the people the podcast night so just tell him I'm worried about wanting to be a would be trying to appease ask let me ask you this would you be friends with me if I didn't have it also what do you mean just what I said I don't know for a fact you have an asshole right now and I'm still your friend I've never seen your butt hole it sure you could be a Ken doll from the waist down I have no idea what's going on down there I don't even know I'm still your friend but it's like her update Aria to start trimming off the top of my chest because it pushes my shut out from my body wow could it just comes in the front of weed wacker trimmer yeah just remember that you don't strictly swimmer really steamos White River I could see my sister so is the weed wacker weed wackers at Brandeis hole trimlite trimmer string trimmer so I don't know if anyone we don't have room for all 4 at once Greg Miller casual lot smaller than it looks from down there Greg Greg going to get a feeling like she could have an asshole not a resident here how to get all becomes like the Matrix mod yeah we got a whole eating them twice exceptional it was totally okay if you're in another country it's okay battle up yes I will try thank you the old stories that we went to Japan in March what is a sushi book comes around first question and it will go what the fuck is your problem in it with some ask would you eat your grandmother and he goes if she was on the menu I need some Grandma Georgia from the meal like it was generic do I have an asshole define accommodation yeah but some fungicide that was totally apparently ok to spray while bees are pollinating the fungicide kill the fucking big deal estimated that of all the bees are made in the world hacked the bee population to pollinate just the crops that of the Almond crop in California that's healthy V smell like California never to go to go to because there was no but I think even I think things that are being lied to being like God damn it sorry to burst your bubble California south side mission in Grand Theft Auto robbing somewhere close to Micheal Sam Romans days of Greg Taylor oh sure I'm going to jane.com there a host PlayStation podcast inside while I'm trying to impress you thanks for reading between the lines to show up can I have a YouTube channel for me called game over Greg e.com and shego outlet for that plug should be related to that electric roof or not where to stay in the water right well thank you I hate to rush you off but there we go that's right Greg Miller everybody LSU actually won a drunk tank podcast mexidona Sedona tweeting about earlier comfortable motherfucking the wait what the internet first the writer and co-creator Brian firenzi Alfonso sales.com founder and I will campus print season actually first video podcast like Freddie Wong a best internet video of the Year award the drunk tank podcast Awards the school has the trophy on his desk putting your phone tracking you find my friends we have to let them leave until everyone is 2 you wanted to the guy who got so drunk he still get a 45 degree angle disappointed in myself flower Warfare flower Warfare video Miller video that was the story behind a little something like how can we do something incredibly violent but not for being in my life it was coming out like literally it was trying to be shot in the head there's no like rated R rated PG-13 community-based it's all an algorithm to Flagstaff AZ one ask the older people like different things and also European flag Aimbot Germany rocket Counter-Strike 24 hours a day now anyway maybe that was the problem on YouTube anybody can just see all my birthday days whatever it anyway the problem is it is gated and you have to sign in to do it and I was always curious like how many people are born January 1st 1971 because what on January 1st through the roof of the screen is like a 1938 that's mine January 1st 1938 scroll down in the edge window Wong I'm at noon Flickr Portland races but when I lay down in a list of countries in a form that United States are by John Elton up my grill up at Old Country all you fuckers above us country all over the country the United States of America that's open in America hit me off right season for your username or password is wrong Delta 899 percent of my passwords or just cares shut up Micheal Spurlock at square one of those dick heads is it at 1 everyone the price of the pound symbol capitalized and she has your password bananas! Gavin password on the time you seem like a real cool dude hey there buddy high protein up you wanna V or lady take your password up so that all the characters go from left to right so we sit down and type in it just goes like all the way across the country 360 like iMovie for six seconds to make a difference exactly so he said 56 enter Because the prices are longer Brian Regan where you are in time the high and was always a price inside world the part of the right of the keyboard and Hutchence who does cable to slow him down up Scroll up see tears that often boiler but I completely agree with these efficiency the Catholic right that's when you get rid of Final Cut some people on the internet clearly the most important of all time caps lock an iPhone by double-tapping the home I never thought I would use my finger to get the others to do a capital because NM prison V double tap that the ship look like now all my texts by the way full capital letter Park well alright well thank you for coming out I like this I feel like it's kind of lightning round and Freddie real quick before you go Rocket Jump.com is our site is that a high frame rate Hobbit Style on the site also on YouTube is coming out very soon but check out our site Rocket Jump and if you listen to the podcast for you probably heard us talking about Freddie one of my favorite things are Freddie does is after Video Game High School he ran a Kickstarter for it and everything and everything and then what he did was he hired infographic company he took Video Game High School season 1 publish them online like how much you got from Kickstarter where all that money went where every dollar for the production was spent and I know yeah it's it's really South hats off to Freddie that's awesome so not sure if the Adam iJustine you're interested in coming up medicine you been on YouTube since you were in the first generation of workers right just talking to the camera how do you remember don't think they're good luck getting that the giant iPhone what was the story every single so if you don't Alpha Protocol that too big for envelopes they just bump it up to a book discussion first Aimbot today because I'm kind of busy with a lot of customers it's distracting oh my gosh no they're just stand there they were on sale so would you want to wear it you better be anybody else anybody get the CD 100K what does the fingerprint what does that mean you like the article realistically what's up what are you talking about somebody hacked the jerky high resolution 242 2400 DPI scan of your fingerprint and then print it out and then applied to the scanner or season 2 boys like it Sunday but was sent a bunch of cameras showing a picture but I would argue that nobody has anything on their iPhone anywhere in the world that would be worth that amount of effort to break a mission impossible style have to have him hold on to this for 30 seconds I don't produce his own Park as last week you want to be the first person to use it with your in it like inside of a thumbprint it would be his and his friend was better than somebody else's someone posted that they train the 5S 2 detector nipple print so why don't we I would love to meet the person who has my anus they're out there I reckon I just don't have it how much a weird subject at right now different glad that I remember the anus is a kind of Ray so actually applying the anus to the button would be difficult I'm thinking about the Apple Store running through my head as soon as I was in my iPhone the money is Aria I'm sorry I don't but if you if you were dude you just put the phone how quickly would you app everybody ought to know iPhone 5c Columbus babies what about your father was Greg so probably there's something waiting just inside penis the level of respect and only for iJustine vs Gavin I feel really safe there's a gif of me on the internet with my parents right now and they're very proud of me to the Duncanville area like everyone is happy everyone is loving everything and you are going to shoot them but we're here early because it's different from everything else glad you're having a good time with it and thanks for that you're being on the gauntlet and for being on the podcast iJustine everybody the last one mr. Adam kovic inside gaming on machinima.com the line between and SeaNanners was busy so why it's weird for me as I'm a fan of all of you guys literally iJustine Freddie Greg like I watch everything everyone one of you guys will not school by like my heart pounding right now I'm super nervous the other night we order as you do it's like diabeetus the restaurant and I'm sitting across enjoy the entire night I'm sorry he's like one of my favorite people in my video with the boat I have to pretend to not be as like super Fanboy when you're around these guys because otherwise you won't be invited I want to fucking love I am one of you yeah she was on her in the long long ago 2016 Justin got her that was not as crazy as it was kind of a thing but charity office chairs Amazon and then I started editing videos and through a lot of contacts inside with Gavin before I forget but it was weird Barbara stole my wallet you must remember the first time you saw YouTube remember remember the Xbox 360 commercial the bang bang that was really kind of a thing with offering video banned commercial right the band and shortly after ask him out the billion dollars billion yep that's the place you went when you can see something weird happened on TV that they were never going to show again the look for some video The Chronicles of Narnia Lazy Sunday that the inspiration for the site was one of the guys was on a plane and was reading a magazine article about Flickr photo-sharing site it was all how to use it and how at Revolution yet I can check and at the end of it the author of the magazine article wrote and maybe one day someone will do this for video and I got his at 1 4708 video of a giraffe like that that guy took my days 5 NE Burnie getting such little traction that you put up an ad on Craigslist in La say if you're a hot girl and you put up a video on this site YouTube will pay you a hundred bucks that was their mom butterflies video when they think about competing against the internet celebrities that play on the Run not that last season was better anything so it's okay fantastic are they are hilarious together and then the setup they have done this year are ridiculous and I've had the up days for years analyze it and take it apart and master it within like 5 minutes we're going to stop him or we come out we act like it's the V days shoes I'm trying of eventually get some stuff out the moon the same size as the sun in the sky I miss everything about you accepted member we have after all these years but the first video Freddie Freddie W Channel we saw him doing the Guitar Hero thing when he was in the living room with the motorcycle and he was like a Guitar Hero Champion like how did you get Freddie Guitar Hero Yorkie World bill what does those early days YouTube for so crazy I don't think I've ever told the story of anywhere but there was one time when we first started taking off of Red vs Blue and Mission was the site where you guys produce like that either approaches you know we hire people like Monty we hire them with my feeling Micheal ask him to make time for us but we thought we'd help people do stuff and try to be producers and there was a group back in the days first first YouTube series that was about Ninja cartoon everything what are the characters from the show what are the question every week on the show a question and they put it up on YouTube and the marketing for the show was asking did anything we thought the cartoon to be it was like oh well you know if you guys are busy who makes ask a ninja Legend the first ask Adam is now he works at blip with one of her partner's at your partner for Gauntlet and blip was just bought my maker so now he's which embryonic stage what maker is a vacation what we classify ask ninja the biggest hit ever for the early generation YouTube 2007 Evolution of Dance video wasn't that good it was amazing it is crazy how much to change over time like we were talking about the other day that said who was like them Greg about to drop out of the top 100 most subscribed channels on YouTube 1515 misogynistic Swedish child screaming things that I never heard before 1010 really yeah Days of Our Generation your Alpha Aria check out. I showed her for the first time HowToBasic her reaction was fucking priceless didn't know what it was just don't watch it it's possibly no offense but this is the best YouTube channel ever to exist today she learned what a fluffy really not yeah so amazingly innocent he learned his shout out to JJ surgery went well we're getting close to time here we should start rapping Adam Adam kovic everybody ask where she's going to realize they're very nice family they love this guy well we gotta wrap things up so bad there's a couple things we never go anywhere I want to check me for an anus 2 watch online pronunciation shows online word it's a white background with a black word massage but others funny ones where they parody that channel the do it was called the pronunciation book and they made the channel and it did that for a while and then in April of this year it said how to ask for help in English and it the phrase it was someone please get me out of here and heading out of here in the middle of summer it said how to pronounce 77 and on the street is that just a number 77 and then it started this because something is going to happen in 77 days something is going to happen in 77 days it's been counting down ever since then that day is tomorrow so so whatever this thing is been leading up to and there's been a lot of speculation it could be something that has valves steamos Wednesday I don't think what those next announcement huge plane video yes correct I was reading my phone yes so you're hoping announcement would be a hardware platform to run steamos right and in the further announcement watch software for this Hardware brain steamos the third announcement what is Half-Life 3 do we have any marks or nobody sold 9 mil 5S sold 9 million at launch this device would sell 90 - 900 million sounds like the way it seems that horses have multiple vendors even where it is not just one it's just that they have to meet anybody can make it amazing and if anybody absolutely nothing is on my phone I just got noon and I want to congratulate the Ruby Jean I just got a notice on my phone is fucking asleep Wong saying his the Ruby DVD just wrapped and shipped to manufacture so good timati miles Kerry schade everybody else to work on the Ruby season 1 Project Free TV volume 1 Project awesome work hope you guys enjoy the rest of season hope you enjoy the DVD you can close out so much for everyone shut up for joining us for the podcast tonight and I will be back on Wednesday and next so what's our Mike's