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RT Discusses Clone Love

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Recorded: 2013-10-15 22:04:44

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

Chris podcast audible audiobooks and more than a hundred fifty thousand downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction the periodic law book of your choice audible podcast.com / RT that's audible podcast.com / RT this episode of podcast Squarespace make fast and easy to create your own professional website or online for 10% off and use offer code Gus is awesome that is awesome Gavin Barbara Brandon and Gus Columbus Day and we're celebrating the Canadian holiday Thanksgiving food we got some traditional foods sorry we couldn't get the poutine keep asking me Karen guess we're both asking you what like traditional Canadian Thanksgiving food was and I'm just like same thing as every holiday every one ever celebrate turkey and mashed potatoes not let him know that he is wrong ordering turkey legs Chris Day anymore are there in a fashion that explores a really good Canada thank you we appreciate it Columbus credit for it or something so extra Oktoberfest beers as well because it's October does Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg the couple weeks ago that Bernie invited me to go out there with them the note was really fast for 2 days who was Kirk at one point I don't want to live here anymore are there German settlers and that's why we have Schlitterbahn obviously living in Texas for 30 years taught me that some people that like recently I thought you might have been one of those potatoes Thanksgiving Thanksgiving This American Life Cyber Monday Halloween a few years ago daylight savings was on Halloween night and so we're out to bars to AMA Gus you have to go home all the sudden someone again we're going to be doing a extra life on that night usually 2 24-hour stream but this time is 25 hours from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. extra life. Org search for like Jack pattillo as a player you're going to find out yeah I'm going to be there for a really big portion the time just a filter and questions from the community and stuff we're going to do it are you going to do try to make us feel like assholes did you just remember maybe they won't ask me when he passed away here supporting kids hospitals and yes I don't want to she's okay everything's okay in porn like every taboo is just like everybody except like alright it's ok it's a funny title porn article I talked about it that will link and delete them but it's like if it's like an interracial couple are always made about the non-white participants and also a minority porn actors and actresses are not as much as their white counterparts kind of Steel is in porn they're thirty years behind everybody else iron ways if I gotta listen to this and see what it's about and some of the other X episode 100 in the world pictures in America in America only in the world on the world would you I don't think so what if she was like the hottest girl you can think of there for a while rule 34 33rd Hutton charity porn I don't know how but maybe life or something like it what's the where does your stuff go when you have to collect a blowjob the glowing sucking and sucking out of my mind I know they have like respirators and shit when you get in the plane and goes up and down really really because I haven't seen it but I know it's out there could you do some research for us I'll get right on that could you not change your shirt what is the best porn title you've ever seen I have horrible memory for names I feel like that's a lost art though now it's all life so it's a triple x parody I don't know if it's a parody title or if it's actually real but I like in Diana Jones is saving Ryan's privates really really good my favorite was my birthday because it was Battle of the monster cocks And the tagline was no matter who wins she loses and follow up line I've ever seen the portable care like someone to talk to you guys again here in just a second so comic con comic on Twitter yesterday to make the process easier for picking up their Badges and then started issuing a check or something Trump sign into stop with Twitter I used to be worried about that would like access granted and I'll be like I can read your tweets I can post for you I could do this this and that if it ever says Expo Street I always did not know anything would never do that to anybody I mean the password to go into your website it only affected it was a few people with a large amount of followers but for the most part I don't think you can get anymore people aren't you know Greg Miller Gavin that's what Gus arm wrestles Michael and I are ready for me and one that was right before I actually came to Rooster Teeth so I like knew I was being hired but I didn't actually start at the office yet to talk to Monty miles and Kerry who are actually out there representing a lot more people New York I don't know why every single actually see you at the front of the hall and the line stretched to the back of the hall the name Milton yeah you posted Vine I think of that entire line or like clump of people we need to handle it we need to be here v x security went by you just you on the radio like what the fuck is going on over there to do down there but it was beautiful beautiful get out of traffic control it was also the last week's episode and this week's episode coming up so she's down there school uniform outfit for school we wanted to feel you can pre-order on the side I'd I didn't think so but that was one really cool so I see there for your birthday for one slice of cheese little bit of a point about the pizza we like really really New York y little bit but it never deterred ice compared to Homeslice because that apparently is supposed to be as close to New York Pizza Homeslice ships in water from New York the clarinet from you water knowledge I've always are you really realize that the ultimate plan for the weekend was pretty awesome we did a few things mainly Comic Con stuff and then day Pokemon and I didn't see him for the weekend so good so good there's also skydiving porn it was free I don't I think they stopped before the page that goes back to our conversation earlier can you pull out in history rain, rain Don ah just shut off after that I said 1 remind everyone that this episode of those two podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 150,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and 3 tree audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / RT audible podcast.com / RT so I looked up the Galaxy Audible final it out there so I looked it up and I have a paper so it's like 10000 page the office and the heck with the name Chanel feeling like nothing she's not act like it sometimes what do the voices on girl I like ah no better than like Super shredder can you yes sir line this year 2 like what you do or what do you think you can hold season 2 sections of 912 using line season 12 Adobe Premiere Pro and it literally just change the splash screen on a DUB Edition extra charge like 40 bucks each RT 400 it's literally like the way it down because it for me because you're watching it when I was like 14 so the sound of season 1 it's just like such good memories and it sounds like basically everyone else day we got Nick to do it instead that's still one of my favorite lines and it wasn't even tired computers laughing so hard it episode 1 because there was still a fan but this guy was just like having a great day the only time she's ever been referenced in the shower I believe so in the trailer is all the talk about the war with the Covenant first mentioned with that rain doesn't really awesome and I remembered so it's like I was literally trying to take it out really quick and like that and like take a picture it'll make it easier like it's exactly like real life trade on the phone in the game but you know it comes up on the side I actually have the same screen on the iPhone has an Android phone when you go to jail on the 4th and you just end up in a bunch of people you can be private and public who sings Yeah but I thought you just like hang out and do stuff and play tennis you can't do that on Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto is Eric from Eric the tennis in Grand Theft Auto is like the best tennis video game ever played tennis video game the video Dumb Ways to Die in GTA and I just put it out I feel like it's easy the photo I didn't see the video it's amazing how much they are like the light hymn Greg accountant make a v n/a play Africa by ways if you want to smash because it was so funny I wonder trade Pokemon you can trade pic of Pokemon and a random person in the world pics of Pokemon and then connect with each other and in trade Gavin I really like the part with the tundra 51 traders in 2 people yesterday I think I 250 1452 Plane Tree life some adult company tells me give this letter to your mom your going to walk around the world can even unpack Auto Pokemon the game is kinda like mine with Madden AMA be miserable it may be like I hate it but I was so addicted like they're probably about 10 holes in my coffee table from X and Michael on to it and one time day or night together for a few months we were playing online and I got so pissed off I started screaming at him do you like IRS and I never I never had to Play It Again is like a fucking rain it makes me think of that one podcast Google do this thing where if you're winning in the last 5 Seconds they quit and you don't get the satisfaction of the win you still get experience points in and then in the NBA has a lot anyway Target super and I'll do it to people if they're fucking bullshit doing I thought you was your favorite original Pokemon original gym knock knock what are like man this is awesome I think I found Fantasy 6 is coming out soon and he said that they're not going to do Final Fantasy 7 because it would be too big that they need if they need for phones to catch up to be able to be big enough to hold it but it would only be like 1 Point 3 gigs 3 different video what I sent you it said dub would you would you Ryan Reynolds Channing Tatum okay so if they both wanted in at the same time you let him know what if they split it would if it was it what does it look like Clinton Arkansas notable and back and back and back like this what is your obsession you want to know so bad did you do that with another guy porn double double fucking demented so I'm honestly glad right now that it's not. It's been getting lately that it was just going to be a crazy storm on Saturday night not over yet another tree in our parking lot which requires you have a certain amount of tree I know what happened everything comes back to your house SportSpyder stay in my apartment if I see whatever I just kill everything in my house get the fuck out side everything is working for you but how do you feel about lizards actually had a little lizard in my apartment the other day and it scared the shit out of me because I thought on the corner I couldn't tell what it was and so I tried like to bring some bug stuff at at the bookstore if I did I couldn't tell with a lizard it was like very light colored in the top corner of my ceiling and it life give it away and it scared the shit outta me the day I was on my couch and I was laying on the floor and I looked it look like I've been overlooked and it was like literally right there Don would you like to the point we touch short skirts legs controlling Benjamin I'm doing some weird question I think you've ever asked on the podcast and that's saying a lot and you feel betrayed if Benjamin was a person we drink so much ACL actually cancelled the final day of the show after people who don't know what ACL is Big Music Festival Austin City Limits Festival pictures of it 2 day so we had to cancel it can you guys go do what you were supposed to go and then I came and I went to the office and I look for my wristband and it disappeared no I'm pretty sure I just threw it away I guess the only explanation I think we should put it in the cabinet and it started getting like shit but I remember every gold Xbox controllers social security card immediately daddy something will you keep an actual location across the street talking about yourself I used to get my passport in there but she needed was one time I go to Expo in Canada and I didn't remember until like 4:45 p.m. the night before in the bank close to 5 and I couldn't get there in time so I miss my flight can get my passport I'm traveling to the US they were they were rushing to get to the airport thing is like running later something and he got to the airport and realize that he took my mom's passport with him instead of his and Canadian luckily his flight was actually delayed till my dad had time to like go get the passport from our house and bring it back to the airport but I was like what the fuck is wrong with you but now I have to deal with it you couldn't look at their passports why you would want to have kids Gus critical thinking like to be just open the door like we can have all of the card birth certificate passport blank ID cards in the drawer at my house so I'm wondering if you just open the drawer stop passport and just like to play with this it might be in my car doesn't work toy gun would you like a fake passport with another name Mike you have an Iranian passport when I moved here I had to go through that homework before I thought that I was going to have to bring my documents and all my paperwork from getting my Visa with me at all times in case I get pulled over and it's are questioning me because for some reason I was like no I'm not from the US there was a time when I was applying for the and I still working in the UK doing my Brandon Phillips I just like to hear me this so much different than mine it's like an actual page in the passport with like a picture and all this information line is a staple piece of paper that was like cut out from an application with hand-written numbers on it has a sticker the size of a possible nothing official man in tree page know that so we're going to have Jordan and Monty it was going to be a supanova in November I want to say it in Brisbane for sure going to have a special appearance at the end of October I'm just watching everything we have created actually the group and I would not expect it looking at it you have no idea. I'll have to ask about the time but it's something like if someone's heart stops beating and 90% of those people died within three years stop it in the three years that already on Healthy Lifestyles really really really big dude and something happened like he is still a child or something and like the stitches came apart at his intestines just filled out racism notable stories of knowing this great dinner party not safe for work warning life door or death or something and you'll be like oh we were in crunch mode for the same time the RTA and the RT Shorts so Chris and I are here like Non-Stop and that was what we would do to take breaks or go to Reddit 50/50 and it's either like a cute puppy or like the most disgusting thing you've ever seen in your life be honest it woman or the most disgusting you know there's on the internet politician who shot himself in the face on Reddit footage of JFK getting shot pic up close this is like some random guy ShopRite Connally the governor was shot through JFK Long article that I thought was about what was happening on Air Force One while JFK was shot they were the pilots are getting ready for like the next president this is a picture of that means I are going to present in the people in the background of that photo is Jack Valenti who is the president of the NBA Players Association 4978 on the left under the bridge the district judge to come into the swearing in and like the whole process and for that to happen it wasn't like it was really up to take off day 3 music super weird coincidence for a guy the family is crazy here about to his sister I don't know what was wrong with her when she was born but at some point they gave her lobotomies and it's just like after that she was just nothing she was just completely gone because at that time I still thought that was a good thing to do I think they're like this is a good thing this is a good idea we should do this Rosemary or something what they called RT the Parkinson's Y where they're like Pokemon her Brandon they post something and like she's asked to raise your hand is shaking and they post something and I just like stuff you used to do a lot of crazy experiments on people but they can't get away with anymore there's a really famous 1 about it's like a party where there's one subject and he thinks he's giving somebody electric shocks and the shocks keep going higher and higher and intensity in the guy who shot is actually an actor he's faking it but ice cream the top of it but there's another actor who's and I know you got it keep shocking him and the guy just keep shocking people taking crazy to do that anymore but like 5 people and 5 of them with security guards in V with prisoners and pretending and the prison of belief Care Bear Lair also easily attach DVD player into any paint or Squarespace websites you can share a favorite gaming moments Squarespace starts at just $8 a month and includes a free domain name if you sign up for you get your free trial the 10% off at Squarespace.com when use the offer code Gus is awesome that offer code again is Gus is awesome start designing your website right now to get that probably know how much would you pay 100 Grand and it meant that when he died you could find out everything in the world that you could watch JFK you all life on Earth or life not history I guess from anyone in history pic on wood but they look like I'm okay it's from 10000 years ago and was on the way to the Future 2 after your dad and you pay $100,000 you can learn everything that you can see like a thousand years what she really woman I don't know what you look like you have something in mind you just want to see what happened you don't think changing the subject to something I'm really curious mouth are there some that you believe I just curious I've been different it is annoying when you hear about it they do really good job of convincing you that where the plane hit and how fast it would deteriorate and all the stuff actually like the saying that the security footage look however you want them to look anything like 10 minutes does it really help what you're doing but that you know 2 seconds does somebody man constructed the same way you showed I think it's fun with you at the top of like the debris and on the phone as well as much faster than everything around it it makes you think there may be charges on bldg bldg don't know anything and then completely help support what was it like from the store can I become desensitized to the 2 giant hours and come down and they should put this other one with something to scare down as well with cream in it the White House got hit like that to me is like I can't imagine how fucked up I mean the whole thing was already fucked up but like she said she like a pillar of American democracy and Y 12 of 1216 are fucking geometry teacher turned off the TV and Tree National Reddit in a gym and they showed us the footage on TV and they're just like you guys can go home if you want to call your parents pick you up but you could stay because it's a private school 2 people get all paranoid like we're going to be a victim of something remember that morning I was 23 I was living out at 2 apartment housing apartment nevermind it was a plane hit the tower just hit downtown she hasn't loaded internet event space on what crash is BNL and v v Center Michael Jackson Who crash his life single-engine plane into the IRS bldg remember his name came up pretty quick and the first thing they did was Google him and he found it on his web page was crazy it was like it says it was taking me and like 6 girls and so we were in a taxi and they were all like doing their own thing in the back and I had to sit next to the taxi driver and I'll try to make conversation with him I was like he's a tree from the last and I thought you might hurt you know we had a guy who crazy ass guy who drove plane into the IRS bldg he's like yeah I mean some people call that crazy but other people call that revolution could kind of get your point across in the conversation as well a few days ago I thought she was getting ready to land in Tampa and I guess like 20 minutes she started screaming god you're my savior the crazy person on the airport let me know when they give that speech to the people in the emergency exit row like they have a certain responsibility like that was you would you feel like you like you trying to calm her down and it's unclear whether he knows or not and then we'll keep in touch punch that bitch out like Queen of Hearts life is another thing that you are absolutely worth it but would your head hurt more than their face would hurt you skip something you can okay however like keep your head are they all be like hey something's coming down the hill and then we were in the head event iron RT 20 amazing convenience do anything really they just have to live with that RT passed a million views that was while we were shooting Gauntlet down and we did not shoot that had a giant football stadium in the world but in Canada specifically they're really he looks like the hometown boys are from Canada I think it in Canada included a sticker featuring Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies big The Love Dare go to Facebook she was on her list directions to make a spreadsheet Federal County Bank 35 terrible terrible I would not sleep with me would you bang that club that's a whole different thing is that masturbation no but would you do it I think if he was a woman in his question was you go down Chris Chris would not ever telling her that she was correct Barbara Clinton Benghazi it's going to be really cool ah thank you for cooking a beer there so nervous Chris crash like subconsciously hate myself what's understand why they would want to bang you but you wouldn't want to bring it so you're saying because of him I would the night in the same place the way you are because of where you are if your clone was standing there he would not be looking the same as you can if you were standing there with you pics of tubular and tell her to have sex with almost 300 dub conversation I'm going to say I don't know I don't really have somebody there someone you like least you don't like everyone the same to you even though I love you I like you I want somebody that like really famous people in Buckhead where do I rent for you I mean how many tiers are there 1 to 40 Ace liquor what the top 20% would you put me gross I just got Gus Gus is everyone's favorite when you came back from vacation I was like okay got your number 1 bus number to cash it or if I'm going to say that you're my boss I'm your only employee someone's in trouble I just see myself as an employee of the company or just my body do this like art or something like that movie - it is what it is a piece of art while he was out there for them one guy who said I just remember my apartment I need stuff to put the cover the wall how lucky do you think those people feel right now like a million dollars per individual is a very famous street artists for people who don't know I think it's cool or if it's just like an idea like a fucking Batman look like in Batman The Movement Factory Direct in V yes he's real Columbus Symphony the worst point in the world anyone can be Batman I'm so much that there's Batman and he's a person to a lot of people that man is an idea and that's what I was going for like any other movie what I don't know the world's largest crocodile ah could have been better 2 it could have been like what it was like Don Jon yeah I didn't get that movie it was about the girl she can do that very well the new Thor movie coming out soon as in in the Dark World Iron Man 3 ah one of them final 2 I don't know I like it like the kid in Iron Man 3 it was kind of like I feel like the bad guy spoilers Chris Pratt scene on the movie to having night is he going to be in Avengers the guy from Parks and Rec oh yeah that's his name right he's in that one movie nebulous no no no no the character for the bathroom Parks and Rec he was like the end of the conversation the new Marvel Universe movie it's like something in Crazy space well I'm on the on the crazy space no it's about time for some real quick Chris has been reminding me to bring up The Gauntlet because episode 3 premieres on Sunday but if he's been doing it because I have an earpiece so he couldn't tell me so he's been minding if you could have told me anal penetration conversation so he was just kind of like RT how is literally haven't heard Smiley trying to get your attention watch The Gauntlet so coming up this Sunday 5 p.m. central Spore sponsor 7 p.m. central for the public and I think it's a lot of fun we've put together and you guys are all in it I think am I in like some of the scenes oh yeah okay well I'm at work so come back on Brandon retarded reconnect so we'll be back on Monday with another episode of Hershey podcast next week and will be back this Wednesday was another side of the patch so until then we'll see you guys next time I love you