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Rooster Teeth sucker punches you on Monday morning

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Recorded: 2009-09-21 15:53:04

Runtime: 00:28:11 (1691.45 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

Alyssa Rooster Teeth podcast reconstruction in and Recreation in the Constitution hello you're not doing yourself no one listens to you and Gavin is talking just so you know it was all like they hear that British accent and they can all hit a note on the screen for me to start yelling at him again so this is this is from tank right well I finally got a computer here at the office so I can edit the podcast a little more efficiently so we thought this week we would release a podcast every day Monday through Friday but a shorter length 15 to 30 minutes to drive safe Edition in charge of all the computer Gavin Laird St all that entails us getting on a plane and holding hands cuz I get scared during takeoff and Landing but we get an overpriced rental car and drive to Toledo the Music Experience is where they're holding this thing is that in Seattle itself. I don't know why did you figure it out flight on that route I had it coming back from pack could you give me the wiser for nothing the Gus being around flying on at least Americans that you can look at the seats and some of them have a little lightning bolt on the seat indicator that where the numbers are on the luggage racks that is indication that that I'll a row give me his power will come to five years ago will hey not everybody knows that not everybody Travel Pro tip what if it was a lightning safety that would be better you know what I appear to the game from online after the game through a better head on 2 copies sold get in the ocean with the controller or just with the code the code a controller as they said what's the SKU a product developer was talking about his project as a SKU view Askew is literally the way it is the barcode were there maybe he didn't understand what you meant baby the term for a game for project number 2 SKU the controller has a different SKU the PS3 you can first of all I think you need to hear because we have this I can tell it's a logically perfect bask in the glory of my life PS3 owner if he went to the Halo 3 ODST launch party would still be able to play Halo 3 he just wouldn't be able to no I can play I know a friend's house and play I can go to a launch party and play cuz it's open to the public so I have a question you said you can go to a friend's house and play can you play at the office then I think you should be going to a PS3 launch on Xbox One experience. and you got to play hell yeah I don't really know I think it's a cool cultural event and I want to be there I got to have I might I might just be standing in the corner staring is Bill Gates going to be there he was at the Halo not one picture of Bill Gates from the Halo 3 launch party this was done a little differently though what's Bill Gates's gamertag I don't know money billionaires probably just one if they're lucky maybe he does have a gamertag it has a dedicated employee to handle his spam and heard that his mailbox get so much spam that he has just one person on staff it's probably an internet urban legend but I've always heard that was his address Bill Gates microsoft.com well he might have a Hotmail account I don't know Gabe Newell put all of his in his commentaries for the game have you ever done it Mark Cuban always with his email address out there he's the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and the one-time owner of broadcast.com on I was about to say that right there what is the deadly one of the bigger ones did you listen to this outcome and trees on the half-life games I did I thought I was so I've never seen that before I agree have you seen again the Left To the Left 4 Dead once you listen to what is PCR the developers talking about a special infected that they didn't put into the game pretty sure yeah have you ever heard about the screamer you told me he was infected and he was he was a in a straight jacket and when he saw the survivors he would run away and run somewhere nearby and hide and he would start screaming at the top of his lungs and that would draw and horde after horde after horde so you cannot you have to go to find him and kill him kill him in his attack damage Samsung that doesn't Left 4 Dead DLC come out this weekend zombie what was that experience Left 4 Dead the picture of the screamer ride there but apocalypse like Smash TV meets Left 4 Dead it's like you move around and shoot with a new controller that I like and I like that you can use like zombie babies away from you really directing Dead Rising 2 coming out you can't show anybody 3 if it's not coming out within 12 months let me know thanks dude get on the list right now interim and Pirates and ninjas on the radio about Pirate Day Talk Like a Pirate Day yeah yeah but doesn't have in headphones when I don't realize just how quiet you are the running the sound board doesn't actually have a set of headphones out there cable to your microphone when you said it up I bet you didn't wow that is fucking awesome that is awesome Geoff hasn't been plugged in this entire time 12 minutes on computer first edition were killed Red vs. blue Geoff station which also has its own mixer cuz he record 700 audio there and so whenever he switches to the podcast what you can find out he's got two switches microphone get me and Burnie and I did not notice that your voice wasn't coming on my head totally engrossing and hilarious too some of the stuff that I don't remember it tomorrow I forgot to press record we had a problem I thought you didn't have any pictures of the room looks like Wiig Kenan from Kenan it is time you know you're the first to skit 7 episode horrible they might be the two best people in the world but she is absolutely probably one of the best things that ever being serious that's that's so that's bold but she's good being fucking lineage of people 4 not recording and you know what go back and watch your son alive sketches seriously all the people who think you're awesome monster live go back and tell me Eddie Murphy wasn't funny Dan Aykroyd alive and tell me if it was funny John Belushi and Bill Murray is this where's the joke about Chris Farley incredible you know that mean I can Rush more it's also the problem with setting a live is it's always time to call so it the comedy becomes dated so quickly not really I think so little of that John Belushi little chocolate donuts sketch not and it's not funny but Kristen was amazing she was in 124 out of 140 sketches and I knew that season sucks for some reason Target skit replace the target lady or she plays Gilly in Roland off your couch come on yeah I just fucking right now okay I don't know who she is she has two minutes she had two minutes and not that they are just perfect she is one of the executives that's trying to help Katherine Heigl together and it's just consistently negative Ghost Town mad he was limited in a sense we're not talking John Stewart Tonight's again Gavin I watched it and they mention that he has the most successful podcast of all time and what do they say how many views hundred and seventy million dollars hundred seventy million downloads a week so his friend has them like how many how many podcast yeah I guess if you Ricky Gervais get to know maybe that was when the record was set he's in the Guinness book but I think this year I lost you Kristen Wiig more picture that was shot in Austin in Austin and exterior and considers itself to be a Film Production town and the whole thing is wrapped around the Austin Roller Girls which is where the new roller derby seemed kind of started or like revived was a big deal so just keep it as were there more tax breaks in Wisconsin new restaurant in Austin like right around the corner from here where all the waitresses wear bikinis at his club and all I hear about is how great this food dude you had a hamburger There Yet the other day it was fucking amazing you gotta admit we had a what was it called a text message that had tortillas for buns and was still there and it came with a side of that question is the food good a bikinis Town 3 it's a sketchy place to go I feel like a monster when you're in there every time you look up you feel like you're breaking the law somehow I was staring at my table understand that because my wife will be in a restaurant and she'll take a look at it you don't turn around and stare at people like you're walking on the road you learn to see everything in your peripheral vision you know absolutely like it's like looking at the sun you look for a second and look away take it all and you take it off when it comes to come to women every single man on the planet has a photographic memory and you take out once I get snapshot and then you think about that as you're walking away baby up and down they look them over completely you know and I just I'm like look I got it I saw for a brief second I gotta know I gotta the rest of my Sun analogy applies to Gus that cuz I know that you just have some staring contest and was like 6 years old in first grade Gavin of being responsible academic career he was telling me about one time when he was like 13 his class got to go to Washington DC and they ask the teacher to take them to us like the Washington Monument the National Archives and we have seen just about everything sew it all the whole tour group is going back to them to the hotel and me and like you my friends like oh can we go see the Constitution so the teacher said you will stay behind with you and go together to the Constitution is it older married couple both in were teachers at my school where is this story going so then we're like great great we gotta go to the bathroom I'll be right out and we'll see you soon okay we'll be waiting here for you let me and my friends go to the bathroom wash your hands come out teachers are gone first time I ever left my house since I've ever been on a totally well I guess we're stuck here we'll figure out how to ride the subway we think the hotels in that direction let's just get on the subway invention figured out you know we know more let's go we're going in get back to the hotel 3 days the book happen for you like you said to go to Philadelphia Philadelphia what the hell and then five years later move back to Texas incredibly safe City so there was really no picture second grade class to put masking tape over your mouth if you miss an elementary school and that if you misbehave and make you go out in the hallway and walk on your knees up and down the school as punishment man purple not ask the teacher were under threat of murder walk up and down the entire school on his or her knees and in the being with again I was in school I lost the ice I spend a lot of time outside the classroom so I lost the ability to learn which is being overconfident a lot but I never got to spank there anything they were pretty complete lunch or something and raise such a stink that the teacher the next day had to stand up and apologizing for of my mother and I at once and for the entire School Casino were those white performance reviews a call from Geoff small and the school 4 x couple weeks ago we were talking about that weird conspiracy theory of American Indians who have Native American tribe out there and I have a reservation for what in Canada but essentially a group of Native Americans said to the Canadian government we want a kit to prepare for H1N1 flu swine flu and the government center body bags that's what they want regret the alarm that this incident has caused Health Canada said in a statement issued Thursday afternoon it is important members that are nurses are focused entirely on providing Primary Healthcare Services Under often trying circumstances with socialized Health Care 4 U a blanket of Health Care in Cadillac and these people complain about everything how in the hell do you send body bags terrible terrible to be pretty bad if a ton of people down there like we need to send them back not even just keep him again tomorrow the special guests lying I'm trying to I'm trying to line up a special guest will see if I can manage to pull it off in a very special cat what makes me alright