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RT Discusses Sex Ed Class

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Recorded: 2013-10-01 20:35:17

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet sleep reminder for audio books with more than 250,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction periodicals for free audiobook of your choice cool audible podcast.com / RTP audible podcast.com / RT this episode of the receipt podcast is also brought you by Shadow Warrior a bold reimagining of the classic first-person shooter from flying wild hog and devolver digital beer Katana to a gunfight at slow during clashes with the Yakuza V trade-in on the Demonic forces hell-bent on destroying our world available now on Steam Gog get games and the Humble Store O'Reilly up we got Gus Gavin Michael Lindsay a combination of really long time does live on the podcast I think the last time 40 started like helping me to podcast the good streak going through also debate beforehand where everyone would sit and specifically I knew Michael wanted us to Gavin and vice versa and we were sitting out there like a they're trying to split you guys up I'm not going to how to put an iPad in a beer in my hand like to do this what is he saying the perfect one because I didn't tell anyone Jordan assault in the second killed like to it looks like it's rage streetwalker just like his little Ray still Street Liquors I just told you getting really sick of you cake hook up there we'll talk to you last night was Breaking Bad finale like thanks to Breaking Bad for being an awesome night Gavin quit weed I breathe air restaurants watching me type it and she looked at my phone you can see it from here but I do have a picture of your own MO take a picture of someone and then take that pic wwno part of my face I tried what in the picture there's something green and save save that picture of my face did you get that photo Dead on live your you're the one who thought of it Gavin was my treat your crush.com be drunk holding a drink and I'll take pics of people's dicks the dream I didn't want to go there I go to get a good response how many drinks it again get me quit now I really like the live Gavin or Google with the audience interaction last weekend that we should clarify what happened because there were some technical issues with that podcast beginning of the show we started the fight you know before the podcast starts with typically play some music or something will show up if you watch The Life Jimmy the camera was skulking around the control room or not we're doing that the theater but we didn't realize that the theater was playing music in the venue so that was going out over the Stream So you to cut off the stream literally right as we went live streaming software looking over my shoulder looking at his back in to fix the problem I'm coming so that's what was going on points that night but you got to be married no I mean 2014 I just said it World exclusive none of you are invited to everyone listening the planning is me we're just fine Michael throne fantastic Michael Turner Lindsay what are the colors for your wedding right now I think we're on red and yellow to be read in high school because there was a bunch of options on the table and I said you were before she even got to it I said no matter what we're not doing red and blue we're not going to do that and when you what's that tell him it's more of a golden the red poppy and Sunday if I get really drunk an open bar at the wedding you should hook up with you Cool website you like this this method on three gifts or whatever fucking three gifts dad was not doing well dad never bought me a wedding present really mad right now I remember I remember it every night what do you get yourself got me up all the V Pizza Jurassic 2 trust me it's going to be awesome butter bad for me to put a deep fryer Costa Verde the pots and pans and shit like that like we have a lot of shit like that weird shit on there yeah I just read it that's like less than 10 minutes and give you kind of like that or something or maybe they already got your gift and you change it so that you get the gift you want and that's something I really don't like this the benefits of course you are also with your friend shadow my family and then RoosterTeeth in quick give me like in the middle like not really Lisa DeStefano Simmons really drunk and fall Gavin the red balloon you don't know my heart and don't get him a gift first beer had enough okay he's bar take a nap on the couch just looking at what you do how do on your anniversary the video podcast when you drop a beer do Catholics put together beach chairs careless find one getting love to eat Twitter he's got you doing I got air in my ear it will be like we're still kind of like I don't know if we're going to keep these microphones or 4 to go back to the outside out for the count yet hydraulics in GTA 5 you can only get it lowered suspension GTA do it totally how do you connect your right stick then activate your Hydraulics you know I would totally do that was that what's up Joe Johnson every Specialty Vehicle could do the thing it's supposed to do and GTA like I got inside the dump truck and I couldn't do any of this stuff that usually has tag on it Beverly V Moon rocket iJustine Audible but having the helicopters also the police come after you and beer beer that you are you already decided he's going to make weird ways to die GTA audible have you been parachuting the hit the side of a building so hard you die no really I mean I put my parachute and then fall into my life rage a fucking helicopter that was pretty funny Michael Myers killed earlier today I landed and then I got out of the hook and I finally just cleared the whole map because I was tired of like a fucking fart around the helicopter and clear all that shit but I started doing the like after I beat the mission and I had no idea how fucking deadly those things are because like 4 times in like 15 minutes I'll be going up the hill and then I go too far up and I fall off and then like I fell off it would immediately topple over and crush me to death and I dye it over and over and over Gavin Gavin slow you want to stay away from the great if you would like if you don't want to follow the road you want to go for like 20 to point B directly to kill yourself so easily with them I got run over by one of those when I was a teenager I was driving behind him and we all know where we were driving through this and it was kind of like the grass mm sound like bumping and then my right foot slipped off of the foothold and it just like chewed up by the rear right tire and you guys are putting me through this power supply hook up what do I want scar on my ankle I'm at live yeah I got backed into when I was trying to see this video if you want to go for some will be standing to be like there's someone to run over their foot and the person that turns the wheel of a car and then to question their legs what a fucking car gets blown up watching in GTA are just like it happened so many times like the last time it happened just like I thought having like no crosses mean like earlier today I was playing and I can pull someone out of a car I'm taking the car pull something out of the car the door was still open I got in and I'm getting in a cop comes from behind runs over the dude knocks the door of the car stopped on his flashing lights comes after me killed someone spray something happen today where I was trying to fuck around with the tow truck like to like pick up cars and like just like crashing in the shit and stuff like that was like recording stuff but I wanted to get Franklin in a tow truck if he has the driving ability and you can slow it down and it really like increases the like the the width of the car you're telling them you Franklin so I had the tow truck with Trevor and I kept like switching back and forth between them and I was trying to get one to the other like I'm calling about but I don't member housing so I had to just keep switching it like driving them little by little toward each other so I finally fucking like I find I'm Trevor I put my two Franklin I find them on the highway and he's driving his stupid ass green motorcycle which looks like she's ugly so he is like a piece of shit driver kids to like soccer to pop in the fridge inside cars look so awful but anyway we meet up and I'm not fucking finally get out of the car and then I'm like dude check it out and was like oh that's weird looking each other and I run around like 20 seconds like an idiot look up what's up what's up so I go to switch the Franklin on you how much it seems out on the matter like when they are coming back and I try to check this out like it was funny he's like I was just going to go right up and come back down and I'm like probably that goes all the way up in the air moves like a couple blocks and comes out like what the fuck Franklin in the hospital Celtics Guard Academy in 5 seconds I swear she must it's fucking funny if you're in a car then he switched to someone in a tow truck could you tell you are in carrots and yeah I imagine that I'm driving the tow truck people piss me off Roll It Forward whip since it was what I was trying to do with the car but quick save is the best thing I didn't know it was there for the first like I was almost done with the game I think I was 60% of the way before I found it wasn't you you can even full-blown alert like if you have stars or with only one there flashing button spray by accident I was like screwing around then I forgot about it and I'm like playing the game at animosity shadow but it has helped there are sometimes it is grayed out but for the most part you can use it you can use it during missions okay so what's the deal with there's 2 different stock markets and one of them affected by what other people are buying and selling but here stock market lemon ball sack is I guess online for what people are saying which is why I like it so like it's such a smaller percentage is online like I guess it's like every single user ever and I guess that's like the average and most people insured don't use it like the transactions are so tiny like in the game you know you look at a stock and you be like 30% down 40% it's like + .02% it's like so little I don't know how you could manipulate everyone has something they couldn't manipulate people put in the hole I don't know doing that once online hopefully goes on tomorrow Pizza Hut crickets such a thing as a flying car just like it they always V don't come around 2 during labor explain gotta stick watch out crickets does my apartment when it's sick Lindsay on it by now get it kill it and I Gavin was over there and you said you thought on Boiler Room he was just like really backed up what do I do Gavin what you got there is a huge bug looks like you so much yeah I hate cockroaches for you live in England right now from where you live right now it doesn't but it makes some kind of heavy and drowsy blasting Kenneth messing up on the inside and watch him like run around what up pressed against the door you got another job so I can move my fall Garden which train go to just draw like Drop letters off at 4 is going to be you come over to sleep with you when I'm coming back woke up in the middle and I woke up at 2:30 was kind of drowsy like to try to shake off a dream we understood that I was laying on my left side on my stomach and I realized that I was like right on the very edge of my bed and if I'd chosen to roll out of my back I would have fallen right the fuck out literally on the edge of the bed could not have been more you are certainly end up in that position I always get the opposite will wake up and Michael absolutely fine I just had a panic attack in sleep that happens when she does she'll go so far will go from her and all the 2 the middle 2 then I'm getting pushed off the bed and I might get the fuck over there it's called sleep paralysis I guess but like I feel like I can't move my body I know I'm supposed to wake up and I hook yeah and they're all like start yelling in my head like wake up wake up and the and if I sleep will she like sleep on her arm and will fall asleep and then I will have caused some like crazy dream where she can't move her arms which will result in blank take her away from sleeping and Bernie get sleep paralysis sometimes 2 do you ever have the kind some people have it where the other kind where they wake up and they think there's someone standing in the corner of the room watching them I never had does dad know thank you and then he found out later that it woman killed herself in his apartment and they were like I think you saw the woman's ghost and he was like convinced that it was her go that it led him to a hook sleep paralysis beer College the year before I moved into my room the guy who lived in my room previously was an arsonist would set fire to our poop on campus I think he still in prison you could drink on us did they rebuild it never felt better have you been any pubs in America get Gavin and compared to how they were at home or the difference 110 America in ones in England we have here in America who gives a shit the further so you obviously have pubs in England are there bars in England Hotel the club okay then we'll be the ones lost but I 2 drinks everywhere iJustine crappy pubs in my small Taneytown the internet provider of audio books of more than $150,000 to give you a chance to try out their service audible podcast audible podcast the for December the president toilet job in the chain of jobs just cleaning up all right it's an important job though be such a high level at such a low-level job I'm sure she's I'm sure I come with a reception I'm sure they were Obama's fry cook is still am really think about maybe being like someone clean the fog for the president probably I mean if you're already doing that I mean how much better can it get everything like cleaning the toilet or between the White House and I'm not cleaning the bus station anymore amazingly trusted to be allowed into the middle the White House you probably have crazy security card and somebody would you go through the president shit if you were there made and you are in charge of cleaning up the bathroom before he left her yeah I got Gus is getting something we can do Alright you're going to face just kidding it's true it's probably not true but let's keep the president secret killed if they don't let people know which bathroom toilet is actually used 1000 toilets but I mean that's what I like how easy would it be to get hair the place where you get to sit at the same time it would be constant do you think there's a guy I like into it and he's just waiting for the poop please like fuck you Secret Service blue sunglasses chapstick if you like to check it like for ships to go along with the president's Coeur d'Alene athletic on the Ghost Ship presidential job to be ready what was the job of the president or masking the president ship cleaning and probably again I feel like you find some crazy stuff and presidents like John F Kennedy probably had some crazy poop Why would Johnny probably shut up I'm really glad I don't have to do it possible talking about I'm just Twisted it happens twisted blue microphones liar it was Twitter not her personality was a high salary job the president is probably not bad it's probably not how I imagined it lowest paying jobs pretty good in the White House the back of God you know I'm pretty sure anyone in there the new companion not really Gavin I don't think so First Market in Texas that do with that thing where people were exercising their right to open carry they were walking up and down Kanye the scary scary place to live and find you've been here how many times you been attacked or shot at exactly it was across from my old dorm 2 really just want a burger eat a burger king it was that there was a thing like it was a great on when I first moved here so tell you almost 2 years ago but it was a few months after I moved remember like a bunch of people I think I would like Chris and Brandon and like a bunch of people and went to a restaurant somewhere and it was like either downtown or close to downtown and it was like 8 cop cars across the street and what the fuck's going on over there and it was like apparently we were right about it we were trying to figure out the next day like what the fuck happened at first we thought it was one thing and another thing and I'm pretty sure it was like this guy got into a fight with his mother who was there with you so it was the fight with his mother they had it out like he hit her or something like that or she having a panic attack or something cops came and blue landscape the mother was in the stretcher and they were putting her in the ambulance the guy got away from the cops either walked off or whatever they noticed him got in his truck and ran her over while she was in the stretcher at the scene all the cops are everywhere to try to put her in the ambulance wreck that happened while we were eating dinner we were there beer in an ambulance save my with my family in England and we did say we were at a restaurant actually told Gavin about this I was like maybe 1514 but we're eating at a restaurant later on in the evening we look up towards the building the whole bunch of scaffolding we saw a dude standing there and on the construction site and we saw him like tight pant leg to his neck and then the other pant leg he jumped but it seems broke so he fell and it wasn't very far as like three stories and you still are but up my family would like oh my goodness what happened and try to talk to him finally the the body showed up and they tried to explain it was like I saw him tight jeans I don't know what's happening very very drunk and he was trying to clean the cop that you totally V and they were like to trip and it's like waiting for three stories Gus story if you can 14 years ago getting out of bed and sitting down she broke her freakin legs and she's an old lady but I'm dropping down from dad hitting the floor so it's not like I'm not like bar downtown library Pizza Hut the library cuz I saw that you downtown at one point same thing we were like holy shit it was a trail of blood look down the stairs and realize that from the library is that the one that has it has like a certain night and I was like she passed Long Island Iced Teas like Peter Long Island iced tea or something we've been there before she saying it's over but we've been there for glasses that was information I don't know it was like 130 and a different location than we normally park in the garage somewhere else so the bar was like a few blocks away ordeal going out of the Creek right now so we park we go there with late hours and hours all night Lindsay and I leave Gavin was there with us when we got there but you were getting a ride home from somebody else so the two of us leave and we have no idea what the fuck the car is so like we're like oh it's right down here don't forget where it was so she pulled out her phone and she's like oh it's on this street we go the street we can't fucking find it when I caught him looking all over the place you're walking around downtown for like 45 minutes looking for the fucking car never wrote it down to a more like 2 blocks from where we were but we wasn't it was in fart so we like fuck it fuck it was you get a cab if I can find it tomorrow let's go home probably should drive home anyway to call a cab we fucking we go home he dropped us off at our apartment I open the gate for walking up to the gate and we have we have an attached garage in our apartment so you can go into the garage and walk up a flight of stairs and we have a door a second door leading into our apartment as we're walking up to the apartment it's not like 2:30 in the morning I'm like mother fucker we came out of the garage and we have a we have a deadbolt and a keyless deadbolt on your front door so the keyless deadbolt lock you can open it from the outside we came out the garage the fucking garage opener was in the car downtown so much we can't get into the apartment through the garage we can get in and the front door is dead-bolted and he was locked up at like 2:30 or 3 in the morning we didn't left came to the office and slept in the human her office till like 6:30 in the morning then manager was downtown the more think we found our car an hour before it would have gotten a ticket for parking and then drove her car back when home took an hour nap and then came to work achievement has blown the fuck apart cuz you walking like couch and I slept on the floor and then we just left in the morning 2 in the morning it look like a break-in 550 Jack I was like oh yeah I slept here last night and he's saying that I just said he's like oh I'm really sorry about that man and I really like your 2 bottles I can go and get drunk go home go to sleep wake up go to work and then to discover the sleep idiots at one time I was downtown it was a Friday night I was out drinking with friends part my car went got really drunk went back to find my car and my car was gone and I was like I know I parked right here in my car is not here I was like sweet my car got stolen I was really happy for some reason so then I woke up Saturday morning my friend where did Houston spend all day there and back my car still missing you I'm not sure I got to say bar in my car so I called the cops and I'm like yeah I think my car was stolen Friday night what I need to do what's your license plate number so I tell them that your car got towed so I was parked in a place I can park your car got broken into and the window was smashed out and we tried calling you but you didn't answer so we told your car beer like Dad to come down to $200 buy a new window I have to pay the impound fee for car stereo the Pop My Trunk to everything that was in my trunk and then something like fucking fuck I gotta do and all the shit that on Monday the cop called me they're like we think we recovered some of the stolen property from your car and I was like okay that's weird so I go down to the police station there like he just got stolen I don't know my stereo CDs I got a duffel bag before I got all my people he was still in the trunk bag with some stuff in the trunk that I can describe the duffle bag on tag there was there a lanyard in there that Area 51 is like hook so fucking embarrassing Gavin fucking Street and she wrote down when we were sober and got there she wrote on her phone where we park so we wouldn't forget and it was the wrong Street was why we couldn't find it for hours later when we're drunk off her ass because we were convinced sure was his blocks so we must be drunk and we just can't find it and then text them like you fucking idiot did you figure out it was a different street then we found the next morning over alright I'm going to bed by 7 when I was in Florida a couple weeks ago I had a rental car and I had to think where I went to your house to do something about it last podcast and it and I saw all the ships there then when I came back to the parking lot to go to my car I wrote down where I park is like King Kong 3:09 and then I'm walking down looking for my car and realized I have no idea I would not know the car was in front of me make the call about the Volkswagen have a little picture of your car on in case you forgot what it looks like liar if you don't like home security tips for putting the broken into I read an article once that said that if you ever wake up in the middle the night and you like you think you hear someone in your house that you should setup your car like you can keep your car fixed you bad you can't sit up your car liar because I feel like if it's late at night and attention you don't write on your bedroom screaming no no no yes no more argument I guess like a man broke into her house instead of killing him or trying to like tell the cops there just saying I'm sorry I shot him in the leg twice so we couldn't leave her house and then she decided to call the cops Mo she was like holding him at gunpoint and I guess it's like if you give your blood to someone that's different because you can incapacitate them and it could be unconscious and you keep going it's like them and you like them if they're like no longer a threat and then you inflict damage I'm sure you can get it iJustine someone I imagine there's a point where it's like it legal to shoot someone when they break their Moral Stories the family of the home that was broken into end up having to pay the person broken because state was invited I was going to break in your house and he was on the roof the roof was like sitting and it was like an old roof the roof caved in he fell through the roof landed on it on the kitchen table like broke his back to the family by Oriole store stretcher? It's been a while actually took the case you don't know where it ended up like someone actually like to get a case where he could charge him with something but I just like the things you can sue anyone yeah yeah I'll Never See Liar Liar how many days is it any good Me Myself And Me Myself and Irene they were great movie I thought it was ok the cable guy was way better it was I wish it the cable guy here the movie is universally awful everyone knows it's a bad movie so good I was wondering do you like California Jim Carrey movie Jim Carrey's best but maybe you don't know what you're saying right now you need a hot Moon the mask are sarcastic like a great achievement it was tough especially the first one I forgot about that 323 was not a good movie liar the story about the guy falling guy fell through a skylight and broke his back he want the case I would like to see a link or some corroborating evidence I heard WhatsApp picture with you probably be nervous we used to do that all your podcast it should be right on your right if I hear otherwise I'm going to slap you I'm waiting stand up for himself he hasn't actually that's what we went to the hotel fucking Gavin Gavin wrestled with John the other night in a drunken Outburst on driving playing with a good guy he was drunk off his ass Android phone I told my password was so then when his phone reset and he didn't answer it and then Gavin proceeded to chase him around the back door area of Woodrose which is all just like Durant the wife was there and like Austin he runs off with the phone chasing him they liked each other and rolling around in the dirt and John's wife is like Jesus Christ that's my husband what the fuck is he doing silverish it he said I didn't know what I was going to start a crew in GTA the first person to respond cool okay then I will join because we're going to do our own obviously but then I will join the only reason I haven't emailed you yet cuz I just set that up today but someone took the the crooning rooster teeth I couldn't name if you want to go people that donate to Blazer Tag for likes with a gun when eating face like a at one point it was live in Blazer Tag this one specific place you want you they had two levels still use it was just like a giant Maids of Blazer Blazer Tag three story it was entertaining stories super mega Ultra at one point though but we were going trying to be intense about it I guess an atom is 2 and 1/4 and everyone sliding in your not supposed to run but you know me butter 19 of us like from RoosterTeeth and like you know Gauntlet with people like that and like 3 other people that just happen to be there so it's like I've never been there before and as soon as it started Michael I guess nobody's going to roll over all over the place in 15 minutes of running up and down 45 degree angle slow and like my legs were completely destroyed afterward when we used to work at the call center the place opened up in Japanese to work at the call center he mentioned that you guys are going to climb the leaderboards eating lunch we would go to Blazer Tag every day and we were just talking it and try to go to $8 isn't that expensive I can be are you guys staying over here playing laser tag at 10 I was in jail I had a few but the only thing with me is I fell on my knees like a few days before and I had like this big scab on my knee that was like just starting to heal and because everything's 45 degree angles does lemon like a little all over the place like a lot of times you were on your knees and going down the slopes it was perfect you just slide on your knees like and the first few times I went and then like my entire sky was just completely ripped off and I was like it wasn't disconnected on one end but like the whole thing was attacked and killed from one end to the other kind of like opening a can butter so I had to rip the end of it who's your life's blood ratings the that whole week was so stupid let me do it late tonight to be running and Diving and sliding door shut behind me like an action movie and that was like another sleep at the bottom of my on so I can slide it down and let my head lands right in the middle and I see that as well and I had slight right together dad is a really weird head so badly you won't even see it coming I felt so cool I went into the slide and I play stock I caught an edge with my shoe but started like roll and Tumble into him but I was so committed flash embarrassed I started just shouting I'm committed I'm committed and shooting at him rolling down the hill towards them was that kid's name not really maybe some clothes they're saying they're not the same that was a typo supposed to be a spot do they still have the gems on the wall and I would game where you could stand in a corner now so don't sneak up on you and you could shoot three of the gym since they came up so we wouldn't even shoot people we just stand there going to the gym obviously more points and the person who had gone there before and played where like you're all running and screaming and shooting each other and he was like at the spot where he just like killed everyone without moving so it's like the points were like 2nd Place 1300 points third-place 1200.4 plays 1100 1st Place Miles 2800 points it was like he was standing out of the hold on the first both because me $5 the first game I got third and Gavin got to 6 to the second game he bet me $5 that he would be I did awful the second game like shit I got out of 16th and I'm like damn I probably would you like to talk about it so then cheese I was like don't fucking but like I said before we left and I cannot go play fucking laser to let me go play laser tag and we were on different teams both rounds you play two rounds and one round like 10 minutes then I turn the corner and I see someone on the floor and I shoot them and run past and I hear like I like I said I'm like that Lindsay and I gotta walk back Round the Corner he's like oh you're right and I start talking or whatever like your flashing for sit in the corner and take it easy don't feel well I love you too yes after the first round will finish it was really hot in there too so she was running around I feel like crap and then a meal after you finish feels like I have to go over vomiting in totally fine for me. secret service agent in there with her I think it's fun and we want to step it up that's exactly what happened it was laser tag and paintball people right and I want to get hurt while I'm doing I remember the first time we got our paintball markers like you you're kind of scared at first you like I don't know if it's going to hurt her we stood in the field by 4 we work or like the Flash 1340 year olds in real life cool know like oh yeah it really hurt you 1 remind everyone that this episode of the receipt podcast is also brought to you by Shadow Warrior a bold reimagining of the classic first-person shooter from flying wild hog and devolver digital beer Katana to a gunfight as Lowell in classes with the Yakuza that betrayed him and the Demonic forces hell-bent on destroying our world available now on Steam Gog get games and the Humble Store Shadow Warrior remake of an old game from the late 90s Michael downloaded it today I've been playing a little bit 2 hours and I think there's like behind the waterfall that take me to the arms and heads off yeah but it wasn't realistic it so it's like I'm complaining a GTA 5 about like your text came in if not you can Dad Silverwood if you want to keep it up there but I feel like blue ocean here's the thing like if you go a lot of times in games like especially if you can be the good guy the bad guy like stable release Skyrim but like I don't like cheese games kind of good or evil game Mass Effect a little bit 2 Renegade or Paragon whatever but like in this when you're Trevor and you're going to do whatever Trevor is going to do and you have no choice in it so just like that you can switch away from that character I was just as likely on The Gauntlet and then we just like in between shots whatever you want basically everything GTA 5 and that's when I got to the trailer park in the torture scene and I'm just like oh my gosh it's the least I could do to this guy I just can't waterboard him over and over Iowa see we got wrench alright I have players you got like a jumper cables porterhouse I find myself having to travel like there's something in your play style changes and then one part of it is you have to find any getaway vehicle and park it in a place where you can drive to it later and I Was preparing a getaway vehicle for Michael later on so I found this way they could put it in a hidden place I could and let me know it was like that was the only I was talking about the car is ready so I was like, GTA 3 nothing left she was gone but you could happen in the middle of it you like butter yeah yeah it's okay during sex the heart attack was talking about it on the interview she was like & she thought was weird when we know it's like I don't know I guess maybe I'm not here do your batteries by the darkness of yes by the way I just got to think about is that it was initially developed as a medication to help blood flow for people with heart problems in blood out the side effect was that it helped people get erections couldn't because of increased blood flow so it sent you what you're doing is you're giving a drug to someone who has a blood flow problem and can't get an erection you're fixing that so that they can have sex with you then strings of the heart is like a weird Catch-22 it's like your body is telling you you're not healthy enough for sex but he was like a little put over it so you can have sex and really overworked yeah but it should be there for like 80 that's the way to go right now there's work to do and then you take this and you like going out on top and he just Keel over and die that's the way to do it right you want it was that or Hector Salamanca stock one of the other old guy want to go out either way too but I don't spoil it so I saw an interesting thing about the Breaking Bad finale the listed the amount of your speech season finale got season 1 was like 1.3 million season was like 1.3 million season three was like 1.5 million - 4 was like 1.8 million Season V was like 2.5 million + season 6 what season was 10.3 I would like crazy that sounds impressive but he heard this before already thought you were in the room when we got told that get out the bed Hunter came in and told us that like 2 hours ago so it's like they definitely went out on top it's like it could be more than every season combined combined for five years I just here like dude it was for me in the words that I can order just said that early we can already tweeted about watching Breaking Bad people have to look at Twitter until we finished everything a month ago yes they could have spoiled any of the five seasons for a Gavin is Walter White so like 20 minutes before the finale Ray has a tweet saying that he just caught up in the entire series 20 minutes 20 minutes before the finale and I tweeted at him dude that's fucked up you should have done that never again the hell man that's why cool I was just fuck yourself it's funny and now that we talked about it when you cut this for the file podcast I feel a lot of stuff cuz you're an animal because I get excited and I want to share that I'm amazed at how well I've been doing lately I guess it's like they're doing well the old show that's why because it's old because I'm saying you haven't had the opportunity to do it you can't spoil Breaking Bad it's already seen it already it's actually the save a spot for her to be watching the old show dangerous things week-to-week watch out when Walking Dead coming back cuz your ass is going to get spoiled so did anybody watch the talking bad thing that came on after Breaking Bad and was talking interviewing them but in addition to all the cast for Breaking Bad also had I guess you didn't watch it I don't know just talking to them and Jimmy Kimmel sitting there too he does that and I haven't so I was talking dad but I know if you Jimmy Kimmel that's just like a big celebrity and also he also has his own talk show yeah that's why I could talk to these people and do the same thing it's like the night I feel like the night should be about the Breaking Bad actors creators and Jimmy Kimmel maybe like after the Lost finale he had a similar thing where he had like a special episode of Jimmy Kimmel over here at the cast of Lost on and had like a Q&A with him and talk with him and stuff Jimmy who did Jimmy Kimmel at the end of Lost that he was the one you wanted to push it I need it yeah I mean it was pretty obviously fake they were candles lit already on the table while she was twerking or I guess maybe you guys haven't seen that you was talking there's a video can video her twerking as she does a handstand on the door to her apartment her roommate opened it she falls on the table where there's candles already somehow whip it like over there we kind of think she catches on fire that cut off their breaking say that again he was going viral viral video either went viral or didn't kill all of you the release an Extended Cut on Jimmy Kimmel show and after she catches on fire he comes in with a fire extinguisher and put it out and it's like thanks just doing my job so now I don't blame you people were upset by it it's Jimmy Kimmel pulled a fast one but I'm not impressed by Jimmy Kimmel's ability to fake an internet video like the guy's got like fucking millions of dollars and also like Twitter feud or whatever Kanye West MO I'm convinced that it's another thing that people tweeting like Jimmy Kimmel skit where he had like little kids read Kanye West tweets and he gots Kanye West got mad and had like a series of tweets against Joes. I'm like a very fancy you pronounce the way I think so and then Jimmy Kimmel came in with this picture. He's like you was all spray the fire station on his face just traditional media grasping at straws trying to hold on and trying to remain relevant I don't get the joke of it though yeah cool I guess it's like it makes you it makes people more jaded and cynical about videos like this already that level of cynicism and now anytime you see somebody be like I was probably another big buck in a V production putting money into it are you all right Gavin Kevin beer like your own fucking wobbling your head yeah I know you doing alright just go to sleep so that I'm not trying to drink you never beer we finished one this should be another one next to you over the weekend shut up and they had anything about this to that you can Blue Moon they had a 24 pack of Blue Moon that had like all these different doing opener varieties and flavors of Blue Moon that I've never seen and one of them was a spiced caramel apple interesting Blue Moon really think about everything into Starbucks now favorite foods ever it's so delicious it's not a huge cake either but I love him going to bring a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and I would have ordered one for myself I would like to fuck you family this is my pie and I'd hide it in the house and that's what I would even do a really high the entire thing families the Candyman cool whip comes in a little tub in like you scooped out with a spoon the hunter it's way better than comfy Comfy Couch company it's way better and you can like trash it was easier to make smiley faces yeah you just you just like push you put it in your mouth but it's running it up spray cheese I think it was open yesterday there were so many people there it was Trader Joe's Winter Park on the west coast in California but it was worth it because I bought this this this brand of butter they're called kerrygold butter which I have to print them I talk about forever they went to Ireland liar live butter kerrygold at Trader Joe's you gotta buy it so I went there to get this butter it is the best thing in the world oh my God no more delicious yeah I could see that I believe you the grocery store you buy this thing or like a restaurant and you get it and like really is it as good as people hype it up to be there is a place that we agree with me or Jeff has been talking about for months it's not going to say anything I'm a crazy person there's a place just me talking about butter BBQ place near super super well known BBQ Place Franklin BBQ fantastic BBQ but the line is always 4 hours long time so it was like all this is basically like Franklin this is where it is and what it's called and really good but we never went there for long time we went there maybe like a month and a half ago we've been there like 6 times since 82 amazing I won't tell people about it cuz it's so freaking good and I don't the details out okay shut the hell up LOL hey Greg it's 50 bucks for the knowledge I mention this place and Ryan just goes off I'm going to lunch with Griffin today but get a little bit extra and I'm sure I'll have some on my crying he was like Ryan Gosling Lindsay like counting the seconds ago he came back you know certain people who they were way too into this place but people are really into food quit metaphorically orgasmic feel like I know it the stuff I would absolutely cuz you're lazy taste like different Liquors he doesn't know what to do. You're worthless do I have like four tastes yucky yummy alcoholic spicy yummy alcoholic so can be in the army of the Potomac through Dad how much and how much the rent was due on the 3rd I can taste it spicy I can taste was alcoholic I can text without Gavin claims he can't hear the difference Shadow complex Amazon my brain doesn't process not normal but you don't have can I buy to protect your dick and how like he said other dicks and broken that's right that's like your tongue your tongue is like broken more than make Pitbull get no pleasure out of me it's equivalent to like you save other people's dicks can't finish it look like I have a working come yours is broken sucks yeah you should love fucking delicious Steakhouse in Orlando and when I was here for vacation and they had a dessert like dessert with typical things like whatever like all this bullshit like a detailed description of the lemon I was like what's the lemon he's like oh well it's it's our signature dessert here we take a lemon we scooped out all of the innards and we can boil the lemon rind and sugar water for 4 hours then using the inside of the lemon we make a sorbet lemon sorbet and a lemon cream and then once we boil the the rhyme for 4 hours will take it out cool it stuff it with the sorbet and the cream and we bring it out with cut it with save it for you you eat the entire lemon lemon lemon right now the quit the service it's like candy it was the most delicious. You probably lemon or having a procedure would you take a bite out of a cow for it all that's what the entire thing nothing is wasted I think about the little green leaf on the end just wasted that put it on live for your the key was like how much did you pay for that 11:10 bucks 4 hours I will pay you 15 an hour for someone to make me dessert but it does sound cool whip no no actual flakes of gold or sheet the gold put on their dessert so that they can eat that go in there desert that really isn't like crap they put in the booth that was in beer fest 2 gets wasted off of any illegal all over his face I thought you're going to lunch she's really happy with it it's interesting on it so he can do like a hundred 22nd and take a video and nothing's moving it's like a normal 34 in a second but as soon as it's like a lot of action it down you can move it I will give me you can move legislation slow it down there and then normal again no it's it is cool but like with most slow mo first video with her phone and slow mo was of Gavin was pretty mad so she uploaded a video to her Channel and it was like man look slow fart hoofer on my 3DS like I didn't realize she was hurt for a week that I really like them they're really good it was a blast I also like having them in the podcast I wish we had brought them on earlier so we could have spent more time with him a lot like bad like I was trying to rush through all of them coming out October 20th on October 20th telling you right now the same time she was how do I stop this one it was fun I think I'll be fun it was really organized it was you go out you do your thing you play your game relax for a few minutes but yet everyone had like games cases yes or actually we were all in so you all had your own well whatever I don't want to give that can't stop game controllers and it was plain GTA 5 and no one ever will looking for a long time not even a shame to say it was like and I didn't quite make it to the bathroom no I was standing butter you know when sleep in a little bit and stop for smiles on my way to go see you say that it's fine stopping at this stupid conversation no you stop it if you if your peeing and you like grab you pinch it like stepping on the end of the hose yes that's what you're talking about you can physically just like Clint killed also in stock and that doesn't like you you guys are crazy no I'm not and stop peeing and it's just like butter that is mentally fall apart I have to finish it it's really different know if you pinch it if there's like there's like ultimate situation where like I gotta pee I gotta pee and then when you start running for the bathroom and there's like all this before I get there do you like grab your weed and like a pinch it may be before you get to the bathroom that's like you let go and fetch her if I lost at the lake breaking that's totally different if you have your finger over a balloon and it's full of water that fills up the neck of the balloon that's what I'm watching right now the base before the knob Pizza on when you don't know you're not involved in it, have you ever heard of retrograde ejaculation Gus immediately that you are on your iPad quite pleasurable I've never done it because I'm waiting you literally stop your car from the house because the way the valves moves like this I will cover the other way if you come pick ya so you like just what you want just because it's your car but then it's like building your cousin can come out it forces the valve back over and old she is but she's back into your bladder all you want to do that apparently some people do that I don't know RTP V Library mixtape about what you're going to say that you can start ejaculating then stop yourself like in the midst of you coming and I can't get up Wolf Creek Dam Gus 2 drug raid rage is good Gavin what are you cutting self funny English but I mean I'm sure you guys have I don't know what the politicians how early you guys had it in school when did you the same thing 9th grade I was so 1456 older than you but in high school I had a friend and they open up the last segments of the whole sex ed 2 questions so you can submit an anonymous question so you wouldn't have to show that it was your self and my friends are assholes is it normal to bleed when I masturbate the normal 2 answering fart next question something back like Siri do you want to answer my questions or if I can get a discount it was great talking to you at 4:13 but I took Health in 9th grade we should I was getting confused with that's going to fall over they made during the the reproduction portion of help they had us read out loud from the book like so that it would go down the aisle if you will have to read from the book to the class because it was a coach teaching hell yeah they're not real teachers this girl in my class started reading she was the first one he actually was like we really whip and she didn't know how to say penis every time it says in the book she said and because I was one of them we would put things like it's mostly sexual things or things from a textbook into the back processor so like whatever it was would come back and we say things like I'd like a dildo would like I would like a double-double please it is a question of what I did text occasionally with questions some of the spray that was ahead live like so what's the deal there then come up alright well it's time to go podcast solid last 15 minutes the roller coasters rock hard because I'm going to pass out sometime if you want Shadow People Dying it's not yet I'm still just feeling weird and then they just got the weirdest podcast ready to pass next Monday with another