#239 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Podcast Regrets

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Recorded: 2013-10-08 21:31:37

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

pic of Steve podcast is Rocky Bayou huluplus huluplus like you're bent on thousands of his shows anytime anywhere on your TV PC smartphone or tablet support this podcast and an extended free trial of huluplus when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth that's huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth podcast is also brought to you by Squarespace the platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online for free 10% off and use offer code Gus is also again offer code is Gus is awesome Gavin Jack live on the internet 4 year anniversary talk about headlight fluid Altra for years ago I left the country after that and didn't come back for two years that's how bad that was the biggest regret I know about people like 1 when I believe that is the Twitter comment you can guess and that's all I know everything in the podcast I feel like I don't usually like people the morning after I get drunk I told you I didn't want to say the store the first time something to turn away from it but then it's like whenever we drink something with just the love of your life you could just said that it wouldn't matter because it takes up more of an issue since people actually put my drink down okay so they're pretty average size I'm just saying if they're big maybe the headphones are comfortable different way normal sized ears the kitchen look like when your grandfather was a little pull around here we can do it so funny I didn't know it was you doing it from the first one that's one it was so hilarious the office I'm going to put Twitter here so you love practical jokes don't you project water balloons and eggs I will let you decide somewhere else what important issue I think the ping pong ball your head not your head yeah just hit me really hard as for the schedule love you so hard the Lively style thing right we played it 3 times and slow down on the third 1 America American red white and blue that was when you first came in looking at probably am a bit before his usual time there may be just like when I was coming up everyone is around the time I left I just can't be in the recreation vehicle into the building over and over again the end of the week drop it like that I was finished and I kind of put iPad apps for the show I was missing record of the common tree and I was still gaps and I believe and then the first two rivers the blues while the laser face the Griffin Emerson like that like you been shot and you showed first episode of red vs blue and then episode from season 9 and just being the difference back-to-back like that it's like totally forget how far it's going to be different good Lord what would you like to see creations of Lake old episodes of things you like to see people take the track and redo the whole thing kind of like making it already has yeah you saying you don't like animated adventures based on the let's play Gavin you're full of funny stuff I'm full of funny stuff was working on has already been discussed Alan has been really cool the different this weekend and showed video that comes out tomorrow right if you're watching this live it comes out tomorrow just give me the 8 Tuesday if it wasn't for this came out today Awards American football hits was it beautiful football kid that was the photo of the Burnie tweets was that was actually that wasn't funny how many spiral to it but it when I know you can't I was supposed to football run actually enjoyed it I don't bounce the ball in cricket the gasket on the ground okay going to hit the ground and also had like pussy slow who is the head baseball the coming in a hundred miles an hour at your head I know you have a little thin back to swing an X Cricket Place price Naples Auto Sport what is a girl with a basketball the poles supposed to heavy the ball is heavier accounttech mobile app I play tennis in high school and looking back I was younger basketball when I was younger but now football high school football there was a point where I would have either practice or a game every morning and every night that's what you play cuz I was 59 ever since the fifth grade so they're just like you're going to play basketball and I'm like okay and then I played girl football for 3 years and volleyball for two years since I was 13 Tyson to pay today can I get out of this I never did probably the Alan just said have them Free People Gus name of the military training in a lake somewhere deep inside him it still exists but I don't know I put it on you were Barbara I used to run the 1500 meter 3 + 300 I got too lazy to work out like when I actually try to get back in shape by running that's my thing like it running to me like I had a treadmill I can just watch TV or listen to music and forget about what I'm doing I look down and I Run 3 miles I'm really considering buying a treadmill very very expensive membership a month next to my bed I did it once and I realize I have boobs Worcester MA do you want to run with a shirt on or shirt off yeah but I gotta start running or just borrow one of your sports bras it was it was a learning experience also when I was younger I could run like a distance the quarter-mile what the fuck happened to me so you like running the streets or treadmill treadmill how far I would go out runnin down a hill and then kind of like job that way you're getting almost to better work out cuz it's like you're working your hand is it better to run slower but consistent or run fast without breaks pain level for a long period of time that is better for burning calories which one is the people in life before I moved in like the town I live Dan I can walk through it anyway hoedown the walking so boring and slow. I just used to Sprint full speed if I would have liked him by lunch I went into town and get lunch I was in your trunk if you feel like you got a really fast when I drink I always want to run they always have extra energy for some reason you're not showtime for the first time since I moved here because I just have fun and I'll talk to Adam about it I'm like yeah like a year-and-a-half two years almost crazy he's like I don't think I've been to the dentist since I was 18 you should probably go see 1 years I've been twice and then the 15 years before that I have any feelings dentist look at my teeth like you do Gavin to the doctor they said like your liver is awesome it's actually like the liver of a 12 year old boy how your liver looks like you've never heard doctor that handles your mail ru 4326 so would you ever want to go like super thin that's super thin I've been down like like I'm probably like 220-5230 right now just big for me probably like for my house by about 2:05 to 10 I'm over it over the phone unscrewed is Martin Sargent LOL and whatever we have to go to like we never had to have a break for a commercial break he said it like a talk show desk and I was right I can talk and whatever we have to go to break open the bottom drawer of his desk and his giant bottle of vodka and then slam it the more public about her drinking it was like plastic bottle vodka that's one of the deal-breakers between me and like someone I want to date like they could be the perfect person to smoke the perfect person and if they don't like that people smoke I get off work so I bought a pack of cigarettes I smoke one cigarette how the fuck does anybody talk to someone at work trying to force yourself to smoke give it up your pressure when they work like me pic pressure is a weakness I never I never saw it since I couldn't figure out why I couldn't bring myself to smoke but I started doing that job was I would watch 1 employee anytime he went out to smoke I feel like something the fresh air break and I go outside as long as you can Alan in Vegas and Esther and I think we had a crap table someone like started lighting up a cigarette and I'm just doing I think I forget who told me but you guys are just like to do that inside here and I was like my mind was blown like a smoke-free Corridor so you can like walk through the floor it's just a passing the registration desk to the elevators to the room you know like no I'm not going to say that but it's like come on whatever anyways I'm sitting at the table doing that there's a burger place been there before it's like weird small stuff like that like I Member One time I had my UT class ring on like like I was just out of college and I was at a table and a guy next to me like an older guy he looked over because I was like he was wearing his as well it was like $500 girl you're being sarcastic now I forgot if I asked you to do with that idea years ago he's like you and me and then I was like I can make it like a dude did you ever worry that you might be gay not worried I'm not worried at all the time definitely thank you okay are you friends with guys because there's a possibility you might have sex with him I know I know I know I know Gabe I can't tell whether making out with the guy makes me moan ok lsj did you let out like it like it like a subconscious moan while you're doing that like some people I like forcefully straight guy forcefully straightforward I hate days like people who you watching the live stream right now you're seeing Gavin lick a guy's face more uncomfortable watching you kiss Ireland I don't know her and I know that short on it I would try to pull you into her office so you are forced to watch and you would anyone the music for that short play over and over and over again cover Barbara the music for that I never want to say is that I can't think of it right now but if I heard it the other day we just like to know what is that make it over and do not pull it off McCleary set up his bucket 1 episode huluplus you probably tried hulu.com that was huluplus you can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus what you watch thousands of TV shows and a selection of a play movies on your television or on the go with your smartphone or tablet and it all seems an HD for the best viewing experience with huluplus you can watch your favorite current TV shows like SNL Community Red vs Blue you can also check out exclusive content including who originally like The Awesomes starting SNL Seth Meyers and Moone Boy starring Chris O'Dowd from Bridesmaids huluplus also offers a great selection of acclaimed films were only 7 99 a month you can stream TV shows and movies you want wherever you want right now huluplus for free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth that's huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth that's what is Chris O'Dowd from Bridesmaids and okra salad from IT Crowd no it isn't still make the air the last season finished airing on the table but the name Christmas I never seen an episode to watch the first 3 episodes Hillside Community Lake Community Supply community community for it and I hated myself for watching it and it's pretty badass I really really like that I lost what are the long the pilot light Gavin First Watch I just tried your house it was pulled it up and I showed it to him and we got to go back out of the hospital and all that stuff so they weren't sure exactly who's going to use the gun with a head like a plan. That he might end up using it again in the final episode of that to do with it anyway it was like because in the end they shot up before we're certain things weren't there and they had to go back and lie quiet while I was not there and so they can work around that talk about asking around I probably do an Ender's Game 1 before the Ender's Game movie comes out next month we'll have a couple in the first talk about the book before the movie comes out for people who spend the time reading it driving the First Book audiobook and the guy totally changes accents the couch so I don't know if it was a long time between the book Irish the fuck is this Ashley in the show is a man who has all of the wildfire I think any of us watch Doctor Who David Tennant David Tennant in Harry Potter or 45442 like I know it's about time travel and that's it that's all I know about that show why do they have to Heart to Heart Give me a sentence with actually bring up inspector SpaceTime that I brought up Community it will be talk to me earlier Dan Harmon it goes on a Reddit all the time and talk the fans on Reddit that kind of Dan Harmon showrunner for 4 the same time directly interacting with fans more of that kind of stuff like no point in my life but everything I could go on and be like hey you know Damon Lindelof I'm going to yell at you on Twitter but you can do that if you want to and like a lot of times over internet the cool do you actually like interact people almost like a 1 to 1:12 friends and Reddit I feel like we need a lot of stuff on the Reddit people constantly yes I just cuz I guess it's his was still full by 3 right then and there it is it looks like everything website that I can get it just looked like it didn't belong there post girl about Gavin so it's a staff and a website we can either give someone I don't like a living it's like a little icon or you could give them like your negative awards for its life my Awards The Other One Republic it was pretty cool because he was good some was profile if you like just doesn't like this I feel like that was almost Awards my normal Awards and then I know Awards saved but no and yes like it's not awards that day but like all anybody has a staff member could get something I don't know if someone else changed it to join Union Jack, Italy tweets faded Canadian 1 behind the love I don't know what the time rolling out for everybody progress I like any form of progress like things that I can say the same thing but never talk to anyone on the internet for understand billion dollar IPO 2012 80 million dollars for the first six months of 2013 lost 70 million dollars so they're on track to lose $140 this year if you can lose Twitter 20 million dollars in 2 years how are you working billion dollars I thought I was but it doesn't make a lot of money old bullshit so you're saying like if it looking forward it was like oh you know we can't we're going to have a 250 million dollar loss this year they're fine with that if you're doing $100 next year there's value in the name the name and the amount of people using Twitter is billion dollars Blown Away the Twitter is not monetized in any form or fashion I have promoted tweets and ship verification something more like that I can't believe them or how would you think that you see on your feet I only ever see that on this site and on the phone the way Twitter but it's just like at this point we're still able to use their own methods to get twitter followers and I don't think we've come to the point where we can even to use their promoted tweets and everything like that how to get more followers the counter next to it Tyson have this article I want to see this Gus and now watching the stream just your goatee Mark there was any Twitter 2014 Hall at 540 million dollars it was revised upwards of 807.5 million less than December while so what were you reading these are projections for Years 2013 $600 it was not to make Twitter money it was to make Twitter more stable and he prioritize server infrastructure upgrades and spent a ton of money which is why you should see the field we'll all the time for his leadership it became a lot more stable you don't see that you remember that I've never been called that before monkey I see it I see it a couple times I see it like 4 or 5 times a year now that functions in humans so I went and showed up in the morning and that's like 3 different types of breakfast can I use internet start-up thing that makes me nervous like 900 people who runs the social media account for Twitter you have like 2 followers you something it should be something like a statute of limitations on debt account has been dead for like 2 years like I'm taking and then show proof that you need it for whatever reason I don't know how much do you really care about that I care a lot about it your own pays the idea to not care about that it's just nothing but like animals getting killed during World War II it's like in Poland it's easier to not care he's fine what would it really get me more things to care about in the website I want to hear the story what platform did you get this dead account from am I waited someone deleted their account and then after like the waiting. I told you how it's done that shit so would you delete your account you can delete your Twitter delete your Twitter it stays in the system for 30 days if you quit Twitter and stuff and then all you have to do to it is like a log in again but if you don't log into that account for 30 days then it just delete it and releases the name and then they deactivated it was just sitting there for a while you couldn't go to their page you can see their tweets but he was just like if you try to go to their profile it would be following this account is that I actually like it to Twitter account Ashley Jack and I really really wanted it it was actually it is gone dead a while ago and I didn't get it in time then someone else and registered it so I just sort of checked every now and again to see if you know if they get bored and leave Twitter I was hoping really hard have worked for a lot of things someone who just quit what's the closest killer far away distance killed it for me all the time like you're talking about are there and everything just text me apparently they are working on legalization of Twitter so check it according to their information they can't legally give away that account so they're working on somebody 814 old internet pages every direction but there's an error it says page not found redirecting and Refrigeration actually if you look down at the bottom of the page there if you look at the source code you can see with the actual number white lotiony find the browser icon Twitter that page to delete any of the crest so no one can friend me on Facebook no wonder we're not even before your friend thing I think of before I started we had a big thing we're afraid of where every user who signs up the sign to user ID and it started it was only Built to accommodate up to nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine thousand million the site will not work things we do like really scour to the website and make sure it was updated everywhere I remember the day we cross them it was refreshing the website like absolutely old profile I need the number 828 because someone didn't invite me to the testing for whatever the tongue-in-cheek thing but not that it's just that the website was so different now you have me know when you make a website you have different Frameworks and infrastructures like you know one of our sponsors is Squarespace so there you go if you sign up for Squarespace account Bill Auto generate you some the template and the websites made for you another the one that people use sometimes is WordPress or the cities were backed into the city so RT original Red vs Blue website old version of these templates called movable type and then we had a baby for him that went along with it and like the original sponsorship Puerto Rico Burnie and help them every single email that came into Red vs Blue music I would answer and I had to manually process every single fucking sponsorship the caveman LOL yeah and I developed a scripting system I called it kiss it was keep it simple stupid and it was a script that would help to scan through my email find PayPal receipts and then try to pull up all of the associated pic PB users so I could automatically go through and give them their proper levels because we had multiple levels of sponsorship back then starting system is now and we're going to send you a product later probably sent me an email because I did a super sponsor and then you realize I was OK and you like we might need more money for me because I think the case is going to be more expensive to ship to the UK so if you could give us another 5 bucks that be great otherwise I have to send it to you in like a pouch and I'll give you 5 bucks in public we ended up deciding because we weren't sure about it we didn't think that anybody else would be interested so you know we didn't think about it so we ended up eating that cost any 1 she was one of the first people to sign up I think actually for I want to see the season 2 Disc you were the first person to place an order for it I think you're Dan 1 season 3 you always that mean that I mean the ones I posted a spoiler to episode eight it because I was her response when I put it in the form so the public but I hadn't I put in a high-rise for him but one of the most moved it because there was a duplicate and you yelled at me even though I didn't actually put the form you sent me an e-mail only because the person who's doing it before if it's like he scares me I think he's angry all the time but it's always tough doing those emails I can't organize a shin that you know what it's like it's so hectic and I never have answers the Run by cinedigm again like it was at San Diego Comic-Con and they have a panel on Friday at 6:45 I think the room is like 1815 or 1518 what rank is downstairs it's like under the committee members did the Halo panel with 343 the year we went to hear, come down there on the floor but where the convention center is laid out or what but I don't know if they're crazy to me we were non-stop busy the whole is smaller than San Diego Comic-Con but I feel like it's just as packed wall-to-wall people old is Gus is awesome let me finish my fucking start designing your website right now he's also one of the final five winners Squarespace giveaway they are big guy Stevens Christian Jose Jose and Ryan Connolly congratulations guys and thanks to Squarespace for supporting Rooster Teeth websites of their shots of the new staff and we just talking about getting your own website something terrible I didn't want to hear that it could be NSFW I think it's a good thing I have learned the slow mo guys. Come right I thought you did not the YouTube channel right now I'm building it I don't know but it looks awesome it's an honor Jack has a photo of me playing Rock Band do you remember when article staff members when the Alamo Drafthouse did not own the domain drafthouse.com it was it was like 9899 they own the domain no way was it either old alamodrafthouse.com or drafthouse.com but not the other and you could go to 14 The Alamo schedule and whatnot and the other one was a poor inside the White House there was actually pretty funny it looks like the taste of a bit the other guy that was like in 96 they are going to Computer Lab then going on the internet back in high school who use the internet today but check out what's going on and then if you don't go to whitehouse.gov and everyone in trouble government ran something over like it like that order obviously it's a really complex issue incredibly kind of script plan that stuff behind Pain awesome the knights OST else going on which is like the big Austin City Limits weekend now it's expanded to weekends I feel like nobody collection lives in Austin close to ACL nobody who lives in Austin it's like it's like a great thing everyone loves it but I thought that part of town at all costs it was fun fun fun fest favorite band of all time in Washington DC so much I paid for a flight and another one no I told I told Katie if Daft Punk plays in America I will fly us wherever it is because he has his Instinct cell phone camera can you could just watch the kids know that it's not going to be any different because you're watching two random guys in a suit Play That Funky Music how do you know that it's not that at all what will give me proof doesn't matter in the end it was the coolest Lake George broke up with him now is cooler than being with you anyway being there that I wish I was the exact same way by Soco talk of fun fun fun fun I'm so jealous I was just like the experience and I know it's been forever video mashups like what I don't know I have no idea what just happened to be something else that was funny cuz I was the first one it happens all the time anyway I'm just done with it yourself on video and seem like a flaw that you had that you didn't realize you had until it was like on the screen no but that's because I've been on video for like 10 years now as dumb as it sounds like I've seen my face enough times and you like you like the same thing and every hour if it was this week but yeah I mean I say what's up guys in every single video I do feel for time but I already knew that like being in bed with me must be the worst thing ever absolutely and small penis and just like immediately in Southlake she just went don't ask okay I told him well after the surgery will you pee the bed Blood Cuz Josh was worth it just to see your face but I can make it for like 6 weeks now you're saying that semen in a bottle from The Gauntlet and when they're interviewing me I'm looking straight at the camera I realized one of my if that's the case I think what you're looking at when you're looking at something you're focusing that happens when your eyes going to be a little upset the natural talk to your head these are recognized like I was lower than the other but it's natural little tilt your head if you had a slight angle from something in your looking at it it'll look like you're cross-eyed you really not have camera installed I've never done one of the first things I do every time I sit down to an interview when they're filming the interview or something like we would wait and give you answers to you will be given access to the camera so he did try to make it was really into crosses he gets off late like embarrassed about it but his first girlfriend was the most cross-eyed girl I've ever seen it's like right there and I was like Naruto Movie 3 she looks into Direction little bit weird Gus was like we don't like talking about people who aren't on the park recycle Cheese's in the last two years and he was sitting on the 4th crosswalk.com to be very very upset internet Jesus Christ Tyson with multiple read it several times like the car scene where they're going back and then and then it wasn't there anymore so they usually do science documentary real scientist mixing chemicals what is it when the rock is Syfy as I can okay yeah I'm being told you're talking about science fantasy okay we will let me get this someone mixing chemicals could turn into a superhero that can happen in our physical world Tyson he was very vocal about it telecommunications satellites orbit at a totally different level than the space shuttle and the ISS which would not be visible excited about science when I was a kid I was fucking stupid ass movie called space camp where you got that the space movie in the world but it made me excited about science and about space as a kid don't you want those movies it's like you don't shit on this stuff when it's obvious you make you excited about the space program and the things that we understand some people say like video games video games like it is connotation negative things to think about space because of it and trust me it's a movie that I feel does a good job of being like a science fiction movie that's appealing to a wide audience of both men and women it so I feel like it's the kind of movie that a little girl could watch and be excited about and say that she wants to be an astronaut or she wants to learn about stuff and it's not a lot of movies that do that for girl happy about that Alan Coulter this isn't like when she was like that's happening in the background but it's important Chris it's not criticism compliments of that movie all around with that but this is how they do 3D this is how we do this so there was good but didn't really get better because this definitely also there's a couple of scenes early in the movie before it switches to first person and that the way she becomes the Tyson to Start Tumbling where to look for it that is terrifying RealD 3D glasses clip on sunglasses that just initial destruction the fact that it is peaceful when the world is being ripped apart then when there's nothing going on it's just really creepy something like $50,000 an hour and she won't even know I've never been more aware of my own breath the times before I like at Harris's contribution to the movie as well which is fine let her decide to be an every so that's not actually I have no idea it looks so good Dan okay well we're at about time we should wrap this up yeah definitely watch it the movie Rooster Teeth podcast pictures Gus sorola Burnie Burns Knicks news Gavin hairstyle