#242 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses GTA V Strippers

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Recorded: 2013-10-29 21:58:50

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Kara Eberle




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the podcast and a flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first balanced nootropic design an increased focus and mental driver are the 10% off and use promo code rooster Onnit.com / being fat so and then I t.com /gaming Audible for more than $150,000 hey everyone welcome to Gavin Kara Michael 14 like a month at a time or so but I never got my Kara band you know it's like after I peed like 3 times and Gus was like God damn it you're on the back burner for 2 months II never happened at all anyways like you do 2 month and she went on for two months would you say you're more charity when your bathtub or more chatty When You're Sober I don't know I guess it depends on the situation 24 to the bottom there's nothing blocking my nipples so you get a clear access to that did you have a fancy hat I will say I like your hat and you know we don't like British Capital you call this the driving cat just a little thing or something to go with it old difference between a little bit just a little bit I would like a driving cap this is what Morgan Freeman Driving Miss Daisy I think so I want to get one you can have the hat and glasses I don't think so dick you have to dress up the hero you are dick all the time what are you guys doing oops I Did It Again pacifically yes in there and lay back down I am actually going to California to put some friends so it should be fun over here on the piano the what the attic it like this year Halloween Office Sioux Falls on a Thursday do you have parties like the weekend before the weekend after you do that sorry it's the weekend before I know this because I ended up in the middle of 1 this weekend thanks to Gavin so earlier in the week we haven't been downtown in like forever by that I mean maybe like a month that's for every other forever Gavin II like that sounds like a great idea I have a friend coming into town his name is Meg so let's go downtown so like are we going to go downtown Saturday night so we go we're losing I had like 5 different plans on Saturday only the groups of people and no one will do is it will follow through on a plan or his bail that day but he like he doesn't reply and also it's like a Gavin in the wind and we can just ignore all that he's like going down everything in his house over there for like some drinks and we're going to leave at 10:30 or texting back and forth like okay I'm ready to leave and I'll leave in like 30 minutes so we leave John's house so I can we go downtown it's like crazy traffic like way more than normal because it's the Saturday before Halloween so I would say like more than half the people downtown were dressed up so we get there and I'm texting you on your way and then I get there why are you here like I said you here bitch nothing like 20 minutes later and I go you coming fuck face no response like 5 texts in a row I said one more and I said I'm going to stab him to death he just never respond to the rest of night we left we went all the way downtown we were at we were at the bar waiting II never showed up he treated you like the girl he's breaking up with me and then next morning text message we're on our way still drunk I told him Friday at work I was like listen don't go out tonight and get completely wasted and be so hungover tomorrow that you're not going to want to go out tomorrow cuz you going to do that he's like well you know me so well so we didn't do that and instead you got drunk all day Saturday and then just passed out and then I sent him the next morning about how I'm going to brutally murder or something like that in the morning we actually had plans to like meet up and shit and I actually want to like me because I really never met her yet and she was in town for the weekend so we were I was like I had my phone I get his shit I don't like shaking staring at my phone I like you mother fucker you completely fucking room at night last night I'm just like no fucking reason at all you don't give him the power so I can you want to go to Trudys for lunch and he was like oh my God he got there and he said he was so relieved when he got the text message was confused rage quit on you sorry if I'm screwing you over I love you so much 2013 right right he didn't do that kind of the things you scream over on play the way we can do that that's fine natural strippers was talking to my God Street everyone in the game was yelling at him to stop your welcome baby wow that's probably the most action heating or anything in forever I wonder if the game does something where if you're in there it broadcast to everyone and then you tell it cannot life absolutely the best of the multiplayer invisible when they walk in the building people can crowd around turkey baby put that trying to like a real player in GTA that motherfucker run you over and kill you and shit but when you're kind of just like us on the map and you forget you're in a multiplayer game like you haven't run into anyone like 5 or 10 minutes and you like walking to a convenience store and was like did you do earlier or some shit like that and also like a dude runs by me sometimes I forget I'm not in the store life is like a mother fucker Pokemon vs Porto Robert trying to fight the dudes and YouTube in-store but what bastards do is they want to the outside and then I can run into the door and kicked the door open and trying to shoot you from outside the door in II ammunition as you can get shot in the inside as long as you're standing outside like shit in the in the fucking door and said I was helping my buddy with him how does it decide what happens when people drop out of a game I've seen that before and playing with someone and they like quit the game but the person is still there and their car still there and over there in their car and drive off I was really weird because the game and you know how sometimes when you're driving painting own character and I think I just killed you it was really fucking weird it was like 5 minutes before we started recording I'm really sad today because I was in the recording in the truck in England change it cuz I'm pretty sure like after they got fucked up it seems like every person and I feel like you just want to come out against ever-changing you cannot do that it's a free adder in GTA 5 Piss On Your Grave Britney pictures because of your grandparents look like because they're just like the Wiggles for pixel's everyone like your father so when's the date how far is just like I just want to put on the floor The Proposal happened and then he said I'm going to move the sign so no one can fuck with this power to engagement yeah I saw some comments like on the on the right hand side of that picture is like a pirate or some shit like that and coming in I saw him hand and outfit for the program was talking about the design marker for where they could then do like a repeating movie traffic in the other player okay so they coded it so that that rock moves a few pixels every time to load a meeting and it went back and looked it was like oh my God it's like such a tiny little detail and if you made it or feel like an asshole exploited home slice again today for lunch with Jordan theater and everyone in theater pyramid mountain and that you know what they movie theaters all really know I'll try to think of a .146 year movie I was trying but I'm not so I just didn't go for it I was like on Windows A Midsummer Night's cream thank you Barbara adult porn on the Internet you ever think about what do people do before the internet slice room with 5 other dudes we stand as far as we could hear each other and Jack what are you going to take a shower or something that might life Trenton MI 454 Orchard Way theater the fuck is going to go to a porn theater sit down and watch the whole movie. 5434 after eating the popcorn that was like don't turn the lights on in the dark like popcorn is it at The Point Theater this is only Salted Popcorn Kara goodness gracious even anywhere to take a little trip tiger Black Box except for where you guys are walking just like shadowing your outline with cameras what are you doing in-camera session of who's talking but not doing also argue it's a little bit frustrating but I have to switch back and forth and everyone but it's a lot of fun and you know that I believe it is doing it right now you were talking to me earlier you did it it is weird to be on this side of literally up the wall I Didn't Do It cast balanced audio and video with the livestream II what are you doing out there today here I'm really curious painting what is most exciting part of your day question that you asked me for them stop asking me questions God damn it you do around here sitting in your chair drinking your beer I like it it's V glitches vs V week Monday and Wednesday really focus on that for everything together call the Richmond agency did you until I started it we could have been a rooster I'm going to car 1 for the patch on Wednesday so I think what's happening my thought process behind it was if I don't carve the top out of it and take out all the insides and actually make a Jack-o-lantern time will go by quicker but I didn't think about having actually like scrape and carve everything out of it and it's a lot harder than you think don't even know what kind of product Onnit pumpkin pumpkin Kara pumpkin condoms what is this weekend about pumpkin douche pumpkin somebody that I like to smell like pumpkin man pies pumpkin pie is my favorite pumpkin pie Cool Whip chocolate French silk pie Michael Gross mime II and blackberry is it alright I can't leave the Michael and fighter it's me and my wife as a rock and roll center extra cool 1 minute play some help doing an hour and a half or two hour podcast is way better to do a 30-minute 1 I don't know why I guess just cuz you have to do it everyday it's not like this one should work at 1 but I can wait for the owner to be at the 90 minutes at 1 then take it out every day that we have a week and a half hours I am resisting what are my newest episode of podcast You by audible.com audible.com is the internet provider for audio books and more than 150,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and future versions of many New York Times bestsellers service that's audible podcast RT behind Gus filming Gavin even figured out when I get there I got there even Joel who spent years and years in La working on TV and still same thing bright like we do everything with 1 camera and most of it we never have a camera just are our capture device we were filming live action 1 camera looking 1 yeah I got an invite for the Texas film commission go to a barbecue that they were having For Life kickoff for the Austin Film Festival fighter eyewitness fucking crazy party dress up dress up liquor free BBQ from Salt Lake and I saw a lot of people as my wife turned over my shoulder turnover in tattoo pic to everybody everything about it we were halfway through it was weird cuz we knew it was old when you're watching it in the beginning and I was like no transition we just kept watching it and then like as 1 Season V & Life it came out like 3 weeks ago this episode is really weird because it started I was like 5 years old but not to compare to the meeting Vince Gilligan but the other day I made a tweet that got fucking retweeted by Key from Key n Peele is awesome it's right downtown it was like the next day and then I spaced and it kept correcting it everyone corrected that Xmen but he followed that guy so he saw the tweet and then he was like I guess it was funny retweeted it I like it a little bit it was it was it was it was it was actually that night because I saw it at like 1:30 a.m. and I was drunk as hell downtown I'm like what the fuck I was like I watch the show through them like they watch it every week n Peele on Comedy Central and about you guys flavored Freddie Freddie branding the pretty W YouTube how to rocket jump on it Gus SNL I'm trying ringtone home my oldest video on YouTube would you tell him that super thick how do you say I actually I mean besides moving Austin which I'm sure that's part of it but I started making videos about a year before I started doing Rage Quit like I just started doing my own YouTube thing and then that was it I made one of the videos that he saw that's how I got involved with them but I start making videos and and my own videos word through words are kind of like combining words into one sentence you anymore I didn't take a break so I would listen to it over and over again and try and correct it and next video I don't like a month or something so like every video I try to like and then see my words more dandruff I was rolling my words and I'm slice annunciate the words better so it just sounds clear and doing that just already doing that and then I moved here I don't know anymore sometimes I'm drunk that's where we were filming that and we will costume ever worked at and I was that we didn't work at the call center at the time and Burnie IMDb The White painting with light blue we went to the warehouse at the call center and we paid it and it right there at the freshly painted walls are not my clothes by the way younger than me now ah I think it'd be pretty fair I need a pretty fair fight and you got more Gavin is Gavin it time you look at him and I'm like I'm still a little but back then I probably like 35 pounds more now than I did back then I was like a walking stick alright I just woke up what I'm wet I guess I met you way more and I was awkward I thought girls going to be girl Fighter start pulling their hair it's like come on up to see that's a cheap way Ah that's like you know I wouldn't know cuz he poured water on me in the lunch break when I was a freshman so I took his ass II apparently and he poured water on your white T-shirt guy pretty well and I was like no you didn't punch him in the nose a little bit and kicked off the football team like this and it was like I was wearing a white T-shirt tshirt there and this may be accurate to what she saying but outside of that she's extremely violent she was very hitting and kicking it immediately II II like you say something she doesn't agree with or if you turn and look away while she's talking to you to get your attention but I'm not saying Hey or tapping on the shoulder but just kicking you in the leg from the other clipandship complying to the room like a fucking ninja Benjamin fall over from that shit it's a little left so it's not a real quick shouldn't take other adults Kara we need to confirm if I'm such a big fan of that much physical pain on you if I walked out on you kick him in the leg I'm going to come in your house and kick you in the shin twice a week because you're bigger than me that's your logic when I was growing up I had when I was like 10 or 11 I II Freddie was my age and he had like A5 year old sister every time and you don't have like a little kid shoes are meeting at a fucking concrete it's like it's like they mold them and then just like attacked them almost like horseshoes II children's feet I don't know if it's like to weigh them down or something but if you walk into the room and that's what it's like when Kara comes over carefully wants to go out just want to sit in his crate and he made quite a ways away I don't like to go out La Quinta life tossing and turning I didn't wake up all night in pain hurting I slept through everything like I need to help the dog ah sounds like the cutest little thing ever I love it so whatever you want it's fine is something that's like bands like ever seen in any video of any kind in his house with a dog that all the time she hates kids and is never going to have kids ridiculous I would love to see it really is funny going life she said she tried to look through it now even if I just let her out do you have that first year we were married she had real trouble with it still weird to me and there's like sleeping that are supposed to make you more apt to snoring right like if you sleep on your back you should go home or if you lay on your side apparently you don't have opened up one of the valves in your stomach there's a hole for your face Fairplay have you would you ever consider getting a piercing and what about tattoo with your going to tattoo no fighter not a texter I can't think of anything I would like that Wingstop MacDonald something 1 old people are kind of the same what about you any piercings or would you ever go to piercings you really got it and high school that we have never rented it for like 2 years and then like I just would like to hear something in the hole look like close up completely but I never got it repaired I would you I would just take a sewing needle and just a bit through my ear to open the hole and then use them again but I haven't I haven't had it in like 5 years fanfiction area W Hotel life oldest American I can't wait to have more money or more States of America memorable II where wynaut tattoo from the movie Blade metal never get old or you know me my tattoo has tattoo best sunglasses tattoo to the Head Jesus what about the people that they're fucking eyeball tattoo eyeball it's like it's like they're literally taking needles and life shooting in Kennett MO black metallic silver life a glimmer II you really talking to me so yeah it's fucking crazy I don't know I think you get the other stuff done cover up tattoos on your face don't let me know stretch properly like you don't fucking distorted over the news because like if there's anything stretching it wrong like his face would either be like a horse? can sleep over and she still an improvement though I wanted to make sure because we can just ride with you and in time you could do the Rainbow Six let's play is it cheaper to buy the shirts and then a raft of her husband what you would like one of those interior printed shirts like normal and then you put the mask on the inside everything up and put it over your face lava convenience number of number 3 please step forward take your shirt off and Shake It so if it's so fucking terrible thing is that she wasn't feeling everything's life so I guess and I have no doubt I'll be going to my first video that you mention it yeah that's me I was playing Dragon Age Origins I had a video camera like doing that was it was a fucking digital camera that happened also record video like a $50 Lumix camera and I'm playing dragon in the game it's all like totally fucked and like nothing is rendering everyday is like missing their heads and it wasn't 360 I just I just looking like my camera taking up ah I'm sitting in my chair and I'm just holding it fucking Zoom the camera on like I just move it closer to the TV as the oldest video ever made I mean he was like that for a lot of them with live action but I made probably like at least 10 or more videos just fucking point the camera at the TV like an asshole but I did go to the trouble of actually like trying to extend it and I would I would sit on the back of my computer chair and then sit behind it and talk into it but you don't remember what the hell it is RT stupid animal videos original the video is you ain't got nobody stupid with all Stoopid Mr New Jersey 1 day I said that I didn't had this experience a little more recently when we reference life pop culture stuff because like Gavin I did the surgeon simulator video the first one it was the first one and the second one cuz it was it was there several surgeries and brain surgery and she was like Surgeon Simulator we did when I was on the full retail version and we get II like the brain surgery in the guys like all done up in like the headgear it's like Bolton with Nicollette shit and Gavin slice funny talking about that was almost a year ago probably eight months ago or something I'm watching Breaking Bad I might even even met Ted Beneke didn't didn't register my brain and I'm still watching the show you the reason the thing and she's like oh my God tattoo you finally and then and then I said the same thing I have a Lindsay bought me the Hitler Dog painting from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie's apartment that's in the background of season one or two and they make like a big episode about it like he's an eighth or something and leave he got it for me and it's right above my Dash like on the shelf and it's been there for a few months since like July rain comes in today and he's like that he just started watching me like if you'd like that's from a TV show I had no idea what your picture of dog love you I said out loud Gavin MacLeod referential jokes are so weird to me because it's like you're always tired you like a subset of people who know about that now the people everyone in the office there's always like two or three people back and forth with the breaking bad stuff weed life through Like A Cholo II spoilers n in the 1 V GTA Let's Plays with the NFL if you watch the show yet LOL Gavin and Geoff Roes that kind of a little like I don't know that it was over and everyone is human has seen it except for Ryan and he's like I don't give a shit we're just like bad reference like all the time I was just in England and I have an appointment on the flight and it lasted about 4 hours and then turn off and I'm in the middle pumpkin didn't have one either someone made a device to call the afterburner and you could buy it and you take apart your Gameboy Advance and you would oldest light in it and reassemble it hook a power supply that's ridiculous anyway more of my things eventually have nothing there anymore look amazing in your party I did would you name a note remember it I remember he just looked at it I don't remember what they were let me to Dallas Dallas to Austin and I found where the charging point in the Dallas airport and on his truck my desk and it ran out immediately the power point and then he looks like plugged in book yourself do I really need to work can I borrow that yourself uptight dick fucking bitch there's a lot of people say that I did why's everyone always says that I did it one time and I came here because I said it was cuz I'm fucking stupid then I was like I was like him getting real drunk as I look stupid I just thought I was like when I moved to Austin so I put my fucking shit on in August in New Jersey and I get to the airport and it's like 95 degrees and with the humidity I'm just like a pool of sweat I'm soaking wet but when I got to the security thing like a very first checkpoint with a guy looks at your ticket and like scribbles on it he just likes to dance like Onnit and he's like you ain't from around here and I with you and Britney can fucking Brandon comes up to me like that a few days before we film it and he's like hey hey crazy right now crazy purple and black with purple lining and a purple shirt it was like I was crazy I can't really see it very well you want to cut you it just says you can have it I am absolutely house very dapper when a reminder to buy Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain all natural supplement to prevent nootropic designed to raise all major levels of major neurotransmitters and clear up mental fog what that means to use in games faster mental speed quicker Reaction Time increase focus in life it's increased motivation and mental Drive improving word recall and conversation flowed and a boost in your own physical health Onnit has a bunch of great other products for your mood immunity energy and even have based protein shakes Tom Taylor t squared raised about the products and go to Onnit.com / skating painting that gave him that you wanted to come see me that's one 90.com slash Gaming use promo code rooster for 10% off still a big fan of always talk about it about their Alpha Brain product it really helps me have amazing dreams GTA 5 trailer 2 weeks ago I was in a car and I had to get out of n with that then you should be here by my house over an hour and I have to get out and I had to try to get into a car to go and I drive around without changing car so I try to say that you will never see me I was like RT Social Security numbers when that person dies they just go unused for a while in there right now 7 the license crazy different every time I show my license here in New Jersey before before I got my Texas license letters and numbers numbers their bullshit bullshit it's just data as long as his message bubbles blue FaceTime you wouldn't know finish it I don't believe so no interesting is it really fucked up Gavin so this weekend this Saturday Jack is helping the extra life stream 25 hours Saturday I think it's for us 8 a.m. Central II I think it's Sunday from 8 a.m. to 9:25 1 Cyclops Marvel who is initially yes that was her starting names with Cyclops Marvel Girl V Iceman Angel and Patrick and John created the right and left yet they created an achievement hunter version with Ryan the Mad King as Magneto Jeff as the leader Cyclops Gavin is Iceman Gavin Freedom fries was pretty good as Marvel girl Jacket bees mime angel angel without wings angel without wings but I am driving so that's an exclusive it's only available during the street number on Saturday another shot of the original Xmen like if you want it's like that on like a comparison it's really the only difference is that Ryan is looking this way and that it was yesterday right poster you're right that is seriously awesome job on the original mummy you look way better than the original Iceman cooler I'm going to stop by but I'm going to be the one ah I see seems so like when I think about it it seems so stupid to me but now when it's dark when I wake up I'm like why the fuck is a dark and we can make it 1 in New Jersey into being and house is completely different from an apartment I grew up in a in a in a house in a Min like a small neighborhood different environment the neighborhood houses and families with backyards and dogs and all that shit and there's not cars driving down main roads every 2 seconds like a car drive down the street like 5 times for something different background the garbage trucks at 5:45 a.m. pick up the garbage in the front of the house in the backyard and then the cans out front taking the garbage man come take it apart and it's annoying fuck up dog but like not just like that oh there's a dog in a backyard somewhere neighborhood completely different I want to go back and revisit it before the game came out better than I thought it would have been like almost Ah that's okay so what like a massive fall in the every Pokemon game is that you've got all these traitors every goddamn place to go is like final fight and II really Michael Vick Michael what happens if you get you get to Blackthorn City right and you fight the gym leader who has the dragon Pokemon and she doesn't even have sex and then you can't beat her so what do you do there II know it so that's why you stop though she didn't have six Pokemon she has like 3 maybe 4 I don't even do it like life I like a what the full the whole way there and then parking Brickell Avenue gym in Kirkland no no I'm Pokemon X I think I have it so you need them you need them and when you get like that usually assholes normal attack or or fighting move or something at some point or just waiting to die in this week for this one I don't understand because you're amazing and Powerful if you can get it I deleted that Fighter game another one that has moved and I'm trying to switch Gavin DeGraw exactly I hate fucking I can respect that I don't mind if I can't I just cry Perrigo help nobody it's a role playing games alright fair enough some of the main issues or maybe you're coming up to watch it anymore mime gloves I don't like you going back to the Pokemon thing when we brought up the topic of Mr mime if you would call and Professor Oak was that was that was the cut segment that was a long thorough conversation about who his real father was whether you had a father or not and if Professor old may have been that father and none of that made it into the video and oldest point about that there's also talk about Mr mime being basically the house pic and he cleaned all the houses or his mom's house and took care of her when she got lonely and she's like what are you doing later Pokemon Britney was going to try to answer it I can't remember I played the first 10 extra 10 I thought you would like this when you talk about that and that was you can say something of another Pokemon cover to commit to do something that's probably the case that's a Cubone Marowak who's the bigger one I don't know Cubone evolve new Pokemon Pikachu and then evolve into Raichu at the Thunderstone and then in generation 2 so I guess what talking Pichu emergency key was the original because there's a flaw in the system Gavin then plan that out the TV shows based on initial run plus both you and I just wash out before the podcast we're just said WWE is coming out tomorrow we're going to do let's play in it hopefully will be out by Wednesday he was sitting next to his when they're recording it I'm not listen to anything I say about to do I'm just I want to make a new abomination that was like 10 minutes 7 minutes 540 minutes of fighting I care cuz I want to last round in an epic fight when putting a Jeff because he slaughtered us two rounds in a row because Jeff fucking play that game for like at least two weeks to have all the time in the office playing it Non-Stop and learning how to play the game and 1 day is like the third round Jack said his character that he's going to make a list by tomorrow he has been waiting to make since that day he has had the idea since I have no idea getting a lot of screaming there's a lot of people right now we lost all his footage we did that thing where it was your fault I get over there play is like the worst thing it was like 40 minutes of footage like we were just talking about this today we were over at Ryan's desk and you ask Brian because whenever we get it play SkyDoesMinecraft Ryan II GTA and we can split everything else like have between us besides I was talking to Ryan and Ryan has an ice rating system where life will ask Ryan to have the Jeep because in the back of the funniest parts of the headphones okay I'm really really like her and we like really funny okay so like we talked about today and you like how it is that's incredible where we just like going back and forth about it and he said witness protection part one which is not too long not too old adult won the last GTA 4 Life place we did and you were like fucking hate that 1 you lost your entire fucking put it for the whole let's play this is amazing footage life again Ray was driving around and I was going to bike and I put my life and something I went sailing through the air I just have my camera down and Rave about riding a bike like directly under the n on Tumblr but I can see if I like directions to the Boston you are leaving pic it was it was a few but you're cashing out here is done you're like no it's just that old stuff that you can't repay really blows shit yeah it's like I was pissed off when we did the three-part Horse let's play the Minecraft horses and just because like the computer fucked up and just like with the with the HD Capture sometimes you reset the computer and I didn't test it before I have no sound during that lets play it's not as bad as losing the whole video it was so many moments like that sounds like running and screaming assertiveness you were out of town because again you were feeling this morning I think so you don't have time to edit it and it could because it was a fucking nightmare I could have done it if it was a regular in 3 pieces sometimes I think the first 52 minutes II 15 minutes and it starts at 2:15 probably like 10 to 15 minutes 1 problems on Xbox on Friday adult party when did someone just asked the dumbest question on Twitter Deseret time over left past present and future would you be existing in three different moments Gus disgusted I just got 3 different dimensions though we already get your life right now you're in three dimensions Kyu why are you not in 32402 maybe you just in at least three dimensions we can perceive right now how about that are you happy doctor Gavin Free and very happy thanks for coming Friday night and then by II know you're alright and on Monday with another pizza party podcast so thank you watching V enjoying someone else cat penis