#243 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Fave Extra Life Moments

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Recorded: 2013-11-05 23:03:20

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

listen to Ritchie Park esthers brought you by Warby Parker eyewear Boutique quality classically crafted eyewear at Revolution every price for free home try-on a 5 Star the friends of your choice go to Warby parker.com when you decide to purchase an to the promo code RoosterTeeth to get free 3-day shipping this episode of podcast is brought to you by Squarespace fast and easy to create your professional website portfolio online store for 10% off Squarespace on for Kodi is best thankful to you guys I was shocked I showed up early today thinking beer the real tight turnaround to get the set ready for the extra life live stream so you know blayne and Patrick with their ass trying to get everything set up and then actually thinking that from the life stream everything normal they probably came at the right end of the stream and stayed for like another hour to help clean and said it wasn't that the report should be like I was like it wasn't just with things were put up for this should be awesome to see that it was like the end of it a little bit minestrone Burnie is 25 hours from 8 a.m. Saturday 8 a.m. Sunday we talked about it a lot and you were almost here for the beginning of and then I took a break to let my dogs out probably went home and then as we were leaving there and it was like I was actually just left so we can help me pick me up and we went to AutoZone a battery put it in ours because of that the whole time I was on camera for I think about all butt about maybe 2 hours of the whole broadcast what you do after and just go to sleep from about 9:15 until about 4 5 afternoon $20,000 Golf and unlike it was like being awake for 27 hours that point or all the money we raised but I lost it I was like I couldn't do it I don't like pass off this Beast to Adam and so I had him read it was amazing and so that the whole the whole thing was really really Austin RoosterTeeth team was like the number one we were and you were the number one fundraising person and I am extra life Rooster Teeth the captain is going to fall to me so it was awesome mm in the internet famous was a lot of great people gassy Mexican over there any earlier and I was over there there's a hundred 46220 read it like a hundred thousand and it was like a little bit is during our stream we actually we're selling our extra life poster don't know if that was okay extra life exclusive poster we love selling a whole lot of those that we made an initial purchase of 2000 posters thinking it would be awesome if we sold 2000 posters we just over the course of the last 25 2855 a hundred 54,000 poster under $54,300 415400 up a little bit and we are donating $155,000 and over 333 40th and so are you writing a check the Dell Children's so you said you mentioned that we sold over 15,000 poster sunny on Sunday Emily who manages our store game or come home and house the heads up I told him that they don't be freaked out on Monday morning we all get in we sold $15,000 poster and they were so shocked then they obviously didn't have the poster tubes so they had to order 40 pallets of poster to you Lexington KY the poster is 15000 quarters worth poster 140 pan extra $150,000 on top of what they were poster during that. To me apparently during their on their website if you want to do it right now we can go by the poster from her so that's cool of them to do that as well so very awesome looking forward to signing a crapload of those poster there's a special place in hell for people who would coordinate attacks on children we recently went through your problems like that and I'm totally sympathetic to them and that problem that happened during life to me it was the peak of the street was it was like it was after the early morning hours it was right around like maybe noon to 1 in the morning it was like 10:11 a.m. and then I left and when I came back stuff to do and stuff and I was like it's going to go get drunk on a Saturday night races extra Nevada because you didn't mention anything about showing I really wasn't until an hour before I have a car so it's in the cab my butthole is eviscerated 600000 Scoville on his the clip hot sauce for poster Gavin Police Department that don't do it you were go there's a reaction shot is the best and I'm still out and I'm freezing inside Mo Michael navigate watch some of the hot sauce down my throat because I pooped like 4 times and it was like my ah sounds like a cannon of liquid it was unbelievable for the children Cub Scouts Michael webcam basically straighten it didn't work late was awesome we had are there ever lost broadcast signal and we just had a little bit of trouble starting the street the first initial start as a hole in it but we figured that out pretty fast like we actually brought we broadcasted for about 5 minutes before realizing we weren't actually public to the war so it was me and caiti and blend it started off with it was alright guys here it was like oh we're not actually have a lot of cool technology because we don't videos was pretty good I was up really late and JJ came in and they were there they were running the board and moving cameras around it was like to be in a life can it was awesome seeing you mess with it right now it's all over the country doing this weekend because of their issues during the incredible side quest with Community groups that ran I think there is a total of almost $14,000 on their own which is incredible actually swing by a couple times I hung out with those guys I can use Kick-Ass Community manager doing that kind of stuff and it's like that's awesome but I'm in front of the camera blowup many people are watching your stream the RT extra life tag was trying to worldwide and then even the to Spooky tag because of how many people question at one point about like which person on the Indiana Jones said Mike didn't didn't get food poisoning because I ate canned food it was Steven Spielberg and Steven Spielberg started trending like so many people getting the answer with it's pretty funny but it was amazing the whole thing was great Michael's head and Gavin turn on the fan yeah there's others Michael getting his head shaved I was a lot of fun I like shaving his head 461 and everyone managed to get to the paid in full and he went from like 420 to 6000 and like 5 Centimeters Twitter followers when that's going to be out there in a second for about 5 Seconds it was his first tweet a $100 the point of shaved head and she donated $2,000 and said fuck Reddit shaved that boy Alright and then someone donated $2,100 and she wrote another one saying I can't have someone beating my donation here's another one was like holy shit she's a really rich or just rude I might even do something for those folks who did donate like big big numbers but it was awesome and I think even the people who donated like 3 bucks I was like that's one of the things like they just wanted to help out in some form or fashion that was really I think that's a great example of the community amplification effect we have so many people watch it really makes a big difference the right to be and we have to do something again to come up with a better idea another idea for a poster or something exclusive because I had to it's like all the capillaries under the knee broke and as I tried to tell me she was finally put a bandaid on it from her I said she looks good Warrior paint on coaster see it started crying at the wave donate registry whenever I got really drunk when she keep grabbing my butt everytime I try to look away she would grab my look at me look at videos fly me a favor and put Neosporin on it and you also you perform the ceremony a private ceremony night yes I was it was it was really busy at 3:31 you're going to be doing caiti a nice ceremony we are pleased to announce that I will be officiating for ceremony 42 minutes just like I don't we are just leaving found of Red Bull cause you had a Red Bull on the green tweet we had one as well but it's like you didn't buy that table and if I show up to take the photo and then to take your mind off all those Peter Pan Mini-Golf on my favorite places in Austin actually it was the same set of course it was the same course and everything so yeah that's right give her a ring and she was very excited you know that McDonald's parking lot there is the thing I don't like is the first time I got a phone call from someone who was interested in giving us money for stuff we were doing on the internet that we're doing ugly internet I got a phone call from someone so I pulled over and I was like sitting there in my car and we golf parking lot talking to the restroom and and banner ads on the internet that's very special for all of us I think the pizza just got a pizza bag Michael worried about him so that I could get McDonald's Peter Pan 6 hours slow to water your tree right now but once you kind of like fries out like this really ever buy one of those I will give you $100,000 I am so convinced that is another thing I will never ever ever bike ah that way The Gardener store you I love you God bless USA getting my awkward exciting like my backyard right now I'm still having life Street roller Money and Run on the screen party in Lakeside my belly I got it all done like the day of my Halloween party the looks great like I got the dog house out there now but the trees out there now they look good for the first time a backyard fire pit in the middle dressed up man have you like the dick who shows up or shut up fries to fries girls really proud but it was for the first time like usually can like I'm stuck in for photos and stuff I was doing the complete opposite for all of you as well as I can get sticky on my God as far as I could and like taking photos the picture of him and Barbara Barbara Barbara was so embarrassed that day wasn't so we went to lunch and Barbara was embarrassed to go to the want to go with us because I got to go a little person on big dress on first use of Social Services go to Jersey Mike's Sandwich Shop there because there's never anyone there it's always super at 11:45 every single day so much time in from lunches but every time sometimes for hours a week at 12:30 Halloween decorations in their struggle I love Halloween it's fun I like it on my second testicle the gym stuff the filming of little slits for it the last triple from this phone Squarespace has been around for nine years and they're costly improving their platform the new features new designs even better support Squarespace e-commerce ready to write a powerful of flexible Ecommerce Solutions you can set up shop and sell things quickly what do you need simple website solution or you are Developer want to get into the code there's so much you could do to customize with Squarespace Squarespace starts at just $8 a month you don't need a credit card to start building your website we decide to sign up you offer code ah alright there's a 430 is best and the best show your support for RoosterTeeth at squarespace.com offer code Burnie is best for changing Squarespace for their support and their terrible choice of offer code which is Burnie is best I see that Squarespace a problem like the farm team bldg the fireworks this year never got a podcast on my dog's diarrhea caiti fucken has started going through the trash finding should to eat there as well as well known as it was too classy for that but also know the warden in a prison have to go to Oswald's bed and life turned it upside down and shake it out like was a Contraband like all kinds of shit in there a condom full of cocaine up his ass troubleshoot it out by now :-) I will take him to the vet and it's like let me guess you learn to the trash can is hung the role of family sitcom on TV I loved it. It's just so amazing nice little family that's a different to look like clip with my dog then you would ever believe it when you have guests always get Benjamin to like grab the toilet cuz he knows it's dangerous but you never let me down blonde Benjamin all over me Benjamin likes girls officially officially blonde people walking around outside we take him places it's like a pretty girl and an ugly girl the uninsured don't know something about it Derek man like Talking Heads life let you know if we have a good defense and I just had them Life play with each other and feel that slow that's like 10 million views 122nd and more fries when they're running away but it was massive like we were I thought I was too far away because I want to see done with that and I'll be able to talk but the guy was like this is on you cuz I was like 200 pieces of wood that landed all around us away from the screen behind the show introduction of smart dad was explaining grenade explosion symbol explosion you can see me almost catching my pan Jesus the second Camry have that's cool man it's fun it's really fun so what have you not done that we might be out of the room with me you can pull off in slow mo like what it what is your dream thing to filming slow motion on a bag of crushed ah I saw I was in a lot of commercials with all female models and it never flattering from some Puma commercial in an abandoned huma huma and abandoned Coal Mine place in the Czech Republic in Prague and I just let her sleep with and she was running through the power station where it was and she was girlfriend on the back of a motorcycle with him behind motorcycle short shorts the channel I can see the thumbnails hold of it is indifferent clothing life the butt cheeks vibrate and she doesn't Gavin the link and then you send it to me and I just clicked it and the funny thing was it was like it was like these all these photos but then the best part was holy videos or like Watch twice oh my God is it like slow motion like hundreds of thousands of you that's like the internet butt holes more so than anyone I know someone out there it look like a water balloon but yeah I'm always amazed ladies like Channel Satellite you have a super special I think he does one thing and that's all cringe videos elimination of different cringe videos article by the way I like pain or cringe like this a chance. I have a hard time watching embarrassing stuff like the ones were like the guy has a girl to marry him and she runs away like animal in a basketball game or something hello ladies as an Englishman and Escape yes it is the 2nd Dimension who is the owner of the office in the voice of Wheatley in Portal 2 he was also kind of music is one of the angels in the Tooth Fairy movie with the comedian I do not think so really special Derek Ricky Gervais show it's like a nursing home what do you like watching Derek makes me think Karl Pilkington is Faking it like to eat seeds in on the joke because he's so good and then she was like there's no way he's as bad as he portrays on the podcast abroad and he does that as like wow she's actually amazing you look good emotional things like he's actually probably actually just a thousand different questions slow bike a holy day of life they have a Carl's diarrhea and stuff on the population call Derek Hughes life went on holiday this morning went some Island probably never seen somebody cross-eyed people in one place from his movie even when I read that like with the proliferation of Twitter and Facebook actually keeping it riding feels so alien to me now anytime I have to pick up and actually write something other than from 20 years ago and she post everything from the Diary of that day 20 years ago problem social retweet something from and it's a really you think I was game and how in the book they talk about and it's kind of like blogging or talk about their past and they have like touchpad interfaces which they are kind of like it's a book written in the mid-eighties they will be able to see what was going to happen with the internet network of computers and travel from person to person nothing about it felt like he was a montage of montages which I was the battle sequence was really good looking but I felt like a lot of the sets and the other stuff look like a TV movie but I didn't make sense I didn't get some stuff and then butt the book books right and under the book I just read that first one looks like Enders Game then there's Enders Shadow Trilogy in The Speaker for the Dead I think that's another truth Gavin right I'm sorry I know I could be talking to my thing is a bunch of books does everyone like finish Enders Game and and before that was probably book for Game of Thrones and there's game for you get this right I'm sorry story about the 911 incident and then like the kid who has an experience like with his dad all the stuff into a movie where is it doesn't look up the book which I hate when people say that but I'm very ready player one which is like 2 or 3 days for me to work through it was Harry Potter in like 2 days so they're not responsible the awkward car ride sometimes like I'm just like super size the weather in the car bike ride and finally a car I have no trouble with that we to me but maybe that's what it is like I'm nervous the tricorder skinned the car to shut the fuck up like if I'm looking for audio books or listen to music or put it back on for a while cuz I'm like so far headed to Game of Thrones book it's like all fucked up yes I'm getting Patrick is on Manning the other computers Brandon on the computer Sometimes they come with you and we go somewhere you're always like but you can totally feel free to sleep if you want picture of really early in the morning is it rude to sleep in the car with someone usually if you're tired stay awake and keep him company was a company that's quietly next to them you supposed to stay awake for a road trip Travel network tweet coming out like the next couple months right now that was the season premiere for season three in there so a couple weeks after you filmed it from here to San to okay so it's like next summer when she was Austin Phillip to stay if you don't mind riding a few times already filming throughout the day it's only like this General crowd to that I've been like waiting there all day and then we show up when I close them and get them off where I like it like that what we would do is like this and this and they still must from whatever and not working today they were doing likewise shot so they needed us and our speed to can I get continuity correct but then they were shooting from different angles so they're like okay so like the one we just need and then we get off and then they brought a couple more times while he was moving and then and then we get back into it over and over again so that's kind of the whole point we need we need to and something for a while need to get out of there so we can do this thing is like an asshole to get this guy movie do you want to be writing this for the 15th time in 2 hours yeah he was like this every single time 80 degree drops which is almost like explain straight straight down it felt like you were crawling into yourself to the thing we're looking it over and come back behind it like a hundred times that like you can just had a lap thing that came down on your lap with a little tiny like saddle handle that's it and so I was gripping on to that for dear life because you're trusting and looking straight down and go to sleep that looks like it you look at the hill going up life ah so you're looking at it going up and goes out and then down the Rattler was a roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and it was actually it was it wouldn't coaster that wasn't it was it was actually there knee replacement with a metal trash can so I can do different stuff what are some of the filming that it had seat belts as well Peter that was the story recently about some kid like a 6 year old kid was riding with his mom his mom and then one of those out by then she was like oh Beast woman like she was very overweight and I warned her not to get on and it took them a long time to find where she landed Escape the Fate the hello the Martian there with Gavin and the top and the second time see if you sitting next to me and we're going up to see if he'll thank you guys he will just look at you and be like did you hear that story about the woman who fell out of the roller coaster the last time you ever do anything in your life but have no the roller coaster broke down right before pulling in right now the style like that's kind of funny but if it's like he know you know a genuine life so it's funny for my situations can be funny but it's still not good to laugh at it so I feel bad but I mean this microphone all right Warby Parker is making big changes to the eyewear industry with glasses that are made with the same high-quality materials sold in Boutique shops from now on you don't have to settle for overpriced and brand eyewear Warby Parker makes high quality stylish sunglasses and prescription glasses that start at just $95 including prescription lenses you might be wondering if you could try to Warby Parker started classes for free and the answer is yes yes Warby Parker free try on to worry Parker home try-on program just go to Warby 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with the other website butt Warby Parker if you go to their website they have like an app that uses the camera on the webcam on your laptop so it takes a picture you hold your credit card up with the magnetic stripe so he knows how big that is on the scale for scale a picture dies and knows exactly how far apart your eyes article at the penis or you can you can confuse if you can get it serviced that is really cool now I got me an iTunes card for Christmas and I need to know the number I just put money on your card Twitter name and then I'd like to send them a $5 gift card to Starbucks and I can link it to your account so I can pull automatic a person sending the Tweet has to authorize like a coffee shop or something that way I know who to charge so right now they're doing they just started doing this tweet a coffee to somebody when they give you $5 so you don't even have to watch currently Coaster by time 414 US Highway 72 the shredder get really annoying things that don't even sound like me I'm like the fellow Game Center how does it and you have to be gold level tweet you have 30 stars and and every 10 coffee to get one for free it's crazy I don't know I thought I thought a coffee during the stream but I knew would be a hassle like you have to go get it like I wish you could get paid service to get it and bring it I'm going to Tweet a coffee right now just the man I've got a coffee and then and then my credit card and send it to him tweet people that you don't like are bad like you like me more than friends coffee problem life modest and Casual everything he was like that I'd probably for a little bit so we and nights like this happen let me know if it works what is this tweet Jack Peter whoever that is and if we released it in the vines videos butt when Burnie diverse than Barbara Bush and his wife will be one where we have to do 11:10 to a milk challenge and butt ton of gallon of milk why not take it at that point coaster State College Gus burgers taste like Peter Illinois beer so I went to the only sober person by the end of it so it was all done it was a bunch of food left over so like what do I do with leftover mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets McDonald's maybe 5 of them the Giants Wave a thousand nuggets and were like you know what I like we were all there and so I called my father who drove the limousine at the time like hey can you pick us up we got a bunch of nuggets we deliver like okay so he shows up in a limo we drove around these parts of Austin delivering nuggets to homeless people and whoever we saw on the sidewalk when we were driving by campus and like there were people walking past Hammer dies in home it was amazing chicken nuggets issue recently I guess there's like a fat ass I think it's in Japan and Korea where young people go to McDonald's and hang out and then I'll just buy a bunch of friends fries and sit there and eat them nuggets like McDonald's started taking kids out in Korea cuz they'll show up and we'll just order like hundreds of dollars worth of fries and life form all of the table and just sit there eating them as a Critic a big mess so that they started like going to from showing up in short order in French but it was like a number of things a PlayStation 3 controller stock the story were sold out will get more but it's what we do it won't fucking get enough copies of a game in Payday 2 the day comes out of preservation Butt YouTube controllers totally different so I go to the store and I'm sorry we're so out of control as I go and I leave and go somewhere else as opposed to no thank God you got controllers or else I would have been around the block and come in with fake glasses and mustache witch in a ball cap for your shit I don't know how to do it fake skinned you can buy the woman into my room colder skinned turned down so I'm only butt the party next week I don't know I'm not actually getting married on the 12th which is next Tuesday 11 1230 so that's pretty cool tweet WeMo of 1113 W December 11th Merica Kennedy wave coming in from all over the country on Sunday and Monday so I'm taking off the whole week and coming out with every order so I'll be in that Michael bulbs my 50 bucks each beast on my couch and recliner bag I watch The Avengers last night I just didn't the lights on my phone I was like good so I understand which is like thinking you can just turn on that turning off your phone they just released a light switch that you put it on a normal light switch control Hue life management which is one of my teen names of woman is FBI security van Belkin WeMo okay you can actually ask for 2 so if you want to get the other one registry were you Registry Restaurant like alright I guess we'll do it then it's like what we want and then so I'm kind of thinking it's going to be fun that you don't need anything that needs control crazy because I have like a deep fryer to deep fry no thank God we got me the different but it was hilarious the thought of me like on my honeymoon with a Fry Daddy you like putting stuff up I put a Blendtec blender on there but you never buy for yourself stuff that you want I hate when I got married almost no storage it that I was really looking forward to the gun most of their life someone follows you and write down what you want shut down like a hot on a cat or something whatever you want coffee navigate to clip your following tweet a coffee can you send me a text that she said she received a coffee from someone as well go around the coffee coffee drink breakdown are you fucking kidding tweet Antonio knee more like it the hot chocolate is delicious thanks anyway salad salad salad right right that I should try that Maine Root Beer I don't know I just called wave Mexican wave the hue the wave Disney World to work at the Fantasmic show you like their big night show was yours like 20,000 people in the amphitheater and it would fill up with a good hour before the show it starts people get there early get good seats or whatever and he would have covered it is be full of things and so are the people in so like we literally have an hour to kill and so that I can grab a megaphone and go to the wave is running down to the front and starting over like twenty thousand people that's also doing different stuff the other n like coming through the other flash wave because I was nice and so we'd like whip radio and and then actually dim the lights a little bit and we have people bust out their cameras and it will flash wave across that I think would really really need that. I think they were doing before I got there I was when we went to Orlando a couple months ago I had some time off and while I was there I realized that they sell Dole Whip at Disney World a day at Adventureland Resort the colonies Resort if you're parking like a bit like they have the if you're going to Magic Kingdom looks like a big party of the ticket and Transportation Center or the ticket Transportation Authority whatever it is the big place everyone parks and they take the monorail across the lake the Lagoon take the boat across and takes forever what you can do is tell them that you're going to breakfast at one of the resorts and it looks like you threw n Go park it like the Polynesian to go park at the Grand Floridian or the Contemporary and you like eating breakfast there is no way to get on those things over super fast jewelry now walk in to the right now it looks like that there land on California but she never been to Disney World and also we're going to Universal go to Harry Potter World issues a cute Harry Potter fan the hell right now also as a universal the jobs are usually at least have an evil that she got rid of the Jaws ride in there doing another Harry Potter World over there so they could Harry Potter sauce blowup so they doing another Harry Potter section and they're doing the universal and they also have those parts over there fantastic beast and and are of course Yeah Yeah Yeahs story about a guy who researches fantastic Beast mystical creatures of Harry Potter and it's based in 1950s and it goes all right there yes and so is in the translated version translated American and Australian to American the help how much and Harry Potter you guys are Barbara think you can like Harry Potter books right I did not read the ice slow starting to get the good by the end but I just checked out right away I was like I'll just watch them if I can get the kids. Face anyway the screenplay for it so she's directly registry I have to lose and I don't think I'll have any issue with all 8 Harry Potter movies how many billions of dollars the Harry Potter movies villians butt out in any way for three or four bldg nice one I'm on ichat using the roller coaster background and it goes between bike the bldg background and we actually being on the roller coaster so what you filming that camera the Jack in the front seat us so much more hair when I was cutting my hair face and then we had to do Splash Mountain we don't even get to take the picture and we had a couple of hours to kill before running Merry-Go-Round Carousel Carousel progress a good way to run to that so as we're running out of Big Thunder Mountain there was like a woman in a wheelchair being really slow actually movie shot in Disney World without permission to hear that this thing I think escape from Tomorrowland escape from the from the kingdom or something of that over the course of two weeks in Disney World in from Italy movie woman can you take off and she was like doing this with one hand she was like holding a sign I remember the first time we will I think it was cool because I was going on and lights flashing and then there's an ambulance just right behind us and she's taking a picture of us against an ambulance and then we had to do Life 5 9110 life in Spain and it was literally on the way to the end we will get to think of it we did things wrong and the sirens What and she was like engine and stuff and just too drunk to notice Spanish actresses dies cuz she got her 5 Seconds to do anything feeling the stress to make it into the ambulance to get help today otherwise I don't know we have that picture by the way hope you incline if it's trading the script in front of me competition the great on that hoe she know everybody that had no idea Burnie and joyfully Yeldon scripted life with the old Great Onion Ring Thing script analysis and I said the other day someone asked what were you thinking when you know Greg knocked over Robotnik and onion rings and I talked about how I was upstairs at the mobile the mobile gaming area with Freddie and Lindsey and we just heard like crashing this is still breaking and people screaming and we thought that it sounded like the beginning of the zombie apocalypse like at any moment so I was going to run up the stairs what's going on ah Hell Breaks Loose Crush all those spikes and read everything that was going on around the corner it was no big deal but then I turn the other corner and I didn't know that they were going to have like a plate of onion rings fries to eat and I just turned the corner and there's onion rings and glass all over the floor and I was like running over to Jordan Landing Game of Thrones like you pointing at something over and over and over again yeah we did it we did it we didn't get it on film but before we did the game play in a we're all strategizing and I told Michael Jordan I said if you ever if your hands get this please don't forget there's little bumps on the F and J keys on the keyboard so fine that and then reposition yourself based on that and like this and like that shaved him talk about information I was thinking the same thing if you picked up something frustrating to see me when I'm right there in front of you and might not be able to control it and be like whatever you want I played through all of portal yesterday while I was already out of it that it took me this long to be fucking up in like time is running out and I was so frustrated and I do this so we were running on time we're at the Time Warner knee to rap but there is one more story I read this past week that I wanted to share before we wrap up here extra was Tweeting or text me to remind me to tell the story I saw what she saw this you forwarded to me about this guy in China who lives somewhere outside of Shanghai and he was sad that he had no girlfriend so he cut his own dick off and then he decided he needed to get help for it so he got on his bike and rode his bicycle to the hospital he got to the hospital and they told him they couldn't help him because he didn't bring his dick with him so they told me get back on his bike ride home and bring it all the way back the brother back to the hospital when we got back it like to live with Christ in your right mind would put him in an ambulance biggest range and finding three lines of blood and thinking I think I cut his dick off when the hospital came back it was the high school football coaches how fucked-up you have to be to cut off your own penis Lego to show how awesome our community is when we can all band together and kick ass like that so it's like $340,000 for children's hospitals around the country thank you so much thank you so much thank you for getting that a lot of donate alright thank you cousin penis in penis me next Monday