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RT Discusses Girls Girls Girls

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Recorded: 2013-10-22 22:00:24

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Miles Luna, Jack Pattillo, Jordan Cwiers




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Transcript (in progress):

the podcast you buy huluplus thousands of hits anytime anywhere on your TV smartphone or tablet or this podcast an extended free trial huluplus when you go to Hulu plus.com / Mr Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth this week 15 drop a deuce before we started the podcast and the toilet up going back across the extra life in the sunshine beyond that it's okay nothing's more terrifying than clogging the toilet at work Brooklyn beard MO so right before I never even considered like if your donor you know would you be afraid of like the dhoni coming to kill you. Owner someone will look at the list I'm coming for him and then with Brandon and then take them to be afraid of because of that because I live in constant fear or if he's not going using a list of people who are organ donors you know anyone who has I don't know if I want to say I am as well I bras power dad like I said basically like whenever I strip all the good parts of me so that beard it's a perfectly what is some needed a kidney and I was the only match Twitter that kind of take over your decision-making ok the first episode with your blood type you would have no concern that someone will possibly come after you through another week you know I don't know it's probably the best one whenever but I don't think there's a probably if I had were negative the word describing all of Twitter and mosquitoes like it no problem my friend bleachers girls short forever and ever try to figure it out yeah I know I saw that when I moved here so probably you're like yeah cool I know you can never Brenda told me it was only six months ago the best of DVDs short information love making short really hot definitely children should watch it Filipino whenever that comes on people try to play for me like it runs out of the room music watching him making out with Sam then it was the day so I finally watched all of the receipt Vines know that they were compiled and uploaded it to YouTube and I can't change my position yeah I don't know what it is I think for the most part a lot some stupid ass bullshit I should be an animated gif like a video version of just a comic strip with like the people that can illustrate comic strips do you have a few seconds to tell you punch films right and it's online and in turn it into a program difficult to watch death photo of them up with a Eric the actor from the Howard Stern Show Rocco I think with their other I get mega64 Pacific Ocean and Garrett I think what is the actor I don't even like dude I was looking at the analytics on the vines compilation video pic short if it's too late is definitely engaging a lot of people engaging a lot of people that's one way of saying it I suppose but I like them in Spanish I went around and got really three more seconds we played pretty bad we got a bunch of people together this weekend to play football and it was the most pathetic excuse for football event Football you mean you had a football Brandon and Holly we're trying to look for people I went to get those like to play football Brandon's eight-year-old cleats for catchers Wikipedia Brian was on the other thing that those are the teams and I was covering Brandon when he was like playing receiver I was one time where they did like a quick bite and I wasn't covering him and you were like wide open and the ball is going to know pictures of my minor league demeanor when I was a little kid you know that I got a little boy in a neighborhood get together play the love life football Industries short with the with friends online play 5 on Royal Grove football top and then we say not sucking out good so probably somewhere around here Department the Ann Richards school for young women leaders like it has an apartment man Godzilla I can't help how old are you when you stop when I stop like 16 maybe it's cool I was decent at fielding hook man fucking hitting us I was happy with baseball growing up and I get the ball at the one-yard season last game I hit it and it was like way far out in the Outfield and I didn't know what to do because I did I was just so you feel like okay I'll strike out and then I'm going to go stand in the field for 10 minutes and then we'll come back and I'll do it again and then we can go have snow cones face and I stopped and made it to the base when I was you know like 5 or something I would play right field and it listens no one ever hit out there I would just stand there and play with my zipper two Jordans on the TV talking to me set nickname started in 70 my school for whatever reason was like they were really supportive do I tell kids they couldn't be on the team so I was literally on the everybody else that tried out to play basketball team for the blue rim 5 players every like two and a half minutes just so that the entire team for blood coach called like much of the time started calling me a lunatic at that point because of my last name and it wasn't because of like I did something cool because I would make crazy stupid 2 and I'm okay I'm the RT the coolest kid on go to you whatever you do don't give Matt the ball you need to redeem yourself for falling in front of everyone make a half-court shot and it was it was just terrible 3rd Street at about like I'm driving like there's a bunch of people in a mission and like I crashed immediately I just like playing with random people in mission two player Mission Souls like someone someone else going to lobby and I normally don't talk but I can hear life to start the mission where like coordinating and stuff and the guys like you sound really familiar do I know the voice is so familiar and then we go to get in my car in the game and you look to My Life by Gus Mann the one I like how everything was working finding you and taking photos of you in the game now solo gameplay I have no symptoms so I made a the car that like insured and that's the day I stop playing with random strangers because it the car the Franklin Drive the bravado Buffalo 4 people 4 door and then I'll get on my motorcycle and then eBay Jordan numbers and take the drug where can I park my car you have any stories to tell about this dumb game that I'm playing it's just amazing I loved it like what you like best skill you would say as far as in Grand Theft Auto 5 driving flying shooting I like flying but my online character hasn't really done it very much still terrible thing driving I thought I was driving Pilots of 1800 like anytime there's some like a helicopter or plane or something I'm usually one to jump in so that's not my specialty I've always been going for some reason I wouldn't trust any of the others before you go out to get in the Sandy Shores Airfield everyone perfect take off like a flight around the mountain go to the airport I do one pass over it then I'll turn around so I can life slow beautiful and perfect Landing of everything in my life to come to a slow stop and life the scars on the Airfield Twitter human if you get a helicopter you can land it all inside and didn't I jack it really like MO can I boil a movie with things coming out of things to do in in Grand Theft Auto 5 the city probably hopefully this week most likely next week though that was probably the most fun we've had playing Grand Theft Auto 5 stealing jumbo Jets World element to it but it is incredibly funny and we had a great time and I try to do it again soon Gus November 2nd and 3rd thank you for bringing that up miles extra life extra - life.org in a place where you play video game way more fun at 4:20 25 hours cuz it's actually over the and I can join scene RoosterTeeth work or at least like to the Dell Children's Hospital which is like the local children's hospital the Children's Miracle Network hospital here in Austin and Ally if you want to join you can join our team but you don't rigging join us donating spells and I think one Microsoft extra life stream here in the local Austin area Souls the domain of in Austin so he can come meet us out there and say hi but I'm sure you probably noticed the people work here so we're not no no visitors or anything during that but a lot of fun I don't like razors donated to giving away when I hit certain Milestones well as we're playing like we can ascertain you know like a bug all week it was like okay really no controllers or whatever and stuff like that and if you extra - life. Org / teams last week and put information about his schedule is going to be playing games the community late night and got there at 9:01 there's clearly more than just one so you just blew my mind can I have a mom and dad the rats they got two motorcycles back there now pull up the picture for the great staffer picture of it running across the studio floor I have two friends that can make a great match 4 charity stuff and it's you know email is giving your information and we'll take care of that as well so there you about any extra life and it would be awesome and children helping on charity download code from day one Garry's incident guys are pretty so he put up of a video review that was critical of it Garry's incident incident from YouTube by the Bell apologized and said that they gave him an advance for the game to review it but they never discussed it they're not critical I supposed to 2 minutes long actual editorial review does it and then the general should you buy it should you not know he did that or not we don't do reviews for a cheating with someone recently cut and color hook for not doing video game reviews because we didn't want to hurt people's feelings yeah pretty much but if it's a game like you know we're going to start playing over and over again it was Payday 2 the Grand Theft Auto 5 is it okay with clearly would like those games they play those games so I'm told we have a picture of the Rat if you guys want to see it delirious Gallatin Street the studio Jordan moved over yeah it's kind of shop in the city of stuff in there the other day and was like oh my God what happened there Porter and we were like the same with moving and money already move like we just like totally like just every day starting from scratch you must be busy my wife is drunk just sent one out this one time I said it to scene can you scream into a cell phone I'm Stephen Baldwin ever looking for 2 pic trapped in this room how long could you live on a bottle of vodka okay my love I think it's a dumb question can you ask him or how much work quickly can you die so you can get your men together right now this moment long enough to cause problems for the podcast and then once I like made your life more difficult than I just I just let myself I would drink all the vodka and then throw up just to have something to do thanks I might as well just kill some time I'll be doing that later Julian Las Vegas-style in this like to kill yourself planned the whole bottle try to get drunker faster with me the fill up a bunch of water bottles with vodka either I don't know why but there was vodka in water bottles he was absolutely sure he was desperate to get anyone on the beach so it's like we have anything huluplus that you watch you watch for the best experience with huluplus you can watch your favorite current TV shows like St can also check out exclusive content SNL Seth Meyers and Moone Boy starring Chris O'Dowd from Bridesmaids huluplus also offers a great selection of acclaimed films were only 7 99 a month because she was many TV shows and movies as you want wherever you want right now you can try Hulu Plus for free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / Mr T's the special offer for everyone watching and listening makes you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth 4 the extended free trial big sexy huluplus that service and I'm very happy to have them as a sponsor huluplus the one with everything that you can call if you have any more like Apple TV Xbox tablet computer you can start watching one device like I was watching it on my living room the other day at dinner now and I turned it off I just got a Wii U and hands down the greatest feature of having a Wii U is being able to play your games without the television being asked out some of the stuff in the living room and try hard enough that's true that's true why is it how to do The Daily Show pop up on huluplus extra Brooklyn Nine-Nine shockingly good really it is really funny like crazy watch football is like oh great another Brooklyn nine nine dad let me watch shows actually really funny ambitious 4 TV series of strips from Penny Arcade the robot partner New York Comic Con for the Brooklyn nine nine 4 Almost Human she's an African American comic Ironside it would be like dad heimlich the wheel in His Arms of Jesus bras bras hard question to answer because you're 2 no it comes on at like to watch because I like it that's a good one 270 lot lately for some reason I thought you really pretty well trailer source did Ron Perlman like I can't tell you it is pretty cool and then Charlie build the robot but yeah it's okay like I looked it up the trailer for the new Godzilla movie that you only feel like it has like that classic Godzilla roar targeting with that movie work on me unfinished Pacific Rim I don't like to make a sequel lake Lake Placid alligator shark movies are coming out this winter what are the big things coming out movie Saving Mr something there's the Mary Poppins movie where Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney and Mary Poppins yeah yeah pretty much comic Captain Phillips is like being a terrible captain and a coward in the whole situation so captivating that's all I care about I don't know movie the real life blood Captain Mr Captain that's what's captivating mean fantastic but it's the same here like I know what happens at the end of this movie so I don't understand how it could be not about the destination what happened the end dad know you're not scared for me Royal Oak Emagine is mostly about himself take that baby Captain Phillips is Forrest Gump on this phone movie stars and probably the largest the black guy who 4 dad it's pretty cool the white room when I was staying at his place so like in the first season there's a little kid did you watch it pet shops in Pacific Rim liquid room on a 40 foot by 40 foot in a 40 foot by 40 foot room on a giant gimbal so that you would actually move and Jacks chemical effects practically something that movie when they're linked together and like working together like walking at the same time those crazy things like holding their feet in place that was a fun idea sea diving two small present Jurassic like a jaguar or something a little bit okay if a guy gets underneath the crab made almost there top secret or so chess piece blanket tiger or some for the fat cat like creatures captain do you have some sort of projectile Weaponry drop-in he would cover his weak spot with charity it's at home and we can get the belly button underneath the cat what is protected by the Richard Belzer just left the show so his character retired he's been in like 4 months Law & Order SVU homicide life on the streets the wire Sesame Street are all in the same universe that's funny it's on the show scene the shows together like like family Family Matters and Full House take place in the same universe has something in her nose step by step in family matters two places like Steve Urkel showed up on step by step one time and like this sort of this weird University someone wrote an article that had like like something like twenty or Thirty shows together two different characters that have been like if I don't know all the details to this story but I found it like 2 years ago or Marvel Comics one of those two companies there are two police officers that have been recurring in multiple like different Comics done by different like writers and illustrators like like these two same characters keep showing up in different universes and different like comic books all of the world and life is just like them crazy inside like in the comic book illustration Universe what is this I don't need to look it up yeah exactly yeah everything else in 4 years already Twitter account probably 2 weeks I like him for a while I haven't heard from him in like six seven months so probably the trim down after work today if so what time what Jacks going to be for hello where is not is not old Walter White love beard Viking good like beard related costumes I can wear for Halloween a Chippendales dancer that's it you got it extra pycelle Brian the Netherlands game two books I just watch the show with almost done with book for before I started watching Game of Thrones like you gave me you and Erin and a bunch of people give me like a Lowdown on what was going on in the show what's the name of the Game of Thrones spoilers internet for long-time what's up with the Game of Thrones Targaryen dragon ladies Dragon Legends husband Drogo the longest time I just referred to his coma the Barbarian because I couldn't remember his fucking name so I don't know how you they always come up with funny nicknames for Absol RT scene elsewhere apparently shows I'm done thank you Andrew for tweeting that put it on his character on scene elsewhere that links everything together crazy the dragon will be Unleashed shirt that offended in some really cool preachers are stuffed animals of all Minecraft characters Oysterhead Gavin Human Services I regret hiring you people after she spent 50 hours working on it just like this is one of them remind love my arms actually fell off my miles getting every two or three months a couple boxes life and stuff just feel like I'm sending short fuel box then we check the fuel box what are you working out there but it's something we don't make public her that I don't know people lumberjack I don't know how to get the poncho tubular listening to the audio it's pretty good the audio podcast short uncle that's all what is that 30 I let you clean my pipes Godzilla the idea of a scene from movie the little people misunderstand movies like okay so Corey Thompson Grandmaster pycelle is the villain in Indiana Jones the Last Crusade The Chosen poorly thrilled actually no try the grill they like me no one had up to that point right the right one and it really got this Fin Fun have internet in the quotes Jesus Christ Walter Donovan nice website Gus I'm going to be looking like an author PicsArt bras logically speaking I think there is someone front clasp bras are for fat people that do not answer all Kevin Durant prefer to wear front close bras the other Black River movie can the girls go on the Ironside bras affect cleavage know I know absolutely I just you know having to reach behind like when you have to undo it and you the class was in the front because I get one handed life hook it up man I was going to let you fuck or I can be closer together can I use for Cleavage front clasp on a Bra & Lingerie I've never actually seen it in like a functional bras are forbidden from slow bras have you over any girl knows that you click that and then flip it yeah you take it off thank you thank you for sharing what you have learned a little more the sniffer if it's only the hook I'm like a class if you think you'll be more apt to like popping open accidentally hook the back is like classical Loop front of boxers that's my favorite but easier to get on and off your boxers or boxer back Venetian I have good boobs the Dustin it was like football I think I started it front versions of saying I'm going to pension if I don't know that. We had fun too probably don't like a D&D thing or two playing sports game is there I think so I could be wrong but it's always something role 4 initiative over the defense or whatever and 2 advance I could be wrong on that though that is no problem coverage front clasp are traditionally Razorback 4 Tops I know what each of those words mean are traditionally racerback 4 top Gus looking at a puzzle right now this riddle the shirt that is like a bee in the back it's like Battlestar Galactica in the back Barbers doing why okay are you playing Pokemon the only other person can I get a very quiet but night I decided against night RT Pokemon absolutely fucking loved it why would I want to try and recreate that if it's I don't know I feel like it wouldn't be the same and if you're not a kid now or if you weren't in 1995 you're probably fire beats Grass Grass beats water I try to get back into Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver on the first time we battle each other like you know he sends out Cyndaquil I send out I can't remember Totodile crocodile so then he returns and sends out crap but I was reminded I can on fire and then he returned it was just like are you wanting to buy the store and I just got them all and that's what he told me to get me everybody should over Animal Crossing everything I miles I should get it I said no because when I was in college I played Animal Crossing for the Wii I thought I was done but my roommate late all the time and wonder like I don't see what's so fun about this next thing I know I'm fucking hitting rocks with shovel I'm shaking trees one run away from being paid off the mortgage and one Saturday my friends game the room like Hey we're going downtown if you want to come I was like hold on guys I need to wait at least like 30 more minutes there's a dog that's going to come I need to be here for and I just sat there and I realized what the fuck am I doing with my life I turn it off and I'm never drinking ever again sometime this week maybe this weekend maybe I don't know what time but sometime this week and this week will have a Pokemon related quiz video 4 sponsors again sometime this week probably Thursday but sometime this week wherever we want to hear Comic Con we had a great panel small panel though you know there's a bunch people there they would have I'm sure would have loved to ask questions and he was talking stuff so we're just going to do a little love panel from the office so your sponsor be sure to tune in will be talking about working on Ruby working and red vs blue and shift that happened there's a lot of dumb stuff that happened we might talk about some things that will be on the DVD that you should keep an eye out for their great to be on the check Jack we found shreds of paper Jordan iTunes You Name It We kill it Hitler we got them rtaa love the rat we're coming for you night or he might be in a live chat on Thursday or whatever just so you know people talked about putting traps out to try to catch the rat I was like not going to work too much damn food in this building unless it's hungry I can go up to the food it already has a ton of other ways to eat so if you need a fucking take the food out there that can clean up the damn place the Kremlin I had no no my Gus earlier okay I have to look at me and I was I was afraid for love that's okay I respect you more for not apologizing Big Gus tattoos like some of your quotes are like rubbing off on me like there was one time I was in that was in the annex back to my desk is over here and there was somebody out of the office to the parking lot like behind all the other building stuff person to walk out now I'm going to buy them anything but they're probably giving awkward hi or something waited at the door ladies symbolism in Carrie know it's so the other night and I'll be there just installed like a gas powered bike little fireplace fire pit outside like right outside my father and the other night you know that they were hanging out enjoying the fire and then the following week so it's not like there's somebody there what you want to do I want to go back inside and watch you had a man I don't want to have to talk to stuff subreddit I saw that there's a coffee shop somewhere like off of Riverside and I got I want to see what call Life Brewers play something like that and they have like $5 make your own smores and I'll bring the Sterno lamp to your table and give you like marshmallows and graham crackers and chocolate and like little skewers and you just like notes it all down and make your own smores of tabletop Beyond on 4th is that they really are awesome 4 scale comes out of the ground for me like you get whatever chocolates find roasted marshmallow that's fine with somebody like that like the honey graham crackers and I want the one that's absolutely coated in cinnamon sugar donut you got it wasn't for you otherwise I'm just like I don't even want the graham cracker just let the chocolate melt on this and I'll burn my mouth but rather have Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress are there the other day and they have smores covered in chocolate so they're like block on top of me biting it at all there's more inside holy shit that sounds awesome it's one of the most amazing things I've been there like a buck fifty apiece but it's totally worth it to buy everything in here we are the other students supanova South Congress who picked up Homeslice for dinner tonight. around front football like all weekend yeah here it is like like a puppy waiting for Gus to come home with bad back 5 minute it's raining yeah I mean it was really weird like I walked into Homeslice I have my sunglasses on because we know the sun was so bright two minute I walked out and it's like what the fuck pizza on the roof you can go out there because Dad keep you posted so my dad my dad made it made an account so he could make a post so we can make a comment on the video saying guys guys guys this Saturday Night Live skit I was thinking about was called Debbie Downer so here's how that relates Good China good game exclamation in the podcast because I understood why he did it you like my dad like just a really big can a large Mexican guy with like Homer Simpson hair right and he goes yeah but it's funny for the early birthday present to Mr Lu's Jordan IV prep for your trip out to LA yeah cause we're getting there but I'm super excited to be at a meeting down there I hope not the hell and gone for I will be there and I will be Brisbane Melbourne and Adelaide what are you guys going to do in your downtime I'm probably going to go I want to go out and trailer for the season probably won't work Creed aventus like you know you got an event in Brisbane event in Adelaide there weekend events the week in the middle is like nothing you can I have liked this one thing to do and I RT terrible Melbourne news and I was like that I would like to go there and then had to be put together this event and I was like of course I would like to do Uncle place in the Mad Max car inside of it they the Mad Max car so I guess you did that with me RT event is in Brisbane that's cool I haven't Souls facebook.com slash through teeth right 4 tickets for that I know I have an Australian interest with me going to be like that you two are doing a animation of your styles are so different it's going to be RT you have him have an accident find a collaboration yet animate want to do a bad ass fight season flash camera movement white cloud cloud Captain Phillips come out St Dad helping me with animated Ventures and don't know when the one that he worked on his coming out but there's something pretty cool that he did that seems right Studio people at least an hour I'll be working in an LLC it and then read what it says I'll be like is the web page of the top of the page they had like a spy and I guess we're assuming it was like miles how could you first one is Mark Addy the number bras ep 4 times Monte Alban that's cool have your autograph Gus Australia Australia Halloween day because I think like you would make cosplaying increase exponentially if you normally 4 cosplay but they're going to work so I don't know what I mean but it's something that they moved it back behind PAX Prime and it wasn't that weird sort of like the crunch time for game developers about some wonder why they made that one time of year I guess so I'm just kind of like it right now at 6 to bring over there basically like another but the movie location which is like right next to very very nice extra 10-15 minutes just the river that River to be prepared to spend a lot of money in Australia everything is very good you want to eat how to get fired and I'm sorry New York the hi-fi Julian people don't Mr Lee is that we really and do with a sewer pipe that went right of the bar waterfront movie the drop of water or a waterfall Rim front of you yeah I was like what is a drop and I want to change Pizza the fucking electrical equipment that we die it was like that the chairs were broken and we try to fix it you have to watch the other Watch What Happens now and Brandon and everybody else they're doing the conditions I think you're right freaky vs temperature St what is the root of the word turn around shoot man I cannot wait for next week's episode of wild if it is held two like like Joe and Bernie is the host of fantastic indeed RT 11 rewatching the footage and kind of reminded me it's like the king like we were we were in second place we won first place the map there and then we're getting run over by ghosts extra nine Drive-In the rig is a lot of creditors actually pretty damn good so I'm not good enough for you next week for an interesting episode for sure I can't wait to see I like the intro sequence with the dinosaur in the tiger taking it down and then Breathing Fire Dinosaurs 3D dinosaur volcano dinosaur that wasn't like this weekend the truth event parking how movie Jurassic Park Fan so I'm very excited because he would never be called world that alone adds a whole bunch of cool possibilities with Santana Park in Florida back to the I remember sitting in the theater eating Jack in the Box tacos and then going inside and I was so excited and as soon as the lights dimmed I got tears I don't like the two companies movie Wayne night wing night Gus station First Tennessee first world coming to his arm shows up like I was a traumatic hero speech book you like that was great that was what are some incredible crew quotes from incredibly bad movies garbage truck I am I'm going to the Bison came to your village was like a horrible moment in your life for a very special moment in your life for me it was a Tuesday that's our sweet fucking woman like terrible movie or greatest movie ever skinny little dude played in bison Pacific giant had enough time to wrap up we back on Wednesday with an a the way myself death Pacific Catch