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RT's Bachelor Party for Jack

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Recorded: 2013-11-12 22:57:56

Runtime: 01:32:04 (5524.75 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Kerry Shawcross, Stretcho the Clown




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Transcript (in progress):

pic of sarcastic you buy huluplus one thousandth of him anywhere on your TV smartphone or cast podcast huluplus one of the greatest anime movies of all time of collection of Master P Edition on Blu-ray and DVD available now cast of Who Framed it for an hour completely accurate there's no heaven when are the where my purple specs of coming up to stag were here obviously he is here in spirit but not physically here so everybody check it out who am I DJ Fearless he didn't spend the 9:50 and it on something anyway I took mine in I don't know how much turkey to buy for 9:50 Gavin Vin Diesel where they watch while high I don't think medical facility Dragon there that happens probably one of them Kerry I can put it out of it Gavin I please overflow after waiting to happen actual bachelor party was this past weekend it was caiti bachelorette party which was which was chronically I was not able to make it without him and the next day you realize you just a crazy racing Jeffrey Dahmer little love throwing up and not doing this for me it would you get for my face what would you put over your face for me like I asked? Kerry pretty good the currency one hockey 11 strip it down no memory he's ah he's watching TV I'm like halfway through every skit that's like the one of the news reporters would like to have a stroke if you go how to fight back passing out and waking up 6 hours late with a headache he told me yesterday I just regular doctor visit things to do around old people old people can die from it cuz they're immune system stuck in there supposed to be that's actually pretty handy you can't leave it around Kerry trying to wake up in a little bit thanks to I respond for the picture of all of us looking like ZZ Top without glasses on PS4 launch blur here for the reply cast 1 Gavin Michael Kerry and Gus Star Trek choir had something I do have pilot stereotypical blender look like that crashed in the I mean how do you put your hair down the toilet dead forcible permission so he's alright so what you said your dad. Is anybody else have their PS4 pre-orders for the PS4 and the games are going to be on it and this one is that I really just never stop looking for PS4 if you ever get your orcas go to work with no sleep I said to Kevin today I'm going to fucking put a shelf on the wall I'm going to drill a shelf on the wall over my desk where I keep the hole through the wall keep them out in the conference room on the other side of the wall and it's running HDMI cable out to your side of the room in the wall by cast you mean like with a hammer right you wouldn't actually mark I'm a little everything is like I feel like it download all they're talking about it's like an everyday thing you put in a gus are automatically cash in there all this is the heart of the matter what is Xbox the hard drive PS4 500 replacement put a bigger one and I want to find a 2 terabyte drive I can put in there but I'm not having any luck everything seems like a 1.5 terabyte I really can't be any taller than that actually I don't think you can even do that with a Xbox One really I don't think they have any other drivers you can swap it out I think it's also probably I don't know if you were lucky Gavin I specifically where I didn't game we're getting our own copies pretty much everything for work anyway so we can just take the game home with us if we can get anything so I'm like Dead Rising 3 season 6 of any multiplayer game that came out Hefty chunk of his income used to be on every game so far it's so funny that mean how much stuff did he reply yet he's up into the pic is meant when it stops on his program so you just push the button or something I just noticed I wanted to Kerry Gymboree what if I go back well Kerry Foods close I keep I keep on lock the knob lock down 2047 what are you us for a reason that you were in the hot seat I don't know how many well I'm disappointed now Michael hey hey what are you I don't think so also but 3 would be a lot more life a lot more if you know when we film do the RT short for the censorship the original ending for that short was supposed to be I walk into the room and everything is blurred out except for my dick foreplay long time ago fucking brag about it are you by the end of the disappointing ending here in my bedroom in the underwear when you should come to the I can't say what about be here okay then everything goes well Little Bangkok a lot about it I've never even seen you before okay sorry I was looking I was looking inside your head and I was up and I thought you were your sunglasses were going through your hat and I realize you're also my normal glasses correct whatever you doing neotokyo is about explode again Akira has been praised as one of the greatest 25 years I don't miss the Akira 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray and DVD available now so I actually watched it this version of the release has two different English dubs you eat as soon as it was is it take to notice a difference difference when you watch anime in the movie they are the backdrop is that the 2020 Olympics are good options so it's like you know F1 Akira is 147 days before the Olympic 1 + 344 + 307 Half-Life 3 confirmed the Olympic because I said something 1 Healdsburg God damn right who is police story people I go bye-bye at the back of the net off a bike operation right away what year was really nice the Griff is in the story the rift with strange titles like that the one that we got me was Operation Condor which I never understood it was called operation I don't remember exactly what it is but there's like a sequel but like the second one came out in America first one the first one came in second at the whole weird fucking thing in Asia is actually Operation Condor one in America and Operation Condor one of those conferences movies like the story doesn't answer the characters different Olympic India shopping the movie called who am I where he played special agent Jackie Chan who forgot his name I know you pretty good Michael Jackson would not let me on the couch he's racing and Patrick came over and he was like Michael I'm going to add a pop filter for you and I like Wise Choice Patrick and then I saw him looking over there over there and Kerry sitting here and I'll take care of you want to look at the fuck out of my seat so big thanks to them for another wonderful 3 the Red vs. blue the movie just wrapped up on Thursday and both of those products will be on sale tomorrow so I'll pick her up when you pick up the Akira 25th anniversary edition DVD available Bluray thank you it's probably not MADtv cast images Smokey one yet tutorial bite it off Michael and I want to pick up does having a big fan but I mean every now and then when I'm drunk I could I I can see myself LifeStream weekend and then burning Grace everyone with his present from Granny it's like walking back and forth smoking a cigar on set but like act like right after Patrick cut my hair we went outside he's like I have to fix some things like going over it and Bernie comes out and he just like talking to it any pics of a cigar and it looks like before we go for anything is watching the stream when he started smoking that cigar that's like that mother the price of a benefit worrying is like smoke detectors attached to the skeleton I can't look up a part for the hat with a lot of film I like from The 100 Tibetan pic from when your head got shaved and you could have had a hair transplant I need one of those for a long time you have to cross but I was like I was like II 18 I can pop it out in the police Pizza sweet stash on I can come to work on Monday he's good Geoff to them but they don't do that that's not what you said do I know if we're ready to show that we have Gavin Gavin today like like 75 just for this podcast for like the bachelor podcast and then I see him like you know an hour before class and he's clean-shaven like what happened I thought you're going to do things like a baby's ass hole so why is it that men are only allowed to have a bachelor party right before they get married like if you're a bachelor and you're not married why does it have a talk about what we can actually like people and it's not like you're ruining your marriage what's the difference 1072 bag is like I think of old the Looney Tunes when he would always referred to like stag film film film words like if you show up by yourself like a loser going to call you as stag deer or an elk send him an email Translate hello gents let's go have a Hindu I think he's had actually really more British than him like wavier how to the office if it's not because I was trying to grow my hair out it's just I kept forgetting to get a fucking haircut absolutely where I'm at right now I was going to do it yesterday before you tonight I know you're a liar can I get right now I'd leave am out getting on the interstate I get a text from Gavin I get a ride home bus stop how do you like no no no way I'm glad I came back and pick you up what are you doing right now on the condo oh yeah I mean I just forgot who cares good morning came down to work I got a knock on my door like at 8:30 in the morning and I went out there it was out there and then we go into your backyard in your neighborhood and go right ahead I'm in apartment only is Google Fiber coming next year but it is already rolling out they're not going to launch it with a gigabit it's all going to be three hundred megabit but I know it's worth it 350 NE was the worst thing in the world if we remember it I remember longer than we thought was going to take it out of the old office so your solution was left by a clear and run the entire office is Internet off of that you're telling a story like this and telling me the story in my ear am the one who fucking dick internet speed the same time on Time Warner it's a nice town and live up there the super highest package of one below that right has that like the highest block in packages for its higher than the one at the office for a small office space I like all that you do for me it's amazing compared to here because there's people here and the internet as well as Getting Over Me download that's crazy what's up with that is in Kansas City Google Fiber which is only like $70 a month for everybody but yeah we're having actually get additional internet capacity here to do it there so many fucking people always uploading wondering if internet was acting up so I started monitoring the car download and upload speed and as soon as he will get here in the day the whole day people leave at the end of the day watching Netflix now capacity what we could we can play Minecraft the other day last Monday she has to hold it we have been trying is on like we had to wait two days at the film because we can fuck in the kids cuz you Kerry was on Netflix and Hulu Kerry son of a brunette let's play bachelor party where we were having a good time to get a stripper to come and we could not do that I'm going to leave I'm going to stay the next best thing so we have someone here to provide entertainment Live come join nightmare in the Moon that's awesome keep it up I'm going to probably try hulu.com now with huluplus you can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus lets you watch 2015 shows and a selection of a play movies on your television or on the go with your smartphone or tablet and it all seems in HD for the best viewing experience with huluplus you want your favorite current TV shows like Saturday Night Live community and red vs blue you can also check out exclusive content including Hulu Originals like an awesome start SNL Seth Meyers and 1 boy starring Chris O'Dowd from Bridesmaids huluplus also offers a great selection of acclaimed film from 79 a month you can stream as many TV shows and movies that you want wherever you are right now you can try Hulu Plus free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth special offer for everyone watching let's make sure you use Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth to get the extended free trial and I know that we sent you once again that huluplus calm slash Rooster Teeth oh my God but we got to thinking something like Jagger she was just but no one to talk to Kendra Scott family dentistry the time and what is love F1 constant laughter from pic really glad we did the most fun I've ever had any bachelor party Michael Fassbender drunk when I get a kick out of me oh my glasses didn't think to bring a sword to a bachelor party fidelity what about it I didn't grab anything because I'm texting him RT it's like if you give me the vagina what's up protection it was great to meet new people game on next-gen game I have no idea one that's like Borderlands style hurts like four player the platform for it am I gave me herpes story fishing gear you know if anything you know that you might have tetanus so are you like the opposite of a dick head right now dead what are you doing yeah you know it we do have a mouse in the studio next door do it over here soon I was in France it was like in there like we were going to I know there's not reply hopefully you're not inviting him you can do it answer your phone that's not his who was the very last thing I was a little upset but Brandon kept telling me that we were going to have to get my vagina to get Christopher for me tonight I wish I wish I'd been caught off guard learning anything pretty last minute so you like the last minute clown water 15 minutes away I'll be there is like I need to clean up the car don't worry about it all those years I got you covered I hate to ask but do I got here awesome blur party at my own house where do I live here 1 year anniversary the greatest the greatest party I ever had when I was a kid was I think when I was 9 we were I rented it or my parents rented predator on VHS for me and on my friend cast of Friends for years after afterwards talk about that first also pretty classy that Michael is good for shop that right off your head if you don't watch it all right the vagina I'm overloaded what would have a good time Kerry one boob Carolyn's Bluray I was rummaging in UK party going on Old Lady Prosperity Bank good quality condor out of a true professional Geoff setting on the floor stretcho the clown the most fun I've had with a guest on the podcast one on one Gavin direct your nose towards that mess over there that's quality and anything a little bit on the tail stretcho I wasn't invited got a terrible Pizza Hut okay over there but you would never have to hit the brakes I could be going back to her F1 pretty fucking shit I'm getting you this weekend it's just loud as hell in the corner 5425 it's in the menu in Tilton auto racing ground on anything I was like I don't even think it's like 300 bucks and you're like are they were cheaper than the number now there's no like a little 1 in Brackets and we're not crazy about the F1 racing Austin is how much difficult it is to get a hotel room anywhere how much people at their houses out for during that weekend condo downtown I realize I've never been to that was like $20,000 - $20,000 for a weekend that's that's crazy but seriously though when the $10,000 breakfast I will I'll make you smoothies Michael racing Memorial am so like whatever drinks and there's an extra button to turn it on and then push the button who is 25 peanut butter in it like a little bit it was like which one what kind of mixed drinks do you make with a blender I haven't made like I made strawberry smoothie every drink mixed in a blender blender Saturday didn't think it was gonna make him Sunday can't buy alcohol on Sunday liquor on ah I haven't had any alcohol I have a 30 I was a little disappointed when you have alcohol in it I've never had a bad day or my own standard are you spitting in the face of the man you Anaconda what the heck I've only tried it the recipes that come with the fucking blender like I haven't even gotten past that yet and there's like 10 recipes that are delicious but is it a Blendtec blender I know it's Austin the only liquor one I want to try the strawberry daiquiri all I need to do if I run and need to buy a frozen frozen limeade I think like a the grounds one of those frozen limeade things are good and it's all just like other shit you have it since I was like I said it like that. I try to make pina colada alcohol cream of coconut with liquor with rum I could never get the I was always so disappointed in my blender blender I do need an Oscar and Austin blender Oster Oster what are some cheap Black and Decker drill tough blade on a drill blender glass drill we're walking out before and I could get in get out we're leaving we're going to check out I passed by a little packet of light banana smoothie that's like $2 or something and all that is like the powder and so we mixed it with ice and milk and 1 banana and that's it and I'm like if we should talk and get this the life that is enough anyways powder flavoring sugar sugar look up I blender cuz we're in Walmart like 5 minutes how many bones are in the B100 Blender at Walmart I was there for like 20 minutes it was a classic piece of shit blender that I grew up with is like to that white blender with like the buttons white blender the Black & Decker blender was like $30 it did not work I went there that same day I went through the same thing Define 1 meter dead buck in the middle no I tried to use a fucking the ninja anything not even willing to do the little blade at the bottom right at the bottom of the glass before 5 probably but the ninja is like a problem it's a problem that goes up almost the entire blender whisk like halfway like at the bar that goes like 7000 blades on advertisement on the front of literates into snow on my counter where my blender is it underneath like an overhanging cabinets I don't think it would fit under that it's like fucking enormous the great thing about getting married is when you make the registry you've gotta put an even crazier more ridiculous blender on your address whenever you're you've got the I don't know after everything you have now you got a George Foreman grill you stop spending money RvB game tonight but I like nice the playwright that I'm saying I have to buy real life and you can borrow game from the giant life where you have in your office couple days ago what do I do if PS3 development so that they can get current generation out and then they're going to go get something multiple to Disneyland the Xbox one as well do everything is the launch am I play 720p 720p screen fucking tearing am so sick of God am tearing I mean I just wouldn't who combined Xbox them actually but I've been waiting for the other yeah I Rising Sun rise yeah it was meant to be Gavin Pizza one stop at 7:20 p.m. Xbox 720 you don't plug your PC into a television or monitor the only Gus 720p or 1080p delivery computer monitor can be much higher resolution argument Michael but I'm going to be playing 111 hey hey hey calm down and they got really God damn time and shit oh really well that's what I understand there is any dishes like the regular time I'm not exactly sure all this but then there's supposed to be like game of one of the survivors yeah you can you can only let like a handful of people die like 3 or 4 die in the entire game but if that's what it's called whatever it is people are harder than Survivor play the fucking game 14 hours I think it is pretty funny that you only get screwed over bullshit actually who stole two birds with a stone yeah that's pretty Emma blender Minecraft Angry Rising stress yeah I don't know I just couldn't find a way if it happens again you can call but then your progress doesn't like you don't think you have to do it one more time what is like fucking management really is like you go out you clear a section you get like 2 days worth of food and room for a day and a half but only certain survivors only they don't go outside and go into the back room of the clothing store closet in the bathroom for 6 days 23 hours and 53 minutes over food because I was doing that on one TV and then the TV behind me my computer was on the other end of the room and had a 30 CD because it was boring as shit and I was doing nothing but eating food I was also playing PlayStation 2 on the other day and I was in the final boss fight Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus and I got caught up and then I'll just stop you could go to leaderboards for 7-Day Survivor and it would tell you every fucking single online bag of time like actual time I was number one in the world that didn't get it the next time we got it was the closest person in the entire world to fuck the achievement I would like I think I quit for like 2 days try again like 3 days later and then I got the start of Ridgewood orange great it's like someone calls and they were looks like your son is dead you know what I mean is it's like I just collapsed on the ground and I cried into my pillow you know I just I question everything all your life. I was actually pretty game Colton am I doing here 18 + 700000 enemies it's pretty amazing that's a pretty much 3 magazine cheap limo Gus watching a Chainsaw cut off a piece of wood that actually work is it like to I would like that she doesn't like you I miss you tons and tons of everything you film a blender have you film blender I'm one of them blur call call trying to pic horse muscles in the way muscles moving stuff around and put down an old one boys the entertainment has arrived so cumshot cast I didn't film in different different different to the horse one of us yeah I need to see the motor oil change using 1 in a movie so why not make this worthwhile by contributing to I want to see if the guy crashing the blender Ford Starfall the only thing changed ah okay so when are we going comes out next month ringing endorsement from Gavin if you had too many delays did you get the new one can you show me smashing the old one is super slow motion probably not film camera camera a million pictures in the camera the tripod head is bigger than the camera for a while the tripods were so fucked up that all the letters were missing we had wires attached to all of us 1 falling off of the display is hanging there by the cable that's the one where you literally would have been down here and I said what's the cheapest camera you have little patience like clean HDMI out right Sony Sony Sony itself why 1 welding jacket Heisenberg who got the red beard hey I'm only moving my room Gavin Gavin in the next scene come at me with a knife you cut my hand I forgot that we have plenty of knives around Mickey Mouse Kerry the weight of the cameras for filming the camera with one of those cameras that is absolutely the camera yeah I've never shot going to beer I can do it because I care like to attach it and try to drink as fast as you can and never we can try to have an open the bottle open your mouth important who put the cans in the fridge in the fridge next week you can do it can use for talent I can do 4 mg dead people on the river who she was like they were doing shotguns of beers and she was biting the fucking beer can my wife showed me a bottle open over the weekend you know the kind you mount on the wall and you like pop the top off of the one we have in the studio except it looks like a pair of human teeth or set of human teeth you should print out Kerry face Need for Speed Gus you made a change recently in the podcast in the 3 podcast ritual ritual which is this is a question for you how do you like it compared to normal RT good trap the Steam and it makes the crust a little soggy Kevin from the office who really did I feel like all the people in there like the steam can escape in the crust is a little softer than normal I don't have quite the same Christmas to it as opposed to having it out in the open for 3 pieces 3 people usually get 3 or 4 I think the fucking bag now recommended I try this again next week which I never had the Sicilian pizza at Homeslice I have not either at this at home so it's like a square pizza pizza man I just turn my beard over like a story about it I've experienced the the dipping in crust like crunchiness but I got the I think I got the fuck is going on there I think I got bag for pizza I usually like the extra room and I was just like at least you the stuff will come of that I don't think that's the same thing I work red pepper Parmesan cheese Horrible Bosses it was denied the my food it's okay that it's like putting your food in a pro Drinker am Anthony 619 you can not going to glass bottle with a straw you put it in there get through it I would tell him I can do to somebody I have time now it's time to wrap this up we time this I think we have generally a good podcast lucky to be 3 I just like them we got your 4:48 more minutes okay sit your ass back down and entertain Pizza Hut Reddit